giovanijmarsden: unless ubuntu has changed recently -- sysfs.conf is used to change /sys values, while sysctl.conf is used to change /proc values -- this is a /sys value00:12
jmarsdengiovani: OK, could be... sysctl.conf is the one that is always there on my systems, and which I have used, not sysfs.conf.  When using sysfs.conf didn't seem to work for the OP, I thought maybe there was confusion over the filename.00:14
giovaninah, this is a /sys value, I'm 95% sure00:14
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android60is there a log file for transmission-daemon?04:33
tpedenI'm trying to run gvim or redcar from my ubuntu server over ssh to edit some files using X11 Forwarding, but I get this error: Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0".05:35
jmarsdentpeden: That should be harmless... see http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg/2008-October/039134.html05:39
tpedenis anyone alive in here lol05:39
tpedenoh snap!05:39
tpedenIt's slowing the app startup and the app itself WAY down05:40
jmarsdenOdd, it's not supposed to matter. Maybe run a local editor and edit the files over sshfs?  or use Emacs and use TRAMP to get at the files??  I don't know if vim has a remote file access setup like Emacs TRAMP...05:41
tpedenI mean, the apps do start, just takes like a minute (no exaggeration either) and then they are very slow at responding (and the server is on gbit network, sitting next to my dt)05:41
tpedenA friend of mine suggested using -YC05:42
tpedenbut it didn't seem to help, plus I don't know what -Y is on PuTTY (when I'm in Windows)05:43
giovanitpeden: what makes you think the slowness is related to the warning?05:43
tpedenWell, I was doing this in 8.10 just fine, no errors and no slowness. I had to reinstall ubuntu (hardware upgrade) and I of course installed Jaunty and started getting this error and the slowness... tho I did study statistics so I am aware correlation does not prove causation... so they could very well be unrelated05:46
jmarsdentpeden: Your desktop is running Windows?  With what X server?  Can you upgrade that to a newer version, maybe??05:49
jmarsdenIf you pay, the Xming guy will give you access to a newer version that the one he makes available free of charge... no idea if that would help, but05:51
jmarsdenit might be worth a try?05:51
tpedenlol awesome!05:52
vraa_does someone know how to set 3 of the 4 network interfaces to be "down" so my 'server' reboots without having to press ctrl+alt+del at the ubuntu boot up portion?07:33
vraa_i think that's what i need to do07:33
vraa_http://pastebin.com/m39bad4cc -- that is my /etc/network/interfaces07:33
vraa_http://pastebin.com/m1a421cf9 -- and that's "sudo ifconfig -a"07:33
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Vogmorning all...09:15
VogHave a question about what the fastest method would be to send lost of small files over a fast network between 2 servers. Basically getting one home directory and moving it over to another machine maintaining the permissions.09:17
Vog^^lots of09:17
uvirtbotVog: Error: "^lots" is not a valid command.09:17
maxbI would tar | ssh othermachine untar09:17
Vogyeah I was thinking the same thing....09:19
Vogsomethign like tar -cf - /path/to/dir | ssh remote_server 'tar -xvf - -C /path/to/remotedir'09:19
twbThe quotes are optional, and -f - is totally unnecessary.09:19
twbe.g. tar -C /etc -c ssh | ssh fs tar -C /etc -x09:20
VogI'll give that a shot thx for the input...09:22
twbFWIW I do that regularly and it works fine.09:22
twbThough doing it over ssh is slow if you are on a trusted network09:22
twbssh fs -f 'nc -l 12345 | tar -C /etc -x' && tar -C /etc -c ssh | nc fs 1234509:23
twb...something like that would do it unencrypted (untested).09:23
Vogooo... good point\09:24
twbYou will also probably want to run tar as root on both ends, because only root can do some chown-type operations.  And if you are dealing with heterogeneous chroots, --numeric-owner is vital.09:24
twbFinally, I can't vouch for whether it will preserve extended attributes or sockets.09:25
VogI'll try this now and report the results so far it is progressing nicely.09:25
twbOh, and if this is a local network, you might be able to tune NFSv3 to be faster.09:26
twbOut of the box, I think it'll be slower than tar + nc09:26
Matty-ukIs there an alternative keyserver that i can use instead of keyserver.ubuntu.com.  I've googled it without success?10:32
twbMatty-uk: depends what keys you want.10:33
twbI have "keyserver hkp://subkeys.pgp.net" in my .gnupg/gpg.conf, but that's probably old-school.10:33
twbI think MIT also has a reasonably centralized keyserver.10:33
Matty-ukCheers MIT one worked10:38
twbWhat is the MIT one, btw?10:47
Vogtwb: I htink I had something wrong with my syntax. Copy was successful but it left out files with long filenames.10:55
twbVog: hmm, are both hosts running Ubuntu?10:56
twbMatty-uk: thanks.10:56
twbVog: dunno, then10:56
twbVog: are both filesystems ext3?10:56
VogLet me check one of the systems has been thgough a dist upgrade10:57
Vogyeah both ext310:57
twbVog: did you capture stderr from both processes?  Maybe they complained?10:58
* Vog checking logs10:58
incorrectapt-get install ubuntu-xen-server install everything i need for xen?12:34
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android60besides df -h is there a way from command line to view disk usage15:23
pipedreamdf is quikc, du might take time and should be used with care on a busy fileserver15:29
android60I have a problem then, I have 2 1TB drives, 1 part on each, sda1 = /media/MainStorage1 sdb1 = /media/ArchiveDisk1, when I do rsync with "rsync --progress -r --delete-before /media/MainStorage1/ /media/ArchiveDisk1" Archive disk shows 29GB more is used than MainStorage1 on completion. I have checked samba etc, and I only see the exact same files.15:31
RoyKionice du, perhaps15:31
RoyKandroid60: what filesystem(s)?15:32
android60RoyK: both are XFS15:32
RoyKtry -avP15:33
RoyK-a == archive15:33
RoyKman rsync15:33
RoyKI won't think it'll make much difference, though15:33
* RoyK uses opensolaris/zfs for that sort of stuff - zfs send/receive is neat15:34
android60so you think zfs better than xfs?15:35
KurtKrautandroid60, I'd say ZFS is more feature rich than XFS15:38
RoyKandroid60: way better15:41
RoyKandroid60: but not gpl, so you need to use it with FUSE on linux15:42
RoyKgenerally, it's better to use opensolaris15:42
RoyKbtrfs is an attempt to make a zfs-like FS on linux, but it's not stable yet, and probably won't be for some time15:42
RoyKgive btrfs 6-12 months and it might stabilise - zfs has been stable for some time15:43
RoyKzfs is close to four years old (after initial stable release)15:44
RoyKandroid60: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZFS <-- it's a wee bit more than XFS and the rest15:50
android60ok ill check it out15:50
DebolazBut while ZFS has some very cool technical features, the biggest plus it has is the extreme ease of administration. The tools are almost self-documenting in their simplicity. This is what I'm concerned about if btrfs will be able to replicate. When I've asked questions, I've been told that userfriendly tools aren't a focus.16:04
RoyKDebolaz: let's hope they will mend their ways - adminfriendlyness is quite important16:05
RoyKadminfriendliness, even16:06
RoyKimho userfriendliness doesn't apply to filesystems16:06
DebolazThe admin is the user of the filesystem tools.16:07
RoyKwell, yes16:08
RoyKbut I like to differ between "userfriendly" and "adminfriendly"16:09
BrixSathelp :S16:39
BrixSati cant solve this (fresh install)16:39
RoyKyou probably have an apt-get update running by another process16:41
shally87hi, anyone can help me forwarding my server?16:42
shally87I have a dynamic address, and also ip8016:42
shally87port 80 i mean16:42
shally87I follow the instruction from portforward.com16:43
shally87but still I could not access my server from external IP16:43
shally87anyone can help me?16:43
BrixSatyes that was coorect RoyK16:44
BrixSatshally87 that is a router issue16:45
BrixSatnat problem16:45
BrixSatreboot the router and try again16:45
shally87how could i fix that?16:45
BrixSatalso inside network try  on browser put the machine ip16:46
shally87I reboot it for more than 20 times since yesterday16:46
shally87when i put the machine IP it is functioning16:46
shally87but when I access the external ip, i could not access16:46
shally87it show me the log in to the router16:46
shally87then I change the router to use port 8816:47
shally87and now I access my router through
shally87DCHP is set up for the machine..16:47
shally87Forgot to mention, i was using vbox.. and every virtual machine got own IP address..16:48
qman__shally87, many residential grade ISPs block port 80 on their end16:48
shally87qman_: I've called the ISP and they mention it was not blocked..16:49
shally87does the ebox disturb this?16:49
qman__if it shows the log in to the router, the router is preventing it from working16:50
qman__in the router, disable remote administration16:50
qman__and see if that fixes it16:50
shally87oh, my router is DLINK-500T16:51
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shally87remote web management was disable from thebeginning...16:52
qman__but accessing your external IP still shows a router login?16:53
shally87do i need to enable ppoe pass through?16:53
qman__just port forwarding16:54
shally87no since I change the router administration to port 8816:54
qman__if the router has an SPI firewall, that may be interfering16:54
qman__I've never luck with those on16:54
shally87but accessing the external IP will give me failed to connect16:54
shally87does ebox disturb the connection?16:56
qman__does the server have a firewall on?16:56
shally87on ebox do you mean?16:56
qman__sudo iptables -L16:56
qman__I don't know ebox16:56
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qman__web interfaces are overrated16:57
shally87Chain input, forward and output is accept16:57
qman__ok then, the server is not dropping the connection16:58
qman__it must be the router16:58
shally87should be..16:58
shally87any fix for that?16:58
shally87My last resort is buying a new router16:58
qman__that's pretty much the fix, there's only one more thing for testing16:58
qman__if the router has a DMZ setting, point it at your server16:59
qman__this is not a secure setup and is only for testing, of course16:59
qman__if it still doesn't work, the router is just not going to do it16:59
shally87if i set up to DMZ, the other should I reset to original or I can keep the modified setting?16:59
qman__try it both ways17:00
shally87in modified setting, I already make it using DMZ but not functioning..17:01
shally87what left is resetting it..17:01
shally88qman__: it's not working17:12
qman__if even the DMZ setting isn't working, that narrows it down17:13
qman__we've established that the server is not blocking the connection, so that's not it17:13
qman__the only remaining things are, if you are using the wrong internal IP, which is unlikely with the amount of work you've been doing17:14
qman__if the ISP is actually blocking the port, even though they said they aren't17:14
qman__or if the router is malfunctioning and won't forward traffic17:14
shally88maybe the router17:14
shally88my internal Ip i set for the VM is what it was used in the router..17:15
qman__those three are the only real possibilities left17:15
shally88then i forward it to the ip which i get.17:15
shally88but I have confusion over eth0 and eth1.17:15
qman__oh, wait17:16
qman__this is more likely a virtual networking problem17:16
okaratasbenc ?17:16
qman__can you get to the VM from a separate physical machine on the network?17:16
shally88it is fixed when i dont use virtual machine is it?17:16
okaratasnick in this way should be BenC..17:16
okaratasand benc nick not registered..17:16
okaratasbenc is not identified to services (nickserv)17:17
qman__actually, this is really easy to diagnose17:17
qman__in the virtual machine17:17
qman__attempt to ping a site on the internet, like google.com17:17
okaratasthis nick registered BenC to debian developer Ben Collins..17:17
qman__if it doesn't work, you have a virtual networking problem17:18
shally88I could17:18
qman__what type of virtual networking are you using? NAT or bridging?17:19
qman__NAT could cause issues17:19
shally88i was wondering in the ifconfig, i was using eth0 in my virtual machine17:19
shally88but when i see the vbox, it was set to eth117:19
qman__your virtual machine will have network interfaces and so will the host17:20
qman__so, the naming could be confusing17:20
qman__just make sure that whatever interface the virtual machine is bridging to is connected to the network17:20
qman__if the virtual machine can get to the internet, it's probably set up correctly17:20
shally88it could17:21
shally88do you mean if i set the vm to eth1, in the ifconfig of the vm i should see eth1 too?17:21
qman__in the VM config, you are choosing the host's interface, not the guest's17:22
qman__the ifconfig in the VM shows the guest interfaces17:22
qman__but, all that aside17:23
qman__if the VM can reach the internet, and you can reach the web site running on the VM from the LAN, the virtual networking is working correctly17:24
shally88then should it be the modem itself?17:24
qman__could be the router, or the ISP17:24
shally88the isp should be ok17:25
qman__yeah, so it's most likely the router itself17:25
shally88I did check the port 80 to my external ip from some website, and it says it is not blocked.17:25
shally88so this means the router is the problem.17:26
qman__if you would /msg me your IP, do you mind if I test?17:26
shally88i get this from one website now since i change the router admin page to port 8817:27
shally88Error: I could not see your service on on port (80)17:27
shally88Reason: Connection timed out17:27
shally88sorry i went to paste my ip here..17:28
qman__that's fine, some people are just paranoid about giving that information out17:28
bencokaratas: good to know17:28
qman__yeah, I'm not getting anything at all either17:29
qman__it's blocking pings too17:29
okaratasbenc, this nickname is owner Ben Collins..17:29
okaratas/ns info benc17:29
shally88that is when the DMZ is enable..17:30
shally88so it is the router problem is it?17:30
qman__with DMZ enabled, it should be answering pings17:30
shally88ok, but does it is affected by the page to the router admin page is change to port 88?17:31
qman__it doesn't seem to be making a difference17:31
shally88since it is like that, what router should be best>17:31
qman__I like linksys units, the WRT54GL in particular17:32
qman__but that's a wireless one, it really depends on your needs17:33
qman__I recommend getting a separate modem and router17:33
qman__the all in one units are prone to these kinds of problems17:33
shally88what you mean by separate modem and router?17:34
qman__getting a modem that is not a router, one that only acts as a gateway, and then a router which connects to it, to manage your DHCP and port forwarding, etc.17:34
shally88i guess I have router with modem inside as the phone line directly connected to it..17:35
shally88btw I still use switch to divide the other pc17:35
qman__that also increases the number of choices of router you can use17:35
shally88here I usually found dlink and aztech..17:36
shally88which one in your opinion is better?17:36
qman__I don't know aztech17:37
qman__but I would not recommend dlink17:37
shally88oh haha..17:37
shally88I try to look for linksys17:37
qman__netgear has some good products too, just make sure you look up the model before you buy to see if it has issues17:38
shally88before i try on my server.. do you think a 1mbps download with 384kbps upload is suitable for server?17:39
shally88web hosting which has around 300visitors daily17:39
qman__that depends entirely on what you intend to serve and how many people to serve to17:39
qman__small files, that should be no problem17:39
qman__keep your images under 500k, no file downloads, etc...17:40
shally88it is usually depending on the upload is it?17:40
bencokaratas:  are you bored?17:41
bencokaratas:  leave me alone17:41
shally88if in case the upload is lower than 384 it will not be suitable for a web hosting is it?17:41
shally88128kbps for example17:42
qman__probably not, it depends entirely on how much users need to download from you17:42
qman__if each web page is only 50k in total, it could work17:42
qman__if it's image heavy, then no17:42
shally88oh, haha. The wordpress installation itself is a heavy web app, then that would not work even in 384kbps17:43
qman__well, the server load is fine, it's the size of the final web pages being served17:43
qman__how much the users need to download17:43
qman__when that saturates the 384k, you can't serve any faster17:44
BilgeYou two sure are having fun17:44
qman__if you have a lot of big images or flash objects, it won't work17:44
qman__but if it's mostly just text, you should be fine17:44
shally88i guess home server is not ok with it... now the index file is 1180.6 KB17:46
qman__yeah, that's way too much for a 384k line17:46
shally88hi Bilge..I was asking few questions.. need pro to help me.17:46
qman__that would take...25 seconds for one user to download17:46
shally88:-/ I should then get a dedicated hosting itself..17:47
shally88and should serve more than 25sec when there is 20 user at a time..17:47
qman__you can get a VPS cheap17:47
giovaniindeed -- VPSes can be had for dirt-cheap17:47
shally88can recommend me one?17:47
* okaratas I'm away..17:48
shally88I was using shared hosting, and there is a problem with the cache.17:48
shally88the server will load when i get sudden traffic.17:48
giovaniI can't personally vouch for the company -- but VPSLink is quite large -- http://vpslink.com/ubuntu-vps/17:49
shally88it's a wordpress installation with wp-supercache17:49
giovanithere are dozens of providers out there though -- google around, hit www.webhostingtalk.com -- there's a section for VPS deals17:49
shally88that is helpful giovani..17:50
shally88btw, thanks a lot qman__ and giovani.. I would get my router fixed, and gotta look for VPS too..17:51
shally88Thanks again qman__ for spending your time helping me..17:51
qman__not a problem, good luck17:51
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alex-weeeji've found a bug in karmic kvm or something that causes an instance to just die when i do something specific19:43
alex-weeeji can ssh to it, i can request web pages from a basic vhost, but if i try and use my webapp it explodes19:43
alex-weeejanyone know how i can debug?19:43
alex-weeejjdstrand, could this have anything to do with the apparmor stuff we did yesterday?19:43
domasHi! will next LTS have systemtap with uprobes?!!? :)19:48
domashhhmmmm, where is kernel debug symbol package in jaunty20:03
domasheh, hardy has linux-image-debug in 'main'20:30
domasmeh, there's oprofile, there's systemtap, and there's no linux-image-debug20:31
giovanidomas: check ddebs20:55
domasgiovani: they have just karmic builds20:56
domasgiovani: now intrepid/jaunty ones20:56
* domas eyes http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/20:56
giovaniah, just build it yourself then?20:58
domaswell, that means I will have to build myself all kernel packages20:59
domasan unwelcoming path that will get too much attention :)20:59
domaswhy would canonical package oprofile, systemtap and other stuff21:00
domaswithout adding debug symbols21:00
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Chr1831what is a good smtp server for php?22:05
qman__supported mail servers for ubuntu include postfix and exim22:07
Chr1831qman__, does postfix require any setup for php to use sendmail?, also does postfix allow users to connect and send mail (i don't want that...)22:08
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qman__Chr1831, it all depends on how you configure it22:10
KurtKrautChr1831, I don't think you'll see a clear advantage in a option comparing to another. They're quite similar and equivalent22:18
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steady2023can someone reccomend me raid card for 15 hard drives good price good performance and reliability23:58

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