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slacker_nldoes anyone know how to get the information like they report it in this bug report http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=529882 with the $package depends, suggests, recommends stuff?13:25
ubot4Debian bug 529882 in guessnet "guessnet-ifupdown fails to identify network" [Normal,Open]13:25
slacker_nli would like to issue a command that reports the same information in the same format for ubuntu bug reports13:26
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Rocket2DMnSo how do we know if a package has apport hooks or not?15:11
mac_vcould someone make this bug public> bug #43102315:40
ubot4mac_v: Bug 431023 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/431023 is private15:40
* mac_v beats the bot with an i-already-know-that stick ;p15:41
Rocket2DMnmac_v, done.15:51
mac_vRocket2DMn: thanks :)15:52
Rocket2DMnno problem15:52
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^arky^hi, a quick question: /lib/cryptdisks/cryptdisks.functions missing18:00
^arky^this cause the machine from booting18:00
penguin42can someone raise the importance of #404421 - we're seeing a few people a day hitting this on #ubuntu+118:29
penguin42IMHO multiple people with X not starting on Intel hardware is more than a medium18:29
jcastropenguin42: someone is already working on it, testing loic's patch and confirming it would get the bug fixed faster18:33
penguin42jcastro: OK, cool - I don't have the problem myself, but it just struck me it should be tagged/flagged as important18:35
penguin42we also seem to be seeing a lot of people without /dev/pts and other mounts missing - is there a common bug for that?18:36
^arky^jcastro, Is something broken with initscripts my machines fails to find cryptdisks.functions18:42
showard@jcastro: My bug-control account on LP needs to be renewed before it expires, could you ping it for me?18:48
showard@jcastro: my username is showard31418:49
mark97229dumb question: where do I log a bug against Karmic audio failing on my new laptop?19:21
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mac_vmark97229: $ubuntu-bug pulseaudio19:35
mac_vuse that command , and it will add the info to lp19:35
mark97229I'll give it a try.19:46
mark97229BTW is it common for Karmic to complain: about unexpected inconsistencies after a clean install (into t dual boot system)19:47
alex-weeejkvm is waking up 500+ times a second even when the guest is idle19:55
alex-weeejis that right?19:55
alex-weeej  34.3% (507.5)               kvm : hrtimer_start_range_ns (posix_timer_fn)19:56
jcastroshoward: you're all set20:18
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