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ia_hello. according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames , the next 10.04 will be called "lucid lynx" - could anyone tell me, please, does this approved information, or just the most suitable suggestion?01:11
wgrantia_: It looks official.01:13
wgrantia_: I don't see any official announcements, but there are lots of plausible news stories...01:17
wgrantWho knows.01:17
Laneyapparently he announced it at a conference01:18
ia_wgrant: yes, i'm thinking so, but asking, because usually official message is sent in ubuntu-devel-announce list about codename for next release.01:19
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kirklandsuperm1: yeah, sorry, nevermind, I figured it out :-)06:00
superm1kirkland, what was it re?06:00
kirklandsuperm1: karmic mythtv06:00
kirklandsuperm1: i upgraded a couple of frontends today, was disappointed to see the db bump06:00
kirklandsuperm1: as my backend is hardy06:01
kirklandsuperm1: but i got the jaunty packages working on karmic, and pinned them06:01
superm1kirkland, well if you want to help get a 0.22 in order for hardy, would be appreciated..06:01
superm1there was some complexities since qt4 wasn't in hardy06:01
kirklandsuperm1: i wouldn't mind trying 0.22 on my hardy backend06:02
kirklandsuperm1: my ping was actually about that06:02
kirklandsuperm1: i was curious how stable it was06:02
superm1kirkland, well it's quite stable for me, upstream is getting really close to a release with it06:03
superm1they've been in bug fix mode for a month now06:03
kirklandsuperm1: good to know; available in a ppa for hardy?06:03
superm1kirkland, well our weekly builds only do intrepid, jaunty, karmic06:04
superm1*daily builds06:04
kirklandsuperm1: hrm, okay06:04
kirklandsuperm1: well, i'm out of town for the next 8 days, so I won't be playing it it for another week or so06:04
kirklandsuperm1: i was in panic mode, though, today06:05
superm1if you want to help sort out the problems in packaging for hardy (w/o breaking intrepid/jaunty/karmic), be glad to add it to the daily builds06:05
superm1it's the same packaging for all distro releases we do06:05
kirklandsuperm1: as I upgraded my way into a broken myth setup, the day before leaving for a long trip...  kim was *not* happy :-)06:05
kirklandsuperm1: her words were to me, "oh no, you have *got* to be kidding..."06:06
superm1kirkland, if you bzr get lp:~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-weekly-build, that's our daily build script, it has the bzr branches for all the related stuff that gets used in it06:07
superm1so maybe while you're on the plane or something, if you've got a schroot/pbuilder and the packaging/branches checked out you can take a look at hardy stuff06:08
kirklandsuperm1: cool, i'll grab it06:08
kirklandsuperm1: are there bugs filed for the known build issues?06:08
kirklandsuperm1: is it mostly sorting qt4 and mysql5.1 issues?06:08
superm1kirkland, not currently.  i think it's just qt4 and maybe nvidia vdpau stuff06:09
superm1because it worked for a long time on hardy, but when it broke, the executive decision was, eh, get to if if we got time to fix it :)06:09
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kklimondachrisccoulson, are ACKs in bug 429483 enough for an update or do we also need one from translation team? i cant check it out right now.14:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429483 in transmission "Transmission 1.75, a bugfix release, is available" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42948314:14
unimatrixhi, will there be PulseAudio 0.9.18 in Karmic?14:51
unimatrixor maybe at least 0.9.17? it's got some great tsched fixes that many users desperately need14:53
tgpraveen!info pulseaudio14:53
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.14-0ubuntu20.2 (jaunty), package size 402 kB, installed size 1780 kB14:53
tgpraveenunimatrix: pulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.17-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 619 kB, installed size 4192 kB14:54
tgpraveencurrently in karmic14:54
unimatrixweird, i've got karmic and it says it's 0.9.1614:55
tgpraveenplan is  to get backports from .18 if it dosnt make it14:55
unimatrixok that's great to hear14:55
highvoltageunimatrix: nice nick!15:18
unimatrixhighvoltage, thanks :)15:20
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jdong"BAR 6: No parent found for ..."16:42
jdong*snickers* cute message :)16:42
jdongoof, radeonhd, SO close16:52
jdongworked great till the livecd tried to start compiz16:53
alex-weeejmostly every icon has vanished from gtkmenus16:55
alex-weeejbug or feature?16:55
alex-weeejand gtkbuttons16:55
sebneralex-weeej: feature. GNOME changed that16:58
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fatalhello... just rebooted my ubuntu karmic installation for the first time for a while... now I get a black screen about halfway into the boot process.... any suggestions on how to debug/fix it?18:26
fatalI've tried adding Option "DontZap" "false" in my xorg.conf and trying c-a-bs, but without luck.... also booting with kernel option "single" didn't help.18:27
fatalOnly way I can access the system is if I do "init=/bin/bash" ....18:28
hyperairfatal: remove quiet and see the messages18:29
fatalhyperair: last message I see before the blackness is the ufw starting....18:30
jdonghas anyone else seen their scroll lock light randomly blink on and off?18:30
jdongno it's not a kernel panic18:30
fatalI tried adding an echo+sleep in /etc/init/gdm.conf, but didn't see that...18:30
hyperairhmm how strange.18:31
hyperairno wait. it needs something else to print messages to console i think18:31
jdongwell with upstart, does gdm have console output?18:31
hyperaircome to think of it, does upstart even have console output?18:31
jdongit definitely did the last time I played18:32
jdongadd console output to gdm.conf?18:32
jdong</probably botching this up>18:32
hyperairno, that is correct18:33
hyperairman 5 init says so18:33
hyperairwhether it works is a different case18:34
jdonghaha I don't feel daring enough today to play with upstart jobs ;-)18:34
hyperairthey're fun to play with18:34
jdongI won't deny that18:34
hyperairi've already rolled some of my own18:34
jdongyeah I had a semi upstart booting system back in Hardy18:35
hyperairand initctl list is pretty awesome18:35
* hyperair uses upstart to auto-phc-ize his system18:36
hyperairundervolting, that is18:36
hyperairit's awesome stuff. i really wish mainline would accept the phc patch18:37
hyperairit gives me an extra hour of battery life (i think), and stops my cpu from overheating during kernel compilations or any compilation of similar or greater length18:37
ionhyperair: I wish phc supported my CPU.18:38
ionIt’s nice that phc doesn’t require patching your kernel anymore. You can install it cleanly with dkms.18:38
hyperairion: what cpu is it?18:38
hyperairactually yes you still need to.18:39
ionmodel name: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-8218:39
hyperairin ubuntu that is18:39
hyperairacpi_cpufreq.ko no longer exists.18:39
virtualdPhrozen crew?18:39
hyperairit's built in18:39
ionHuh? I installed phc successfully with dkms. It loads just fine, until it notices it doesn’t support ZM-82 yet and bails.18:39
hyperairwhat's the name of the kernel module?18:40
hyperairion: seems like dkms is only for the amd one18:41
hyperairion: i'm an intel user18:41
hyperairhmm looks like powernow-k8 is also compiled into the kernel18:43
hyperairare you sure this works with DKMS?18:43
fatalsees the problem was that KMS is now busted in the recent kernel updates....18:46
hyperairheh is it?18:47
* hyperair doesn't use the stock kernel18:48
ionhyperair: The page says the intel one if “offtree” as well.18:54
hyperairion: it looks like it needs to replace an in-tree module with its own.18:55
hyperairion: using a modprobe conf18:55
hyperairand the said modules are compiled into the kernel, rather than as modules18:55
hyperairi think it's been like that since jaunty.18:55
hyperairit would be nice if we could get the phc thing packaged as a dkms module18:56
hyperairbut we'd need to get the kernel-team to switch powernow-k8 and acpi-cpufreq to module rather than in-kernel first18:57
alex-weeejphp > require_once '/usr/share/xpres/lib/Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';20:00
alex-weeejvm explodes20:00
alex-weeejneed help debugging20:00
alex-weeeju910 host, u804 guest20:00
alex-weeejalex@xpres-two:/usr/share/xpres/lib$ cd Zend20:04
alex-weeejalex@xpres-two:/usr/share/xpres/lib/Zend$ ls -al20:04
alex-weeejwell, exit(1)20:05
alkisgI'm trying to make a pxelinux boot menu similar to the one found in the ubuntu desktop cd. I can't find any info on how to localize the menus, is the isolinux localization method upstream or is it ubuntu-specific?20:48
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LaserJockanybody know anything about SCIM?21:37
CarlFKanyone know if there is a lib in a repo that contains  http://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/libbb/find_mount_point.c21:39
tormodCarlFK, I think it is included in the busybox in the initrd21:44
CarlFKtormod: yeah, but I can't call that form my app, right?21:45
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tormodCarlFK, maybe if you install busybox, but I am not sure how smart that is21:47
tormodI think I have seen find_mount_point coded in sh somewhere...21:48
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ebroderHas anybody ever tried to run the debian-installer under Xen?22:50
CarlFK" No library is required; just pass the target directory into statvfs()."  doh.  (end of my quest for find_mount_point.c )22:56

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