epimethLjL: lol... I just tried to connect but for some reason this stupid java sclient isn00:04
epimetht letting me connect to another channel00:04
LjLepimeth: java clients are banned from #ubuntu00:05
LjLepimeth: try using http://webchat.freenode.net00:05
epimethahahahahaha no way! Im using java.freenode.net00:05
nikolavpcan someone please00:05
epimethIll try it00:05
nikolavptell me why there isn't any way to install00:05
LjLepimeth: that won't work, because you have "java user" in your name.00:05
nikolavpthe debug symbols of a linux kernel00:05
nikolavpat the moment00:05
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:05
nikolavpi am using jaunty00:06
ev0sx1hello people00:06
ev0sx1anybody using the latest alpha 6?00:06
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:06
ev0sx1sorry, and thanks00:07
epimeththat was redic...00:09
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DWonderlyhave a question about Konqueror. Can you add security devices in Konqueror? I have not been able to find anything re this online00:16
abdelrhmanhey all00:17
abdelrhmanhow u doin'00:18
DWonderlyproblems with konqueror00:19
abdelrhmanthat's ok00:19
DWonderlytrying to add security devices00:19
DWonderlycant find anything on it00:20
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justin_6666hey all00:25
justin_6666i have a quick question00:26
justin_6666kubuntu 8.04 hardy heron, kde 3.5.1000:26
justin_6666i just installed it from a live cd. however, i dont want all these packages, just the basic kdecore00:26
justin_6666and x-window-system-core of course00:27
Spacemanjustin_6666: this is taking a long time :P00:27
justin_6666sorry lol there are a lot of packages i dont need here00:27
justin_6666i cant make a minimal cd cause i have no blanks.... shall i uninstall everything--or is there a way to make my live cd do a minimal??00:28
Ev0luti0n_i am having an error on my kubuntu distro00:28
Ev0luti0n_i can't mount internal partitions00:28
Ev0luti0n_gives me this error00:28
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Ev0luti0n_not that link, this one00:28
justin_6666i'm stumped00:29
justin_6666no one knows? damn...00:30
justin_6666me neither00:30
epimethaloha! does anyone know how to connect to a WPA2-PSK network using the command line? google has been a dead end00:39
James147justin_6666: If you have a usb flash drive you could try to create a live usb of the minimal cd00:39
James147Ev0luti0n_: Are the drives listed in /etc/fstab ?00:40
Ev0luti0n_don't know00:40
Ev0luti0n_how can i check that?00:40
Ev0luti0n_guess i know00:40
Ev0luti0n_lemme try00:41
James147Ev0luti0n_: Open /etc/fstab  :)  "cat /etc/fatab" to print the contents to screen00:41
Ev0luti0n_no they aren't00:41
Ev0luti0n_i reached the file thru dolphin00:42
Ev0luti0n_newbie way :)00:42
Ev0luti0n_the drives are not listed00:42
James147Ev0luti0n_: Adding them there will help and will auto mount them on boot00:42
Ev0luti0n_what i allways wanted to do!00:42
James147Ev0luti0n_: you need help to add them?00:43
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solifugusWhat's the focus on kubuntu now?  A thousand paper cuts for the KDE interface, as it pertains to kubuntu?02:04
James147solifugus: #ubuntu+1 for information on teh current development release (karmic)02:14
BenPAhi all ... was using my Dell laptop and the keyboard seems to be disabled ... I cannot sign in ... the touchpad works but nothing else ... I was using it earlier and then it just stopped ... any ideas?02:18
BenPAhi all ... was using my Dell laptop and the keyboard seems to be disabled ... I cannot sign in ... the touchpad works but nothing else ... I was using it earlier and then it just stopped ... any ideas?02:22
BenPAanyone around?02:27
James147BenPA: There are, but noone that is paying attention knows the answer to your problem... try asking every 5 to 10 mins as more ppl will join that might know how to fix it02:28
BenPAok thanks02:29
BenPAit is a strange one ...02:29
BenPAI've read some things about windoze users but few on Linux02:30
James147BenPA: dose the capslock button work at all? (do the lights changes when you press it?)02:32
ev0sx1BenPA: i am02:34
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vujayjayhey dumb and easy q02:52
vujayjaycurrently kubuntu 8.04, kde 3.5.10--wanting 9.04, 4.3.102:53
vujayjaynot 4.3.0, i want 4.3.1 for the bugfixes02:53
jshultzanyone know if there's a version of launchy compiled for amd64?02:54
robin0800_vujayjay: look on kubuntu web site for update details02:55
vujayjayi did i cant find it lol02:56
James147vujayjay: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.3.102:57
genii-aroundvujayjay: Get a standard 9.04 install, then add the ppa repository as described at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.3.102:57
* genii-around hands James147 a coffee02:57
* James147 sips02:57
vujayjayahhh thanks ;)02:58
jshultzif i upgrade to 4.3.1 and it doesn't work, is there a way to roll back to 4.2?02:58
genii-aroundjshultz: Nope02:59
jshultzbummer. :(03:00
James147jshultz: at least not easily03:00
jshultzi tried earlier to go to 4.3.1 and plasma was crashing on startup. i ended up reinstalling the whole os.03:00
jshultzkind of paranoid about trying it again.03:00
genii-aroundjshultz: If you have enough room on some other storage, you could use something like clonezilla to make an image of your 4.2 beforehand, to go back to03:01
BenPAI've read some things about windoze users but few on Linux03:02
BenPAhi all ... was using my Dell laptop and the keyboard seems to be disabled ... I cannot sign in ... the touchpad works but nothing else ... I was using it earlier and then it just stopped ... any ideas?03:02
jshultzi was getting a sigserv 11 error03:02
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jshultzsigsegv 11 i mean03:04
jshultzi had used it before though when i switched from gnome to kde03:04
jshultzi think it might have been tied to not having the nvidia drivers installed03:05
jshultzif i have 4.2 is there any real reason to go to 4.3.1?03:09
BenPAanyone ever loose keyboard on laptop03:11
James147jshultz: Not if you dont care about any of the new features/bugfixes  -  http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.3/03:12
nic_seltzerI have reached wit's end and I desperately need some help. I am trying to connect to WPA-TKIP from Kubuntu via the NM Applet. The AP is hidden. When attempting to connect to the AP, I am prompted for the password then immediately told that the connection failed.03:13
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BenPAcan anyone out there help me?03:29
BenPAhi all ... was using my Dell laptop and the keyboard seems to be disabled ... I cannot sign in ... the touchpad works but nothing else ... I was using it earlier and then it just stopped ... any ideas?03:29
BenPAnever mind ... I took the battery out of my laptop and put it back in ... it now works ... what a mystery03:34
R118317vmy sound doesnt work after updating04:17
R118317vI have a fresh install of kubuntu 8.04, after doing a system upgrade it asks me to reboot.   After the reboot my sound stops working04:23
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rejohnHow do I use a package tool (KPackageKit, Adept) to install one application from Karmic on my 9.04 KUbuntu system? Is there an easy way? Thx. :)07:18
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aftertafplop :)08:35
aftertafanyone having fun on kde karmic and sound ?08:35
aftertafi really dont grasp pulseaudio . . . .08:36
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Mamarokaftertaf: fro Karmic, please ask in #ubuntu+108:48
aftertafi did...08:48
aftertafwasnt asking for help as such, just if anyone else has had fun fixing . . .08:49
Mamarokstill, it doesn't belong here, all things Karmic go to #ubuntu+1 or, if you want to discuss, it's #kubuntu-offtopic08:50
tasslehoffI have mounted a share using smbfs. Windows users mounting the same share can see the folders I create, but not the files. Que???08:58
sureshhi all09:05
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Kvasirwhy in the tray there is an icon that says that there are 8 software updates available and when I click on it there are only 4 blocked updates? and why are they blocked?09:16
dwidmann_Kvasir: conflicts ... certain packages may require specific versions of other packages that either require your manual consent to install or aren't available09:27
MarcoPauhello, I can't activate composite in my kubuntu since last upgrade. getting (EE) AIGLX error: Calling driver entry point failed(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering in Xorg.0.log... any hint?09:28
dwidmann_MarcoPau: video card/driver?09:29
MarcoPauRadeon HD 345009:29
MarcoPauwith radeon modules09:29
dwidmann_MarcoPau: can you pastebin the portion of your /var/log/dpkg.log that pertains to your last upgrade?09:30
dwidmann_wait, I misread myself when proofreading afterwards, then corrected myself when I was right to begin with ...09:31
* dwidmann_ drinks more coffee09:31
MarcoPaudwidmann_: can't really say which part is the one of the upgrade09:31
dwidmann_MarcoPau: then pastebin it all, I'll try to figure it out09:32
MarcoPauanyway I have to say that I'm using KDE 4.3 and kernel 2.6.31. actually when I upgraded the kernel I started having a few problems with the video card09:32
dwidmann_Normally this is the point where somebody would send you to #ubuntu+1, but I don't feel like being a prat this morning, so we'll continue here :)09:34
dwidmann_MarcoPau: the problem could be related to the X stack, the kernel, or the video drivers. We'll have to figure out which by switching each out, one at a time, starting with probably the video driver, then the kernel ... and just hope it's not X09:35
MarcoPaudwidmann_: as far as I googled it seems to be more likely kernel related, anyway just selected the interesting part of dpkg.log09:37
MarcoPauhttp://pastebin.com/d5bab403c there it is09:37
dwidmann_MarcoPau: I presume the interesting part means the part that starts with 2009-09-20, right?09:38
MarcoPaubut let me tell you I first had this error RADEONDRIGetVersion failed to open the DRM which seems to go away writing options radeon modeset=0 in /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf09:39
dwidmann_MarcoPau: do you by chance have an older backup kernel still installed (anything before the current should do, even if it's only one minor packaging revision ago)09:40
MarcoPaudwidmann_: well yes, I started with the kernel, then the whole upgrade and at the end you can see a few shots regarding radeon09:41
MarcoPauI got a 2.6.2809:41
dwidmann_You can give the 2.6.28 a try, sounds like a good plan actually, and see if that alleviates the problem09:41
MarcoPauiirc 2.6.28 had its problems as well. plus I think I needed the newer version for CMake or stuff like that09:42
MarcoPauanyway, should I try rebooting with 2.6.28?09:43
dwidmann_MarcoPau: Yes, trying the easy things first is always a good plan09:43
MarcoPauBRB then09:43
tasslehoffhow can I check my computers hostname?09:47
MarcoPaudwidmann_: still can't activate composite, but let's see errors in Xorg log and syslog09:47
MarcoPau(EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed to open the DRM09:48
MarcoPau(EE) RADEON(0): Acceleration initialization failed09:48
dwidmann_MarcoPau: different errors don't help much do they?09:48
MarcoPausame as before setting that radeon.conf... after that, on 2.6.31, it came up with AIGLX09:49
MarcoPaudwidmann_: actually it's the same thing09:49
MarcoPaubut I guess options radeon modeset=0 doesn't make any difference on 2.6.2809:50
MarcoPaudwidmann_: should I go back to 2.6.31 or stay here?09:52
dwidmann_MarcoPau: Hmm, another thought, would it work if you tried to use the fglrx driver instead?09:52
MarcoPaugimme a sec I'll try setting it in xorg.conf09:52
MarcoPaudwidmann_: I get an apparmor fail at boot. might it be related as well or not?09:58
dwidmann_MarcoPau: no, shouldn't be09:58
MarcoPauok installed fglrx, restarting X09:58
MarcoPaudwidmann_: no changes apparently. should I go back to 2.6.31 and try from there?10:02
MarcoPauwith fglrx I mean10:02
dwidmann_MarcoPau: sure, you can try that10:02
MarcoPaudwidmann_: under 2.6.31 I get fail at loading fglrx at boot, and no display in Xorg10:09
dwidmann_Right ... guess that didn't fix that then10:09
dwidmann_(I'm glad I'm not the one running Karmic with an ATI card right now, for sure)10:11
MarcoPaudwidmann_: I got jaunty actually... plus, I remember that older kernels both in jaunty and intrepid had bigger problems with fglrx10:14
MarcoPauand I was never able to activate compiz. everybody was saying to wait for upgrades for radeon support or stuff like that10:15
MarcoPauthat's why I was trying it back10:15
Salerocompiz is nice10:15
MarcoPauit's been months since I haven't seen any FABULOUS desktop effect LOL10:15
dwidmann_I had an ATI card working pretty well in Hardy, of course ... I've since switched back to an NVIDIA card though10:16
MarcoPaudwidmann_: am I supposed to drop it again here?10:20
dwidmann_MarcoPau: hm?10:20
MarcoPauchecking for the fglrx fail error under 2.6.31 meanwhile10:20
CrypTomhi all, how can I add an Printer (shared by a windows server) so that every user has to enter his windows AD credentials before printing?10:22
CrypTomIn the cups  add printer dialog (after choosing SMB-Printer) I see the option "Prompt user if authentication is required", but I'm never promted for a username/password10:22
MarcoPaudwidmann_: with the video problems10:24
CrypTomwhen I'm printing, it says "Held for authentication" but I'm not prompted for a password10:25
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MarcoPaudwidmann_: hey, now composite is active!10:34
MarcoPaubut extremely slow10:35
dwidmann_MarcoPau: how'd ya do it?10:35
MarcoPaudwidmann_: just tried activating it and it did. weird. but it's all slow10:36
MarcoPauheh, kde just came up with a notice saying it temporarily disabled compositing cause it's too slow10:36
dwidmann_Yeah, you can disable that from happening if you like slow compositing10:37
MarcoPaudwidmann_: any way to fasten it? this is unbearable, it's slow even typing here in kvirc10:42
MarcoPautried disabling a few compositing options but this is still stuck10:44
MarcoPauseems like using a pentium 133 mhz :-D10:45
dwidmann_MarcoPau: that's dreadful, unfortunately unless you get hardware acceleration operational again it's going to be slow as sludge10:51
MarcoPaudwidmann_: that'd be dri, dri2 and such?10:52
MarcoPauI got a disable dri2 in xorg.conf10:52
dwidmann_I'm not sure ... I make it a point not to deal with ATI cards much if I can help it.10:53
MarcoPauwhen I had nvidia it was painful all the same10:53
MarcoPauspeaking about years ago10:53
dwidmann_(in the paste 5 years I've had around 5 nvidia cards, and 2 ati cards.10:54
ct529hi everybody. How do I add -march-native to the compilation flags in my computer configuration?10:54
MarcoPaudwidmann_: about the fail at loading fglrx under 2.6.31, may I indagate a bit? I don't seem to find anything useful in syslog strangely10:55
dwidmann_MarcoPau: a semi-recent nvidia like a 9800gt should work very well ... Actually my radeonhd 4670 was working well too, except ATI doesn't have a feature on the level with twinview ... that was a dealbreaker so I switched to the 9800gt.10:56
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dwidmann_MarcoPau: can't say I ever had a problem with my 6600gt, 7600gt, 8600gt, or 7900gtx either ...... radeon 9700 on the other hand was a bit troublesome10:57
dwidmann_(actually, I did have some trouble with the 8600gt, it died an early death due to a well known fault in the chip)10:58
MarcoPaudwidmann_: trying to download latest drivers from ati website. it says I need posix enabled, do you know how to check that?11:04
dwidmann_should be fine, don't worry about that11:05
baron86Hello There.. I want to visualize a little my Kde! CAn anyone help me?11:25
JoshOvkiheya. would it be more fresable to reinstall kubuntu, or would it be easy enough to move the system files over to a different drive?11:30
baron86I want to Have different background Images in each Folder11:34
PHP_Alexit there a repository for kde 4.4 trunk? for testing11:48
MarcoPaudwidmann_: I got it: latest ati drivers with 2.6.28. compositing working11:49
MarcoPauloads of problems on X with 2.6.31. I'll maybe try 2.6.30 or stick to 28 for the moment11:50
MarcoPauthanks for your help!11:50
emeliot87i have a question... why I can't find file modprobe.conf in folder /etc/ ?? I have kubuntu. Please answer...11:59
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PHP_Alexyou should look in /etc/modprobe.d/12:06
PHP_Alexmight be helpful12:06
Ulta_Bonjour a tous12:30
Ulta_Ubuntu 6.04 marche t'il sur un PC recent ?12:31
Ulta_Vous me conseillez quel version de ubuntu ? la derniere ?12:32
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Newbeehello everybody13:32
NewbeeI tried to use nepomuk/strigi for indexing. But when I enable it in the KDE system settings it says: "Strigi service faild to initialize. Most likely due to an installation problem" But I didn't know that I would even have to install things. I thought that strigi is installed by default.13:35
NewbeeI use Kubuntu Jaunty.13:35
iapyx20someone here who can give me a tip on something13:36
Newbeeiapyx20: If I can help, of course. But what's the issue?13:38
iapyx20most of my music collection is on a drive that requests a password to access. if that is the problem (I'm assuming it is), amarok doesn't reload my files in the collection when I open it.13:39
iapyx20I created a symlink from /home/user/music to this directory, but it doesn't appear to make a difference in this case13:39
=== crissi_ is now known as CrissiD
iapyx20I guess my objective is to make it so that directories on this partition aren't password protected13:41
Newbeeiapyx20: so to make sure I got it. You use Amarok. Than you open/unlock your drive and amarok does not update your collection. And you want that amarok updates after you unlocked. Is this the point?13:42
iapyx20i'd prefer to not need to unlock anything, but yes.13:42
iapyx20is this just a case of setting permissions on that drive?13:43
James147iapyx20: Dosent Tools -> Update Collections do anything?13:44
iapyx20well, I just accessed the drive in dolphin and it asked for a password. it usually only does that once per session, to my knowledge, so i'll try updating again and see what it does this time.13:44
NewbeeI haven't ever had such a scenario. But you could mount the drive with full rights for you an see what happens.13:45
NewbeeI think if you are working with dolphin you will use some of the KDE kio things to access your drive. And I don't know how you wanted to make sure amarok makes use of this thing an takes the needed password. I am not a KDE expert so I just don't konw. But maybe you could mount your drive using the mount command. (I usually use the standart mount for example for samba shares)13:48
fyl0nIs it possible to damage a videocard when running ETQW under 9.04? because my system is dead now and I have no kernels to start.13:52
Newbeefyl0n: what did happen? Is your linux installation dead (and what does it say) or is your hardware dead (in this case I am sure I cannot help)13:58
fyl0nNewbee, Yes my hardware is dead.. my videocard is dead Nvidia EVGA 8800 GT SC and my hdd 1TB is totally empty. this happened after a crash of ETQW 1.5.14:01
fyl0nVideocard is so much damaged that it even won't run under windows or other OS.14:02
azhoralcan i have some help with video card?14:02
James147azhoral: just ask you question, if someone knows they will answer14:02
fyl0nbought a new videocard and got 9.04 up and running again but won't try ETQW 1.5 anymore14:03
Newbeeoh, sorry. I cannot imagine how this could happen. I use linux for some years now as my main system but I am not an expert. But how on earth should a game kill your filesystem? have you tried a live-CD?14:03
fyl0nI did.. no result14:03
azhorali have a Ati Radeon HD 3400.. connected in HDMI port... my xorg file is empyt but when kdm start (or gdm not change) start with 1080p resolution...14:03
fyl0nI had ETQW 1.5 running under 8.04 for more than year and got no troubles what so ever.. but when I run ETQW under 9.04 I had sound issues.14:04
azhoralif i made xrandr -q --verbose i obtain all resolution14:04
Newbeefyl0n: nothing on the drive? Then it will probably be empty. Sorry but your problem is beyond my skills and knowledge. So I cannot help.14:05
fyl0nframe drops to 15 and after a 5 mins of running.. total system crash.14:05
azhoralbut i wanna delete this :14:05
azhoral  1920x1080 (0x8a)   74.2MHz -HSync -VSync Interlace +preferred14:05
azhoral        h: width  1920 start 2008 end 2052 total 2200 skew    0 clock   33.8KHz14:05
azhoral        v: height 1080 start 1084 end 1094 total 1125           clock   30.0Hz14:05
azhoral  1920x1080 (0x8b)   74.2MHz -HSync -VSync Interlace14:05
azhoral        h: width  1920 start 2448 end 2492 total 2640 skew    0 clock   28.1KHz14:05
azhoral        v: height 1080 start 1084 end 1094 total 1125           clock   25.0Hz14:05
azhoral  1776x1000 (0x8c)   67.9MHz +HSync -VSync14:05
azhoral        h: width  1776 start 1824 end 2000 total 2224 skew    0 clock   30.5KHz14:05
azhoral        v: height 1000 start 1001 end 1004 total 1018           clock   30.0Hz14:05
azhoral  1776x1000 (0x8d)   55.2MHz +HSync -VSync14:05
azhoral        h: width  1776 start 1800 end 1976 total 2176 skew    0 clock   25.4KHz14:05
azhoral        v: height 1000 start 1001 end 1004 total 1015           clock   25.0Hz14:05
azhoralin xorg file i don't have nothing :(14:05
fyl0nthis is FUBAR14:06
James147azhoral: please use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14:06
azhoraloh sorry14:06
fyl0nnow I scared of trying to run ETQW under any new buntu version..14:06
BluesKaj!pastebin | azhoral14:06
ubottuazhoral: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic14:06
azhoralI wanna use this resolution: 1680x1050 (in Kde) but kdm and kde see 1920*1080 the preferred resolution.14:08
BluesKajfyl0n, what is ETQW , a game ?14:09
fyl0nyes it a game of id Software Enemy Territory Quake Wars14:10
BluesKajfyl0n, do you have any other graphics issues?14:11
azhoralthis is my Xorg.conf file.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com:80/275244/14:12
fyl0nnone what so ever.. I play lot of games under tux.. I use native tux clients.. no wine or what so ever14:13
fyl0nI've had the probs with sound and skype together14:13
fyl0nthen I got a crash14:13
fyl0nI think the crash occurred when the sound system didn't work properly with ETQW and skype.14:15
BluesKajfyl0n, then I can only tell you that skype has issues with pulseaudio and they are being worked on14:16
fyl0nbecause I didn't have a reasonable fps when started.. and got no sound.14:16
fyl0nbut issues are common right.. this is a serious system crash.. :(14:17
BluesKajfyl0n, make sure you have alsa-base and alsa-utils installed14:17
fyl0nboth of them are the newest versions14:17
fyl0nI think the crash is related to the soundsystem in combination with skype wich I used at that moment.14:19
fyl0nbut the videocard is so much damaged.. that it won't run anymore under any circumstances14:19
BluesKajI think there's a problem with X and whatever video driver you're using14:20
BluesKajfyl0n, which graphics card ?14:21
fyl0nI used the nvidia driver witch comes with the Kjockey.. it's a Nvidia EVGA 8800GT SC 51214:22
azhoralnobody have solution?14:23
BluesKajfyl0n, make sure you have the nvidia-glx-185 driver installed14:24
BluesKajfyl0n, check in your package manager14:24
fyl0nwhen the crash happened.. the latest driver was 180 series..14:27
BluesKajas I said , make sure..it's important14:28
fyl0nthanx :) but crash did happen and damage has been done..14:29
BluesKajwhat damage ?14:29
fyl0ntotal system crash14:30
gnomefreaksystem or X?14:31
fyl0n1TB hdd totally EMPTY and videocard is DEAD14:31
gnomefreakkernel is unlikely to crash14:31
BluesKajinfo is the key14:31
fyl0nyeah but what info if HDD is TOTALLY empty14:31
BluesKajbut , it's not forthcoming it seems14:31
gnomefreaks/unlikely/very unlikely14:31
fyl0nlive boot won't help cause videocard is dead.14:32
fyl0nput in another videocard.. live boot will boot.. and try to mount my 1TB hdd witout luck14:32
fyl0ndrive is totally empty14:32
fyl0nGRUB says no kernel to boot14:33
BluesKaj fyl0n , ctrl+alt+f1 , update-grub14:38
fyl0nBluesKaj, gonna try that option. gotta go for now.. really thanx for the support BluesKaj :)14:41
vallhalla81hi there i am having trouble getting desktop effects to work drivers for my nvidia card are loaded but when i go in to setting/desktop it says Compositing is not supported on your system. Required X extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available. but all i can find in synaptic on these are libxcomposite and libxdamage and they are installed15:07
vallhalla81could this be caused by using dual screeens ?15:08
=== lkdkjskl is now known as zevano
azhorali have problem with setting video card ATI in HDMI..15:22
azhoralI wanna use this resolution: 1680x1050 (in Kde) but kdm and kde see 1920*1080 the preferred resolution.15:22
azhoralthis is my Xorg.conf file.  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com:80/275244/15:22
Zxcvb_lapdoes upgrading a package with dpkg or apt-get actually upgrade, or does it remove the old one and then install the new one?15:43
LjLZxcvb_lap: uh... the difference being?15:44
Zxcvb_lapLjL: mainly, what happens if a file is present in the old package but not the new one?15:44
LjLZxcvb_lap: gets deleted, afaik15:45
LjLZxcvb_lap: though config files are treated specially15:45
=== crissi_ is now known as CrissiD
Zxcvb_lapalso, how would you install kde 4.3.1 and koffice 2.0.x from backports?15:46
Zxcvb_lapI do not want koffice 2.1 beta, but the latest 2.0.x15:46
vallhalla81hi there i am having trouble getting desktop effects to work drivers for my nvidia card are loaded but when i go in to setting/desktop it says Compositing is not supported on your system. Required X extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available. but all i can find in synaptic on these are libxcomposite and libxdamage and they are installed15:58
azhorali have little problem with setting of videocard15:59
BluesKajvallhalla81, which kubuntu version and nvidia card ?16:00
azhoralmy kde start with 2 resolution16:00
azhoralbefore on 1080p Hdmi and then when is inside kde switch in 1680*1050...16:00
azhorali wanna use only 1680*1050 but i can delete preferred to 1080p16:00
vallhalla81BluesKaj: i get the same with jaunty an kola16:01
BluesKajwhich nvida16:02
vallhalla81BluesKaj: nvidia accelerated graphics driver version 18516:02
BluesKajwhich card ?16:02
vallhalla81installed via the hardware drivers program16:03
BluesKajok ,nm ...taking a break16:03
vallhalla81nVidia Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT]16:03
PHP_Alexdoes anybody knows how to fix slow window resizing on ati proprietary driver?16:18
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=== rocio is now known as blackgirl
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
=== ebovine_ is now known as ebovine
shipis down?16:40
Piciship: Its been having some load issues lately, Just try whatever you're doing again.16:42
shipPici: well i should install krita ..16:43
shiphang his balls and install it on karmic16:44
shipok installed seems it's working16:45
shipty anyway16:45
PiciEr, okay16:45
Richcreekhi ya'll16:47
TutorialsPlsumsMay someone help me?16:56
James147TutorialsPlsums: Just ask what you want to know and if someone can they will help you16:57
TutorialsPlsumsDo i need any drivers for my hardware if i install ubuntu16:57
James147TutorialsPlsums: Mostly no... but it highly depends on what hardware, most common hardware will work outof the box16:58
TutorialsPlsumsAh good.16:58
TutorialsPlsumsI have a fairly old vaio laptop with realtek alc262 sound16:58
James147TutorialsPlsums: You can always use a livecd to see if the hardware works16:58
TutorialsPlsumsSorry im a bit dumb16:59
James147TutorialsPlsums: A livecd is a bootable CD that contains a usable operating system16:59
James147TutorialsPlsums: So you can boot stright from the CD without installing anything16:59
TutorialsPlsumsThanks, im thinking of installing a distro of linux into a virtual machine to see if it will work.17:00
shipvirtual machine17:00
James147TutorialsPlsums: keep in mind that you cant test most of your ahrdware with a virtual mechine17:00
shipis not like installing a linux distro17:00
TutorialsPlsumsI know.17:00
TutorialsPlsumsI might just format and then re-install linux on here.17:01
TutorialsPlsumsIf it doesnt work, then ill put windows back on, it needs a format anyway.17:01
shipvirtual machine (virtual box ) has his own device17:01
James147TutorialsPlsums: You can also dual boot linux with other OS's17:01
TutorialsPlsumsI know.17:01
TutorialsPlsumsI was going to dual boot with windows.17:01
shipintel alc should work17:01
TutorialsPlsumsShip, would an intel gma 950 work?17:01
James147TutorialsPlsums: I suggest a liveCD as you can test the OS without touching your HD and then install it if you like it (most livecds have an option to install to HD)17:02
shipTutorialsPlsums: i have 945gm17:02
TutorialsPlsumsDoes it work?17:02
shipsure like you can seee here17:02
TutorialsPlsumsJames147, do i get a livecd from ubuntu?17:02
TutorialsPlsumsOh, your on ubuntu then =D17:02
shipTutorialsPlsums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLVSaqvshRc&feature=channel_page17:02
James147TutorialsPlsums: Ubuntu's (and Kubuntu's) default installation disk (ie not the alterive installer) is a livecd17:03
TutorialsPlsumsIm confused, so if i downloaded the iso, and burnt to a cd, it would be a live17:03
James147TutorialsPlsums: If you downloaded the desktop iso tehn yes17:04
shipthere are:17:04
shiplivecd for nice pc17:04
shipalternate cd for old pc17:04
robin0800TutorialsPlsums  its called a desktop cd17:04
shipdesktop cd ---> nice pc ; alternate cd --->old pc17:04
TutorialsPlsumsIm downloading the desktop iso at the minute, so if i burnt it to a DVD, it would give methe option of a livecd?17:04
James147alternate is not just for old pcs, but has more options on it as well... like settings up encryped drives during the install17:04
James147TutorialsPlsums: When you boot from kubuntu livecd it will give you a few options to choses from, the first one (and the default one) is to boot the live os17:06
PHP_Alexthis one is for thoose, who want to take care of any aspect of installation17:06
TutorialsPlsumsSorry for being a noob, but if i boot from the disc, would it give me the option to format too?17:06
PHP_Alexalso, it works faster a bit17:06
TutorialsPlsumsOk, im actually download the ubuntu iso, woops.17:07
James147TutorialsPlsums: Not directly, but once in teh liveCD you can format if you want to, the installer will guide you through formating and such things17:07
James147TutorialsPlsums: ubuntu is the same as kubuntu, they use the same reposities and everything... the only real difference is the packages they install by default. ubuntu uses the GNOME desktop enviroment and kubuntu uses the K desktop enviroment (kde)17:08
u19809are there packages for qt version 4.5.2 for kubuntu 9.0417:20
RussellAlanHave any designers in here?17:20
James147RussellAlan: Designers of what?17:22
RussellAlanGFX, or web17:23
jsanchezHere is a ppa with qt 4.5.2 https://launchpad.net/~debfx/+archive/qt17:23
James147RussellAlan: You might want to spicify more of what you are looking for, more ppl will be willing to help if they know more about what you want17:24
RussellAlan=D Well I know this isnt a design room, but id like to give business to my community of opensourcers.17:25
TutorialsPlsums1 hour 30 mins left till ubuntu downloaded =]17:25
RussellAlanI'm trying to do a  Eco related website (green) for a eco-consulting theme/portfolio of resume.17:26
RussellAlani just want something uniquely green17:26
fatihhey, i have installed kubuntu 9.04 with wubi. i can access my windows files on kubuntu but i cant open root.disk on windows vista with necessary software. any help?17:34
=== TutorialsPlsums is now known as Liam
genii!ph | nadarilla17:45
ubottunadarilla: Join #ubuntu-ph for tagalog17:45
nadarillajoin #ubuntu-ph17:47
nadarillajoin #ubuntu-ph17:47
geniinadarilla: /join #ubuntu-ph17:47
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seesti am wondering how to convert avi files to a movie dvd (not a file)18:30
bentob0xwhen you type fish://, is it encrypted?18:31
bentob0xin Dolphin18:31
bentob0x(hah, fish in dolphin lol)18:32
James147bentob0x: fish:// uses the ssh protocal i beleave, however I think sftp:// is the better method18:33
geniiseest: devede18:33
genii!info devede | seest18:34
ubottuseest: devede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.12c-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1516 kB, installed size 3456 kB18:34
seestgenii, thank you, i'll try that out18:35
bentob0xk, after a bit of reading: SFTP is a FTP sub subsection of the SSH protocol where FISH is some kind of nice perl hack where SFTP isn't available, SFTP is more reliable than FISH18:40
uga|awaygenii: dvd-create, k3b, kde dvdauthor, etc are no good? =)18:41
=== uga|away is now known as uga
ugabentob0x: yes, sftp works most of the cases anyway, so it's better using it18:45
ugait only needs support from the remote server18:46
ugabentob0x: fish is rather hackish. it's been broken for a while, but fixed in the later kde 4.x releases18:46
geniiuga: devede can take an avi/other footage, make and burn the DVD for a standalone player in one shot18:46
bentob0xyea, I saw that recently in some 4.X changelog18:46
ugagenii: heh, somebody should wrap all the kde apps into a single one I guess. I'm half (only half) sure k3b has such capability anyway (encoding + burning)18:48
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seestuga, i didn't make k3b to dió this funktion, but i can of cause bee wrong...18:54
ugaseest: I just tried, and I see it creates the folders for video_ts and audio_ts, but no idea how to add the movie, so maybe it doesn't do so18:55
ugaI wonder why it doesn't do like it does for audio18:55
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apparleWhat all does the firefox installer in Kubuntu 9.10 do19:17
=== trmanco is now known as phIRCe
daniele__RMhi  who help me?19:20
MsMacoapparle: it downloads and installs firefox. thats it.19:20
=== phIRCe is now known as trmanco
James147daniele__RM: Just ask your question, if someone knows the answer they will help you19:20
ubunturos!ask | daniele__RM,19:20
ubottudaniele__RM,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:20
W4gn3rshort and sweet19:21
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jonathan___i need help19:22
BluesKaj!ask | jonathan___19:23
ubottujonathan___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:23
jonathan___how do you get a network printer installed in kubuntu19:23
daniele__RMi'd like tu upgrade my kubuntu 6.1019:23
daniele__RMbut the repository do'n exist :(19:23
daniele__RMso when my upgrade manager says me : upgrade to kubuntu 7.419:23
lovrehi all19:26
lovrehow can i make windows title bar look like this? http://www.kde-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=97644&file1=97644-1.jpg&file2=&file3=&name=darkPearl+for+QtCurve19:26
daniele__RMyou need to change theme19:27
lovrewell, i selected the themes but none look like this....19:28
lovreby theme you mean style?19:29
daniele__RMyes sorry19:29
lovredaniele__RM: well, as i said, none of them look like that. Is it possible to add new ones, and if yes, how?19:30
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daniele__RMi don't remember the correct path19:31
daniele__RMthis is an example19:32
daniele__RMyou need to download a them19:32
daniele__RMend copy theme file with other them19:32
lovredaniele__RM: the thing is, i did download it, and imported, but i didnt get that. I got everythin else dark and ok, but title bar is only dark, not changed to what is shown in the picture.19:33
lovreis it possible to change it in KWin?19:33
simontolI'm on KDE4.3.1 and I've noticed that scroling a page in Firefox is slower than in Gnome, is there any workaround?19:38
seesti was wondering how it could be that kubuntu suddenly won't find my deskdrev?20:00
seestit have been working earlier today20:00
ZmAYhow can i extract multiple rar files at once in console, torrent movie file?20:01
marinerunrar x file.rar20:04
seesti think it is strange that my computer can't recognize any empty discs, but easily discs that ive burned earlier? is there any solution for this problem?20:09
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Aluminthis may be a question more for ##linux, but...where can I go to read up on how to convert my current knowledge on editing xorg.conf to the hew HAL system?  I've got some things I want to set up (new fancy keyboard, graphics tablet) that I know how to configure in xorg.conf, but I'd rather learn it the new way if that's what it's gonna be going forward20:17
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vallhalla81hello and a good evening to one and all i am having trouble getting Compositing to work on my system in both kde4 and gnome my drivers seem fully installed for my nvidia card can any advise please thank you in advance20:25
bentob0xwhat's the KDE equivalent of a 'shortcut' to a text file under Windows?20:26
Aluminbentob0x: well, this would be for any file, not just a text file, but the UNIX equivalent of an MS Windows shortcut is called a symlink20:27
Aluminshort for "symbolic link" or "soft link"20:27
mariner(on desktop) right click -> create new -> link to location20:29
server_sidedoes kubuntu  support everythiing ubuntu dopes?20:34
James147server_side: kubuntu and ubuntu use the same repositories... so yes :)20:35
=== krawek_ is now known as julianadr
server_sideok, i have a dual monitor setup is that a problem?20:35
bentob0xthx Alumin, mariner20:36
James147server_side: what are you trying to ask?20:36
vallhalla81server_side: i run a dual screen setup just fine20:36
bentob0xI also realised that dragging a file somewhere else has a 'link here' menu20:36
bentob0xwhich is creating a symlink20:37
server_sidevallhalla81, ok great, is kubuntu faster than windows, im so tired of windows i hate it20:37
vallhalla81server_side: yes in most cases it is20:37
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Aluminserver_side: the extra speed isn't really a good reason by itself to switch, though20:45
Aluminif you're thinking about making the switch from MS Windows, I'd recommend trying it out first, either with the Kubuntu Live CD, or better yet a WUBI install, or a dual boot20:46
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vallhalla81hello and a good evening to one and all i am having trouble getting Compositing to work on my system in both kde4 and gnome my drivers seem fully installed for my nvidia card can any advise please thank you in advance21:04
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haunilistichello everybody. i have a logitech mx1100 mouse. is there any way to utilize the 4th mouse button in linux?21:28
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genii!buttons | haunilistic21:59
ubottuhaunilistic: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto21:59
haunilisticubottu: thx22:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thx22:01
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haunilisticubottu: ?22:01
geniihaunilistic: ubottu is just a tool we have here22:02
haunilisticgenii: some kind of ai? that's supercool22:03
geniihaunilistic: Well, they are not intelligent... they only have lists of what we call factoids that we can call up with !factoidname22:04
haunilisticgenii: uh ha.22:05
snarkster1ok so i goto the restricted formats page to get information regarding mp3 support. there is a link that you click to fix the problem for you but neather konq nor firefox now how to handle that.. wth is that all about?22:05
geniisnarkster1: That link uses apt-url which likely you don't have installed.22:07
Synapse-119Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me why kpackage in kde 4.3.1 doesn't work?22:07
Synapse-119It hangs short after start, not showing any tree22:08
snarkster1yah i dont, shouldnt that be including in the page tho? like "you should have apt-url install before clicking this"22:08
snarkster1there is no package called apt-url22:08
snarkster1there is no package called url-apt either22:09
snarkster1i also tried to use vice and it hard locks the system killing X22:10
genii!info apturl22:12
ubottuapturl (source: apturl): install packages using the apt protocol. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.3ubuntu1.1 (jaunty), package size 17 kB, installed size 228 kB22:12
timhi. When i ls i have two directories with the same name anyone know how to deal with such problem?22:13
snarkster1ah i see.. didnt remove the hyphen. :) thanx22:13
snarkster1wow that requires alot of gnome stuff22:14
snarkster1one might have a space in the name22:15
snarkster1which i might add isnt a good thing22:15
timnot to worry just realised dont really need them anyway just deleted both, start again22:17
ojwhow come nothing in kde pops-up to say that kpackage kit would have N critical security updates, were you to remember to run it?22:24
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limaoya des francais ?23:01
limaoya des francais ?23:01
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr23:04
LjLby the way, i think it's "il y a des françaises", fwiw23:04
limaovous allez bien ?23:05
LjLCE canal est en anglais.23:06
LjL#ubuntu-fr, qui est un OTRE canal, est en francais.23:06
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