ctmjrchucky: try this in a terminal metacity --replace and see if it helps00:00
Wikidudechucky ; try this froma terminal , sudo apt-get --purge remove compiz compiz-core00:00
SirDidiheoa, have you read man screen ?00:01
ldleworkHi I've got an NTFS partition that is automounted on boot. However I can't chown the drive's directories to anything other than root. Is this because it is NTFS?00:01
chuckyctmjr, metacity not istalled00:03
chuckyWikidude, not installed so removed is what it says00:03
chuckymaximize mini minimize n close icons do not work anymore00:04
Wikidudechucky : To begin with , did you restart your computer after kicking out compiz , at least once00:04
chuckyWikidude, yes00:04
heoaSirDidi: always a good idea! Thank you :)00:04
SirDidinp :)00:04
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heoaSirDidi: found the solution C-a k :)00:05
chuckyWikidude, windows are docked onto the top panel..not detachable as a result00:05
SirDidiheoa, nice :)00:05
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Wikidudechucky : Try this ,  dpkg -S /usr/bin/compiz-decorator , it will track down which package causes the trouble so we can uninstall them00:06
Kha0sK1danyone know any dns servers capable of keeping cache even after reboot?00:06
ldleworkThis is a funny question but is there anyway I can convert my NTFS filesystem to Ext3 inplace!?00:07
WikidudeKha0sK1d :Open DNS00:07
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chuckyWikidude, not found...00:07
WikidudeIdlework : Oh sure but you will lose your data00:07
Kha0sK1dWikidude, thanks!00:07
chuckyWikidude, i guess all of it is removed00:07
Wikidudechuck  : Wait and let me make some research00:08
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chuckyWikidude, ok..roger00:08
Zenoim trying to use a dlink wireless adapter in ubuntu i use one for my desktop im currently trying to use one for my older laptop when i did this with my desktop it was just plug n play my laptop isnt doing anything not even lighting the adapter up at all its a dlink dwa12500:09
chuckyWikidude, any way of gettin back the window manager on the xfce4 settings manager shall do..00:09
Zenoi cant really find any info online if anyone can help me out it'd be appreciated00:09
ctmjrchucky: type this in a terminal see what you get xfwm400:10
chuckyctmjr, ok..1 sec00:11
ldleworkCan anyone explain to me why I can't chown anything on this NTFS drive?00:13
ubcaIdleOne-> perms on ntfs is diff from linux yes?00:13
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Wikidudechucky ; Ah hidden files , try this *rm .compiz -r* *rm .config/compiz -r* , they are 2 different commands , and they will remove the compiz configurations00:14
r3l1c1why is it that when I ran apt-get remove lamp-server^ apt also removed ubuntu-desktop ?00:14
Wikidudechucky : Remove that asterisk though00:14
ubcaZeno-> which chip does it have on the wifi card?00:14
chuckyWikidude, 1 sec00:15
ab2qikHi, does anyone know about using conexant sound card on jaunty?00:15
ubcar3l1c1-> i think it is okay00:15
ab2qiksound plays but its distorted.00:15
r3l1c1ubca:  what line of thought makes you think that?00:15
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ubcait does not really remove ubuntu-desktop completely00:15
chuckyWikidude, thanx a billion it worked..00:16
ubcar3l1c1-> its the meta.. i dont what it is called thats remove but not the package itself00:16
Hub_capAttempting to install 9.10 alpha over 9.04 but it wants to start fresh rather that upgrade. Is this correct?00:16
chuckyctmjr, thanx man..juranamoooww00:16
Wikidudechucky : no problem dude00:16
ubcaHub_cap-> please visit #ubuntu+1 for 9.1000:16
chuckyWikidude, roger cathya later00:16
r3l1c1It removed hp printing and several other things .. hal-cups, pulse? the question is why?00:17
r3l1c1The meta package lamp-server has nothing to do with the desktop00:17
Wikiduder3l1c1 : You can just reinstall them though00:17
StupidWeaselIf I install windows 7 alongside Ubuntu in the future, it will need to be a on a primary partition?00:18
r3l1c1great I can reinstall them, but what is the deal? why is it happening or better yet where is it happening?00:18
WikidudeStupidWeasel : Windows 7 needs a primary partition , while ubuntu can live anywhere00:18
ubcar3l1c1-> you have to ask the power that be, not us.  we attempt to assist you but dont know all the reasons behind such decisions00:18
Wikidudeubca : You can learn it lol00:19
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StupidWeaselMmm, ok I'll make sure to reserve a primary partition for windows.00:19
ab2qikcan someone pls help with sound probs on jaunty00:20
StupidWeaselIt'll probably end up being wasted space, as I'll be too lazy to go through the install =P00:20
Wikidude!sound > ab2qik00:20
ubottuab2qik, please see my private message00:20
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WikidudeStupidWeasel : Why try windows when you can get linux from about thousands of sources00:21
=== LarrrJerrrLarrrr is now known as LjL
StupidWeaselPurely for gaming.00:21
ldleworkIs there anyway I can give write/read permissions to my NTFS drive so doing things like "extract here" doesn't throw permission errors, etc?00:21
StupidWeaselNot *everything* works perfectly in WINE. Else I'd not look back.00:22
WikidudeStupidWeasel : Windows 7 is still new and quite a lot of games don't work there00:22
StupidWeaselSadly I barely game at all these days. And not true =P00:22
ctmjr!ntfs | ldlework might help am not sure00:22
ubottuldlework might help am not sure: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE00:22
StupidWeaselOnly one game I did not managed to get working with the windows 7 beta.00:22
WikidudeIdleOne : Can you make your question clear , I am a little confused00:24
StupidWeaselBut yea, perfectly content with using 'nix for everything else. And also happy to WINE any games that will let me.00:24
IdleOneWikidude soon as I ask one :)00:25
FuzZyLoGic_StupidWeasel: You tried using VirtualBox or VM ware?00:25
chuckyWikidude, how do i unmount a removable drive from the terminal00:25
afinkCould someone help me with the rsync command I would use to setup a private ubuntu mirror?  I am testing a PXE server and would like to use a local repo.  Thanks00:25
Xodiac13StupidWeasel: have you tried out playonlinux its a good progam to use on playing games in wine trust me its good00:25
Xodiac13StupidWeasel: www.playonlinux.com00:26
WikidudeIdleOne : Ah sorry dude , it was Idlework I was trying to get to00:26
StupidWeaselMmhmm, the directx support for anything fancy is terrible. Although the new VirtualBox is looking promising :)00:26
StupidWeaselAnd yea, I've used Playonlinux. Thanks though Xodiac.00:26
chuckyWikidude, how do i unmount a removable drive from the terminal00:26
Wikidudechunky : is it a artition00:26
kennyG_hello guys!00:26
Xodiac13StupidWeasel: np00:26
kennyG_Is there a way to reset a ubuntu password ?00:27
Wikidudechunky: Is it a partition00:27
chuckyWikidude, no its a external hard drive..00:27
Xodiac13okay i finally got 3d for my radeon x1200 i had to use the raedonhd to get 3d now is there anyway i can configure the 3d because when i run games its pretty slow and i tried games that before would run really good00:27
Wikidudechunky : give me the result of sudo fdisk -l in a pastebin00:28
ubcakennyG_-> do you have the livecd ? boot it  or go to single user mode00:28
Wikidudechunky : Just to clear out mu doubts00:28
chucky/dev/sdb1 *..under boot its on a macbook runnin both os-x n xubuntu.00:30
chuckyWikidude, /dev/sdb1 *..under boot its on a macbook runnin both os-x n xubuntu.00:30
Wikidudechunky  : k try this to unmount *sudo umount /dev/sdb1*00:30
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Blizzerand!hello | kifo00:32
ubottukifo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:32
chuckyWikidude, no effect no asterixes right?00:32
kifoI am having trouble getting dhclient to work in wmii2, im wondering what the name of the gnome panel network app is in a normal jaunty install00:32
kifoif i know that, i can just start that, because that works, dhclient doesnt00:32
ctmjrkifo: i think it is nm-applet00:33
kifoi was thinking it was something like gnone-network or gnome-wireless or something but i cant seem to find it00:33
kifookay, lemme try that00:33
Chazkifo: gnome-nettool00:33
Blizzerandchucky : No asteri.. thing , but is the hard drive still mounted00:33
innomeni need a better set of image printing options than given by default, does anyone have a suggestion? my problem is it wont print the image full screen, it wont zoom in it wont scale beyond 100%00:33
kifoit was nm-applet, or appears to be00:33
chuckyBlizzerand, ya it still is..00:34
kifoinnomen: are you talking about the prt-screen button or actual printing00:34
innomenactual printing, with page setup etc00:34
Xodiac13can someone please help me with my video card someone here helped me with getting 3d and it works is there anyway to configure it to make it run faster because when i play games that i was able to with no problem now it seems to be slow i have installed the radeonhd drivers for my radeon x1200 to get 3d to work and now i need to make it run faster is there a config file anywhere00:34
bastid_raZorXodiac13: the 1200 is not an hd card. i have the 1200 card and using the radeon driver it works without issue00:34
kifobbiab, i need to get into wmii2, composite wms bug me out ;)00:35
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: how did you get it to work00:35
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Wikidudechucky : How many hard drives do you have00:35
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: ive tried the radeon drivers and they dont work are you running ubuntu 8.10?00:35
JohnCDIif ubuntu doesnt detect something USB right off the bat is there anyway to force it to00:35
moustafaanyone know why do the flash files in the cache dissaper after loading?00:35
chuckyWikidude, 1 external hard drive but its backup data00:35
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: doesnt have catalyst control center too00:35
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bastid_raZorXodiac13: oh.. in 8.10  it does not work 9.04 it does.. also in 8.10 3d fails to work well regardless of the driver used. it is a known issue. 9.04 fixed it00:36
Wikidudechucky : Can't you manually unmount  it00:37
chuckyWikidude, remove the usb drive ?00:37
glickshey, does anyone have a logitech quickcam pro 9000?00:37
chuckyWikidude, backup is what is scary...00:37
ctmjrXodiac13: did you try adding this to your /etc/X11/xorg.cong file    Option          "AccelMethod"   "ShadowFB" it should go under device under the line driver00:37
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay i have 9.04 clean install someone from here told me to use the radeonhd and now i have 3d but its slow what did you do to get it to work can you help me please i am desperate00:37
chuckyWikidude, right click unmount isnt workin as yet on this macbook running xubuntu00:38
chuckyWikidude, just installed00:38
bastid_raZorXodiac13: i simply installed 9.04 and enabled the drivers from Hardware Drivers00:38
Wikidudechucky : k wait . Don't want to ruin that drive lol00:38
medvedahoj, tohle je zkouška00:38
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: no not yet do you have the radeonhd installed to and just added those lines00:38
glicksno one?00:38
bazhang!cz | medved00:39
ubottumedved: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.00:39
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: uh it doesnt show up for me in the hardware drivers00:39
bastid_raZorXodiac13: in 8.10 i could not get any tweaks to work. try ctmjr's idea for 8.10 .. 9.04 works without issue00:39
glicksreason i ask is because i cant get the microphone on mine working00:39
chuckyWikidude, roger00:39
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i want to use ubuntu 9.04 like you said you got it to work with 3d and it works fine i did the same thing but its slow00:40
ctmjr!webcam | glicks00:40
ubottuglicks: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:40
JohnCDIwhen i lsusb in terminal it shows my device ive plugged in but still no lights or anything showing its on if anyone knows anything00:40
glicksctmjr, yeah i know, my webcam is supposed to be supported00:40
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: help me with the ubuntu 9.04 geting the 3d to work fast please00:40
bastid_raZorXodiac13: you just said you were on 8.10 with the radeonhd driver..00:40
mgv1how can i use secured wep connection?00:40
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: no i did a clean install of 9.0400:41
bastid_raZorXodiac13: i just told you how to get 3d in 9.04 to work.. enable the drivers in Hardware Drivers00:41
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=== register is now known as ttocScott
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: it doesnt show my video card do you have the radeon x1200 integrated in the motherboard00:41
innomenWhy is EVERYTHING about ubuntu a search a tutorial or a hack? all i want to do is print an image full page, is that really, seriously, such an unususal thing?00:42
ctmjrmgv1: use wpa wep is not secure00:42
webbb82i cant change my status in empathy from hidden to available nothing happens when i click change to available any help?00:42
bastid_raZorXodiac13: in terminal type this: lspci | grep VGA   ..pastebin the output00:42
Wikidudechucky :fuser /dev/sdb1 and post the result in a pastebin if any00:43
Wikidude!pastebin > chucky00:43
ubottuchucky, please see my private message00:43
beruchtigtecan anyone suggest one editor for latex ? thx00:43
ctmjrglicks: i do not know to much about webcams maybe tell the room your problem someone might have an answer00:43
kennyG_ubca, I have the desktop cd.00:43
kennyG_ubca, ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i38600:44
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m33c5686200:44
ubcakennyG_-> lets try to boot from your existing install first, at grub use S or recovery mode to get into single user mode,00:44
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glicksi have a logitech quickcam pro 9000, and the webcam works fine under cheese, however, when i try to use the microphone for audacity or gnome-recorder, audacity says it "Cant open the device"  in the gnome sound control, the webcam microphone shows up as muted, and if I click to unmute it, it just shows up as muted again when I close the volume control and open it again00:45
kennyG_ubca, I don't have this machine here with me :P00:45
chuckyWikidude, thats another computer btw..00:45
pmitrosHow stable is Karmic at the moment? I'm running into a couple of obscure X bugs that may be fixed in Karmic, so I'm thinking of upgrading.00:46
chuckyWikidude, im on a thinkpad00:46
bazhangpmitros, discussion of karmic in #ubuntu+100:46
ubcakennyG_-> then how are you going to try it if not nearby?00:46
pmitrosI'll try that. Thanks.00:46
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kennyG_ubca, lather on I will go back home. :)00:47
bastid_raZorXodiac13: system>admin>hardware drivers  ..do you see any drivers for you video card?00:47
ubcakennyG_-> when you get home, thats the time we can try it..00:47
mgv1how can i disable tor that isn't really working anyway and shown in the firewall interface?00:47
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: its not there00:47
kennyG_ubca, but I won't be able to access Internet at home.00:48
wikidude__chucky : the first command should have done it lol . I'm poorly confused . Do you know where it is mounted .( mount point)00:48
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: the only time i see it is in 8.1000:48
mgv1<ctmjr>: but how can i accsses wep from the list of connections?00:48
ubcakennyG_-> you dont need internet access to reset your root password00:48
bastid_raZorXodiac13: okay, in terminal type: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeon00:48
chuckyWikidude, will just shut down..thanx anyways....mounted at /media00:48
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: its done00:49
HacksmithHello all00:49
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i have already installed it00:49
kennyG_ubca, I know but first I need to understand what I need to do.00:49
ctmjrmgv1: your trying to connect to a wep wireless connection?00:49
bastid_raZorXodiac13: then you're using it if you have restart X.. have you logged out then back in?00:49
=== aff2 is now known as lord_daemon
HacksmithFirst time connecting, how do I learn the commands?? Took me like an hour to get here.00:49
wikidude__chucky : umount -l /media/00:50
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: yeah i also had to put some stuff in the xorg i have 3d but its slow the games that i use to play that are for linux run really slow00:50
PerryArmstrongi installed kubuntu...and with 4 desktops i find that if i open a window in a desktop its visible in all other desktops...how can i solve this?00:50
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: and i know my video card will have no problem handling it00:50
ubcakennyG_-> boot from the installed base, but go into recovery or single user mode, then modify /etc/shadow or i believe if you type passwd that will allow you to change it00:50
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist00:51
wikidude__PerryArmstrong : Do you have desktop effects enabled in kubuntu00:51
=== wikidude__ is now known as Blizzerand
PerryArmstrongwikidude_; yes00:51
PerryArmstrongBlizzerand; yes00:52
bastid_raZorXodiac13: try disabling compiz before starting a game?00:52
blunderhey does enabling ufw create a client ruleset by default00:52
kennyG_ubca, sounds good enough but I am afraid it is a kind of complex step for me.00:52
BlizzerandPerryArmstrong : Disable them for time being and try again00:52
AbyssV3With Ubuntu server, if there is no cron.allow or cron.deny file, does crontab run for every user, or no users?00:52
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: its not enabled ive tried getting it to work and it said it cant enable it what did you tell me to put in the xorg file to make it run faster00:52
PerryArmstrongBlizzerand; you mean the compiz00:53
aleron6does anybody know if alsa has its own channel00:53
ubcakennyG_-> may i suggest then you read tutorials on  recovering linux systems, or root password..  there are tutorials available you can read up00:53
=== [t0rc] is now known as t0rc
eddyblunder, i don't believe so, but you can install 'gufw' to manage ufw and access through System > Admin > Firewall config...00:53
BlizzerandPerryArmstrong : k thought you used kwin , no  compiz might not be the cause00:53
blunderok thank you very much....00:53
bastid_raZorXodiac13: i didn't tell you anything to put in xorg.conf . without compiz enabled  3d works without slow down for me. the only slowness that i see with compiz is cursor movement.00:54
webbb82TG Webbb\00:54
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: uh do you want me to pastebin the out put of my xorg and so you can see if im missing anything00:54
AbyssV3With Ubuntu server, if there is no cron.allow or cron.deny file, does crontab run for every user, or no users? Anyone know?00:54
BlizzerandPerryArmstrong : Wait And let me make some research00:54
PerryArmstrongBlizzerand; sure00:55
kennyG_ubca, fine. no problem, I will try doing what you adviced me. If I can't solve the case I will be here with the machine at my side.00:55
amandacan someone recommend a command line bittorrent client for 9.0400:55
ubcakennyG_-> okay, i wish you luck00:55
bastid_raZoramanda: rtorrent00:55
t0sanyone know how to stream "sopcast" to xbox360?00:55
bastid_raZorXodiac13: sure00:55
kennyG_ubca, thanx ;)00:55
amandashould i compile it or is it in repo00:55
ubcakennyG_-> obregado00:55
ctpwwnerwhat is the syntax to set enviornment variables in bash?00:55
ubcactpwwner-> you   export $VARNAME=xxx00:56
ubcactpwwner-> or set if i recall00:56
eddyamanda, rtorrent is in the repo00:56
ctpwwnerubca: thankyou00:57
ctmjraleron6: /j #alsa00:57
mgv1<ctmjr>: no but i wish to have access00:57
candie_kelkun parle francais?00:57
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/149525e300:57
mgv1how does firestarter can responed to when a program wants to access the internet?00:58
candie_do you speak french?00:58
ctmjrmgv1: I do not understand what your asking then00:58
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m149525e300:58
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: sorry00:58
ubcamgv1-> firestarter is a front end to iptagbles, so am not sure what you were asking about00:58
ctmjr!fr | candie_00:58
ubottucandie_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:58
BlizzerandPerryArmstrong : Does it occur with a specific application or with all apps00:59
mgv1<ctmjr>: i want to have access to wep networks00:59
bastid_raZorXodiac13: you have it using the radeonhd driver. type this in terminal : sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd00:59
Egrodywhat is that song that ships with ubuntu called01:00
candie_i have problem with my computer i would windows xp and not linux ubuntu01:00
Blizzerand!startup music01:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about startup music01:00
eddymgv1, all wifi networks should appear in nm-applet01:00
eddyincluding wep protected networks01:00
BlizzerandPerryArmstrong: ??01:00
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay its removed01:00
ctmjrmgv1: click on the network add the key then it will connect01:01
renardHello, I just installed ubuntu 9.04 and I have the problem that totem doesnt show the youtube video. It says : could not open location, you may not have permission to open the file. Is anyone here able to help me?01:01
bastid_raZorXodiac13: log out then back in01:01
mgv1<ctmjr>: i dont have the key01:01
AijseTrying to get apache2 working with dyndns. All ports are allright forwarded port 80 to the internal adres. When trying to connect with the local adres it works but with the external ipadres or adres from dyndns I get nothing. Do I need to specify my external adres somewhere in apache2.conf or something?01:01
eddyi prefer wicd over ubuntu's default network manager :-P01:01
eddyautomatic pre/post connection scripts <301:02
ctmjrmgv1: then you cannot connect and i will not tell you how to hack the wep key01:02
eddyalso, i don't get bothered by the keyring manager01:02
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay its restarted01:02
mgv1<ctmjr>: i will try elsewhere01:03
mgv1<ctmjr>: thanks01:03
eddymgv1, airocrack-ng01:03
eddyctmjr, haha sorry couldn't resist01:03
bastid_raZorXodiac13: pastebin the output of lsb_release -a01:03
ubcaAijse-> you're trying to resolve an ip address you registered through dyndns?  why not go directly and check their dns if your address is resolvable?01:04
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:04
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m5f32275001:04
mgv1<eddy>: thank you but how do i install?01:05
carpediemis the ubuntu ppa keyserver down?  anyone know01:05
ctmjreddy: yea but then he will be in here asking how to fix his wireless card that no longer works01:05
PerryArmstrongBlizzerand; it happens with all apps including browser01:05
aj_444I deleted the top panel of GNOME, and I was wondering how I add that wireless applet to the lower panel?01:05
Aijseunca, I do know what my adresses are, I'm just not sure if I should inform apache about the external adress and if yes where I should01:06
bastid_raZorXodiac13: okay, now you should be fine. just for the sake of it.. pastebin xorg.conf ..i am hoping it is empty01:06
AbyssV3Aijse: You running any virtual host settings?01:06
eddymgv1, it is in the repos so use aptitude but depending on your wifi card you will need to patch your driver01:06
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: k01:06
AijseAbyssV3, yes got something configured to direct to my data disk01:07
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: it still has the stuff in there do you want me to delete it because i had to copy and paste all of that in there01:07
eddyctmjr, yea you make a good point but he would eventually find out anyway. hopefully, he doesn't have a compatible card for airocrack-ng then01:07
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AbyssV3Aijse: If you're using Virtual Hosts, then the site will only work on the ServerName / ServerAlias's you configured, if you access it via IP, it will instead go to the default site01:07
bastid_raZorXodiac13: yes, completely remove everything in xorg.conf then restart again. at this point you should be using radeon driver and all should be well01:08
AijseAbyss, ah ok thnx I ll check the Servernames01:09
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: this is a clean install of ubuntu 9.0401:09
AbyssV3Aijse: Virtual Hosts are what give you the ability to run multiple websites on the same IP address, so is different from yourwebsite.com which may be different from anotherwebsite.com01:09
BloodAdepti just installed ubuntu on my laptop and everytime i try to create a wireless connection01:09
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: if i were to delete and restart it wont give me the drivers i need01:09
BloodAdeptit takes the 8 character pass and changes it to an extremely long pass01:09
eddyso has anyone gotten splashy to work on jaunty yet? i still run into the lsb-base error :-\01:09
BloodAdeptthat is not correct and will not allow me to join01:10
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i am restarting it right now01:10
bastid_raZorXodiac13: in 9.04 you don't have to use xorg.conf .. it is optional01:10
eddyBloodAdept, try installing wicd. i find it better than ubuntu's default network manager01:11
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: im back in the gui01:11
bastid_raZorXodiac13: after you restart give me the output of: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-radeon01:11
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay01:11
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: what is the command for that01:11
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: oops sorry its right there01:12
BloodAdeptcan anyone help me set up the wireless network on my computer for ubuntu?01:12
ravigehlotI lost my PGP Keys for all my sources. Where do I find them?01:12
BloodAdeptor actually more accurate question is join my wireless network on this new computer01:12
ravigehlot@BloodAdept I am in Florida, I can not join your wireless network even if I wanted to.01:13
BloodAdepti would, but i cannot get it eddy01:13
BloodAdept-.- well gee01:13
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m434f28f901:13
BloodAdeptwhy don't i just repeat my previous statements01:14
BloodAdepti just installed ubuntu on my laptop and everytime i try to create a wireless connection01:14
bastid_raZorXodiac13: also pastebin: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd01:14
BloodAdeptit takes the 8 character pass and changes it to an extremely long pass01:14
BloodAdeptthat is not correct and will not allow me to join01:14
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: k01:14
bastid_raZorXodiac13: actually, just tell me if itgives you similar output01:14
BloodAdept<ravigehlot> @BloodAdept I am in Florida, I can not join your wireless network even if I wanted to. does that solve your "comment"01:14
Xgatesdoes Rhythmbox need any plugins to get radio working? When I try to put in a http or mms url I can't play01:15
seyfarthHey guys, I'm having trouble copying files into my ubuntu samba share from a windows laptop. the directory is writable, but I'm getting an "access is denied" error from windows. help! all my musics on there! :)01:15
TatianaHi everyone!01:15
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: http://pastebin.com/m478bc1d01:15
ravigehlot@BloodAdept Dude, you need to practice your English.01:15
BloodAdepthey seth01:15
eddyBloodAdept, well you can configure your wifi directly from the terminal using iwconfig01:15
BloodAdeptravige, you test what little patience i have01:15
BloodAdeptand ty eddy01:15
BloodAdeptfor being useful01:15
TatianaHow can i change my desktop?01:16
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: its in pastebin01:16
bastid_raZorXodiac13: okay, you should fine then. try your game without compiz enabled.01:16
ravigehlot@BloodAdept Mr. Andrew Moss...patience is a virtue.01:16
mgv1<eddy>: my connection is loose so i'm not sure if you responded01:16
seyfarthTatiana: Your desktop background?01:17
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay01:17
Nohey syn =p01:17
Synapticsup bud01:17
mgv1<eddy>: my connection is loose so i'm not sure if you responded01:17
BloodAdeptRavige, do you work 20 hour shifts for peanuts?01:17
crashsystems1Does anyone here have experience setting up dhcp3-server?01:17
Tatianaseyfarth: my windows, desktop, i would like to change01:17
bazhangBloodAdept, ravigehlot please stop01:17
eddymgv1, i said airocrack-ng is in the repo but you may have to patch your wifi driver01:17
Tatianaseyfarth: i`m using Ubuntu01:18
BloodAdepti'll stop dealing with that parson01:18
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: wtf it worked but it seems like its a bit pixellated in a way its hard to say01:18
eddymgv1, and it may break your wifi if you don't know what you're doing01:18
ctmjrBloodAdept: your using the network-manager? and it is changing the key01:18
Xgatescan anyone tell me a setup guide for what Rhythmbox needs to play raido?01:18
BloodAdeptyes ct01:18
seyfarthTatiana: You can change just about anything on the Ubuntu desktop by clicking "System" in the top left corner, and select "Appearance" from the Preferences menu01:19
bastid_raZorXodiac13: there is nothing else i know to do. 'it works' sounds like a win to me.01:19
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i mean it ran nicely but when i look at the ground it sometimes seems like its pixelated01:19
Tatianaseyfarth: Ok, thanks01:19
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: heck yeah thanks man one more question is there a way i can get ccc01:19
bastid_raZorXodiac13: ccc?01:19
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: catalyst control center01:19
eddymgv1, did you get my message now?01:20
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: so i can change settings to it01:20
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ctmjrBloodAdept: is it wep or wpa?01:21
Synapticquestion for someone who might know.. I know cPanel support will not support it being behind NAT however I know someone out there has to have configured a way around it. at least half way working correctly01:21
BloodAdeptwpa tkip encryption01:21
bastid_raZorXodiac13: fglrx-amdcccle  ..install that package01:21
seyfarthHey guys, I'm having trouble copying files into my ubuntu samba share from a windows laptop. the directory is writable, but I'm getting an "access is denied" error from windows. help! all my musics on there! :)01:21
XgatesI add radio stations to Rhythmbox and they won't play can someone help please? I can't find any info online and it seems like it need some plugins...01:21
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: okay is that the full name of the package01:21
bastid_raZorXodiac13: yes, but it appears to want to install fglrx driver also. i haven't used it.01:22
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: will it mess up the 3d01:22
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Mike||sickI have given my laptop a name, but I would like to change that. Where can I do this?01:25
BloodAdept@ctmjr may i please talk to you in a private window?01:25
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: yeah nm its asking for the driver dangit01:25
eddyseyfarth, are you is the windows computer the source or destination?01:25
seyfartheddy: the source. I'm just trying to drag my files into the share from windows.01:26
MrSenatorMike||sick: (Assume you have windows): Right click on "My Computer" Go to the Computer Name tab. Click Rename, or something to that effect.01:26
MrSenatorafter you right click on "My computer"01:26
MrSenatorclick on properties01:26
Mike||sickMrSenator: WTF, this isn't ##windows!01:26
MrSenatorOh crap01:26
MrSenatorWrong room01:26
bastid_raZorXodiac13: possibly install that package then uninstall the fglrx driver.01:27
MrSenatorHaha, apologies.01:27
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: thats deffinatly not good01:27
* Mike||sick teaches MrSenator where he is in the spacetime continuum01:27
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i tried changing the resolution to the game and now its garbage screen01:27
bastid_raZorXodiac13: which game?01:27
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: openarena01:27
ctmjrBloodAdept: sorry phone i would rather keep it in channel01:28
seyfartheddy: nevermind, figured it out. for whatever reason, samba used some sort of default password instead of importing my account one.01:28
jriverahow can i limit bandwidth to eth1..ethN on an ubuntu server using squid and iptables01:28
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: im starting to give up on linux i want it really bad but my dang video wont work aaaaa01:28
eddyseyfarth, do you have any success by simply typing smb://<windows-machine>/ in nautilus?01:28
eddyseyfarth, ah okay, cool01:28
ctmjrBloodAdept: sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant01:28
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i just had to do a hardboot01:28
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: should i try installing the drivers from ati01:29
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: using ubuntu 8.1001:29
bastid_raZorXodiac13: in 8.10 i had no 3d with any driver.01:29
CpearIs there a way to install ubuntu from some kind of bootup disc? I downloaded the latest iso install from the website but it doesnt want to startup from that disc.01:29
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: crap lol my laptop is at a black screen lol ive been seeing this all the time when trying to install the drivers or get them working01:30
BloodAdeptit's not letting me enter the password01:30
Marty-in this picture http://i38.tinypic.com/zjjl90.png what is the thing to the right called01:30
bastid_raZorXodiac13: have you installed this on the harddrive or in a VM?01:30
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: harddrive01:30
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: im trying to deticate this laptop to linux01:30
Jorik1Hello . I have a problem with my Hp printer and HPLIP , could somebody help with that ?01:30
bastid_raZorMarty-: conky01:31
soreauWhat's the ubuntu channel for the netherlands?01:31
bastid_raZor!nl | soreau01:31
ubottusoreau: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl01:31
Jorik1soreau:ubuntu-nl i think01:31
BloodAdeptit's the newest version01:31
DeadlySaintquestion ~ In Gnome-Look. Wats the difference between GTK 1.X and GTK 2.X?01:31
soreaubastid_raZor: Jordan_U: Thanks01:31
BloodAdeptwould it make a difference if the password was wp2-personal?01:32
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: so im thinking that this laptop with the video card that it has is useless without 3d01:32
bastid_raZorXodiac13: acer 5515?01:32
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Xodiac13bastid_raZor: no its a toshiba satellite a215-s581801:32
Hub_capI recently uninstalled windows media player, but it appears multiple times when I open a .wmv file. Where would I find the list of applications so I can remove these?01:32
bastid_raZorXodiac13: ah, mine is the acer. it works fine.01:32
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: ive tried so many distros and i love ubuntu01:32
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: lol thats not fair01:33
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: i dont even want to but Windoze on it again i refuse too01:33
blunderppl in netherlands use ubuntu?!?!?01:34
bastid_raZorXodiac13: what i've told you so far is the extent of my knowledge01:34
bastid_raZorXodiac13: best of luck01:34
eddybastid_raZor, have you gotten your webcam working? i've tried compiling the gspca driver for it but it fails with errors on 'make'01:34
bastid_raZoreddy: i don't have a webcam on this box01:35
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: dang thanks for trying do you know of anything else i can do to get freakin ati crap drivers on there working01:35
ctmjrBloodAdept: here is a guide to help you i need to go was suppose to be somewhere an hour ago http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20283401:35
eddybastid_raZor, oh mines laptop haha01:35
bastid_raZoreddy: so is mine.01:35
DeadlySaintWats the difference between GTK 1.X and GTK 2.X?01:35
seyfarthDear Ubuntu Community: Why does windows explorer freeze when all I'm trying to do is copy files over and never use it again?01:36
eddybastid_raZor, ah okay01:36
bastid_raZorXodiac13: forum hunt possibly?01:36
LjLdear seyfarth: why would we know about windows explorer in an ubuntu channel?01:36
eddyseyfarth, adware .. virus .. etc01:36
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: yeah ive done like 100 search parties for my video card and i found some but never worked01:36
seyfarthjust a little humor :)01:36
bastid_raZoreddy: i guess 'box' would refer more to a desktop than laptop. misuse of slang i guess.01:37
nix-idiotequeseyfarth: I had that happen, then I had realized that it was asking me if I wanted to replace a file...  Kinda unobservant on my part...  "23% twice?  WTF"01:37
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.01:37
eddyXodiac13, have you tried fglrx drivers? i have ati x1400 on my machine but the 3d worked on fresh install so i stick to ubuntu's default gfx driver01:38
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Xodiac13bastid_raZor: what distro01:38
Xodiac13eddy: what distro01:38
eddyXodiac13, ubuntu jaunty01:39
Ken47150whos good with ubuntu 904?01:39
Ken47150Im stumped01:39
eddyXodiac13, it's worked ever since hardy01:39
KeatonHey, #Ubuntu. I just dropped 9.04 onto an HP laptop and now the sound is being... weird. Basically, on the login screen, the little bongo sound stutters like a CD skipping and keeps going forever, even after I've logged in.01:39
eddyKen47150, just ask your question and someone may answer01:39
Xodiac13eddy: you mean installing the ati drivers or the opensource01:39
BloodAdeptthis is different01:39
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Ken47150I cant mount dvds in either of my 2 drives cds mount fine01:40
BloodAdeptmy wireless card isn't even turned on appearently01:40
Xodiac13eddy: cause ive tried in earlier versions to use the hardware devices and enable it and the screen starts messing up into garbage01:40
eddyKeaton, open the volume control and raise all the bars, especially PCM01:40
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eddyXodiac13, well i never quite looked into it because why bother fixing something that works, but i believe ubuntu still uses the opensource for ati cards by default01:41
Keatoneddy: Okay, they're all up,  the sound is still going on a loop.01:41
Ken47150anybody seen this issue before? with not being able to mount dvd drives of any kind?01:42
Xodiac13eddy: i am going to try ubuntu 8.10 and you said you didnt install anything it just worked right01:42
ubuntuislovedif I'm running transmission (torrent) client from another location through ssh -X does it do any of the traffic through my location or does it only display the app ?01:42
eddyKeaton, maybe it's your recording device getting feedback, try lowering the mic01:42
bastid_raZorXodiac13: he has a different card. that makes all the difference01:43
Jorik1 I have a problem with my Hp printer and HPLIP , could somebody help with that ?01:43
eddyXodiac13, bastid_raZor is right what card do you have exactly?01:43
Xodiac13bastid_raZor: man im all sorts of fed01:43
Xodiac13eddy: radeon x120001:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:43
bastid_raZoreddy:  the x120001:43
BloodAdeptanyone know how to turn on your wireless card from linux on a laptop?01:44
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KeatonEddy: That's.. not the problem. It's the sound itself, it'll looping. I've turned the volume off then on again and it's still going, so it's definitely not mic feedback.01:44
alienbrainI can find Apache2's apxs tool for the prefork MPM. It seems to be available only in the package apache2-threaded-dev. Any idea where apxs is for apache prefork?01:44
Ken47150you may have to get drivers for the wireless card sometimes also do you updates over a wired connection first01:45
ubcaBloodAdept-> does it have a physical switch to turn on ? or in the bios perhaps?01:45
BloodAdepttheres a combination of keys that normally turns it on or off01:45
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Ken47150sometimes the updates jumpstart the wireless card working01:45
BloodAdeptbut it's not working01:45
Ken47150if ur lucky01:45
eddyXodiac13, have you tried using envyng-core?01:46
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:46
Chazzhow do i start compiz w/o having to invoke it from terminal?01:46
DreamgliderKeaton, sudo /etc/init.d/alsa restart01:46
bastid_raZorChazz: which versoin of ubuntu?01:46
Chazzbastid_raZor, jaunty01:46
Xodiac13eddy: no i havent how do i use it and will it work in ubuntu 8.10 cause im installing it right now01:46
soreauChazz: Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects. Set to anything other than None and compiz will be running01:47
bastid_raZorChazz: system>preferences>appearances> visual tab01:47
Ken47150Anybody know why my dvd burner drives refuse to mount dvds ?- drives are good, they both mount cds with no issues01:47
eddyXodiac13, well i can't gaurantee it will but it may fix your problem01:48
KeatonDreamglider: Hm, this is weird. Command not found. I tried going into /etc/init.d too and running it there, but I just keep getting the alsa command in /sbin01:48
Xodiac13eddy: how do i do it01:49
KeatonDreamglider: But I can confirm that the alsa command is indeed in /etc/init.d01:49
DreamgliderKeaton, sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart01:49
eddyKeaton, sudo apt-get install envyng-core01:49
eddyKeaton, sorry that was to Xodiac1301:49
DreamgliderKeaton, or sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart01:49
Xodiac13eddy: sorry i didnt see it01:50
Xodiac13eddy: how do i do that01:50
jabagaweewhere does compiz set LIBGL_INDIRECT_ALWAYS01:50
KeatonDreamglider: Aha, error spew. I'll put it on pastebin.01:50
eddyXodiac13, sudo apt-get install envyng-core01:50
jabagaweeLIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT, that is01:50
zebastianwicd is not working01:50
zebastiani am not being able to connect to a linksys router wireless connection01:50
zebastianany help?01:50
bastid_raZoreddy: wow.. envyng is horrible :\01:50
Xodiac13eddy: and then im done or is there more i need to do01:50
ubcajabagawee-> that looks like an environment variable,  type  set  in a terminal to see it its set01:51
atrusi'm trying to migrate from aptitude to synaptic, but there's one feature I can't find... how can I get a list of what packages are new to the system?01:51
zebastiani cant connect to a linksys router, the model is wrt54g01:51
soreaujabagawee: That's somewhat of a complicated question. But in short, it does it in compiz-manager01:51
eddybastid_raZor, hey man if fglrx and radeon drivers didn't work. what do you suggest?01:51
zebastianeverytime oi try to connect it says obtaining ID nad then it says it failed to obtain IP01:51
Dreamgliderzebastian, try a wired connection first to setup the device.01:51
jabagaweesoreau, how would i force it not to do that? and what would i lose by doing so?01:51
Xodiac13eddy: is it the open source drivers and thats all i have to do01:51
bastid_raZoreddy: that is true, i suppose.01:51
munhow do you monitor the memory usage of a particular process?01:51
coolcathow do I unpack foo.tar.gz to an existing directry bar?01:51
KeatonDreamglider: http://pastebin.com/m4edd504401:52
zebastianDreamglider:  i am on a wired connection already01:52
ubcajava or rather maybe env01:52
zebastianto it matter of fact01:52
jabagaweemun, i use htop01:52
zebastianbut if i disconnect from wired and then try to login wireless01:52
soreaujabagawee: The ability to start compiz. If compiz-manager is setting that env var, that means your drivers aren't dri2 capable yet01:52
jabagaweeassuming it's the most memory intensive application, you can just sort by mem%01:52
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zebastianit says failed to obtain ip01:52
munjabagawee, well it's not the most memory intensive unfortunately01:52
munjabagawee, can i specify a pid?01:52
ubcazebastian-> whats your network layout look like? have a drawing?01:53
jabagaweemun, yes, htop can sort by pid01:53
zebastianhow do you mean network layout¿?01:53
cdavis_can anyone suggest a good amazon s3 bucket browser for ubuntu?01:53
ubcazebastian-> what is connected to which device and such01:53
eddyXodiac13, you may have to restart but yea01:53
zebastianthere's a router connected to a cable connection which is wired to a windows computer01:53
munjabagawee, right, but can i specify one explicitly?01:53
ubcazebastian-> a picture is worth a thousand words..01:53
jabagaweemun, you can't search by pid, but you can search by process name01:54
zebastianmodem to router, router to windows pc and wireless for everyone01:54
jabagaweethen again, htop might not be what you need01:54
Alan502hi :)01:54
eddyXodiac13, ah i just looked (lsmod <3) my machine uses the radeon driver. never thought they ever make it work for my x140001:54
ubcazebastian-> a picture is worth a thousand words.. <--01:54
eddyXodiac13, idk why it shouldn't work for your x1200 :-\01:54
zebastianubca, i'm at a public place without a camera01:55
mdg_zebastian: what kind of wifi card you have?01:55
ubcazebastian-> draw it in boxes..01:55
zebastianhow do i check that¿01:55
Alan502help here!01:55
Alan502good night01:55
jabagaweesoreau, can i simply force it to not export the variable, and just start compiz with it exported, non-globally?01:55
zebastianubca, with which command can i check which wifi card i have¿01:56
jabagaweeAlan502, what help do you need?01:56
mdg_zebastian: lspci in a terminal, if USB then lsusb01:56
Alan502i screwed a partition with the ubuntu installer apparently ¬¬01:56
jabagaweezebastian, lspci/lsusb01:56
munjabagawee, hmm how do you sort by pid?01:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!01:56
ubcazebastian-> plus lshw -C network01:56
Xgatesanyone know a guide to help setup Rhythmbox to play Radio? I have installed all sorts of codecs along with mplayer and I can't get it to play radio stations01:56
Alan502jabagawee, before the installation i had two partitions only01:56
Alan502one about 30 gigs for system01:57
KeatonDreamglider, did you get my pastebin link?01:57
Alan502and the rest 130 gigs aprox for data files01:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebininit01:57
Alan502then, as i was going to install ubuntu, jabagawee01:57
soreaujabagawee: I don't understand what you mean by nonglobally, but you can start the binary manually by setting that variable01:57
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit01:57
eddyXodiac13, have you tried this guide? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:57
Alan502i partitioned 20 gigs in etx301:57
Alan502then i dont know what i selected in the installation01:58
Alan502that it apparently installed inside the 110 gig ntfs partition01:58
jabagaweesoreau, eh, kinda what i meant. basically give the entire system direct rendering, and start compiz with "LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 compiz"01:58
Ken47150help? mount: /dev/sr1: unknown device when trying to mount dvds01:58
n00b_ok new to ubuntu like one week....im sooo lost01:58
Alan502and i cant access the files there01:58
Alan502would you help me?01:58
ubcazebastian-> read the results to to clue you in a bit, learn what it spits out01:58
Alan502damn it01:58
XgatesRhythmbox keeps complaining about a text/html decoder anyone know anything?01:58
jabagaweeAlan502, so you installed ubuntu onto your ntfs partition?01:58
Xodiac13eddy: no i havent will it be better to do than envy01:58
jabagaweeand it got formatted as ext3?01:58
mdg_zebastian: what do you get from the command "ifconfig"01:59
Alan502its cause01:59
eddyXodiac13, yes01:59
Alan502when i browsed it with partition manager, on windows01:59
soreaujabagawee: That's not going to do what you think it might. You must run compiz with --indirect-rendering or else you need dri2. What are you trying to do specifically?01:59
Alan502it shows up like if the previous partition had been partitoined again01:59
Ken47150can anybody help me with dvd mounting issue?01:59
Alan502let me upload a screen cap01:59
jabagaweesoreau, maybe i should just forgo compiz01:59
zebastianmdg http://paste.ubuntu.com/274448/01:59
chaukar_#eclipse @ irc.rizon.net01:59
soreaujabagawee: Depends on your setup and what you're trying to accomplish01:59
DreamgliderKeaton, use sudo infront02:00
soreaujabagawee: DRI@ is right around the corner for radeon and already available for intel02:00
jabagaweesoreau, well i have fglrx, which doesn't support dri2. i also want hardware direct rendering for everythign02:00
DreamgliderKeaton,  oops you did02:00
mdg_zebastian: you don't have wireless interface setup02:00
zebastianubca, what do i do now?02:00
soreaujabagawee: dri2*02:00
ubcazebastian->  have you tried reading the results yet?02:00
justin_hey im trying to get a usb wirless card working on my laptop and im having some trouble can anyone shed some light on the situation02:00
zebastianmdg: how do i set it up? usually i can log into wireless networks with wicd02:00
soreaujabagawee: Which model card do you have exactly?02:00
KeatonDreamglider, http://pastebin.com/m4edd504402:00
ubcazebastian-> its there, you just have to learn how to read the results02:00
jabagaweesoreau, HD4850, radeon and radeonhd do not support it with 3d accel yet02:00
zebastianubca, the results to which¿?02:01
ubcazebastian-> lspci02:01
soreaujabagawee: They do, but you need latest kernel, libdrm, xf86-video-ati and mesa02:01
mdg_zebastian: you are using wicd - what does it show for the name of your wireless connection?02:01
DreamgliderKeaton,  sry cant help you, i dont know how.02:01
jabagaweesoreau, oh, since when was that developed?02:01
soreaujabagawee: For ubuntu, the support should be available by at least 10.04 release I suspect02:01
zebastianmdg, cap02:01
soreaujabagawee: Very recently. And it is still under heavy development02:02
jabagaweesoreau, also they make the fan on the video card run at 100%, making it really whiny and quite unacceptable02:02
mdg_zebastian: whats "cap"02:02
zebastianthe ngo where i work at02:02
jabagaweesoreau, i'll probably go back to radeonhd soon enough02:02
eddyjustin_, depends on what device you are using02:02
soreaujabagawee: That is to be worked on02:02
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zebastianand upca, i'm not here to learn, i'm here to fix as best as i can, this is not my house connection there i can connect no problem to wireless02:02
soreaujabagawee: But for right now with fglrx, if you want 3D for other things, you might as well turn compiz off or run dual X servers02:02
jabagaweesoreau, until then, i guess i'll stick with fglrx02:02
jabagaweesoreau, yep, no compiz for me02:02
justin_eddy, im using a netgear wnda3100 usb wireless shows up in lsusb just cant seem to get it to wrk need a point in the right direction02:02
mdg_zebastian: you are too far ahead there - in wicd, you need to tell it what your  wireless interface is called - I use "wlan0"02:03
jabagaweehow would i keep track of radeonhd development?02:03
ubcazebastian-> are you getting paid to do this?02:03
zebastianubca, no i'm not02:03
soreaujabagawee: You should keep track of radeon development. It supports everything radeonhd does and more afaik02:03
ubcazebastian-> and you dont want to take the effort to learn at all?02:03
zebastianmdg, i am not going to configure the connection, the connection is already configured from a windows computer02:03
Xodiac13eddy: okay thanks man i will try it out02:03
jabagaweesoreau, hm, i'm unsure as to what the radeon/radeonhd split is all about. something to do with atombios, but that difference has been somewhat changed now02:04
zebastianubca, yes, but for this specific particular case i just want to fix it, save the irc log and go home and read it later02:04
soreaujabagawee: If you can find the radeon devs blogs or phoronix forums keeps up on all that stuff02:04
mdg_zebastian: this is configuring linux to use the wireless card02:04
mdg_nothing to do with your router02:04
soreaujabagawee: Just wait till 10.04, should be much better and available in stable by then02:04
jabagaweesoreau, i can't wait :D02:04
zebastianmdg, great give me the first command to do that and i'll do it02:05
zebastianand ubca all i saw there was a list of devices02:05
jabagaweesoreau, didn't think of phoronix forums, only read their articles (which are somewhat dated). do you have a link to the radeon devs?02:05
soreaujabagawee: I couldn't either which is why I installed all the latest code here ;)02:05
mdg_zebastian: in WICD, you need to setup your wireless interface - tell it what you want to use - - I suggest using "wlan0" (thats a zero not an oh)02:06
XgatesDoes anyone know anything about RythmBox text/html decoder plugin ?02:06
zebastianmdg, i am on the gui02:06
Jorik1I have a problem with my Hp printer and HPLIP , could somebody help me with that ?02:06
eddyjustin_, well it seems your card has to use the ndiswrapper, see if this thread on ubuntuforums will help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69069902:06
mdg_zebastian: I don't have WICD installed right now.02:06
mdg_zebastian:  WICD has a GUI02:06
justin_eddy, thanks  much if i have a problem ill bring it back here02:06
eddyzebastian, run wicd-client02:06
mdg_anyone here using WICD?  Can you guide zebastian ?02:06
zebastianmdg, i knwo, so i see the list of wireless networks and there it is teh one i want to connect to, i  already have the password02:06
zebastiani enter it02:07
zebastianand it connects02:07
eddymdg_, i am02:07
zebastianthen it says obtaining ip02:07
ubcazebastian-> yes it is listed, your clue is network,02:07
Alan502jabagawee:http://imgur.com/Abge7.jpg (sorry for the low res but im strugling with that pc as the damaged partition was the one that contained all the programs i had installed)02:07
zebastianand it says unable to optain ip02:07
eddyjustin_, good luck02:07
mdg_zebastian: lets back up here - in a terminal type sudo iwlist scan and tell us what you see02:07
Xgatesno one uses RythmBox to listen to Radio?02:08
zebastianubca, i went to wicd then preferences then network interfaces02:08
jabagaweeAlan502, is that large bluish highlighted bar an extended partition?02:08
m4ttIm new to ubuntu and I've got some problems with resolution. It seems that Ubuntu isnt recognizing my monitor.02:08
ubcazebastian-> ill let mdg_ take the lead, ill comment when needed02:08
Alan502thats the partition i had previously, the one with all my data02:08
zebastianmdg http://paste.ubuntu.com/274449/02:08
Alan502the one on the left, C02:08
soreaujabagawee: http://airlied.livejournal.com/02:08
Alan502is the partition with windows installation02:09
mdg_ubca: I don't have WICD installed - don't recall all the screens02:09
Alan502the yellow one on the left, was the one i supposedly created to install ubuntu02:09
ubcamdg_-> i dont use gui myself02:09
mdg_zebastian: "sudo iwlist scan" (without quotes)02:09
Alan502but it apparently installed inside the D partition, the small yellow square shows it02:09
mdg_ubca: lol - ohhh...02:09
eddyzebastian, go in preferences > external programs in wicd-client and select dhclient02:10
zebastianmdg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/274450/02:10
jabagaweeAlan502, i find it confusing that a partition somehow got into another. im afraid that i dont understand02:10
zebastianeddy, that's already selected02:10
jabagaweeyou might be able to get help from someone better qualified02:10
m4ttHello, can someone help me?02:10
justin_eddy, i just open the inf from the xp side install through ndis correct?02:11
mdg_zebastian: again, no wifi interface is setup...02:11
Guest15876I am having trouble getting my iPod to show up in Banshee. Can anyone help?02:11
ubcazebastian-> which of those are allowed to connect ?02:11
ubcazebastian-> which of those are you* allowed to connect ?02:11
Xgatescan someone please help me to get rhythmbox working to play Radio?02:11
eddyjustin_, yes install the .inf with ndiswrapper02:11
zebastianubca, cap02:11
zebastiani have the password to cap02:11
Alan502:/ i dont understan neither jabagawee, but thats what comes up. Thanks i think i will have to do the whole formatting.02:11
zebastianmdg, what does that mean¿? how do i set it up then?02:11
Guest15876will rhythm box play my iPod?02:11
tomas__can someone help me?02:12
jabagaweeAlan502, i'm pretty sure you can still save your data02:12
zebastianmdg, heck even from the command line02:12
zebastianhow do i set it up02:12
jabagaweeif it's important, don't lose hope just yet02:12
ubcazebastian-> well perhaps the AP owner changed parameters or filter those who can connect.. ?02:12
bastid_raZor^/msg ubottu gtkpod02:12
Alan502mmm i can access my data, from ubuntu02:12
eddyzebastian, you could always just setup your own static ip for the computer02:12
Alan502but the problem is at windows02:12
mdg_ubca: could you guide him setting up wlan0 interface from command line?02:12
zebastianubca, the ap owner just reconfigured the network there's no firewall or restrictions just wep and a passphrase02:13
zebastianeddy, how?02:13
ubcamdg_-> i can, but if the AP is not allowing, i cant do much02:13
bastid_raZor!ipod | Guest1587602:13
ubottuGuest15876: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:13
tomas__can someone help me?02:13
JuanCarloshai, im from Empathy on Karmic, works Smoooth... :)02:13
eddyzebastian, well do you know the IP of your router? should be like or something02:13
sebsebsebtomas__: I just joined what do you want help with?02:13
zebastianhold on02:13
ubcazebastian-> ask the owner again to perhaps try without wep or any encryption enabled, see if you can connect02:13
ubcaeddy-> that will not work without him associating to the AP02:14
trismzebastian: looks like a WEP access point, should just be as (assuming iwconfig lists your interface as wlan0), iwconfig wlan0 essid "cap"; iwconfig wlan0 key restricted hex_key_here; dhclient wlan002:14
zebastianubca, without encryption it won't connect02:14
Guest15876thank you for the iPod info, going to go to the link now02:14
zebastiantyping the  ip in didn'tr work either, he did that before i came here02:14
JuanCarlosI want to post a submmision here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/KarmicCountdownBanners , i got FTP for the .tar.gz, but how to attach the image sample here...???02:14
zebastiantrism = i.e. type that into terminal?02:15
hikenbootI have setup a machine for my nephew, he does not have internet access, its a mac g4, running ubuntu 9.0402:15
trismzebastian: yes02:15
ubcazebastian->  then there is something wrong, as minimum if everything is working then at least no encryption should allow you to connect02:15
eddyzebastian, do you know the router's IP?02:15
tomas__Hi, thanks, I'm on kubuntu, I have problems with the rods, simply disappeared when restart02:15
ubcaeddy-> that will not work without him associating to the AP <--02:15
sebsebsebtomas__: the what?02:15
hikenbootI want to mirror all the repositories onto the hard drive, how would i go about doing this?02:15
armyriadAre there any games like Nethack that can be played in the terminal?02:15
trismzebastian: you should just type iwconfig without any args first to check your interface name02:15
mdg_trism: he previously posted is ifconfig - no wlan0 is defined....02:15
zebastianubca, i'm on wired connection02:15
UBestBhikenboot: apt-cache02:15
ubcazebastian-> on same router/AP ?02:15
trismmdg_: ifconfig won't list wireless interfaces if they aren't configured02:15
tomas__the bar02:15
trismmdg_: but iwconfig will02:16
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tomas__sorry for my bad english >(02:16
sebsebsebtomas__: ok try #kubuntu02:16
mdg_trism: right - we seem to be having trouble getting him to setup his wireless interface02:16
zebastiantrism http://paste.ubuntu.com/274453/02:16
zebastianubca, yes i have a wired connection to that router right now02:16
trismzebastian: you seem to want eth102:16
trismzebastian: so replace wlan0 with eth102:17
ubcazebastian please do not do that, having two connections to same subnet, unless you really know what you are doing02:17
kevin__I tried doing an upgrade to karmic alpha from ubuntu 9.04, and now my system won't boot. Is there a way to downgrade it from a livecd using chroot or something similar?02:17
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tomas__i have to type this in the terminal??02:17
justin_eddy, i have the driver installed how do i switch from the onboard card to the usb card02:17
ubcazebastian-> think about it as beging the packet, and which interface should you be going out of your box?02:18
JuanCarlosanyone read me please?, i want to know if empathy works here...02:18
Xodiac13eddy: uh that website is the worst of getting the card to work02:18
Alan502whats up JuanCarlos02:18
JuanCarlosI want to post a submmision here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/KarmicCountdownBanners , i got FTP for the .tar.gz, but how to attach the image sample here...???02:18
zebastianubca, i didn't understand your last statement02:18
Xodiac13eddy: its stuck and the screen is blinking and stuck at checking battery state02:18
Alan502ah not expert, came for help too02:18
ubcazebastian-> think about it as being* the packet, and which interface should you be going out of your box? which of the two? wireless or ethernet?02:18
Alan502but i see its hard to get some attention02:18
ubcaarggh cant type..02:19
zebastianubca, right now i am on a wired connection, that is what is going out of my box i guess02:19
ubcazebastian-> think about it you as being* the packet, and which interface should you be going out of your box? which of the two? wireless or ethernet?02:19
mdg_Alan502: what was your question?02:19
voidmageI have a a windows xp setup in vmware that I'm trying to share a folder to through samba. It can see the folder when it logs in as me, but it's read-only. How can I make it able to be written to?02:19
ubcazebastian please do not do that, having two connections to same subnet, unless you really know what you are doing02:19
zebastianthaqt's teh ip to the router upca02:19
ubcazebastian please do not do that, having two connections to same subnet, unless you really know what you are doing02:19
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zebastiani don't ahve two connections02:20
zebastiani only have one02:20
Alan502mdg_, thanks, my question was... how can i solve my partition problem?02:20
zebastianthe wired one02:20
Alan502this is what happened02:20
ubcazebastian-> you will upon your wireless getting connected. so dont do it02:20
zebastianubca, ok02:20
Alan502this is how i have currently my disk partitioned, mdg_   http://imgur.com/Abge7.jpg02:20
ubcaunless you know what you are doing, ie familiar with route tables and such02:20
zebastianok, so what od i do to enable the wireless once i disconnect from the router02:20
zebastianas i'm in the office which is not open all the time02:20
zebastianand i want to be able to connect from the wireless connection next time02:21
trismubca: I kind of doubt it makes a difference at this point, I'm sure he's just on the wired connection so he can get help configuring...the world isn't going to explode if he configures them both02:21
ubcatrism and thats where his confusion arises, having two nics enabled and he will not know what to do02:21
eddyXodiac13, ah well fglrx doesn't work i guess. edit xorg.conf to use the radeon driver for the time being then and i guess try envyng-core02:21
eddyXodiac13, trial and error :-\02:22
ubcazebastian-> assuming you have he wifi confguration matching the configs of AP to allow access, ifup eth1 should do the trick02:22
dlp211is there a way to set up an internal dns so that if i type something like https://dlp211server/ it points to my ip address?02:22
eddyjustin_, tell your network manager to use ndiswrapper now02:22
JuanCarlos"send a message to the web presence" said, whos Web Presence, im looking for that guy02:22
ubcazebastian-> but disable the ethernet before doing such02:22
zebastianubca, how do i do that02:22
amseidlerI am trying to install byzanz. Has anyone ever installed it? I could use some help02:22
bastid_raZordlp211: yeah, localhost02:22
trismubca: ifup isn't going to do anything if the wireless isn't configured02:22
justin_eddy, lol i know some but ive forgotten much more than i know, lol a lil elaboration would be beautiful =]02:23
trismubca: in /etc/network/interfaces02:23
ubcatrism i said if his configs matches.. read what i typed..02:23
Alan502ah, will someone care to help me? i will really appreciate it :)02:23
zebastianwhat do you  pepole mean the wireless isn't configured? io am abnle to connect to my wireless router at home02:23
zebastiana lynksys N02:23
Xodiac13eddy: yup trail and never going to get it to work im bumbed out02:23
eddyjustin_, did you modprobe ndiswrapper?02:24
ubcazebastian-> matching parameters, your wifi nic active and such..02:24
Xodiac13eddy: no one knows how long ive been trying to find a distro for that laptop im tired of Windoze except for gaming02:24
justin_eddy, no just "sudo ndiswrapper -i arusb_xp.inf02:24
eddyjustin_, see if ndiswrapper is loaded: lsmod | grep ndis02:25
mdg_Alan502: not sure what to tell you....02:25
ubcaAlan502-> what is the problem?  i have not payed attention02:25
mdg_Alan502: can't tell from screen shot what partion is to the far right of where your cursor is?02:26
voidmageDoes anyone know how to make it so I can write to my folder I'm sharing to windows?02:26
mdg_Alan502: it shows yellow and 20.9 Gig  ????02:26
UBestBvoidmage a samba shared folder?02:26
voidmageYeah, shared through samba02:27
Alan502its cause, the yellow partition of 20 gigs was the one i created before the installation02:27
Alan502to supposedly install it there02:27
mdg_Alan502: is that a screenshot of gparted or something in windows?02:27
Alan502its something in windows02:27
mdg_Alan502: you have a live cd you can boot into and use gparted?02:27
Alan502i cant even get to run gparted because i ran out of space in the 2.5 gig partition ubuntu created02:27
Alan502i can boot in ubuntu02:28
Alan502and read all my files02:28
mdg_Alan502: I believe you have to resize the windows partition smaller before you make your ubuntu partition02:28
chundahi guys, i have a rtl8187b wireless driver, and i've searched a lot and put the "iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed" in the rc.local ro fix the sort range problem and now this is ok, i can navigate through pages pretty well, BUT the downloads are a problem. the connection get very unstable and i'm unable to finish most of the downloads02:28
Alan502but the problemis booting in windows02:28
amseidlerDoes anyone know of a good screen recorder program?02:28
Alan502mdg_: i can read all my files in ubuntu, but i cant read those in D in windows02:28
amseidlerI tried instabaul, or what ever it's called, and it doesn't show any movement when I play the file bac02:28
mdg_Alan502: oh you messed up windows....02:28
UBestBamseidler: a screen cast program?02:28
JuanCarlosfor wifi troubles, if nothing works, 9.10 works with all major Wifi cards and 3G thingy02:29
eddyamseidler, gtkrecordmydesktop02:29
amseidlerUBestB: If by that you mean a program that records what you're doing on your screen, then yet02:29
Alan502i messed up the partition with all my data, when trying to access it from windows02:29
amseidlereddy: Is that in add/remove?02:29
JuanCarlosif you can install development02:29
ubcaJuanCarlos-> really? without using backports?02:29
eddyamseidler, i hear it's the best02:29
amseidlereddy: Ok :)02:29
eddyamseidler, uhh yea it should be02:29
Zeno_ArrowHi all, are there any channel admins present? Need someone to use the nickserv sendpass command so I can log in properly.02:29
mdg_Alan502: so you need to rescue your windows data right?02:29
amseidlereddy: It's not02:29
hikenbootUBestB, to make this problem even more difficult I run centos at home, I could boot a VM with Ubuntu but it would be x86 32 bit archs not a mac G4 with ubuntu 9.04, is there a way to mirror distro repositories without using a rpm based distro for a apt based distro?02:30
amseidlereddy: which download do I get? http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/downloads.php02:30
chundacould anyone help me please?02:30
eddyamseidler, sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop02:30
chundabyt the way, i'm running ubuntu 8.1002:30
JuanCarloswithout backports02:30
Alan502i can access it from ubuntu, but when i go to my pc in windows and select D it retrives an error, mdg_02:30
amseidlereddy: Riiiight, forgot about the terminal :P02:30
mdg_Alan502: and you can't mount ntfs (D: drive)?02:30
digitalvaldostahello everyone, I am trying to setup a list of apturls on my site of packages that a general Ubuntu user should install. I am trying to list mozilla-acroread and it does not work. anyone know what is wrong? -->> apturl:mozilla-acroread02:31
ubcaJuanCarlos-> thats cool, somehow someone here earlier complained about that and somebody else suggested using the backport to access the drivers02:31
amseidlereddy: Ok, it's installing. Now to test it :). Thanks for the help :)02:31
Alan502but i can from ubuntu, i think ubuntu sniffing in that partition screwed it up02:31
mdg_Alan502: so you need to force a mount of ntfs through ubuntu to copy your files from borked windows install?02:31
UBestBamseidler: you can use xvidcap02:31
hikenbootUBestB s/mirror  distro repositories without using a rpm based/while using a rpm based distro/02:31
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JuanCarlosbackports of development release are almost empty...02:31
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »02:31
JuanCarlosbecause all is the lastest version of everything including the kernel02:32
digitalvaldosta:-/ Anyone experienced in apturl links ?02:32
Alan502windows install is completely functionall, what i think will be useful is moving ubuntu install to the other etx3 partition i created before, mdg_02:32
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:32
digitalvaldosta!bot apturl02:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bot apturl02:32
ubcaJuanCarlos-> ah i got you, development..02:32
kruykazedigitalvaldosta, what do you need?02:32
JuanCarlos'''[[http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/9208/bannerday7.jpg|Full Size]]'''------------>This is OK to attach a image on Ubuntu Wiki????????02:33
mdg_Alan502: try something like:  sudo mount.ntfs-3g /dev/hda1 /media/ha1 -o force02:33
Alan502mmm what will that do?02:33
LjLJuanCarlos: you should probably ask that in #ubuntu-doc02:33
mdg_Alan502: I can never exactly recall the command right...02:33
digitalvaldostakruykaze, I am trying to list apturl links on my site and I need one for mozilla-acroread that works02:33
mdg_Alan502: it will force ubuntu to mount your windows partition02:34
UBestBso you want to mirror repos other than rpms on an rpm based system?02:34
digitalvaldostakruykaze, I tried apturl://mozilla-acroread02:34
Alan502ok thanks a lot mdg_, really appreciated it02:34
Alan502what do you mean with, mounting?02:34
mdg_Alan502: that will be under /media/ha102:34
Alan502on the previous partition i created :s02:35
mdg_Alan502: in linux you "mount" and "unmount" file systems, kind of like how you access a USB flash drive02:35
sinanwhat can i use from the terminal to know how my disk is being used right now ? (like the disk usage meter in system monitor)02:35
JuanCarlosmozilla-acroread ------>Medibuntu02:35
sheeps1hi, I've been using karmic for a while on my netbook and after updating it last night it doen't start X,  it also doesn't appear to recognise that it has a wireless card (and I don't have a second network cable).02:35
Alan502ah... going to try it then02:35
ubcasinan-> df -h  and du -h02:35
Alan502Thanks a lot mdg_, will try it now02:35
eddysinan, df -h02:35
digitalvaldostakruykaze I would prefer to have the link work with Ubuntu's repositories instead of having the user install medibuntu02:35
Alan502and see if it works02:35
eddyah beat me to it lol02:35
Alan502really appreciate it02:35
sebsebseb!karmic |  sheeps102:35
ubottusheeps1: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:35
mdg_Alan502: good luck!02:35
trismdigitalvaldosta: I think the correct format is apt:mozilla-acroread02:35
chundaso,  rtl8187b wifi + ubuntu 8.10 == no good?02:36
digitalvaldostatrism, I think I tried it that way but I will try it real quick.02:36
sinaneddy: i am not talking about disk usage / free. I want the rate of data transfer compared to the whole bandwidth.02:36
tomas__Hi again02:36
ubcachunda-> what made you determined that?02:36
DigitalKiwi1 community/iotop 0.3.1-1  Python program with a top like UI used to show of behalf of which process is the I/O going on.02:36
sinanDigitalKiwi: thanks02:36
sheeps1ubottu: the ubuntu+1 channel says to come here for support02:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:36
SlacktardPardon me, but my logout sound refuses to play.02:36
kruykazedigitalvaldosta, hmm02:37
kruykazecan you explain more?02:37
sheeps1 02:37
trismdigitalvaldosta: yeah you'd need to try it, I just googled, and on the apturl launchpad page it says apt:pkgname02:37
tomas__i cant see the bar, im un kubuntu, someone can help me_02:37
SlacktardI can play it from the sound meny perfectly well, and the login sound play as it should. But the logout sound refuses to work.02:38
eddysinan, uhh i think 'top' shows that info02:38
chundaubca:i have a rtl8187b wireless driver, and i've put the "iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed" in the rc.local ro fix the short range problem and now this is ok, BUT the downloads are a problem. the connection get very unstable and i'm unable to finish most of the downloads02:38
digitalvaldostatrism / kruykaze , that still does that same error ( package is virtual02:38
trismdigitalvaldosta: lemme go test it, one sec02:38
eddysinan, 'top' is the equivalent of gnome's system monitor for the terminal02:38
zxcvas_tomas__: try ctrl+alt+f1 (kills x-sessions and goes into commandline) - log in, type startx02:38
eddysinan, great if you're ssh'ing your machine :-)02:39
ubcachunda-> what if you leave the rate dynamic and let the driver decide the bitrate .. what happens?02:39
digitalvaldostatrism / kruykaze , the link 'works' it just says package is virtual. thats my only problem02:39
DigitalKiwihtop is like 20 times better than top, eddy02:39
mdg_Alan502: if you end up having to reinstall windows - reinstall windows first and then install ubuntu , just leave enough room for your ubuntu install when you setup windows02:39
eddyDigitalKiwi, really i guess i'll check it out02:40
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag isn't that beautiful?02:40
kruykazedigitalvaldosta, brb sorry02:40
eddyDigitalKiwi, haha it has colors02:40
DigitalKiwiand yes ompluad is a script i wrote to post to omploader.org \o/02:41
mdg_anyone here use avidemux?  I have a sound problem02:41
JuanCarlosanyone like it...? :) http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/9208/bannerday7.jpg02:42
navetzcan someone help me reconfigure alsa for my soundcar02:42
eddysup doood02:43
mdg_hi axle02:43
axleanyone know how to use downloaded 360 themes?02:43
axlei downloaded some with some spare point but can't find them in the themes menu02:43
axlesup mdg02:44
DigitalKiwieddy: if you don't like the colors you can turn them off ;)02:44
eddyDigitalKiwi, but i like colors02:44
axlejoin #jungleflasher02:45
DigitalKiwisounded like you were making fun of it for having colors02:45
eddymy bad ...02:45
[[thufir]]is it possible to change the behaviour of apt-get so that, rather than downloading umpteen packages and then installing them, each package is downloaded and installed before the next one is processed?02:46
eddy[[thufir]], i don't think so02:46
quartkneeHas anyone else had problems updating due to meidbuntu files?02:46
adantewow so02:47
trismdigitalvaldosta: according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apturl/+bug/230760 apturl can't install virtual packages, so you'd need to figure out what package it points to02:47
adantewhen i delete large amounts of files in linux, my desktop is basically nonresponsive?02:47
adanteis this just normal for ubuntu?02:47
[[thufir]]is it possible to change the behaviour of apt-get so that, rather than downloading umpteen packages and then installing them, each package is downloaded and installed before the next02:47
digitalvaldostatrism, thanks02:47
bastid_raZor[[thufir]]: some packages need the next to be updated before it can be installed02:47
[[thufir]]eddy: ok02:47
UBestBadante, could be a filesystem issue02:48
eddyadante, not normal02:48
* eddy agrees with UBestB 02:48
DigitalKiwislow computer?02:48
[[thufir]]bastid_raZor: righ, so in that case, install the dependany first.02:48
adantelol, man02:48
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
eddyvery slow computer02:48
chundai dunno, i've just copied and paste02:48
chundaif i run without this command, i can only connect near the wifi router02:48
adanteyeah like e8400 slow02:49
eddydoes it run on vacuum tubes?02:49
chundaand i'm still have an unstable wifi connection02:49
bastid_raZor[[thufir]]: i think that is the first time i've ever seen that question asked.02:49
[[thufir]]I have a slow connection02:49
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
adanteso how do i tell if my drives are using dma nowadays?02:49
adantepreferably without having to rebuild kernel, install 426 sources etc02:50
causasuiI'm using Ubuntu 9.04 and I just installed Konqueror. Is there any way to maek it the default file manager?02:50
sinaneddy: iotop did it :)02:50
bastid_raZor[[thufir]]: it would still take just as long either way, yet i don't think it is possible. but if dependency is updated and you don't update the other package then you have broken packages02:51
tomas__hi again02:51
eddysinam, cool *top is awesome02:52
aj_444Which is the best: ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, or lubuntu?02:52
chundaubca: so i just don't know what i have to do to have a stable wifi02:52
tomas__y try typin startx and say me, server fatal error, is already in use or something like that02:53
ubcachunda -> there are no guaranteed speed with wifi,  try using wired02:53
eddyaj_444, depends on your taste02:53
Cyrano_Deaj_444: That is like asking which is best: red, green, blue or purple.   Depends on your canvas and what you like.02:53
DigitalKiwisinan: so iotop does what you need?02:53
eddyi prefer ubuntu and customize my gnome setup02:53
aj_444eddy, Cyrano_De: I'm looking for something I really can make my own, but that is easy to use. I mean, I know that ubuntu by nature is by far the easiest linux distro to use out there, but are there ones that are simpler than others?02:54
Cyrano_DeI've taken a likeing to xubuntu lately myself.  Ever since KDE4 anyway.02:54
sinanDigitalKiwi: yep ! :)02:55
eddyaj_444, well LinuxMint is a flavor that is based off of Ubuntu that may be 'easier'02:55
sinanDigitalKiwi: I wonder if there is a similar tool for network usage .. is there any?02:55
eddy*flavor - i mean distro02:55
aj_444eddy: I need something that is running in karmic because well, jaunty hates my netbook.02:55
DigitalKiwisinan: yeah =D02:55
sinanDigitalKiwi: what is it called ? :P02:56
navetzdoes anyone know how i can install alsamixer02:56
DigitalKiwi1 community/iftop 0.17-8  iftop does for network usage what top(1) does for CPU usage02:56
eddyaj_444, i never tested karmic. i'm still on stable releases, such as jaunty02:56
aj_444eddy: does linux mint have an alpha out, or do you not know?02:57
eddyaj_444, idk02:57
penixi'm watching this movie and a guy was taking a shit and this chick walks in and starts licking his fingers right after he wipes his ass ... and now she's fucking him on the toilet w/ his nasty shit still in the the toilet02:57
penixnow the chick's taking a shit right after they finished fucking ... this is awesome ... i love foreign films02:57
aj_444eddy: I'll google around.02:57
td123aj_444: mint is stable02:57
aj_444td123: so no unstables based off karmic are out?02:57
eddyaj_444, mint usually releases their newest version a couple months after ubuntu devs release their latest02:57
td123aj_444: oh, dunno02:57
aj_444and, how do you report people? penix.. is wow. ew.02:58
kruykazenavetz, the gnome one?02:58
eddyfor example, i doubt they will be mint in karmic until december or january02:58
DigitalKiwiaj_444: are you looking for bleeding edge or something?02:58
mdg_aj_444: http://www.linuxmint.com/oldreleases.php - I love linux Mint!02:58
causasuiI'm using Ubuntu 9.04 and I just installed Konqueror. Is there any way to maek it the default file manager?02:58
navetzkruykaze: the terminal one02:58
eddymdg_, i do too but for some reason when i booted mint livecd i get a system hault, so i guess mint does not like my acer laptop :-(02:58
aj_444DigitalKiwi: Preferably. Its the only thing that'll work on my asus 1005ha.02:58
DigitalKiwihttp://oswatershed.org/ aj_44402:59
eddycausasui, just use Kubuntu02:59
mdg_eddy: have you tried eeeubuntu?02:59
Cyrano_Deaj_444: For low resource machines I would go with xubuntu or lubuntu02:59
eddymdg_, i don't have an eeepc03:00
eddyi wish i did tho03:00
causasuieddy: stupid answer03:00
chundaubca: without the command, is worse and with a short range03:00
Cyrano_Deaj_444: There is also the netbook remix.03:00
kruykazenavetz, not familiar with it do you know the name?03:00
chase1hello, something has happened and my ubuntu has become corrupted and i cannot get rid of it from my system.  i have uninstalled from windows and tried to edit boot.ini but it still shows up in my dual boot screen and all attempts to reinstall have failed. does anyone have any idea what i should do?03:00
aj_444Cyrano_De: I like the desktop enviroment. The launcher irritates me.03:00
kruykazenavetz, actually i think that one is buit in03:00
navetzkruykaze: well when you type alsamixer in a terminal it usually shows up03:00
aj_444DigitalKiwi: Are those listed as future releases up for download?03:01
mdg_eddy: what processor you have?03:01
Cyrano_Deaj_444: You can set the interface back to a standard gnome desktop in the NBR03:01
mdg_eddy: I've been told that acer aspire and eeepc have same components03:01
kruykazenavetz, and what dod you wanna do03:02
eddymdg_, intel dual core03:02
Cyrano_Demdg_: almost all netbooks have the same components03:02
DigitalKiwiaj_444: all of those are available right now afaik03:02
navetzkruykaze: well i am actually trying to fix my soundcard03:02
mdg_eddy: give Mint 7 a try...03:02
aj_444DigitalKiwi: Thanks. I'll test some of them out.03:02
eddycausasui, well i believe then you can change your default by editing some .desktop files in /usr/share/applications03:02
DigitalKiwiif you want opinins on any of them ask me03:03
kruykazenavetz, and you're looking for a graphical mixer?03:03
mdg_Cyrano_De: they almost have the same components - but acer aspire and eeepc are the closest match03:03
aj_444DigitalKiwi: For ease of use, which would you recommend?03:03
Cyrano_DeI was just looking at Toshiba 205 and a gateway AMD based this evening.03:03
navetzkruykaze: no I am just trying to fix my sound, and i'm missing alsamixer03:03
aj_444eddy: you're having netbook problems?03:03
eddymdg_, i have and the livecd gave me a system hault message when loading vmlinuz...03:03
chundaubca: speed is not the problem03:04
chundaubca: the connection gets stuck.03:04
DigitalKiwifedora rawhide is probably what i'd use if i didn't want to configure everything, arch is what i use most of the time03:04
kruykazeyou can't do sudo apt get install alsamixer?03:04
DigitalKiwithis is ot though, pm me if you want03:04
[[thufir]]synaptic is able to create a bunch of wget's, like:  wget -c http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pam/libpam-modules_1.0.1-9ubuntu1.1_i386.deb03:05
eddyaj_444, i dont have any problem with ubuntu03:05
kruykazenavetz, i'm pming you03:05
DigitalKiwithis channel is statistical evidence that a lot of people do ;D03:05
chase1i have tried to delete the ubuntu partition but there is none, i have seemingly erased all traces but it is still there. does anyone know what i should do? kinda desperate here03:06
[[thufir]]can this script be used to with "apt-get" so that there aren't large and numerous downloads?03:06
yorielgcan somebody say  if is possible had 3 monitors in ubuntu03:06
DigitalKiwiyorielg: yes03:06
yorielgDigitalKiwi: how?03:06
yorielgi try so many times, but nothing03:07
DigitalKiwithat depends on your hardware03:07
glavanwa1BootITNG will zapp ubuntu03:07
yorielgi had one pciexpress ati03:07
yorielgand other ati pci03:08
yorielgwith first i do twin, but i  cant be avaliable to up thirth03:08
mdg_chase1: you tried to delete ubuntu through windows?03:09
chase1yes. i installed it to begin with with wubi03:09
mdg_oh wubi!   eeewwww!03:09
glavanwa1You can't delete ubuntu through windows03:09
jophishwould anybody be able to take a look at this:03:09
justin_lol im back guys i got ndiswrapper to install the driver and see the device i just cant use it for some reason any help here?03:09
aj_444glavanwa1: If I'm not mistaken, I believe you can.03:10
mdg_chase1: In windows, just uninstall wubi from the control panel add/remove applications03:10
chase1glavanwa1 then how do i uninstall it? i can't even get to ubuntu. when i select it from dual boot i just get errors and i have to turn the computer off. saying that files cannot be found. im assuming from the wubi uninstall03:10
chase1mdg_ i'll try that03:10
eddymdg_, lol that won't remove ubuntu though03:10
glavanwa1Well you can't remove grub or lilo with windows03:10
mdg_chase1: :) good luck03:10
nabudisCould someone please tell me how to configure NICs in ubuntu?03:10
chase1glavanwa1 then how do i remove them?03:11
eddywait, does wubi magically create a virtual partition or something?03:11
mdg_eddy: yes03:11
chase1mdg_: it isn't even showing up under uninstall programs03:11
yorielgnabudis: edit /etc/networks03:11
eddymdg_, oh i guess uninstalling it entirely may work03:11
mdg_chase1: are you booted in windows or ubuntu?03:12
glavanwa1Use a partition utility like bootITNG or partition magic03:12
chase1mdg_: im in windows. i can't get into ubuntu. when i try to i get "missing file errors"03:12
aj_444glavanwa1: That, you cannot. You need the windows recovery disk.03:12
chase1glavanwa1: i tried, there isn't a partition03:12
r3l1chow do I add a log in message on ubuntu server?03:12
glavanwa1Then how is it still there?03:12
chase1glavanwa1: i also just got finished reinstalling windows and wiping everything. and its still there03:12
mdg_chase1: do you still have wubi in your programs menu?  Is there an uninstall link?03:13
chase1glavanwa1: i have no clue, lol thats what im trying to figure out03:13
chase1mdg_: no, i do not03:13
bastid_raZorr3l1c: /etc/motd03:13
lstarnesr3l1c: it might be /etc/motd03:13
glavanwa1How do you know it's still there?03:13
mdg_chase1: how did you start ubuntu before?03:13
chase1glavanwa1: it still shows up on my dual boot screen, even though i cannot get into ubuntu because it gives me errors03:13
eddychase1, i read on a forums site you just go to c:\ and remove the wubi* file/folders then edit your boot.ini and remove the ubuntu boot options03:13
dsdeizin rtorrent, what does it mean when it says "Trakcer: [Timeout was reached]"?03:13
bastid_raZorr3l1c: but actually there is a process to get it to not be over written.. actually add your message to /etc/motd.tail03:13
r3l1cbastld_raZor: lastarnes: thanks03:13
aj_444perhaps you need to resize the windows partition. If you delete ubuntu, there'll still be an open hdd space.03:13
glavanwa1Dual boot screen in grub or lilo?03:13
chase1glavanwa1: lilo?03:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:14
aj_444yo ubottu03:14
mdg_eddy: can you throw him a link to instructions?03:14
RPG_MasterMy logitech control has stopped working :(03:14
glavanwa1lilo = Linus Loader its like grub03:14
chase1mdg_: yes please, lol. i tried editing boot.ini but i can't find out how, windows 7 is very weird about these things03:14
RPG_MasterIt was working yesterday...03:15
eddychase1, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93200203:15
schmidttyI want to stream an internet radio station. what software do i need and is there a tutorial for jaunty?03:15
RPG_MasterSo can anyone here help me figure out why its not working?03:15
mdg_RPG_Master: what is a "logitech controller?"03:15
chase1eddy: thank you :)03:15
RPG_Mastermdg_: Let get a link...03:15
mdg_eddy: thanks from me too :)03:15
kruykazemy brother is having proxy problems with his pc can anyone tell me where to look for those settings?03:16
eddychase1, you could use EasyBCD to remove ubuntu03:16
lstarneskruykaze: is it running ubuntu?03:16
ubottuFrom more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD03:16
Knightingaleoh ubuntu is it fine to install single .deb's and not sets of packages without interfering?03:16
lstarnesKnightingale: I believe so03:17
lstarnesKnightingale: but you would need to manually resolve dependencies when using single .debs03:17
mdg_RPG_Master: ... did I miss your reply?03:17
XwXCrazylokihow can i hack stuff on Ubuntu?03:17
bastid_raZorr3l1c: in order to keep your changes you'll need to do: update-motd --disable ..then edit /etc/motd and /etc/motd.tail03:18
eddyXwXCrazyloki, depends on what you wish to hack, but i doubt anyone will answer those questions here03:18
MrSenatorWoah! How's the Ubuntu alpha?03:18
xmntXwXCrazyloki, use a saw03:18
XwXCrazylokii want to hack cia03:18
eddyxmnt, lol03:18
aj_444MrSenator: Karmic?03:18
RPG_Mastermdg_: http://www.google.com/search?q=logitech+controller&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a03:18
MrSenatorJust leanred about it03:18
eddyuse an axe!03:18
XwXCrazylokiwhat kind of axe?03:18
Cyrano_DeI'm a big fan of recipricating saws.03:19
=== swoody_ is now known as swoody
RPG_Mastermdg_: I hadn't replied yet :P03:19
eddyXwXCrazyloki, good luck hacking cia03:19
r3l1cbastid_raZor:  thanks03:19
lstarnesr3l1c: /etc/motd.tail should be directly edited instead of /etc/motd03:19
aj_444MrSenator: Its still unstable. A lot of useless stuff crashes often. For an alpha though, its pretty good. it goes beta on the first.03:19
XwXCrazylokii dont need luck03:19
mdg_RPG_Master: wow! that was working in linux?03:19
mdg_RPG_Master: frets on fire?03:19
r3l1cbastid_raZor:  and then it will over write motd03:19
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jnq7189ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruL--== KaKaMaNa ==-- !seen !ping Fuck ya03:19
ztz8156ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruL--== KaKaMaNa ==-- !seen !ping Fuck ya03:19
ylr2860ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruLx moii FooT !!! ruL--== KaKaMaNa ==-- !seen !ping Fuck ya03:19
bastid_raZorlstarnes: when update-motd runs it pulls from /etc/motd.tail and writes over /etc/motd  .03:19
bastid_raZorr3l1c: if you do update-motd --disable then you edit /etc/motd you should be fine since update-motd will not be running03:21
RPG_MasterWell, what happened?03:21
bastid_raZorr3l1c: if you do update-motd --disable then you edit /etc/motd you should be fine since update-motd will not be running03:21
glavanwa1What is ruLx moii Foot??03:21
bastid_raZorlstarnes: when update-motd runs it pulls from /etc/motd.tail and writes over /etc/motd  .03:21
r3l1cbastid_raZor:  i see03:21
lstarnesbastid_raZor: I saw the first time03:21
aj_444glavanwa1: Spam.03:21
lstarnesglavanwa1: some spam message.  Just ignore it03:21
bastid_raZorlstarnes: ah, i thought we were all muzzled by the bots.03:21
seyfarthI need to connect to a Windows VPN in Ubuntu to access an exchange server. any ideas?03:22
RPG_Mastermdg_:  Yeah, I was playing some SNES games03:22
mdg_RPG_Master: frets on fire?03:22
kruykazelstarnes, can you tell me where to find proxy settings?03:22
RPG_Mastermdg_: But that would probably work too :)03:22
mdg_RPG_Master: did it work out of box first time?03:22
Cyrano_Deseyfarth: if it is a pptp VPN then there is a plugin for network manager that works pretty well.03:23
RPG_Mastermdg_: Yep... which makes me wonder why its not working now :(03:23
lstarneskruykaze: if it's ubuntu running gnome, System > Preferences > Network Proxy03:23
mdg_RPG_Master: plus in to USB?03:23
RPG_MasterIt was working fine in ZSNES :(03:23
RPG_Mastermdg_: yes03:23
mdg_RPG_Master: check "lsusb" and see if it is listed.....03:23
XwXCrazylokiubuntu is fag software03:23
kruykazelstarnes, it says direct connection which makes no sense because the update manager for example is looking for
XwXCrazylokionly fags use ubuntu03:24
RPG_MasterI think we are being "raided03:24
jribXwXCrazyloki: do you have ane actual support qusetion or do you just want to be banned?03:24
kruykazelstarnes, my dad was fiddling with proxies the other day but as a seperate user03:24
MrSenatorlol silly people with time on their hands.03:24
eddyi think he wants to be banned03:24
XwXCrazylokiubuntu is dumb03:24
DigitalKiwijrib: i do believe he wants to hack cia with ubuntu03:25
aj_444RPG_Master: I know. honestly, what is up with the spam today?03:25
eddyjrib, thank you03:25
webbb82is there any good software for a alternative to the system tray03:25
RPG_Masteraj_444:  Has it been like this all day?03:25
=== jiohdi3 is now known as jiohdi
bastid_raZorwebbb82: cairo-dock or Avant window navigator03:25
lstarneskruykaze: I'm not sure how to change root's proxy settings03:26
aj_444RPG_Master: I've only been on the past hour. It started to get bad 30 minutes ago? Probably those punks over at Fedora. xD03:26
=== miguel is now known as Guest31506
webbb82i already have a dock i dont wanna cliutter it with minamised apps03:26
lstarneskruykaze: for apt, it may be somewhere in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/03:26
mdg_webbb82: gnome do dock?03:27
bastid_raZorwebbb82: cairo-dock has the option to not show minimized applications.. but i misread your question .. you said system tray03:27
lstarneskruykaze: it might have something in /etc/apt/sources.list trying to use a local cache03:27
eddycan i still talk in here or do i have to identify03:27
lstarneseddy: we can hear you03:27
webbb82bastid_raZor, isnt the system tray where minamised apps go03:27
kruykazelstarnes, oh i see03:27
DigitalKiwieddy: sorry couldn't hear you03:27
RPG_Mastermdg_: Its showing up as "Logitech, Inc. Precision Gamepad"03:27
eddyDigitalKiwi, ha ha (sarcasm)03:27
hikenbootgreetings I have decided to use apt-mirror for setting up a local cache of repositories anyone able to tell me the default apt-sources for Jaunty 9.04 for POWERPC ?03:28
mdg_RPG_Master: then it must be something in the game that made it stop working03:28
mezquitaleanyone karmic ubuntu studio alpha 6 by any chance???03:28
eddythe floodbot confused me before and i tried to register this nick but it's taken03:28
RPG_Mastermdg_: OK then, thanks :)  I'll start messing around with ZSNES's settings then03:28
lstarnesmezquitale: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for karmic and its official variants03:28
mdg_hikenboot: you might have better luck posting in the PPC forum at www.ubuntuforums.org03:29
bastid_raZorwebbb82: in gnome the system tray is in the top panel at the right.  the minimized windows are int he bottom panel03:29
xmntmezquitale, not sure what you meant but I installed it in a vm03:29
hikenbootthanks mdg_03:29
mdg_hikenboot: I have 8.04 on a PPC, so that won't help you...03:29
webbb82ya sorry im geting my terms mixed up03:29
kruykazelstarnes, how do i fix that?03:29
mezquitalexmnt, im trying to download the image, if you have it and want to send it to me that will be great, im downloading it from the site but it's going to take about 3 hours to download03:29
lstarneskruykaze: I'm not exactly sure03:30
xmntmezquitale, try the torrents03:30
lstarneskruykaze: if it's an entry in /etc/apt/sources.list pointing to, it can be removed or replaced with an actual mirror03:30
xmntmezquitale, that is the fastest way03:30
lstarneskruykaze: there might also be something in system > administration > synaptic package manager03:30
mezquitalexmnt, i cant even get a hit using the torrent, what client are you using? I'm using Transmission bit torrent client03:30
dsdeizcan't i find rtorrent in the ppa?03:31
xmntmezquitale, deluge  .... make sure your ports are forwarded properly03:31
[[thufir]]how do you download updates with a slow connection?  sometimes the download fails and I have to start over.  (intermittent as well).03:31
xmntmezquitale, setup correctly shouldn't take more than 10-20 min. on a decent connection03:31
Magicman1264can anyone help me? I can't get flash player to work03:32
mezquitaleI have a fast cable connection and it takes me forever to download the torrents, let me try the deluge client03:32
kruykazelstarnes, thx a bunch03:32
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:32
Jordan_U[[thufir]]: You should be able to continue, at the very least every individual package that is successfully downloaded is saved03:32
eddy[[thufir]], you'll probably have to uncheck most updates in the update-manager and update one package at a time03:33
Magicman1264thank you   I'll give it a try03:33
aj_444Magicman1264: If I remember correctly, you need to type into the terminal sudo aptitutde install flashplugins-installer03:33
mdg_Magicman1264: what kind of PC and is this a fresh install of ubuntu?03:33
=== rp3_ is now known as Rp3
Jordan_U[[thufir]]: If you use apt-get it will tell you how much needs to be downloaded to upgrade, the amount should go down each time you run it03:34
=== sean is now known as Guest3565
chunda1ubca: sorry03:34
eddyaj_444, adobe-flashplugin03:34
chunda1ubca pidgin raped my processor and RAM03:34
Magicman1264not fresh install03:34
Guest3565how do I get an already built copy of opengl, or something the equivelant of directx for ubuntu 8.10?03:35
mdg_Magicman1264: is this a Power PC?03:35
seyfarthhow many times will "ping [ip]" go in the terminal...?03:35
Magicman1264I have this running since about JUne03:35
aj_444actually, Magicman1264: its sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer03:35
Magicman1264no   not power PC03:35
aj_444eddy: the way I suggested worked earlier today for me. just minus the s at the end of plugin.03:35
r3l1cuntil you hit ctrl+z ? thats my guess seyfarth03:35
mdg_Magicman1264: did you add the medibuntu repositories and GPG key?03:35
Magicman1264no I don't know how03:36
mdg_Magicman1264: google ubuntu wiki Medibuntu03:36
eddyGuest31506, you just need to get 3d working for your gfx card03:36
mdg_Magicman1264: once you add the medibuntu repos and update, you can get flash working03:37
bastid_raZor!medibuntu | Guest3150603:37
ubottuGuest31506: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:37
Guest3565Well I can't seem to get games to run properly on my system so I figure it must be a problem with not having opengl, or directx03:37
r3l1ci hate flash03:37
webbb82gnome do's dock is really laggy does anyone els notice this or know how to fix it03:37
r3l1csorry @ off topic03:37
aj_444webbb82: could also be your graphics card.03:38
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:38
frank1_anyone use an ipod with jaunty??? im having major problems getting my 80gb classic to work with any media player03:38
mdg_frank1_: you tried gtkpod?03:38
witedoes anyone know how to configure x server to let me use three monitors with two nvidia cards. i have 1 and a half monitors working, but i can't get the other half of one, and the 3rd working correctly.03:38
mdg_wite: half a monitor?03:39
frank1_it ran soo slow and didnt allow me to take my files off my ipod and put them on my comp03:39
Guest3565eddy any ideas?03:39
witelol. the desktop only takes up about 60% of the space for whatever reason. doesn't stretch the whole monitor03:39
r3l1cfrank1_:  there is an ipod thingy in synaptic ... I used it on a friends. it had something to do with a hippo I think03:39
frank1_i started ubuntu from scrach so most of my good tunes r on my ipoo03:39
frank1_i tried banshee but the files wouldnt copy to my music folder03:40
webbb82so no one els has a laggy gnome do docky03:40
mdg_frank1_: did you enable the ipod plugin in banshee?03:40
sheena1Having trouble with the touchpad on a Gateway T-1620. Tap-click works only part of the time. Anyone able to help? Running Jaunty, fresh install.03:40
frank1_rhythembox wouldnt let me copy off the ipod03:40
frank1_hmmm ipod plugin?03:40
mdg_frank1_: try looking under preferences....03:41
frank1_it just asked my which ipoo i was using so that it could set itself up03:41
Guest3565anyone know about the game SAVAGE 2 ?03:41
mdg_frank1_: hmmm....03:41
frank1_yea ipod support is enablem03:41
rand0ms0me0nehellllllo everyone!03:41
frank1_and i tried another prog also03:41
frank1_which i couldnt even get to recognise my ipod03:42
Guest3565frank1 you try using atunes?03:42
Deterministis there a way to install ubuntu server without installing python? i'd like to build python from source without having an existing installation of python in the system. my assumption is that this would be impossible, but i figured i'll ask anyways.03:42
mdg_frank1_: I've heard gtkpod works...03:42
Jordan_U!ipod | frank1_03:42
ubottufrank1_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:42
frank1_never herd of atunes03:42
eddyGuest31506, do you have 3d acceleration enabled? do you have libgl1-mesa-dev installed on your system? if not, do that03:42
[[thufir]]eddy: yeah, I'm using the synaptic gui, but surely there must be a scriptable approach to updating one package at a time?03:42
mezquitaleanyone knows what port is safe to use on a bit torrent??  The ports I am trying are blocked by my ISP03:42
Deterministmezquitale: which ones have you tried and which one is your ISP?03:43
Guest3565frank1 it is the equivilant of itunes for linux users03:43
mdg_[[thufir]]: perhaps aptitude through console?03:43
Jordan_U[[thufir]]: Why not just keep running "sudo apt-get upgrade" untill all updates are finished downloading?03:43
frank1_ok can i find it in syst mang03:43
witedoes anyone know how to configure x server to let me use three monitors with two nvidia cards. i have 1 and a half monitors working, but i can't get the other half of one, and the 3rd working correctly.03:43
frank1_apparentlly no03:43
mezquitalemy isp is cablevision I have tried the default ports in deluge and also tried using a random port, I am still unable to connect using the bit torrent client03:43
alerondoes anybody know how make kdenlive support avi files03:44
Guest3565frank1 no let me see if i can find it for you03:44
rand0ms0me0nequestion- occasionally my mouse freezes... the pointer moves, the keyboard works, everything continues to move as normal except the mouse buttons stop working so even though the pointer moves its useless03:44
Brando753guys how can i get Flash to detect and use my webcam?03:44
frank1_do i dl the deb package?03:44
sheena1Having trouble with the touchpad on a Gateway T-1620. Tap-click works only part of the time. Anyone able to help? Running Jaunty, fresh install.03:44
Deterministmezquitale: it could be something else and not your ISP. are you behind a firewall? do you have a router?03:44
rand0ms0me0newould that be a problem with X or the mouse or what? btw the mouse is a ms sidewinder...03:44
frank1_sorry im fairly new to this linux thing03:44
Jordan_Urand0ms0me0ne: Are you using multiple monitors?03:44
mezquitaleI have a router, the clients used to work though, so I dont think it's the router03:44
Guest3565frank1 its at http://www.atunes.org03:44
rand0ms0me0neJordan_U: 4 on two gpu03:45
eddyBrando753, you first must make sure your webcam works under linux, meaning: is there a driver installed for it? and then flash should easily just detect it03:45
rand0ms0me0nenever had this problem with just one03:45
frank1_guest deb package?03:45
Guest3565Anyone know where i can get an already built copy of opengl or equiv. to directx for ubuntu 8.10??03:45
kruykazehow's that atunes? how does it compare with rhythmbox?03:45
[[thufir]]mdg_:  yes, but how do you get aptitude to download and install one package at a time, versus a large number of packages?03:45
webbb82what i dont get is i have used cairo-dock and avant and none of those were laggy but gnome do's docky is very slow and lags03:46
Guest3565kruykaze well once you get it working right its actually pretty sweet!  way better than ryhtymbox I think03:46
eddy[[thufir]], you could use wicd and set it to run 'sudo apt-get upgrade' on post-connection and add apt-get to the /etc/sudoers to avoid it asking the password all the time03:46
danbhfiveGuest3565: I think you can just install the opengl bindings for whatever language you want to code in, and apt will handle the rest03:46
kruykazeGuest3565, in wat way?03:46
mdg_[[thufir]]: not sure - haven't used it enough...googling now....03:46
Guest3565webbb82 Avant is the best by far dock out there!03:46
Deterministmezquitale: could still be it, tho. the best way to check would be not using the router and testing with your modem directly connected to one of the machines. you could also set up port forwarding on your NAT, or DMZ. i doubt your ISP can block bittorrent ports, since bittorrent doesn't use any single well known port (and if your client does, that can be changed)03:47
eddy[[thufir]], actually scratch that idea i thought that only works for a LAN disconnect haha03:47
webbb82Guest31506, what makes awn the best?03:47
mezquitaleDeterminist, what port do you use??03:47
Deterministmezquitale: your ISP can use traffic shaping, but that's different.03:47
Deterministmezquitale: 5726503:47
Guest3565webbb82 because it has the most features and is the most compatible!  That is my opinion though!03:48
Guest3565eddy, you have any ideas on my opengl issue?03:48
[[thufir]]the best I can come up with is to gernate a list of packages, and then:  apt-get -y $(pkgs.txt)   but it's kinda cranky03:48
leaf-sheepwebbb82: I like Gnome-Do -- It is GRRRRRRREAT. With that, you longer do not need docks, you only need a panel. :)03:48
webbb82how can i find out what grafix card i have03:48
eddyGuest31506, do you have 3d acceleration enabled? do you have libgl1-mesa-dev installed on your system? if not, do that03:48
eddyGuest3565, do you have 3d acceleration enabled? do you have libgl1-mesa-dev installed on your system? if not, do that03:48
mdg_[[thufir]]: you get tell aptitude to hold a package, according to the man page03:49
mezquitaleDeterminist, TCP port 57265 closed on MYIP03:49
Deterministany idea about my question from earlier, guys?03:49
Guest3565eddy yes 3d acceleration is on, but I have been trying to figure out how to get that mesa, already built of course cause i can't seem to figure out how to build things correctly!03:49
Deterministmezquitale: myip?03:49
eddyGuest3565, you should be able to install through apt-get or synaptic03:50
mdg_[[thufir]]: actually, you should be able to manipulate update manager to just download one package at a time - just unclick all but the first update....03:50
kruykazeGuest3565, i'll give it a try03:50
mezquitaleDeterminist, it's an ip of the form *.*.*.* where * = # from 1-25403:50
eddymezquitale, i believe you can use 0 to 25503:51
[[thufir]]I saw the hold option, but wasn't clear how to script that.  I'd rather avoid the GUI, as this problem comes up repeatedly.03:51
Guest3565kruykaze yeah its a great dock, is exactly the same as the dock for mac OS03:51
lstarnes!fr | candie_03:51
ubottucandie_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:51
mezquitaleeddy, 255 is usually the broadcast address LoL03:51
Deterministmezquitale: you can't be serious. i just talked to you about NAT, DMZ and port forwarding and you're telling me what an IP address is? i'm asking what MYIP is... not what an IP address is.03:51
kruykazeGuest3565, i meant atunes03:52
eddymezquitale, not on mine03:52
alerondeos anybody know how to make kdenlive support avi files03:52
eddyoh nvm, for some reason i thought it was .103:53
eddylol o well03:53
webbb82i have a intel 945gme grafix card03:53
webbb82im not alone check it out https://bugs.launchpad.net/do/+bug/33370803:54
mdg_[[thufir]]: who is your ISP?03:54
mezquitaleDeterminist, LoL you want to know my ip?03:54
Alan502haha i screwed it up03:54
=== KPXX_ is now known as KPXX
Deterministmezquitale: no mate, i simply didn't understand what you meant up there :)03:55
mdg_Alan502: ? whats up?03:55
Alan502must be careful the next time installing ubuntu03:55
Alan502it didnt work03:55
mudsplatterubuntu works03:55
Alan502i posted in the forum tho03:55
mudsplatteru messed it up03:55
user111Plz someone a little tiny hlep03:55
Alan502yes i ded03:55
mezquitalerofl  I guess you dont do any scripting, sorry for the confusion, im going to google for a few ill be back later03:55
mudsplatternever blame ubuntu03:55
user111I need to install a language in ubuntu 9.0403:55
mdg_Alan502: which part didn't work - the mounting ?03:55
user111how can that be done03:55
seyfarthwhy won't evolution let me proceed through its mailbox setup wizard? am i missing something? http://tinyurl.com/mkdbbz03:56
Deterministi hate my ISP. annoying bastards are traffic shaping bittorrent packets and are practically choking up any bittorrent traffic entirely. this is such a bummer.03:56
Alan502try admin> something should come up user11103:56
mattgyverHow can i set VLC as my default media application, trying to set it in preferred applications isnt working03:56
lstarnesuser111: which one?03:56
mudsplatterseyfarth, why dont u use thunderbird03:56
kruykazeGuest3565, it doesn't work03:56
Deterministmezquitale: erm, i write code for a living O.o03:56
Alan502mdg_: i cannot manage my partition03:56
user111Is it hard to be done03:56
mdg_user111: Adminstration - Language Support03:56
seyfarthmudsplatter: need 100% exchange support. server-side mailbox, calendar, the works.03:57
mdg_Alan502: can't mount it?03:57
user111Will check mdg03:57
lstarnesuser111: it just involves installing a couple packages03:57
KittyBootsHow can I trouble shoot cd burning errors?03:57
mezquitaleDeterminist, no dice, I have to configure a port in my router to be able to use a bit torrent client???03:57
mdg_user111: your welcome :)03:57
kxmHi, I just ran dhclient eth0 on my fresh install of desktop 9.04, everything went fine, I'm talking to you now after all, but I got tyhe lines: chown: failed to get attributes of `/etc/resolv.conf': No such file or directory03:57
kxmchmod: failed to get attributes of `/etc/resolv.conf': No such file or directory03:57
kxmanybody help?03:57
Deterministmezquitale: yeah, that's quite common if you're behind a NAT03:57
Alan502ah the command line? i didnt try it to be honest :P03:57
Alan502but man, will that enable my D drive?03:58
mezquitaleDeterminist, it used to work fine though with my linksys router03:58
Cyrano_DeAvoid the command line.  It is evil and all powerful03:58
Deterministmezquitale: i usually set up one of my machines as DMZ and run bittorrent from there.03:58
Brando753eddy: yes it is03:58
lstarnesuser111: language-support-ar might be the package for it03:58
eddycompiz should enable mac's genie effect by default, but noooo they gotta make us hack the .so file to enable it03:58
mdg_Alan502: what did you try?03:58
user111thanks allot ppl03:58
user111got it03:58
Deterministmezquitale: too many variables, not sure what you had, but trying to lead you to a possible solution to what you're having right now.03:58
Alan502i tried going to partition manager in windows03:58
mdg_user111: \O/ yay!03:58
Alan502and looking for a way to move the partition onto the one i did before03:59
lstarneskxm: you have no /etc/resolv.conf03:59
lstarneskxm: try sudo touch /etc/resolv.conf03:59
Alan502man but03:59
mdg_Alan502: - made things worse huh!03:59
mezquitaleDeterminist, thanks, I'll take a look into my router later but first im going to see if it works on my neighbor's wireless, what are neighbors with open wireless for?03:59
Alan502haha but didnt find a way to do it03:59
Alan502mdg_ :/ im confused03:59
kxmistarnes, it just return a shell prompt, no errors, nothing at all03:59
Alan502going to try the command you gave03:59
lstarneskxm: that means it worked04:00
seyfarthanyone have any ideas why this won't let me click forward? http://tinyurl.com/mkdbbz04:00
Alan502but, again04:00
lstarneskxm: in *nix, silence usually means success04:00
Deterministmezquitale: be fair tho :)04:00
kxmistarnes, thank-you, but worked in doing what?04:00
mdg_Alan502: had you played much with linux before04:00
Alan502what will that do mdg_? im worried to screw it up04:00
kxmistarnes: heh.04:00
Alan502this is my first linux distribution really04:00
Alan502the first i work with04:00
lstarneskxm: sudo touch /etc/resolv.conf should have made an empty file at that location04:00
mdg_Alan502: live cd or install?04:00
Alan502i have it installed already as i told you04:01
Jordan_U[[thufir]]: You can already install the packages that have been downloaded so far, just apt-get install them and if all of their dependencies are also downlaoded they will install04:01
Alan502would you take a look at my post to see a more detailed explanation?04:01
mdg_Alan502: sorry meant had you used a live cd?04:01
Alan502i have04:01
mdg_Alan502: before you installed..04:01
Alan502ah yes04:01
kxmistarnes: okay thanks, I'll just trust that it's a good thing ;->04:01
Alan502i did04:01
Alan502can i post links here without getting banned?04:02
DrainedHey guys, there's a really strange problem lol, my window manager, doesn't have a pshysical form04:02
rand0ms0me0ne_Jordan_U: sorry for dc, mouse froze, restarted x04:02
mdg_Alan502: which partition do you try to move in windows?04:02
kxmalan502: yes.04:02
DrainedI can minimize, exit etc, those entire panelare missing04:02
adnanim sooo exhaused of searching.....im running ubuntu 9.04, how can I make metacity my default windows manager (i know i can run metacity --replace) but I want to stop compiz from kicking in altogether04:02
rand0ms0me0ne_Jordan_U: any suggestions about my previously mentioned problem with mouse freezes?04:02
Alan502mdg_: please look at my detailed explanation: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=797702104:02
Drainedadnan: uninstall compiz?04:02
adnanDrained: i don't know if that is what i want to do...i might have to show off at the next board meeting...heheh04:03
eddyadnan, go to System > Prefs > Appearance > Visual Effect and select None04:03
Drainedahh, well adding a Startup shortcut to replace metacity04:03
Drainedcould do the trick04:03
fxfitzIs there a way to control which users have access to start servers on what ports??04:03
mdg_Alan502: did you resize the partition before you installed - how did you resize?04:03
bastid_raZoradnan: system>preferences>appearances .. visual effects. choose None04:03
soreauadnan: Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects tab>None04:04
adnaneddy: i tried that but after rebooting compiz is enabled and nothing in the Appearance window is selected04:04
adnanbastid_raZor: soreau : i treid that option but it resets after reboot.04:04
DrainedWell back to my question, the entire "grabable" or "clickable" panel ontop of each window is missing! idk what to do once i start 1 window i have to stick to it because i cant alt-tab to switch or "x" out of it04:04
soreauDrained: There's no need to uninstall compiz. Simply set gnome-appearance-properties to none04:04
Drainedanyone know?04:04
Alan502no i didnt04:04
adnanafter reboot when i open the appearance window nothing is selected and compiz is active04:04
Alan502resize what partition?04:04
Alan502the D?04:04
Jordan_Urand0ms0me0ne_: It sounds similar to this ( fixed, for most at least ) bug. https://launchpad.net/bugs/29616704:04
mdg_Alan502: by chance are you using wubi?04:05
soreauadnan: Do you have comiz as part of your startup programs in sys>prefs>startup programs? Or fusion-icon for that matter?04:05
Drainedthe entire "grabable" or "clickable" panel ontop of each window is missing! idk what to do once i start 1 window i have to stick to it because i cant alt-tab to switch or "x" out of it04:05
Alan502i am not, i thought about it04:05
Alan502but i could not get wubi on the usb stick04:05
adnani tried to go to Gconf ->  desktop -> gnome -> apps -> wind_manager , but it says that key is no longer in used in  ubu 9.0404:05
adnansoreau: nope04:05
sinani am having bad sectors on my hard disk. Is there a way to remap those?04:06
Drainedoh never mind i fixed it compiz is messed up :(04:06
fxfitzIs it possible to control which tcp/udp ports users have access to starting servers on?04:06
eddyadnan, do you have compiz settings manager installed?04:06
bastid_raZorDrained: in ccsm check window decorations04:06
adnaneddy:  yes04:06
Alan502any ideas man?04:06
soreauadnan: Then it shouldn't be starting at all. You can chmod -X `which compiz` to ensure it never starts again04:06
adnansoreau: interesting04:06
mdg_Alan502: when you try to access the D: drive - you mean from ubuntu right?04:07
adnansoreau: so next time i want to run compiz im gonna have to change permission i suppose04:07
eddyadnan, try unchecking EVERYTHING in the compiz settings manager04:07
Drainedbastid_razor what exacly am i looking for04:07
Drainedin ccsm04:07
adnaneddy: ok04:07
soreauadnan: Yes, and you'd have to chmod04:07
eddycus that overrides anything in Appearance > Visual FX04:07
bastid_raZorDrained: window decorations .. check that box.04:07
soreauadnan: Yes, and you'd have to chmod +x /usr/bin/compiz04:07
Alan502when i try to access the D drive from windows, i cannot open it. From ubuntu, i can, mdg_04:07
Drainedi know what am i looking for in there04:07
adnansoreau: eddy : how can i tamper with the settings of gnome- Settings Daemon04:07
adnanmaybe there is something in there04:07
soreauadnan: Actually it's be better to do that to compiz.real since compiz is a script on ubuntu04:07
mdg_Alan502: I forgot... you are trying to fix windows so you can access your D drive again right?04:08
adnansoreau: hmmm i c04:08
eddyadnan, unchecking all those settings may just do it04:08
eddyhaha chmod -x /usr/bin/compiz may work04:08
soreauadnan: Also, check to see what you have in gconf-editor /desktop/gnome/required components/windowmanager?04:08
Alan502mdg_: exactly :D04:08
mdg_Alan502: in ubuntu your D: shows ntfs?04:09
Drainedbastid_razor: nope not that lol04:09
Alan502mdg_: yes, it shows ntfs04:09
jiohdihow do I integrate 7zip into the arc manager so that extract here appears in the menu?04:09
bastid_raZorDrained: are you missing the title bars or panels in gnome?04:09
DrainedYes Bastid04:09
mdg_Alan502: does the D: drive contain the window boot manager?04:10
bastid_raZorDrained: that was not a yes or no question.04:10
Alan502mdg_: windows boot manager? thats in C04:10
DrainedYes it is you asked if i was missing them.04:10
Alan502in D i only had Data and programs04:10
Drainedit's a flat edge, nothing above the actual "window" of the program is there for isntance im on pidgin only converation and opitons are there04:11
zookoI have a question about Ubuntu Hardy as a server (feel free to direct me to a more appropriate channel).  Can I easily set up a watchdog that reboots the system if it hangs?  A server is hanging with out-of-memory errors.04:11
obiwan__hi please04:11
Jordan_UAlan502: Is Windows the first partition?04:11
mdg_Alan502: not sure how to force windows to boot the partition...04:11
obiwan__any dpkg -l substitute in apt-get/cache?04:11
binskipy2uanyone have an opinion good or bad of Kmail vs thunderbird vs evolution?04:11
Alan502yes Jordan_U04:11
Alan502the only problem04:11
eddyah if you're trying to edit boot options in vista or 7, try msconfig ... a thought04:11
Alan502is that i cant access D04:11
lstarnesobiwan__: maybe apt-file list packagename04:11
eddyjust remembered that handy tool :)04:11
Alan502mdg_: thanks :) formating then?04:11
mdg_Alan502: you might ask in #windows how to force a mount of a nonbooting ntfs partition04:12
Jordan_Uzooko: There may be a simpler way, but you can compile a kernel with options to panic on OOM and restart on panic04:12
Alan502what do you mean?04:12
obiwan__thx i'll try lstarnes, what i want is to list all installed/installable packages , with apt-get04:12
Alan502man i can boot windows04:12
mdg_Alan502: at least so you can back up your stuff and not lose it.04:12
Alan502but i cannot access the D drive!04:12
lstarnesobiwan__: apt-cache does that04:12
zookoJordan_U: is there a prebuilt kernel with such features for Ubuntu?  If not, what are the options I should look for?04:12
Alan502windows works perefectly04:12
obiwan__how lstarnes?04:12
Alan502and yeah i can back it up04:12
obiwan__search won't04:12
Alan502with ubuntu04:12
Alan502via network04:12
obiwan__apt-cache search won't lstarnes04:12
FloodBot2Alan502: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
lstarnesobiwan__: maybe apt-cache dump04:12
eddyAlan502, what does it say when you try to access your D drive?04:12
obiwan__brb ;)04:13
Alan502Cant access D:\ directory damaged or ilegible.04:13
DrainedBastid_razor: the "X" minimize maximize "drag" panel is completley missing04:13
Jordan_Uzooko: I doubt there is a pre-built kernel, there is a change that it's configurable without recompiling though04:13
Jordan_Uzooko: s/change/chance04:13
adokDoes anybody knows a FiSH program called dirtirc? its for FiSH encryption for all the irc clients, im having troubles compile this.04:13
Alan502mdg_: although form partition manager and ubuntu i can see all the files04:13
mdg_Alan502: I used the term mount with windows - which is incorrect - I meant access the your storage drive (D:)04:13
Chips_Handonhey guys. im haveing a problem with my pen drive. for some reason it is now read-only and i dont know how to fix it. help would be nice04:13
bastid_raZorDrained: in compiz the windows decoration plugin controls that.04:13
eddyAlan502, have you run a filesystem check on it?04:13
DrainedBastid_razor: i'm aware of that, but even when it's disabled that panel is missing04:14
Alan502eddy: chkdisk? i cannot run it, because of the same error04:14
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mdg_Alan502: defrag?04:14
obiwan__that certainly works lstarnes , but lists all packages + info + dependancies, i just want names04:14
Drainedbastid_razor: this is the command gtk-window-decorator --replace04:14
bastid_raZorDrained: it needs to be enabled in order for them to show04:14
zookoJordan_U: thanks for the tips.  Sounds pretty good.  My next issue is "Why are there no /var/log/syslog or other log files...".04:14
eddyAlan502, wow what a sh*t storm04:14
soreauDrained: You have no decorations. First, enable the window decoration plugin then start a decorator (gtk-window-decorator --replace)04:15
Alan502mdg_: cant defrag neither, actually it wasnt fragmented at all, i run defragmentation every friday04:15
obiwan__lstarnes,  i know i can filter , but isn't there any command to just list names ? lstarnes ? :(04:15
n8tuserAlan502 -> umm you're trying to access ext3 file system from windows? do you have the ext3 driver loaded in windows?04:15
bastid_raZorDrained: compiz-decorator ?04:15
eddyso has anyone gotten splashy to work in jaunty?04:15
lstarnesobiwan__: please be patient while I look for an alternative04:15
DrainedEVEN ON it's missing04:15
Drained\off or on it doesn't show04:15
Jordan_Uzooko: For a while I also had a dirty hack that I used for my olpc xo, I just created a script that looped checking how much free memory there was and at 90 % ( before it had the chance to become unresponsive ) triggered the kernel OOM-killer04:15
Alan502eddy: hahaha sh*t storm?04:15
lstarnesobiwan__: I generally see things the first time you say them04:15
zooko /var/log is owned by root and isn't group writable.  /var/log/syslog is written by a user named "syslog".  How did this ever work?04:15
eddyAlan502, idk made it up lol04:15
mdg_Alan502: not fragmented, but cannot ntfs partition cannot be accessed from within windows???04:15
zookoJordan_U: ;-)  Sweeet.04:15
Alan502n8tuser: no, i am trying to access an ntfs partition04:16
zookoHopefully the kernel config you suggested first will work better for me. :-)04:16
eddyAlan502, but imagine a storm of flying poo every where?04:16
lstarnesobiwan__: you might have to do it through dpkg -l04:16
Chips_Handonpen drive is somehow now read-only. help please04:16
Drainedi'll try in #compiz04:16
zookoHm.  How can I find out what went wrong such that there are no logs.  I can't look in the logs to find out!  :-)04:16
Jordan_Uzooko: It's not something I would do on a production server but I can see if I still have it ( or recreate it since it's pretty simple )04:16
eddyChips_Handon, you could add the pen drive to /fstab with rw option04:16
Alan502mdg_? thanks for your help04:17
Chips_Handondont know what you mean. not geeky enough04:17
Alan502appreciated :d04:17
n8tuserAlan502 -> your statement seems confusing, you installed ubuntu on an ext3 file system and you are attempting to access it from windows?04:17
eddyChips_Handon, dammit lol uhhh where to start04:17
mdg_Alan502: people are confused because you are trying to access windows partition through windows after ubuntu install...04:17
zookoI wonder if it has something to do with the fact that / is a flashdrive with ext3 on it.  :-(04:17
zookoThere *is* a dmesg.04:17
Jordan_Uzooko: This looks promising ( read the note though )04:17
zookoBut not /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog04:17
Chips_Handoni dont need alot04:17
Jordan_Uzooko: http://www.linode.com/wiki/index.php/Rebooting_on_OOM04:17
ScottNYCare the commands in OSX termianl and linux terminal the exact same?04:18
Chips_Handonwhere is this /fsstab at04:18
eddyyo does anyone know how to get a UUID without gparted?04:18
lstarnesScottNYC: they are different04:18
mdg_Alan502: ask in the ##windows channel04:18
lstarnesChips_Handon: /etc/fstab04:18
Alan502but ubuntu its making windows not recognize the drive04:18
Alan502ok thanks04:18
eddyChips_Handon, it is in /etc/fstab04:18
clankis there an application I can use to edit pdf's? i'd like to add a table of contents04:18
bastid_raZoreddy: sudo blkid04:18
Jordan_UScottNYC: Some are exactly the same, some are completely different, and some are in between04:18
Chips_Handonim still learning alot04:18
lstarnesScottNYC: but they aren't too dissimilar04:18
eddycool thx04:18
Chips_Handonbare with me04:18
aleroncan anybody give me the kdenlive channel04:19
n8tuserAlan502 -> you have to be clear, you have installed ubuntu, and ubuntu can only be installed on an ext* type.. so attempting to access that from windows is not easy04:19
obiwan__yeah lstarnes , i've found apt-cache pkgnames but that just lists installed , and in a ugly way :S dpkg -l defintely works best that that option04:19
eddyChips_Handon, plug in your pendrive and run 'sudo blkid' in terminal04:19
lstarnesobiwan__: you could also try filtering the output of apt-cache using apt-cache dump | grep ^Package:04:19
lstarnesobiwan__: however, it is most direct to use dpkg -l04:19
Alan502n8tuser: no, i want to access a previously created ntfs partition with windows04:19
Jordan_UScottNYC: Many commands are actually the same code, like GNU bash, then there are things like "killall" which on linux will kill the process you pass as an argument, and on most other *NIX will kill *everything* ;)04:19
justin_hey im back still no luk with the wireless04:19
eddycopy the UUID value for /dev/sdb1 (or /dev/hdb1)04:20
* zooko superstitiously tries creating an empty /var/log/syslog with the right ownership and permissions.04:20
eddyChips_Handon, ^^04:20
Alan502n8tuser: it worked before ubuntu installation, but for some reason ubuntu installed in this ntf partition04:20
n8tuserAlan502 -> i think you are mistaken, explain how many partitions do you think you have?04:20
Alan502n8tuse: its rare, did you look at my post?04:20
Alan502n8tuser: i have six partitions actually04:20
eddyChips_Handon, now do you know what type of filesystem your pen drive is? if not, running the previous command will tell you too04:20
Chips_HandonIT WORKED04:20
Alan502n8tuse: three in etx3 & 204:20
n8tuserAlan502 -> do not attempt to keep some info, be clear please04:21
Chips_Handonit always worked before04:21
obiwan__yeah lstarnes , thought about that but that isn't nice because you're requesting for info you don't actually need, i'll keep with dpkg -l04:21
obiwan__MANY thanx anyway :):)04:21
Alan502n8tuse: this is an screen capture of partition manager in windows, showing the partitions:http://imgur.com/Abge7.jpg04:21
n8tuserAlan502 -> your posting does not even describe that. so please be clear on what you have04:21
Chips_Handonjust had problems now. might be my computer. old machine04:21
Alan502n8tuser: blue is ntfs, yellow is etx3 and brown is etx204:21
eddyChips_Handon, okay now add a line to ur /etc/fstab: UUID="<that value" vfat rw,users,noauto 0 004:21
Chips_Handonits working now04:22
Chips_Handonim good04:22
n8tuserAlan502 -> that is difficult to read, get a better snapshot04:22
eddyok cool04:22
Jordan_Uzooko: Note though that the OOM killer really should prevent any freezes ( by killing processes until you have enough memory ), so I'm not sure what is happening04:22
Chips_Handonthe blkid command did it04:22
Alan502i will04:22
bastid_raZorAlan502: that is not an ntfs partition.. it says ext3 . no wonder you can not access it in windows04:22
eddyChips_Handon, good to hear04:22
Alan502D its an ntfs04:22
Alan502ubuntu created and etx3 inside it apparently04:22
Alan502its weird04:22
wizzhow to open startup manager?04:23
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:23
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Chips_Handonfunny how the solution was so simple04:23
ScottNYCi think ubutnu is gonna maistream linux04:23
eddywizz, did you sudo apt-get install startupmanager?04:23
nobodymezquitalemezquitale, youre still there?04:23
n8tuserAlan502 -> you are attempting to read from windows, it will not read ext* partition correctly unless you have the driver loaded in windows04:23
eddywizz, it doesn't come with ubuntu by default04:23
Jordan_Uzooko: i.e. If the OOM killer is not being called it might be because you never get to a complete out of memory condition, and if so panic_on_oom won't be triggered either04:23
n8tuserAlan502 -> the snapshot you have is bogus04:23
zookoJordan_U: Hm04:24
eddywizz, could always just edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst file manually :-)04:24
Alan502n8tuser: let me get a better one04:24
nobodymezquitalethat's weird, i lost connection on xchat and when I logged back in it said my nic is already in use04:24
eddynobodymezquitale, it happens04:24
Alan502n8tuse: i cannot print screen because all the programs i had installed were on D and i cannot access them04:24
zookoThe guy who has physical access to the box at co-lo says that the terminal is full of "no more memory, can't kill process $XYZ".04:24
alerondoes anybody know of the kdenlive channel04:24
n8tuserAlan502 -> once more, do not attempt to read linux partition from windows unless you have the correct driver to read em04:24
Chips_Handoni wish i could give you a cookie eddy. i planed on using my psp as a storage device. imagine taking that around!!!!!04:24
mdg_n8tuser: there's a windows driver for that?04:24
eddyChips_Handon, i made cookies today, ironically04:25
n8tuserAlan502 -> you seemed to ignore what i have told you04:25
nobodymezquitaleanyone has an idea why bit torrent clients can't connect?  It looks like an isp somewhere is blocking bit torrent clients04:25
Alan502it is a linux partition n8tuser? where can i get the driver?04:25
zookoDarn I still don't get logging messages in /var/log/system.  :-{04:25
n8tusermdg_ -> i was told there is a driver for it, maybe you have to pay04:25
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CoJaBo-Aztecnobodymezquitale: Comcast? :P04:25
n8tuserAlan502 ->  -> i was told there is a driver for it, maybe you have to pay04:25
Jordan_Uzooko: Then panic_on_oom would work, as the kernel is at least trying to use the OOM killer. You might want to figure out why it can't kill processes though04:26
nobodymezquitaleCoJaBo-Aztec, no, i use cablevision04:26
Alan502n8tuser: the thing is that, once again it is not a etx3 partition04:26
Fatboy12345236Anyone alive?04:26
Alan502n8tuse: it shows up as a ntfs04:26
mdg_:/ ain't that always the way with windows...04:26
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nobodymezquitale!ask | Fatboy1234523604:26
ubottuFatboy12345236: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:26
zookoRunning /etc/init.d/sysklogd stop && /etc/init.d/sysklogd start claims to have worked.04:26
Chips_Handonwhile im here, can anyone help me fix my resolution on my TV with the VGA attached?04:26
zookoBut still no log.04:26
n8tuserAlan502 -> okay, if you dispute this,  can you boot into linux?04:26
Alan502n8tuser: i can see it in my pc, while i cant see other partitions that are etx3 whole04:26
Chips_Handonits stuck on 640x420 or somthing likle that04:26
Alan502n8tuser: yes i can with no problems04:26
eddyChips_Handon, you'll probably have to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:26
Chips_Handonit might be the fact that the computer is a peice of sh**04:26
Chips_Handoni dont know how04:27
Chips_Handonlast time i tried i had to reinstall04:27
n8tuserAlan502 -> then lets prove that once you get into linux, boot into linux, then type this  sudo fdisk -l   and then paste the results in pastebin, then we can believe you04:27
eddyanyone good with Xorg able to help Chips_Handon?04:27
Fatboy12345236Alrighty, I'm trying to compile Eggdrop and It says I'm missing tlclib or something like that...04:27
zookoHrm.  Should I sudo apt-get install syslogd?04:27
mdg_Alan502: are you sure the size of the D: drive is seen the same in Ubuntu and windows?04:27
Alan502sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf Chips_Handon04:27
zookoMaybe that would help.  :-)04:27
Fatboy12345236Stop flooding!04:27
Alan502ok n8tuser04:27
lstarnesFatboy12345236: you need tcl-dev and tcl04:28
Fatboy12345236How do I get 'em?04:28
Alan502mdg_: i cannot see the drive size in windows04:28
Chips_Handonif it helps, my tv is a Sharp lcd 27inch. computer is a dell dimension 240004:28
lstarnesFatboy12345236: sudo apt-get install tcl tcl-dev04:28
Chips_Handonvga to tv04:28
Jordan_Uzooko: Try typing alt+sysrq+f (WARNING COULD KILL IMPORTANT PROCESSES ) and see what exactly it can't kill, and maybe look at dmesg for more info04:28
mdg_Alan502: not any drive sizes throught windows or just D: ?04:28
Fatboy12345236P.S I'm on xubantu04:28
eddyChips_Handon, are you trying to have dual monitor setup with this TV?04:28
zookoJordan_U: I don't have console access.  I'm ssh'ed in.04:28
Chips_Handonit is my main monitor04:29
dios_miois it wise to let the Nvidia's own config tool to save to xorg.conf?04:29
n8tusermdg_ -> geesh one can not read a linux partition from windows easily, you are not accepting of that?04:29
justin_hey guys im having trouble with my wireless ndiswrapper sees the device and sees its installed but i cant use it04:29
zookoAnd the mystery I'm studying at the moment is "Why are there no logs?".04:29
Alan502mdg_: just D04:29
mdg_n8tuser: I asked him if he can see any partitions from within windows04:29
Alan502mdg_: D is the only drive i am having problems with, and in windows04:29
Jordan_Uzooko: You can get the same effect by writing "f" to /proc/sysrq-trigger but it might kill ssh ( probably not as the killer is somewhat smart and tries to choose less important things to kill )04:30
Alan502mdg_: i can see only ntfs partitions, C and D04:30
n8tusermdg_ -> he is confused and not understanding things, you kept feeding him04:30
zookoJordan_U: this is to trigger the OOM killer?04:30
Jordan_Uzooko: Yes04:30
eddyChips_Handon, just edit your xorg.conf: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and look for the device "screen" section and edit the resolution to your desire04:30
dios_miohow can I get passed this stupid security that wont let me edit /etc files in gedit?04:30
Alan502n8tuser: what do you want me to understand exactly?04:30
Chips_Handonthere is nothing there04:30
n8tuserAlan502 -> then lets prove that once you get into linux, boot into linux, then type this  sudo fdisk -l   and then paste the results in pastebin, then we can believe you04:30
mdg_Alan502: perhaps booting from your live USB into ubuntu and getting a screenshot of gparted would help04:30
Chips_Handonlast time i did it did boot coorectly04:30
Chips_Handoni screwed it up04:30
Alan502n8tuser: thats what i am doing04:31
lstarnesdios_mio: alt+f2 then gksudo gedit04:31
Jordan_Uzooko: "echo f | sudo tee /proc/sysrq-trigger"04:31
n8tuserAlan502 -> am waiting..ill give you five minutes04:31
dios_miothanks lstarnes04:31
n8tuseri may have to sit in the throne.. :P04:31
Fatboy12345236awww Thanks,04:31
mdg_n8tuser: I think we are all confused  ;)04:31
zookoJordan_U: Uh, that echoed "f" to my terminal.  :-)04:31
Chips_Handonits probably this computer04:31
Chips_Handonits crap04:32
zookoAh, and it triggered the OOM.  :-)04:32
eddyChips_Handon, perhaps you need to use a different gfx driver04:32
Jordan_Uzooko: It also wrote it to /proc/sysrq-trigger ( man tee ). You will see a message about what it killed in dmesg04:32
dios_miolstarnes , is it wise to let the Nvidia's own config tool to save to xorg.conf?04:32
zookoI know about tee, I just expected stdout from the write to /proc, which now that I say it sounds pretty dumb...04:33
lstarnesdios_mio: I'm not sure04:33
lstarnesdios_mio: I don't think I've had any issues with it, but I have not used it in a long time04:33
dios_miolstarnes , ok thanks04:33
zookoJordan_U: well, in this case it picked a good victim and killed it successfully.04:33
Chips_Handonmaybe, but im not too familar with graphic drivers. i know were to find it, but  i would have to build it. i dont know how to do things like that04:33
quartkneeI'm running Jaunty and it won't install updates/update my distribution because of medibuntu files. Should I delete those files?04:34
zookoAny theories why I don't have a /var/log/syslog?  :-(04:34
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Jordan_Uzooko: The file doesn't exist?04:34
Chips_Handonif i bought a decent graphics card, do you think it would fix the resolution? the added video memory wouldnt hurt04:34
Jordan_Uzooko: Or just nothing in it about the OOM?04:35
DrainedChips_Handon: you could force the resolution?04:35
zookoJordan_U: it isn't created.  So I made one with the right ownership and permissions and rebooted, but nothing is written into it.04:35
zookoIt is on / which is an ext3 on a flashdrive.04:35
Chips_Handondotn know how.04:35
Brian___can someone please help i messed with my xorg.conf file and now ubuntu wont start04:35
n8tuserzooko -> look in your /etc/syslog.conf if its declared to be used04:35
Chips_Handonunless it involves xorg.conf04:35
Chips_Handonlast time i went in there i had to reinstall04:36
zookon8tuser: thanks.04:36
Jordan_Uzooko: Also make sure syslogd is running04:36
DigitalKiwizooko: do you use arch or ubuntu or both or what? could swear i saw you in their channel earlier04:36
Chips_Handonnot to mention i had to install ine safe graphic mode because the main screen would pop up04:36
DrainedDoes anyone know how to get Ctrl-alt-backspace to work again?04:36
soreau! dontzap | Drained04:36
ubottuDrained: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.04:36
zookoDigitalKiwi: I was just working on some Python packaging issues and wanted to know how ArchLinux compiles its python executable.04:37
zookoI mostly use Ubuntu, myself.  Hardy is my favorite server OS right now.  I'm trying to get my secure cloud storage project included in Karmic.04:37
Jordan_UBrian___: Boot holding shift, when you see the grub menu choose "recovery mode"04:37
deltaray2I'm getting this error when trying to run 'dpkg -L cpp':  dpkg-query: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:  unable to open files list file for package `cpp': Stale NFS file handle04:37
zooko(I just need some Masters of the Universe to advocate for its inclusion into Karmic.  Hint, hint.  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/tahoe-lafs )04:37
deltaray2Any ideas?04:37
zookon8tuser: bingo!  syslog is commented out!  Thanks.04:38
chundaguys, i have a rlt8187b wifi adapter and i've done the trick of fixing the bitrate (iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed) to fix the range pro yetblem. But there the connectivity problem i could not solve04:38
n8tuserzooko -> you're welcome04:38
Chips_Handonhow do i force my resolution???04:38
DrainedChip: read this over it might help you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42343804:38
Chips_Handonill try anything04:38
chundai can only navigate and enter the chat. but no downloads04:39
Jordan_UChips_Handon: WHat gfx card?04:39
chibihogoshinowhats the big deal about google chrome ?04:39
Chips_Handonintel chipset04:39
Chips_Handondell demension 240004:39
Jordan_UChips_Handon: What version of Ubuntu?04:39
chundai'm running ubuntu 8.1004:39
dios_miolstarnes , i saved NVidia's config file to xog.conf.. and now my windows open with only the content, without the GNOME window around them, and with its title bar and stuff04:39
n8tuserchunda -> i suggest you get a diff wifi card and better driver04:40
mitnickhow much line in ubuntu source code right now?04:40
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Did you say that you installed in safe graphics mode?04:40
Chips_Handoni had too04:40
Chips_Handonnothing would show untill i did that04:40
chundan8tuser, i saw that many users had this problem, but i couldn't fix it04:40
dragonwill an UNR image work on an i386 machine?04:41
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Then it is still in safe graphics mode, that is why you aren't getting full rez04:41
chundan8tuser, in windows everything goes well... :(04:41
chundan8tuser, damm realtek04:41
dragon..i meant x8604:41
n8tuserchunda -> that just confirms it, also stay away from broadcom if you have a choice04:41
Chips_Handonbut i cant see it any other way04:41
Jordan_Udragon: Yes04:41
Chips_Handonthe install screen woulnt come up04:41
dragonJordan_U: mine says "Boot Error"04:41
burntresistorim having trouble installing fuppes when I enter  autoreconf -vfi  it says its not using gettext when gettext is a dependency is there a solution for this04:41
arthusI'm trying to get tightvncserver working, but I get an error about fonts. Specifically: "Please set correct fontPath in the tightvncserver script."04:42
chundan8tuser, i'm seeing it, because i can only install packages through synaptic and every download get stuck04:42
dvsxutacthey guys, in centos there is /etc/inittab that allows u to edit the init level the computer starts to.... is there such a file in ubuntu desktop 9.0... the newest one?04:42
chunda(normal download)04:42
Jordan_UChips_Handon: How comfortable are you with the terminal?04:42
Chips_Handonif i am directed04:42
Jordan_U!boot | dvsxutact04:43
ubottudvsxutact: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto04:43
thegustyCan anyone recommend a good usenet binary reader?04:43
Chips_Handoni dont know what im doing half the time thoiugh04:43
n8tuserchunda -> you keep on insisting of using such nic, why not use a wired when downloading?04:43
dvsxutactty Jordan_U04:43
Chips_Handonid just reinstall again04:43
Chips_Handoni dont care04:43
Jordan_Udvsxutact: np04:43
n8tuserthegusty ->  od  ?04:43
Chips_Handonif i screw it up again04:43
chundan8tuser, guess i have no option04:43
Fatboy123452362nd question, Is there any way you can add a capital in your name E.G Instead of james, Is there any way I can make it James?04:43
chundan8tuser, or maybe i can try 9.1004:44
n8tuserchunda -> why not?04:44
dragonHello world. I just created a UNR USB using the `usb-imagewriter` available through the repositories. USB creation was successful but my x86 laptop reads "Boot Error" when I try to boot from that USB.04:44
Maelos`What's the difference with the "virtual" version of the kernel?04:44
Maelos`I'm running the "server" build inside my guests.  Would virtual be preferred and why?04:44
Chips_Handonwhat to do04:44
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Ok, well you can try not using safe graphics mode by running "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak", but if it fails you will have to go to a terminal with ctrl+alt+f1 and restore the file with "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf"04:45
Chips_Handon640x480n on a 27 inch 16:9 sucks04:45
JuanCarlosVirtual-Kernel--->for virtual machines, optimized, thin04:45
dvsxutactso, if i wanted the system to boot to console instead of x11, i'd just delete the /etc/init.d/x11-common file correct?04:45
Maelos`JuanCarlos: I saw that but how is it compiled differently?04:45
Fatboy12345236Can anyone answer meh question?04:45
chundan8tuser, thanks for your attention04:45
Jordan_Udvsxutact: Remove GDM04:45
dvsxutactjordon, i dont want to get rid of the x system totally04:46
dvsxutacti just dont want it to boot into x04:46
n8tuserchunda -> no sweat, sometimes one has to bite the bullet and select something else04:46
Fatboy12345236Can someone answer meh question!?!?!04:46
JuanCarlosdifferent drivers on virtual kernel04:46
chundan8tuser, it is because it is my notebook's wifi adapeter04:46
dvsxutactFatboy12345236, push the power button04:46
Fatboy123452362nd question, Is there any way you can add a capital in your name E.G Instead of james, Is there any way I can make it James?04:46
WonderfunkJonessound question:  following this article here, http://www.fusetext.com/2009/05/ubuntu-linux-creative-sound-blaster-x-fi-driver-installation-how-to/ , I was able to download the creative labs drivers for my X-Fi, but I get this error message: Error inserting ctxfi (/lib/modules/2.6.28-15-generic/kernel/drivers/ssound/ctxfi.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)04:46
Jordan_Udvsxutact: I meant /etc/invoke-rc.d/gdm04:47
n8tuserchunda -> when using livecd  does it work okay?04:47
Fatboy12345236dvsxutact > and turn off? How is that gonna help?04:47
dvsxutactJordan_U, thanks04:47
JuanCarlosI try to contribute Art to the Koala :) http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/7374/bannerkarmic2day30.jpg04:47
Jordan_Udvsxutact: gdm is the service you want to make not start automatically at boot04:47
dvsxutactFatboy12345236, no idea, but thats what i do04:47
Jordan_Udvsxutact: np04:47
Fatboy12345236Come on,04:47
cpuobsesseddvsxutact: edit your default grub.conf entry by adding a 3 at the end of the kernel line04:48
Fatboy12345236I need an answer,04:48
Fatboy123452362nd question, Is there any way you can add a capital in your name E.G Instead of james, Is there any way I can make it James?04:48
chundan8tuser, no... it had a short range problem04:48
ascheelCan somebody tell me why 'df -h' says this?  The math doesn't add up:  /dev/sda7             868G  823G 1017M 100% /home04:48
chundai fixed this by fixing the bitrate04:48
Jordan_Ucpuobsessed: it's menu.lst in non Red Hat distros04:48
ascheelIt shows Total is 868G, used is 823G, but free is only 1 GB?04:48
Chips_Handonjordan_u: nothing happened04:48
n8tuserchunda -> do you live in a cage like environment? ie metal grids sorrounding your spaces?04:48
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Log out and log back in again04:49
Chips_Handonwish me luch04:49
WonderfunkJonesany help on my X-Fi sound problem?04:49
Fatboy12345236Alrighty, 3RD QUESTION: What's that software called that lets Linux connect to Windows comps.?04:49
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Good luck :)04:49
mitnickFatboy12345236: what the meaning of the one name? (william shakespere?04:49
don-iiFatboy12345236: samba04:49
Fatboy12345236aww thx04:49
chriscrossed_connect to windows comps to do what?04:49
chriscrossed_file share?04:49
don-iiim assuming he means file sharing04:49
chriscrossed_samba is probably what you want.04:50
Suhailhow do you decompress a gzip?04:50
Jordan_USuhail: Double click it or use "gunzip"04:50
SuhailJordan_U: ans: gzip -d <file>04:50
don-iiI think im doing something wrong :/04:50
don-iiim trying to get cygwin ssh client to connect to my ubuntu ssh server. It connects, but im aiming for a passwordless connection, however it keeps askin for a passphrase/password04:51
don-iinow what ive done is, generated a key, and copied the pubkey to the server and added it to my authorized_key file. Am i missing something ?04:51
burntresistor liblame-dev isnt in packet manager was it renamed for jaunty04:51
chundan8tuser, sorry04:52
whitepaint0909why channel 8001?04:53
GLGum my gnome bar is missing plz help04:53
don-iiany thoughts on the ssh problem ?04:53
chundan8tuser, as i was saying, i could only solve the range problem with this: "iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed"04:53
bazhang!resetpanels | GLG04:53
ubottuGLG: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:53
jabagaweehaving some issues of having no 2d nor 3d acceleration at all, Xorg.0.log at http://pastebin.com/f344c1fbc04:53
Fatboy12345236http://us6.samba.org/samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/ Which one is for ubantu?04:54
SuhailI just did echo 'test' | ssh live@example.com > test but not sure where the file ended up, any ideas?04:54
n8tuserchunda -> do you live in a cage like environment? ie metal grids sorrounding your spaces? metallic things prevent the signal to propagate easily04:54
buckyburntresistor, apt-cache search lame |grep dev04:54
bazhangFatboy12345236, none; install from repos04:54
bazhangsoftware repositories Fatboy1234523604:54
chundan8tuser, not at all. I was using a borrowed intel-chipset laptop04:54
arthusCan someone help me with the fonts issue?04:55
GLGthx all04:55
jofushey guys i have a pretty serious problem with ldap and auth04:55
chundan8tuser, and it was damn good04:55
zookoSo it turns out this machine is configured to send its logs to a remote host.  How does it do that?  Over unencrypted TCP?  How does the remote host authenticate this host as a legitimate sender of logs?04:55
WonderfunkJonesAny help with my X-Fi problem?04:55
zookoBecause the log messages from this host aren't showing up on that host, although the log messages from *other* hosts are.04:55
n8tuserchunda oh well..04:55
gilsonalguem ai do brasil?04:55
Beefcakesjofus: do you mean ubuntu can work with a DS?04:55
bazhanggilson, /join #ubuntu-br04:56
JuanCarlosSuhail:on Standard output on the other end of ssh tunnel, try using the loopback04:56
jofusbeefcakes: well apparently yeah04:56
gilsonnoting peaple speak portuguese?04:56
jofusbeefcakes: unfortunately ldap messed me up04:56
SuhailJuanCarlos: yeah I am trying to transfer it04:56
Beefcakesjofus: I didn't know that! coool.... windows server?04:56
SuhailJuanCarlos: hwo do you do that?04:56
bazhanggilson, in that channel yes04:56
chundan8tuser, and i made the same tests with windows04:56
jofusbeefcakes: yeah we can apparently connect04:56
webbb82i am trying to find a alternative to the gnome start menu is there any good alternative04:57
mattgyverHow may make VLC my default media player?04:57
n8tuserchunda are you paid by microsoft?04:57
bucky!br | gilson04:57
stealth-hey, in rtorrent, when it says [Rate 50.2/ 22.2 KB]. Which is download and which is upload speed?04:57
ubottugilson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:57
Beefcakesjofus: oh cool, really cool haha. so what benefit do you get from being able to connect to a ds in a linux box? sorry for the questions04:57
chundan8tuser, no man, just to record04:57
JuanCarlosSuhail:Loopback is or ::1 or localhost, use it as the other IP04:57
chundan8tuser, and i work developing in a linux environment04:57
bazhangstealth-, generally first is dl04:57
Beefcakesstealth-: download/upload04:57
gilsonrsrs ok mans help me for install my Gforce?04:58
WonderfunkJonesany help with installing drivers for X-Fi sound card?04:58
Alan502n8tuser: got the data04:58
bazhanggilson, which number04:58
chundan8tuser, just to explicit that the problem is not with the router or my internet connection04:58
Alexiacan anyone recommend a good book on ipv604:58
Alan502n8tuser: uploading the foto...04:58
tjzhey guys04:58
stealth-Beefcakes: are you positive?04:58
n8tuserchunda -> well you know that most drivers are written for the other.. difficult to find an open source driver04:58
gilsongforce 4400 Nvidia04:58
sebsebseb!welcome |  tjz04:58
ubottutjz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:58
chundan8tuser, yes i know that04:58
tjzhow you figure out how to play windows based game on ubuntu desktop04:58
bazhanggilson, check in hardware drivers (assuming you are in 9.04)04:58
chundan8tuser, if i have to blame someone, i have to blame realtek04:59
sebsebsebtjz: Which games?04:59
Alexiatjz, transgaming.org04:59
bazhangtjz, with wine04:59
sebsebsebAlexia: that's not free04:59
jofushey guys LDAP changed my password. I can't log in. PLEASE HELP ME?!04:59
bdigitalhow do I identify what driver a ethernet card is using?04:59
Alexiatjz, sorry transgaming.com04:59
gilsonhum but i have install one drive generic04:59
WonderfunkJonesAny help with installing the drivers for X-Fi sound card?05:00
Alexiasebsebseb, the question wasnt where to find a free way to play windows based games05:00
mattgyverbdigital, run lspci, i believe that will show you05:00
bazhanggilson, did you check in hardware drivers?05:00
n8tuserbdigital -> type  lshw -C network05:00
sebsebsebtjz: Wine,  commercial versions of it such as transgaming that are sold,  or  possibily  a Windows virtual machine depending on game and that05:00
tpedenHow do I get rid of "Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0"."05:00
sebsebsebAlexia: True, but I don't think many Linux users are going  to pay for a commercial version of Wine05:00
tjzi don't want pay for something05:01
bdigitalmattgyver: it shows me the brand05:01
tjzwine = paid??!05:01
bazhangtjz, check the appdb05:01
JuanCarloswine not paid05:01
lstarnestjz: no.05:01
gilsonI need to install the drive I already have it on my computer but I can not install NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.13-pkg1.run05:01
bdigitaln8tuser: ah I see it05:01
sebsebsebtjz: Wine no, Transgaming and Cedega yes05:01
lstarnestjz: it's free both as in price and as in being open sourc05:01
pete__how can people still be using windows when something like ubuntu exists05:01
mattgyverbdigital, sorry i didnt realize you were trying to figure out the driver05:01
Alexiasebsebseb,  its hardly as simple as being a commercial version of wine.. Transgaming offers a huge list of compatible games very few of which work out of the box with simple little WINE05:01
JuanCarloscrossover has sources on the site, but not binaries05:01
tjzi will go with wine05:01
bazhanggilson, install from package manager not a run file05:01
tjzubuntu + wine = rocks05:01
tjzi guess05:01
Steilpete__: because windows is good??05:02
sebsebseb!wine |  tjz05:02
ubottutjz: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:02
bdigitalmattgyver: thanks for the attention anyways05:02
pete__Steil, it is!? im sorry, could have fooled me05:02
mattgyverbdigital, how about lsmod?05:02
sebsebsebtjz: Depends on the programs you want to run, and you may need to configure some05:02
tpedenpete__: Wine doesn't support most games lol05:02
sebsebsebtjz: also with enough RAM you can virtual machine Windows inside Ubuntu05:02
Alexiatjz, many people think you should never pay for products in the linux world howeve when a product does exactly what it is supposed to do and offers support like transgaming does its absolutely worth it05:02
FloodBot2mastamatt88: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
gilsonI do not know how05:02
bdigitalmattgyver: lshw had it listed under configuration05:02
Steilpete__: well what exactly is wrong with windows?05:02
pete__tpeden, eh i have a 360 for games, and i play SNES games on ubuntu05:02
bazhangmastamatt88, please stop that05:02
socommtpeden: or is it the other way around? xD05:02
leaf-sheeppete__: Because most people does not know something other than Windows exists. -- Also, when they walk into a store, they buy a computer -- What came with it?  Windows! :<05:02
rand0ms0me0nepete_: because windows is convenient and familiar and because right out of the box things just work05:02
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications05:03
pete__yeah you guys are right, just ubuntu is so much better05:03
sebsebseb!virtualbox | tjz05:03
ubottutjz: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:03
lstarnestpeden: games that use opengl and sdl instead of directx tend to fare better on wine than those that use directx05:03
jofusguys i have a serious problem05:03
jofuswhen installing ldap it changed my password05:03
tjzvirtualization is my first thought.. before i know about wine :D05:03
gilsonhow do I install the file. run05:03
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer05:03
tpedenHow do I get rid of this error: "Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0"."05:03
tpedenIt's pissing me off! lol05:03
lstarnesgilson: run it05:03
tjzmaybe i get good amount of RAM and disk05:03
WonderfunkJonesAny help on errors installing drivers for X-Fi sound card? ALSA does not work and the drivers from creative should05:04
bazhanggilson, install from package manager not from run file05:04
stealth-gilson: run it as root from the command line05:04
buckygilson, install the deb with synaptic05:04
sebsebsebtjz: ideally this is how you should do things :)   native Linux apps, then Wine,  then  vm05:04
pete__gtk-gnuella is nice05:04
Fatboy12345236MAJOR NOOB QUESTION: What's the command to extract .tar.gz or whatever05:04
eddysebastien_, people paid for crossover games/office05:04
lstarnesFatboy12345236: for .tar.gz, tar xzf file.tar.gz05:04
sebsebsebeddy: some yes, and it's also off topic05:04
AlexiaI hate this attitude some people have that they should never buy a commercial product for linux.. its no wonder Major devolopers dont offer better compatibility with linux, there are so many people that think everything should just be free as in free beer05:04
soreauFatboy12345236: tar -xf file.tar.gz05:04
socommpete__: torrents > gnutella05:04
pete__socomm, yea its great05:04
lstarnesAlexia: this channel is not a soapbox05:04
stealth-Fatboy12345236: please dont ask questions like that on here. Google has a massive resource for basic questions like that, not to mention the man pages05:05
bazhanglets get back on topic please05:05
sebsebsebAlexia: of course  some people will pay for Linux apps05:05
lstarnesstealth-: it's a legitimate question05:05
bazhangstealth-, please be helpful05:05
Fatboy12345236I won't05:05
gilsonsay the comand for install synaptic05:05
tjzsebsebseb, okay05:05
bazhanggilson, search for it in synaptic05:05
stealth-bazhang: I am, I waited until he was answered to mention that for next time05:06
Alexiaok i forgot this isnt really a chat room, its a support room. Sorry05:06
JuanCarlosBTW karmic got PlayOnLinux on Repos05:06
socommsebsebseb: I personally have not bout any software, aside from games, ever05:06
lstarnesgilson: synaptic doesn't use commands.  It's a graphical application05:06
sebsebsebsocomm: not what?05:06
bazhangstealth-, no. this is not a re-direct to Google.05:06
gilsoni dont now install synaptic]05:06
gilsonsay foir me please05:06
lstarnesgilson: you do not have synaptic?05:06
socommsebsebseb: purchased, sorry05:06
gilsonrsrs i dont now05:06
buckygilson, System=>Adiministration=>Software Sources   check all the boxes then go to the Synaptic Package Manager menu05:06
eddysorry sebastien_ i had my chat windows scrolled up a bit and saw it lol05:06
sebsebsebsocomm: ok well whatever I guess, as long as your using legal versions of software05:07
stealth-bazhang: Sorry, did I not to say that I waited until he was answered to recommend it for next time? I didnt tell him not to come here, or that we wont answer him, or anything like that.05:07
WonderfunkJonesany help with installing X-Fi sound card drivers?  I get an error I can't understand...05:07
socommsebsebseb: yup, thank god for the GNU development tools. :D05:07
bazhangstealth-, please never suggest google here. Thanks.05:07
pete__google helps people break linux05:08
stealth-bazhang: your right, because its an absolutely terrible idea to get people to use information gathering methods other than this chat room05:08
Alan502u8tuser: http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/6643/dscn1646.jpg05:08
pete__stealth-, no, because then they do things they shouldn't05:08
socommpete__: I hardly need help with that. ;^)05:09
pete__based on advice from articles.05:09
lstarnesstealth-: there are some people who aren't very good with google05:09
pete__socomm, me either05:09
WonderfunkJoneswhat do I put in the search bar?05:09
soreauWonderfunkJones: It would help if you pastebinned any errors you receive05:09
bazhanggilson, system-->administration-->synaptic  open it up05:09
soreau! paste | WonderfunkJones05:09
ubottuWonderfunkJones: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!05:09
pete__lstarnes, how can you not be good at google ?05:09
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:09
gilsonyes i se05:09
stealth-lstarnes: if I had googled his exact question, I could have got a answer.05:09
gilsonand now?05:09
stealth-pete__: like?05:10
lstarnespete__: it is possible that you might not know how to get the best keywords05:10
bazhangWonderfunkJones, open up a browser and go to paste.ubuntu.com05:10
Alan502n8tuser: n8tuser05:10
bazhanggilson, enter the search nvidia05:10
pete__stealth-, run commands that kill there system05:10
Alan502n8tuser: http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/6643/dscn1646.jpg05:10
stealth-lstarnes: it doesnt take a genius to use google, because if it did then I seriously doubt it would be as popular as it is05:10
pete__stealth-, they often break X, dont know how to use a terminal and have to reinstall ubuntu haha05:10
gilsoni seach05:10
Alan502n8tuser: conviced now?05:11
gilsoni see05:11
gilsonmensage error rsrs05:11
bucky!enter | gilson05:11
ubottugilson: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:11
bazhanggilson, find the one that you need and right click it (mark for install)05:11
sebsebseb!google |  stealth-  pete__05:11
ubottustealth-  pete__: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:11
pete__sebsebseb, i know...05:11
n8tuserAlan502 -> i have not looked yet, give me five05:11
socommHaha, hand holding is not always good thing.05:12
bazhanglet's take the meta-discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic please05:12
Alan502n8tuser: ok thanks05:12
norelpyhow can i start a private chat with another05:12
socommBest way to avoid mistakes is by making them. :^)05:12
soreaunorelpy: /msg <nick> <msg>05:12
bazhanggilson, once you have done that , hit apply05:12
lstarnesnorelpy: in general, you don't need private chat here05:12
lstarnesnorelpy: the command is often /query user05:12
WonderfunkJonesPlease read:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/274487/05:12
norelpythe chanell is so speedy05:13
norelpyi ca not follow05:13
bazhangnorelpy, always best to ask first; then /msg nickname hi05:13
beyondcris there a program to save your ubuntu os like a distro... like a back up05:13
Jordan_U!clone | beyondcr05:13
ubottubeyondcr: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate05:13
gilsonthe drive generic dont have resolution 1000/700 do you andestand?05:14
n8tuserAlan502 -> you have /dev/sda5 as ntfs05:14
lstarnesWonderfunkJones: that package might not be compatible with your version of the linux kernel05:14
bazhangsbackup beyondcr for backing up important data, or you could clone your current install05:14
CHIPSHANDONon live cd05:14
norelpyok guy then i ask05:14
socommCHIPSHANDON: ask05:14
norelpyi have a critical problem with flash content05:14
Alan502n8tuser: so?05:14
CHIPSHANDONneed command to fix graphics mode05:14
lstarnesWonderfunkJones: check the output of dmesg05:14
gilsonwhen I install the generic driver does not give me many options for resolution is the drive or need to do something to fix?05:14
CHIPSHANDONwheres jordan_u?05:14
WonderfunkJoneslstarnes: I heard KK will have builtin support for X-Fi, do you think it's best to just wait for it?05:14
beyondcrok to they make a program with a gui if i can remember there was one in mint05:15
bazhanggilson, yes, that is not a normal resolution rate05:15
n8tuserAlan502 -> you created that partition from windows?05:15
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: First mount your ubuntu partition05:15
lstarnesWonderfunkJones: possibly.  If you're not afraid of using alpha quality software, you could use karmic now05:15
Alan502n8tuser: yes, i created it before ubuntu05:15
bazhangbeyondcr, something like the ubuntu customization kit ?05:15
CHIPSHANDONi just need that command to fix it too where it was05:15
norelpyguys i can open youtube videos but facebook videos not05:16
norelpywhat can i do05:16
WonderfunkJoneslstarnes: meh I'll see what I can do now, ultimately I'll just end up waiting for it, thanks05:16
bazhang!remaster | beyondcr05:16
ubottubeyondcr: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility05:16
beyondcryou could save your current state to dvd and install it like a normal distro05:16
lstarnesnorelpy: what errors do you get?05:16
n8tuserAlan502 -> you ever stored anything on it once you created that partition?05:16
norelpyfacebook says me05:16
gilsonI like this concert? talking on the drive I installed now the nvidia toolkit and did not ask to restart or anything oque do? and already installed05:16
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: From the installed system it would be: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:16
Alan502n8tuser: no, because i cannot access it05:16
norelpythe video is not avalaible05:16
Alan502n8tuser: just from windows..05:16
lstarnesWonderfunkJones: if you have up-to-date headers, compiling it should work if it doesn't rely on newer kernel features05:16
dios_miohow do i change my resolution for good?05:16
CHIPSHANDONwhere do i type that?05:16
beyondcrim just tired of getting it the way i like it then i mess somthing up and then it is no good05:16
Alan502n8tuser i mean.. from ubuntu05:16
norelpyi can not  run dailymotion videos too05:16
CHIPSHANDONinto the bootable terminal?05:17
lstarnesCHIPSHANDON: in a terminal05:17
n8tuserAlan502 -> yeah thats what i meant, upon creation in windows did you attempt to store anything on it?05:17
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: You need to do a bit more if you wan to fix it from the LiveCD though05:17
CHIPSHANDONi realize that05:17
don-iiim trying to get cygwin ssh client to connect to my ubuntu ssh server. It connects, but im aiming for a passwordless connection, however it keeps askin for a passphrase/password05:17
don-iiany thoughts on the ssh problem ?05:17
CHIPSHANDONi just need that comand from earlier05:17
Alan502n8tuser: yes i stored all my data there but long before playing with ubuntu05:17
lstarnesdon-ii: you need to use public key authentication using a passwordless private key05:17
soreauWonderfunkJones: Can you try 'make clean; make' from the source directory? and make sure there aren't any errors?05:17
n8tuserAlan502 -> and now when you are in windows, you cant access D:  ?05:18
CHIPSHANDONi get sound but no video05:18
mitnickHappy Iedul Fitri. :)05:18
n8tuserAlan502 -> did you try to access /dev/sda5 from ubuntu? mounting it first off course05:18
don-iilstarnes: i understand that, ive set up my laptop to connect without password, and it works great. Im trying to get my windows machine to do the same, but each time its always askin for a passphrase.05:18
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: Does your monitor display an error?05:18
CHIPSHANDONthere is nothing05:18
Alan502i can access all drives from ubuntu n8tuser05:18
norelpyfriends i can not open facebook videoswhat cani do05:18
norelpyi am using05:19
norelpyubuntu 9.0405:19
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: You can get to a terminal with ctrl+alt+F105:19
don-iinow after i generate the key, and upload it to the server, do i need to change some setting on the server, or the client ?05:19
CHIPSHANDONi know05:19
KNYwhat do I have to do to enable tab-completion on apt-get?05:19
n8tuserAlan502 -> then whats the issue?05:19
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: From the installed system it would be: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:19
lstarnes!caps > CHIPSHANDON05:19
ubottuCHIPSHANDON, please see my private message05:19
arivurefer this for your all ubuntu queries05:19
Alan502n8tuser: i cant access D from windows05:19
CHIPSHANDONim done05:19
Alan502n8tuser: just from ubuntu05:19
CHIPSHANDONim just mad05:19
lstarnesdon-ii: you need to add the contents of ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub on the client to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server05:19
CHIPSHANDONi miss my regular computer05:20
n8tuserAlan502 -> from ubuntu you can open files from /dev/sda5 with no problems ?05:20
soreauCHIPSHANDON: It will help a lot if you just calm down and let us help you05:20
Alan502it is only windows were i am struggling with05:20
lstarnesdon-ii: the command for that on the client is cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@server "tee -a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"05:20
Alan502but i think ubuntu installation there messed it up05:20
pete__Alan502, haha me too05:20
soreauCHIPSHANDON: What did you do that broke X?05:20
CHIPSHANDONi know man. i hope the command restores it. ill do it later05:21
CHIPSHANDONtalkin to my girl on this usless pidgin05:21
Jordan_Usoreau: X is broken when using a default ( or no ) xorg.conf05:21
Alan502haha damn windows pete__05:21
pete__CHIPSHANDON, pidgin is awesome!05:21
CHIPSHANDONkind of05:21
soreauJordan_U: I see05:21
CHIPSHANDONbut i thas a lot of flaws05:21
tpedenHow do I get rid of this error: "Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0"."05:21
n8tuserAlan502 -> i think its one of those that were not shutdown properly...05:21
soreautpeden: What is giving you that message?05:22
tpedenI'm trying to use X11 Forwarding over ssh05:22
Moon_Doggyvbox anyone05:22
Alan502n8tuser: so what would be the solution then?05:22
tpedenany gui program run over ssh05:22
Alan502Moon_Doggy: try #vbox05:22
CHIPSHANDONi know you guys arent gonna like it, but i might have to revert this machine back to XP05:22
Moon_Doggyno luck05:22
KNYMoon_Doggy, start by stating the problem that you're having :)05:23
n8tuserAlan502 -> windows have chkdsk or some kind of utils to check the disk, run those05:23
buckyCHIPSHANDON, we don't care05:23
DronKotwhat is happend05:23
n8tuserAlan502 -> or go to #windows to find out how05:23
Alan502n8tuser, i think you didnt read my post, i have done all this05:23
Moon_Doggynot my prob05:23
Alan502n8tuser: and nothing working05:23
CHIPSHANDONthanks for the support bucky05:23
n8tuserAlan502 -> you expect me to remember everything? hehe05:23
Alan502n8tuser: ok thanks05:23
Moon_Doggymagicblaze0071>Am I missing something in the fstab entry: cdrive /C vboxsf rw,uid=1000,exec,nomand,users 0 0 --> Does not let user 1000 to mount this drive.05:23
buckyCHIPSHANDON, you get what you pay for05:24
Moon_Doggymagicblaze0071>how do i let my users mount a vboxsf file system in linux?05:24
CHIPSHANDONwho said anythng about paying05:24
soreauCHIPSHANDON: Asking for support while you're frustrated is probably the worst thing you can do. Try the command that was given to you and see if it works first05:24
n8tuserAlan502 -> also since you can access them from ubuntu, you may want to try to save or backup that partition?05:24
eddyrandom thought: if you ever wanna edit /etc/sudoers make sure you can 'su root' or you'll break sudo upon giving sudoers syntax errors, forcing you to boot into livecd and fix it again05:24
CHIPSHANDONtoo much problems with this05:25
CHIPSHANDONto keep asking05:25
pete__CHIPSHANDON, i have felt that way in previous releases05:25
soreauCHIPSHANDON: Then why are you here?05:25
Myrttieddy: there's a better way to add sudoers than editing that file05:25
JuanCarlosCHIPSHANDON: calm down, ...and dont mess with the pidgin bird  ;p05:25
CHIPSHANDONto fix my screen05:25
LordLandoneddy: According to prophecy, that's why you use visudo - it'll check the syntax before commiting it.05:25
Jordan_UMyrtti: Add the users to the "admin" group05:25
pete__CHIPSHANDON, the people here will help you, but if you are not nice they will turn against you.05:25
Alan502n8tuser: yes i will do it i think, the thing is that i cannot even boot ubuntu now :/05:25
tpedensoreau: I take it you have no clue either? lol\05:25
Alan502n8tuser: dont know what happened05:25
JuanCarlosreinstall X, should fix it05:25
CHIPSHANDONim not being mean am i?????05:25
soreautpeden: You never said what command gives you that message05:26
n8tuserAlan502 -> thats a recent install isnt it? you can try to re-install05:26
MyrttiJordan_U: yes, I know, it might be that eddy doesn't05:26
tpedensoreau: any gui app run over ssh05:26
sebsebsebtpeden: yes05:26
JuanCarlostpeden: all GUI apps run over SSH05:26
soreautpeden: Try DISPLAY=:0 appname05:26
eddyvisudo eh, cool05:27
soreautpeden: Or in your case, you might need to set DISPLAY=:1005:27
Alan502n8tuser: it is, i will i guess. But when i boot in live cd i can not get the graphical interface, just the ms-dos like screen05:27
Jordan_UAlan502: Even if you choose safe graphics mode?05:28
CHIPSHANDONmaybe a different distro would work better. any suggestions?05:28
n8tuserAlan502 -> you can install from that too..05:28
CHIPSHANDONi was thinking of trying puppy05:28
Alan502n8tuser: how? whats the command?05:28
soreauCHIPSHANDON: All distributions of linux are able to use X. Avoiding the problem isn't helping. And ubuntu is probably the easiest to use WRT X05:29
n8tuserAlan502 -> what prompt do you get?05:29
JuanCarlosCHIPSHANDON: btw all are Linux, the same OS, diferent apps05:29
CHIPSHANDONwrt x?05:29
Alan502n8tuser: i just get the terminal05:29
CHIPSHANDONspeak english05:29
tpedensoreau: tried both, couldn't find that display05:29
n8tuserAlan502 -> what prompt do you get?  even a terminal only.05:29
tpedensebsebseb: what?05:29
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: With Reguard To05:29
tpedenJuanCarlos: ok...05:29
JuanCarlospurgue and reinstall the ubuntu-desktop05:30
bruenigJuanCarlos: ubuntu-desktop is a dirty meta-package05:30
bruenigit will be of no help05:30
CHIPSHANDONi just wish i could figure out this resolution problem05:30
JuanCarloswell X05:30
n8tuserAlan502 -> umm i cant recall, but try /sbin/install05:30
Alan502ok thanks :D05:30
sebsebsebtpeden: What do you want to do?05:30
quartkneeI'm running Jaunty and it won't install updates/update my distribution because of medibuntu files. Should I delete those files?05:31
soreauCHIPSHANDON: You haven't even tried the solution given to you yet because you're admittedly using the live cd05:31
jimbeam12hey all05:31
CHIPSHANDONbecause i messed up my current installation05:31
sebsebseb!welcome | jimbeam1205:31
ubottujimbeam12: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!05:31
soreautpeden: Does 'ps ax|grep X' show X is in fact running?05:31
jimbeam12anyone know what the default setting is for the sources.list05:31
Alan502and btw n8tuser, do you know any program that can make a virtual cd burner drive? to create a factory recovery dvd with the utility the laptop came with... (it does not have a drive)05:31
Jordan_Usoreau: The "solution" was to try using a default Xorg.conf, it failed to he had to revert back to his vesa xorg.conf05:31
CHIPSHANDONid try to do it nao, but im talking to my girl.05:32
tpedensebsebseb: I'm trying to run gvim or redcar from my ubuntu server over ssh to edit some files using X11 Forwarding, but I get this error: Xlib:  extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:10.0".05:32
CHIPSHANDONthanks jordan05:32
Jordan_Usoreau: For some reason X isn't working with the intel driver05:32
tpedensoreau: it's a headless box05:32
soreauJordan_U: Why don't you have him pastebin X log?05:32
sebsebsebtpeden: can't really help with that05:32
sebsebseb!server | tpeden05:32
ubottutpeden: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html - Use the #ubuntu-server channel for support05:32
=== fernando is now known as Guest16261
sebsebsebtpeden: the last bit05:33
tpedensoreau: I had the same problem on a ubuntu desktop at work too tho, that I know is running x cuz the desktop displays properly05:33
sebsebsebtpeden: and yes I can't help with that05:33
Jordan_Usoreau: Because at the time he had never booted with the intel driver ( he used safe graphics mode on the LiveCD ) so there was nothing relavent05:33
=== bluebottle is now known as Guest7257
CHIPSHANDONbecause the driver didnt work05:33
tpedenoh, didn't know that, thanks sebsebseb05:33
soreautpeden: Well? There's your problem.. you can't ssh into a headless box not running X and try to run applications from it. If X was running on the box, running the application while ssh'd in would run it on that box, not the one you're ssh'ing from05:33
sebsebsebtpeden: np good luck05:33
BookmanIs there a program in the current repos that allows for remastering an current installation?05:34
JuanCarlostpeden: ssh -X remote-user@remote-server-ip gvim05:34
CHIPSHANDONthe driver doesnt work right05:34
Jordan_Usoreau: I am not sure if it's easiest to have him fix his install and then pastebin, or walk him through mounting his root partition and pastebinning from the LiveCD05:34
CHIPSHANDONi forgot the name05:34
tpedenJuanCarlos: got that far thanks :-P05:34
soreauCHIPSHANDON: Can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.1.log or Xorg.0.log.old, which ever one talks about (INTEL)?05:34
n8tuserAlan502 -> am not comprehending,  you have a copy of the or you want to copy which?05:34
CHIPSHANDONi have no idea05:34
CHIPSHANDONwhat the hell you just sadi05:35
soreauJordan_U: Well try to get an X log for the failed intel session05:35
pshr_well, going to write my mid semester exam in 1/2 hr ^_^05:35
kamen1Hey, anyone used e17 before with ubuntu05:35
* pshr_ ...05:35
CHIPSHANDONshe offline05:35
sebsebsebkamen1: very brifely  or whatever05:35
CHIPSHANDONim gonna try to run the command now05:35
CHIPSHANDONi need to write it down though05:35
sebsebseb!enter |  CHIPSHANDON05:35
ubottuCHIPSHANDON: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:35
kamen1I can't install it on ubutnu ever guide I find is like 2 years old05:36
CHIPSHANDONim used to im'in alot05:36
kamen1I like e16 quite a bit05:36
sebsebsebkamen1: Which version of Ubuntu? and what guide?05:36
kamen19.01 I think05:36
kamen1the latest one05:36
sebsebsebkamen1: ah you mean only e17 in the repo and no e16?05:36
kamen1well I have e16 and I want e1705:37
echosystmis there any way to allow ubuntu to run a program as root without typing in a password?05:37
BloodstarAlright, got things mostly working... except I need athfmwdl.inf to use my wireless adapter (TEW444-UB) apparently, yet I can't even seem to find it on my Windows partition05:37
sebsebseb!info enlightment05:37
ubottuPackage enlightment does not exist in jaunty05:37
echosystmi want to be able to turn off/on my wireless without putting in a password05:37
sebsebseb!info e1705:37
ubottuPackage e17 does not exist in jaunty05:37
bruenigechosystm: add a NOPASSWD exception in /etc/sudoers05:37
Jordan_Uechosystm: Yes, but you need to be very carefull about security and not breaking your system05:37
kamen1that's too bad05:37
sebsebsebkamen1: it is in the repo one of them05:38
echosystmso you can do this for one program only?05:38
echosystmobviously i dont want to do it for everything05:38
sebsebsebkamen1: and maybe there's a ppa for an even later version05:38
Likehi gn05:38
kamen1what's a ppa05:38
sebsebseb!ppa > kamen105:38
Jordan_Ubruenig: Please don't suggest that without warning05:38
ubottukamen1, please see my private message05:38
n8tuserechosystm -> what you mean by that, you can turn off the interface if thats what you mean05:38
tpeden!info enlightenment05:38
ubottuPackage enlightenment does not exist in jaunty05:38
echosystmi dont maen through network manager05:38
echosystmi mean through iwconfig05:39
sebsebsebkamen1: a kind of mini repo in a way, but not that supported,  and then you can get later versions of programs05:39
n8tuserechosystm -> you can turn it of via ifdown05:39
sebsebsebkamen1: normalley they are on launchpad as well05:39
echosystmnono, i mean ACTUALLY turn it off05:39
sebsebsebkamen1: and then you add a ppa for the program you want, if there is one05:39
n8tuserechosystm -> whats the difference?05:40
echosystmsaves battery if you turn it off properly05:40
n8tuserechosystm -> then you can unload the driver05:40
sebsebsebkamen1: and you can  probably compile e16 from source05:40
echosystmbut not all wifi cars allow it05:40
CHIPSHANDONis this command gonna put it back in safe graphics mode?05:40
n8tuser!who | echosystm05:40
ubottuechosystm: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:40
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: Yes05:40
echosystmn8tuser: iwconfig ethX power off < this actually turns the chipset off entirely05:41
n8tuserechosystm -> okay, you already knew the command, so why not do it?05:41
CHIPSHANDONto be sure it is,     sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:42
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: Make sure you remember to capitalize the "X" ( /etc/X11/xorg.conf )05:42
CHIPSHANDONi know05:42
echosystmit needs to be run as root and i was just wasking how i can do this without putting in a password05:42
CHIPSHANDONlook above05:42
kamen1why isn't there a version of e17 for the latest version of ubuntu?05:42
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: Yes05:42
echosystmi already have the answer (see above)05:42
n8tuserechosystm -> networking is a system resource that require a root access, so you need a root priviledge to turn it on/off05:43
CHIPSHANDONwhen do i press ctr alt dlt for the terminal. i was just pressing untill it popped up05:43
echosystmn8tuser unless you modify sudo... which you can and i am doing right now ;)05:43
CHIPSHANDONlast time that is05:43
kamen1well then, how do I get internet to work on e1605:43
n8tuserechosystm -> yes you can put the user as member of networking group05:43
CHIPSHANDONgood night, and good luck05:44
n8tuserechosystm -> and you can put command specific to a user in sudoers file05:44
Jordan_UCHIPSHANDON: When you hear the login sound, you can also choos "recovery mode" at boot to go strait to a terminal05:44
roy_hobbsDoes anyone know how to get CGI working with webfsd?05:45
skysonghello guys05:46
skysongis anyone here?05:46
Alan502im here05:47
JuanCarlosmy empathy chat themes package are nice05:49
skysongsorry, i just formatted a 500GB hdd to ext4 and i can't seem to be able to mount it, can anyone help please?05:50
echosystmreformat it as ext305:50
JuanCarlosskysong: fsck -v on the disk05:50
echosystmproblem solved!05:50
echosystmreally though, ext4 is still a bit dodgy i wouldnt advise using it until .30 onward05:51
skysongok ill reformat it then05:51
skysonghowever, i formatted a 100GB partition on ext 4 yesterday and it worked fine:/05:51
echosystmfor the most part ext4 is fine05:52
newserhello, I've been trying to redirect internet traffic trough a shared network connection. I cannot make it to work can someone help me?05:52
JuanCarlosfsck on the disk, remember user cant mount, root can, use sudo to mount05:52
LastingShamewhat is ubuntu05:52
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:52
LastingShamehow much does professional support cost05:52
n8tusernewser you're back   !ICS | newser05:52
JuanCarlosnot much05:53
n8tuser!ICS | newser05:53
ubottunewser: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:53
LastingShamehow much is support for 25 thin clients?05:53
echosystmskysong, read this: http://www.h-online.com/open/Ext4-data-loss-explanations-and-workarounds--/news/11289205:54
Chips_Handonyou here jordan????05:54
echosystmskysong, and also: http://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_2_6_30#head-329ba44b44a7f58c98ae22b8f2730418cdd6630d05:54
skysongok echosystm thanks05:54
echosystmthis is why i think wait for .30 onward05:54
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Yes05:54
Chips_Handonit workd05:54
=== brb is now known as Guest73098
Chips_Handonim back05:54
aleronhahaha chips05:55
Chips_Handonit was a pain to get into a terminal though. i keep pressing things till i somehow got into the root terminal05:55
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Ok, can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.1.log ?05:55
Chips_Handonim not even going there05:55
Chips_Handonill live with 640x480 on a 27inch 16:9 television05:56
KeatonOkay here's my problem: My Windows partition just bit it hard (essential system .dll got corrupted) but both that partition and my external hard drive, both ntfs, are marked because they had an unclean unmount, so ubuntu won't mount them until I run chkdsk. But obviously, I can't run chkdsk because Windows is b0rked. Is there some other utility I can use that will do the job?05:57
skysongJuanCarlos, i tried your command, and got an error that the partition does not contain any ext2 filesystem05:57
Guest73098how do you download a software in ubuntu??????05:57
Chips_Handonhow do you do the whole thing>>>>05:57
xiktenyGuest73098: Try Application> Add/Remove05:57
Chips_Handongo to the add/remove in the applications menu05:58
JuanCarlosskysong: try options with --help parameter05:58
Guest73098its of no help......05:58
JuanCarlosskysong: maybe you got errors, logical, phisical or both05:58
xiktenyGuest73098: What problem are you having, exactly?05:58
Guest73098i hav da messenger .exe file but cant do anythin wid it........05:59
xiktenyGuest73098: .exe files are Windows programs...05:59
Chips_Handononce again, thanks for the help jordan. you broke my computer, then you fixed it.05:59
chezhow do i stop ubuntu from checking for updates every day ?05:59
JuanCarlosGuest73098: .exe are for Window, isntall Emesene06:00
Guest73098from wer?????06:00
eddychez, go to update manager then click Settings... in the bottom left06:00
Jordan_UKeaton: ntfsfix06:00
Guest73098ok let me try............06:00
JuanCarlosGuest73098: type this url on Firefox:    apt:emesene06:00
Chips_Handoni got one more question, i install 9.04 on my moms laptop. and now things on the preference bar wont show. any suggestions on how to fix06:01
skysonganybody know that error?06:02
skysong fsck -v06:02
xiktenyGuest73098: You might also try using Pidgin (Applications>Internet>Pidgin) it is the default IM client of Ubuntu.06:02
skysongindecent@oraclerealm:~$ sudo vol_id /dev/sdb06:02
skysongunknown or non-unique volume type (--probe-all lists possibly conflicting types)06:02
skysongindecent@oraclerealm:~$ sudo vol_id /dev/sdb --probe-all06:02
FloodBot2skysong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:02
Jordan_UChips_Handon: What do you mean by the "preference bar" ?06:02
Chips_Handonmy bad06:02
Guest73098i don see 'emesene'06:03
voidmagei still can't get my windows vm to be able to write to the samba share on my ubuntu box06:03
chezeddy: it is greyed out06:03
Geoffrey2I have to see the humor in this.....when I star Ubuntu I was continually frustrated and wondered, why don't I just go back to Windows and save myself the hassle...now I try to do something in Windows, and I end up deciding just to boot up Ubuntu instead06:04
JuanCarlosGuest73098: you need to install it first06:04
eddychez, can you open software sources?06:04
skysongah stupid me, nevermind, i missed a 1 from sbd ;)06:04
Chips_HandonGoeffrey2, i do the same thing06:04
Guest73098i don see it on da update list06:04
chezthe settings button on the update manager is greyed out, how do i fix this06:04
JuanCarlosGuest73098: is not there, only updates of installed apps06:04
PiethonWill Ubuntu do shipit for ubuntu netbook remix?06:04
eddychez, you must unlock it06:05
xiktenyGuest73098: emesene is in the "universe" repo. You might have to add this repo, or you could use Pidgin :)06:05
eddychez, just go to System > Admin > Software Sources and go to Update tab06:05
chezeddy:  i opened t using sudo but that didnt work06:05
Geoffrey2only question now is whether I go with the 64 bit version when the next version drops, or stick with the 32 bit version....06:05
Chips_Handoncan anyone help me with the notification bar?06:05
Jordan_UChips_Handon: Right click the pannel > Add to panel > notification area ( if I understand your problem correctly )06:05
=== r0bby|arr is now known as r0bby
Chips_Handontried it06:06
Chips_Handonstuff is still missing06:06
Jordan_U!pannel | Chips_Handon06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pannel06:06
PiethonWill Ubuntu do shipit for ubuntu netbook remix?06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about panel06:06
Piethonor only deskop and server?06:06
myownserverWhat would the correct ownership settings on an Apache server to allow the server read/write permissions?06:06
myownserverDoes it matter who the owner is?06:06
eddyi must be the owner06:06
Chips_Handonoh well. i got the battery bar back. i just need to figure out how to get the sound area back06:07
jimbeam12hey all06:07
jimbeam12any here care to help me...06:07
eddyChips_Handon, just right click on the panel and click add to panel06:07
myownserverjimbeam12: With what, moving furnature?06:07
chezeddy:  there is no software sources buttin06:07
jimbeam12not yet myoweserver06:07
myownserverjimbeam12: Grocery shopping?06:08
Chips_Handonit doesnt work. ive tried almost everything06:08
jimbeam12yes..for jimbeam..06:08
Chips_Handonit doesnt matter though. dont worry about it anymore06:08
jimbeam12anyone here know how to downlaod and install ubuntu-tweak06:08
jimbeam12i cant install it...06:08
Dr_Willisjimbeam12:  enable the repio.. apt-get install it...06:08
Guest73098hi.........i have installed emesene wat nxt?06:09
eddychez, alt-f2 and run 'gksu software-properties-gtk'06:09
chezeddy: it is not installed i am apt-getting right now06:10
Guest73098hello wat next?????06:10
jiohdiis there any danger in using sudo -s?06:10
JuanCarlosGuest73098: run emesene06:10
jimbeam12enable the reposi..how do i do that06:10
eddyjiohdi, no it's same as doing 'sudo su'06:11
JuanCarlosGuest73098: connect with it06:11
Guest73098i don see it on the desktop..........06:11
Dr_Willisjimbeam12:  follow the directioons they give at -> http://ubuntu-tweak.com/downloads06:11
Dr_Willisjimbeam12:  'how to add the source of Ubuntu Tweak'06:11
jiohdieddy, I have been told that sudo su can cause problems06:11
JuanCarlosGuest73098: no, no app got icon on desktop06:11
xiktenyGuest73098: Applications>Internet>Emesene06:11
JuanCarlosGuest73098: Applications>Internet>Emesene06:11
eddywell all you are doing is switching to a root bash06:12
Dr_WillisThis isent windows where eveyr new app adds an icon to the desktop and the menus :)06:12
JuanCarlosapp icons on desktop are bad thing06:12
jiohdieddy, I had an incident where the ICE* file was taken over by root and caused problems06:12
chezeddy:  thankyou06:12
Guest73098i`m gettin a server error06:13
jimbeam12the dr.is in town06:13
JuanCarlosGuest73098: try again, live are buggy06:14
=== beyondncz is now known as Fednux
Guest73098i tried thrice but didnt help.........06:15
JuanCarlosGuest73098: try pidgin too...06:16
JuanCarlosGuest73098: Applications>Internet>Pidgin06:17
Guest73098my name is brb ......by the way..........06:17
alerondoes anybody know what ffmpeg is for06:18
Dr_Willisaleron:  its normally used for video reencoding06:18
Dr_Willis!info ffmpeg06:18
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg-debian): multimedia player, server and encoder. In component main, is optional. Version 3:0.svn20090303-1ubuntu6 (jaunty), package size 226 kB, installed size 820 kB06:18
Guest73098im unable to do it06:19
aleronso will it make kdenlive support avi for instance06:19
xiktenyGuest73098: Pidgin not working, either ? :(06:19
Dr_WillisGuest73098:  you may want to be a little more clear and verbose on what you are doing.06:19
Dr_Willisaleron:  'avi' is a container.. which can be of any of several dozen codecs..    ffmpeg is commonly used by many other tools to handle video conversio ntasks.06:20
Guest73098ok i tried applications >internet>pidgin............06:20
JuanCarlosthese microsoft protocols are buggy... i never hav a problem with XMMP06:20
Guest73098its showing pidgin starting.........but never starts..........06:20
JuanCarlostheres a  new icon on notification area?, maybe is minimized06:21
Fednuxhello everyone06:22
Guest73098carlos............help me........06:22
rfdsDoes ubuntu do ubuntu netbook remix shipit?06:23
rfdsor only ubuntu desktop and server shipit?06:23
Dr_Willisrfds:  just the normal desktop disks i think06:24
JuanCarlosnetbook remix is not a CD, designed to be a USB flash drive image06:24
jimbeam12hey Dr_Wills..thx06:24
Dr_WillisThe 9.04 netbook remix - is a img download.. so its not a cd.06:24
Guest73098hello anybody.........06:24
Dr_Willisjimbeam12:  reading the install guide on the programs homepage  helps  eh. :)06:24
jimbeam12lol cool..now that deserves a  Jimbeam..06:25
rfdshow big is unr06:25
Guest73098juan was that 4 me???????06:25
=== Guest73098 is now known as brb
Fednuxanyone see me ? please tell me thank you06:26
JuanCarlosi read you Fednux06:26
=== brb is now known as Guest53116
Fednuxoh thank you06:26
ZoeyMariehey, I'm running an audio program that isn't picking up my PCM support, how do I get it to work?06:26
Guest53116hello juan u were trying to solve my problem???????06:27
xiktenyGuest53116: : Click on your name, all the way in the top right corner of your screen, do you se options like: "Away", "Available", etc?06:27
xiktenyGuest53116: If you do, Pidgin is running... somewhere06:27
JuanCarlosGuest53116: change name please, what problem06:27
Drainedanyone know how to re-enable alt-ctrl-backspace? i forgot the name, nozap or something simliar :\06:28
Guest53116no i dont..........06:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sap06:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nozap06:28
ZoeyMarieBeast (an audio program) isn't recognizing my PCM device (though all other sound stuff is working). How do I fix this?06:28
=== Guest53116 is now known as brbGuest53116
sayedHey guys, I have a laptop HP dv6 and Ubuntu detects my sound card but for some reason I can neither capture nor playback any sound- anyone able to help me out with this?06:29
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.06:29
DrainedTHERE it is.06:29
xiktenybrbGuest53116: : Hmmm, open a Terminal "Applications>Accesories>Terminal" type pidgin <enter>, does it say anything weird? I really don't know why it wouldn't even run...06:29
=== brbGuest53116 is now known as brb
xwinLinux command question:  I inserted Ubuntu live CD & wanna copy C: drive /media/disk to USB-connected Fujitsu_HD /media/Fujitsu.  Can I copy all contents of C: with   cp /media/disk/ * -rf /media/Fujitsu <CR> ?06:30
=== brb is now known as Guest10487
Drainedxwin you should be able too06:31
JuanCarloscp -rf /media/disk/* /media/Fujitsu06:31
Drainedanyone know the TTY command to restart X?06:32
lstarnesDrained: if you're using gdm, sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart06:32
Jordan_UDrained: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart06:33
digiforWhich gui uses the least resources?06:33
Drainedthanks guys.06:33
lstarnesdigifor: X with no window managers06:33
Guest10487xitkey it said nothing06:33
DrainedDigifor: try Versa06:33
ZoeyMarieBeast (an audio program) isn't recognizing my PCM device (though all other sound stuff is working). How do I fix this?06:33
vttri want to install 9.10 on a netbook using unetbootin, but all i get after unetbootin completes is a few bootloader files on my usb drive ... any ideas?06:33
lstarnesdigifor: openbox and fluxbox are rather lightweight06:33
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:33
xwinI login 'sudo xterm &' then 'cd /media/Fujitsu' then 'cp /media/disk * -rf /media/Fujitsu' and looks like copying still ungoing...06:33
LogicFanever since i upgraded to FF 3.5, i have flash problems :P06:34
DrainedVttr: that's what's supposed to happen06:34
Jordan_Uvttr: #ubuntu +1 for help testing 9.1006:34
vttrDrained: but i do not see the iso contents06:34
lstarnesChen_long: I think you want to use /join #ubuntu-cn06:34
digiforlstarnes, I was thinking along those lines. x without a window manager might be a challenge :)06:34
xiktenyGuest10487: ... that shouldn't happen try 'pidgin -d'06:34
Drainedvttr: because it wouldn't be the same type of format i would assume... it's a flash drive06:34
vttron reboot i get an empty menu called default06:34
DigitalKiwidwm probably uses the least resources06:34
bdigitaldigifor: twm?06:34
ZoeyMarieBeast (an audio program) isn't recognizing my PCM device (though all other sound stuff is working). How do I fix this?06:35
Guest10487its saying command not found06:35
vttrDrained: on 9.04 it fills up the drive with 700 mb of iso files ... but with 9.10 it doesnt06:35
Drainedvttr: how did you use unetbootin did you use the selectable menu and let it download on it's own, or did you use your own iso?06:35
DigitalKiwibdigital: oh i assumed he wanted something useable06:35
lstarnesGuest10487: are you using it without the ' marks?06:35
vttri downloaded the iso myself06:35
digiforthanks DigitalKiwi and bdigital googling those and versa06:35
scapI just asked this in the fluxbox channel but I have fluxbox installed with xgl in 9.04 but I am having the problem that when I maximize windows that it spans all my monitors. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?06:35
JuanCarlosZoeyMarie: run the program from Terminal, to see whats wrong06:35
Drainedvttr: have you tried to re-do it? sometimes kinks in the process mess up.06:35
ZoeyMarieJuanCarlos, I already did. You want me to pastebin it?06:35
Drainedvttr: Well, i'm stummped i don't know what to tell ya..06:36
JuanCarlosZoeyMarie: also try --verbose  or --debug parameters06:36
Guest10487i used it but it still the same06:36
vttranyone know where can i get support on unetbootin?06:36
=== Igorot is now known as Knightlust
DigitalKiwidigifor: any particular reason you want extremely low resources? there are a few other lightweight window managers which are awesome as well06:36
vttror any other way to get Koala on a usb bootable drive?06:36
xiktenyGuest10487: you typed pidgin<space>-d<enter> ?06:36
ZoeyMarieJuanCarlos: do I type "parameters" or is there something I should put there? :/06:37
Guest10487its still the same06:37
JuanCarlosbeast --verbose or beast --debug06:37
scapjoin #xgl06:38
vttrubottu: unetbootin06:38
lstarnesscap: /join #xgl06:38
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:38
JuanCarlosKoala on a usb bootable drive, with Koala CD06:38
xwinI wanna multiboot Ubuntu 9 with XP Pro in my HP Pavilion DV2000 laptop 80GB, how big is the Ubuntu installation?06:38
vttrJuanCarlos: yes06:38
scaplstarnes, lol yea i got it06:38
JuanCarlosxwin: at least 4Gb for ubuntu install06:39
vttri have the ISO06:39
lstarnesxwin: about 4 GB, but you will most likely need more than that if you use it often06:39
ZoeyMarieJuanCarlos: I tried both, and neither is giving me info. on the PCM error.... I tried beast --bse-debug=pcm and it'll spit out a bunch of PCM garble... but I don't know what it is.06:39
mezquitaleanyone knows if you can download the beta version using ftp?06:39
xwinJuanCarlos: his excellency { just kidding } thanks...06:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Beast06:40
Fednuxdownload bt ?06:41
xwinJuanCarlos:  just kidding.  you're not king of Spain?  :-(06:41
JuanCarlosZoeyMarie: Beast is not supported by Ubuntu, maybe you can try beast developers support06:41
ZoeyMarieThere is some info on the errors that I'm getting, but it's not very informative...06:41
ZoeyMarieIt comes prepackaged on ubuntustudio..06:42
myownserverWhat's the command line command to check a file or folder's current read/write settings?06:42
ZoeyMarieJuanCarlos: I have no idea where to look for support except here (since it was packaged with ubuntustudio)06:42
cabaromyownserver: ls -la06:43
xiktenymyownserver: ls -l06:43
myownserverThank you.06:43
JuanCarlosweird, i dont find it on repos :(06:43
ZoeyMarieshrugs. :(06:44
JuanCarlosim king of Localhost domain06:44
vttrhi does unetbootin usb creator support karmic koala alpha 5? all i get after giving it the iso i downloaded is the bootmanager ... and no koala contents on usb drive.. any ideas?06:44
JuanCarlosvttr: use the built-in06:44
JuanCarlosvttr: Koala got his own USB creator06:45
vttrJuanCarlos: what builtin ... i do not have a cd drive .. this is a netbook06:45
GothFreak27my sytem specs are atom330 dual core processor, gma 950 video, will this run compiz at 1080p resolution?(1920x1080)06:45
amitesAnyone know how to remove the force quit window from my screen?06:45
vttrJuanCarlos: ?06:45
amitesI used the force quit app to kill a program and now the instruction window is stuck on screen06:46
n30n_hal0I just bought a Hawking HWDN2 Directional Wireless N antenna that uses the RT2870 chipset. Where can I find drivers for it? Ive tried Google and found mostly frustrations.06:46
JuanCarlosvttr: i got netbook too, i build my USB flash drive with the iso and virtualbox-ose, booting from the iso, build the usb drive06:46
cabaroamites: ps aux   check process id and then kill -9 1234  where 1234 is the process id06:46
loshervttr: can you try it with something a little less bleeding edge than karmic alpha?06:46
JuanCarlosyou got OS on the netbook?06:46
vttrlosher: it works well with 9.0406:47
vttrJuanCarlos: yes both windows and ubuntu 9.0406:47
amitescabaro: I don't know what the process is named06:47
JuanCarlosvttr: use a VM06:47
vttrJuanCarlos: does virtualbox support usb devices ? last time i tried it gave me a headache :)06:47
cabaroamites: what is the offending program?06:47
lstarnesvttr: sun's version does06:48
JuanCarlosfrom virtualbox.org yes, from repos no06:48
scottHow come Ubuntu leave intricate patterns of thread in the hems of my denim when when I step on the pedal?06:48
amites"force quit" button from the panel06:48
cabaroamites: you could try     top c06:48
JuanCarlosdont install the vm, only boot06:48
vttrok JuanCarlos06:48
vttrso boot from iso in virtualbox and click usb creater? then what?06:48
vttrusb creator = unetbootin?06:49
n30n_hal0Never mind, I found the drivers: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=206:49
lstarnesscott: I think you have ubuntu confused with an embroidering apparatus of some sort06:49
scottI was wondering why I couldn't get my iPOD to work.06:50
xwinI booted Ubuntu 9.4 live CD and wanna install Ubuntu.  Is there way to resize 66 GB partition while booted on Ubuntu live CD to reallocate Ubuntu install?06:50
JuanCarlosusb creator = Koala USB06:50
cabaroamites: try xkill06:50
lstarnesJuanCarlos: it's usually called karmic, not koala06:50
Dr_Willisxwin:  install,use gparted.06:50
deenaChoppy performance of Flash Player 10 at fullscreen playback06:51
vttralright JuanCarlos  ... i dont believe i am installing virtualbox on my netbook lol06:51
vttrgood times06:51
deenaany idea on this to get rid of it06:51
zookoThanks everyone.  Catch me in #tahoe.06:51
JuanCarlosdeena: try Blachbit06:51
losherdeena: I don't know any any version of flash player on any version of ubuntu that performs properly in fullscreen mode06:52
JuanCarlosdeena: Bleachbit06:52
sayedIs anyone capable of helping me with my sound issue?06:52
vttrhey one more thing .. is there anything bad/ broken in the 64 bit version of karmic .. i should be aware of ? like does flash/ java work?06:52
scottsayed: What's going on?06:52
shawn_Do any of you know how to get a free version of Crossover Pro?06:52
lstarnesvttr: someone in #ubuntu+1 likely knows06:52
Steilshawn_: you can't06:52
vttrtnx lstarnes06:52
Steilthere no free v erwionn06:53
sayedscott: Fresh install of Ubuntu on my laptop, everything from the media buttons to the function keys to the webcam works and the sound devices are detected however I'm hearing no sound whatsoever.06:53
shawn_Steil: I know you can because Ive had it before06:53
JuanCarlosvttr: im on Koala, Java OK, Flash OK06:53
Steilshawn_: Thats called software piracy,,06:53
Steil w06:53
Steil 06:53
xikteny!piracy | shawn_06:53
ubottushawn_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:53
vttrJuanCarlos: good .. u get flash from adobe? or repos? v10?06:53
loshervttr: karmic support is on #ubuntu+1 I think06:53
JuanCarlosall from repos06:54
shawn_ubottu I didnt pirate it.... A friend gave me a link to his corporate website which had it for download or something06:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:54
vttrok ty .. ok losher i am in that room .. but this room is more responsive :)06:54
scottsayed: There's a couple things we could try. Try installing "pavucontrol" from the repositories.06:54
JuanCarlosCrossover sources are free to download from the site last time i check it06:54
shawn_I just need some way to install microsoft word on linux06:54
shawn_Ive done it before fine06:54
scottsayed: You might have to select your audio device from that application.06:55
JuanCarlosshawn_:  Try PlayOnLinux06:55
lstarnesshawn_: it might work in wine or crossover06:55
sayedscott: Installing06:56
xwinbrb, now installing Ubunrtu 9 in my HP Pavilion DV2109NR...06:56
sayedscott: So I just run pavucontrol from the command line?06:56
JuanCarlosi installed many times office 2003 with playonlinux, works ok06:56
scottsayed: Yep, and it should open the application06:56
sayedscott: I get an error message "connection failed: connection refused"06:56
scottsayed: Hrmmm...06:57
scottsayed: Okay, let's go to "System" >> "Preferences">> "Sound"06:57
scottsayed: Already tried that?06:58
sayedscott: I mean I'm there06:58
loshershawn_: reported to work in wine -- http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1006:58
scottsayed: Oh, okay. Try selecting your actual device instead of "auto detect"06:59
sayedscott: Yep, nothing but silence07:00
shawn_Should I just install wine then>07:00
scottsayed: What's the model of your laptop?07:00
=== fernando is now known as Guest41643
Teclysshawn_: I don't know if anyone has said this already, but why not just migrate to OpenOffice?07:00
sayedscott: HP dv6, amd6407:00
CodeWarwe need to use a minimal linux installation across our labs for chip bringup. the chip has a very simple driver that does read/write to the register space based on user mode requests. the bulk of the driver logic is in a user mode app(this is not a production driver so security is not a concern).07:00
shawn_Teclys: Because it doesnt have all the same features07:01
CodeWarI m exploring if the kernel mode driver can be written such taht it works across a large spectrum of kernel versions such taht people can install whatever distribution they need and just load this driver07:01
sayedscott: Hold on, I'll get the exact model, one second07:01
Teclysshawn_: what features doesn't it have that you need?07:01
shawn_Teclys: Thing such as the automatically updating table of contents and small things like that07:01
Teclysshawn_: ah okay, i've never done such a thing on either MS or OO. definitely go with wine. it should work perfectly07:02
shawn_Alrighty is WIne free07:02
sayedscott: DV6-1264CA07:02
lstarnesshawn_: yes07:02
scottsayed: Was it working in Ubuntu before? And if so, which build:?07:02
sayedscott: No, brand new laptop07:03
loshershawn_: start with wine as it's free. If that doesn't work, you can start spending money on more expensive solutions...07:03
shawn_losher: Where do I get Wine07:03
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:03
scottsayed: Are you using 9.04?07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about playonlinux07:04
loshershawn_: see above. Start with the repository version, it may be all you need...07:04
JuanCarloslol, theres on Karmic already07:04
sayedscott: Yes07:04
loshersayed: 9.04 is notorious for sound problems...07:04
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:04
sayedlosher: Apparently.07:05
scottsayed: Did you try running "alsamixer" in the terminal, and setting all the sliders to maximum to see if you get any sound?07:05
ToastedSaladmy bluetooth mouse isnt working even though it's listed under 'Known Devices' in Bluetooth Preferences.07:05
loshersayed: if all else fails, 8.04 LTS...07:05
sayedscott: Yes07:05
sayedlosher: LTS?07:05
Steilis there a ubuntu netbook remix shit that i can write to a usbdrive?07:06
Steilsayed: long term support07:06
shawn_Okay I installed Wine now how do I use it07:06
shawn_It just says Browse C drive07:06
sayedSteil: Is there a way to downgrade?07:06
JuanCarloswhats remix shit?07:06
losher!wine | shawn_07:06
ubottushawn_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:06
sayedToastedSalad: Hello!07:07
losherToastedSalad: we can hear you. But I don't know anything about your particular problem...07:07
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:08
dios_miomy ubuntu changes resolution when starting up.. i hate it.. how can i make it start with 1024x768 from the very start?07:10
^mNotIntelligenthi all!07:11
JuanCarlosdios_mio: maybe in Karmic...07:11
causasuiHow can I change the default file manager in ubuntu?07:11
^mNotIntelligenthaving problem with resume from disk on dell studio 1555 jaunty , any idea on that?07:11
Dr_Williscausasui:  not very easially from what ive read..07:12
causasuiDr_Willis: What have you read?07:12
losher^mNotIntelligent: how much RAM do you have? And how much swap?07:12
Dr_Williscausasui:  nautilus is also in charge of the default desktop/icons.. so if you are not carefull you still end up launchingit.07:12
loshercausasui: what do you want to change it to?07:13
Dr_Williscausasui:  i looked up that 'how to change default file manager in gnome' on the forums and google.. and found a lot of info .. that  boiled down to ' this sort of works.. but i had issues'07:13
causasuilosher: konqueror, which is already installed and working07:13
Dr_Williscausasui:  i saw some scripts that were supposed to change it to/from konqueror.07:13
=== adam is now known as Guest21381
causasuiDr_Willis: Where?07:13
Dr_Willison google/ubuntu forums.07:14
Dr_Willisand no i ddient bookmark them :)07:14
zhjianghey, are there many people here use tty only (without x) for their daily work?07:14
^mNotIntelligentlosher, 4 gig ram but my current kernel sees only 3 gig and swap 1.5 gig07:14
Dr_Williszhjiang:  probelry are. :)  it depends on their work.07:14
IgramulHi, since I connected to a server using sftp, Ubuntu keeps asking me for the password to my private ssh key every time I log in and every time I open the file browser. How can I turn that off?07:15
causasuiDr_Willis: Well, thanks for your help I guess, but that doesnt do me much good then07:15
lstarnesIgramul: does the server have your public key in your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ?07:15
losher^mNotIntelligent: my understanding is that for suspend/resume, the swap partition must be equal or greater to the size of RAM, since it basically copies RAM to swap when it suspends...07:15
Anthraxhow do i install winetrix 2.0 on ubuntu?07:15
gustyuse synaptic07:16
Igramullstarnes, yes - but I do not want to connect to the server at all, e.g. all I want is to access my USB drive.07:16
zhjiangDr_Willis: I'm trying to do that for fun, but found it irritates my eyes. Just wondering if there are any configuration that can help07:16
^mNotIntelligentlosher, quite possible, but when i did a fresh install of jaunty a month ago it was working fine...then something went wrong...i've not done any changes to swap space either07:16
Teclysi have a machine running 9.10 alpha 3, is there an easy way to upgrade to alpha 5?07:17
losher^mNotIntelligent: dunno then, sorry...07:17
zhjiangDr_Willis: have any idea?07:17
^mNotIntelligentlosher, no probs...thanks07:17
lstarnesTeclys: what does lsb_release say your version is?07:17
lstarnesTeclys: sorry, lsb_release -a07:17
lstarnesIgramul: I'm not sure how to do that.  you likely have to remove that from your automount settings or something like that07:17
JuanCarloskarmic countdown banner serie 2 ready :)07:18
TeclysIstarnes: unfortunately I just shut that machine down haha. ill reboot it in a bit07:18
vraa_i have an issue regarding my ubuntu server, it has 4 onboard gigabit lan ports, when it is booting it hangs on the network portion, i have to press ctrl+alt+del and it skips and continues07:19
lstarnesTeclys: I think it updates whenever you do a package update07:19
vraa_however my internet works fine once i'm logged into the computer07:19
vraa_how could i go about diagnosing this, using ssh, without rebooting the machine, lol07:19
losherzhjiang: once up a time I used to dial in using a vt100 and a 2400 baud modem, and was the envy of my friends because I could work at home. But really, having multiple xterms is such a blessing that I wouldn't give it up 'for fun'. I don't run a desktop though...07:19
Teclysahh okay, thank you07:19
Dr_Williszhjiang:  set a differnt font, and the frambuffer freature of the console can set up higher res/different sized fonts.07:19
=== aff2 is now known as lord_daemon
gustydoes anyone know what the annotate, splash and benchmark utilities do?07:19
Igramullstarnes, maybe the file browser connects to all bookmarks for some weird reason...07:20
Dr_Williszhjiang:  also learn to use screen. and theres some other 'terminal multiplexer' tool for the console thats worth checking out.07:20
JuanCarlossplash does the splash screen07:20
JuanCarlosbenchmark do hardware benchmarks07:20
Drainedcan anyone tell me where i can find xorg.conf07:20
lstarnesDrained: /etc/X11/xorg.conf usually07:21
IgramulDrained, /etc/X1107:21
loshervraa_: it's hard to diagnose network problems when you're logged in over the network via ssh. Ideally, you need console access...07:21
Drainedthanks guys07:21
gustyJuanCarlos: What about the annotate plugin? Thanks07:21
vraa_yes that makes sense, it's just i wasnt at my workstation, had a few hrs to kill, was wondering if anyone knew what might've been the issue07:21
vraa_it makes it difficult to do "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" remotely07:21
vraa_because when the restart happens, it does not get back successfully07:22
vichello everyone07:22
Drainedguys is this correct07:22
DrainedSection "Device"07:22
DrainedIdentifier"Configured Video Device"07:22
DrainedDriver   "nvidia"07:22
FloodBot2Drained: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:22
dios_miomy ubuntu changes resolution when starting up.. i hate it.. how can i make it start with 1024x768 from the very start?07:22
loshervraa_: from the *console*, I would start by doing /etc/init.d/network restart and see if it runs...07:23
=== jason is now known as Guest54750
vraa_okay then i shall have to do that in the morning07:23
Anthraxhow do i install winetrix 2.0 on ubuntu?07:23
loshervraa_: tonight, you could check the /etc/network/interfaces file and see what it says to do with the interfaces07:23
zhjiangDr_Willis: I'm using fbterm, it seems I can set font, and size, etc.. But I don't feel it helps. The problem is if I set brightness to low, I can't see things clearly because it's too dark, but if I set brightness higher, my eyes get hurt after a while. Wondering in old days, how programmers tolerate black screen without GUI07:24
bionicjoeBlast off. Nuke it from orbit.07:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moo07:24
^mNotIntelligentlosher, one more information regarding that suspend/resume prob: when i resume i noticed that if some audio or video was running i can still listen the audio even the key for baklight keyboard works fine..just the monitor is off...so i guess resume is not able to switch on the display after resume, any thoughts?07:24
vraa_http://pastebin.com/m39bad4cc - i have to learn how to decipher that so give me a few minutes as i do some googling07:25
losher^mNotIntelligent: sorry, you need someone smarter than me to solve that...07:25
Anthraxjust type lsb_release-a07:26
Anthraxfor winetricks07:26
loshervraa_: I only see config for eth2 via dhcp. Are the other interfaces even being used? Try: sudo ifconfig -a07:26
JuanCarlosAnthrax: Winetricks is a bash script, it does not install07:27
JuanCarlosAnthrax: just run it07:27
Anthraxits not finding it07:27
Dr_Williszhjiang:  i used to work on amigas with interlace mode.. and a refresh rate of 30 :)  - You wimpy kids these days.. heh..07:27
Anthraxi think i typed it wrong07:27
vraa_http://pastebin.com/m1a421cf9 -- it seems like eth2 is the one that is plugged in07:27
Dr_Williszhjiang:  back in the day of using a TV for the monitor.07:27
ccfontesis this the adequate help channel for eeebuntu?07:28
DrainedShoot, Well sometimes X messes up with kernel upgrades right? how do i fix it? Soreau helped me earlier but it messed up again07:28
JuanCarloschmod +x ./winetricks ; sh ./winetricks07:28
bionicjoeI'm sorry Dr_Willis. Did we step on your lawn?07:28
Dr_Willisbionicjoe:  :) and turn down that music! :)07:29
Drainedcan anyone tell me the equivilent to ipconfig on ubuntu terminal?07:29
Dr_WillisDrained:  ifconfig07:29
soreauDrained: If you have any issues with compiz, please ask in #compiz07:29
lstarnesDrained: ifconfig07:29
losherzhjiang: sounds like eyestrain. Have your vision checked, use a larger font, and try different colors...07:29
Drainedit's not compiz tho soreau :D it's nvidia's driver :307:30
navetzcan someone please help me reinstall my sound to the way it was when i upgraded to 9.04?07:30
soreauDrained: We tend to help a lot with driver issues in #compiz since they need to be installed correctly as a prerequisite for compiz07:30
navetzi need to reinstall the sound drivers or config files :S07:30
loshervraa_: the unused interfaces should probably be configured to be 'down'. Sorry, dunno how you do that in the interfaces file....07:31
zhjianglosher: I found all other bg colors on tty sucks, black is slightly better. I don't have much choice. Only eight of them.07:31
=== crash1hd1 is now known as crash1hd
ccfonteswell, Ill ask anyway. I have an integrated 3g modem. when I use Network Manager to create a new configuration, I choose NTTdocomo, which is my isp. I assume it sets the right configurations for this isp. then when connecting it disconnects itself imediately. I have pin code on. may it be this the issue?07:32
losherzhjiang: doesn't sound like fun to me...07:32
ToastedSaladmy bluetooth mouse isnt working even though it's listed under 'Known Devices' in Bluetooth Preferences.07:32
bionicjoeBluetooth is the greatest tech ever. And never ever fails07:33
zhjianglosher: you will be fun if it can be solved......I'm that kind of jerk who wishes to throw away X completely...Because that's very cool07:33
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: What mouse?07:33
ToastedSaladmicrosoft 500007:33
zhjianglosher: sorry, typo, "it will be fun if it can be solved'07:34
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: "sudo aptitude install bluez-compat"07:34
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Then -- "sudo hidd --search"07:35
losherzhjiang: why stop at X? Might as well stop using electricity too....07:35
Jordan_Uccfontes: Would you mind filing a bug report?07:35
ToastedSaladCan't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:36
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Uh.. Hold the mouse button -- Making a connection and stuffs.07:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 10.0407:37
Ben64!10.04 is Lucid Lynx07:37
Jordan_Uccfontes: If you are, you can file a bug report with standard information for the developers with "ubuntu-bug network-manager"07:37
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: what are you talking about!07:37
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: The silly Bluetooth button.  Hold it down.07:38
ToastedSaladyou mean the button that broadcasts the device's presence?07:38
=== vraa_ is now known as vraa
sarthorkshow do i paste multiple lines of code on irc?07:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:39
Ben64sarthor: use pastebin, or paste.ubuntu.com07:39
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Sure. Bluetooth. Yes. Connecting. Try the hidd --search command when it's flashing.07:39
zhjianglosher: good point. I don't why myself. Just wish to be able to do everything using command. And get ride of unnecessary parts. I guess I'm a strange person then.07:40
ToastedSaladCan't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:40
crazy6is there some special step I have to take to get PCMCIA working in ubuntu? I just plugged in a wifi card, and lspci lists it, but there's not new device when I do iwconfig07:40
losherzhjiang: I think it was a fine idea up till it started giving you a headache, at which point it turned into a liability...07:40
Hawaiian_Eskimothe strangest thing just popped up in the terminal... http://yfrog.com/09iwillcontractararediseap07:41
fahadsadahHawaiian_Eskimo: That's a fortune07:41
^mNotIntelligentcrazy6, does the system load correspoding frimware? check using dmesg07:41
fahadsadahType the command fortune to get one07:41
Hawaiian_Eskimoi don't like my fortune :(07:41
sarthorksBen64 ok i have pasted it on paste.ubuntu.com. now what shouuld i do? paste it directly in the text box here?07:42
Hawaiian_Eskimoheh, that's kind of cool07:42
Ben64sarthor: you paste the link to the pastebin address you made07:42
fahadsadahThere's also a command, cowsay07:42
fahadsadahTry fortune | cowsay07:42
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Check Bluetooth.  Is it paired already?07:42
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: Can't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:42
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: no07:42
crazy6^mNotIntelligent: no indication of that iin dmesg07:43
pradeephttp://techgyan.im   ubuntu tricks and tutorials07:43
sarthorksi can't use 'wget' over proxy server.  i have used 'export ftp_proxy=""' and when i use ' wget --proxy=on ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/et/linux/et-linux-2.60.x86.run' i get this output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/274498/07:43
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Pair it. Try the command.07:43
fahadsadahHawaiian_Eskimo: And, the one you saw there was "fortune | cowsay -f tux"07:43
^mNotIntelligentcrazy6, then first we've to ensure that the correspoding drivers are loaded properly when you plugin the device07:43
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: which one?07:44
Hawaiian_Eskimo"you have the capacity to learn from mistakes. you'll learn a lot today"07:44
pradeephttp://techgyan.im   ubuntu tricks and tutorials07:45
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: "sudo hidd --search'07:45
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Do it after you paired the mouse.  Also, you did installed the package, right?07:45
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, dont shout...we got it...and no Ads plz07:45
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: Can't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:46
heartbeatsany body know how to install idle for python 3.1.107:46
pradeep^mNotIntelligent : The site does not contain ad's07:46
heartbeatsany body know how to install idle for python 3.1.107:46
ToastedSaladfirst it tries to connect to the mac address07:46
ToastedSaladthen, Can't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:46
heartbeatsany body know how to install idle for python 3.1.107:46
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, i dint mean that....you are doing the adv of your site out here....we're getting off-tracked...back to support plz07:47
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Hold down the Bluetooth mouse (button) to make it visible and do the command.07:47
crazy6^mNotIntelligent: lshw shows it, but not doing lsmod | grep ath07:47
ToastedSaladi don't have to make it visible, it already sees it.07:47
pradeep^mNotIntelligent : k sorry07:47
bullgard4What configuration files have I to copy to another computer in order to duplicate the configuration of seamonkey-chatzilla?07:48
crdlbheartbeats: A) how did you get python 3.1? and B) why aren't you using 2.6?07:48
^mNotIntelligentcrazy6, try googling the firmware/driver for your h/w and load that manually using modprobe07:48
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Okay. You have the supported package for your mouse.  Now you have to figure out how to connect with it. Just try it. Really.07:49
zhjianglosher: I have another problem. When I swith from X/tty to tty/X, the brightness of my monitor suddenly drops to very low. I have to adjust it myself. It drops again after I do another switch. Have any ideas?07:50
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: it isn't that kind of a button, all you have to do is press it once and the connection light flashes green-red-green-red07:50
Anthraxhey... how do i switch virtual work spaces, whats the shortcut07:50
pradeep^mNotIntelligent : are u familiar with nvidia drivers for ubuntu, i have a small problem07:50
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Right. Then you run the command to try and connect.07:50
lstarnesAnthrax: ctrl+alt+left-arrow or ctrl+alt+right-arror07:50
crazy6^mNotIntelligent: hrm, a forum post says I should install compat-wireless, which apparently is not an available package07:50
losherzhjiang: sorry, no idea....07:51
Anthraxkk thx07:51
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, put your question here...whoever knows will respond07:51
JuanCarlosediting ubuntu wiki posting my karmic countdown banners :)07:52
ankit__which nvidia card u have07:52
^mNotIntelligentcrazy6, may be you have to get that package from outside if that is not in the repo...07:52
crazy6^mNotIntelligent: oh, holy hell, I just needed to manually modprobe ath5k ...07:52
zhjiangDoes anyone have any ideas about the following: I have another problem. When I swith from X/tty to tty/X, the brightness of my monitor suddenly drops to very low. I have to adjust it myself. It drops again after I do another switch? Thanks07:52
sarthorksi can't use 'wget' over proxy server.  i have used 'export ftp_proxy=""' and when i use ' wget --proxy=on ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/et/linux/et-linux-2.60.x86.run' i get this output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/274498/07:52
pradeepI have installed nvdia driver on my laptop. It works fine, but whenever i shutdown my comp, the screen gets divided into six separate parts07:52
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, you there?07:53
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: how many times have I told you. user@ubuntu:~$ sudo hidd --search07:53
ToastedSaladSearching ...07:53
ToastedSaladConnecting to device 00:AB:CD:EF:11:E207:53
ToastedSaladCan't create HID interrupt channel: Connection refused07:53
FloodBot2ToastedSalad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:53
pradeep^mNotIntelligent : ya07:53
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, put your question07:54
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Okay. I'm reading up the forum -- "It is solved when I turn off and on the mouse."07:54
ankit__pradeep: whts your config07:54
pradeepI have installed nvdia driver on my laptop. It works fine, but whenever i shutdown my comp, the screen gets divided into six separate parts.any one knows the solution07:54
crazy6^mNotIntelligent: is there an autoload file somewhere I need to add it to?07:54
pradeepankit_ :config as in07:54
ankit__i mean which nvidia card u hv07:55
kannan01is there any way to run apt-get and update manager at the same time..07:55
lstarneskannan01: no07:55
loshersarthorks: I notice there's a 'filename too long' message at the end of all that goop. I wonder if it's a bug in your proxy?07:55
jimbeam12omy darn i got a virus on a linux system..nooooooooo07:55
lstarneskannan01: in order to prevent race conditions and possible conflicts, the apt/dpkg system was designed to only allow one package manager to perform operations at once07:55
pradeepankit_ : 8400 series07:56
pradeepankit_ : 8400 series,64mb card,hp pavillion dv 2601 tx laptop07:56
JuanCarlosupdate manager is a front-end to apt-get07:56
IgnosticHello, I did a fresh install of ubuntu. I moved my folders from external hard drive, but they're all locked, it will take too long to manuel set the permissions07:56
kannan01lstarnes: tnx07:56
sarthorkslosher:i guess the problem lies with the fact that it says something like "action_taken=block,category=games". i cannot access that download link directly because it is blocked here.  i thought wget would help me get over it. is that not possible?07:56
losherjimbeam12: a virus is unlikely. Please supply details...07:57
pradeepIgnostic:no it won take that long07:57
JuanCarlosIgnostic: chown $USER --verbose --recursive /path/to/folders/you/need/to/change07:57
Ignosticpradeep, 65 gbs will07:57
pradeepIgnostic: yeah:-) it will now07:57
pradeepankit_ : there?07:58
JuanCarlosIgnostic: chmod --verbose --recursive +w /path/to/folders/you/need/to/change07:58
IgnosticThanks JuanCarlos, let me try07:58
ankit__pradeep wht drivers u installed..07:58
pradeepIgnostic : chmod -R 777 /path/07:58
IgnosticJuanCarlos, is it possible to just do the whole home folder?07:58
ankit__used the repository drivers or downloaded frm nvidia07:58
pradeepankit_ yes07:59
_genuser_Hello People.07:59
JuanCarlosIgnostic: take care, but yes07:59
_genuser_having an issue mounting a network mount.07:59
Ignosticok, thanks07:59
pradeepankit_ one which was there in repository,nvidia 180 something07:59
loshersarthorks: it depends who is doing the blocking. If it's at the proxy then I don't see what you can do about it. It *does* look like a game, and it's a huge download. So maybe you shouldn't be doing this at work....07:59
ankit__pradeep: i think u should try to remove the drivers and re compile them07:59
_genuser_says wrong fs type.07:59
JuanCarlosIgnostic: with these command all files are yours and with read/write permissions08:00
ankit__pradeep: problem lies in the drivers.. its a typical problem associated with driver conflict08:00
sarthorkslosher: yeah ;) . anyway i found a direct link to the download which *does* open. so hurray! thanks!08:00
pradeepankit_ I removed them and installed again, but the problem was there08:00
dragonlyrehow do you remove sfwdeck?08:00
dragonlyreer sfwdec*08:01
_genuser_any ideas?08:01
ankit__pradeep: probably u should try some other operating system.. which might solve your problem08:01
_genuser_how to mount a nfs share?08:01
pradeepankit_ i love ubuntu08:01
losher_genuser_: how are you trying to mount it currently?08:01
pradeepankit_ i can manage but don have compiz effects that's all08:02
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: are you here?08:02
pradeepany one knows how to automount my other partitions when ever i login08:02
_genuser_losher: using sudo mount /mnt/raid08:02
IgnosticJuanCarlos, it seemed to have done the trick, so thanks08:02
Ignosticpradeep, i didn't try yours but I'm sure it would of worked08:03
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, add them to /etc/fstab08:03
JuanCarlosIgnostic: bye08:03
pradeepIgnostic: np08:03
lstarnes_genuser_: what protocol are ytou using for the remote share?08:03
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Hmm?08:03
Speed3Hey all.  I want to compile a vanilla kernel from kernel.org on Kubuntu.  Will I loose the ability to install the nvidia-proprietary drivers or experience any other issues?08:03
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: are you still helping me?08:03
pradeep^mNotIntelligent, how?08:03
lstarnesSpeed3: custom kernels aren't official supported08:03
_genuser_lstarnes: remote computer is sharing the same share over nfs and samba.08:03
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Sure. Did you try turning off and on the mouse?08:03
lstarnes_genuser_: whieh are you going to use?08:04
Speed3lstarnes: OK, I understand that.  If I do it, what are the "consequences"?  I've been using Linux for 10+ years and always compile my own vanilla kernels.08:04
losher_genuser_: the command looks ok. What's the output when you run it?08:04
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Same HID interrupt?08:04
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, somethng like this: /dev/sda3 /media/OS ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_IN 0 0 , replace /media/OS with your mount poitn and /dev/sda3 with your partition number and you're done08:04
lstarnesSpeed3: the packages always assume that you are using the kernel packages that come with ubuntu08:04
_genuser_lstarnes: either is fine. Normally, just the command works fine. It picks either or. I have also specified -t nfs at the end. Doesn't like it.08:05
navetzis there a way to reinstall your kernel?08:05
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: ha! it finally worked08:05
lstarnesSpeed3: differences between your kernel and the version that ubuntu uses may cause breakage08:05
pradeep^mNotIntelligent, ty08:05
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: how do I make this permanent?08:05
navetzlike reinstall it as if your were upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04?08:05
_genuser_losher: maybe wrong versions of nfs and samba?08:05
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: That HID Interrupt is weird. Something that shouldn't happening... unless you tried many things at once.08:05
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: It should already be permanent now.08:06
lstarnes_genuser_: do you have nfs-common installed?08:06
ToastedSaladtried many things at once?08:06
_genuser_lstarnes, didn't install it specifically. default kubuntu install.08:06
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Basically you tried to connect/disconnect/unknown with Bluetooth.08:06
losher_genuser_: can't speak for samba, but unless client and server are from very different eras, nfs incompatibility is unlikely08:07
yuanxinhow can I stop Ubuntu from making a fat beep every time I do anything?08:07
_genuser_my distro upgrade is almost 99%. It might auto reboot the computer.08:07
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: can you wait a few minutes so I can restart my computer and see if it sticks?08:07
yuanxinlike backspace too far in a terminal08:07
_genuser_losher, then perhaps missing nfs-common.08:07
lstarnes_genuser_: if you have nfs-common installed, nfs mounts should work08:07
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Okay. I think it'll stick. (Or it should be). Go and reboot. I'll be here.08:07
lstarnes_genuser_: you may also need portmap08:07
losher_genuser_: sudo mount -t nfs /mnt/raid08:08
dragonlyrecan anyone tell me how to make adobe flash my primary player instead of sfwdec?08:08
^mNotIntelligentpradeep, yw08:08
pshr_Any geeks with interest in h@x ?08:08
_genuser_lstarnes: losher I will reboot, then try those again. :) thanks both.08:08
dragonlyrein firefox08:08
idyleCan somehow give me some help -- I can't seem to upgrade to karmic, do-release-upgrade -d says there is no new release -- does anyone know what this program actually checks?08:08
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, disable beep completely...i did that08:08
lstarnesidyle: which version of ubuntu are you currently using?08:08
^mNotIntelligentpshr_, whats that08:08
idylelstarnes: jaunty08:08
^mNotIntelligent!ask | ZoeyMarie08:09
ubottuZoeyMarie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:09
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:09
yuanxin^mNotIntelligent: how?08:09
ZoeyMarieI was actually trying to do a command, and forgot the slash... thanks though. ;)08:09
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, thedaneshproject.com/posts/disable-the-beep-in-ubuntu-90408:10
yuanxin^mNotIntelligent: thanks08:10
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, yw08:10
eddysudo apt-get install cowsay fortune && echo "fortune | cowsay" >> ~/.bashrc08:10
JuanCarlosG00d N!g|-|t08:11
idylelosher: I've followed this instructions but it doesn't work, and I am confirmed running jaunty08:11
pete__can anyone in here on xubuntu help me out with a question about the panel?08:11
pete__idyle, whats ur problem?08:12
eddysudo echo "blacklist pcspkr" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf08:12
eddyto disable the system beep08:12
losheridyle: dunno. lstarnes: ?08:12
ToastedSaladhi its still working08:12
pete__eddy, thats actually helpful thanks08:12
lstarnesidyle: I'm not sure why that is happening08:12
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: No problem.  Good luck.08:12
ToastedSaladcan you help me write down these steps so I can use them in a future installation?08:13
eddyyea but first modprobe -r pcspkr, or you'll hear it one last time when you shutdown08:13
idylepete__: trying to upgrade to karmic, I reinstalled my desktop after karmic failed on me using my jaunty cd, and once I did the initial few software updates I was gonna upgrade using do-release-upgrade -d, which worked, but I said "no" to the prompt right before it upgraded, and now it says there are no new upgrades08:13
cabarosudo modprobe -r pcspkr   to remove pcspeaker driver without rebooting08:13
Guest3565sorry I had to step out, but does anyone know anything about the game SAVAGE 2 for linux?08:13
blunderok now08:14
yuanxincabaro: ty08:14
eddycabaro, yea but i found that you must blacklist the module too or it will return on the next boot08:14
pete__eddy, except, pete@BOX:~$ sudo echo "blacklist pcspkr" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf08:14
pete__bash: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf: Permission denied08:14
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: 1) sudo aptitude install bluez-compat 2) Ensure that Bluetooth is paired 3) sudo hidd --search 4) It sometimes may be necessary for you to hold down button to make it visible.08:14
eddypete use sudo08:14
pete__eddy, i did..08:14
Dr_WillisGuest3565:  i know the Demo worked for me last i tried it a few months ago.. and they got a large forum i recall08:15
cabaroecho "blacklist pcspkr" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist08:15
eddyadd .conf08:15
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: where does the turning off the mouse come in""?08:15
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, use what cabaro said, blacklist the pcspkr...08:15
eddyor you'll get some warning thing08:15
pete__eddy, ?08:15
JoeSomebodyhi, newbie here, prior to my first proper install, on my extra windows machine i am making a partition, should it be ext2 or ext3?08:16
eddypete__, what cabaro said08:16
allan89041is there a repo that i can add for teh bleeding edge kernel?08:16
eddybut add .conf to the end of that command08:16
yuanxin^mNotIntelligent: that's what it says to do on the site silly08:16
leaf-sheepToastedSalad: Step 4. It's not often for people to experience HID interrupt, I suppose. (I think it was because you paired the Bluetooth and bluz-compat wasn't installed; then you tried to pair it again).08:16
^mNotIntelligentJoeSomebody, make it ex308:16
pete__eddy, to upgrade to karmic do i just change all my sources, and then use synaptic08:17
JoeSomebodyok thanks08:17
ZoeyMarieCan someone help me troubleshoot installing this tar.gz?08:17
Guest3565Dr.Willis, well I downloaded the 32bit version, but it won't even start the game, it istalled fine but no game...it pops up a black screen then disappears,  know why by chance?08:17
idylepete__: I tried that, but half the updates it lists are blocked, so I figured it was bugging out08:17
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, nobody wants to visit a site if he gets a oneline aswer...silly08:17
eddypete__, yea or you could use command line: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:17
yuanxin^mNotIntelligent: true, but I had already visited it08:17
roman_hi , i need help with wine ,  i want to install via wine a setup.exe file who request JVM  when i open setup file wine give me error java.lang.exceptionininitializererror: \com\ms\wfc\core\wfcexption08:17
pete__eddy, haha ok08:18
^mNotIntelligentyuanxin, then you're done08:18
eddysudo apt-get install cowsay fortune && echo "fortune | cowsay" >> ~/.bashrc08:18
eddy^ awesome thing to do08:18
pete__eddy, im learning slowly but surely, so far I have, mounted ntfs drives, got my webcam to work, got my volume buttons to work. etc etc08:18
eddypete__, good to hear08:18
pete__oo and got my xbox 360 controller to work.08:18
pete__ubuntu is much better than windows.08:18
ZoeyMarieCan someone help me troubleshoot installing this tar.gz?08:19
eddyubuntu is sexy08:19
ToastedSaladleaf-sheep: ok thank you. bye08:19
Guest3565pete I would agree, although mine doesn't like games at all in the slitest!  lol08:19
eddybut someone over in #vbox said i should try Arch and that i will :-)08:19
eddyi hear pacman is awesome08:19
idyleis there anyone who can help me getting karmic installed from jaunty, none of the normal methods work (apt-get dist-upgrade, do-release-upgrade -d, update-manager -d, etc)08:19
pete__Guest3565, what doesnt like games?08:19
pete__I play SNES on here lol08:19
eddypete__, frozen bubble is the best game for linux08:20
pete__idyle, i was just getting ready to try!? whats wrong08:20
eddylol i love that game so don't hate08:20
pete__eddy, i like my snes games haha08:20
gac1Hi does anyone one know how safe it is to download security updates from Update Manager that are not "authenticated"08:20
idylepete__: I think it's because I started it and then declined just before it started08:20
Guest3565pete My system doesn't play games for me, not sure what the deal is really, Windows its a piece of cake, but ubuntu hates games for me...  think i got a driver issue of some sort...not too sure though08:20
pete__idyle, ask eddy lol08:20
ZoeyMarieCan someone help me troubleshoot installing this tar.gz?08:20
idyleI think he said he doesn't know what's going on :|08:21
pete__Guest3565, most games are built for windows08:21
Myrttigac1: you installed the software in the first place, and trusted the software then08:21
Myrttigac1: what made you change your mind?08:21
Guest3565pete I got the game for linux called SAVAGE 2 and can't get it to work.  and another NEXIUZ also neither will work right...08:21
gac1I get a message about unauthenticated software08:21
ZoeyMarieWhat is an SVC?08:22
lstarnesgac1: it depends on which repository it comes from08:22
idyleZoeyMarie: try googling08:22
pete__idyle, did you change all ur souces in /etc/apt/sources.list and then, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:22
gac1How do you mean ?08:22
pete__ZoeyMarie, if its a .tar.gz its source code08:22
idylepete__: no, I will try that08:22
eddyidyle, you must first update your sources.list to karmic then dist-upgrade08:23
lstarnesgac1: if they're from official ubuntu repositories on official ubuntu mirrors, they are generally safe08:23
eddywhat pete__  said haha08:23
zhjiangare there any machine learning people here?08:23
pete__well im doing dist-upgrade now08:23
eddyi am a machine08:23
pete__wish me luck08:23
idylepete__: hey that looks like it's working08:23
ZoeyMariehrm... let me rephrase this... I'm trying to install a tar.gz file, and it tells me to qmake the src/ dir of the sources... but then it points me to a site that just explains what SVN is, I think...08:23
gac1Oh OK but I got this warning message about security updates being dangerous08:23
Myrttigac1: you installed that software earlier, and it came from an unauthenticated source then08:23
pete__idyle, yea, we are both doing it at the exact same moment haha08:23
pete__idyle, yea, you know why i always seem to come in here and help people? cause ive had all these problems before hahah08:24
Myrttigac1: only thing you're doing now is updating and upgrading that same software08:24
idyleyeah pass on the good advise :D08:24
pete__i tried to use ubuntu when it was the badger08:24
pete__but it never worked on my machine08:24
gac1Oh OK. Thanks a lot.08:24
pete__wow downloading karmic packages at 1.8 mb/sec08:25
idylelol yeah it's been getting WAY better the last couple of years08:25
idyleI got 1.5mbps08:25
gac1I'm new to this system but I do love Ubuntu so much superior to Windows nonsense08:25
pete__nice. comcast?08:25
idyleat a friends house too ^_^08:25
pete__wow never heard of at t that fast08:26
pete__usually they got slow dsl08:26
idylealright I'm gonna let this run overnight, going to bed :]08:26
idyleyeah his dad works for at&08:26
ZoeyMarieOkay. So I svn'd the source code, and it appears to be downloading it... where is it downloading it to, so I know where to point qmake to?08:26
sarthorkshow do i play .rm files in ubuntu? these are Real Player files.08:26
idyleso maybe that's why08:26
idylegood night everyone!08:26
lstarnesZoeyMarie: it's downloading it to a directory under your current directory08:27
test3434good morning everyone08:27
pete__eddy, it doesnt matter im on xubuntu for karmic does it08:27
abc123hi all08:27
eddypete__, it shouldn't08:27
pete__eddy, im really liking xfce08:28
eddyyea it's light and fast; i prefer gnome though08:28
eddy... regular ubuntu :-)08:28
nemo_fluxbox ftw08:28
Drainedanyone know of a way to get usb headset to work with ubuntu?08:29
gac1Anyway, i had trouble just getting here. Thanks for help.08:29
* eddy agrees with nemo_ ... fluxbox ftw on speed08:29
alkisgIs keyserver.ubuntu.com down?08:29
pete__eddy, how do I try fluxbox without fucking up my xfce ?08:29
ZoeyMarieOkay. So I'm trying to qmake the src/ dir of the sources... and it's telling me there's an error processing the project file at the location that I provided. What's going on?08:29
nemo_it wont change any xfce stuff08:29
nemo_just install it08:30
pete__nemo_, so, sudo apt-get install fluxbox and select from login?08:30
eddypete__, i suggest looking up and install qingy with fluxbox08:30
pete__ok ill look it up08:30
eddyqingy is best for selecting windows managers08:30
eddyuses directfb for login screen08:30
pete__is fluxbox ugly?08:30
pete__cause xfce is fast enough and it looks good08:31
nemo_by default i little08:31
nemo_but you can customize it alot08:31
eddyyea i suggest customizing08:31
rxdanyone can point me to aufs root filesystem08:31
eddywhat nemo_ said haha08:31
pete__would anyone care to show me a screenshot of a fluxbox desktop, one that someone actually uses08:31
pete__just curious08:31
eddytons there08:32
* blunder loves fluxbox/blackbox 08:32
pete__i need one like this > so bad > http://www.otasc.org/dotclear/public/windows-manager/fluxbox.jpg08:32
pete__not the wallpaper08:33
pete__but the wm08:33
nemo_ya mine looks similar to that08:33
nemo_i like dark themes08:33
pete__well im upgrading to karmic now,08:33
pete__so when thats done ill check out qingy and fluxbox08:33
nemo_ya and have fun with it. it will take some time to learn about it08:34
eddyyea i customize my gnome to be dark08:34
nemo_but ppl on irc can be helpful08:34
eddywith cairo-dock and compiz fx08:34
trgbeckjust like Gnome with extended menu with KDE I like both worlds in one08:34
nemo_its kind of funny how free software is so much better than software that costs money08:35
pete__nemo_, i was just thinking that08:35
pete__ SO much better08:35
nemo_and more secure08:35
nemo_more stable08:36
pete__haha the list is long.08:36
TemeWwell it always depends on the software too08:36
eddyfree software is made by real hackers and nerds, enterprise software is made by idiots who barely passed their DOT NET courses in college08:36
nemo_well there audience is different too i suppose08:36
TemeWbut i actually like ubuntu as a home pc08:37
eddyi'm goin to give arch linux a try08:37
nemo_i have like 4 win licenses i dont use lol08:37
eddytired of ubuntu lol08:37
TemeWarch linux is gay08:38
eddyyou are gay08:38
nemo_just fyi arch is more manual install then ubuntu08:38
aleronyour both gay08:38
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eddynemo_, i learned that just tonight thanx to vbox08:38
=== david_ is now known as Midnighter
eddyaleron, suck a fat d*ck08:39
eddyjust kidding08:39
Gnea!language | eddy08:39
ubottueddy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:39
nemo_F11 is looking pretty sweet08:39
aleronoh shut up n get the dick outta ye mouth08:39
Gneaeddy: seriously, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:39
lstarnesaleron: stop!08:39
anothergithey, I'm intrepid and I'm trying to find out where the hell my disk space went08:39
anothergitI don't have that many large apps on it08:39
Gneaaleron: done?08:39
anothergitand I'm at 60 gigs08:40
eddyGnea, i stopped, chill08:40
eddyanothergit, and this is on ubuntu?08:40
anothergitbig apps = nexiuz, ghc, postgres, battle for wesnoth08:40
anothergiteddy, yeah08:40
obiwan__hi, please anybody who really knows about bash?08:40
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81008:40
Gneaobiwan__: #bash does08:40
lstarnesanothergit: compared to mysql, postgres isn't very big08:40
obiwan__yeah but i don't get sth in the man08:40
obiwan__and need some help08:40
anothergitanyway I need to repartition my entire hd and I"mt rying to figure out how big to make the ubuntu drive08:41
Gneaobiwan__: what are you trying to do?08:41
anothergitI can't be all ubuntu anymore. I have to use XP for some software my college uses08:41
eddywhat was ubuntu's first version called08:41
eddyachy apples?08:41
Gneaanothergit: how big's your hd?08:41
anothergit80 gigs08:41
anothergitI'm always having problems with storage08:41
eddyubuntu big bunnies08:41
pete__< takes online classes and is so glad firefox/ubuntu work with it08:41
Gneaanothergit: so split it down the middle08:41
daivanaWho can explain me what does this message means when I tipe sudo tilda "(tilda:22373): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_x11_window_set_user_time: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed08:42
eddyubuntu clutzy cat08:42
Gneaeddy: it's on www.ubuntu.com somewhere08:42
anothergitGnea, 40 gigs should be good?08:42
Gneaanothergit: yeah08:42
pete__eddy, ubuntu smelly bong water08:42
anothergithow about open office, does that take a lot of space?08:42
smn_I great people of ubuntu community! :D   I got this file kompozer-0.8a4-gcc4.2-i686.tar.gz  and im trying to install it. Ive used this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo untill i got to the line "you just need to change to your /usr/local/src directory (cd /usr/local/src) and run the commands that are listed. The procedure will vary from program to program, so I can't help you here". Ive looked trough the files i got extrac08:42
smn_ted and i cannot find a readme file or install instructions....  Any clue on what i need to do to get this programm installed?08:42
lstarnesanothergit: yes08:42
nemo_it means you need to run as user08:42
nemo_not as sudo08:42
anothergitI think I just did remove when I noticed it had ver 2.4 instead of 308:42
anothergitthen I installed 308:42
daivanahow do I do that08:42
daivanasorry I am a noob :)08:43
Gneaanothergit: 40gig should be good enough, programs shouldn't, with OOo, take more than 3-6gig08:43
eddypete__, the 2 words have to start with same letter, notice jaunty jackalope08:43
daivanaWhen I choose it from menu it wont start08:43
Gneaanothergit: *if* that08:43
anothergitgnea, thanks08:43
daivanait starts when I sudo it in terminal08:43
nemo_type tilda is terminal not "sudo tilda"08:43
daivanaok I try08:43
pete__eddy, Ubuntu Bouncing Bongwater08:43
obiwan__i'll ask, just in case any1 knows. I read: order is significant. ls > file 2>&1 will redirect ouput & error to file, but ls 2&>1 > file will just out, i can't get it. I know about the order in redirection, and understand the first case is the obvious. But the second should work too: 2 points to 1, and 1 point to file, so 2 should go to file too. Why not?08:43
daivanait wont work08:43
daivanait says Segmentation fault08:44
eddyubuntu busted bong08:44
Gnea!info kompozer | smn_08:44
ubottusmn_: kompozer (source: kompozer): Complete Web Authoring System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.10-0ubuntu6 (jaunty), package size 8417 kB, installed size 26120 kB08:44
pete__ eddy no! i love my bong08:44
Gneasmn_: no need, just:  sudo apt-get install kompozer08:44
anothergitnow about partitioning. if I make 1 ext3 for ubuntu, one swap, one ext3 for porn, and 1 ntfs for windows I should be able to install ubuntu and then later when I do windows windows will be cool with grub08:44
Gneapete__: please take the drug talk to #ubuntu-offtopic or pm, thanks.08:44
bambang-pchello !!!!! please help me !!!, my ubuntu jaunty not shutdown normally ... this message out ' System Halted Now'08:44
anothergitI realized that wasn't a question08:44
eddyi havent smoked weed in weeks.. job hunting08:44
smn_gnea: nope the kompozer 7 crashes on ubuntu. therfor i need the vesion 808:44
eddyi roll blunt08:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:44
bazhangeddy, pete__ please take it elsewhere08:44
pete__Gnea, lol ok, it was paraphenalia talk but ill stop.08:44
eddyubuntu busted blunt08:44
bambang-pci'm running this on my notebook08:44
nemo_are you on karmic daivana08:45
Gneapete__: doesn't matter.08:45
daivanaUbuntu jaunty 0.1908:45
daivanano 9.0408:45
bambang-pctoshiba satellite a21508:45
daivanasorry :D08:45
FloodBot2daivana: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:45
Gneasmn_: try #kubuntu, they're more kde-oriented08:45
smn_gnea: is the kompozer a kde thing?08:45
MyrttiGnea: kompozer isn't kde?08:45
Blizzerand!ask | bambang-pc08:45
ubottubambang-pc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:45
Gneasmn_: yes.08:45
bambang-pchello !!!!! please help me !!!, my ubuntu jaunty not shutdown normally ... this message out ' System Halted Now08:45
nemo_try typing gksudo tilda08:46
MyrttiGnea: kompozer is the old nvu, has nothing to do with kde afaik?08:46
* Gnea takes a step back08:46
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Thats normal all right08:46
GneaMyrtti: ... you're right, my bad08:46
daivanait start but in terminal it says (tilda:22537): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_x11_window_set_user_time: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed08:46
Gneasmn_: sorry, I totally just mis-informed you. :/08:46
nemo_its a bug08:46
Blizzerandbambang-pc ; start it agian and see if you get any errors08:46
smn_gnea. that is wrong. this text from the kompozer homesite:  Linux users08:46
smn_KompoZer is a GTK application, it has nothing to do with KDE — though it can be installed on KDE, too. Komodo and the Kernel aren’t KDE applications either. ;-)08:46
smn_Office Space London KompoZer 0.7.10 is not compatible with GTK ≥ 2.14, hence the crashes on some recent Linux distros like Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04. Please upgrade to KompoZer 0.8 alpha.08:46
FloodBot2smn_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:46
bambang-pcoh ... is it not a problem??08:46
daivanaok thanks for help08:46
Gneasmn_: is there a ppa for it?08:47
bambang-pcplease ... i'm newbie08:47
smn_gnea: ppa dont say me enything :)08:47
Myrttibambang-pc: ask!08:47
bambang-pccan i shutdown normally my ubuntu08:47
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Dude instead of just yelling, saying that you are a newbie  , what is it that you are having trouble with ??08:47
Myrtti!helpme | bambang-pc08:47
ubottubambang-pc: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience08:48
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.08:48
Xodiac13i need some help my resolution was doing fine until i had to hard boot because i was using playonlinux and loading up a game i used catalyst control center to change resolution and it happens when i restart it doesnt stay the same and i cant see my shutdown button on the top right when i try to change my resolution in display it doesnt load up can someone please help me08:48
bazhangbambang-pc, please be patient08:48
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Do you have trouble shutting down your pc08:49
bambang-pcokay,, thank for your advice08:49
Dr_WillisIt helps to ask an actual question.....08:49
smn_gnea: hold on im rebooting my client back in a minute.08:49
Gneasmn_: wait.... http://kazhack.org/?post/2009/05/14/KompoZer-0.8a408:49
Blizzerandbambang-pc : What kind of trouble , do you get any errors or something of that sort08:49
harpalwhere to setmy environment so that every time I dont need to define that?08:49
Gneasmn_: see reply #1908:49
bambang-pcno,.. but my system cannot shutting down normally like windows do08:49
dyjytylhow do i check which operating system and version is on my nbo08:50
Xodiac13how can i make sure my resolution stays the same08:50
bambang-pcthis message out "System Now Halted"08:50
bazhanglsb_release -a in terminal dyjytyl08:50
dyjytylok thanks08:50
cabarobambang-pc: gksudo gedit /etc/modules      add:  apm power_off=108:50
Xodiac13my god dang disply settings in the system>>appreance >> display options08:50
dyjytylany recommended guides on adding ssh users under ubuntu intrepid?08:50
GneaVersion: 1:0.8~alpha4+dfsg+svn163-1~jaunty108:50
Myrttidyjytyl: it's just adding normal users08:51
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Windows is not equal to Ubuntu  . They are different . Their means of shutting down are different .08:51
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Does that solve your problem08:51
bambang-pci already to do that but this problem still occure08:51
dyjytylok i'll try the typical way.. i had probelms last time with some simple stuff, like the appearance changes08:51
smn_gnea: so i just copy the addresses into my source.list and search for it on apt-get?08:51
Xodiac13can someone help me please08:52
Gneasmn_: copy them over, run the update (you might need to install the key for it..) then just dist-upgrade08:52
bazhangbambang-pc, please dont do that08:52
cabarobambang-pc: on what hardware are you running?08:52
nemo_bambang-pc explain your problem better08:52
Blizzerandbambang-pc : lol , speak English if you do08:52
bambang-pci cant speak english fluently08:53
bambang-pci'm really sorry08:53
Gneabambang-pc: what language do you speak fluently?08:53
aleronsure ye can08:53
Gnea!id | bambang-pc08:53
ubottubambang-pc: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia08:53
JusticepsionCan anyone help me with an uncooperative USB stick?08:54
Guest3565here is a question When I play a game it runs so incredibly slow, like impossible to play, how can I fix this problem?08:54
bambang-pcthere is no solve on my problem08:54
RevenAfter an update ecryptfs fails. Now I can't access my home folder. Keyctl_search reports that required key not available. Plz help08:54
smn_gnea: never done this before. where do i find the key and how do i use it 8-)08:54
BlizzerandGuest3565 : Which game08:54
Guest3565Blizzerand Urban Terror08:55
Guest3565oh, and Nexiuz08:55
bambang-pcmy ubuntu jaunty cannot shuttding down normally,, the power not turning of after shutting down, so i press the shutting down button manually08:55
Guest3565Blizzerand but If i were to go back to windows and play it then it would run really fast08:55
Dr_WillisGuest3565:  be sure you have the proper 3d drivers installed for your video card08:55
BlizzerandGuest3565 : Nexiuz never worked for me , whats your graphical card08:55
Guest3565Graphics Card is intel 865G08:56
CodeWarI have a ext4 partition that I mounted manually ... how do I add it to /etc/fstab ... I mean what options are required08:56
Gneasmn_: sec08:56
CodeWarheres what mount says : /dev/sda3 on /space type ext4 (rw)08:56
smn_gnea: nvm ive got it08:56
Guest3565runs games perfectly fine using windows, but I switched to ubuntu 8.10 and nothing seems to work in that department08:56
cabarobambang-pc: did you add apm power_off=1  to /etc/modules  ?08:56
smn_thanks for your help08:56
Gneasmn_: yeah? cool08:56
Dr_Willis!intel | Guest356508:57
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Ah now I think I do understand your problem08:57
ubottuGuest3565: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.08:57
JusticepsionIs there any way I can get Ubiquity to install to a different disk than the one it wants to install to?08:57
bambang-pcyes, i did08:57
porkpiehey guy's ... I trying to find an ip address in some file on my server using grep but I have forgot the command to search sub dir's    grep ??08:57
bambang-pcwhat do you mean??08:57
Guest3565I know bot, lol thats why I use 8.10 lol08:57
Dr_Willisporkpie:  try -r (thats ormally for recursive) or -R or check  greps man pages.08:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shutdown08:58
porkpieDr_Willis: thanks ..... I knew it was something like that08:58
cabarobambang-pc: which motherboard, BIOS (version)08:58
Guest3565So what can I do?  those games run fine in windows, but using linux just ain't workin right, and I can't go back to windows08:59
Blizzerandbambang-pc : try this from a terminal  -> sudo shutdown08:59
bambang-pchow can i check may motherboard or bios??09:00
JusticepsionGuest3565: What is your graphics card?09:00
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:00
BlizzerandGuest3565 : ubuntu really doesn't go well with games  . If you have Vbox  try installing windows there and playing those games09:01
dyjytylhow do i look up hosting info on a domain09:02
bambang-pccan i shutting down normally without by pass from terminal??09:03
dyjytylwith terminal09:03
lstarnesdyjytyl: whois domain09:03
Guest3565Justicepsion its an intel 865g09:03
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:03
Guest3565Blizzerand what is vbox?09:03
Blizzerand!virtualbox | Guest356509:04
ubottuGuest3565: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:04
JusticepsionGuest3565: That's definitely part of the problem--Intel cards are . . . eh. I mean, I have one too. But let me see, I know a way to fix that . . .09:04
rxdwhy my usb-creator is greyed out, i want to install ubuntu to a usb stick09:04
rxdwant to try 9.10 karmic09:04
BlizzerandGuest3565 : It creates a virtual machine . you can run your windows there and play all you want .09:04
BaGyrxd you must make iso file09:05
Jordan_Udyjytyl: whois domain09:05
dyjytylthanks.. forgot about that one09:05
dyjytylits too late at night09:05
cabarobambang-pc: let me rephrase, how old is your computer, is it a laptop? what model?09:05
trgbeckhave toshiba satellite A205-s5804 all intel stuff working fine09:05
rxdBaGy: i have the karmic-desktop.iso09:05
bambang-pcyes, it is a laptop, model toshiba a 215 s 581809:05
JusticepsionGuest3565: Do you know how to add a package repository to your list of sources?09:05
Guest3565Blizzerand only problem is I no longer have an install for windows, my pc didn't come with one.  Know how to fix that lol  or I gotta fork out some money to get another copy?09:05
Blizzerandbambang-pc : k try that command just to see whether your pc shuts down or not09:05
bambang-pc1,5 years old09:06
cabaroone moment09:06
Guest3565Justice sort of isn't that through the third party thing right?09:06
dyjytylwhat is the "wheel" group in linux09:06
JusticepsionGuest3565: In this case, you'll be adding a software source that will give you updated intel video drivers.09:06
trgbecki have found that load intel microcode in seems to help in someways09:06
Jordan_Udyjytyl: Traditionaly it's users who are allowed to su to root09:06
cabarobambang-pc: are you running 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?09:06
bambang-pci'm have tried  sudo shutdown -p , but my system cannot shutting down normally09:06
dyjytyloh nevermind i googled it, it is common09:07
bambang-pc32 bit09:07
BlizzerandGuest3565 : or just avoid them lol . They are for kids09:07
inktriwhat's a site that lists how many lines of source code for major open source projects?09:07
trgbeckacept suspend mode is tricky to get working in toshiba09:07
Blizzerandbambang-pc : try shutdown -h09:07
JusticepsionGuest3565: Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources09:08
Guest3565Justice okay09:08
bambang-pci have trie shutdown -p -d -h , but it still09:08
Guest3565justice there09:08
Pirate_Hunterhow do i view time in terminal or both time and date?09:08
JusticepsionGuest3565 : then click on the Third-Party Software tab, and click on add.09:08
lstarnesPirate_Hunter: date09:08
Jordan_Ubambang-pc: What happesn when you run sudo shutdown -h now?09:09
BaGybambang-pc shutdown -h now09:09
Jordan_Ubambang-pc: Any errors?09:09
JusticepsionGuest3565 : which version of Ubuntu are you using?09:09
Guest35658.10 intrepid09:09
Pirate_Hunterlstarnes: oh thanks09:09
Pirate_Hunterlstarnes: weird that time is a comand that does something different09:09
Blizzerand!info nicotine09:09
ubottunicotine (source: nicotine): graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.9+dfsg-3ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 823 kB, installed size 3696 kB09:09
JusticepsionGuest3565 : enter this line: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu jaunty main09:10
^mNotIntelligentPirate_Hunter, time gives the running time of the command next to it...its very useful command09:10
Guest3565I am not using jaunty though09:10
BaGybambang-pc what happen when you run shutdown -h?09:10
Jordan_UJusticepsion: Are you sure he needs that? it can be unstable09:10
^mNotIntelligentPirate_Hunter, prefix time to any command for which you want to know the run time09:10
JusticepsionGuest3565 : let it be known that this repo can be unstable09:11
JusticepsionGuest3565 : but that I use it and it works fine for me09:11
Guest3565I just wanna be able to play my games lol09:11
BlizzerandGuest3565 : Don't try that lol09:11
bambang-pcthis message return "System Now Halted"09:11
bambang-pcthen i must manually press the power button to power off normally09:11
Jordan_U!sysrq | bambang-pc09:11
ubottubambang-pc: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key09:11
JusticepsionGuest3565 : in all seriousness I've never had any problems with it, but I can't promise anything.09:12
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Thats a problem with you PC and has nothing to do with Ubuntu . Did you have any similar problem in any other OS09:12
Guest3565justice okay thats fine after i add that then what do i do?09:12
JusticepsionAnd actually, the line should be deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu intrepid main09:12
bambang-pcmy laptop is running normally with win xp and windows seven09:13
Pirate_Hunter^mNotIntelligent: oh yah I see how that can be useful nice just learnt two things in a short time period09:13
dyjytylif i want to only give a user access to /home/rawr2/, do i need to add a new user group and user?  or can i add the user to wheel and then restrict his SU privs to ONLY the /home/rawr2 directory?09:13
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Have you used any other Linux distribution before09:13
bambang-pconly ubuntu09:13
^mNotIntelligentPirate_Hunter, thats coool...keep learning09:13
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Well can you reinstall the whole ubuntu to make sure09:14
JusticepsionGuest3565 : once you've added that, then you need to go to http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3B22AB97AF1CDFA9 and copy everything underneath the title line and paste it into a text file.09:14
cyber_666_ukhey guys, we have Gimp as a great equivalent to Photoshop, do we hae anything on the same level for Flash?09:14
Myrtticyber_666_uk: the software to make flash?09:15
Blizzeranddyjytyl : System --> Administration --> Users and Groups . There you can give and take powers of each user .09:15
dyjytylim using terminal09:15
cyber_666_ukyeah for creating flash animations, like adobe flash09:15
cabaro bambang-pc: this is probably related to acpi, updating bios might help09:15
Myrtticyber_666_uk: none09:15
dyjytylBlizzerand: just using terminal09:15
Guest3565okay then?09:15
bambang-pcoooohhh no... i have too much data.. in my home folder09:15
Myrtticyber_666_uk: flash is closed, proprietary format09:15
Blizzerand!gnash | cyber_666_uk09:16
ubottucyber_666_uk: An open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/09:16
=== nick is now known as Guest89608
bambang-pci was trying to solve this problem one month ago09:16
MyrttiBlizzerand: that's a flash player, not flash creator09:16
bambang-pcyeah, i think thats possible09:16
JusticepsionGuest3565 : then on "Software sources" you need to go to the "Authentication" tab, click "Add," and select the text file you just made. (If you haven't saved it, then save it as something so you can add it.)09:17
cyber_666_ukthx il take a look at that09:17
BlizzerandMyrtti : K , sorry . But I did read somewhere , there is a replacement for flash animation creator  in linux.Not sure where though09:17
bambang-pcmaybe my acpi isn't supported by ubuntu jaunty... is it possible??09:17
Blizzerandbambang-pc : I'm not sure09:18
cabaro<bambang-pc> my guess is that you have old bios, that is having issues with acpi09:18
zadmalckhello all09:19
Guest3565Justice okay done all that and reload and all, then did a sudo apt-get update, so what now?09:19
bambang-pccan i beg a help, if any one solve this problem please send the solvation problem to bambang.adrian@gmail.com09:19
JusticepsionGuest3565 : just do sudo apt-get upgrade09:19
bambang-pcthank you very much for you all09:20
JusticepsionGuest3565 : it should pull in the new drivers.09:20
=== Blizzerand is now known as Twittery
TwitteryGuest3565 : You should probably get some buggy updates  lol09:20
* Twittery huggles bambanf-pc09:21
* Twittery huggles bambang-pc09:21
=== Twittery is now known as Blizzerand
duryodhanhi .. I need to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras on a computer with a really shitty internet connection -- is there someway I can download all the needed packages and then transfer via usb key or something ?09:22
dyjytylwhy does the terminal window look weird when i add a user09:23
dyjytyland login as them09:23
bambang-pchow to install 3d animation desktop on ubuntu??09:23
dyjytylit dosnt have colors and such09:23
Blizzerandduryodhan : In synaptic manager you should have some option for that09:23
nico`/j #france09:23
bambang-pci mean what the packages for the 3d animation for ubuntu09:23
sarthorHi, problem: i am not able to use dual monitors on my 9.04 Ubuntu, Matrox Card, I Googled alot, i chance my Xorg.conf more than 100 times, I need help, how can use dual monitors with my jaunty, my xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m3d33319809:24
Blizzerandbambang-pc : You have to install compiz-configuration-manager for the animations09:24
bazhang!ccsm | bambang-pc09:24
ubottubambang-pc: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz09:24
=== bbalajirao is now known as hey_boy
allan89041hi, i just finished "building" my own NAS/drobo solution. It consists of 4 1TB drives. My problem now is i was a 5raid software solution to it (ie 3tb data, 1tb parity) but i would like to run on linux and windows, currently its connected VIA Usb and all 4 drives are recognised indivdually, any suggestions?09:25
bazhangBlizzerand, its compizconfig-settings-manager09:25
=== RobotCow is now known as Guest60970
Guest3565Justice well that didn't seem to help the problem, in fact made it worse it seems09:26
=== linux_user400354 is now known as nanomachine
bazhangduryodhan, check out aptoncd09:26
Blizzerandbazhang : Sorry , I'm running fedora right now where it said compiz-configuration-manager lol09:26
JusticepsionGuest3565 : how is it worse?09:26
bazhang!aptoncd | duryodhan09:26
ubottuduryodhan: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline09:26
bambang-pcthank you09:26
hey_boyguys, how do I get my selfsigned certificate into openoffice? I want to use it to sign documents.09:26
bambang-pcit works09:26
Blizzerandbambang-pc : Did you try the desktop effects09:27
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz09:27
bambang-pcnow i am trying to enable and install thats09:28
sarthorHi, problem: i am not able to use dual monitors on my 9.04 Ubuntu, Matrox Card, I Googled alot, i chance my Xorg.conf more than 100 times, I need help, how can use dual monitors with my jaunty, my xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m3d33319809:28
dyjytylwhen i add a user in linux, and then login as them, why do i lose my colors in terminal?09:28
Guest3565Justice the slow/fidgity movement is worse, maybe cause I switched some stuff around in the game options, lemme try to fix, brb09:29
chris062689dyjytyl:  Each user has their own configuration file for terminal settings (like color), or are you saying that your own user loses his settings?09:29
lstarnesdyjytyl: their default shell may not have colors enabled by default09:29
dyjytylchris062689: i dunno.. i just add, and expect it to be the same09:30
dyjytylwhere can i copy the color settings?09:30
lstarnesdyjytyl: check your ~/.bashrc09:30
eddycat /home/<old user>/.bashrc > ~/.bashrc09:31
ubottugpl is the GNU General Public License. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html09:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about GDFL09:32
lstarnes!fishing > Blizzerand09:32
ubottuBlizzerand, please see my private message09:32
BlizzerandIs GDFL and GPL the same09:32
eddyBlizzerand, doubtful09:33
lstarnesBlizzerand: the GFDL is a different license09:33
lstarnesBlizzerand: mainly intended for documentation and artistic works instead of code09:33
=== jerome__ is now known as deamonunix
deamonunixpm me09:34
deamonunixfor ubuntu furom09:34
bazhangdeamonunix, best to ask here09:34
Blizzerandlstarnes : Why it that command named fishing lol09:34
bazhangBlizzerand, please /msg ubottu in future09:34
lstarnesBlizzerand: if you understood fishing, you would probably be able to guess what it meant09:35
=== nanomachine is now known as RobotCow
c0mp13371331337This one's had me for a few hours now.  I'm trying to make a script that looks for files with a particular name and removes them, prompting first (rm -i).  Some files have spaces, so I have to catch these instances and use sed to escape any spaces it runs across.  Echoing the variable that I've saved the cleansed filename to shows that spaces are escaped correctly.  However, when it tries to rm the file (saved as a variable), it adds09:35
bazhangdeamonunix, please ask in channel (ie not PM)09:37
hanshenriki just installed ubuntu (with Wubi from WinXP), and i got 2x NTFS drives, C: (where XP is installed), and F: (where i backup stuff), i found F: and could mount it from "Computer" with no problem, but i cant find C: drive.. (both are NTFS), any ideas?09:37
aethelrickc0mp13371331337: when I'm doing this sort of thing I usually use a combination of find and an execed rm09:37
aethelrickc0mp13371331337: like... find -name bob -exec rm {} \;09:38
sarthorHi, problem: i am not able to use dual monitors on my 9.04 Ubuntu, Matrox Card, I Googled alot, i chance my Xorg.conf more than 100 times, I need help, how can use dual monitors with my jaunty, my xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m3d33319809:39
deamonunixpm me pls09:40
c0mp13371331337aetherick: Thanks, testing right now.09:40
deamonunixhelp me pls09:40
deamonunixabout on how to setup my own personal website09:41
aethelrickdeamonunix: what do you want to know?09:41
deamonunixusing ubuntu 9.04 server09:41
JusticepsionDoes anyone know how I can make Ubiquity install to a drive other than the one it wants to install to?09:42
deamonunixwhat the things i would be neded09:42
deamonunixto my up my site09:42
aethelrickdeamonunix: to setup a website, you need apache09:42
hanshenrikdeamounix: quick way, xampp maybe? :p09:42
JusticepsionYou also need a domain name.09:42
deamonunixbad i have synamic IP09:42
deamonunixi mean dynamic09:43
hanshenrikno-ip.com got what they call "Dynamic updater client"09:43
aethelrickdeamonunix: you can use dyndns or similar09:43
deamonunixa ok09:43
aethelrickdeamonunix: I use ddclient to keep my DNS up to date09:43
deamonunixi have register to openDNS09:43
deamonunixbut the problem is i dint know how to config09:44
deamonunixcoz im a newbe09:44
aethelrickdeamonunix: first things first... get apache installed09:44
eddydeamonunix, i tell my router to use opendns's nameservers09:44
sarthorHi, problem: i am not able to use dual monitors on my 9.04 Ubuntu, Matrox Card, I Googled alot, i chance my Xorg.conf more than 100 times, I need help, how can use dual monitors with my jaunty, my xorg.conf is http://pastebin.com/m3d33319809:44
deamonunixby the way wer u from?09:44
deamonunixim usign pfsense as my router09:45
deamonunixusing ipStar direct sat link09:45
hanshenrikcould som1 please print that star character?09:48
deamonunixcan u giv me a site wer i can find help?09:48
=== vilenCe is now known as taso
deamonunixor some HOWTO sites to up my site?09:48
=== taso is now known as Glao
=== RobotCow is now known as Guest83736
Myrtti!lamp | deamonunix09:49
ubottudeamonunix: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:49
alkisgIs there any way to limit the bandwidth while doing `apt-get upgrade`? I mean, similar to wget --limit-rate...09:49
Drainedanyone have any idea why wine suddenly stoped working? it was working a few minutes ago to run steam.exe but now it's unresponsive when i open it09:49
=== linux_user400354 is now known as RobotCow
hanshenrikare you sure the wine process actually stops?09:50
Drainedit doesn't start :\09:50
deamonunixthats all i ned?09:51
eddysarthor, why do you have numbers before quotes and stuff?09:51
deamonunixlamp server can run even in dynamic ip?09:51
lstarnesdeamonunix: yes09:51
lstarnesdeamonunix: your domain name's IP just needs to update when your IP does, if you use domain names09:52
eddysarthor, Screen          1 "screen1"     rightof "Default Screen"   ... should be: Screen "screen1" rightof "Default Screen"09:52
eddyno random numbers in it09:52
sarthoreddy, Ok09:52
sarthoreddy, let me remove that and relogin09:52
eddysarthor, same for line above09:52
sarthoreddy, ok09:53
deamonunixah ok09:53
Steilhow come ubuntu remix does not detect my wifi or ethernet cafrd?09:53
hanshenrikDrained: this might sound microsoft-windows-ish, but tried to restart? :p09:53
=== kb is now known as Guest89035
deamonunixwhat is domain name?09:53
=== Jay|Lost_ is now known as Jay|Lost
lstarnesdeamonunix: for example, ubuntu.com is a domain name09:54
deamonunixah ok09:54
eddysarthor, you don't need Screen 1 in your device1 section, either09:54
deamonunixthe name of site09:54
aaron11Helo this is the second time im using ubuntu fourms and had a serious problem i have been told to run sudo apt-get clean and then09:54
sarthoreddy, Ok. let me remove that too09:54
aaron11when i click on the applications menu to start up the terminal there only came a small white box.This was very odd to me because lots and lots of people ran sudo apt-get clean and had no problems. I tried oppening menu editor (acarlate)from the terminal and system --> preferences --> menu editor, but it did not apear. When i ran it from the terminal i got this error: http://pastebin.ca/1572652 i t09:54
aaron11hink im missing a python library please see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7978122#post797812209:54
FloodBot2aaron11: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:54
lodderI'm trying to install eclipse in karmic but i'm getting the following error:09:54
eddywhat a messy xorg.conf09:54
lodderI'm trying to install eclipse in karmic but i'm getting the following error: Broken packages... Can this be resolved ? Or do I have to wait?09:55
aaron11FloodBot i didnt flod09:55
bazhanglodder, #ubuntu+1 for karmic09:55
lodderj #ubuntu+109:55
deamonunixafter the installation of lamp my website will run?09:56
lodderbazhang thx09:56
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:56
lstarnesdeamonunix: it should09:56
deamonunixtnx alot09:56
deamonunixwer u from?09:56
=== spOO` is now known as spO
eddyman i'm beat, time to hit the sack09:56
lstarnesdeamonunix: however, it is recommended that you install the components of the lamp stack separately instead of using xampp09:56
=== homer is now known as Guest42325
=== Blizzerand_ is now known as Blizzerand
deamonunixcan i ask you a Step by step process on how to run it?09:58
deamonunixcan u email me?09:58
spOdeluge usually crashes for reasons i am not sure of (the log file does not really give errors) ... i would like for it to be able to respawn if it is not running. i could have done this with inittab , but ubuntu doesn't use that anymore09:58
lstarnesdeamonunix: communication via irc is preferred09:58
lstarnesdeamonunix: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP should work09:59
Myrtti!pm | deamonunix09:59
ubottudeamonunix: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:59
deamonunixi so thankful10:00
rdmdo you know if some lib of ubuntu studio go in conflict with flashplayer plugins ???10:00
rdmhi boys10:00
deamonunixthat i entered this room10:00
hanshenrikseriously? some ppl find it rude to be pmed without permission?10:00
deamonunixtnx u s mch guys10:00
Myrttihanshenrik: yes.10:00
hanshenrikhmm, kay10:00
=== brb is now known as Guest53353
IpSe_DiXiTif an application makes my screen resolution bigger in order to work but then it crashes and leaves the screen with that resolution making it impossible for me to use, how do i find and kill what is causing? (ps aux | grep ??) or how do i simply put it back as it was, yesterday i tried many things from tt1 but in the end i had to reboot, i'd like to avoid it. any idea? thanks10:02
hrickardsIs it possible for me to change something so that the xplash throbber doesn't go up and down (in 9.10)?10:02
bazhanghrickards, karmic help in #ubuntu+110:02
ortsvorsteher!karmic | hrickards10:02
ubottuhrickards: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:02
Guest53353hi any body knows how to use pidgin  messenger?????10:03
alkisgIpSe_DiXiT: first, run xrandr in a terminal, and find out how to change modes with that. Then assign your favorite resolution to a gnome shortcut, e.g. alt+ctrl+1 ==> 1280x800.10:03
dyjytylhow do i pass the password as a parameter in ssh10:03
BaGyGuest53353 try amsn10:03
dyjytylssh user@server -p (-p doesnt work, its port)10:03
Guest53353bagy i didnt get you.........10:04
alkisgdyjytyl: google for passwordless ssh. You don't pass the password as a param.10:04
IpSe_DiXiTalkisg: so u think even without closing the application thatz causing the problem i can reassign the resolution i want?10:04
ortsvorsteherdyjytyl: you can generate a ssh key if you like. it could have an empty phrase10:04
alkisgIpSe_DiXiT: yes10:04
ortsvorsteher!ssh-keygen | dyjytyl10:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ssh-keygen10:05
spOnow that ubuntu doesn't use inittab , how do i respawn a process?10:05
ortsvorsteherdyjytyl: try in an terminal "man ssh-keygen"10:05
llutzdyjytyl: you cannot pass password because it would be shown plain in processlist, which is a security break10:05
IpSe_DiXiTalkisg: ok cool, also i wasnt able to use my mouse, the keyboard i could use but just for writing in the quarter of screen i was able to see at that resolution10:05
alkisgIpSe_DiXiT: try it, and if you get stuck anywhere ping me10:06
=== Guest53353 is now known as brb
IpSe_DiXiTalkisg: alright thanks, can i do it from tt1 or it has to be from a terminal?10:06
spOdo any of you know what i am supposed to do, i want to respawn deluge10:07
brbhello anyone can use pidgin here?????????/10:07
alkisgIpSe_DiXiT: you need to be in an x session when you do it10:07
=== brb is now known as Guest12217
Dr_WillisspO:  sudo servicename restart10:07
Dr_WillisspO:  sudo service servicename restart10:07
Dr_Willis:) oops10:07
alkisgIpSe_DiXiT: so you can't do it from vt1. E.g. from withing the problematic app, you just press alt+ctrl+1.10:07