ZachK18what up?02:45
JuanCarlosCan anyone tell me how to repair my error or repair this error? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/KarmicCountdownBanners02:46
JuanCarlosi want to post my submission but i dont understand the layout :(02:46
ZachK18what do you want to do exactly02:47
JuanCarlosmine is "Juan carlos" i want it like "Andrew H's" post02:47
ZachK18JuanCarlos, hold on...i think i can fix it02:48
JuanCarlos:) nice...02:48
JuanCarlossometimes these layout on the wiki seems complicated02:49
JuanCarlosfor me at least02:49
ZachK18they are...hold up02:49
ZachK18i think it's because it's a jpg but i'm not sure...let me look some more at the coding02:54
JuanCarlosbut it says .JPG is OK02:55
ZachK18i know...that's the weird part02:55
JuanCarlosmaybe a bug, or aliencode02:56
ZachK18i don't know...02:56
starcraftmanuh oh, wiki problem. Starcraft.man to the rescue!02:56
ZachK18hey starcraftman...look at this page. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/KarmicCountdownBanners02:57
ZachK18starcraftman, JuanCarlos can't get it to work...neither can i02:57
ZachK18it's his prob though...me helping02:57
JuanCarloshehe, dont work, but i dont know...02:58
JuanCarlossome boss would fix it i think :)02:59
ZachK18starcraftman, you looking at the page my man?02:59
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: refresh page.03:01
starcraftman{{}} is for embedding images.03:01
JuanCarlosaaaah i see, it works!   :)03:02
starcraftman[[link|Text]] Is for hyperlinks, link is URL text is whatever ya want link to read.03:02
ZachK18can't believe that was it...03:02
JuanCarlosthank you so much03:02
ZachK18i shoulda known03:02
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: no problemo, I am a wiki editor after all :)03:02
ZachK18same here....just not as good...yet03:02
JuanCarlosso {{http:url-of-the-image}} and nothing more?03:02
starcraftmanZachK18: hehehe, well consider such a free lesson on links. Can always ask me questions even if stlsaint is my paddy.03:03
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: yup.03:03
JuanCarlosok, because i upload more...03:03
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: sure, should put one for its here and coming tomorrow as well.03:04
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: also, I'd blend in the ubuntu logo a bit more. It sticks out a bit too much, or change color maybe? Or desaturate?03:05
starcraftmanjust sticks out too much imo.03:05
JuanCarlosyes i know :s03:05
JuanCarlosbut if i make it white is ugly, if i make it gray is ugly, maybe transparency03:06
starcraftmanI like the background image though, nice, bit biased cuz I'm a kde user I guess03:07
ZachK18starcraftman, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DocumentationTemplate i messed it up...03:07
starcraftmanZachK18: have to fix up another page do i? Trouble :p03:08
ZachK18starcraftman, well i did NOT intend to do what i did...03:08
ZachK18starcraftman, realized my serious mistake03:08
ZachK18starcraftman, can you fix my huge error?03:09
starcraftmanZachK18: lol, calm down, it's just a template, nobody cares! :)03:09
starcraftmanI'm just messing with ya.03:09
starcraftmanAlso, lesson 2 of today.03:09
ZachK18starcraftman, hey don't do that two me man....i'm trying to join the team...not get banned for being an idiot!03:10
starcraftmanPull up edit bar, next to Edit > Pagehistory. Click that.03:10
starcraftmanNext you'll see a new page with all the revisions to wiki, small or large.03:10
starcraftmanAt right you can view any revision, in middle top, you'll see diff column. Ya can see chagnes made to any two revisions (i.e. it sees what lines changed) Don't have to be side by side.03:11
starcraftmanalso lists of course, editor, comments, time etc...03:11
starcraftmanZachK18: relax, worst thing that happens is ya delete entire page and I tell Rocket to restore it to a previous revision. We are very relaxed on team, if ya went and did that to 50 wiki pages on purpose then we'd be mad.03:12
starcraftmanadmins have power to restore to a given revision like a snapshot.03:12
ZachK18starcraftman, ok whew03:12
* Rocket2DMn peeks03:13
starcraftmanZachK18: lesson 3 for you is don't worry so much. We are easy going.03:13
starcraftmanhey Rocket2DMn03:13
starcraftmanya wanna restore this template page quick, to previous revision> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DocumentationTemplate03:13
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: ^03:13
starcraftmansaves me manually reeditting.03:14
starcraftmanif your not busy oh mighty one, I don't mind so much.03:14
Rocket2DMnomg ZachK18 how could you! you're a terrible person for editing that page ;)03:15
ZachK18shut up! i'm freaking out enough as it is03:15
Rocket2DMnim just playin of course, do you need to copy material off of it before i revert it?03:15
ZachK18let me do it though...won't learn otherwise03:15
Rocket2DMni dont think you can revert the page03:16
starcraftmanZachK18: hehe, ya need to relax a bit. Or else you'll get way too stressed out.03:16
starcraftmanZachK18: also, you'd have to manually edit the page and restore it to way previous revision was. Rocket can just revert revisions with his 1337 admin powers.03:16
starcraftmanZachK18: this leads us to Lesson 0 btw. Never push save unless ya mean it. :)03:17
ZachK18well let me try once ok? how else am i to learn and be able to be accepted as a member?03:17
starcraftmanZachK18: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Formatting03:17
starcraftmanZachK18: theres a wiki sandbox page there ya can play in.03:18
starcraftmanalso has lots of info on formatting. See other pages for more topics.03:18
Rocket2DMnyou can play on the team wiki too, like under your own personal page03:18
Rocket2DMnfor example, i have a sandbox here which i play in - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Rocket2DMn/Sandbox03:18
starcraftmanRocket's suggestion also valid.03:18
starcraftmanUp to you.03:18
ZachK18i gotta go unfortunately so just do it...tell me how though later03:20
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: hehe, love his spirit but he needs to relax a bit.03:21
starcraftmanhehe, thought he was gonna blow an artery a bit there.03:21
Rocket2DMnlol, oh well, we could all need to relax a bit more sometimes03:22
Rocket2DMni know i do, esp after these last few weeks03:22
Rocket2DMnill rever his changes03:22
Rocket2DMnstarcraftman, his LP avatar makes him look pretty young03:23
Rocket2DMnthats ok though03:23
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: oh indeed, I'll mess with him extra specially to get him to relax :p03:26
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: work ok on images ?03:41
JuanCarlosyes ATM03:42
jikutyfor someone who wants to start contributing to documentation, is the Community Wiki the best place to start?03:43
starcraftmanjikuty: that is a good question. Depends if ya want to do wiki work, if ya want to do system documentation (i.e. the documentation comes local to ubuntu) then no.03:45
starcraftmanOtherwise, yes, we do wiki work there.03:46
jikutyi see, i'd imagine it's harder to get started with system documentation as a new contributor though03:47
starcraftmanjikuty: different things. To do wiki work ya need to learn the markup, to do system documentation well its not the same. I'm no expert on it, but don't think its much harder. It is separate though, diferent work.03:48
jikutyi see03:48
starcraftmanjikuty: system docs mostly work from bzr and its like dev work though bugs are text not coding. I more of a wiki editor though.03:48
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: Care to elaborate?03:49
jikutyoh, ok03:49
dsassystem docs is just a different set of markup really, more like html but with different tags03:49
jikutywould a familiarity with LaTeX help?03:49
dsasjikuty, being unfamiliar with latex I'm not sure :)03:50
dsasthe system docs are written in docbook XML03:50
jikutyah, i'm not familiar with it (yet!)03:50
starcraftmandsas: ah, thanks for replying. Ah yes, docbook XML...03:51
dsasjikuty, It's mostly quite easy to pick up as you read the docs to be honest.03:51
starcraftmanjikuty: so it's not really a harder or easier, just different things to learn. If ya want to get into wiki work, hit me up. I do lots. :)03:51
jikutyare there any plans to improve the organization of the community wiki? from the user's perspective, it seems like just a huge mess of pages with little coherence03:52
jikutystarcraftman, thanks - i might do just that03:52
starcraftmandsas: +1 Looking at source ya can pick up most markups, lil documentation and asking questions help too :).03:52
dsassure, I think there is a docbook primer in the wiki somewhere actually...03:53
starcraftmanjikuty: wiki.ubuntu ya mean? Well ya, it's kinda messy and the community huc pages are the main effort.03:53
starcraftman^ Those pages are where main effort for wiki documentation is, we keep it clean. wiki.ubuntu to be honest, it's a dumping ground for proposals, homepages, old deprecated info and etc...03:54
starcraftmanIt'll stay messy....... forever. By design.03:54
ZachK18hey i'm back03:55
starcraftmanZachK18: Indeed.03:55
starcraftmanand I, I..... well I never left.03:55
starcraftman :)03:55
* ZachK18 and starcraftman are funny03:55
dsasjikuty, You may already have found it but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation has info on getting started with the system docs03:56
starcraftmanah, picking up on that. Yes, I try. So you better relax buddy, or you'll never survive. Especially seeing as I'm one of the more active bt wiki members :p03:56
dsasand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Wiki for getting started with wii docs03:56
starcraftmanZachK18: ^03:56
ZachK18starcraftman, yes03:57
jikutydsas: yep, i've taken a quick look at those.. i'm going to read them in a bit more depth later03:57
dsasjikuty, cool :)03:57
jikutystarcraftman: so are the pages in the "Index of available pages" ever actually used by users?03:57
jikuty^ at https://help.ubuntu.com/community03:58
starcraftmanjikuty: you might prefer > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Formatting for documetnation, seems like the wiki.ubuntu ones are a bit unfinished and got moved here.03:58
starcraftmanor at least wiki one.03:58
starcraftmanZachK18: good good, anyway, Rocket2DMn fixed the page in a few seconds. So, what ya wanna do?03:59
starcraftmanjikuty: well they on welcome page, people better use em. I'm not responsible for that one.03:59
starcraftmanjikuty: >https://wiki.ubuntu.com/starcraft.man04:00
ZachK18well i'm editing a wiki page...(page i made) my doc thing i told you about? or did i not tell you..04:00
starcraftmanif ya want to see some pages I've done jikuty, see wiki section of my homepage. They can be good for studying source, just don't edit unless a problem.04:01
starcraftmanZachK18: nope04:01
ZachK18starcraftman, oh...ok...well i'm making a wiki page documentting how to load Firebird DBMS, Apache2, PHP5, PEAR, and FlameRobin on Ubuntu Jaunty04:02
jikutystarcraftman: thanks, i'll definitely take a look at them and see what i can learn04:03
starcraftmanZachK18: ok, just be sure not overlapping somewhere. We might have entries for em, somewhere. Always search first.04:03
ZachK18no...you don't04:03
JuanCarlosNew series coming soon, bamboo, koala; koala, bamboo :)  http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/7374/bannerkarmic2day30.jpg04:03
ZachK18hey JuanCarlos get the coc signed?04:04
ZachK18wait...not you04:05
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: yay, that is awesome! Just two notes. Maybe put a koala faded in the background and make the days left just a tiny bit more noticeable imo. But nice, I like it. Background and effects over are good. :)04:05
JuanCarlostech and nature, the back ground04:06
starcraftmanJuanCarlos: yup, works. Just tweak it ever so slightly and I think it'll be perfect :)04:06
ZachK18starcraftman, thanks for the forums friending add04:07
starcraftmanZachK18: I did? Not seeing ya on my list.04:08
ZachK18starcraftman, hmm....wait...04:09
ZachK18nope...i didn't add you starcraftman....look me up under Zachk18 on the forums and ad me04:10
starcraftmanthere ya go.04:12
starcraftmanZachK18: also, making me do work? Really? That's -10 points towards getting membership. :p04:13
ZachK18starcraftman, ok i'll ad you04:13
ZachK18starcraftman, sit tight lazy boy04:13
starcraftmanZachK18: lol, lazy boy.04:13
starcraftmanZachK18: now your just plain never getting membership. I'll have ya peeling potatoes belo' decks, avast. And swabbing the decks till they shine!04:14
starcraftmanoh and I did add ya.04:14
ZachK18starcraftman, aye captain....lol....plz let me join!04:14
ZachK18i caught that04:14
ZachK18think i have a good chance of being accepted? what with all my posts and my doc for firebird and all that?04:15
starcraftmanhehe, don't worry about it ZachK18, it comes in time. It's not an X > Y, being full member isn't magical either. You just listen to your mentor and you'll be up for vote before ya know it.04:16
ZachK18well i gotta go continue my project of my doc page04:17
starcraftmanZachK18: no worries, enjoy.04:17
ZachK18starcraftman, here's the link...it's still a work in progress of course but I value your opinion... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu with Firebird Database04:17
ZachK18don't do that04:17
starcraftmannope, copy url at top with extra /firebird or what not.04:18
ZachK18i can't have spaces04:18
starcraftmanalso remember I only see what ya applied to page, not what your editting.04:18
ZachK18so i'm gonna delete the page and make a new one04:18
ZachK18without spaces04:18
starcraftmanwhats url of one ya made, lemme see.04:19
starcraftmanAlso, only admins can delete hehe.04:19
ZachK18not when it's my page04:19
starcraftmanyou can blank out pages by removing all text. But only admins can actually delete entry pointing to a page.04:20
Rocket2DMnanybody can delete pages on w.u.c04:20
ZachK18ah ok04:20
ZachK18yeah but those don't cover what i'm doing04:22
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: ah, k, I stand corrected :). How ya doing btw?04:22
Rocket2DMnive been better04:23
Rocket2DMnmy team lost today, so that puts me in a less-than-ideal mood04:23
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: lost? What were ya playing?04:23
Rocket2DMni wasnt playing, i was yelling at the tv04:23
Rocket2DMncollege football04:23
starcraftmanoh lol04:23
starcraftmansorry, what was I thinking. An IRC guy actually going out to play a real sport :p04:24
ZachK18Rocket2DMn, the pages you listed are for firebird alone.....i've not yet found one doc or wiki page ANYWHERE that details how to set up a ftp server with apache2, php5, pear, and firebird dbms04:27
dsasZachK18, You don't need to document them all on one page04:28
Rocket2DMnwhat is pear?04:28
dsascpan for php04:28
ZachK18pear is for php5-interbase with firebird04:28
Rocket2DMnwhat is the primary goal of setting these tools up together?04:29
ZachK18and dsas yes i do.....i've had several posts on the forums asking how to make this stuff work on ubuntu and nobody knows...people have replied to those posts with questions....exact questions i had...how to do it04:29
ZachK18the primary goal is to set up an FTP server...these programs work just fine on Windows and setting them up on windows is a breeze....on ubuntu....not so much04:30
dsasZachK18, excuse my ignorance, I was under the impression you just had to install php5-interbase04:30
dsasdon't really know much about the subject though04:30
ZachK18no....you need pear as well04:30
ZachK18that's why i'm trying to join the doc and wiki team...for this reason...04:30
ZachK18because I've talked to Artificial Intelligence on the forums...even he didn't know how to make this stuff work04:31
ZachK18so....see my point gentlemen?04:32
starcraftmanZachK18: consider me completely ignorant on server stuff for the purposes of this discussion. I do local stuff.04:32
ZachK18local meaning what04:33
starcraftmanZachK18: not server.04:33
dsasZachK18, Not convinced you have to document an ftp and apache server at the same page as the firebird for php....but then I'm not an expert on the subject.04:33
ZachK18trust me...it's a good idea04:33
jikutystarcraftman: how long have you been involved with wiki contributions?04:33
dsasZachK18, By all means go ahead and share the link after04:33
ZachK18this issue almost made me go back to windows04:34
starcraftmanZachK18: ya might want to ask mail list. Doc team has one, how people usually talk. Might wanna sk for feedback on draft, I'm sure someone on mail list has more experience.04:34
ZachK18i loved ubuntu...this made me hate it...still love it but now that i've got this working i love it even more04:34
dsasZachK18, Get a draft or outline going then ask for feedback if you want. It may be clearer to some of us then04:34
ZachK18i've gotta go offline...moving pc upstairs.....again....my little bro has to watch Emperor's New Groove....again......04:35
starcraftmanjikuty: good question. Not too long, since begining of summer. I been linux user far longer since early 6.06, and I was a forums support person far longer with over 2700 posts to date :)04:35
starcraftmanI do a bit of everything. :)04:35
jikutystarcraftman: impressive :)04:35
ZachK18l8r guys04:35
jikutyi'm fairly new to the ubuntu community myself, i've only been using any version of linux for about 1.5 years04:35
ZachK18i'm considering myself a partial team member.....is that ok04:36
ZachK18what with all the wonderful teasing you've guys have given me....starcraftman04:36
Rocket2DMngeez what did you do to him starcraftman , meanie!04:37
starcraftmanjikuty: ah I see, welcome aboard then :)04:37
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: LOL!04:37
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: Me? I'm an angel!04:37
* starcraftman puts on innocent look.04:37
Rocket2DMnwell i wouldnt know anything about that04:38
jikutystarcraftman: thanks! i really love the project/community, so i'd love to give back to it at some point... documentation/forums seem like a good place to start.04:38
starcraftmanRocket2DMn: I'm not that bad, I know worse people than I! Besides, what other fun would there be than to pick on new guys just a bit, gotta get em introduced properly :)04:40
starcraftmanjikuty: thats the spirit.04:40
jikutyalright.. i'm off for now.04:43
starcraftmanlater jikuty04:43
jikutythanks for the information guys, i'll do a detailed read of the information sooner or later04:44
ZachK18i'v vack04:44
starcraftmanZachK18: I see, and dun worry about the messing, I'm always like this. Gotta keep the amusement rolling on else life gets drab!04:45
ZachK18starcraftman, i agree04:45
ZachK18want a link to my wiki page i'm making?04:46
starcraftmanI'll wait till ya finish more, still got ways to go and left template at bottom. If ya want some pointers, see examples from my wiki work on how to structure and format. Just don't apply after looking at the source :)04:49
starcraftmanZachK18: Also has good tips. Read different sections from top header > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Formatting04:49
ZachK18well, i've work to do on it so l8r man04:49
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Zachk18anybody here?06:49
Zachk18or just me06:49
=== Skidman is now known as Zachk18
Rocket2DMnSo how do we know if a package has apport hooks or not?15:11
Rocket2DMnoops wrong channel15:11

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