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kblinah, great, now that was easy...10:57
kblinI just bricked my sheevaplug by setting wrong networking settings, it seems11:01
kblinand that usb connector that supposedly can be used to get a console doesn't seem to be working11:02
kblinoh, ok, so that seems to be a special cable after all11:03
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loolkblin: You cant really brick it20:35
loolkblin: The mini USB cable is not special, but the sheevaplug has a JTAG and a serial console over this USB port so you can always recover20:35
loolkblin: Start with the serial console20:35
loolkblin: Plug the mini USB cable, reboot your sheevaplug and immediately run "screen /dev/ttyUSB* 115200"20:36
kblinlool: dunno, I had to use the cable that came with the device for the serial ports to show up20:39
kblinalso it seems like the settings were ok, it just takes a couple of minutes for the thing to boot20:41

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