superm1Technophil, run apt-get -f install00:07
TechnophilAlready did that, got 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded00:11
TechnophilAlso ran sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get u00:11
Technophil(via Google)00:11
Technophilsuperm1: System monitor says its now 9.04 however Synaptic repositories still refers to the 8.10 CD, so I am not sure what is expected where...(!) and I am thinking might pay to just do a clean install.00:15
TechnophilThis box is a frontend so its not such a big deal to reinstall....just the hours involved, however perhaps there is a relevant issue and / or a fix?00:19
TechnophilIts also a vdpau box running JYA's stuff, perhaps that might be relevant?00:21
mrandHowdy!  Finally getting around to upgrading to 9.04 (I couldn't afford the downtime this summer if anything broke), so I'm issuing a "sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop".  I'm wondering if I should continue this though, because what it wants to remove looks wrong.  Stuff like:  libmyth-python mytharchive mythtv-backend mythtv-backend-master mythvideo00:52
mrandI'm guessing that it is removing those because of some dependency issue, but I can't figure out what or why.  Any ideas/hints?00:52
superm1mrand, Ooh that's potentially bad03:35
superm1I bet it's because of msyql, there is a bug opened against mysql-server about something like that03:36
mrandDepends: mythtv-database (=0.21.0+fixes19961-0ubuntu8) but 0.21.0+fixes21768-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu1 is to be installed03:50
mrand Depends: mythtv-backend but it is not going to be installed03:50
mrandThat was the synaptic depends output for mythtv-backend-master, BTW.03:51
superm1mrand, interesting, the weekly repos should have been getting disabled for the upgrade03:57
superm1mrand, if you could leave that box in this state, mvo in #ubuntu-devel can probably help identify what's up on Monday03:58
superm1he maintains the release upgrader03:58
mrandmythmusic and others are at 21768, but mythbackend and mythvideo are at 19961 and 19556.  Unfortunately this is my production box that I'm upgrading to 9.04.  I realized after my last note above that weekly isn't enabled any more.04:24
mrandI enabled the PPA, and it found the 21768.04:24
superm1well you can let it do that removal stuff and then just manually get stuff reinstalled04:26
superm1wouldn't do too much harm04:26
superm1Technophil, JYA's stuff has broken version numbers, so i wouldnt be surprised if that was the root cause04:27
Technophilsuperm1: I am in the final throws of upgrade.....  so guess I'll find out!  Just adding his stuff now...04:28
superm1Technophil, you are better off with 0.22 and native vdpau support (imo)04:29
mrandI agree with superm1, technophil.04:29
TechnophilI guess that means its got past that point....  I presume that means FE/BE and FE must all be upgraded?04:30
TechnophilWell having got this far might as well finish it off....if you are interested of its functioning I'll let you know...04:32
Technophil(And if its not then I'll be taking your advice also!)04:32
TechnophilAnyone know what mythbuntu 9.10 will install?04:32
superm1it's already part of the 9.10 repos04:33
TechnophilIs that available to install now?04:33
Technophil(Obviously not final)04:33
superm1you can grab a cd image from cdimages.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu04:33
TechnophilOK Thanks, that was my last question!04:34
mrandTime to reboot.  bbl (hopfully)!04:34
superm1there are both daily images and a karmic alpha 604:34
superm1gl mrand  :)04:34
TechnophilI suppose karmic alpha 6's ok to go with and can be kept up to date from there?04:36
superm1that's the theory at least04:38
superm1the major breakage should be done by now04:38
TechnophilI guess that breakage means breakage of the mountain of getting 0.22 working....!04:39
superm1well that was the first set of breakage, the next was switching to upstart from sysvinit04:40
superm1it broke all of *buntu karmic for like two days, to the point where you couldn't boot the system04:40
superm1thankfully, that's all sorted out though now, and there are no other major things planned with such potential to break04:40
superm1should just be bug fixes04:41
mrand*phew*...  up and everything works.  Minor strangeness: transitioning from top level to second level menu is very so to repaint.04:41
mrandso = slow04:41
Technophil93 tickets.......93 known bugs?04:41
superm1check that you have the right driver being used mrand /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:41
superm1well those are 93 mythtv tickets.  all sorts of integration issues still exist on mythbuntu too04:42
superm1mrand has been doing a phenomenal job in triaging and tracking a ton of them :)04:42
mrandThanks. :-)04:42
TechnophilWell....is there a better OS to run with?  ubuntu or mythbuntu or nothing in it?04:43
TechnophilIt seems to me ubuntu may be better if one wants to keep other apps more up to date e.g. vlc?  Otherwise not much else?04:44
mrandI didn't see that they'd knocked more out, in addition to the ones that continue coming in.  I was really surprised how quickly they resolved those two I submitted late last night.  I was expecting them to say they needed better back traces.04:44
mrandTechnophil: it's really a matter of personal preference.  You can get all the same apps either way.04:45
mrandstandard will install extra stuff that a media machine doesn't need04:45
mrandopen office, etc.04:45
superm1Technophil, well so keep in mind that mythbuntu and ubuntu share the same repos. anything you find in ubuntu is available and installable in mythbuntu too04:45
superm1its more of a remix of what gets installed04:45
superm1to start with04:46
superm1and actually vlc is installed in the default install of mythbuntu whereas it isn't in ubuntu :)04:46
mrandhehehe, oh yeah, that's right.04:46
mrandMy machine is multi-purpose, so I initially chose to do ubuntu and then added mythbuntu-control-center.04:47
TechnophilWhere I am (NZ) the latest VLC for live H264 is relevant.    Still maybe mythtv 0.22 is going to take over, especially with the vdpau advantage.04:48
TechnophilAny of you had any experience of running two video cards simultaneously - essentially I want 2 simultaneous outputs, one is HD via component using a PCIe card (no problem there) and a second PCI card (9400GT) to output composite scaled down SD video copy of the HD.04:54
superm1i'm not sure that's actually doable04:54
TechnophilThe SD is to feed a SD analogue modulator for old TV's to watch the same video in differing rooms04:54
TechnophilWould it be doable with a 150?04:55
superm1if the same card had two different outputs, say component and composite, then you can do clone mode on the card itself04:55
TechnophilThe composite out is common with the component blue output with the NVIDIA card adapters = means only one or the toher but not both off the same card...04:59
superm1aw too bad05:01
TechnophilI suppose I could change the TV to one with a digital input, (its only has component HD inputs) and then clone the DVI/VGA to composite.  I think the 9500's will only drive two outputs though, although they do have 3 outs so maybe they'll drive a TV (DVI) a general VGA screen and a composite?  Hmm That would mean need to clone the DVI and composite and a separate X for the general desktop....  SOunds like a big ask also....05:03
superm1you can only drive two at a time generally05:07
superm1sounds to me like you are trying to do too much with the box05:07
superm1i'd leave it for TV usage with the DVI and composite in mirror mode05:07
superm1and then another box for general desktop05:07
Technophilsuperm1:  Hmmm more $!!  OK I appreciate your advice.05:18
TechnophilDamn the vdpau plaback profile now needs a key press to increment.......is there a file one can edit - >2000  is getting a bit much!05:23
ZinnTechnophil: Please watch your language.05:23
Technophil the vdpau plaback profile now needs a key press to increment.......is there a file one can edit - >2000  is getting a bit much!05:29
oobeanyone know about the /etc/init.d/ scripts needing to be updated when switching to trunk05:33
oobesudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop wont work anymore now i have upgrade05:33
oobei can only assume my old mythtv init scripts are still there and need to be modified and updated05:34
oobeit seems to work now must of need a reboot05:52
Technophilsuperm1: JYA's new Frontend is actually working, all be it a little flaky that is typical of myth as it currently is...07:52
lukeanyone using antec fusion remote case for matx boards?08:20
ourtvi leave on the myth box all the time.  but every morning when i go to watch recordings there are always some shows which give the error message that the recording file is empty.  i reboot and then don't have the problem again until late at night until after i go to bed.12:23
ourtvi see errors in the logs but i see errors in the logs when things seem to be working, too.  anyway, i did the log grabber thing and it says to paste this here for support: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f2a371c4b12:24
ourtvi'd appreciate help in pointing out which of the error messages is the cause.12:24
oobeevery time i install mythtv updates i recieve errors that mythtv-database has the incorrect password my sql root password is not blank so i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database and in sends me in a loop of not being able to specify the password12:42
oobeFailed to create or modify database (incorrect admin username/password?)12:44
oobesudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database13:10
oobe[sudo] password for oobe:13:10
oobeFailed to connect to database (incorrect admin password)13:10
oobeFailed to create or modify database (incorrect admin username/password?)13:10
oobesudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database13:10
oobeso basically what im saying is i type the correct password every single time during dpkg-reconfigure but it fails to understand and proceeds to ask again despite being given the correct password13:11
oobecan login from a shell using the correct password with mysql -uroot -p13:12
mrandoobe: What version are you on?  That might help someone answer your question.14:11
oobebut i think it was happening before i upgraded14:18
oobeim not convinced its a real problem14:18
oobebut it might be possible i am missing important tables being updated or added14:18
_benmmm, i get quite choppy dvd playback - any ideas what to investigate?16:29
_bengot a sata dvd player16:29
mike_hurley_1so i'm using mythbuntu alpha 6 and was wondering if the default mythbuntu theme assumes 1280x720?16:54
mike_hurley_1looking at some of the fanart backdrops, and some come from themoviedb.org as 1920x1080, they appear to be chopped off down to about 1280x72016:55
mike_hurley_1alpha 6 for karmic of course16:55
mike_hurley_1i just checked, and the backdrop is chopped to use the left/top most 1280x72017:00
superm1gbutters, ^17:00
superm1i think the theme comes in at 1280x720 and scales, gbutters will know for sure though17:01
mike_hurley_1ok, it appears to not scale17:01
mike_hurley_1it takes the 1080, chops to 720, and scales to 108017:02
gbuttersmike_hurley_1: That has been fixed17:21
mike_hurley_1theme problem or mythvideo?17:21
gbuttersmike_hurley_1: theme17:22
mike_hurley_1is there a cache i need to clean out or will the next time around show the larger images better?17:22
mike_hurley_1after updating17:22
gbuttersmike_hurley_1: update from here https://launchpad.net/~gbutters/+archive/mythtv-theme-mythbuntu and clear the cache in /home/<user>/.mythtv/themecache17:24
gbuttersmike_hurley_1: the manager screen is messed up on it but everything else works and looks alot better17:25
mike_hurley_1the old video manager screen?17:26
gbuttersmike_hurley_1: yes17:26
superm1gbutters, i can push an updated theme to karmic too if it's in good order17:27
gbutterssuperm1: ok let me push it up17:27
gbutterssuperm1: revision 5717:33
superm1cool k gbutters17:33
mike_hurley_1once it's in karmic, how long until apt-get can get it?17:34
superm1mike_hurley_1, if you are on archive.ubuntu.com mirror, probably 2-3 hours17:35
superm1if you are on another mirror, a couple hours more17:35
mike_hurley_1i'm on whatever the default is for alpha617:35
superm1well it depends on what location you picked for timezeon17:36
mike_hurley_1US Central time17:36
superm1you were probably put on a US mirror then17:38
mike_hurley_1is mythbuntu/ubuntu dev centralized or all you guys on different mirrors too?17:39
mike_hurley_1centralized meaning where stuff gets pushed to for apt to find it i guess17:39
superm1well all development gets pushed to launchpad, and launchpad publishes to archive.ubuntu.com, and all mirrors around the world mirror it from there17:40
mike_hurley_1thanks guys. i'll check out the fix later. bye17:44
sigkill_hey, anyone here use the diskless stuff you can do on a backend?19:19
=== mpontillo1 is now known as mpontillo
_benyo, anyone about?22:14
superm1!hi | _ben22:20
Zinn_ben: Hi $nick, how are you?  Something we can help you with today?22:20
_benmmm, testing something22:22
_benchanging dvd drive speed to 12x may have sorted my stuttering/choppy dvd playback22:22
_benit's better - still a little choppy tho22:23
_benrunning out of ideas to try :/22:23
superm1with 0.22?22:50
superm1i'm seeing choppiness too, but i've not been sure whether to attribute it to lower end hardware22:50
superm1xine can handle it, but i've never had good luck with mythtv Internal player22:51
_benyes, using trunk22:52
superm1you might want to raise it on #mythtv-users and/or make a ticket22:52
_benrecorded TV is perfect - DVD playback outside of mythtv is fine22:52
superm1yeah same here22:52
superm1shame too, because i've switched to using Internal for all other mythvideo22:53
_bensuperm1: you on the mailing list?23:16
superm1_ben, on a secondary email adddress that i never check (it's only so i can respond to a mailing list post if i ever need to)23:53
_benmight just leave it for the momemnt23:54
_benwhat cpu do you use btw?23:54
superm1_ben, model name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+23:54
superm1but i run a 32 bit install so that i can have flash23:55
_benrunning E2180 @ 2.00GHz, 2GB ram23:56
superm1i need more ram, i've only got a gig and this is a combo box23:56
_beni think i could use more ram too - it's lightly swapping23:56
superm1i axed my old separate backend because it was too loud23:57
_bendon't thing thats causing the stuttering tho23:57
superm1for me its a little more than light..23:57
superm1Swap:          556        358        19823:57
superm1(total, used, free)23:57
_benSwap:      6016300       8232    600806823:57
superm1that's definitely not causing the stuttering, i can run it as the box is freshly started up23:57
superm1and same problems with dvd playback for me23:57
_beni mentioned it in mythtv-users but i suspect the devs avoid that chan :p23:58
_beni know i would23:58
superm1well they're present there, just they dont focus on everything in there23:58

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