neversfeldetomorrow is release of amarok 2.2 rc, was there any progress with taglib?00:47
neversfeldeRiddelll: and if not, how can I help with that, I will return home tomorrow afternoon and will have some time00:48
Mamarokneversfelde: tomorrow is tagging, release is a bit later :)00:49
neversfeldeah yes, soory00:50
neversfeldebut that makes no difference :)00:50
ScottKMamarok: Did the issue with the splash screen get solved?00:52
MamarokScottK: we are working on it00:55
ScottKMamarok: OK.  Good to hear.00:55
nixternalScottK: you run plasma-netbook from trunk at all?00:57
nixternalbuilding trunk on a netbook != fun00:57
nixternalbut now...i am setting up my desktop with i386, so I can build there and copy to the netbook00:57
ScottKnixternal: Not yet.00:57
ScottKnixternal: I'm trying to backport the needed bits from trunk to run plasma-netbook from trunk on 4.3.00:58
ScottKNo luck so far.00:58
nixternalI am going to partition my drive for kubuntu-netbook, and then trunk-netbook00:58
ScottKnixternal: What I did so far is in https://launchpad.net/~kitterman/+archive/netbook/00:58
ScottKNote the big red X's all over the place.00:59
* ScottK didn't give up yet though01:01
neversfeldeyay for Lucid Lynx02:22
neversfeldeand LTS02:23
jjesseLTS for kubuntu?02:24
jjesseor just LTS for ubuntu?02:24
ScottKNo idea.02:26
ScottKIt'd still be nice to have an actual announcement to Ubuntu developers about it.02:26
neversfeldejjesse: there is a video in the fridge, but I cannot watch here, because of the connection02:26
jjessei haven't watched it yet02:27
jjessewatching hte video right now02:28
ScottKAh,  UDS in Dallas, TX.02:37
neversfeldethats really far away :)02:38
ScottKNot so bad for me.  Only one timezone west.02:38
jjesseoh cool i missed that part02:40
jjessethat's not bad at all02:40
jjessehoping i can go, not a bad trip02:40
jjessewhy dallas?02:40
ScottKDidn't say.02:40
ScottKJust said Dallas.02:40
rgreeningScottK: hey.. did they announce where UDS was to be held yet02:41
jjessein the video?02:41
jjessewonder what big company  is headquartered there02:42
* nixternal hates dallas02:42
* nixternal was hoping for Austin02:42
nixternallike it matters, I am not going anyways :p02:42
neversfeldeever wanted to visit the US, but I think I cannot make it next year02:42
jjesseits in november this year02:43
nixternalya, I think they took enough heat in Mt. View last year about running it so late02:43
* jjesse wasn't so impressed w/ mountain view02:43
nixternalI was impressed with the burritos :D02:43
neversfeldereally? But not better02:43
jjessei thought UDS boston was a better place02:44
nixternalI liked the location of Mt. View, though if we were closer to san fran that would have been cooler, but the food choices around the hotel were great02:44
nixternalI am not going to UDS until they hold it in Chicago02:44
jjessethey should that would be fun02:44
jjessei would drive down :)02:45
nixternalI would walk down :)02:45
neversfeldeI would take an airplane :)02:46
rgreeninghm.. Dallas? I was hoping Las Vegas Nevada .. UFC 106 :P02:46
nixternalChicago....CUBS FTW!02:47
nixternalhave an Ubuntu Rooftop party02:47
* jjesse hates vegas02:47
nixternalditto jjesse02:47
nixternalin chicago, we could go see the messiah's house :p02:48
* jjesse heads out to take the trash out and walk the dog02:48
* neversfelde waits for an UDS in Fürth/Bayern :D02:49
nixternalI love it, the house next door is being sold, and buyers have to be approved by the secret service....interesting how government is wasting money on doing checks for homeowners now02:49
rgreeningIs Nokia big there.. I wonder if that's the venue...02:51
rgreeningNokia theatre?02:51
rgreeninggo Qt trolls02:52
nixternalrgreening: Dell02:53
rgreeninghmm... could be02:53
nixternaloh, and Dallas has a really high crime rate now as well :p02:53
rgreeningunveil some new Dell goodness02:53
nixternalmake sure you do not wonder off around there for sure02:53
nixternalI don't think Texas is the place to send a bunch of anti-gun toting geeks :D02:55
nixternalno, that is not his cell phone or PDA, that is his Colt 4502:56
nixternalthough in Austin I saw a lady on a Harley with a shotgun rack02:57
nixternalit got muggy here....I am sweating my ass off compiling everything for kde-trunk05:25
nixternalwhy is mono a build-dep of python-kde4?05:52
desaparecidohi, i have a problem (it's the second time this time) with KMAIL and IMAPdisconnect, I losted all my email without notice, only ALL IS EMPTY..  i use Kubuntu Karmic with latest updates, somes ideas??? thanks08:19
Mamarokdesaparecido: ask in #kubuntu, please08:47
Mamarokactually, #ubuntu+1 if you use Karmic08:48
desaparecidoMamarok: thanks, even if is KUBUNTU?08:48
Mamaroksupport is there08:49
desaparecidoMamarok: thanks08:49
Mamarokdesaparecido: you are welcome08:50
Mamarokdesaparecido: also, using Alpha on a productive system is not a good idea08:50
desaparecidoMamarok: in know, i'm learn a lot but with the problems, is not problem for me, it's a gmail account, it's easy, but i want understand08:51
Riddelll!seen smarter10:22
ubottuI have no seen command10:22
NightroseRiddelll: [11:35:06] <insanity> smarter was last seen 9 hours, 38 minutes and 41 seconds ago, quitting IRC (Remote closed the connection)10:35
RiddelllNightrose: how did you do that?10:45
NightroseRiddelll: ~seen smarter10:46
Nightrosein a channel where insanity is10:46
Nightroseor msg her10:46
Riddellljefferai: why does taglib-extras exist at all now?11:25
Riddelllwhy not merge the other codecs in?11:26
Riddellljefferai: also do you know about the rusxmms we have in our packages (from debian)?11:26
jefferaiRiddelll: wheels won't merge codecs in that he can't write proper testcases for11:40
jefferaii.e. if a codec is reverse engineered but there is no official public spec...11:41
jefferai(rather, metadata format, not codec)11:41
jefferaiwhat's rusxmms?11:41
jefferaiHm, looked at the project page11:50
Riddelll"This is the RusXMMS flavour of the TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library.  It is patched with RusXMMS patch and adds support for autodetection of cyrillic encodings under Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian locales."11:55
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RiddelllI don't know why that should need two different versions of the library though11:57
* jefferai shrugs11:58
Riddellltaglib and taglib-extras put into my ~jr PPA, we can upload them alongside amarok rc when that comes out12:02
Riddellljefferai: did you see the amarok build failure on ARM?12:03
Riddelll[15:48] <Riddelll> jefferai: arm doesn't like qMax https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/2:2.1.85-0ubuntu1/+build/1248883/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-armel.amarok_2:2.1.85-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:07
Riddelll[15:49] <Riddelll> NCommander: would you be able to tell jefferai the fix for that?12:07
Riddellldoesn't like qmax with doubles I think that should be12:07
jefferaiyah, I see it12:09
* jefferai loves git-stash12:15
jefferaiRiddelll: committed12:15
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rgreeningcsharp bindings?14:19
rgreeningdunno maybe14:19
rgreening@ nixternal ^14:19
ScottKrgreening: Do we want a "Software Store" in Kubuntu?15:01
rgreeningwhy do you ask15:02
rgreeningI believe having a Add/Remove programs back again would be beneficial15:03
ScottKWell Software Store seems to be something else entirely (it does that, but that isn't it's focus).15:03
rgreeningwe could default to "off" for the commercial repo bits and have the user decicide if they want to add a check in the proprietary commercial tick box.15:03
ScottKSoftware Store seems to be about getting stuff from outside the distribution.15:04
rgreeningtotally configurably in the UI for the KDE version.15:04
rgreeningnot really... it's just a name...15:04
rgreeningits a buzz word from apple "App Store"15:04
ScottKA pretty horrible one.15:04
rgreeningwell, we could link the text to be "Add/Remove Software" in the main menu favorites and have it as a KCM called Software Store in the system settings15:05
ScottKI think adopting this one is almost a great an idea as adopting the massive pop-up window for updates that ~everyone hated in the last cycle.15:05
ScottKWe aren't in the business of selling software.  I say no software store.15:06
Tonio_rgreening: ever seen a problem with arora ?15:06
Tonio_rgreening: it sometimes acts as if offline when other browsers have no issue displaying webpages...15:06
rgreeningwell, this is for council to decide based on the spec I guess ScottK. And by disabling the commercial repo by default does not go against philosophy (IMO).15:07
ScottKrgreening: It is for the council to decide.  I think anything called a software store is a really bad idea.15:08
rgreeningand writing it does not mean it has to be on the CD/DVD by default if we decide not to... I guess...15:08
rgreeningScottK: Maybe call it App Center :)15:09
rgreeningless commercial sounding?15:09
ScottKAdd/Remove Software seems fine to me.15:10
ScottKAlthough I recall, back when I started using Kubuntu, never understanding why I hadd Add/Remove and Adept.15:10
rgreeningScottK: seele can help with the linguistics and textual, etc...15:11
ScottKWhat would a revitalized Add/Remove give us that Kpackagekit (if it works) doesn't already?15:11
ScottKI guess I don't see what we miss by only having one tool?15:11
rgreeningKpackagekit does not deal with a unified package name, but rather individual debs.. like libraries, etc...15:12
ScottKI don't understand what that means.15:13
ScottKWhat is a "Unified package name"?15:13
rgreeningusers shouldn't need to know that installing Kmail requires X packages. That should be hidden (IMO). I wrote a packagekit spec for this implementation, but it hasn't been completely done.15:13
yuriyan application vs. a package15:13
rgreeningyeah.. what yuriy said15:13
ScottKSo if you install kmail via kpackagekit it doesn't pull in the depends?15:13
rgreeningyes, but the user may not realize that kmail is the package and not libkmail or whatever...15:14
Tonio_ScottK: it'll pull the deps and warn the user of the associated deps to be installed15:14
Tonio_not that bad15:14
Tonio_although I'd eventually patch to get rid of the deps....15:14
rgreeningnot having a app view is bad for newbies :)15:14
ScottKrgreening: It sounds to me like improving the tool we have is a better idea than inventing another on that duplicates it in many respects.15:15
yuriywell you can show "applications" by default and have an advanced view for the traditional package manager, but if the UI is significantly different, it doesn't necessarily make sense to stuff it in the same application15:16
Tonio_rgreening: true that15:16
Tonio_rgreening: type in firefox and expecting a user to be able to install it is.... dremaing :)15:17
yuriyOTOH, if we come up with a more friendly UI for add/remove, then maybe we can just apply that to traditional package management as well15:17
ScottKyuriy: But if it's two apps, how does anyone know what they should use?15:17
yuriythe one that they see. i don't remember what we had, but on Ubuntu, add/remove is right there in the main applications menu, while synaptic is somewhere in system administration15:18
Tonio_rgreening: ping ?15:19
rgreeningTonio_: hey15:19
Tonio_rgreening: just a test to see if I lag since nobody seemed to react to me :)15:20
Tonio_rgreening: I noticed a couple of issues in arora, really15:20
Tonio_it sometimes simply fail to load the page, as if it was offline status... that never happend with the old version15:20
Tonio_rgreening: just wanted to know if you had the trouble so that I can report a bug15:20
rgreeningok, shoot15:21
Tonio_rgreening: ok15:21
Tonio_also about the app store, I'm all for it, but as it has commercial perspectives I think we should expect from canonical to help on the coding side...15:21
Riddelllneversfelde: new taglib is in my PPA incase you missed that15:21
ScottKyuriy: I recall on Dapper seeing both Add/Remove and Adept and not understanding why I had both or what the difference was.15:21
Tonio_we're not there to do the commercial part of ubuntu I think (as for ubuntuone for example)15:22
Tonio_rgreening: whatever it is (kpackaging modifications vs new clientà15:22
RiddelllJontheEchidna: new konversation uploaded15:23
JontheEchidnaRiddelll: thanks, those patches were being a pain in the rear15:41
RiddelllJontheEchidna: the indicator ones?15:46
JontheEchidnaRiddelll: yeah, they didn't apply without modification15:46
JontheEchidnamostly from upstream source changes, but I see that they needed updating anyways15:47
RiddelllJontheEchidna: I found them pretty trivial to fix, just whitespace and surrounding code changes so I just did them myself, but it's agateau's responsibility to keep them up to date so feel free to disable them and ping him rather than block on them15:47
JontheEchidnaoh, I fixed all the whitespace issues. (I was actually pbuilding the package)15:47
Riddellloh fooey15:47
JontheEchidnaIt's not a big deal though :)15:48
* JontheEchidna wonders where 1.2 beta1 is.. it's not showing up in LP yet16:03
rgreeningagateau: any reason kopete does not show up in indicator anymore?16:13
rgreeningI have the latest indicator16:13
rgreeningand plugin is enabled in kopete16:13
agateaurgreening: maybe Riddell has not updated Kopete plugin to latest libindicate-qt?16:13
agateau(or maybe it's a bug)16:14
rgreeningpossibly.. dunno.16:14
rgreeningKmail works16:14
* rgreening likes the "greyed" out effect16:14
RiddelllI updated kopete this morning16:15
Riddelllit may not be in the archives yet16:15
Riddelllman, karmic really is much better than jaunty16:15
rgreeningkopete update available now...16:22
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rgreeningagateau: have you figured out how to make the indicator raise the window if iconified in system tray?16:30
agateaurgreening: I think so, is it still broken for you?16:31
rgreeningagateau: yeah. I have icon in the tray for kopete and kontact (kmail + Akregator)... clicking in idicator doesn't raise it... do I need to disable the systray Icon?16:32
agateaurgreening: no16:32
agateausystray should not interfer with the indicator16:32
agateauI still need to fix that then16:32
rgreeningkopete works. I just reloead the new one.. kmail does not...16:33
rgreeningagateau: ^16:33
agateauoh ok16:33
agateauthen it has something to do with the systray :)16:33
agateauI did not test with kmail systray16:33
agateauI guess when KMail is in the systray its mainwindow has been hide()n away16:34
agateauso i need to show() it16:34
rgreeningkmail as standalone should be tested as well as kontact integration.16:34
agateauwill fix16:34
agateaurgreening: it's more an issue of whether there is a visible window or not16:34
rgreeningagateau: also, can clicking the icon in indicator re-hide if already raise to top (just curious).. similar to way it works in systray?16:35
agateaurgreening: can do16:35
agateaurgreening: iirc pidgin behave this way, so it will be more consistent16:36
rgreeningthen I can autohide my kopete and kamil in systray and just use the indicator :)16:36
rgreeningagateau: indicator applet doesn't seem to resize... I have a scrollbar and a resize in top right, but it wont allow resize (just the arrow showing I can)16:37
agateaurgreening: you mean, the popup menu or the applet itself?16:38
rgreeningagateau: the popup shows kopete and kmail and theres a scroll bar... and I can scroll but I'd like ot resize. the resize arrow is there on top right, but it wont drag to resize.16:38
agateauok, the bug is that you should not have to resize: it should open using a decent size16:39
rgreeningagateau: oh, and kmail run by itself works with autoraise. it's the kontact integration that doesn't. so you need a check for kontact+kmail.16:39
agateaudoes it go away if you close and open again?16:40
rgreeningagateau: nope.. I get a scroll bar... and not a very decent size imo...16:40
agateauso many bugs :/16:40
rgreeningbut it's getting very good!!!16:40
rgreeningagateau: Im starting to really like it16:40
agateauhehe :)16:41
rgreeningagateau: ok, now kmail wont raise.. it did it once, but fails on second attempt :)16:41
agateaufrom systray you mean16:42
rgreeninghmm... ok, maybe it didn't work from systray at all... I just restarted it and minimized to try.. wont unminimize with indicator... so seems like a bug16:42
ScottKRiddelll: Reading the grumbling on the mailing list, I do think it'd be nice if you could arrange for some announcement about Kubuntu being intended for LTS in 10.04.  Considering there isn't a u-d-a announcement about this at all yet, maybe the one that (I hope) is being prepared could mention Kubuntu.16:57
nixternalare we even certain that Kubuntu 10.04 will be LTS?17:00
nixternalit is after all up to Canonical and the Tech Board..don't know if that decision has been made yet17:00
* smarter wonders how we're gonna manage 6.06->10.04 transitions17:01
RiddelllScottK: why would there be a u-d-s announcement?17:04
Riddelllnixternal: yes it'll be LTS17:04
Riddelllsmarter: lots of testing17:04
RiddelllI just tested jaunty to karmic and it mostly works but with some fairly obvious problems17:05
smarterRiddelll: I think we could use some automatic testing/QA tools (can't we setup some batch script to regularly install version X, upgrade to X+1 and report problems?)17:06
Riddelllsmarter: how would it know what to report17:07
smarterwell, what apt/update-manager spits out would be a good start17:07
Riddelllthat sort of thing is already tested both manually and automatically I think17:08
ScottKRiddelll: I'd have imagined there would be some formal announcement of the plans for the new release.17:08
Riddelllbut stuff like "network manager doesn't connect after upgrade" or "plasma theme has only half changed" needs to be done manually17:08
RiddelllScottK: sabdfl usually does one right enough, we can ask him17:09
smarterbut we could have a test suite that launch every important program, see if it doesn't crash, and try all our config tool(preferably in a language != english)17:10
smarterof course that's probably easier to say than to do :P17:10
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Riddelllsmarter: dholbach was after you earlier, you havn't replied to an e-mail from him17:11
smarterhooh, that's totally right, my apologies17:11
* smarter is lost in an ocean of mails17:11
* nixternal wants to choke kdebindings-trunk17:18
rgreeningdidnt cr3 have some test suite that ran...17:30
rgreeningsmarter, Riddelll ^17:30
rgreeningI though that was the nic.. cr317:31
rgreeningI remember we had a conversation at UDS17:31
rgreeningMarc Tardif (cr3)....17:32
rgreeninghe is part of the team that does QA17:32
rgreeningand he said there were automated scripts for packages that run... so I expect we could talk with him regarding this.17:32
rgreeningsome automated report he said he would be able to provide us (which was forgotten until now.. oops) :P17:33
rgreeningsmarter: feel free to ping him17:33
worklezhi. just installed from current dvd. selecting autologin brought me directly to black screen with error message about missing xterm. workaround: manually set session to kde. is this a bug?17:33
smarterrgreening: that'd be great17:34
rgreeningworklez: seems like failsafe was started and not kde session... strange17:35
Riddelllworklez: depends on what was in your ~/.dmrc17:36
worklezRiddelll: I guess there was no (or default one). $HOME copied from another distro17:37
Riddelllwe'd need to know what that was set to before we can work out what it should have done17:38
worklezit looks like the default session is set to xterm and there is no gui to change it because of autologin. is not it? I just cannot access that pc right now to check17:48
Riddelllbut why would it be set to xterm/fallback?17:49
worklezI don't know, didn't set it17:53
worklezok, I will look for .dmrc and then get back. thanks17:55
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rgreeningwe need to develop an app KDeoderant for upcoming Lucid Lynx :)20:15
rgreeningMake it a game, going around Dallas and smearing pit stick all over the Dallas-ites for points while avoiding being shot20:17
skreechI don't get the Kdeoderant reference ?20:19
rgreeningskreech: you need to listen to sabdfl's pod cast from atlantia20:20
rgreeningLynx == brand of deoderant apparantly20:20
skreechWHere is it?20:23
skreechrgreening: Why wouldn't we call it sKent ?20:24
rgreeninglol.. I like it20:24
jussi01lynx == axe20:24
rgreeningah... never knew that jussi0120:25
skreechprobably musK then20:25
macoim watching this convo scroll by the quassel chat monitor and wondeing about the extreme levels of silly in here20:25
skreechmaco: We are KooKoo :)20:25
rgreeningfor KoKoPffts20:25
* maco snorts20:26
rgreeningbeen a loong day20:26
* rgreening pictures maco snorting.. and falls of his chair20:26
macoyouve probably seen me snort20:26
rgreeningmaco: going to UDS?20:26
macoer...the outward sort of snort. like a nose-laugh. not a inward snort20:27
macoim in school throughout november :P20:27
* rgreening is hopefully20:27
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JontheEchidnaIs the message indicator supposed to change icon when KMail gets a new mail?21:56
JontheEchidnaGotta go. My dad's birthday dinner is tonight.21:59
nixternalJontheEchidna: tell dad happy birthday!22:32
ryanakcanixternal: How's the help.k.o coming? Also, mind using your mad web-desing skills to help make a feature tour?22:55
nixternalryanakca: like the ubuntu one?22:55
* ryanakca nods22:56
nixternalh.k.o is on the burner for karmic until we get the docs fixed, though I don't see that much work involved once I figure out how it goes22:56
nixternalryanakca: heh, lucky for you, I think I already have one somewhere :)22:56
nixternalyes, I can do a feature tour22:56
ryanakcanixternal: Awesome, thanks :)22:56
nixternalfyi, I am a web-design tard...I suck so bad at designing22:56
nixternalmy artistic talent can be stored on the head of a pin22:57
ryanakcasame here, give me a design and I can implement it... but don't ask me to do the design part :)22:57
nixternalwhere do you want me to do this designing at?22:58
ryanakcaAnyways, supper's ready, I'll be back in a few hours, assuming I get through my pile of homework.. Cheers :)22:59
nixternalhttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/904features/  <- you want it to look just like this page I take it?22:59
ryanakcanixternal: Where ever you want... I am told that Ubuntu's is just a set of HTML files22:59
skreechIs the podcast of the Lynx announcement up anywhere?22:59
nixternalskreech: read the Weekly Newsletter22:59
ryanakcanixternal: Somewhat, one of the complaints the Ubuntu people have gotten about it is that there's too much text.22:59
nixternalI think it was in there23:00
skreechWhy do people rely on flash so much >_<23:00
nixternalya, it can be prettier23:00
nixternalhttp://kubuntu.nixternal.com/  <- I will put it up there when I have it so we can see what it will look like23:00
ryanakcanixternal: Great, thanks. Supper time :)23:01
skreechHey sabdfl get back here!23:01
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ryanakcaTonio_: How's Canada?23:59

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