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andveagles0513875, you can't push stuff to ~mozilla-extensions-dev branches10:18
eagles0513875andv: O_o i thought i did something wrong10:18
andvplus please do not push stuff there10:19
andvit's for team members only and for mature branches10:19
eagles0513875andv: asac told me to make the commit10:19
andvyes, on your own branch maybe10:19
andvanyway you just started using bzr, I don't want all branches to be messed up10:20
eagles0513875does it need to be recommitted?10:20
eagles0513875to bzr does bindwood need to be recommited in the right location or did you fix it10:20
andvwhich is the right location?10:21
andvif you pushed it to your own branch, you should see it10:21
eagles0513875when i did it i typed this bzr commit lp:~eagles051387........  thing is see it where10:21
andvanyway I saw some errors in the log I saw from you10:21
eagles0513875andv: asac said it was ok10:21
eagles0513875i was pastebinning it to him before committing10:22
andvit's not ok10:22
eagles0513875O_o im confused andv10:23
andvplus you don't use bzr commit to push stuff10:23
andvit's bzr push lp:what/ever10:23
andv1) bzr branch name is wrong10:24
eagles0513875i copied what asac had posted here in chat10:24
andv2) mozilla-devscripts should be 0.15~10:24
andv3) changelog is not well formatted10:24
andv4) xpi:depends should *not* be in depends10:24
eagles0513875then what on earth was asac saying it was alright for O_o10:25
andvjonathan <eagles051387@gmail.com>10:25
andvis wrong10:25
andvshould be name surname <email@email.com>10:25
andvyou don't need to add [ Jonathan Aquilina ]10:26
andvif you are the only one who touched it10:26
andvthat's needed when there are more than 2 ppl touching the package10:26
eagles0513875ahhh ok10:26
andve.g [ name surname ]10:26
andv[ name1 surname1 ]10:26
eagles0513875so when there is a version change for instance10:26
andvwhen there are more than one-two ppl touching the package10:27
andvso that everyone knows who worked on what10:27
andvthat's why I told you to not push on team branch10:28
andv(you can't anyway)10:28
eagles0513875ahhhh ok well my apologies :(10:28
eagles0513875if you will be here this afternoon ill correct my mistakes10:28
andvnp, you didnt push to the team so it's ok10:28
andvdunno, don't think so, maybe this evening yes10:29
eagles0513875ok just ping me i got nothing planned cept to get ready for part 2 of my linux cert10:30
eagles0513875where did bzr commit put it anyway10:30
andvto bindwood.ubuntu.lp21345 (some numbers)10:31
eagles0513875thats where it went to10:37
eagles0513875wass trying to find where it went10:40
BUGabundoasac: here is a fresh trace http://paste.ubuntu.com/274627/13:15
BUGabundoplease HELP me target this segfaults13:16
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BUGabundoasac: fta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/274824/ fresh. firefox 3.7, no addons enabled, turned off wifi, ff dumped :D19:35
[reed]note that stack is completely useless19:43
BUGabundo[reed]: I installed what ever dbg packages this guys asked me too19:45
ftawhat is this? https://edge.launchpad.net/flash-ubuntu20:46
BUGabundono idea20:47
BUGabundo                 Licenses:                                                         Other/Proprietary                                                                              (Canonical Internal)                                                                        Commercial subscription expires                   2010-06-29                                                     This project’s license is proprietary.20:49
BUGabundoI know some of the names20:49
BUGabundoseems to be canonical ppl20:49
BUGabundoeither OEM stuff20:50
BUGabundo23 ??20:50
BUGabundoa lot of ppl20:50
BUGabundowhat project is this ????20:50
BUGabundodesign stuff ppl20:51
BUGabundoUbuntu Twitterscape20:51
BUGabundo                   Processing sketch to show what people are  saying about Ubuntu.          To run, download Processing from http://processing.org  or try one of the OS-specific executables20:51

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