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bazhangtobe, how may we assist you04:58
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Ben64 said: !10.04 is Lucid Lynx07:37
Tm_Tfrom where this lucid lynx is coming for?07:52
elkymark's mouth at atlanta linux fest, iirc07:56
Tm_T...and that could have been just speculation, not official?07:57
elkywait for the ML post if you want, but i'm pretty sure it's confirmed. i'm waiting for the ML post so i have something other than a mass of twitter RTs to post to.08:03
Tm_Telky: ye, I assume it stays but without ML announcement I consider it speculation (not official yet)08:12
MyrttiI think the hello message the floodbots give on -proxy-users should be changed a bit08:14
Myrttisome people that join the channel seem to have very limited understanding how to join a channel08:15
elkyMyrtti, suggestions? :)08:23
Tm_Tthat lynx really is getting pushed on everywhere without any source given, I hate it09:35
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 201009:35
Tm_Twhy its there already?09:38
AmaranthI added it based on http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NzU0NQ09:38
Tm_TAmaranth: we really really should wait an announcement09:38
AmaranthTm_T: If the announcement says otherwise (unlikely) we can just !forget it09:39
Tm_TAmaranth: so we should all different rumours add and remove if they are false afterwards?09:40
AmaranthIt's not a rumor09:40
Tm_TAmaranth: where's this announcement then?09:41
AmaranthWe've got a bunch of people who where there to see him say it all saying the same thing09:42
topylithe phoronix article does make me thing [citation needed]09:42
topylithink, even09:42
Tm_TAmaranth: still, it's not official source09:42
Tm_Tso, it's rumour09:42
bazhangthere is a canonical link as well09:43
Tm_Tbut no announcement?09:44
bazhangat Atlanta Linux Fest, and confirmed by a Canonical representative in an Ubuntuforums thread09:44
Tm_Tstill no announcement09:44
Tm_Tforums are not official source in these things09:45
bazhangCanonical links would seem to be though09:45
Mamarokbazhang: without an announcement to the dev list by either Mark or mdz or Jono I don't believe it09:47
Mamarokcause Mark says sometimes things joking..." I might as well call it..."09:47
Tm_Tbazhang: I fail to find this link, can you paste it for me please? (this pda sucks)09:48
Tm_Tbazhang: thanks09:50
bazhangTm_T, mon plaisir :)09:50
MyrttiI'm still not seeing a reputable sourced09:51
Tm_Tsame here09:51
MamarokMyrtti: as I said, a mail by either Mark or Jono or mdz to the dev list, else I don't believe it09:51
Tm_Tand it's not official until it's announced09:52
Tm_TAmaranth: and?09:53
MyrttiAmaranth: so it's confirming a hearsay09:53
Myrtti"a canonical representative"09:54
Myrttinot very assuring09:54
Tm_Tregular rumour, only 3rd party sources09:55
Myrttiit's a message of a forum member who is "ALF staff" who has heard it from "a canonical representative"09:55
topylinever mind whether or not it works, we can't fail the name announcement! :)09:55
MamarokAmaranth: the only valid announcement is on the devel mailing list, everything else is speculation09:55
AmaranthWhatever, I don't even care09:55
Myrttithe times I've been mistaken for a canonical representative...09:55
AmaranthDo what you want09:56
Tm_Tand still, without announcement it's unofficial (:)09:56
Amaranth!forget lucid09:56
ubottuI'll forget that, Amaranth09:56
Tm_Ttopyli: name is everything !1 (:)09:56
Tm_TAmaranth: sorry for pushing this, I just hate unofficial being claimed official09:57
* Amaranth goes to do useful things09:57
Tm_TAmaranth: we all should09:57
MyrttiGuest12217 must be a troll or a blind person10:13
Tm_Tin #u?10:17
Myrtti"I have a problem with pidgin"10:17
Myrtti"where is accounts"10:17
Myrtti[12:18] < Guest12217> what protocol should i use??///10:19
Mamaroksh, not so loud, my ears...10:19
topyliMyrtti: say "jabber"10:20
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eboyjrFor !screencasts there is a period after the link so in gnome-terminal, it opens the wrong page.14:57
eboyjr<extremely minor issue> :P14:58
gordfunctionality vs proper grammar vs lazyness, tough call16:08
IdleOneis there anything that can be done about users spamming the following link http://www.kobox.org/kobox-fande-Nourine.html it auto joins you to a "fan" list of the user16:08
IdleOnedoesn't seem harmful but still.....16:09
Tm_Twhere does this happen?16:09
IdleOnein #ubuntu I have seen it twice already16:09
IdleOneuser joins/spams/leaves16:10
IdleOnewell I'm out. thanks for any help in advance16:12
Tm_Thmm, has this one person in -women have ever talked about ubuntu yet?16:29
pleia2no, wildnfree is having a word with him16:32
ubottuIn ubottu, LjL said: !no hostname is <reply> To temporarily change your hostname, use « hostname <name> » - To do it permanently, go to System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab. (Alternatively, change the contents of the files "/etc/hostname" and "/etc/hosts" - WARNING! BOTH files must be modified: changing only one will cause trouble)16:41
topyliummm. there is on system -> administration -> networking17:09
gordsystem -> administration -> network tools17:27
topyligord: there is no "general" tab where you cuold change your hostname17:31
topylithere used to be a "networking" admin tool that the factoid talks about, but not in the recent releases17:32
gordif we are dealing with info for multiple releases, it should really just link to a wiki page with more information or something17:33
topyliwell they should be applicable to the current release and the current lts17:34
topylii don't know if the factoid is true for hardy, iirc it isn't17:34
gordi don't have any hardy machines around to test :(17:35
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* genii-around sips18:57
Tm_TMyrtti: you are stealing my line19:37
ubottuortsvorsteher called the ops in #ubuntu (abcdefg)20:08
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ubottujonaskoelker called the ops in #ubuntu (CoolPrice)21:49
Myrttijonaskoelker: hi21:51
jonaskoelkerHi all.  Myrtti asked for someone spammed by CoolPrice21:51
jonaskoelkerhi :)21:51
Myrtticould you tell what happened21:51
jonaskoelkerHe pm'ed me with something like "Welcome to channel CoolPrice" and a link.  Didn't look thoroughly, my spam sense triggered and I closed it21:51
Myrttithe logs show nothing visible on the channel21:51
jonaskoelkerI'll bring up my log, two secs21:52
jonaskoelker"22:48 <Coolprice> Welcome In Channel #Coolprice, And Welcome In Site Web Www.Coolprice.eb2a.Com"21:52
jonaskoelkerI say that warrants some kind of LARTing ;-)21:53
Myrttiok, thanks for that21:53
Myrttiwe got three other reports so I'll be banning per that evidence21:53
jonaskoelkerCool.  Anything else I can do for your?21:54
jonaskoelker... or will that be all?21:54
Myrttisorry, got sidetracked21:56
Myrttiyeah, that would be all21:56
jonaskoelkernp.  Glad I could help :)21:56
MyrttiADSL connection with identd running on it21:57
nalioththe coolprice thing is being sorted atm21:57
Myrttiwith a choochoo?21:58
LjL#debian [00:22:04] <dhaivat> here comes my bot, better watch out people [00:22:11] <dhaivat> here comes my awesome spam bot [00:22:21] *** mavhk is now known as mavhc. [00:22:31] <dhaivat> crud, he's slow [00:22:44] <dhaivat> wait, why isn't he here yet? [00:22:51] <dhaivat> crud, gotta check the code again [00:22:52] <LjL> you probably fail. [00:22:56] <dhaivat> oops, he's on #ubuntu [00:23:15] <dhaivat> well, sucks for the ubuntu channel then23:24
jpdsNot as far as I can see.23:28

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