Ahmuck_Srhi anybody03:35
HedgeMageHow are you tonight, Ahmuck_Sr03:48
Ahmuck_Sra bit of a headache03:51
Ahmuck_Srkinda feeling foggy03:51
Ahmuck_Srand you ?03:52
* Ahmuck_Sr nudges HedgeMage03:56
HedgeMagesorry about that :)04:21
HedgeMageI was  dragged away for a nummy snack04:21
* Ahmuck_Sr wants a snack04:41
Ahmuck_Srso, how's the dvd coming along ?05:30
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sbalneavMorning all15:00
alkisgFor non-LTSP labs with new PCs with lots of hard space, would NFS or AFS be a better choice (along with LDAP of course), if we want the users to be able to sit in any workstation and work with their files?15:41
alkisg(each labs has about 8-12 PCs)15:42
nubae|workalkisg, try and let us know :-)16:06
alkisgnubae|work: I'm searching for a way to organize non-ltsp labs... do you have any links that explain how you do things there?16:06
alkisgE.g. I was thinking the standard NFS / LDAP combination, but like you, some labs here don't have reliable network16:07
alkisg...so I'm also thinking of developing scripts that rsync dirs at logon...16:08
sbalneavI've never used AFS myself.16:08
alkisgPeople at #openafs told me it's not really a good choice for home directories. So I guess I can scratch that....16:09
sbalneavNFS has a laundry list of problems, but they're well known problems. :)16:09
sbalneavAh, did they say why?16:09
sbalneavI use NFS form $HOME16:09
alkisgYes, it's mostly for many servers - not much benefit if you use it with one server,16:10
alkisgand it can only expose 1 volume RW, and lots of others RO, so it won't be able to function as a distributed system between the clients PCs (that's how I had imagined it reading their wiki)16:10
alkisgsbalneav: do you think NFS would be a reliable choice for small labs? Or should I try to make scripts that use sshfs or rsync?16:11
sbalneavI have about 120 users running off of an NFS server here.16:12
sbalneavIt's definitely workable.16:12
sbalneav2 things you need to make NFS as pain-free as possible.16:12
sbalneav1) A kick-*ss IO subsystem on the server.  I.e. 6 disks RAID10 or better, Go SAS SCSI or better.  Don't cheap-out on this.16:13
sbalneav2) Gigabit interconnect for the servers.16:13
nubae|workalkisg, we have a little nfs hack here that makes it much more reliable16:13
nubae|workkind of a a local/server cache addition16:14
sbalneavDo tell16:14
alkisgsbalneav: each lab here has only 1 server and 8-12 clients. So I guess I don't really need (2)... but,16:14
sbalneavJapan terrifys me yer again.16:14
ograAFS is great but enforces you to have at least three reliable nodes constantly online16:14
sbalneavyet again16:14
nubae|workbasically just synching based on cron or when the user wants16:14
alkisgsuppose I use NFS and LDAP. And the server crashes. Is there *any* way for the clients to work even with *guest* users?16:15
nubae|workI would just use a fatclient ltsp setup then16:15
sbalneavJust don't put guest users on the NFS share.16:15
nubae|workwith ldap16:15
alkisgSo LDAP and /etc/passwd users can both be used simultaneously? And I just need to put the guest users in /etc/passwd with their homes in /home.local?16:16
sbalneavnsswitch.conf handles that.16:16
nubae|workyeah, with pam tweaking16:17
sbalneavYou can have both local (/etc/passwd + local home) and remote (LDAP + NFS $HOME)16:17
nubae|workone before the other or the other before the one16:17
sbalneavNot much, and it's not difficult.16:18
alkisgnubae|work: unfortunately, not all labs have gigabit switches. E.g. this year I'm in a lab with core 2 duo / 2 Gb RAM / 400 Gb hd, with a *10 mbps hub* !!!16:18
alkisg...so I'd like a non-fat client, non-ltsp choice...16:18
nubae|workwell, its not really ltsp anymore16:18
nubae|workits more like netbooting16:18
alkisgNo, I'm talking about local ubuntu installations16:18
nubae|workand booting is fine... it takes it little by little16:18
nubae|workworks fine even over wireless16:19
nubae|workyes I know16:19
nubae|worknetbooting and installing it then locally16:19
nubae|workor how were u thinking of cloning before hand?=16:19
alkisgI just tar'ed the first installation, burned it in a DVD, and untar'ed it... nothing over the network16:19
nubae|workthats fine, but when u have larger deployments....16:20
nubae|workif u need to keep burning disks for every little change16:20
alkisgSure, I'm *only* looking for a solution for 8-12 PC labs...16:20
nubae|workur're gonna find it a pain16:20
nubae|workah ok16:20
alkisgI'll be updating the PCs seperately, not by cloning them again16:21
nubae|workI had understood 8-12 pcs per lab16:21
alkisgYes, e.g. 100 such labs16:21
nubae|workwell clonezilla does a good job too16:21
alkisgBut each one of them will be maintained by a different teacher16:21
nubae|workwell, then definetly look at a solution that involves a netboot initial install... so the the user has a choice on what to install at startup over pxe16:21
nubae|workif u have that luxury of course16:22
nubae|workdisks break, scratch, etc..16:22
alkisgnubae|work: with 10 mbps hubs? That would take weeks...16:22
nubae|workat least... with 100 labs, I would not even consider dvds as an insallation mechanism16:23
nubae|workwe do it here even with wireless16:23
nubae|workit doesnt take weeks, especially not on 8.-12 machines ;-)16:23
alkisg10 mbps => 1 Mb/sec => 4000 minutes for cloning a 4 Gb installation16:23
alkisgfor *one* pc16:23
ograthats a lot of coffee breaks :)16:24
nubae|workall I can tell u is practically... it doesnt take that long16:24
alkisgnubae|work: how do you update/upgrade your clients?16:26
alkisgCloning, or just apt-get update/upgrade etc?16:26
nubae|workmostly packaged16:26
nubae|worknot cloning16:26
nubae|workthat would indeed be unviable I think16:26
nubae|workneeds to happen in bits16:27
nubae|workbut perhaps a usb stick approach, nand, would be best16:29
nubae|workbut nand has life issues16:30
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Ahmuck_Sris there Ubuntu for older people?19:35
mhall119|workregular Ubuntu doesn't work?20:06
Guest8694Hello, I am having a problem with SCIM that I haven't been able to find help on23:43
Guest8694I can only use it with Text Editor23:43
Guest8694It should work with all GTK apps I believe23:44
Guest8694I was here yesterday, also asked on Ubuntu, and Ubuntu Japan but didn't get anywhere23:44
Guest8694I hope this sounds familiar to somebody23:44

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