penguin42given an apt-get source'd kernel tree that I've hand patched what is the right way to rebuild a set of packages from it changing the package version number?00:42
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luis_posible error en 9.04 cuendo me conecto remotamente a un equipo con gnome-rdp no puedo utilizar la mayuscula se activa en el teclado pero no escribe en mayuscula, si tengo precionado la tecla de mayuscula shitf si funciona, creo que es un problema en 9.04, lo prove en 8.10 y funciona bien03:33
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pm124493Good Morning. I know it is early. I was at the Atlanta Linux Fest yesterday and Pete Graner said Ubuntu Kernel team needs help. I am not a programmer, but I have been in IT for 25 years. How can I help? THX12:02
|Dreams|ok so i have installed kernel 2.6.31-020631-generic but now i cant install restricted driver for my ati card when i tried earlier ubuntu rebooted and it came to the log in screen i just seen loads of garbage so had to reinstall -- help lol15:25
|Dreams|i read a fw threads with poeple saying that installing the latest nvidia driver solves the problem, i was a bit confused as i use ati radeon? or do they use the same packages15:36
|Dreams|i noticed as well you cant update the kernel after u have already installed restricted drivers as dkms fails15:37
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Hans_Henrikis there a significant difference between the "linux kernel" and ubuntu's kernel?19:36
domashiii! will systemtap uprobes hit some ubuntu kernel? (like, in next LTS? :)19:50
domasI must be blind, where did debug info packages go?20:09
domas(can't find them in jaunty repos)20:10
tormoddomas, for kernels?20:15
domastormod: yea20:15
domastormod: I remember there was a package in earlier releases, but now I don't see any in jaunty, so either it is in another repo20:16
domasor... I'm blind20:16
Hans_Henrikdomas: how many fingers am i holding up?20:21
Hans_Henrik(hmm maybe this is the wrong channel for jokes)20:21
domaseh, ddebs, right, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/28908720:35
ubot3Malone bug 289087 in linux "Missing linux-image-debug packages and metapackages since Intrepid" [Undecided,Confirmed] 20:35
domas(just no linux-iamge-debug there either :)20:43
domasso, for now they are available just for karmic and hardy, and karmic ones will be gone soon20:45
domason the other hand, hardy wants to install it to /boot, which is of course too small20:46
mnemochi, are "[ 3099.024303] longhaul: Warning: Timeout while waiting for idle PCI bus.", and a multiple-panic in [<c05001f8>] _spin_lock+0x8/0x10 right after "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s!" related?  (jaunty server or cle266)20:54
mnemocor they are two different things?20:54
mnemocon cle266*20:54

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