penguin42In principal /etc/readahead/desktop should cause loads of files to be brought into cash00:01
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TDJACRDoes Karmic have ff3.5?00:13
hexa3.5.4 at the moment00:13
hexaeh 3.5.300:13
TDJACRHas hal been deprecated?00:14
TDJACRAnd is there a new great theme, as promised?00:15
hexayeah it has00:15
hexaI don't believe so00:15
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slacker_nlcomplete b0rkage00:19
Hub_capI'm attempting to install 9.10 alpha over 9.04, but install wants a new install not upgrade. Is this correct?00:20
hexaHub_cap you could just do a do-release-upgrade -d00:20
Hub_capis that sudo do-release-upgrade -d?00:21
Hub_capthanks, I'll see if I can break my 9.04. I just made an image with PING00:21
slacker_nlif you have my luck you will break your system00:22
slacker_nlalpha 6 has been horrible for me00:22
Hub_capis there a way to back out of it?00:23
slacker_nlHub_cap: other then restoring an image of alpha4? no00:23
Hub_capor an image of 9.04?00:24
slacker_nlHub_cap: i use clonezilla to create backups00:25
slacker_nlso I restore an image of my root fs and then I'm back at a working state00:25
slacker_nlbut yes, i can also recover to 8.04 and 9.04 if I want too00:26
Hub_capI have a image created with partimage not ghost and systemrescurecd. I hope that will cover my butt.00:27
slacker_nlahh, clonezilla uses partimage, so I guess you are save00:27
slacker_nli take it your root fs is on a seperate slice then homedirs?00:28
Hub_capI looked at clonezilla but could find how to create image on external USB HD formatted with NTFS.00:29
slacker_nldunno, should be supported afaik00:29
Hub_capPartimage created a directory on USB drive.00:29
slacker_nli backup to my external hdd with ext300:29
keihey, what's the deal with .Xdefaults?00:29
keiI have some emacs setup in there, and it seems like it's taken into account when I launch emacs from the term, but not when I launch it from the gnome menu00:30
keidoesn't X load it at startup?00:30
Hub_capI couldn't figure out how to change the fs since the HD has windoze backups also00:30
Hub_capIf alpha6 is really broken, I believe I may wait awhile. Thanks for the heads up.00:32
slacker_nlHub_cap: i know you can convert an fs with partition magic without loss of data, but I use gparted now, and i don't know if gparted supports that00:32
Hub_capslacker-nl: gparted is on systemrescurecd. I modified the internal HD with it (dual boot with XP)00:33
slacker_nlHub_cap: do you have a link to systemrescue-cd?00:33
Hub_capwait one.00:34
slacker_nli want a rescue cd which contains gparted, clonezilla and a default OS with ff, wireshark, wifi support..00:34
slacker_nl200 mb only00:35
Hub_capHas good stuff on it.00:35
slacker_nldownloading right now00:35
slacker_nlafter that I'm restoring to alpha4 again00:36
duffydackslacker_nl, make sure the clonezilla on it supports ext4 if you are using it.. only "experimental" (ubuntu based) version does at the moment00:36
slacker_nlalpha6 breaks wireless and am unable to remove a pkg00:36
slacker_nlduffydack: i'm using ext300:36
duffydackslacker_nl, good to go then00:37
slacker_nlduffydack: sure is, done it several times now ;)00:37
slacker_nlalso using 8.04 and jaunty, although I really really like kde4.3, so karmic has been my main OS now00:37
histoI need some help with grub2. I've edited the /etc/default/grub file to set a default timeout and run update-grub2 and its ignoring it. It just sits at the grub menu on boot00:44
histoIt stopped booting the default kernel after an update00:45
pmitrosHow stable is Karmic at the moment? I'm running into a couple of obscure X +bugs that may be fixed in Karmic, so I'm thinking of upgrading.00:47
penguin42pmitros: Some people have had problems, I'm doingly mostly OK00:47
pmitros"mostly OK"? What kinds of issues?00:47
penguin42couple of people seem to have run into a nasty problem with /dev/pts not appearing that I've seen today; a few people with X not starting; but in both cases they seem pretty rare00:48
pmitrosHmm... Worth a shot, I guess.00:49
* penguin42 has 2 main bugs he'd like fixed; it doesn't lock on hibernate and I have a problem with the two heads being mirrored on restore from hibernate00:49
penguin42neither particularly nasty00:50
pmitrosActually, probably, I should dd the partition, upgrade, and if it breaks, dd back.00:50
webbb82i dunno why but empathy wont let me change my status in the system tray to available it stays on hidden no matter what00:51
histopmitros: not very just broke a few days ago00:51
histopmitros: check the development forums you can see some of the issues people are having.00:53
penguin42pmitros: But heck; I've just had sound working in flash *at the same time as my music player* - and I haven't been able to do that for about a year00:53
pmitrosIt sounds like I'm going for it then.00:53
pmitrosCouple things broken in Jaunty anyways. They might be fixed.00:54
histoyou'll probably experience more prolbems in karmic untill its stable.00:54
penguin42but much more fun and entertaining ones00:54
histoI would only run it on a machine that you have you /home seperate or something.00:54
DanaGI share my/home between Jaunty and Karmic.00:58
|neon|having a big issue with karmic, i am running it on an asus laptop and it does not recognize the cd unless i manually mounted, it is listed on fstab but it is not loading automatically only manually any suggestions, thx00:58
penguin42|neon|: Not automounting is hardly a big issue; it's annoying but not like it failing to boot or wiping your disk01:00
|neon|penguin42: true, still anoying!! :)01:00
slacker_nli don't like this....01:01
slacker_nlmy wireless is in epic fail mode01:02
slacker_nlthought it was netbase, downgraded, wpasupplicant, downgraded still no go01:03
* BUGabundo DanaG is crazy and suicidal01:03
burnerbummer.. my sound card is b0rked, but usb headphones work :)01:03
DanaGno, a more correct term would be "masochist".01:04
* BUGabundo make.clone( BUGabundo ) | /dev/bed/BUGabundo01:04
burneryou want to be in a bed with a clone of yourself, that's "narcissistic"01:05
penguin42 'No I want the duvet'01:05
bbeckDoes anyone know if MPX is in the version of Xserve that ships with Karmic?  (I guess it depends if MPX has even made it into Xserve at all.)01:05
penguin42what's mpx? Multi pointer?01:06
penguin42there's nothing in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log or xdpyinfo output that looks like it01:07
cwillu_at_workbbeck, more likely to get a useful response in #ubuntu-x, although make sure you stay in channel01:09
bbeckcwillu_at_work: thanks01:10
bbeckcwillu_at_work: lol, I'm the only person over there.01:10
* cwillu_at_work blinks, there's 39 people in ubuntu-x01:11
* cwillu_at_work blinks, there's 39 people in ubuntu-x01:11
bbeckcwillu-laptop: let me try again.01:11
cwillu_at_work"/join #ubuntu-x"01:11
bbeckdoh! I was going to ubuntu+x01:12
cwillu_at_workI'm sitting in that channel, and I know you haven't joined it :p01:12
cwillu_at_workit's a low volume channel, but that also means people will see your question hours later still01:12
DanaGoh yeah, I think MPX is part of xinput2.01:17
DanaGxinput2 is not in Karmic.01:17
DanaGxinput list01:17
DanaGyeah, xinput looks like old xinput.01:17
bbeckDanaG: that stinks, but thanks for the help.01:18
DanaGI think there's an xinput2 ppa, but I'm not sure if it's still maintained.01:18
DanaGI wish somebody would make a PPA with drm-next kernels.01:20
bbeckWhat's drm-next?01:22
bbeckAh I see, mode setting for Radeon graphics cards.01:25
bbeckAs the proud owner of a goofy Intel card, I'm counting down the days until the next release of Ubuntu.01:25
penguin42bbeck: Which particular goofe?01:26
bbeckpenguin42: according to lspci Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL96001:27
penguin42tha'ts not that unusual is it?01:28
bbeckNo, not unusual, but after six months of constant graphics glitches I'm looking forward to the new drivers.01:29
TDJACRI don't like the Alpha 601:35
TDJACRWhat were you guys thinking with the Ubuntu App Store.01:37
TDJACRAnd dthe graphics during install.01:37
TDJACRAnd still the ugly color scheme01:37
TDJACRAnd Ubuntu one01:37
TDJACRFspot is nicer01:39
TDJACRBut I still think Ubuntu should stick with pidgin01:41
TDJACRAnd no btrfs01:41
DKcrossHappy  freedom software day !!!01:42
TDJACRDKcross: Thanks, you too.01:43
TDJACRThe Software Store is a joke.01:43
TDJACRIt should be removed.01:43
bbeckTDJACR: I haven't see it yet, what's wrong with it?01:44
TDJACRIt's pointless (it's almost the same as add/remove) and it is conceptually wrong.01:45
TDJACRFree Software == Gratis, it seems.01:45
TDJACRAnd It's a "store" selling "free" software01:45
TDJACRAs in gratis01:45
TDJACRBut they want libre01:45
TDJACRIt's hard to explain01:45
TDJACRAnd Ubuntu One should not be included by default, imho01:45
TDJACRSame with landscape on server01:45
bbeckTDJACR: what software do you have to pay for?01:45
TDJACRbbeck: I don't think ther es any01:46
bbeckTDJACR: That does sound weird, I'll have to look at it.01:46
TDJACRThe concept is all wrong.01:47
TDJACRAdd/Remove does the same thing.01:47
TDJACRAnd it says free software: no cost.01:47
bbeckTDJACR: When you say add / remove are you referring to apt-get install / remove?01:47
TDJACRIn the Applic ations menu at bottom.01:48
hexaimo the Ubuntu Store is a work in progress atm01:48
bbeckI'm a kubuntu user, so maybe that's the reason I didn't notice.01:48
hexait will however feature more editorial work than Add/Remove-Crap01:48
TDJACRThere seems to be a new gdm01:49
hexanew gdm is nice01:49
TDJACRLike fedora's in orange01:49
hexamuch cleaner than all the old stuff01:49
TDJACRAnd a splash screen between gdm and desktop01:49
hexaso change to fedora01:49
hexaboy, you are a bit whiny, aren't you?01:49
TDJACRI said it was bad01:49
TDJACRThe 9.04 was good01:49
hexaso stick with 9.0401:50
hexait is your choice01:50
TDJACRI know, hexa.01:50
bbeckJeez, I feel left out, nothing about the login seems to have changed in kubuntu land.01:50
TDJACRThe final version will be different thna alpha, as always01:50
TDJACRBut empathy and the app store were bad ideas imho01:51
hexa9.10 is some beta-testing on the way to the next LTS01:51
hexaso just stop it right there01:51
hexaEmpathy is what the GNOME Desktop brings with it01:51
hexait will be more integrated than pidgin when it is done01:52
hexathere are long-term reasons you seem not to grasp01:52
TDJACRI know.01:52
TDJACRBut it should support OTR01:52
hexaI totally agree01:52
hexathis is why you may stick to pidgin01:53
TDJACRI will.01:53
TDJACRBut I don't think Ubuntu should add to the desktop before the apps are useable.01:53
TDJACRTo a good degree.01:53
TDJACRAnd in my opinion, when an update to a upstream application is released (ff3 ->3.5) it should be the same on ubuntu01:54
TDJACRBefore a whole upgrade01:54
bbeckTDJACR: Isn't that what the PPAs are for?01:55
TDJACRI don't mind that as much as the other things, though.01:56
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sheeps1ok, the bot in #ubuntu told me to come here: I've been using karmic for a while on my netbook and after updating it last night it doen't start X,  it also doesn't appear to recognise that it has a wireless card (and I don't have a second network cable).02:38
virtualdwhat is linux-next?02:55
creative1412guys i just did a fresh install and i got an error and got to a root shell i did a fsck and rebooted and it worked but i can see errors with udev what's wrong?03:06
robin0800creative1412: nothing apparently the devs said its just a test and will change/fixed this comming week03:10
creative1412robin0800: then that's sounds good03:11
creative1412robin0800: Nvidia driver ? any isuse before installing?03:11
creative1412issues *03:12
Rods_TigerI've downloaded the karmic kubuntu UNR file, but it won't work. It's too big to be a CD, and the normal means of making the file become a liveUSBstick isn't working (or at least, it's unbootable).03:12
robin0800creative1412: don't know ati here03:12
creative1412robin0800: a friend of mine told that nvidia driver killed his installation03:13
robin0800creative1412: I would have thought the worst would be Xserver might crash but that could probably be easily fixed this is alpha after all03:15
webbb82gnome do is really laggy anyone notice this03:40
QPrimeblame mono?03:42
webbb82ok i need some help i need to edit my xorg.config file and add Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"   but i cANT find it anywhere04:14
creative1412guys flash player isn't working for me04:20
robin0800webbb82: http://paste.ubuntu.com/274478/ might help04:20
rippsHmmm.... add/remove is gone from Applications menu, but software store is also missing from System...04:25
robin0800ripps: if you edit menu you can put it back04:27
rippsrobin0800: that really isn't an issue, I don't really use either. I'm just wondering why they removed both04:27
robin0800ripps: for some reason when you unhide software store it goes both in system and where add and remove was you can then rehide the system one04:30
rippsMust mean that the file is a symlink, and the files has some kind of hide option enabled in the file. Question is, why did they ship a file with hide enabled?04:33
Brian___can someone please help  i add'd a line in etc/x11/xorg.conf and now gnome wont start04:34
rippsBrian___: then goin to recovery mode and remove it04:34
Brian___all i have to do is del. xorg.conf how do i do that from the terminal04:35
rippsBrian___: from the boot menu, there should be two listings for ubuntu, one is the regular one, the second is the recovery. It says (recovery mode) right next to it.04:35
Brian___oh im on a netbook so no live cd04:35
rippsBrian___: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.off04:36
rippsI don't like removing xorg.confs, unless necessary\04:36
rippsBrian___: btw, what exactly did you add to xorg.conf?04:36
Brian___migrate somthing option trying to get gnome do to speed up04:37
Brian___that command didnt work04:38
rippsBrian___: oh, migration_heuristic? yeah, depending on your driver/hardware it can do more harm than good04:38
Brian___it says command not found04:39
rippsBrian___: "cd /etc/X11" if you have a xorg.conf, than you can probably just remove using "sudo rm xorg.conf"04:39
rippsRemember, it's case-sensitive, if there any caps in the path, than you have to follow that with what you type04:40
Brian___cd etc x11 no such file or directory04:41
rippsnot x11, X1104:41
rippscapatilize the x04:41
Brian___got it04:41
Brian___now im restarting comp hope this fixed it04:43
Brian___hey it worked thank you so much04:44
rippsyour welcome04:45
Brian___im trying to get gnome do docky to run better and not lag with my intel 943 card04:46
rippsI don't particularly like docks, so I haven't used it much04:46
rippsI do use gnome-do to launch apps though04:47
Brian___ya its nice for that04:47
robin0800Brian___:   to find what options your driver supports you run Xorg -configure in the recovery mode04:47
Brian___i dont have a cd rom so i cant pop in my live cd04:48
rippsBrian___: I don't migration_heuristic would do much for intel in karmic, because I think mh works mostly for exa, and intel now uses uxa entirely.04:48
robin0800Brian___: this should be a grub option04:49
Brian___how so04:49
rippsBrian___: you shouldn't need a livecd to boot into recovery mode, it should in the menu that shows up as your comp is booting04:49
rippsnetbook-remix installs grub right?04:50
rippsI can't imagine any linux working without a bootloader04:50
robin0800ripps: note by default this is now hidden in alpha 604:50
cowguru2000hey guys04:50
Brian___im out for now thanks again ripps04:50
rippsrobin0800: mine isn't hidden....04:50
cowguru2000could anyone here help me with ubuntu 9.04?04:51
rippscowguru2000: #ubuntu04:51
cowguru2000specifically with a huge ldap/auth problem i'm having04:51
cowguru2000oh ok04:51
robin0800ripps: on a clean install it is04:51
cowguru2000i tried to join that channel but apparently it doesn't exist anymore04:51
rippsripps: ah, I installed karmic freshly during alpha204:51
rippsrobin0800: ^04:51
robin0800ripps:  you can show it by hitting shift now at boot time but doesn't always work04:54
mjbrookscowguru2000, it exists... but it seems the servers having issues04:54
rippshmm.... when grub boots, first i see grub for a split second, than the screen goes dark for another second, then grub flickers back on. I wonder if it's just broken for my bios04:55
robin0800cowguru2000: works for me through freenode04:55
robin0800ripps: there are instructions to always show it google grub204:57
bbeckI heard that Karmic won't have upstart.  That's just the program that displays the graphics during boot up, correct?05:56
bbeckI was just curious why it was removed.06:00
hifiumm, no06:00
hifiupstart is the init daemon that starts up applications on boot06:00
bbeckWas it removed, or did I hear wrongly?06:00
hifiI still have it so... no?06:01
bbeckThanks, I guess I was misinformed.06:01
hifithough it of course needs to be replaced, not just removed06:02
hifiand for my knowledge upstart is still being developed and highly ubuntu specific06:02
bbeckhifi: yeah I just looked at the ubuntu page, alpha 6 transitioned to upstart.06:05
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Dr_WillisHmm. Im still getting an erorr on every boot about the filesystems fsck date being set to the future.06:07
hifitransitioned? didn't ubuntu use upstart since 6.something06:11
Dr_WillisYea it has i think.06:12
Dr_WillisI do think ive seen some other disrtos  using Upstart. but I cant rember what ones.06:12
bbeckhifi: that was the word they used on the release page, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha606:13
Amaranthfedora uses upstart but just as a sysvinit replacement06:19
AmaranthThey have been waiting on us to get it good enough to transition to upstart-native boot06:19
AmaranthSo finally we have a feature before them ;)06:19
dragonAre there any major UI changes in karmic?06:22
Dr_WillisNot that ive really noticed.,06:22
Dr_WillisGnome is still basically gnome. :)06:22
bbeck4.3 is a pretty nice improvement.06:22
dragonDr_Willis: i've read about the performance improvements, so that's probably an incentive for upgrading to alpha 606:25
dragonDr_Willis: though I was looking for UI features like usability and eye candy06:27
Amaranthyay I found the intel bug06:28
Amaranth0f328c90dbc893e15005f2ab441d309c1c176245 i965: Fall back or appropriately adjust offsets of drawing to tiled regions06:29
Amaranththat commit is the reason compiz appears broken on resume06:29
Amaranthwait, actually I think someone else already found that and fixed the bug in ubuntu :P06:29
hifidoes intel have same problem with mode setting as radeon now in karmic?06:29
hifithat fbcon module is no longer automagically loaded on boot and if mode setting is enabled you lose video signal06:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about benchmark06:30
dragonany resources or info on benchmarking?06:30
bbeckAmaranth: What's the Intel bug?06:30
ubottuFreedesktop bug 23254 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "Compiz doesn't survive suspend/resume cycle" [Major,Resolved: fixed]06:31
Amaranthhifi: err, no, my screen works06:31
Amaranthhifi: I didn't think radeon KMS was on by default06:32
tgpraveenwhat is the default icon theme used in ubuntu?06:34
tgpraveenis it humanity?06:34
Amaranthnope, human06:35
AmaranthUNR was going to use humanity but it had some consistency issues and still depends on human so it was using too much space06:35
tgpraveenAmaranth: thanks for the info btw has human been06:37
tgpraveenupdated in this cycle?06:38
Amaranthnot that I can see06:38
Amaranthoh hey, DanRabbit makes Humanity06:39
Amaranthno wonder all the gnome-do guys use it :P06:39
tgpraveenubuntu should also switch to humanity06:41
tgpraveeny soon06:41
hifiAmaranth: not default, but you can enable it with a boot parameter06:45
hifibut the result should be the same with intel06:46
Amaranthhifi: I don't have fbcon loaded and I'm not even using KMS right now06:46
AmaranthReading a diff of a diff makes my eyes bleed :/06:50
Dr_Willis!info colordiff06:52
ubottucolordiff (source: colordiff): tool to colorize 'diff' output. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.9-1 (karmic), package size 14 kB, installed size 108 kB06:52
tgpraveen!info pidgin06:53
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.6.2-1ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 597 kB, installed size 1888 kB06:53
tgpraveenis there any multi-protocol instant messaging client which is CLI based06:53
vttris there anything bad/ broken in the 64 bit version of karmic .. i should be aware of ? like does flash/ java work?06:53
bbecktgpraveen: finch is a cli version of pidgin.06:56
hifikms needs fbcon for system vt's06:56
Amaranthhifi: Well as of yesterday KMS was working fine on my machine06:56
hifiworks fine after you get to X06:57
Amaranthvttr: You absolutely have to use the 64-bit version of flash otherwise you can't click things06:57
Amaranthhifi: No, I see all the udev warnings too06:57
hifithen something is probably different with either your karmic or intel kms06:57
vttrAmaranth: where do i get tht from? adobe or the repos? what version06:57
Amaranthvttr: labs.adobe.com06:58
* Amaranth feels for 64-bit users06:58
AmaranthSomething about nspluginwrapper while compiz is running06:58
Amaranthchrome actually has the same problem with some flash apps since it works like nspluginwrapper06:59
vttrAmaranth: anything else that is missing in 64 bit? java/ chrome / opera?06:59
Dr_Willisopera works here.06:59
Dr_Willischrome works here.06:59
Dr_WillisI think.. let me double check06:59
Amaranthvttr: With Chrome flash will be somewhat unusable no matter what unless you disable compiz06:59
Amaranthyeah yeah06:59
vttrany other nasties still not ironed out that you guys are aware of?06:59
Amaranthvttr: Well, the system may not boot at all07:00
Dr_Willischrome works.07:00
vttrty Dr_Willis07:00
Amaranthvttr: test the LiveCD first07:00
Amaranthvttr: I'm serious07:00
vttrAmaranth: thts what i got to do .. but unetbootin doesnt work for karmic07:00
vttri got a netbook07:00
Amaranthvttr: In that case wait or upgrade and pray07:01
AmaranthAs long as you didn't do anything the Ubuntu 9.04 final LiveCD installer doesn't let you do the system should boot07:01
vttri am installing virtualbox to get the usb creator working :/07:01
Dr_WillisI used unetbootin to make a bootable  flash disk i thought...07:01
AmaranthIf you made any customizations like encrypted disk or any kind of network filesystem...07:01
Dr_Willisthis was a few alphas # ago however.07:02
vttrDr_Willis: does unetbootin create karmic usb bootables .. i am having trouble with karmic alpha 507:02
Dr_WillisI thinki did it  with A4. I dont recall buringing any cd's for this box.07:03
Dr_Willisand i dont see any A4 cds :)07:03
vttryes.. it creates only the bootloader .. but no karmic files are copied on the usb07:03
Dr_Willisor i may ofused the ubuntu usb-creater tool. i dont even see my flash drive i used around to check07:03
Dr_Willisannoying thing ablout flash drives..its hard to label them :)07:04
Dr_WillisThey need tomake one with a little 'white' place you can write on and erase.07:04
vttrhow many flash drives do u have .. that u find the need to label each one :)07:04
vttri reuse my flash drives for regularly .. the contents are long formatted even before a label can make itself onto one07:05
Dr_WillisI got about 10 total now.. :)07:06
quartknee_My flash drive has a white spot for labeling. It's a lexmark.07:06
Dr_WillisI put keychains on mine i jot down on it. :)07:06
Dr_Willisand my name on the reverse.. in case i forget one in a pc at work.07:06
Dr_WillisGrabbing alpa6 to test with Unetbootin and ubuntu usb-creator.07:07
vttrlet me know .. if you are able to get unetbootin working07:07
Dr_Willisargh - a 25 min download. :)07:07
Dr_Willisnow down to 18 :)07:08
vttrbtw this is wht i am using http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-6/07:08
Dr_WillisI tried  Kubuntu.. and still dont like it. :)07:09
leaf-sheepThat is funny. Kubuntu said the same thing about you, Dr_Willis. :)07:09
vttri want to try out kde 4.3 :) did not like the crashes in 4.107:09
vttrlol leaf-sheep07:09
* Dr_Willis pokes leaf-sheep with a small cattle prod.07:09
Dr_WillisIm still wondering about this 'fsck date set to the future' issue im having on every reboot now.07:10
leaf-sheepXubuntu Alpha6 looks decent now. I'm attempted to give Xubuntu a fair chance on my netbook.  Never used Xubuntu before myself. :)07:10
Dr_Willisthere were some parts of xubuntu i just did not like.07:10
leaf-sheepDr_Willis: I saw few cattles yesterday. I even rode a horse too! O rly? Yes rly!07:11
Dr_Willislittle 'things' that  you get used to that change/vanish and then can  be a hassle.07:11
Dr_Willisleaf-sheep:  :) Giddyup cowboy!07:11
Dr_WillisDid you step in Poo!07:11
leaf-sheepThat's expected, I suppose.07:11
vttrleaf-sheep: u use kde?07:12
leaf-sheepvttr: Not rly.07:12
Dr_WillisHmm. My new external usb hard drive.. causes the pc to 'wait a long time' at boot up.. and ubuntu dident see/mount it . untill after i power cycled it..07:21
Dr_WillisHow .. annoying.07:21
* leaf-sheep is installing xubuntu-desktop(karmic) on teh netboot.07:21
Dr_Willis10 min on my download..07:22
leaf-sheepMaybe I should install kubuntu-desktop + ubuntu-desktop while I'm at it.  And any other -desktop too.07:22
vttrwhich netbooks do u guys have?07:22
leaf-sheepIn fact, I should install all packages there are in Ubuntu Repo and see how it goes.07:22
leaf-sheepAcer Aspire One + Dell Inspirion Mini 10.07:23
vttrand Dr_Willis ?07:24
vttri have the 11.6 inch gateway LT310307:24
leaf-sheepDell XPS M1530 (Laptop).07:24
Dr_WillisI got an older AAO netbook here.07:25
vttrDell 1710 laptop07:25
leaf-sheepCash cow!07:25
Dr_WillisSome of these new netbooks are nice.. but for the $$ i may as well get a laptop...07:25
vttrDr_Willis: size matters07:25
Dr_Willisnetbooks are getting bigger.. and the laptops i saw were just a little larger.07:25
vttrfor same $$ i prefer portability07:25
Dr_Willislaptops i saw were just a tad bigger then the big netbooks.. some were cheaper even.07:26
vttrleaf-sheep: hehe they were gifts07:26
vttrand the 17 incher is from work :)07:26
Dr_WillisI forget what brand one i saw today.. it had an AMD cpu in it. and  i think a 11 screen.07:26
Dr_Willislargest netbook they had.07:26
leaf-sheepI think I'll sell my netbooks and reap the beans.07:27
vttri have the amd one07:27
leaf-sheepAt least just one.07:27
vttrleaf-sheep: y 2 netbooks ?07:27
leaf-sheepvttr: I bought one. I got other one... at unbelievable discount of $15007:27
leaf-sheepBrand New! Yes rly!07:28
vttrthe reason y i settled for the 11 inch is because i cannot stand 1024x60007:28
Dr_WillisYep - i would like to find one with a slightly higher res screen.07:28
Dr_Williswesnoth does not play well on 1024X60007:28
vttri settled for http://techreport.com/articles.x/17249 .. the winner .. i.e Gateway07:29
vttrthe acer 751 was slow s molasses07:29
leaf-sheepFor some reason, I can't use the laptop without my trusty bluetooth mouse.  Touchpad is just bleh.07:30
Dr_WillisI put my netbook in my lunchbox.. makes it easier to carry to/from work. but now i have a bigger lunchbox.. so can get a bigger netbook/laptop :)07:30
vttr7 mins to get virtualbox .. and then usb creator .. later karmic koala A6 here i come07:30
Dr_WillisI gotta find my flash drives...07:31
vttrmuch later ... back to stable 9.04 ... if i find too mnay bugs lol07:31
leaf-sheepIsn't it easier to test stuffs on actual machine, not the pretentious machine?07:32
pwnguinodd. dist-upgrade wants to remove emacs...07:32
leaf-sheepNot testing -- but -- experiment and bug reporting.07:32
Dr_WillisHmm.. I still got a quirk where i plug in a flash drive.. and it dosent get auto seen/mounted07:33
Dr_Willismaking 'usb startup disk' for test #1.07:35
mjbrooksleaf-sheep, testing and bug reporting is generally preferred done on an actual machine as virtual machines are merely virtual hardware and aren't real world stuff07:40
vttr_and now virtualbox doesnt like the karmic iso :/07:44
vttr_is it becoz its 64bit?07:45
Dr_WillisOk. The 'Usb startup disk' Tool was able to make a Bootable working, flash disk, for me with  whatever the latest alpha was..07:51
Dr_Willis!info unetbootin07:53
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 356-1 (karmic), package size 213 kB, installed size 636 kB07:53
taneliis there some kind of ordering problem in the upstart boot? mine refused to mount /home before I added xfs to /etc/modules07:56
virtuelvthis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nspluginwrapper/+bug/14149407:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 141494 in nspluginwrapper "Flash not responding to mouse clicks with Xgl/Compiz" [Medium,Confirmed]07:57
virtuelvI'm not so sure that's nspluginwrapper07:57
virtuelvgiven that I have the same in opera, which doesn't use it07:58
om26erdaily live images are not created after 17th can any one tell me when are they gonna come08:04
om26erDr_Willis: can u tell me when are the new  daily images gonna release08:09
Dr_Willisthat was weird.. booted fine.. started to copy a file.. crash.. straight to reboot...08:09
Dr_Willisom26er:  ive never paied attention to when. I rarely use the daily images08:09
leaf-sheepom26er: Are you burning discs daily? :o08:09
om26erleaf-sheep: i am using flash drives08:10
Dr_WillisUsing Unetbootin or the Ubuntu USB startup disk tool?08:10
om26erDr_Willis: unetbootin is better i use it08:11
Dr_Willisi found unetbooting worse in ways. :) but there was some people asking about  if unetbootin even worked...08:11
Dr_WillisI was about to test it..but you are using the Ubuntu unetbootin? or windows version?08:11
leaf-sheepom26er: You can use apt-get to pull in karmic packages. In case you don't know that.08:11
om26erDr_Willis: i use unetbootin on ubuntu or fedora never windowws08:12
Dr_WillisOk. Just confirming that Unetbootin does work with the alpha release iso files...08:13
om26erDr_Willis: yes they work fine08:13
Dr_WillisUbuntu uses such a comples syslinux setup  - i wouldent be suprised if  they did break wit hunetbootin08:14
Dr_Willisguess its isolinux on the cd. :)08:14
om26erDr_Willis: unetbootin makes the directory isolinux i rename it to syslinux and also the file isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg in its directory08:16
om26erDr_Willis: with doing that u can get the default startup menu other wise they are from unetbootin08:17
leaf-sheepI do my clean installation over netboot.  Pulling in all latest packages -- No need for that "Install it in, Update; Upgrade" thing. :)08:19
AlanBellwhen do we get to see the default wallpaper for Karmic?08:32
genady12lapsomeone got the gfxpayload=keep working good?08:46
Dr_WillisHmm. it works here.08:47
Dr_Willisat least i rember enabling it. and changing the res of the grub2 menus.08:47
Dr_Willisbut then the images i was using dident fit properly08:47
genady12lapmy grub2 menu is in good resolution but the console isn't08:50
Dr_Willisthe console res would be set by the framebuffer stuff I thought.08:51
Dr_Willisteh vga=XXXX option to the kernel08:52
genady12lapits obsolete08:53
Dr_WillisI always disabled the framebuffer anyway :)08:53
Dr_Willisso i havent noticed/paid attention.08:53
genady12lap* 951_gfxpayload_keep.diff: New patch. If gfxpayload starts with "keep" or08:53
genady12lapif GRUB_ASSUME_LINUX_HAS_FB_SUPPORT is defined, then tell Linux to use08:53
genady12lapthe current video mode.08:53
genady12laplets reboot08:55
lodderI'm trying to install eclipse in karmic but i'm getting the following error: Broken packages... Can this be resolved ? Or do I have to wait?09:55
=== spOO` is now known as spO
eagles0513875lodder: best to check launch pad and if necessary file a bug09:57
raevolkarmic will be kernel 2.6.31/09:57
loddereagles0513875: ok how can I do that?09:57
eagles0513875lodder: launchpad.net09:57
raevolthat's a question :x woops09:57
loddereagles0513875: I know but how i have tried searching for bugs but can't find one09:59
eagles0513875lodder: go ahead and file a bug against the eclipse package09:59
hrickardsIs it possible for me to change something so that the xplash throbber doesn't go up and down?10:03
loddereagles0513875: done hopefully it's fixed quickly10:03
eagles0513875:) lodder10:04
Dr_Willisapt-get remove xplash ? :)10:07
hrickardsDr_Willis: If only apt-get would sove everything... Would someone be able to look in /usr/share/images/xsplash, because I only have two images (xsplash-background.png and xsplash-throbber.png), but from the look of the forums it seems everyone else has more.10:09
Dr_Willis15 files in there -10:13
Dr_Willisseveral bg_XXXXX.jpg and 4 throbber files..10:13
Dr_Willisand 4 logosxxx.png10:13
Dr_WillisHmm.. thats not even the Throbber i see when i booted up...10:14
hrickardsDr_Willis: That's strange. I've only got the 2. 9.04 beta 6 right?10:17
hrickardsSeems ubuntu-xsplash-artwork wasn't installed because it conflicted with the earlier xsplash I had installed.10:18
junkY_Sanhey, i installed alpha5, will it automatically update to alpha6 using dist-upgrade or are there other changes than packages?10:19
richardcavelljunkY_San: everything's in a package10:21
anger_Anyone else had problems with starting up apache?10:23
anger_For me /etc/init.d/apache2 start says it started ok but I cannot connect to http://localhost10:24
anger_And nothing gets written into /var/log/error.log10:24
hrickardsanger_: What if you do telnet 8010:24
anger_I get connection refused...10:29
junkY_Sanso either apache is not running or not accepting connections10:31
eagles0513875richardcavell: O_O didnt know you were running ubuntu as well10:31
junkY_Sancheck if the process exists10:31
anger_junkY_San, process does not seem to exist...10:31
junkY_Santry to (re)start using the init script. are there any messages?10:33
anger_/etc/init.d/apache2 start just says "Starting  web server apache2 => OK"10:34
anger_and I can't find any error messages anywhere...10:34
junkY_Santry strace10:34
junkY_Sanstrace /etc/init.d/apache2 start10:35
richardcavelleagles0513875: I am an Ubuntu man10:36
richardcavelleagles0513875: although I'm a bit fed up with karmic at the moment10:36
richardcavellI understand it's a development release but by crikey it's unstable10:36
richardcavelleagles0513875: how big is your Installer.app?10:37
eagles0513875richardcavell: im on alpha 6 duelbooting with boot camp on 10.610:37
anger_junkY_San, http://pastebin.com/m299539a910:37
richardcavelleagles0513875: I expect that when Karmic is final it will rock on Macintosh10:38
eagles0513875im on it now richardcavell after doing a clean install and so far so good with it10:38
richardcavelleagles0513875: I've done my fair share of filing bug reports etc10:38
richardcavellI've done my fair share10:40
richardcavellyou can't ask for more than that10:40
junkY_Sananger_: sorry, can't see anything10:41
eagles0513875richardcavell: i believe ya10:41
junkY_Sanwhat i would try is to search for the startupcommand in the initscript and run it manually10:42
anger_junkY_San, apache2ctl start says nothing...10:43
junkY_Santry --verbose or something10:44
Machtinhm.. i tried to make s2api.. what went wrong? http://pastebin.org/1898410:44
anger_hmm, sudo apache2 prints "apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}"10:46
scizzo-anger_: the use does not exist?10:50
anger_the login was apache2?10:51
anger_I have www-data...10:51
junkY_Santhe variable doesn't exist if you run it manually10:52
anger_I think I had user apache2 before upgrading to karmic10:52
junkY_Sanwait a minute, i'll test apache in a virtualbox, don't want to do it on a real system10:52
junkY_Sanmh, works out of the box10:54
anger_do you have user apache2 on your system?10:54
anger_or does apache just use root...10:55
junkY_Sandon't have apache210:55
junkY_Santhe user is defined in /etc/apache2/envvars10:57
junkY_Sansorry, lunch time11:00
hosokahello all11:02
anger_I did also purge previous installation but that didn't work either...11:02
hosokaWould like to know if there is still an issue with the sound ?11:02
hosokadoes anyone has issues with the sound in this test release ?11:30
anger_works fine for me...11:32
lemonadehosoka: i had some snapping sounds during alpha 5, but now everything seems ok11:33
mrmcq2uHi, I was wondering whether someone could tell me why my card doesnt seem to support dri2 on karmic but supports it on the last release of fedora11:34
Adapterservus alle11:36
Adapterhi catweazle11:36
hosokahow I can have my sound working as I see it is using Alsa11:42
hosokahi, lemonade. I also had that snapping sound, but still exists a problem for me.11:43
hosokais there anyone that can assist how to fix the sound issue ?11:52
mrmcq2uhow do I get to grub command in karmic?11:56
jonathonfpress escape during boot?11:56
mrmcq2uused to be able to do it by pressing e when starting up11:56
jonathonfthen e11:56
mrmcq2uwait so press them both together11:56
jonathonfshould be the same as it used to be, it works on mine11:56
mrmcq2uI'll give it another shot11:57
mrmcq2uright just rebooted and checked again12:05
mrmcq2ugrub doesnt listen for the escape command or e12:05
mrmcq2ujust continues the boot process12:05
jonathonfhmm, let me have a look in my kubuntu vm...12:20
jonathonfthat just ignored my esc press12:20
jonathonfmust be down topreparation for the new xsplash12:21
jonathonfhave to edit the grub settings...12:21
mrmcq2uwanted to enable dri2 on my card12:21
jonathonfgksudo gedit /etc/default/grub12:21
vistakillerwhy the software-store is not appear in menu?12:31
mrmcq2uwhy is dri2 not enabled by default?12:44
mrmcq2umy card supports it12:44
unggnuhi all12:50
unggnuHas anyone here a Dell INspiron 1525 and problems with WLAN?12:50
pavkamlc_nbplease help me. I update karmic day by day and two days before after I reboot, I get only output to message "Starting NTP server ntpd" and then system freeses. I can write to console, but system dont respond12:59
pavkamlc_nbI dont found any relevant bug on launchpad13:00
lupine_85ooer, I'm trying to convince the packaged gnome-shell to run, and it's complaining about a lack of libclutter-glx-1.0.so - luckily, it's just a missing link13:00
pavkamlc_nbI think, my problem is upstart relative13:02
unggnupavkamlc_nb: try to use the recovery boot option, if this doesn't help I guess you need a Live CD and to chroot into your system13:04
pavkamlc_nbunggnu: Recovery start the same. I can chroot by init=/bin/bash13:05
junkY_Sandoes anyone know a widget for kde which displays the remaining battery time?13:10
junkY_Sani only find indicators with %13:10
unggnupavkamlc_nb: then chroot and update your system13:14
phiphiHello, does anyone know if there's a way to have a virtual machine with 2 (virtual) monitors ?13:17
phiphiI'd like to test a few problems in Karmic that encounter with the current release13:17
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
BUGabundophiphi: only real machine13:20
BUGabundowith _ocasional_ multimonitor13:20
BUGabundowhat's up ?13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 324506 in xorg-server "Mouse has suddenly no contact, till X-Server restart" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:21
phiphiBut I fear the bug with grub that won't let you start another system13:21
BUGabundophiphi: you can _fix_ the grub bug, by running update-grub, can you not?13:22
phiphii haven't installed it yet13:22
phiphiist this all i have to do to fix it?13:22
phiphiBUGabundo: The Problems are the following:13:28
phiphi - At Startup, when Gnome is starting, for a moment, the area where I can move the mouse is a field in the upper left of screen 1 with the size of the resolution of the second screen13:28
phiphi - Suddenly I can't reach the second screen with the mouse, when I reach the border of screen 1 the mouse jumps back to the other side of the same screen.13:28
phiphi- Splash-Screens of Apps like OpenOffice appear ugly somewhere near the border between the screens13:28
phiphi- Java Apps have problems with this setup. e.g. JAlbum crashes on startup; In TuxGuitar the lines have the lenght of both screens, even though the window is smaller > Vertical scrolling necessary13:28
phiphi- When one changes the screen with the mouse, an image of the cursor rests on the last position on the previous screen.13:28
phiphi- (My smaller screen 2 is aligned right bottom of screen 1) When you "slip" with the mouse over the upper right border of s1, the cursor jumps down to where s2 begins. This is annoying. Better: in Windows (Sorry) the cursor stops like in every other border, except where the second screen touches, the border is "open".13:28
slacker_nldoes anyone know how to get the information like they report it in this bug report http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=529882 with the $package depends, suggests, recommends stuff? i would like to issue a command that reports the same information in the same format for ubuntu bug13:28
ubottuDebian bug 529882 in guessnet "guessnet-ifupdown fails to identify network" [Normal,Open]13:28
RainCTI've just updated my Eeepc 1005HA to Karmic and now the WLAN doesn't work (the "wireless network" checkbox in nm-applet's right click menu is disabled by default and checking it on a left click it still shows "the device isn't ready"). Any idea?13:29
jonathonfdoes it use a broadcom chipset?13:32
jonathonfdo you have the broadcom firmware installed?13:32
drs305slacker_nl:  Have you run "ubuntu-bug <packagename>"?  You can try "ubuntu-bug gimp" as a test. Then instead of sending it, view the info to see if that is the type of info you are seeking.13:32
slacker_nldrs305: i usually don't run ubuntu-bug <package>, i report them directly to launchpad13:33
drs305slacker_nl:  I referenced it just for the automatic info-gathering it provides.13:34
slacker_nldrs305: k13:35
RainCTjonathonf: it's an Atheros AR9285 (and supposed to work out of the box on Karmic)13:35
jonathonfRainCT: does dmesg show anything useful?13:36
RainCTNo (there's only a "phy0: Atheros AR9285 MAC/BB Rev:2 AR5133 RF REv:e0: mem=...., irq17" line and after that "cfg080211: World regulatory domain updated:" and a list of frequencies)13:39
jonathonfhave you checked in /etc/network/interfaces to check it's not being messed with? the only thing there should be an entry for lo13:40
jonathonflast thing i can think is that's it's trying to use the wrong driver13:41
jonathonfbut i don't know which one it should be using :D13:41
jonathonfi seem to remember i previously had to blacklist ath5k on my 70113:41
slacker_nldrs305: dpkg -l $(aptitude search -F '%p' ~i ~Rguessnet) this takes care of the depends section, the suggests is more tricky13:43
RainCTohh, got it working (removed some eeepc-* packages I had and -jaunty-backports)13:43
RainCTthanks jonathonf13:43
RainCTnow I need to figure out how to fix the fan speed, before the fan explodes :P13:44
RainCT(ohh, at least I have compositing now :))13:50
Prettognome-volume-control only works with pulseaudio?14:06
kklimondaPretto, yes14:09
funkyHatOne of my soundcards has disappeared in the last set up updates :(14:17
funkyHatIt's an AC'9714:18
jonathonfi reinstalled alpha 6 using the minimal method, replacing an upgraded jaunty a3->...->karmic and stuff doesn't work as well as it did before. screen updates are jerky, memory usage is higher, boot is slower. it's completely opposite to how it should be14:19
ActionParsnipfunkyHat: if you run: lspci | grep -i audio    you will see its not14:19
funkyHatActionParsnip: yes, it appears in lspci, but alsa doesn't see it14:19
ActionParsnipfunkyHat: then use the output of lspci to install the card as if it never worked. yuo may need to compile alsa14:20
funkyHatActionParsnip: could it be a udev bug (not working out the right module to load)?14:21
funkyHatI don't know how much alsa's drivers are separated into different modules14:21
jonathonfis preload useful any more?14:21
ActionParsnippossibly, im not familiar with the bug14:21
tormodjonathonf, memory usage and boot slowness is probably the new gnome, couchdb etc, but screen updates? what graphic card?14:21
jonathonftormod: nvidia 9600gt, 190.32 drivers from vdpau team ppa14:21
tormodjonathonf, ugh binary driver, no idea14:22
jonathonfyeah, i know... but i like playing games :D14:22
jonathonfi'm well impressed how well CoD4 and RA3 run under WINE14:22
tormodjonathonf, I would also recommend a fresh install, there always a bit of cruft left after such a long upgrade path14:23
ActionParsnipjonathonf: some run great, some wont even install14:23
jonathonfi just did a fresh install :D though it was a netboot->minimal->gnome-core route this time14:24
tormodjonathonf, oh I understand. so fresh install is slower than the upgraded one?14:25
tormodjonathonf, could it be you did not have ubuntu-desktop installed on the old?14:25
jonathonfold install was a normal install from a LiveCD, this one doesn't have ubuntu-desktop etc., so no evolution etc to take up resources14:26
jonathonfhasn't seemed to make much difference on this laptop though. made a huge difference on my eeepc and in a VM14:27
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
ActionParsnipis it just me or is the keyserver going damn slow14:27
tormodjonathonf, do you have couchdb (desktopcouch) installed?14:27
jonathonfi'll have a look14:28
funkyHatWell snd_ac97_codec and snd_atiixp are both loaded, but nothing appears in alsamixer14:32
ActionParsnipfunkyHat: maybe you need to add some options to the modprobe for yuor soundcard14:33
tanelihmm.. policykit prevents me from listening to music?14:36
tanelimusic starts playing, but will mute after a few seconds14:37
jonathonflol - have you been a naughty boy and have had your privileges removed?14:37
jonathonfactually that was a really bad joke14:37
* jonathonf hides14:37
taneliremoving polkitd didn't help (but syslog shows rtkit-daemon asking for it)14:39
jonathonfhmm... my nvidia card is stuck at maximum performance... that probably is symptomatic14:40
jonathonfit's not detecting whether i'm on ac or battery... i wonder if it's the nvidia-settings version14:41
om26erno live cd of ubuntu moblin remix after 14th september, why?14:43
jonathonfmaybe it's changing to a usb image?14:43
* jonathonf is guessing14:43
om26erjonathonf: nice try14:44
funkyHatRestarting seems to have fixed my issue, weird14:44
siegiejonathonf: adaptive performance is working for me, even on AC14:52
jonathonfyeah, it was previously. I think the minimal approach misses stuff (i just found sreadhead wasn't installed); i've just installed some libsensor stuff, hopefully that will help14:53
jonathonfi think i might even have to install ubuntu-desktop :(14:53
tgpraveen!info pulseaudio14:54
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.17-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 619 kB, installed size 4192 kB14:54
jonathonfhah, no acpi-support installed. that wouldn't help. i'm giving up and installing ubuntu-desktop15:00
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
TwigathyI'm waiting on bug #430348 to be fixed before doing any more upgrades :(15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430348 in mountall "NFS root device never ready" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43034815:01
penguin42you're running NFS root?15:02
BluesKajHiyas all15:03
Twigathypenguin42: yep15:05
* penguin42 is getting rather clicky audio today - I thought that had gone away a couple of kernel versions ago :-(15:05
BUGabundopenguin42: check the gain in paman15:05
BUGabundoseems it was changed for some cards15:05
Twigathypenguin42: I did an update and everything broke >_< had to hack around and roll back a pile of changes15:05
BUGabundojust set it to 100% and you will be fine15:05
penguin42BUGabundo: Hmm I've done that - what makes you think it's that?15:07
=== Into_the_Pit is now known as Frickelpit
BUGabundopenguin42: happens to me from time to time15:07
BUGabundotwo days ago it was on 49% :)15:07
penguin42interesting - it's apparently not just a PAism - someone was bitching to me about their Fedora install that they had running without PA also doing clicking15:08
BUGabundowell the driver is in the kernel15:09
BUGabundoPA is just the server15:09
penguin42yeh but there has been quite a bit of stuff with priorities on the PA process and tuning it that's produced drops and clicks in the past15:10
Dr_WillisI still get clicks and clunks and thunks in the sound. :()15:16
BluesKajBUGabundo, yeah PA has changed for my card , a C-Media 18738, it works properly with smooth clean sound, finally .15:17
* lupine_85 starts to get irritated by palimwotsit15:20
penguin42the disk thingy?15:21
penguin42speaking of which - is anyone using encrypted disks and has the padlock emblem just disappeared for them?15:23
oldude67well should i back up all my files before i do the next update..lol15:24
Dr_WillisI alwyas do15:24
oldude67i should of last update...what a nightmare.15:25
BluesKajoldude67, yeah it was a bit of a mess alright ,but I managed to save all my data altho some apps disappeared , but their config files fortunately didn't . I used the karmic alpha 5 live cd to reinstall on  /  using the manual partitoning option15:29
=== j_ack__ is now known as j_ack
BluesKajFor what it's worth , I should also mention, this method retained all the desktop and system settings too.15:34
jonathonfok, not sure which package it was but now it's back up to normal speed15:35
BUGabundoI keep losing my shortcuts from compiz15:37
BUGabundothe bug is marked as HIGH but no comment on it for 3 days :(15:37
penguin42BUGabundo: Some of these things depend on the package maintainer for it - e.g. maybe he's away this weekend or has some higher priority ones - or alternatively maybe he hasn't slept for 3 days figuring out your bug but still hasn't got anything to report....15:43
BUGabundoI know15:44
lupine_85that's alright, I have an LTSP bug that's not been commented on for a month or so15:44
BUGabundobut sucks that everytime I boot, I can't use alt+tab15:44
BluesKajwhat's gdb ? it using 85% of cpu proc15:51
penguin42BluesKaj: It's a debugger15:51
penguin42BluesKaj: If I was to guess (which I am) then appport is probably using it to generate a backtrace15:51
BluesKajright i just got a popup saying plasma crashed but that happens all the time when I launch kate or the konsole , then it restores quickly15:53
BluesKajkilled it15:54
penguin42it just looks like that time apport took a while to get a backtrace15:55
BluesKajare you guys getting crash niotices at boot up ?15:56
penguin42yeh, a whole bucket of them15:57
BluesKajyeatrday i had 5 or so , today one15:57
BUGabundono crashes15:59
BUGabundojust a bunch of UDEV errors15:59
BluesKajI received crash notices, but only one today so the update must have had some fixes16:02
BluesKajupdated last night16:02
penguin42(Oh, someone was asking about VirtualBox yesterday - seems to work OK here)16:03
mikefletcherDoes anyone know how to boot into text mode on the livecd?  I tried replacing 'quiet splash' with 'text' but it didn't work on the latest alpha.16:04
BluesKajpenguin42, what are you running in VB ?16:04
penguin42BlueI've got a few things; I've got one VM that I store on a crypted disc for banking, and I have another just for fiddling - in this case I'm trying an Arch install16:04
BluesKajok penguin42 , I was considering dumping the W7 partition and running it on VB16:05
BluesKajdoubt if VB can handle it yet16:05
penguin42you might find it works on one of the other windows settings16:06
sinani have recently upgraded my packages, now ubuntu can't start normally. It doesn't start any GUI, and it doesn't recognize any network devices. Any ideas what could be the problem or how to solve it?16:17
penguin42sinan: Does it give you a login: prompt or a # prompt?16:18
sinanpenguin42: yes, after it loads i get a login prompt and i can login fine16:18
sinanthis is how i figured there is no network support, after logging in, running "ifconfig" gives nothing16:18
sinanrunning "iwconfig" does show my wlan0 interface16:18
sinandoesn't* (sorry)16:18
penguin42sinan: does /dev/pts exist for you?16:19
sinani am not sure, what difference does it make ?16:19
sinani'd like to collect "things i could do", and restart, and try them16:20
sinanso, first thing, i need to check if i have /dev/pts16:20
sinanwhat else?16:20
penguin42it's just a thought given a few other bugs people have reported16:20
penguin42what happens if you do startx ?16:20
sinani didn't try that, i tried sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start, it didn't report any errors, but nothing happened16:21
sinanalso tried /etc/init.d/x11-common start, nothing happened (no errors, nothing)16:21
sinani'll try startx16:21
sinanany other suggestions?16:21
penguin42when X doesn't start get the errors and /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:21
sinani feel a package could have broken something up, could i somehow do a consistency check on the packages from the live cd ? (which i am now running)16:22
sinanalright, i'll mark that file :)16:22
penguin42sinan: Can you do an lspci | grep -i vga16:26
sinan00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)16:27
sinani used to have tons of problems with the vga on 9.04, that's why i decided to go for 9.10 (ever since alpha 3)16:27
penguin42ok, a 965 - I've got a 945 that's OK16:28
penguin42sinan: Also, get the output of dmesg16:28
sinanalright :) i'll add it to the list16:28
sinani am doing some fsck's now, just for good measure16:29
sinanthe hard disk has been reporting some bad sectors through SMART recently, that could be the problem too I guess16:29
penguin42still, dmesg output might show some of that; output of smartctl -a then16:30
sinanalright :)16:31
feedthi where can i find menu.lst in karmic?16:48
feedtit ain't there in /boot/grub/menu.lst16:48
penguin42karmic has switched to grub2 - not quite sure where everything is16:48
feedt:/ i lost my windows 7 installation.. help16:49
BluesKajfeedt, grub2 is the default in karmic16:49
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:49
alankilafeedt: install os-prober if you don't have that, then try to run update-grub16:49
feedtok trying that16:49
alankilaif that doesn't work then manual work is required...16:50
Dr_WillisHow smart is the installer if one uses it to install to a external USB hard drive? Just wondering if it still messed up the grub configs.16:50
alankilaI had problems witn win xp because os-prober wasn't installed for some reason16:50
feedt/dev/sda2:Windows 7 (loader):Windows:chain16:51
feedtwhew .. now what?16:51
feedtupdate-grub says it found windows 7 .. cool16:52
feedthow do i check before rebooting?16:52
Dr_WillisThat is a neat trick.16:53
Dr_WillisIve no idea how you test. :)16:53
Dr_Willisyou could look in the /boot/grub/grub.cfg i guess16:53
feedtits blank :S16:53
Dr_Willisdid you upgrade? or do a clean install  to get 9.10?16:53
feedtok.. my mistake .. sudo lets me read it :P16:54
Dr_Willissudo cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:54
Dr_Willisits flagged where you cant normally alter/view it.16:54
feedtwhew i see the windows entry .. restarting16:54
feedtbtw thx alankila and Dr_Willis16:54
Dr_WillisBah - who needs winders16:55
penguin42tape owners16:56
bullgard4How can I (temporarily) switch my Ubuntu 9.10 to another language (locale)? There is no longer a menu available on the lower left on the login screen.17:05
penguin42bullgard4: Do you get the menu after selecting the user?17:06
bullgard4penguin42: No.17:06
penguin42oh, I see it - at the bottom when I've selected the username17:06
bullgard4penguin42: Thank you very much for your help. I have found it now. It is actually in the bottom-most line, and I had overlooked it.17:12
penguin42yes - when you selected that did it work OK - for me it seemd to get a bit confused?17:13
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
Seren__hi there, is Kubuntu supposed to use xsplash ?17:16
Seren__I have read something about ksplashx but it is not available (yet?)17:17
floating1anyone had problems with alpha5 and alpha6 or do i have some new hardware problems17:18
floating1during the installation open office packages fails to install or smth, system laggy etc... while alpha3 was still working perfectly17:19
Seren__there was a big breakage just before alpha6 was released17:20
djdarkmanhow does the recovery mode work in Karmic?17:20
Seren__related to init xsplash/upsplash but it is now fixed as far as I can tell17:20
djdarkmandoes it work et all?17:20
Seren__djdarkman: IIRC you need to press SHIFT to enter grub2 menu17:23
Seren__(it was ESC under grub1)17:24
djdarkmanSeren__: but it starts GDM :(17:24
Seren__djdarkman:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/43117617:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431176 in gdm "karmic: gdm should not start in single user (recovery) mode" [Low,Fix released]17:26
Seren__it seems there is a bug :)17:26
djdarkmanyes I know I found it too, but it doesn't make me happy, because I'm in desperate need of it :(17:27
Seren__from the description it is fixed17:27
Seren__you can't upgrade ?17:27
Seren__or chroot from a livecd ?17:28
djdarkmanit's sort of complicated, I gave my netbook to my GF and she needs root to be able to connect to her ADSL modem Seren__ ....17:28
Seren__if you manage to go far enough, you can try CTRL + ALT + F2 to get to a console17:30
Seren__but I guess you can't17:30
djdarkmanSeren__: is there a boot parameter that ubuntu respects? cause as I see it it totally ignores "single"17:30
Seren__I don't know...17:32
ActionParsnipyo yo yo18:06
sinanpenguin42: xorg log http://pastie.org/623680.txt and dmesg output http://pastie.org/623682.txt18:13
sinanpenguin42: and there was no /dev/pts18:14
sinanand smartctl didn't work cause i don't have smartmontools installed (and couldn't install cause there is network)18:14
penguin42sinan: Ah, another victim of missing /dev/pts18:25
jarnosI am using Xubuntu. Sometimes system seems to freeze at boot. Reboot helps. No splash screen.18:25
=== glenn is now known as Guest16137
penguin42sinan: We've had 3 of those this weekend on here18:26
sinanpenguin42: what's the solution?18:26
penguin42sinan: I don't know - I've just been seeing others here with it18:27
jarnosDo you get splash screen at startup?18:27
penguin42sinan: I suggest you subscribe to bug 40442118:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404421 in linux ""Failed to restore crtc configuration: -22" on i915" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40442118:28
jarnosDoes someone get splash screen at startup?18:29
ActionParsnipJamos: i do18:30
jarnosActionParsnip, thanks for information. BTW you may have too small font in your IRC client.18:33
ActionParsnipjarnos: its 12pt. Looks fine here18:34
ActionParsnipjarnos: see above, jamos sory, wrong target18:35
penguin42sinan: You could try downloading the package that someone has posted on there for testing, it's a replacement for a kernel, if you install it then you would have to make to select that one on the next boot - might be worth it18:37
sinanpenguin42: i don't see the link you are talking about18:40
penguin42sinan: In Loic's comment number 9 there is a deb18:40
sinanpenguin42: checking, thanks a lot :)18:42
penguin42sinan: I also suggest subscribe to that bug and give some details of your system18:42
bullgard4What is the pathname of the profile folder of seamonkey-chatzilla?18:50
Seren__is xplash supposed to be installed for kubuntu users ?18:51
madmac2501i have installed ubuntu karmic alpha 6, but it hangs lots of times, i dont know if it it the kernel or the x, because i have an intel graphic card18:51
madmac2501how could i report the bugs?18:51
bullgard4madmac2501: You will need to report error messages.18:52
madmac2501bullgard4, but if all freezes...18:52
madmac2501which logs should i see?18:52
penguin42madmac2501: It freezes once already logged in or earlier?18:53
bullgard4madmac2501: Not all freezes. dmesg and startup logs have certainly been written before any freeze.18:53
madmac2501i log in, but then after starting almost any application all hangs18:53
bullgard4madmac2501: /var/log/syslog18:53
madmac2501i cannot even do ctr+alt+number to change to another session18:53
madmac2501/var/log/syslogs is persistent? or it is erased on reboot?18:54
bullgard4madmac2501: You made a mistake: You did not read the warning about Karmic. Now you are complaining.18:54
penguin42madmac2501: Persistant18:54
madmac2501bullgard4, i am not complaining, i want to help18:55
madmac2501and i did read the warning18:55
penguin42madmac2501: Gnome or KDE? Can you still ping the machine? What graphics chip?18:55
madmac2501penguin42, i use gnome, i have only this machine so i cannot ping it, and the graphics chip is an intel, but dont know exactly which one18:56
=== genii-2 is now known as genii-around
penguin42madmac2501: Do you have desktop effects enabled?18:56
madmac2501penguin42, i think not, but let me check18:57
madmac2501penguin42, no, desktop effects are disabled18:57
penguin42hmm ok18:58
penguin42madmac2501: when it stops is it completely dead - e.g. does the mouse pointer still move and/or capslock light?18:58
madmac2501the mouse continues, but the desktop is dead, and the keyboard doesnt respond18:59
penguin42I've seen that in the past - haven't seen it for a while18:59
madmac2501the graphic card is a 82865G integrated graphics controller18:59
jtheuerwhich networkmanager applet will be the default in karmic? networkmanagement or network-manager ?18:59
penguin42madmac2501: The only thing I can suggest is to file a bug on it - giving all details of your hardware;19:00
madmac2501penguin42, in which bugzilla?19:00
penguin42madmac2501: launchpad.net/ubuntu19:00
madmac2501penguin42, thanks, i will do19:00
penguin42madmac2501: I'd put in the title the model/make of machine19:01
madmac2501penguin42, ok, this is a generic one sold by dell19:01
robin0800madmac2501: any idea what driver its using eax uax?19:01
penguin42madmac2501: Good, put the dell model in the title19:01
madmac2501robin0800, in the karmic update it says that it use uax, but dont know which one is using in the practice19:02
madmac2501robin0800, if you tell me how to know it is using...19:02
madmac2501well, i will try to crash this and report it, thanks to all19:04
robin0800madmac2501: if it worked before perhaps change it back to eax  this info is in /var/log/Xorg.log19:05
albert23madmac2501: the intel 865G freezing is a known problem. There is a kernel fix upstream (not in Kamic yet)19:05
robin0800albert23: whats the bug number?19:06
madmac2501albert23, ah, ok, do you know when it will be in karmic?19:06
albert23bug 40779319:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407793 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i865g][Karmic Alpha 3] X corruption and freeze when clicking "Other" on GDM login screen" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40779319:07
albert23madmac2501: I don't know if and when it will be in Karmic19:07
opicaHello. I have a problem with the newest alpha. I can't get in gnome, just xterm.19:07
madmac2501albert23, ok, thanks19:07
opicaAnd can't add gnome in synaptic also., because of unresolvable dependencies.19:09
BluesKajstrange , the time won't set properly on our karmic laptop . We're using the calendar widget to set the time and locale19:11
ActionParsnipopica: did you install the desktop ISO?19:20
opicayes, karmic-desktop iso. I got it from distrowatch.19:21
ActionParsnipopica: did you md5 test the iso?19:22
ActionParsnipopica: why not?19:22
opicaI almost never do that.19:22
dutchieare there plans afoot to make the login screen fit better into the xsplash themes?19:22
opicaI guess I should.19:23
Laneyof course there are19:23
ActionParsnipopica: dont you think you should, make sure the data is good. Yuo have no way of knowing if its downloaded successfully without testing19:23
simontolHi, anyone here who knows why I can't change the user image on kubuntu karmic?19:26
opicaBut if I mark gnome in synaptic and get an error message about unresolvable dependencies. Gnome-desktop-environment it is not going to be installed. And - gnome-vfs-obexftp but it is not installable.?19:26
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penguin42There's a bug #432901 for those of you who have the /dev/pts missing at boot19:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432901 in linux "karmic /dev broken" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43290119:35
Travelerdose fglrx work with 9.10?19:49
=== Traveler is now known as Guest21780
=== Guest21780 is now known as Lenin_Cat
bjsnideras long as it builds with the .31 kernel19:55
bjsniderand it supports your hardware19:55
aciculaanyone know a workaround for this issue : https://bugs.launchpad.net/modemmanager/+bug/43057619:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430576 in network-manager "refuse to connect over Nokia N85, turns off the handset" [Undecided,New]19:56
Lenin_Catbjsnider, I dont build, I jsut use binarys19:57
mikedep333hey, was tracker removed between jaunty and karmic?19:58
bjsnideryes but the driver has to be compiled into the kernel, and last i heard fglrx didn't support the .31 kernel. or maybe there's been an update. whatever.19:58
aciculaendeavormac: mikedep333 seems so, maybe it got replaced with something else19:58
mikedep333acicula, yeah20:00
mikedep333since I switched over to google's web interfaces, it is less relevant for me though20:00
mikedep333I am now using http://www.gmail.com for IM and email. I no longer need tracker to look through pidgin and evolution conversations.20:01
Lenin_Catyou cant use MSN on gmail20:03
mikedep333is that a good thing or a bad thing?20:03
bjsniderthere's beagle and tracker for desktop search purposes. each has strengths and weaknesses20:05
bullgard4My Ubuntu 9.10 shows the GNOME panels with version 2.27.92. Is this version to be expected the final version for the official Ubuntu 9.10 release?20:05
bjsniderit will be 2.2820:06
mikedep333I'm just making fun of microsoft20:06
bjsniderright now gnome 2.28 is at rc120:06
mikedep333I like some of the results here20:06
mikedep333the bug20:06
bullgard4bjsnider: Ah, ok. Thank you for explaining.20:06
mikedep333"titanic 98"20:06
BluesKajmy time zone is fast by 4 hrs , thinks I'm in UK not EDT Canada, no matter what it won't change and the timeset no matter what20:08
BluesKajI do20:08
bjsnideris there a bug about that issue?20:09
BluesKajthe BIOS clock is correct , cuz windows is correct20:09
bjsniderBluesKaj, you have tried to change the timezone right?20:10
BluesKajthere was on jaunty but I don't see one now20:10
BluesKajyup, several times bjsnider20:10
bjsniderssytem>time & date20:10
wastrelim upgrading my koala20:11
TLFdoes pulseaudio depends on ubuntu?20:12
TLFI mean, can we work without pulseaudio?20:12
aciculaUbuntu uses pulseaudio20:12
BluesKajbjsnider: let me rephrase that, it changes for the session , reverts back to UK time when I reboot20:12
aciculaTLF: yes20:12
TLFbut at least the pulseaudio hangs my audio system20:13
TLFand I need to manually kill it20:13
bjsniderBluesKaj, check the bios clock20:13
aciculaTLF: you get no sound you mean?20:13
TLFmy sound system gets locked20:14
BluesKajBIOS clock is correct20:14
TLFbut manually killing it, It works20:14
aciculaTLF: if pulseaudio is using your system you cant access sound directly, have to go through pulseaudio in that case20:14
aciculaTLF: what program isnt working?20:14
TLFwhen this hangs, all using audio20:14
TLFaudacious, pidgin...20:14
aciculadefine hangs20:14
TLFcan't access audio20:15
TLFit's random20:15
TLFand the programs keep running, just no audio20:15
TLFuntill i kill pulseaudio prog20:15
aciculayou can check what is using your audio by typing lsof /dev/snd/*, maybe that can tell you what is blocking sound?20:15
TLFgoing to check the next time this happens, thanks, acicula  :)20:16
TLFwell, it happened20:16
bjwebbin karmic, my graphics (intel) have suddenly got rather slow... is this a known issue?20:17
bjwebbxorg is consuming up to 80% of my cpu20:18
TLFinteresting killing 5674 (pulseaudio) thing continue to work20:18
aciculaTLF: that looks normal tbh, guess it's pulseaudio acting up , or flash, that generally causes audio hickups with me20:19
zaccouri'm about to install alpha 6. how is it?20:19
aciculazaccour: alpha :)20:20
zaccouri know its alpha, how is it?20:21
bjsnidervery alpha-6-ish20:21
aciculaawesome, and some things dont work very well, but that's just my experience which may be very different to everyon elses20:21
Rods_TigerI can't create a karmic kubuntu netbook usb stick that works. The usual instructions that work don't work this time.20:21
alankiladamn, another update to karmic & this time no other apps but pulseaudio apps make any sound... I used to have a way to make java apps still make sound a while ago. Another boring debugging session ahead.20:22
aciculasuspend/resume seems faster then on jaunty20:22
Rods_TigerIt seems to create a usb stick with all the stuff on there but it can't boot, or can't find anything to boot into - not sure what's happening precisely20:22
* bjwebb wonders if there have been any big changes to xorg/intel stuff20:22
=== smerz is now known as smerz`away
bjwebbalankila: had similar problem with frozen-bubble20:22
aciculabjwebb: there have been20:22
aciculabjwebb: runs the latest intel driver20:22
bjwebbacicula: recently? as in last two days?20:23
aciculadont think so20:23
bjwebbhmmm,  any ideas why i've just got ridiculously high cpu usage by xorg?20:24
zaccourdo the people using alpha not really know how it is? lol20:24
alankiladamnit, I wish there was a way to get pa support into sun java... or to have the alsa crap redirection work, or whatever20:25
bjwebbzaccour: it was okay until my graphics turned into treacle20:25
zaccourjaunty is the fastest so far. how is the speed for karmic?20:25
bjsniderbjsnider, the intel driver is in the middle of a huge architectural change20:26
bjsnidermeant that for bjwebb20:26
DWonderlyIs there a separate channel for Plasma-netbook issues?20:26
Rods_Tigeron ordinary karmic, has google-gadgets started working yet?20:26
bjsniderso there are klots of bugs in it, ever since jaunty20:26
zaccourwhats plasma netbook?20:26
duffydackjust installed alpha6, upgraded it, and I just looked in the services application and there is hardly anything ticked.  I mean, usually there is anacron, atd, gdm, power management...20:27
bjwebbbjsnider: so, my problem is most likely known about?...20:27
DWonderlyzaccour: Plasma is the KDE netbook20:27
bjsniderbjwebb, i would say yup to that20:27
bjwebbbjsnider: or should i report it (its only started this afternoon, i upgraded yesterday morning and it was fine)20:27
zaccourDWonderly, i didn't have a good experience with kubuntu recently20:27
bjwebbbjsnider: its just, i can accept this kind of breakage in an alpha, but i really want it to be fixed for release20:27
DWonderlyzaccour: Neither did I till 4.320:28
bjsniderbjwebb, did you upgrade from jaunty?20:28
bjwebbhow do i find out which driver i am using?20:28
bjwebbbjsnider: yeah20:28
B_lixwhy i cannot enable the desktop effect in karmic koala20:28
bjwebbbjsnider: but, like i say, it worked fine for a day and a half20:29
DWonderlyProblem with it is I did a theme change and when I went back to the air for netbook theme I can't change the top toolbar to back to the smaller size20:29
zaccourdoes gyachi work in alpha?20:29
bjsniderbjwebb, jaunty should have been much worse in this regard20:29
zaccourthere isn't a karmic download on the gyachi site, so don't know20:29
geomiHey All. I was trying Karmic alpha6 in virtualbox to see if iSCSI installs now work, so i make my desktop systems diskless instead. However, the installer doesn't prompt me for any iSCSI server with no disks found, and can find no option to activate iSCSI for karmic. any ideas?20:30
bjwebbbjsnider: well, this atm is a lot worse..20:30
B_lixplease guys i am trying to enable the desktop effect in karmic but i couldnt can someone help me20:30
bjwebbbjsnider: i wanna check that it is actually using the intel one...20:31
alankila*sigh* best try openjdk-6-jdk so see if that can replace sun-java6-jdk or if it's Full Of Fail like every other non-sun java so far.20:31
geomiB_lix: activate video drivers (ati/nvidia)20:31
tormodB_lix, what card? paste-bin Xorg.0.log20:31
B_lixnvidia and i dont have xorg.conf file20:31
bjsniderbjwebb, as long as you're not specifying something else in the xorg.conf file, which ideally doesn't even exist on your system, you are using it20:32
bjwebbbjsnider: hmmmm20:32
bjsniderB_lix, use restricted drivers manager to enable the nvidia driver20:32
B_lixhow ?20:32
* bjwebb wishes he could tell where this problem had come from20:33
zaccouris karmic faster than jaunty?20:33
duffydackwhy is pidgin in the taskbar of every desktop?  clicking it switches to the desktop its actually using (no there is nothing new for it to popup/notify me)20:33
bjsniderB_lix, System>Administration>Hardware Drivers20:33
alankilahmm. Success with openjdk-6-jdk. Amazing. Last time I tried this, pretty much nothing worked with it. :)20:34
zaccouris karmic faster than jaunty?20:34
B_lixnothing over there20:34
aciculazaccour: phoronix20:34
zaccourwhats phoronix?20:34
aciculahas benches20:34
zaccourwhat you mean by that?20:35
bjsniderB_lix, what nvidia card is it?20:35
alankilaI doubt they have tested a non-released ubuntu yet... or what such test results would mean if it's still being tweaked20:35
geomizaccour: its a website, google it and read benches20:35
B_lixi dont know , is there anyway to know20:35
zaccouractually i was looking for a yes or no when i asked if its faster. most of yall are using it, right?20:35
alankilazaccour: well, what can we say? It works & seems fast enough to me, but to have an objective answer would of course be nice.20:36
bjsnideri don't know how much faster linux can get at this juncture20:36
b_lixis there any way to know what is the type of the card20:36
b_lixi have xps m153020:37
bjsnideropenup a terminal and type lspci20:37
aciculalspci, dmiinfo ?20:37
aciculaor was it dmidecode ?20:37
geomianyone can answer my iSCSI question? i can't seem to install to iSCSI on the karmic6 alpha's, while the release notes say i should "The iSCSI installation process has been improved, and no longer requires..."20:37
b_lix01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G84 [GeForce 8600M GT]20:38
b_lixnow what should i do ?20:39
Rods_Tigerit'd be nice if karmic were released with an up to date and working google-gadgets. It used to work in 9.04 but doesn't in 9.1020:39
bjsniderwell, it's a little strange that jockey doesn't show you the 185 driver as an option20:39
aciculazaccour: some are, as to the question is it faster, it depends really, but yeah i'd say once it is finished it will give a better user experience then 9.0420:39
zaccouracicula, thanks20:40
b_lixguys now what should i do , please20:40
zaccouris there any new artwork yet?20:40
geomib_lix: install drivers for your videocard, system -> administration -> hardware drivers and activate the nvidia drivers20:40
bjsnidergeomi, he says jockey is empty. i believe it not20:41
aciculazaccour: since a few days i think20:41
b_lixthere is nothing over there i open up the hardware drivers and nothing over there its empty20:41
zaccouracicula, thanks20:41
bjwebbi want to report a bug about high Xorg cpu usage and general slowness... is there anything i can do to help diagnose the problem (compiz also does not work)20:41
geomiwell you can try downloading the nvidia binary installer and running that20:41
zaccourwhat about the array kernel, is it necessary for netbooks?20:41
geomirun it using "sudo sh nvidia-blabla.sh"20:42
b_lixis there a way to do it from apt ?20:42
CynthiaThe resolution for Bug 431055 works for me, as seen in the git commit diff, but is it a regression if now I must right-click a CD and click Eject before I'm allowed to press the Eject button on the CD-ROM drive?20:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431055 in udev "gnome doesn't 'see' cdroms/dvds" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43105520:42
bjsniderB_install nvidia-glx-18520:42
b_lixok i will do that20:42
b_lixi am download it from apt , i will let you know guys about it20:43
duffydackflash performance is terrible in karmic.  a ok in jaunty..  well flash in FF I mean.  Also which services need to be enabled by default?  as the usual stuff, isnt... stuff like gdm, power management I assume need to be...20:45
zaccouri use gyachi instead of pidgin, but how is empathy as far as replacing pidgin?20:45
bjsnideri don't know why pidgin needs to be replaced20:46
bjsniderthat's a case of fixing something that ain't broken20:46
geomipidgin crashes alot and has tons of security exploits, and is lagging on the protocol support alot20:47
bjsniderok, if you say so20:47
geomiit amazes me an ancient crashing version was adopted for jaunty, i found it remarkable. its devs also dont accept any bug reports from ubuntu users; they first insist you install their latest stable version, which sounds reasonable20:47
bjsniderthe latest version was adopted for jaunty20:48
duffydackempathy doesnt have the options or plugins pidgin has, and how come you cant block anyone.. only remove..20:48
geomithe version in apt-get is extremely old, generally such software is only updated whenever there is a (serious) security concern, only then will such software update20:49
duffydackI`ll stick to pidgin, until empathy does something better.20:49
geomias i recall, apt-get had 1.5 or so and the stable version was 2.1.1 i recall. could be wrong, but it doesn't really sound up to date to me20:49
b_lixi did the download but still doesn't appear in hardware drivers20:50
bjsniderthat's wrong20:50
bjsniderjaunty == pidgin 2.5.520:50
aciculathey are up to 2.6.1 now20:50
geomihm im using the PPA now so im using 2.6.1 but im sure a bare install of 9.04 will not have 2.5.5 version of pidgin..20:51
bjsnidermajor packages cannot be updated after a distro release20:51
aciculageomi: that's how it supposed to work20:51
bjsniderit would introduce instability20:51
b_lixguys i did the download but still doesn't appear in hardware drivers20:52
aciculaand if pidign devs are making an issue out of not backporting older versions and empathy devs will do that i can see why ubuntu would choose another default client20:52
acicula^^ that was an assumption20:52
geomiacicula: except that the version in jaunty crashed alot, when using msn at least, even with no activity from the user. just takes time. segfaults everytime. its a known problem and i used the PPA to fix it. so im not sure about the version i used when i had the segfaults. anyway i dont have them anymore.20:52
duffydackadding a ppa isnt much, i`ll stick to pidgin.  2.6.1 works fine.20:53
aciculageomi: yeah it didnt work to well for me either20:53
* BUGabundo is scared about https://launchpad.net/~flash-ubuntu-team20:53
aciculaduffydack: ppa is nice, particularly if you have skills, even more awesome if you have mad skills. However afaik ubuntu aims at the average user, for which mad skills mean turning on the pc20:53
b_lix:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(20:53
bjsnidergeomi, it would. observe: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/pidgin20:53
geomiright.. so my philosophy would be get a more simpler program for MSN/ICQ/whatever communications, one that has close to zero security exploits (its by design) and generally a lot less code.. but something that works. people who want alot of features (webcams, etc) can look for full-fledged IM-clients like Pidgin (although its lacking in MSN protocol support)20:54
b_lixi downloaded the 185 nvidia glx still the same problem20:54
bjsniderb_lix, now use hardware drivers to enable it20:54
b_lixthere is nothing , the same problem20:55
aciculageomi: doesnt work that way, problems will be found20:55
duffydackwell the average user would need flash support in FF, and having to know what package to install, isnt a lot different than adding a ppa20:55
duffydackthe average user is used to goin to a site , having it pop up and have it install flash for them..20:56
geomiacicula: yes but will people ever see them? not everyone is going to setup a PPA for an app if it doesn't work.20:56
BUGabundoduffydack: look at the team. nothing to do with noobs20:56
bjsniderb_lix, how did you install ubuntu?20:56
aciculageomi: i'm one of those users20:56
acicula(the not using ppa)20:56
b_lixfrom the CD20:56
bjsniderwhich cd?20:57
tj83_ubuntu+2 lol  10.04 ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv1XNZJQcJY20:57
geomii like the approach of "give users something that works, instantly" the segfaults should have discovered in beta's and decided to port a newer version of pidgin prior to release. in my view, that is20:57
aciculageomi: yeh , here's to hoping empathy works better :)20:57
b_lixubuntu 9.10 alpha 520:58
b_lixthen i upgrade it to the latest20:58
bjsniderthen i'm not sure why jcokey didn't immediately pop up and tell you to use the nvidia driver20:59
bjsniderthat's what it's supposed to do20:59
BUGabundob_lix: better update regularly21:00
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geomiay i have GF8600T (he has the M -> mobile version) and i had no problems installing the drivers21:00
duffydackSo anyway..  about pidgin.  Its in my bottom tray, as normal, except its on every desktops tray/taskbar whatever you wanna call it.  Its told to "only this desktop" and it is, its just the panel/tray part thats stuck on every desktop and clicking it brings me to the desktop its running on...21:00
b_lixi did the upgrade from the apt-get dist-upgrade21:00
bjsnidersounds like he doesn't have the basic ubuntu-desktop packages21:01
b_lixis there any other way ?21:01
bjsniderit includes the modaliases stuff21:01
mrmcq2uanyone having issues with dri2 on ati?21:01
aciculaduffydack: seems like normal behaviour if it was alread running?21:01
Ian_Corneduffydack: that's normal21:01
b_lixhow to fix my problem ? please guys i need your help21:02
Ian_Cornethat's the notification system tray thing icon21:02
Ian_Cornethat SHOULD be on every desktop21:02
duffydackerm, no..21:03
duffydacknot the icon, the panel at bottom for apps.21:04
duffydackim on another desktop (using compiz btw) and its there, and clicking it takes me to the app on my other virtual desktop.21:04
duffydackshould only appear at all on another desktop if theres some notification of something new, which there isnt..21:05
duffydackits not like that in my jaunty anyways.21:05
b_lixhelp please :'( :'(21:05
duffydackI hope flash performance improves also, its horrid when switching desktops.. I`ll keep this installed and keep it updated till D-Day and see how it goes.. I`m not gonna get into the sound thing yet...21:07
duffydacklucid lynx.. hmmm21:12
roffeafter the latest upgrade I've got neither add/remove nor software store.. the same for you?21:16
BUGabundoroffe: you seem to be right21:17
b_lixguys its working finally :D21:20
b_lixafter i install the nvidia glx 185 and run nvidia-xconfig and then restart my machine , it works very fine21:21
duffydacksame here21:21
b_lixthanks for the help guys21:21
duffydackno ubuntu store etc21:21
bjsnideri wouldn't use nvidia-xonfig21:21
b_lixwhy ?21:21
BUGabundobjsnider: why?21:22
bjsniderunless it's been updated recently it creates a generic, old xorg.conf21:22
bjsniderjockey is there to create a proper one21:23
bjsniderit would pooch a fedora system21:23
bjwebbwell, that's bizarrre21:23
bjwebbmy graphics are working fine now!21:23
BUGabundonever had any trouble with it21:23
BUGabundooh wait21:23
BUGabundoI'm messing stuff21:23
bjwebbi did dist-upgrade again and reboot...21:23
b_lixit use to crash but after i change the driver from 173 to 185 it works fine21:24
BUGabundoI use nvidia-*settings*21:24
BUGabundonot xconfig21:24
bjwebbcompiz even works, and seems smoother than in jaunty21:24
bjsniderBUGabundo, that's not what i was referring to. nvidia-settings is fine21:24
b_lixyes it is smoother and nicer21:24
bjwebbhmmm, are there any tray applet based docks?21:24
bjwebbactually, what i want is rather complicated, nevermind21:25
bjwebbwowww, round compiz cube21:26
Cynthia<roffe> after the latest upgrade I've got neither add/remove nor software store.. the same for you? -- It's in System/Administration now, as Add/Remove Applications (same name as before)21:26
WistfulThe Software Store still missing.21:30
Cynthiayou are right, Wistful21:30
b_lixwhats the best IDE for programming on gnome ?21:30
Wistfulb_lix: Vim text editor21:31
nado121i got bug 431812, after reboot i get a black screen. with i915.modeset=0 i'm able to login, but as soon as i start X the screen turns black again. any ideas?21:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431812 in sysvinit "fbcon loading a mystery (screen powers off)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43181221:31
Cynthiab_lix: depends on the programming language21:31
b_lixjava or C or perl or anything the best IDE and language for gnome21:32
b_lixits better if it have window creator21:32
ellarhello, one note to the new / changed sound system in karmic: works great, quite easy to use and functional, did reconize my headset together with blueman and works like a charm, switching the output is just great!21:34
duffydackjust tried opera too,  scrolling a page for example with a flash vid playing is awful..21:34
Cynthiaellar: good :)21:34
duffydackcould it be down to gfx driver?  compiz is smooth as is in jaunty.. using radeon driver21:34
Cynthiaduffydack: using what Flash? Adobe's, Gnash etc.21:35
ali1234hi. the karmic alpha 6 desktop iso is not bootable from a usb hd. it just says stdin: error 0 then dumps me at a busybox prompt21:35
Cynthiaalso, alpha amd64 Adobe or 32-bit?21:35
duffydackAdobe... anytime Ive tried gnash it wasnt quite upto scatch.21:35
duffydackscratch *21:35
duffydack32bit, sorry21:35
nado121since i upgraded from 9.04 all i get after booting up is a black screen. what can i do?21:36
Cynthiamm, I haven't experienced that slowdown in 32-bit21:36
duffydackits not something that happens in jaunty anyway.21:36
Cynthiagnash is still slow though, yes21:36
ellarnado121, same for mee, then appears the X server with login screen21:38
nado121ellar: X does not crash for you?21:39
ellarno, as I'm logged in now ;-) but the boot screen before X - there's only a black screen21:39
nado121ellar: must be a different issue. the bootup runs pretty smooth, i get all the usual notifications. the problem is i get no login screen. with i915.modeset=0 i get a shell, but that's it....21:41
ellarnado121, oh yes, it's the other way round for me, sorry21:42
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mrmcq2uAnyone got any issues with ATI dri2 on karmic?21:47
nado121can nobody here help me?21:50
acicula!ask | nado12121:50
ubottunado121: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:50
nado121since i upgraded from 9.04 all i get after booting up is a black screen. what can i do?21:51
BUGabundopff acicula beat me to it :\\21:51
aciculanado121: tried recovery mode?21:51
nado121acicula: yup, same issue.21:51
Wistfulnado121: Why did you upgrade while Karmic is in development branch, and not capable of dealing with a broken system?21:52
nado121like i said, setting i915.setmode=0 solves the black screen, but leaves me with shell only. as soon as i start X the black screen returns...21:52
BUGabundowisful why do you make questions and then run away :)21:53
nado121BUGabundo: i don't think he got your message :D21:53
aciculanado121: oh you get a shell, that's half the problem solved already21:53
BUGabundoyou think? eheh21:53
aciculaso it does boot, just X isnt working?21:53
nado121acicula: exactly21:53
nado121i got intel integrated graphics btw21:53
aciculadunno, try the vesa driver21:54
BUGabundoacicula: won't work21:54
nado121hmm, should have thought of that21:54
nado121BUGabundo: why not?21:54
BUGabundopoor vesa support with new X21:54
aciculapoor vesa support? heu21:55
nado121any other ideas?21:55
aciculadowngrade :P?21:55
mrmcq2uI have one21:55
mrmcq2uI have the same black screen issue with my ati card when I try to enable dri221:56
nado121acicula: hehe, yea... there's no way without having manually backupped the old system, is ther?21:56
nado121mrmcq2u: i don't use dri221:56
aciculanado121: just backup your home, reinstalling ubuntu doesnt take that much time.21:57
aciculaor keep a seperate /hone21:57
mrmcq2unado121 -> sound sketchy I know but when you get that black screen wait a minute or so press enter and then your password and enter again, wait another minute and then restart the machine and see if the driver falls back to something else21:57
nado121acicula: hmm... my home is seperate anyways, so i could consider that as a solution...21:57
mrmcq2uworked for me when I had the issue21:57
mrmcq2usound - sounds21:58
nado121mrmcq2u: lol..will try21:58
mrmcq2ulet me know if that solves it21:58
nado121anyways. thanks for the ideas guys, i'll see what i can do. gotta go boot the other OS now...21:59
mrmcq2uI demand some karma if that solution works :D22:00
mrmcq2uthough I reproduced the issue with the ati and that solution worked every time22:00
mrmcq2uif I didnt log into gnome it would just remain black screen upon restart22:00
Cynthiamrmcq2u: does that solution allow you to login to a KMS prompt when the cursor is not at top-left?22:12
Cynthia(i.e., where it would be if it could print "ubuntu\n\nhostname login:" properly)22:13
mrmcq2ucould be a different issue alltogether22:14
CynthiaI had the issue I described with Alpha5 updates22:14
roffeok, add/remove is there, but where's the software store?22:18
BUGabundoroffe: where?22:20
BUGabundoroffe: where?22:23
roffethat's what I'm asking22:24
BUGabundo(10:18:51 PM) roffe: ok, add/remove *is there*, but where's the software store?22:24
roffeit was in administration22:25
robin0800BUGabundo: its hidden use edit menu22:26
* BUGabundo checks22:26
* BUGabundo uses Gnome DO super powers22:26
BUGabundono looking :)22:26
BUGabundono stores in here22:27
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ;22:27
robin0800BUGabundo: its in administration in mine but when enabled it replaced add/remove22:28
zniavregood evening22:29
zniavrethere is already a bug report about warnings just after grub, and usplash missing also ?22:29
Cynthiausplash missing: yes22:30
penguin42zniavre: the %k error is already a bug22:30
zniavreso it's already reported nice to heart it22:30
zniavrethank you22:30
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lordgiottoHi :) I've a problem with Karmic Alpha 6: ubuntu cannot resolve ip from hostnames. If i try to "apt-get update" it look for a strange ip ( or if i try to browse with firefox i cannot reach most sites. But, if i ping the hostname of the update server, apt-get update works.... Can someone help me? :)23:10
lordgiottopenguin42: no differences :\23:10
penguin42lordgiotto: so what happens if you ping www.google.com ?23:11
lordgiottopenguin42: google works :P but only it and other few sites23:11
lordgiottopenguin42: Is there a way to change the resolv order of IPs, right?23:12
penguin42I think there is, I can't remember it though23:12
BauldrickI cant get system to boot in 2.6.31 kernels - It gets stuck with error about 50-udev-default.rules line 3&4 , doesn't understand SYMLINK{unique} I'm having to use 2.6.28. how can i fix this?23:15
* penguin42 hasn't seen it - I wonder what language that's written in - I guess probably a udev special23:17
carl0s-Any ideas how I can get Karmic to use fglrx instead of radeon? Teewards has screen redraw problems on my FireGL v3200 laptop, the image gets painted over itself. I tried removing xorg-xserver-radeon/ati and installing fglrx, but the system doesn't use it. jockey doesn't offer it either. System only uses either radeon, which looks fine except for teewards, or vesa.23:20
carl0s-oops, I meant teewars23:21
penguin42Anyone seeing intermittent problems with Chromium after todays update?23:27
BauldrickI move  50-udev-default.rules out of the way and install --reinstall udev and this SYMLINK{unique} comes back, and thus system wont boot 2.6.31 - anyone know what I can try23:29
penguin42Bauldrick: I don't think the problem is that line - I get the feeling it's what ever should be parsing it that's broken23:31
Bauldrickpenguin42: how can I determine that23:32
penguin42I'm not sure how udev goes together23:34
piquadratHi! Since a couple of days, I can't get my laptop to associate with my home WLAN (dmesg says "wlan0: disassociating by local choice (reason=3)"). On another access point, it works without problems...23:35
piquadratthe problem occured when I did an "apt-get upgrade" last wednesday (I think)23:37

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