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rugby471mpt_: hello16:08
mpt_hello rugby47116:08
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rugby471mpt: did you see my mockup?16:09
mptrugby471, I did not. Mockup of what, and where?16:09
rugby471mpt: no worries, here it is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareStore/Mockups16:09
rugby471mpt: that is my idea anyway16:11
rugby471mac_v: you should put a mockup of your idea here ^16:11
mptI wonder if it would make a little more sense for the calendar to be above the list rather than below16:11
mdc_laptoprugby471, making the dates where changes was made bold would be great..16:12
mptso that the two filter-y things, the calendar and the search field, are close to each other16:12
rugby471mpt: good point16:12
rugby471mdc_laptop: absolutely, this is just a first mockup though :-)16:12
mptrugby471, I like the general "undo" approach16:13
rugby471mpt: if it isn't clear, the bit about the details bit is as follows16:13
mptrugby471, though there might be other things you want to do to a package, e.g. reinstall/reconfigure it16:14
rugby471basically there would be a details menu item in the view menu, when you click it, a pop-up window appears giving you the details16:14
mptI also wonder what happens to the calendar in a maximized window on a wide screen. :-)16:14
mptrugby471, you mean details of the transaction that took place?16:14
rugby471mpt: maybe have the arrow icon in the normal app view so the user can look at the details page?16:15
rugby471mpt: yes16:15
mptoh, right, now I actually read what you wrote in the mockup <:-)16:15
rugby471mpt: basically the history section would only list the events that happened16:15
rugby471mpt: ie. applicationx was installed16:15
rugby471the view details would give the user the oppourtunity the see what actually happened16:16
rugby471mpt: ie. packagex and it's dependencies were installed16:16
rugby471mpt: yeah sorry about that, it isn't terribly visible :-)16:16
rugby471mpt: oh an application icon in the view wouldn't have the overlay icons btw16:17
rugby471an > and16:17
rugby471mpt: RE:widescreen it would just scale to the width of the window, however I could make it so that the calender doesn't expand16:17
mptrugby471, by "the overlay icons" do you mean the installed checkmark?16:20
rugby471popey: hi, how is your boxee box going :-)16:20
rugby471mpt: yup16:20
rugby471mpt: I just used a screenshot from the installed items view, they shouldn't be there16:20
rugby471mpt: thinking about it the history section would also include things like dist-upgrades as well16:21
mptrugby471, why not keep the emblem? It would be a useful extra hint as to the current state (e.g. I uninstalled this application then, but I've since reinstalled it)16:21
mac_vmpt: is the left pane essential for a history section?16:21
mac_vcouldnt we use the full window16:21
rugby471mpt: sure, I see your point16:21
mptmac_v, it's useful when you want to navigate away from it :-)16:21
mac_vmpt: we could just add a close button for that , the left pane IMO , seems not necessary for the history16:22
* mpt wonders if mac_v is thinking of iTunes LP16:22
mac_vhehe ;p16:22
rugby471mpt: off-topic have you seen the new mockups for gimp 2.8 They look awesome :-) http://www.mmiworks.net/eng/publications/2009/09/gimp-single-mode.html16:23
mptmac_v, I don't see that it's any less necessary for History than for any other section. Nor need it be particularly more complicated.16:23
mac_vthe reason i felt not needed > was to use the space , to have a more spacious timeslider and display :)16:24
rugby471mac_v: I am sure there would be enough space PS: we really want your mockups of this idea :-)16:25
* mac_v having a mild headache right now :( .... but soon ;)16:25
mptrugby471, meh. They're trying to solve an OS-level problem at the application level, which makes sense for them, since Gimp is a cross-platform application, but it can't possibly be as good as solving it at the OS level.16:25
tgpraveenwill software store eventually replace synpatic also?16:26
hyperairi don't think it would16:27
mpttgpraveen, yes, in version 2.16:27
mac_vits is supposed to replace synaptic in 10.1016:27
mpttgpraveen, though Synaptic will still be available in the repositories if you're a fan.16:28
hyperairthis means that nautilus-share will have to use software store to auto-install samba.16:28
mac_vyeah , mvo intends to maintain it16:28
hyperairwhich means i can no longer keep it syncable from debian.16:28
mpthyperair, can't you just use the apt: protocol?16:29
tgpraveensoftwrare store will have to progress a lot. how will we install libraries and stuff as I doubt software store should16:29
hyperairmpt: does debian have apt: installed by default?16:29
tgpraveenhave libraries and all shown?16:29
hyperairmpt: apturl i mean16:29
mpthyperair, I don't know, it's been about a decade since I ran Debian.16:29
hyperairmpt: i think it isn't.16:30
* rugby471 thought the GIMP redeisgn was a great thing until mpt open his mouth16:31
rugby471only joking :-)16:31
rugby471hyperair: software-store will display all libs etc.16:31
mpttgpraveen, ok, please describe it specifically in the "Unresolved issues" section of the SoftwareStore spec. (E.g. "When you click on _____, nautilus-share uses ______ to request that synaptic install samba. The Store needs to provide an equivalent mechanism.")16:31
rugby471hyperair: however we might use an advanced view etc.16:31
rugby471hyperair: don't worry I am sure mpt has an ace up his sleeve :-)16:31
hyperair...is it me or have both of you suddenly confused me with tgpraveen?16:32
rugby471tgpraveen, mpt: I think using apt-url would be a lot easier16:32
rugby471hyperair: probably :-)16:32
hyperairi'm the one concerned about nautilus-share autoinstalling samba, and tgpraveen is the one concerned about installing libs..16:32
mpthyperair, sorry, yes. :-)16:32
* hyperair sighs16:32
rugby471I read over the conversation in 5 secs, maybe I should have taken more time :-)16:32
rugby471hyperair: now I am confused :-)16:33
* mpt investigates how to color-code people in XChat to avoid this problem16:33
hyperairmpt: anyway, nautilus-share just execs gksudo synaptic something somethin16:33
rugby471hyperair: apt-url samba16:33
rugby471hyperair: that would be a lot eaier16:33
hyperairhmm should i make nautilus-share depend on apturl then?16:33
* tgpraveen decides to wait until hyperair 's issue is cleared16:34
rugby471hyperair: it would be a lot better implementation16:34
mpthyperair, the PackageKit protocol might be the right answer to that too, though again that might have Debian-syncing problems.16:34
* hyperair groans16:34
* rugby471 laughs16:34
mpthyperair, we can discuss it at UDS Lucid. :-)16:34
rugby471mpt: is it actually lucid?16:34
rugby471mpt: I heard rumours it was a rumour :-)16:35
hyperairmpt: UDS is so far away. in distance i mean.16:35
mptYes, Lucid Lynx, announced yesterday16:35
rugby471see you for 30 mins16:35
tgpraveenmpt:  so how will installing libraries be dealt?16:36
mptWhen I Web search for "Lucid Lynx" I get a bunch of audio shop sites, apparently because "Lucid" and "Lynx" are two audio brands adjacent to each other in alphabetical listings16:37
mpte.g. http://performanceaudio.com/16:38
mpthyperair, we'll have teleconferencing as usual, and Gobby, and mailing lists and wikis. We do try.16:39
hyperairteleconferencing eh16:39
hyperairthat's interesting16:39
hyperairi never knew there was such a thing16:39
hyperairi thought it was just live recordings16:39
mptI forget exactly what it's called -- Icecast? something like that16:40
hyperairi think it was that16:40
mptwith people listening, and posting responses on IRC16:40
hyperairbut it's not two way is it?16:40
hyperairposting responses16:40
hyperairyes, that makes sense16:40
mptand sometimes we've dialled in people who are particularly expert in the topic being discussed.16:53
rugby471mpt: the remote participation is not that good though17:02
rugby471we need something like icecast but for videos17:02
rugby471mpt: like on ustream17:02
rugby471mpt: per this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/KarmicNotifyOSD17:09
rugby471mpt: why is AppCenter there?17:09
mptrugby471, I have no idea.17:11
rugby471mpt: Oh I thought you were the drafter :-)17:11
mptI maintain the main NotifyOSD page17:12
* mac_v wonders what Anjali is about17:18
tgpraveenmac_v: it's a modification of evolution18:10
tgpraveenfor netbooks18:10
tgpraveenoh wait is that wrong18:11
tgpraveenI think I am mixing something up18:11
mac_vtgpraveen: i was wondering about > https://launchpad.net/anjali18:11
* mac_v mpt is hiding stuff from us ;p18:12
* mac_v thinks^18:12
tgpraveenThis project’s license is proprietary.18:12
tgpraveenso duh!18:12
* tgpraveen guesses surprises awaits for us with Lucid18:15
mac_vtgpraveen: half the world would not know what "Anjali" actually is ;p18:19
rugby471tgpraveen & mac_v : more surprises await us here as well https://launchpad.net/~flash-ubuntu-team :-)18:20
rugby471or https://launchpad.net/flash-ubuntu18:20
tgpraveenmac_v: I am from India so I guess I am supposed to what what it mean18:22
mac_vyup , thats why i mentioned it to you ;)18:23
rugby471mpt: the progress of the history view http://videobin.org/v/i/ik.ogg18:31
rugby471mpt: atm it is parsing the history xml file and highlighting (in bold) the days that events have occured on18:32
rugby471mac_v: for your interest ^18:33
mac_vrugby471: i'll be adding a mockup in a few mins :)18:35
rugby471mac_v: awesome!18:35
rugby471see ya guys18:58
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c_kornjcastro: hello22:05

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