blip-anyone know how to start the xfce task manager from the command line ?01:00
blip-I don't seem to have xfce4-taskmanager even though I can start it fine from the menu01:00
knomeblip-, what's it called in the menu?01:01
blip-knome: hmm I just realized the one in the menu is called system monitor :/   I guess xubuntu uses the gnome tool rather than the xfce one01:02
blip-knome: yeah found it, gnome-system-monitor apparently01:03
knomeblip-, you can install xfce4-taskmanager from the repository if you want.01:03
blip-knome: nah it's fine, I want to install as little as possible to keep the system quick.   I just found it odd this choice01:04
knomeok. i suppose the choice was made for its better features, but can't really be sure. i'm asking the devs for this.01:04
blip-got another question, I'm trying to bind my laptop volume keys using the Keyboard settings... it works fine to detect the key, but what command am I meant to issue to raise sound ?   Should I be looking at xfce4-mixer or alsamixer ?   (I used usb headset sometimes btw)01:06
knomeamixer sset Master 5%- / amixer sset Master 5%+ / mute01:06
burneri just saw recent benchmarks for ubuntu v xubuntu and gnome came out ahead in most cases on phoronix01:07
burnerseems like the lxde based lubuntu is taking over on the low end hardware01:08
knomeburner, can you please link me to those benchmarks?01:08
blip-yeah same here01:08
burneri could... but my X is down... phoronix.com01:08
blip-burner: I looked for the darn lubuntu online last time... no where to be found any iso01:08
burnerbooting X, i'll find a proper link01:08
burnerblip-: it's alpha version and not really ready yet01:09
blip-and lxde just won't match xfce, I think they do desktop icons via the file manager PCManFM01:09
blip-won't match on the ease of use i mean01:09
knomeburner, there are some reasons why xubuntu might turn out to be slower than ubuntu.01:09
blip-but who cares about that01:09
blip-so it's not just me that has been noticing xfce getting slower over the last few years...01:09
blip-I find it now sits in the middle ground between KDE4 and something like Openbox01:10
knomexfce is still faster than gnome and as even gnome is going a distinct way in the future, it leaves xfce as the only "traditional" de.01:11
knomeopenbox is not a desktop environment, it's only a window manager.01:11
blip-yeah I meant openbox with the commonly used desktop env elements added on01:13
knomewell, what are those? you can use gnome DE stuff in xfce and no wonder it's slower01:13
blip-the xfwm has improved vastly in speed since 4.6... close to openbox wm now01:13
blip-knome: yeah good point.  I tried like a few choices for each,  panels were fbpanel, pypane, kicker, xfce4-panel and others.   desktop icons there was pcmanfm and this other thing I can't remember.01:15
knomeburner, i have to go to bed really soon but i'm interested in seeing those benchmarks, so please paste their link to this channel once you found it.01:16
blip-I think I did something bad, I must have uninstalled some audio stuff by mistake..... exaille and such don't switch to my usb headset for output anymore01:17
knomeblip-, i hope someone can help you01:17
knomei have to go to bed01:18
knomegood night everybody01:18
blip-yeah me too. good night01:18
blip-and thanks for the help earlier knome01:18
justin_hey im trying to get a usb wirless card to work on my laptop but i cant seem to get it to register anyone think they can lend a hand with the problem01:56
chase1hi guys, i have a big problem :S somehow my xubuntu got corrupted, and despite there not being a xubuntu partition, me uninstalling it from windows, and trying to edit boot.ini, it still shows up in my dual boot screen and any attempts to install another linux OS over it just fails.  any ideas at all? really desperate here03:08
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jiohdiI have lost my panels on the desktop, where do I find the settings to bring them back or add new ones03:26
justin_hey guys im having trouble with my wireless ndiswrapper sees the device and sees its installed but i cant use it04:25
blip-hi all,  when I first installed xubuntu 9.04.... my usb headset worked superbly.  I plug it in, then it becomes the default and I play music through Exaille... now the sound comes out of the laptop speakers.   any idea if a package could be responsible ?13:58
anders__1Can you you redirect vga from the screen to vga out on a laptop? Is there an app for this?15:39
Rebs80can anyone help, i cant seem to save resolution changes on xubuntu16:05
blip-hi all,  does anyone use a usb headset with xubuntu 9.04 ?16:47
oscarno, I don't blip16:50
oscarI have trouble configuring my time and date16:50
blip-I guess i'm lucky then :)16:51
oscarsure )))))16:51
oscarI do it. but it has no effect in the tray ((16:52
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Kasalehliahi, ich have a problem with xubuntu 9.0418:58
Kasalehliai am german and i tried to set xfce to german, but it didnt work properly18:58
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squashcI need some printing help.23:16
squashcI'm running xubuntu 9.04, and I can't get applications->settings->printing23:18

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