thumpermwhudson: bzr builder is offline, so not running at all01:10
mwhudsonthumper: not surprised01:11
mwhudsonthumper: it's a bit borked at the moment anyway because of api versioning issues :/01:11
wgrantWhat does PQM's closure mean? Only RC submissions are accepted?01:56
mwhudsonwgrant: yes02:04
mwhudsonwe should start a sweepstake on how many of those there will be for this release02:04
spmmwhudson: entries < 15, will be ignored02:05
mwhudsonspm: after a fit of laughter?02:05
spmmwhudson: I didn't feel it politic or diplomatic to go so far as to state *that*. But. Well. Yes. ;-)02:06
* wgrant thinks that bug #244145 is lying.02:07
mupBug #244145: process-death-row script chokes on rebuild archives <derivation> <Soyuz:Triaged by al-maisan> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/244145>02:07
wgrantprocess-death-row doesn't actually fail because of that in production, does it?02:07
ajmitchmwhudson: are you suggesting that there are still a few bugs to be fixed?02:07
mwhudsonajmitch: there are always bugs to fix, i hope we're not going to try to run out before thursday :)02:08
wgrantajmitch: Never. 3.0 is perfect already. Or something.02:09
ajmitchwgrant: great to hear02:09
* mwhudson afk for lunch & errands02:19
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
pooliehttps://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib claims you must be in the beta team to use apis05:03
poolieis that really still true?05:03
wgrantpoolie: No.05:04
wgrantpoolie: There was a discussion on the ML about it this morning.05:04
poolieso i'll just take it out..?05:08
wgrantpoolie: If you are so privileged.05:09
poolienot really, i just have a sense of entitlement ;-)05:09
wgrantIt's a question of whether Moin thinks you are appropriately privileged.05:10
wgrantMost are not.05:10
pooliewgrant: really, which ml? i can't see it in my mail05:13
poolieand i thought i at least received all the lp mail05:13
pooliethough not the reviews05:14
wgrantpoolie: A launchpad-dev email from 3:07 AEST today.05:14
wgrant"[Launchpad-dev] https://dev.launchpad.net/API "Authenticated Access Only" needs rationale"05:14
poolieoh, sorry05:15
pooliemismatched replies, i thought you were talking about the restriction to beta team members05:15
wgrantI was. My memory was just fault and conflated the two issues.05:16
wgrant... +y05:16
wgrantSo there was no discussion. Sorry.05:16
wgrantHowever, the production configs from July confirm that there was no restriction in place.05:17
wgrantAnd as it's now available on lpnet too, I doubt it's restricted there either.05:17
pooliesurely you should have access to that wiki page?05:18
wgrantAh, /API/launchpadlib isn't restricted, just /API.05:19
poolieok, thanks05:22
pooliewgrant: so are you (wgrant) really not allowed to update this page?05:38
wgrantpoolie: I cannot edit /API.05:39
wgrant#acl AdminGroup:read,write All:read05:40
pooliethat seems wrong to me, probably unintentionally05:52
pooliebut i guess we should ask karl or mrevell05:52
* thumper wants cake06:01
thumperspm: when is the edge rollout?06:03
thumperspm: and when is the staging rollout?06:03
* thumper thinks06:25
* thumper takes it to the mailing list06:26
spmthumper: edge, in about 1.5 hours, or on request :-)06:35
spmthumper: staging restores were borked over the w/e, but one is currently underway as we speak06:35
thumperspm: thanks06:42
* mwhudson eods07:04
spmnight mwhudson07:06
stubspm: This staging restore will fail too since it will be using an older backup - its needs a backup made after my fix to the production data (made about an hour ago).07:09
spmpoolie: you've mentioned better LP is down posting type stuff before. is this kinda - as a generic framework/idea - what you had in mind? http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/6562/07:11
pooliespm, well, that would be nice, but i was thinking of something cheaper to start with07:11
pooliespm, what I suggest we do today, if lp is down at the moment, is just tweet it07:13
spmas well as tag the IRC topics in the obvious places - which is what we currently do, perhaps not as perfectly as we'd like...07:14
wgrantThe current IRC notifications are pretty good. I think the biggest problem ATM is getting *SAs to notice issues.07:16
lifelessand the first 3 blog posts are  AWOL07:18
wgrantlifeless: They're not normally published until release.07:19
wgrantAlthough the fourth blog post's text is borked.07:19
spmwgrant: what do you mean: getting *sas to notice issues? that could be takena  few ways, and it's unclear which you mean.07:20
wgrantspm: Often issues (particularly one or two hung appservers) will persist for a couple of hours before somebody sufficiently empowered notices.07:21
spmstub: seeing as the staging restore is going to fail; are there any issues with simply pulling a kill -9 ( >:) ) on pg_restore and friends?07:21
spmwgrant: it's been my experience that we'll know about a hung app server within 5-10 minutes (which is still too slow granted...); it's only a longer period when it happens outside core hours. ?07:23
wgrantspm: Yes. Weekend, mainly.07:24
wgrantSA TZ coverage is otherwise pretty good nowadays.07:24
spmheh. it'd want to be; barring illness/hols etc. we now have LOSA 24x5.mumble-somthing coverage07:25
spmmonday morning to sat morning - AEST time; yah.07:25
wgrantI thought there was an AU->US hole.07:26
spmnot as of last week07:26
spmwhich is why you may have notcied I start later, and finish later :-)07:26
wgrantBut weekends can still go disastrously.07:27
spmMurphys law. they always will.07:27
spmthe hung app server woe is being tackled on two fronts07:27
wgrantOf course, things will always go wrong. But they shouldn't stay wrong for soooo looong.07:28
spm1. the relevant bug(s) are being fixed07:28
spm2. better LB in front of same to take busted systems out of rotation. atm the "dumb" LB sees a responsive port 80; it doesn't know that the server behind same has gone to gaga land07:29
wgrantYes. Hate hate hate Pound.07:29
lifeless'squid' :P07:30
lifelessyahoo use squid and some other one for this07:30
lifelessdepending on what group07:30
* spm ignores the accurate interjection from the gallery... ;-)07:30
wgrantIt would be really nice if placeholder projects were editable by everybody or at least some team larger than ~admins.07:30
spmmy 2c, vaguely disinterested observer opinion on that issue? It's changing to allow that, slowly.07:31
spmactually - not that vaguely disinterested, cuase it'd be one less taks thrown at us to do minor changes/edits for....07:32
stubAnyone recall where requests for launchpad-developer-dependencies modifications get filed?07:35
stubspm: You can kill 'em.07:36
spmsweet, ta.07:36
noodles775mwhudson: I've got an approved branch here ready to land that updates two blueprint pages to 3.0 - is pqm still open?07:50
noodles775mwhudson: I'd just submit it, but I remember someone mentioning once that we shouldn't even if it's open after the deadline?07:51
noodles775Morning henninge07:51
henningeHey noodles775!07:51
mwhudsonnoodles775: no07:51
mwhudson(it's not open)07:51
noodles775ok, thanks mwhudson07:51
henningenoodles775: I could imagine that you'd get r-c quite easily for changes like that ...07:51
henningeor not?07:52
spmhey henninge, noodles77507:52
noodles775Hi spm :)07:53
henningeHi spm!07:53
henningeOh, still a lot of unconverted blueprint pages ...07:54
noodles775henninge: yes, I'd assume so. BjornT ? Do you know whether rc's are being granted for blueprint conversions?07:54
henningenoodles775: what is that wiki page for blueprint work?07:55
noodles775henninge: https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO/BlueprintsConversion07:55
BjornTnoodles775: no, i don't know, but i'd also assume so.07:59
henningeDo I need to add "release-critical" to testfixes, too?08:56
stubhenninge: Instead of having UTF-8 doctests, you might want to use u'somestring'.encode('doctest') which gives an ascii readable representation09:00
stub>>> print u'hello\N{TRADE MARK SIGN}'.encode('doctest')09:00
stubhello\N{TRADE MARK SIGN}09:00
henningestub: thanks!09:00
beunohenninge, hi09:01
beunore: bug 43382409:01
mupBug #433824: Top featured project selection on Launchpad home page <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433824>09:01
beunoproject of the day I think is great09:01
henningebeuno: Hi!09:02
henningebeuno: Cool, I will implement that today, then.09:02
thumperbeuno: hi, you in London?09:03
henningestub, jml: the test is passing for me locally ...09:05
henningewithout a fix, I mean09:05
beunothumper, hi09:08
beunohenninge, awesome09:08
beunothanks for picking that up09:08
henningestub, jml: mwhudson already fixed that, forgot to check first ...09:08
henningebeuno: I was actually wondering about it when doing the page but forgot ...09:09
henningebeuno: you are aware that the home page has landed?09:09
beunohenninge, I am!09:09
beunoI spy on progress daily09:09
beunoI'm back to work today09:09
mrevelljml: blimey, didn't think you'd be online09:33
wgrantWhy does the new project bugs page show the bugtask ID?10:57
intellectronicawgrant: stupid mistake on my part. fix already reviewed, i hope i'll get to merge it as release-critical, since it's pretty awful10:58
mupBug #433857: Summary in bugs homepage hot bug lists uses the wrong field <ui> <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by intellectronica> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433857>10:58
deryckMorning, all.10:59
intellectronicahi deryck10:59
wgrantintellectronica: Ah, great.10:59
wgrantAlso, why are the columns in the bugtask index's table all the same width? Status/Importance are unnecessarily wide, and cause target names to wrap for me on eg. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/40104311:00
mupBug #401043: speed up deployment of changelogs <Launchpad Foundations:Invalid> <Soyuz:Invalid> <Ubuntu:Confirmed for mvo> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/401043>11:00
allenapBjornT: You've been doing some windmill stuff recently. Do you know if this is related to your changes? http://paste.ubuntu.com/275155/11:02
wgrantallenap: Bug 43266511:03
mupBug #432665: 'make iharness' is broken <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/432665>11:03
allenapwgrant: Top, thanks :)11:03
intellectronicawgrant: because if you let them be variable width the table changes when you edit a field inline and that's a bit weird11:07
BjornTallenap: well, i added the import. but it looks like 'make iharness' doesn't set up the right python path11:07
allenapBjornT: Ah, okay, probably a buildout thing then.11:09
wgrantintellectronica: Well, yes, but they're currently like twice the width they need to be for me.11:09
intellectronicawgrant: yeah, i guess you're right, we can keep the width fixed per column but give them different proportions11:10
intellectronicawgrant: care to file a bug?11:10
wgrantintellectronica: Doing so.11:11
intellectronicalovely, thanks11:11
BjornTallenap: yeah. for now, 'make harness' seems to work at least.11:15
allenapBjornT: Okay, thanks.11:16
wgrantIs there a good reason for the 'download' class on the attachment <li>s? It causes sprite issues, and everything seems OK if I drop it.11:19
wgrantcprov: Thanks for fixing the copy archive OOPS. I would have, but I was hoping there would be a more elegant way to do it (ie. some way of expressing conjunction in TALES).11:31
cprovwgrant: there isn't, we could create a view property but it isn't any clearer than using TALES11:32
wgrantcprov: There's another related OOPS that I can't reproduce locally, and didn't get a number for. Is it easy to look it up given a URL and time?11:36
cprovwgrant: I'm not sure, but I can try11:37
wgrantcprov: It was a POST by cjwatson to https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20090909 at around 0740UTC on the 19th.11:38
wgrant(it was a newComponentUploader API request to give us privileges to retry builds in the test rebuild)11:39
bigjoolsmorning cprov11:39
cprovbigjools: morning11:40
bigjoolsjust the man, I was going to ask you about that CP to fix the "email already in use" errors, since wgrant was seeing some related errors still11:40
wgrantbigjools: It wasn't I that brought it up, but yes, they are still around.11:41
cprovwgrant: was the fix for newComponentUploader() API in edge by that time ?11:41
wgrantI think it should have been rolled out a night or two before. But that should have been an Unauthorized, shouldn't it? Plus cjwatson is in ~techboard, so should have had permission anyway.11:42
cprovwgrant: yes, that's right11:44
cprovwgrant: I could not find any oops for the rebuild archive on 19th and 20th reports11:50
wgrantcprov: Hmm. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/275170/11:52
cprovwgrant: just a case of trying again, I guess ... make sure you pass 'main' component and catch launchpadlib.errors.HTTPError (print exc.content)11:52
wgrantcprov: I guess so.11:52
cprovwgrant: the other components ought to be the problem11:53
wgrantcprov: Really? I was able to add permissions for all components on a rebuild archive locally without trouble.11:53
=== bac changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: This is Launchpad Development Channel | Week 4 of 3.0 | PQM is closed - Release manager is bac - contact for release-critical | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in #launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes | 3.0 goal is to convert all templates: http://people.canonical.com/~beuno/conversions.html
cprovwgrant: nah, it's a COPY11:53
wgrantintellectronica: lp:~intellectronica/launchpad/hot-bugs-summary appears to contain a fix for the summary, but it still uses bugtask/id rather than bugtask/bug/id. Is that the branch you were talking about?12:11
intellectronicawgrant: oh, thanks for pointing that out. yes, that was the branch i was talking about12:14
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wgrantcprov: Well, newComponentUploader works fine now. How odd.12:26
wgrantcprov: What's the purpose of the restriction of copy archive retries to the owner? Why shouldn't people mentioned in ArchivePermissions be able to?12:30
wgrantIn fact, it seems like the PPA/COPY special case could just be eliminated without any change in behaviour except respecting ArchivePermissions.12:38
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
cprovwgrant: PPA and COPY archive permissions don't necessarily match the 'ubuntu' way of doing things12:52
wgrantcprov: But if there are explicit ArchivePermissions, it seems like they should be obeyed...12:52
cprovwgrant: yes, we could tie build-retry to upload rights12:53
cprovwgrant: but before exploring more APs in PPA and COPY we need an UI, otherwise it will be very confusing to use it.12:54
wgrantcprov: Perhaps, but by removing four lines from c.l.security, we immediately get much more functional rebuild archives.12:55
cprovwgrant: which 4 lines ?12:56
wgrantcprov: The is_ppa/is_copy special case in EditBuildRecord.checkAuthenticated. The PPA case is already properly handled by Archive.canUpload.12:57
wgrantI presume there's a reason it's special-cased, but I cannot see one.12:58
cprovwgrant: there is no *reason*, it was done like that just for safety, I guess12:59
cprovwgrant: restrictive is safer than permissive.12:59
wgrantcprov: Of course.12:59
cprovwgrant: and of course you are right, we can audit the code a bit and open up actions on rebuild archives to uploaders13:00
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danilo-afkjtv: hey13:15
=== danilo-afk is now known as danilos
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
danilosjtv: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/findutils/13:32
bachi salgado13:37
salgadohi bac!13:38
henningedanilos, jtv: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/findutils/+pots/findutils13:39
bacsalgado: good morning.  i wanted to confirm our new QA rules.  just one tester and not the owner, right?13:39
bacsalgado: we've got a lot of QA to do...13:40
salgadobac, I thought it was two testers and not the owner, but I really don't know where I got that from13:40
bacsalgado: i thought we were trying to streamline.  we should decide at our standup13:41
salgadobac, do we have custom rules for every team?  or is this LP-wide?13:41
daniloshenninge, jtv: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bugs?field.tag=import-queue13:41
salgadomatsubara, do we have LP-wide rules for QA?13:41
bacsalgado: i thought curtis said we were outliers and the new rule was to bring us in line with everyone else13:41
matsubarasalgado, not yet13:42
matsubarasalgado, francis will draft up QA plan for LP13:42
salgadobac, that rule sounds good to me, then.  let's go with it13:45
bacsalgado: yeah, let's talk about it in 45 minutes13:45
wgrantWhat do contributors need to do about QA?13:46
bacwgrant: can you edit the wiki?13:51
bacUrsinha: do you have access to the email from staging?  i'm looking for a registration email for QA13:51
wgrantbac: It seems I can edit the test plans, yes.13:52
bacwgrant: how 'bout i ask during our meeting and get back to you.  personally, if you want to do some QA i'd think it would be very welcome.13:52
bacmatsubara: ping13:56
danilossalgado: hi13:59
salgadohi danilos14:00
danilossalgado: I was wondering about something for the breadcrumbs14:00
danilossalgado: I know it's not possible today, but would it be worth thinking about the use case of https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/findutils/14:01
danilossalgado: i.e. the final breadcrumb (for ISourcePackage) can't be on rootsite="translations", but I'd like the breadcrumb to be there14:01
salgadodanilos, shouldn't the breadcrumbs there be 'Ubuntu > 9.04 > findutils > findutils translations"?14:03
matsubarahi bac14:04
bachi matsubara.  1) do you have access to the staging outbox?  i'm looking for a registration email for QA.  2) have we talked about community contributors doing QA?  wgrant was curious.14:05
danilossalgado: I don't want them to be that14:06
danilossalgado: basically, because it doesn't make sense for people to traverse into a sourcepackage to get translations14:06
intellectronicawgrant: what we usually do is we put our nick next to changes we want to test in the test plan (to make sure nobody is working on them in parallel)14:06
intellectronicawgrant: one thing we try not to do, is test ones own code14:07
bacmatsubara: brb14:07
matsubarabac, 1) yes, I'll look that up for you 2) not yet.14:07
danilossalgado: in general, this might be a moot point since we'll be totally restructuring the traversal (to go through language first, and not even mention the source package), but I am wondering if this might be an actual good use case14:07
danilossalgado: so, once we change the basic translations traversal, we can make it be 'Ubuntu > 9.04 > findutils > Translations', but before than, we want to enable people to go back to Ubuntu 9.04 translations page because that's a more likely starting point14:08
intellectronicawgrant: other than that there isn't anything too sophisticated about the qa process. if at any time you feel like helping with some testing it will be great. i think it always helps when you got a fresh set of eyes when trying to discover defects14:08
salgadodanilos, that should be doable if we turn breadcrumbs into multi adapters (like views) so that you can specify a custom breadcrumb adapter for source packages on the translations layer.  it's something that would make sense and would be relatively easy to implement, I think14:09
allenapintellectronica: On that note, I just marked a product picker branch of yours as ??. The functionality works, but it causes the status, importance and assignee pickers to stop working because the bugtask is now at a different URL (at least, that's my guess).14:11
intellectronicaallenap: aha! is there a bug?14:12
allenapintellectronica: I haven't filed one, but I shall look for or file one now.14:13
intellectronicaallenap: and i think that's a BAD, not a ??14:13
allenapintellectronica: I was on the fence. It works after all ;)14:13
intellectronicaallenap: well, i'm split too, in the sense that it's definitely a bug, but maybe not one worth fixing for r-c14:14
intellectronicaso if you file a bug i can at least have a look what it would mean to fix it and we can decide then14:14
allenapintellectronica: Agreed.14:14
noodles775Welcome jml :)14:21
jmlnoodles775, thanks :)14:23
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
mrevelljml: welcome to the top14:27
danilossalgado: in general, I'd like us to hold out on that until we have something of a real use case; what I have right now is a case which I want to get rid of anyway (i.e. I'd need it to have a nicer work around for the bad traversal, but it'd still be just a workaround), but perhaps I should file a bug about it for the future?14:28
jmlmrevell, heh heh14:29
salgadodanilos, please do14:29
jmlmrevell, thanks.14:29
danilossalgado: bug 43399714:36
mupBug #433997: Breadcrumbs should allow links to be on different vhosts <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433997>14:36
salgadothanks danilos14:38
jmlso, what's up in Launchpad land?14:41
beunosalgado, any news on killing icons from breadcrumbs?14:41
salgadobeuno, done already.  do you see them anywhere?14:42
beunosalgado, ah!  not anymore14:43
beunosalgado, thanks14:43
salgadobeuno, np14:48
salgadobarry, so, the bug is in fmt:pagetitle14:48
salgado        return SEPARATOR.join(14:49
salgado            breadcrumb.text for breadcrumb14:49
salgado            in reversed(hierarchy_view.items))14:49
* barry remembers that code14:49
salgadothe text of breadcrumbs may come from a view's .page_title, which in turn may be instances of zope.i18nmessageid.message.Message14:49
barrysalgado: shouldn't .text be a property that guarantees a unicode?14:50
salgadobarry, so, when we do the join() there, we end up joining the Message objects without expanding14:50
salgadobarry, I guess so14:51
salgadothat hasn't been a problem in the past because zpt knows how to deal with Message objects properly14:51
salgadoanother option would be to have fmt:pagetitle pass the Message objects to the template, as it's handled properly there14:52
barrysalgado: the only other choice i think is to unicode(breadcrumb.text) in that .join() but it seems like it's better to let the IBreadcrumb do it (since there may be other things it needs to do to turn it into a usable unicode)14:53
salgadobarry, I think you misunderstood me.  the problem is this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/43399114:53
mupBug #433991: Reverse breadcrumb titles don't expand zope.i18nmessageid.message.Message strings <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433991>14:54
salgadomost likely I wasn't clear. ;)14:54
barrysalgado: right, by unicode(breadcrumb.text) i meant "do whatever you have to turn what breadcrumb.text gives you into a unicode" ;)  sorry for the short hand.  i'm just not sure that the .join() code can always do the right thing.  so that's why i think the contract for IBreadcrumb.text should be "returns a unicode".  or is that insane?14:55
salgadobarry, it is unicode already; just not expanded: u'Ask a question about ${context}'14:56
salgadoor, actually, .text may return a Message object14:56
salgadook, scratch that.  I see what you mean now14:57
barrysalgado: yeah.  does that make sense?14:57
salgadobarry, I think it does, but that means we'd have to deal with Message objects at two different levels.  whereas if we change fmt:pagetitle to not join the breadcrumbs (leaving that for the template), we won't have to bother as the template deals with it properly14:59
jmlthis is so exciting, see Americans in their native timezone14:59
barrysalgado: i see the problem.15:00
barrysalgado: i don't think i want to do the join in base-layout.pt.  what if fmt:pagetitle called a simple template to do the join?15:01
salgadobarry, wfm, but I'm kinda concerned that having IBreadcrumb.text sometimes return Message objects (that need special casing) might cause all sorts of headaches15:04
salgadoit might be better to do what you suggested, having IBreadcrumb deal with Message objects and return unicode15:05
barrysalgado: i agree with that.  am i right that we only see the problem in the titles though because the in-page breadcrumbs get converted properly by their template?15:06
salgadobut I'm not sure that'd work from a translations POV15:06
salgadobarry, yes, that's correct15:06
salgadobarry, do you know how these Message objects would get translated in IBreadcrumb?15:06
* salgado knows absolutely nothing about translations15:07
barrysalgado: i used to know, but it's been a looongggg time :(15:07
salgadobarry, gary_poster knows, I'm sure15:08
barrysalgado: so i definitely think that IBreadcrumb.text returning Message objects is crazy15:08
salgadogary_poster, around?15:08
gary_posterbarry, salgado, yes reading backlog15:08
gary_postersalgado: not sure what the question is.  I think it would make sense for IBreadcrumb to do the translations.  It has the request and the Message, which should be all it needs.  It has its own substitution mechanics (not %), so you'll have to make sure you get that right if that's pertinent.15:10
allenapBjornT: I'm QAing the FD_CLOEXEC fix you did. Do you know why libuuid forks a process? I'm interested, but I'm also trying to figure out how to confirm it (or justify not bothering).15:10
salgadogary_poster, we'd have to use get_current_browser_request(), as the IBreadcrumb adapter is not a multi one.  but I guess that's still what makes the most sense15:13
gary_postersalgado: oh ok.  cool.15:13
BjornTallenap: it's the way it's compiled in ubuntu. i don't know the exact reasons. you can confirm it by running tests in the BugsWindmillLayer, and make sure that libuuid doesn't own port 902515:13
barrysalgado: that doesn't bother me too much15:13
allenapBjornT: Okay, thanks, I'll do that.15:14
dobeyso what's the best way to get the list of bugs that are "assigned to me" with launchpadlib?15:19
jmldobey, good question!15:26
jmldobey, I don't know, but I'd love to know the answer.15:26
dobeyyeah, i don't see an obvious path to it, looking at api docs15:27
jmlgiven that basically everyone on the bugs team is awake right now...15:27
jml*hint hint*15:27
dobey(even a non-trivial path)15:27
jml... I would hope that you'd get an answer fairly quickly :)15:28
barrynoodles775: i'm sorry i couldn't get to your follow up over the weekend.  i'm going to look at it now though15:32
noodles775barry: great thanks - intellectronica already approved it, but I was keen for you to take a look at the bug + fix that I did (as our earlier work-around had some problems).15:32
barrynoodles775: cool.  thanks intellectronica15:32
beunobigjools, hi, have you any news on the lazr-js sprint15:34
bigjoolsbeuno: nope :/  still stuck on location15:34
bigjoolsI will chase once more ...15:34
dobeyjml: the answer i got the other day was that it is non-trivial :)15:36
dobeyjml: i don't know that anyone has actually done it in practice with launchpadlib yet15:37
barrynoodles775: did you fix for bug 433852 land, or is it in ec2/pqm?15:40
mupBug #433852: Breadcrumbs display for IHasMajorHeading views <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by michael.nelson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433852>15:40
noodles775barry: no, I've included it in this branch for the sprint index and attend pages, so feel free to request changes :)15:41
barrynoodles775: the posted diff looks fine. i was only going to quibble about a few minor style things :)15:42
barrynoodles775: actually better than fine; thanks for fixing this!15:42
salgadogary_poster, I can't seem to find much info about translating Message objects other than a translate method in talinterpreter.py.  can you point me somewhere to learn how to do it?15:43
gary_postersalgado: yeah, as soon as I find t. ;-) one sec15:43
barrynoodles775: two small suggestions:15:43
barrynoodles775: move the import of removeSecurityProxy to the module globals15:43
noodles775barry: ah ok, I left it there because that's where salgado had it - wasn't sure if there was a reason.15:44
barrynoodles775: probably just convenience.  it can't cause circular imports (which would be the only reason to do an import in a method)15:44
barrynoodles775: in display_breadcrumbs, it might be nicer to split the return line up; something like:15:45
salgadobarry, noodles775, we used to keep removeSecurityProxy imports local because we don't want its usage to spread15:45
barryhas_major_heading = IMajorHeading.providedBy(self._context_view)15:45
barryreturn len(self.items) > 1 and not has_major_heading15:45
noodles775barry: ok, done.15:46
barrynoodles775: also, though less important, maybe s/_context_view/_naked_context_view/15:46
barry"_naked" being a common convention for naming unwrapped thingies15:46
barrysalgado: cool.15:47
bigjoolsbarry: I prefer "undressed" :)15:49
barrybigjools: isn't there some cute and quaint british saying that would be appropriate (or maybe *in*appropriate) here? :)15:50
bigjoolsbarry: would it end in -monger? :)15:51
barrybigjools: starkers? :)15:53
bigjoolsbarry: something like that :)15:54
gary_postersalgado: I have not found great docs either.  The pertinent package is zope.i18n.  You want to use zope.i18n.translate.  simple usage is translate(msg, context=request).  You probably don't need to worry with the mapping, but it is used to replace $name stuff.15:54
salgadogary_poster, cool, will check that out.  the mapping is exactly what I need, though: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/43399115:55
mupBug #433991: Reverse breadcrumb titles don't expand zope.i18nmessageid.message.Message strings <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433991>15:55
barrynoodles775: do you need any further approval for your branch?  bac needs to know15:55
noodles775barry, bac: nope - I'm just about to do the recommended style changes you had, but nothing else is changing.15:56
gary_postersalgado: oh ok.  is it a known set of possible $names that you have to interpolate?15:56
barrynoodles775: do you have a branch with all your changes pushed?  i'd like to take a look.  it probably makes sense too to land it thorugh ec2 just to make sure there aren't any unintended consequences15:57
noodles775barry: yes, there's no way I'd land it without ec2test :), I'll just make your changes and then push them (it's all in the branch on the MP).15:57
barrynoodles775: :)15:57
dobeywhat's the resolution in pixels that the new lp web ui stuff is being targetted for?15:57
barrynoodles775: cool, thanks15:57
salgadogary_poster, not really, but my code will get a Message object that should have a mapping already, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to worry about it.  maybe that's what you meant?15:58
gary_postersalgado: ah, no, it's not, but that is much better, good.  (you can also pass an explicit mapping; I forgot that Messages can and should typically/ideally have their own mapping.15:59
salgadogary_poster, cool, thanks a lot for the help15:59
deryckdobey, jml -- use searchTasks and pass the assignee as launchpad.me.16:02
dobeyderyck: searchtasks on what?16:03
deryckdobey, there is one on project, distribution, milestone, and a few other places, so I guess that is context dependent a bit.  To find all of your bugs on lp, maybe that's not so easy with the API.16:04
dobeyderyck: exactly. i can't do it on person, which is what it would be most useful for, to me16:06
jmlisn't there a top-level bugs collection?16:07
noodles775barry: All changes are in lp:~michael.nelson/launchpad/sprint-index-and-attend-3.0 (except I didn't move the removeSecurityProxy as suggested above).16:08
dobeyjml: yes. if you want to loop through ever bug on lp, i guess it's useful16:10
dobeyjml: but it doesn't seem to have a searchTasks()16:10
barrynoodles775: +1; i'll grab the branch after the ui call16:10
jmldobey, it would seem a natural place for one.16:12
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deryckjml, yes, there is a bug set, but it doesn't have searchTasks.  it should, or at least a way to search for assigned bugs.  dobey, would you open a bug against malone for this?16:14
deryckdobey, thanks!16:16
barrybac: i've got bug 43407216:21
mupBug #434072: Convert specifications-index to UI 3.0 <story-ui-3> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged by barry> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434072>16:21
bacbarry: cool16:24
jmlkfogel, hi.16:28
beunobigjools, any reason why the creation info, etc, is on a portlet: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel16:29
beunoinstead of on the top right, like in everywhere else?16:30
bigjoolsbeuno: it was considered to be package activity16:30
beunobigjools, I'm not super convinced, it feels off16:31
bigjoolsthe information is top left16:31
bigjoolsI'm pretty sure you sanctioned it :)16:31
beunoyeah, I'm wrong a few times a week16:31
beunomaybe that was one of them...16:31
bigjoolsI think it's fine16:32
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
kfogeljml: hey!  Made it over ok?16:36
jmlkfogel, I did :)16:37
kfogeljml: whew :-)16:38
bachenninge: hold off on landing until we get the devel/db-devel sorted out16:46
henningebac: uh oh ...16:47
bachenninge: too fast!  :)16:47
henningebac: ah, got another failure ;)16:47
bachenninge: you have run this branch against ec2?16:47
henningebac: all good16:47
henningebac: no, already did16:47
bachenninge: ok.16:47
bachi EdwinGrubbs16:48
barrybac: shouldn't "Foo Bar" in https://launchpad.dev/~name16 be an H1?16:49
bacintellectronica, EdwinGrubbs: i'm seeing an ajax red error box when i try to change a bug task 'affects'.  is this a known issue?16:49
barrynoodles775: afaict, your branch looks fine from ui perspective16:49
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
EdwinGrubbsbac: I don't know about that. I could research that later today if necessary.16:50
noodles775barry: great. Any other issues from a non-ui-perspective or shall I request the RC? :)16:51
intellectronicabac: not really, more info please: what's in the red error box?16:51
bacintellectronica, EdwinGrubbs:  http://people.canonical.com/~bac/ajaxerror.png16:51
bacintellectronica, EdwinGrubbs: the change actually happened but that error box was displayed16:52
bacthe entry on the page did not refresh to show the change16:52
intellectronicabac: is that safari?16:53
bacintellectronica: indeed it is.  i haven't tried it in FF yet.  could you do that?16:53
intellectronicai have a feeling that this may be a compatability issue16:53
intellectronicait works fine in ff16:53
barrynoodles775: none that i could see. rc-away!16:54
noodles775great thanks!16:55
intellectronicabac: i can reproduce with chromium, so i guess it's yet another webkit compatibility problem16:56
bacintellectronica: ok.  could you open a bug?16:56
intellectronicabac: yes16:56
intellectronicabac: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/43409317:02
mupBug #434093: Inline bugtask product editing doesn't work in WebKit -based browsers <Launchpad Bugs:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434093>17:02
intellectronicabac: also, can i please get r-c for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/hot-bugs-summary/+merge/12150 ?17:03
bacbigjools, deryck, barry: we've got three unassigned template conversions for blueprints that are rollout blockers.  can your team take another?  https://dev.launchpad.net/CurrentRolloutBlockers17:03
bigjoolsbac: yes, I'll take one17:03
bacbigjools: sweet.  please claim it and move to in progress17:03
bigjoolswhich is easiest? :)17:04
bacintellectronica: done17:04
intellectronicabac: thanks17:05
bacgah, i wondered why i couldn't change status for MPs.  didn't see the action had moved over there --->17:05
deryckbac, allenap can take one of those. ^^17:06
intellectronicayeah, i spent good 10m this morning hunting for the button :)17:06
bacintellectronica: please add that bug to CRB if you haven't17:06
bacderyck: great!17:06
bacbarry: can you see if salgado or EdwinGrubbs can take one?17:06
salgadoI sure can17:07
barryEdwinGrubbs: can you take one and then we can fight over the third?17:09
EdwinGrubbsbarry: I'm CHR today, so I don't think I can get to it until later today. Which one is it?17:10
barryEdwinGrubbs: okay.  i might be able to get to it17:12
barryfirst, lunch..17:12
bacsalgado: thanks!  barry, i think they are all claimed now17:16
salgadobac, barry, do I need to update the wiki page or something?17:17
bacsalgado, deryck, bigjools: we may have over-assigned the items on https://dev.launchpad.net/CurrentRolloutBlockers.  can y'all coordinate among yourselves, claim the bugs, and update the wiki page?17:18
bigjoolsbac: I've not claimed anything yet17:18
bigjoolsI have now17:20
bachenninge, intellectronica, noodles775: you are free to land with RC on devel now.17:22
henningebac: really? cool.17:22
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flacosteEdwinGrubbs: bug 434058 has the last unowned blueprints templates17:30
mupBug #434058: Convert specification-linkbug, -edit, and specificationtarget-assignments to UI 3.0 <story-ui-3> <Launchpad Blueprints:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434058>17:30
EdwinGrubbsflacoste: ok, I'll take it.17:30
=== flacoste changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: This is Launchpad Development Channel | Week 4 of 3.0 | PQM is closed - Release manager is bac - contact for release-critical | https://dev.launchpad.net/CurrentRolloutBlockers | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in #launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes |
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dobeyhrmm. i am not liking some of these layout changes on edge :-/18:25
jmldobey, I'd love to hear about it18:32
jmlbut not on IRC right now, since my brain is a little fungus-y atm18:32
dobeyjml: 'mark as duplicate' on bugs, and 'change status' on merge proposals, are the 2 that are sticking me in the side right now :)18:34
dobeyhmm, and i'm slightly unsure if my API request should be filed against malone or not18:36
jmldobey, I'd file it against malone18:40
* jml is going18:40
dobeywell i guess i need to file 2 bugs... one for searchTasks on bugs, and one for searchTasks on person/team18:40
barrybac: specifications-index.pt conversion is mp'd for review.  are there any other pages that need conversion?18:41
bacEdwinGrubbs: i see you've grabbed bug 434058.  are you going to be able to work on it today?18:43
mupBug #434058: Convert specification-linkbug, -edit, and specificationtarget-assignments to UI 3.0 <story-ui-3> <Launchpad Blueprints:New for edwin-grubbs> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434058>18:43
bacEdwinGrubbs: if not, perhaps barry would like it18:43
barrybac: only after your rc for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~barry/launchpad/434072-spec-index/+merge/12175 :)18:44
EdwinGrubbsbac, barry: it will be at least a couple of hours before I can start on it, so you're welcome to it.18:44
bacbarry: blackmail?18:44
barrybac: bacmail18:45
barrybac: i'll take it18:45
bacbarry: great.  will you update the bug and CRB?18:45
barrybac: yep18:45
bacbarry: you're so much more efficient now with your new 4 core machine18:45
barrybac: oh man, tell me about it!18:46
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ScriptRipperkiko: ping18:50
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bachi rockstar19:08
rockstarbac, hi.19:10
bacrockstar:  hey i see you worked on two answers templates.  do you know if anyone is doing question-index.pt19:10
rockstarbac, question-index should be done.19:11
bacrockstar: ok, i was going by http://people.canonical.com/~beuno/conversions.html19:11
rockstarbac, oh, wait, is that the applicationhome one?19:11
rockstarbac, I wasn't sure if that needed to be ported, but I can give it a shot.19:12
rockstarbac, I also have one more code template that needs to move and be ported.19:13
bacrockstar: that'd be nice if you could.  would you mind opening a bug and listing it on https://dev.launchpad.net/CurrentRolloutBlockers19:14
bacrockstar: ok.  your code work comes first so let someone know if the other needs attention.19:14
rockstarbac, well, technically, code is responsible for answers, so they both need to be done.19:15
bacrockstar: really?  cool.19:16
gary_posterwgrant: ping?19:17
barrybac ping19:22
bacrockstar: remember to land your next changes on devel, not db-devel19:23
bachi barry19:23
rockstarbac, cool.19:23
gary_posterderyck: hi.  I reviewed and landed a branch from wgrant this cycle that moved subscription security into the model.  Returning to the branch, it looks like this is about bug subscriptions.  May I add this to the bugs QA list for 3.0.0?  (commit info: r9371 "[r=gary][ui=none] (wgrant) Move structural subscription security to the model, rather than the view.")19:24
deryckgary_poster, yup, that will be fine.19:24
gary_posterderyck: thank you!19:24
deryckgary_poster, np!19:25
flacostegary_poster, barry: do you know if i can use pkg_resources.resource_string('my.package', 'templates/file.txt') ?19:29
flacostewhere templates is not a python package19:29
gary_posterI do not now19:29
bacderyck, bigjools, barry, rockstar: how is QA going for your team?19:29
bacgary_poster: ^^19:29
bacmatsubara, Ursinha: any thoughts from you about QA?19:30
gary_posterbac: There's a lot for Stuart to do.  I'm about to write him about it.  That's about it.19:30
barrybac: i need to talk about https://blueprints.launchpad.dev/firefox/+assignments  i don't think this is a mechanical change19:30
barryflacoste: i've never tried that19:31
* bac looks19:31
deryckbac, slower than I'd like.  We made good progress earlier, but now we19:31
deryckbac, we're all working on fixes19:31
bacderyck: and QA begets more fixes...19:31
rockstarbac, we're getting through it, but with staging down, we're kinda blocked on many things.19:31
barrybac: i think we're probably not doing much qa right now.  EdwinGrubbs is ocr, salgado and i are working on bugs, your the rm, and curtis is on a sprint19:32
* barry is trying to remember the magic incantation for landing an rc19:32
matsubarabac, I'll take care of https://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadTestPlan/3.0 and talk the contributors about the items there19:32
bacbarry: look at henning's landing19:32
bacfor the RC magic19:32
Ursinhathanks matsubara19:33
bacmatsubara: is there a page with links to all of the team pages19:33
bacmatsubara: and thanks for taking that on19:33
matsubarabac, https://dev.launchpad.net/QATeam/TestPlans19:33
barrybac: my thinking on bug 434058 is to split specificationstarget-assignment into a separate bug, get the mechanicals reviewed and landed, and then come back to +assignments19:35
mupBug #434058: Convert specification-linkbug, -edit, and specificationtarget-assignments to UI 3.0 <story-ui-3> <Launchpad Blueprints:In Progress by barry> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434058>19:35
barrybac: i have the other two templates already converted.  they were mechanical and easy19:39
bacbarry: cool.  sorry i've been distracted on another chat19:39
barrybac: no worries.  okay, i'll file a separate bug for -assignment19:40
bacbarry:  looking at +assignments now19:43
bacbarry: your concern is the portlets?19:43
bacbarry: splitting the bug is a fine idea19:44
bacbarry: i just lumped them together crudely19:44
barrybac: yep, the portlets19:45
bacbarry: let's talk about the design later.19:46
barrybac: okay.  let me get this one into review and then you can ping me when you're ready to chat19:46
* rockstar finds fud19:47
dobeyrockstar: now all you need is ge19:51
bigjoolsbac: it's fine19:56
bacbigjools: thanks19:59
bacbigjools: i see you've only got 14 in NEEDSTESTING.  that's great.19:59
bacbigjools: would you mind if i assign https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/blueprint/+bug/434195 to noodles77520:00
mupBug #434195: Convert specificationstarget-assignements to UI 3.0 <story-ui-3> <Launchpad Blueprints:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434195>20:00
bacdanilos: how is your team's QA going?20:01
bigjoolsbac: can you ask him tomorrow when he's working, but it's probably ok20:01
bigjoolsbac: yeah we have some items in 2.8 as well :)20:02
danilosbac: it's fine though TestPlans page do not reflect it very well; also, fyi, I've just added two items to current rollout blockers (we are not yet sure they are blockers, but I'll have to spend some time investigating tomorrow to decide if they are but would rather have them on the page)20:02
bacbigjools: i can.  i thought you might have an understanding of his workload.  i'll assign it to him and he can dump it if too busy20:02
bacdanilos: thanks20:02
bigjoolsbac: well his workload is full-ish, that's why I said to ask to see if he wants to take it on20:02
bacbigjools: i don't want it to idle between euro day start and my day start.20:03
bacbigjools: i'll email him and ask him to try to find another owner if he cannot do it.  otherwise i'll deal with it tomorrow a.m.20:04
bigjoolsI am 50% through the ones I took earlier, BTW20:05
bigjoolstalking of which, barry, halp20:05
flacostebac, bigjools: danilos was willing to do some blueprints conversion20:06
danilosflacoste: I'll have to see about that tomorrow morning though (with these two bugs now, they might take some time off); simple templates are fine though20:06
danilosanyway, /me wanders off20:06
=== danilos is now known as danilo-afk
barrybigjools: wassup?!20:06
barrybac: we remove stuff from BlueprintsConversion once we land the code?20:07
bigjoolsbarry: you da headings man - I gotz me some heading probz.  I have a label on my view and it appears above the breadcrumbs and also above a form on the page, how do you fix that?20:07
barrybac: and CurrentRolloutBlockers?20:07
barrybigjools: you've check that there's no heading slot filled on your template?20:08
barrybigjools: and no extraneous h1/h2 before the <form>?20:08
bigjoolsbarry: there is not20:08
bigjoolsthere is not20:08
barrybigjools: you should not be getting two headers <wink>20:09
barrybigjools: can you push the branch and give me a lp.dev url to look at?20:09
bigjoolsok one sec20:09
bigjoolslol, bzr diff > utilities/paste doesn't work does it :)20:11
bigjoolsbarry: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/275460/20:11
bigjoolsapply that20:11
bigjoolsand visit https://blueprints.launchpad.dev/ubuntu/+spec/media-integrity-check/+requestfeedback20:11
barrybigjools: no, it's bzr diff | utilities/paste :)20:13
barrybigjools: k, sec.  i haven't finish something up20:13
bigjoolsbarry: the view inherts from zope's AddView, I wonder if that would bugger it20:13
barrybigjools: yikes!  switch that to LFV or LV20:14
bigjoolsblueprints suck20:14
barrybigjools: can you just bzr rm them all?20:14
bigjoolsbarry: LFV doesn't make any difference and cocks up my form labels20:17
barrybigjools: okay, i'll look once this mp is in20:17
bacbarry: i didn't even know about the BlueprintsConversion page20:20
bacbarry: keep them on CRB but move to the appropropriate section20:20
barrybac: neither did i until flacoste pinged me about it20:20
barrybac: done20:20
bigjoolshe did email about it :)20:20
barrybigjools: okay, mp sent.  let me check out your branch20:21
bigjoolscoolio thanks20:21
flacostebigjools: AddForm, aaargh, i thought salgado had got rid of all of those20:24
barryflacoste: could that be messing up bigjools pages?20:25
salgadoflacoste, only SQLObject*Form20:25
barrybigjools: okay, i see the double "Request feedback on specification"20:26
flacostebarry: probably, since i'm pretty sure your infrastructure doesn't cover addform20:26
barryflacoste: i'm nearly certain it doesn20:26
barryer, doesn't20:27
bigjoolsso is there an equivalent that I can use on this page?20:29
bigjoolsthat will work with your heading infra?20:29
barrybigjools: it's gotta be LaunchpadFormView20:30
bigjoolsbarry: ok20:31
barrybigjools: but yeah, i see that doesn't help a whole lot :/20:32
bigjoolsbarry: s/addform/form/ in the template?20:32
barrybigjools: take a look at the configure.zcml entry for that page.  i'm think simplify and convert it to a browser:page will help you there20:34
bigjoolsbarry: arghhhhhh20:35
bigjoolsbarry: I see the label in the zcml now!20:37
barrybigjools:  yeah.  kill all this old shit!20:39
barrybac: can i get an rc for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~barry/launchpad/434058-specs/+merge/1218320:40
bigjoolsbarry: I wish I knew what I were doing to be able to do that20:44
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barrybac: okay, i am going to start on qa now21:07
bacbarry: \o/21:21
salgadobarry, will you start with the ones at the top?21:22
barrybac, salgado: at the top of this: https://dev.launchpad.net/RegistryTeam/RegistryTestPlans/3.0 ?21:27
salgadobarry, yep, just wondering if I should start from the bottom so that we don't duplicate work/conflict21:27
barrysalgado: good point.  we also have 2.2.8 stuff to qa don't we?21:28
barrysalgado: maybe one of us should take 2.2.8 and one should take 3.0?21:28
salgadogood point21:28
barrysalgado: you choose.  i'll take the other21:28
salgadobarry, I can take 3.0 as I've already done a few there21:29
barrysalgado: +1.  i'll start on 2.2.821:29
rockstarsinzui, what was your mechanical process for moving three column layouts to 3.0?21:34
sinzuirockstar: I do not understand. I do not recall what a 3 column layout looks like21:35
rockstarsinzui, answers.launchpad.net21:36
bacsalgado, barry: i've just been picking them randomly from the middle of the wiki page21:36
sinzuirockstar: ahh, that is freeform21:36
sinzuirockstar: I think you are at liberty to invent. I would copy code or bugs.21:36
bacsalgado, barry: i meant on the 3.0 page21:36
rockstarsinzui, roger.21:36
sinzuicode is way to exciting for answers21:37
bacsinzui: i like your mugshot on LP.  is that new?21:41
sinzuibac: The new ui exposed my old logo from two years ago21:42
sinzuiI was thinking of updating it using my daughter's tablet to draw21:42
bacthat'll surprise some people21:42
baclook, it's me back when i had hair21:42
barrysalgado: do you have a qa plan for bug 290681?  i didn't see a branch or mp cover letter for it21:44
mupBug #290681: Superteams are not properly carried over when merging teams <Launchpad Registry:Fix Committed by salgado> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/290681>21:44
salgadobarry, that's pretty tricky to reproduce, but if the fix wasn't good, we'd have gotten some warnings from the monitoring scripts about inconsistent memberships/participations.  I'd say just mark that as ??21:47
barrysalgado: good point, thanks21:47
bacsalgado: ping me when you aren't editing the 3.0 test plan21:48
salgadobac, just finished21:49
bacsinzui: a lot of the bugs you fixed don't have related branches, which makes finding the MP with QA plan hard.21:50
sinzuibac: yeah, I realised I fixed them after the branch landed.21:50
bacsinzui: ah, i see.21:50
sinzuibac: That is not just me. I have been adding everyone's name to a trvial or UI bug that was closed by a branch they landed21:51
baci wonder if there is a good way to find the MP based on the rev number... i doubt it21:51
sinzuiThe bugs are almost always related to the landing of the branch that updated the page.21:53
sinzuiportlets are not, and salgado and I landed a few branches that fixed portlets21:53
sinzuibac: I worry more about unwanted timeouts caused by trivial UI changes.21:54
bacsinzui: maybe it is best to work from the MP backwards...21:54
sinzuibac: I had to remove bug tags from the milestone page a few days after landing that. QA was fine, the oops report was not21:54
bacsinzui: right.  those will be hard to casually find21:55
sinzuibac: salgado: I worry about the number of queries on the project page. We show all milestones, which is not just expensive, they are not important. I think we should only show the last 5-7, but am not sure a simple limit in the template will improve the number of queries.21:56
* sinzui shrugs21:57
flacostebarry: how do i use with in 2.5?22:01
barryflacoste: you need an object that supports the "context manager" protocol, but let's say you want to use an open file object in a with statement (files support the protocol)22:02
barrywith open(foo, 'w') as fp:22:02
flacosteah, ok, open, not file(22:02
barry    print >> foo, 'wussup'22:03
barryflacoste: right! file ctor is deprecated :)22:03
barryer, that should have been: print >> fp, 'wussup'22:03
flacostetestplan.py:253: Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.622:03
flacostebarry: why do i get the above warning^^^22:03
flacostebarry: do I need a from __future__ ?22:04
barryflacoste: in py2.5, yes22:04
barryfrom __future__ import with_statement22:04
flacosteah, ok22:04
barryin 2.6, no :)22:04
mwhudsongood morning22:08
bachi mwhudson22:08
bacsalgado: do you have a team that will show the issue for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/42308022:08
mupBug #423080: Team "Maintained Packages" link has incorrect capitalisation and location <trivial> <Launchpad Registry:Fix Committed by salgado> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/423080>22:08
salgadobac, not really, just looked at a dozen teams that I'd expect to have that but none of them do22:11
bacyeah, and wgrant's screenshot doesn't give context22:12
* bac wonders if we can conjure wgrant by mentioning wgrant several times.22:12
bacsalgado: so does that mean we picked bad teams or the link has been killed?22:13
salgadobac, I think we're just picking bad teams -- the link is conditional22:14
salgadobac, it is the same you see on a person's page, though22:14
rockstarthumper, we should do that standup thing that we do sometimes.22:16
bacsalgado: yeah, that's perfect then22:17
EdwinGrubbssalgado: ping22:20
salgadohi EdwinGrubbs22:20
* bac relocates. bbiab.22:20
EdwinGrubbssalgado: is it possible to remove a sourcepackage from a distro? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8343622:20
salgadoEdwinGrubbs, I don't think so.  cprov should be able to tell for sure22:21
EdwinGrubbscprov: can I assign you that question and another one on ppas?22:22
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bigjoolsEdwinGrubbs: I will answer it22:32
EdwinGrubbsbigjools: thanks22:33
bigjoolsEdwinGrubbs: actually - he's asking about upstream links, not the package itself22:33
EdwinGrubbsbigjools: ok, who can answer that?22:34
bigjoolsEdwinGrubbs: it's a registry question - and I don't know how the link can be removed22:34
bigjoolsthere's an upstream link but the package doesn't exist in Debian22:35
EdwinGrubbsbigjools: can you look at this ppa question?  https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8344122:35
bigjoolsDebian experimental that is22:35
bigjoolsEdwinGrubbs: yes22:36
awilkinsHello, is it intentional that LP only runs on 64-bit machines (I'm referring to the 64-bit libraries that have been checked into the source tree)22:44
rockstarawilkins, example?22:44
awilkins_lsprof.so gives you an ImportError on 32-bit machines with an ELFCLASS6422:44
rockstarawilkins, make clean and then make build again.22:45
awilkinsrockstar: I did that. The problem with that library was resolved by removing the checked-out one and linking the python 2.5 (32-bit) version of it bu there are more libraries like it22:45
rockstarawilkins, file a bug.  It used to run fine on 32-bit systems.22:46
awilkinsrockstar: I think it's because they are not in the python 2.4 distribution22:46
awilkinsrockstar: Just in the process :-)22:46
maxbHrm, before you file a bug, let's make sure it's not just your system that's broken.22:46
maxbI certainly didn't have these problems running LP on i38622:46
awilkinsThe file has been there for some time, according to it's changelog22:48
awilkinsIntroduced into devel at 653522:48
maxbWhich file exactly are you talking about?22:48
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maxbawilkins: I think you'll find that's a symlink :-)22:48
* awilkins does a make clean on lsprof22:50
bigjoolsbarry: still around?22:51
awilkinsmaxb: This is probably because I did a recursive copy from another drive...22:51
maxbmystery solved.22:53
barrybigjools: yep22:53
maxbbigjools: Are you handling Q 83441 or shall I answer it?22:54
bigjoolsbarry: I am in the middle of converting that page to use LFV, but one of the fields that I specify in field_names doesn't show the input box, just the label.  Any ideas?22:54
awilkinsmaxb: Needs a "make uberclean"  :-)22:55
bigjoolsmaxb: go for it, I am in form hell...22:55
barrybigjools: weirdness.  can't think of anything... :(22:55
barrybigjools: but if you want another pair of eyes, let me know22:56
bigjoolsbarry: yes please!22:56
* barry looks22:57
bigjoolsbarry: the widget was not specified in the original form zcml, I wonder if LPV needs one?22:57
barrybigjools: which field?22:57
bigjoolsbarry: "reviewer"22:58
bigjoolsbarry: I see the label, the description and its title but no input box... it's bizarre22:59
barrybigjools: reviewer is in ISpecificationFeedback?22:59
barryhow weird!22:59
bigjoolsflacoste: any ideas?22:59
barrybigjools: will that diff apply to devel?22:59
bigjoolsbarry: I bloody hope so22:59
barrybigjools: :) i mean, it's the diff of your entire branch?23:00
bigjoolsbarry: no, but the only other commit is for a different page23:00
flacostebigjools: i don't think you need the HiddenUserWidget anymore23:01
bigjoolsflacoste: yeah you're probably right :)23:01
flacostebigjools: you can replace that with self.user23:01
bigjoolsI am blindly copying the original form for the moment23:01
barrybigjools: still rf-getting23:02
flacostebigjools: i think it's because the field is readonly in the interface23:02
bigjoolsflacoste: ah23:02
flacostebigjools: i think it's fine for the model, but the UI it's sure not23:03
bigjoolsflacoste: is it safe to make readonly=False?23:03
flacostebigjools: here, yes23:03
barryflacoste: you're talking about the widget bigjools doesn't see?23:03
flacostebigjools: when we export it over API, it won't23:04
flacostebigjools: but this whole feature should be removed anyway23:04
bigjoolsflacoste: yeah, we can worry about that later23:04
flacostebigjools: or re-implemented properly23:04
* bigjools is just doing mechanical changes ... :)23:04
barrybigjools: demo url?23:05
bigjoolsbarry: no matter, flacoste has figured it out!23:06
bigjoolsbarry: thanks anyway :)23:07
barrybigjools: coolio23:07
bigjoolsI love these 10 minute jobs that turn into an all-night hacking session!23:08
maxb"love", as in "hate" :-)23:09
thumperbeuno: ping23:09
* bigjools looks for matchsticks to prop eyelids open23:10
thumperflacoste: do you have a few minutes to talk about your email reply to my authorisation in the model code?23:12
flacostethumper: a little later, yes, i was going afk for dinner, be back later to speak to the other side23:13
EdwinGrubbsbarry, bac: did you need any help converting templates?23:13
thumperflacoste: eta?23:13
bacEdwinGrubbs: all are assigned right now23:13
bacEdwinGrubbs: we need major QA-ness23:13
flacostethumper: 2-3 hours?23:14
thumperflacoste: hmm, I'll be out then23:14
bacEdwinGrubbs: try to pick items to QA that affect "major" pages23:14
bacEdwinGrubbs: and don't forget we have stuff on the 2.2.8 page too!  :(23:14
flacostethumper: ok, let's do this now then23:14
barrybac, EdwinGrubbs i'm working my way through the 2.2.8 page23:15
bacbarry:  cool.  as above, try to hit the big pages first23:15
barrybac: k23:16
mwhudsonwhy can i never remember how to drive R23:26
thumperbac: ping23:27
thumpermwhudson: drive R ?23:29
mwhudsonthumper: the data analysis package23:29
* barry -> fude23:30
thumperrockstar: ping23:32
rockstarthumper, pong23:32
thumperrockstar: call?23:32
rockstarthumper, sure, but I can't guarantee the life of my voice.23:33
wgrantbac, salgado-afk: That fix is good. The link is now at the top - see https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev23:33
thumperrockstar: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-bugteam23:37
bacthanks wgrant23:38
thumperbac: ping again23:47
bachi thumper.  sorry i missed your earlier one23:48
thumperbac: skype?23:48
wgrantWho reintroduced the mega-portlet on Ubuntu bug pages?23:55
wgrantThe tags portlet now shows *every single tag* again.23:55

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