lifelesswow, i386 backlog :(01:33
wgrantlifeless: Network issues look to have killed most of the buildds.01:34
wgrantSomebody just needs to hit the checkbox...01:34
wgrantlifeless: Also note that most of those builds are scored at -10, as they're part of the archive rebuild.01:35
wgrantSo normal PPA builds will be way in front of the other 7000.01:35
lifelesswgrant: I just uploaded a subunit update; its slated for 1 hour - which is why I made my comment01:36
lifelessare you talking about nannyberry etc?01:36
wgrantlifeless: Yeah.01:36
wgrantAh, so you're not talking about the *really* big backlog.01:36
lifelesstime to start  pinging arbitrary folk in that team :)01:37
lifelesshttps://edge.launchpad.net/builders/ says there isn't a i386 distro rebuild in progress :P01:39
lifelessunless its being done deliberately on ppa builders?01:39
wgrantlifeless: Rebuilds are done on the virtual builders.01:40
lifelessI wish I could click into the queue to browse01:40
wgrantThere are often 10 times more virtual buildds. If rebuilds happened on the non-virtual buildds, it would take just three long-running builds to block Ubuntu i386 builds for a day.01:41
wgrantlifeless: most of the queue is in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20090909.01:42
lifelessnice hack, separate archive ;)01:42
lifelessdoes it get binary copied back afterwards?01:42
wgrantI wouldn't really call that a hack.01:43
wgrantThe binaries can't be copied back; the versions would conflict.01:43
lifelessso its simply a test01:43
wgrantNow, the other uses of archives, those are hacks.01:43
lifelesshacks are clever solutions01:43
wgrantI have a script which digests the build data from that archive into a rather more useful form: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909.html01:44
lifelessso by queue, I mean on /builders01:44
wgrantRight. I filed a bug for that about two years ago.01:45
wgrantI'm not quite sure how it would work.01:45
lifelesswell there is a number coming from some list01:45
lifelessshow the list?01:45
wgrantI guess there is now a nice table that can be linkified, so the UI is easier.01:46
wgrantLet's see how hard that is to implement...01:46
lifelesswgrant: is there a bug on auto recovery of virtual builders01:51
lifelessfrom no route etc errors?01:51
wgrantlifeless: There was a bug a while ago from elmo complaining that the builddmaster expected to live in the ivory tower of perfect networks...01:52
wgrantlifeless: It's at the moment quite deliberate that they're killed permanently. But there are feature requests asking for it to retry.01:52
wgrantThis is a different issue from the common no route to host one, though01:53
wgrantIn this case the builder was contactable, but sent back a BUILDERFAIL when it couldn't talk to the librarian.01:54
lifelessI wish https://edge.launchpad.net/~mono-testing/+archive/ppa/+build/1049994 showed the score when it started01:54
wgrantThe builddmaster cannot know in the current protocol whether the failure is transient.01:54
wgrantlifeless: Why?01:56
lifelesswgrant: a proxy for queue depth01:56
wgrantlifeless: PPA build scores are very very boring.01:56
lifelessI wonder if we should start getting arch indep binaries from the amd64 builders01:58
wgrantlifeless: Probably not. There is a better solution.01:58
lifelessdon't tease me like that01:58
wgrantlifeless: Pool the i386/amd64/lpia virt/non-virt builders.01:58
lifelesswgrant: I'm not quite sure what you mean by that; unless you mean 'get the arch indep binaries from the first build that completes'01:59
wgrantlifeless: At the moment, the i386 queue is overloaded because there are fewer builders and more builds on i386.02:00
lifelessso right now, I'm spinning on the i386 builders to be able to test subunit 0.0.2 on amd6402:00
wgrantlifeless: Now, the i386/amd64/lpia are the same architecture.02:00
wgrantlifeless: So there's no reason they can't build all three archs.02:00
wgrantIf they are stuck into a multi-arch pool with an intelligent queue algorithm, the i386 overloading goes away.02:01
lifelessI think you'd make your point more clearly if you said 'we should dynamically provision VM's [within the hardware capacity] to meet the build queue needs02:01
wgrantThat's not quite it.02:01
lifelessso, AIUI the vm's are not the same arch; the hardware is and can run all the vm's02:02
lifelessand each vm uses a chroot to build a package02:02
lifelesslast time I recall this part of the system being discussed there were serious concerns about changing what builds do if you do a cross arch build in a chroot [rather than in a vm]02:03
lifelessand yes such packages are arguably buggy02:04
wgrantBug #28520702:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285207 in soyuz "Pooling of buildds between distro and PPA" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28520702:05
wgrantBug #28520602:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285206 in soyuz "builddmaster needs to be able to deal with "random arch" buildds" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28520602:05
wgrantLots of the lpia buildds were running amd64 VMs. I'm not sure about now, though.02:06
wgrantThe only difficult part of fixing those is the scoring algorithm./02:10
wgrantlifeless: I see somebody revived the builders ten minutes ago.02:20
lifelesswgrant: cool02:41
lifelesswgrant: whats current 'best way to do it' for buildings stuff on hardy + intrepid + jaunty + karmic?02:42
wgrantlifeless: Hope you can copy forward.02:42
lifelesssource only copies?02:43
wgrantNot supported.02:43
wgrantYou have to copy with binaries.02:43
lifelessotherwise add the suite to the version?02:43
wgrantIf a forward binary copy won't work for that package, you'll have to script multiple uploads like ~hardy1, ~intrepid1, etc.02:44
wgrantI'm not sure if AutoPPA still exists, but it used to automate it.02:44
lifelessit does02:44
lifelessI nagged jkakar today about that :)02:44
jkakarNagging can be effective--though, don't tell my wife I said that. ;)  I just uploaded a test build of AutoPPA 0.0.6 to my PPA... once the build completes and I test it, I'll upload packages to the official PPA.02:54
lifelessjkakar: have you considered getting it into Debian?03:18
jkakarlifeless: I've thought of it, but haven't actually done anything about it.03:19
lifelessjkakar: you really should :)03:25
lifelessif its in debian, its in ubuntu03:25
lifelessand the first place /everyone/ using Ubuntu looks for software is synaptic03:25
alkisgIs keyserver.ubuntu.com down?08:32
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happyarondanilos, You have reach your quota for direct contact of other Launchpad users. You can try again in 19 hours , what's this for?10:56
happyaronlifeless, spammer?11:56
wgranthappyaron: If there was no limit, a spammer could create a Launchpad account and quickly use Launchpad as a sort of mail relay to spam a million peopl.11:56
happyaronwgrant, oh11:57
happyaronwgrant, I am contacting some of my team member who didn't provide public address, but soon I get that11:57
quentusrexwgrant: would you mind taking a look at a debian/rules line of code?12:13
quentusrexfind $$SBDIR/$$I/48000 -name \*.wav -exec sox {} -r $$RATE $$SBDIR/$$I/$$RATE/`basename {}` \; ; \12:13
quentusrexthe `basename {}` isn't working...12:13
quentusrexit isn't stripping the directories off the front of the files found by find.12:14
wgrantquentusrex: What's it doing insteaD?12:14
quentusrexwhere the `basename {}` should be returning just "stuff.wav"12:15
ojwbwell, the `` will be run "up front"12:15
ojwbnot when the -exec is run12:15
quentusrexit's returning: "this/dir/and/that/dir/stuff.wav"12:15
ojwbsso it's `basename {}` -> {}12:15
quentusrexis there a way to 'fix' it?12:15
ojwbI'd probably do: for f in `find .... -name \*.wav` ; do sox $f ....`basename $f` ; done12:16
quentusrexis there a way to tell the script to wait for background tasks to finish?12:33
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pmjdebruijnis it possible to access historical versions of a PPA?14:46
pmjdebruijnto downgrade?14:46
AskHL_Hi, I would like to make a debian package, something that might go into a Personal Package Archive or something.  I can manage to create a package by hand by following a guide, but it's sort of tricky procedure with many steps, at least one of which I'll probably forget at some point (like getting the version numbers right everywhere).  How do normal people cope with this?  I'm thinking along the lines of making a big old shellscript15:02
AskHL_As it happens, I'm following the Ubuntu Python packaging guide, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python15:03
pmjdebruijnAskHL_: packaging can't easily be automated15:20
pmjdebruijnAskHL_: if that were easy, we wouldn't really need a lot of package maintainers15:20
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MFenis there an api to check whether a ppa source has finished building?17:39
MFenor better yet block until it does?17:39
quentusrexMFen: why?17:40
MFenquentusrex: i'm trying to automate my release process (https://bugs.launchpad.net/hypy/+bug/333532)17:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 333532 in hypy "Automate steps 4-5 of the release process" [Medium,Confirmed]17:41
MFenstep 4 is "wait for confirmation that the build finished" and step 5 is "copy packages to another dist"17:41
MFeni know there's an api for 517:42
MFenpretty sure that's syncSource17:42
MFenbasically my build process is a makefile that prompts before it does irreversible things. so I *could* just have the prompt say "visit http://xx to watch the build process, then press enter when the package has finished building", then call syncSource17:47
MFenbut that seems silly since i'd already be there at the website17:47
MFeni'd rather have it just check once a minute or so until the builds are done, then announce success17:47
maxbMFen: So, use the API to poll the contents of the PPA, I guess17:49
MFenyeah. but i don't know which api to use :)17:49
MFeni've never done anything with this api before17:49
maxbthat's what the apidoc's for :-)17:50
MFenis there better doc that https://staging.launchpad.net/+apidoc/ ?17:50
MFenit's not clear what i'm supposed to do from reading that17:50
MFeni see a few different apis that could be it, and not much information about how to construct the requests17:50
james_wMFen: poll getPublishedBinaries I think17:51
maxbDon't worry about constructing the requests, just use launchpadlib17:51
MFenyeah, not much info about that either17:51
MFengetPublishedBinaries sounds like a good one, ok17:51
MFennm i googled it, i think i can take it from here. thanks :)17:52
james_wthat's not checking the builds though17:52
james_wso it won't be able to detect failed builds17:52
MFenwell, i *would* like to know if a build fails17:52
MFenso i can bail out early. otherwise i'll have to time out17:52
james_wthey might be of use17:54
jkakarA new AutoPPA release is available at https://launchpad.net/autoppa!20:07
jkakarlifeless: ^^ :)20:07
virtualdlaunchpad thanks me twice for my commend and it doesn't show up immediately but it's there when i reload the page after a few seconds20:21
virtualdhmm now it doesn show up just because i said that20:28
virtualdshift-reload and it's there..20:28
virtualdbah. probably firefox extensions trouble.20:30
alasdairis keyserver.ubuntu.com service down? I can ping the url but I can't seem to send my key20:34
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CarlFKis there a way to upload source to my PPA and have it built against more than one release?21:50
CarlFKlike jaunty, intrepid, karmic21:51
beunoCarlFK, not at the moment21:51
CarlFKthanks.  I'll stop trying to figure out how :)21:52
geserCarlFK: you need to do a upload for each Ubuntu release you want your package build (with different versions, e.g. by appending jaunty, intrepid or karmic to the version)22:25
avarWhere can I find where the commit referenced as "RF 4887" here was made: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/399022:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 3990 in rosetta "Need to support KDE like translation context" [High,Fix released]22:37
avarI'd like to view a diff of it to see how this feature works22:37
avarI'm working on a project which would like to use context in translations. But can't use the normal gettext facility for that because the Java gettext library sucks. So using the standard KDE hack looks like the way to go since launchpad supports it.22:38
Fly-Man-How do I checkout a Bazaar trunk into Launchpad ?22:49
wgrantFly-Man-: How does it make sense to check something out *into* Launchpad, and why would you want to?22:53
Fly-Man-wgrant, as I have a bzr trunk now22:53
Fly-Man-but I receive this error22:54
Fly-Man-bzr: ERROR: Transport error: Server refuses to fullfil the request22:54
wgrantFly-Man-: What are you trying to do?22:54
Fly-Man-I'm trying to grab a bzr trunk22:54
wgrantWhat command are you executing?22:55
Fly-Man-and I thought to proper way to get one is22:55
Fly-Man-bzr branch <url> branchname22:55
wgrantThat's right. What is the exact command that you are executing?22:56
Fly-Man-wgrant IM22:57

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