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intellectronicahey henninge10:01
intellectronicawie leuft's?10:01
henningeHallo intellectronica10:02
henningees ist ruhig10:02
intellectronicacan i ask you to review a very small branch for me? a fix for the bugs page redesign which i hope to get r-c for?10:02
intellectronicahenninge: ^^^10:04
intellectronicahenninge: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~intellectronica/launchpad/hot-bugs-summary/+merge/1215010:05
intellectronicahenninge: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/275130/ if you don't want to wait for lp to generate the diff10:06
henningeintellectronica: line 13 of the diff: s/display/displayed/10:10
henningeintellectronica: other than that: r=me ;-)10:10
intellectronicahenninge: thanks!10:12
wgrantHuh. Does the new project bugs page show the bugtask ID?10:56
wgrantEr, wrong chan.10:56
henningeintellectronica: I have a branch, too ;-)11:25
henningeit's a bit longer than yours, though...11:25
henningeintellectronica: would you please be so kind? :)11:27
intellectronicahenninge: you don't scare me11:27
intellectronicahenninge: what's with the extra linebreak in the docstring of initialize?11:29
henningejust saw that myself ...11:29
henningeintellectronica: I had meant to write a bit more in the docstring ...11:29
intellectronicahenninge: so where does self.featured_projects come from, now that you've removed it?11:31
intellectronicais it in the superclass?11:31
henningeintellectronica: no, it's initialized in initialize11:32
intellectronicaah right, i can see now11:32
intellectronicahenninge: space between operator and operands11:33
intellectronicaso you've added assume_date just for testing?11:33
cprovhenninge: hi, can you review a trivial UI fix (RC) ?11:34
henningecprov: yes, sure!11:34
henningetrivial is always good ...11:34
cprovhenninge: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cprov/launchpad/bug-432979-copy-archives/+merge/1213611:34
cprovhenninge: thank you.11:34
intellectronicahenninge: could you not avoid that by creating data on the fly using the object factory, instead of relying on sample data?11:35
henningeintellectronica: the view uses time.gmtime() to select a project from the list. So the test depends on what day it is run.11:36
henningeintellectronica: *would depend*11:37
intellectronicaright, but if you generated the data in the test, then that wouldn't matter, no?11:38
intellectronicahenninge: ^^^11:38
henningeintellectronica: I don't see the difference. I am not checking and date in the test data.11:39
intellectronicahenninge: right, but you've added quite a lot of code just for testing. i'm trying to understand if we could do without these additions11:40
henningeintellectronica: the only way I see it could be done is doing the same selection in the test as the view does and compare the output programmatically.11:40
henningeintellectronica: but that would mean parsing the output of the page test into a list ...11:41
henningeintellectronica: "a lot of code"?11:41
henningeintellectronica: I see three lines ...11:41
intellectronicayes, but if you could do without them, would it not be preferable?11:42
intellectronicab.t.w if you leave it there, at least add a comment explaining that it's just for testing11:42
henningeI just don't see how without making the test much more complicated and not readable.11:43
henningeIt could be more easily tested in  unit test for the view, I guess.11:43
henningeBut that would still make the current page test meaningless.11:44
henningeat least for the list.11:44
intellectronicahenninge: tbh i think it would be better to even just remove that test11:44
henningeok ...11:44
henningeintellectronica: there should still be a test for the admin interface, though...11:45
intellectronicahenninge: i mean just the part that uses assume_date11:46
henningeintellectronica: btw, having the assume_date parameter might also serve other purposes ...11:46
intellectronicayeah, what purposes?11:47
intellectronicatime travel? :)11:47
henningehenninge: kind of11:47
henningeintellectronica: 211:47
henningeintellectronica: ^11:47
henningeme and my keyboard ...11:47
henningeintellectronica: Well, if you ever want to demonstrate or check how a certain project looks when it is featured, or show it to the maintainers etc...11:48
henningelength of summary, logo ...11:48
allenapintellectronica: Fancy reviewing a fix for the iharness breakage? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/fix-iharness-bug-432665/+merge/1215411:49
intellectronicahenninge: it would be better to just be able to pass the project, then, instead of the date11:49
intellectronicaallenap: sure. but i can't test it - i don't use ipython11:49
intellectronicahenninge: so, basically, i think we're in disagreement :) i really don't want that parameter and you really don't want to change it11:51
henningeintellectronica: only because I don't see a way around it ...11:51
henningebut yes, agree to differ ...11:51
henningeintellectronica: is passing the project name a compromise, then?11:52
intellectronicahenninge: just don't do the test. i rather it landed without that particular test than with that specialized code for pretending that the date is different in a particular context11:52
henningeintellectronica: Could I check in the view if it is running in a test?11:53
intellectronicahenninge: i don't understand11:53
allenapintellectronica: Okay, I'll ask someone who does. Thanks anyway.11:53
henningeintellectronica: Those were two suggestions, not related ... ;-)11:54
intellectronicaallenap: i can still review it, just wanted to point that i won't know what to do with it11:54
henningeintellectronica: for the latter I think of somthing like:11:54
henningeif running_in_test: Always pick first project.11:55
allenapintellectronica: Heh, actually it doesn't matter about using it or not. The changes are to buildout.cfg, so you need to sanity check those.11:55
henningeelse: pick by date.11:55
intellectronicaallenap: r=me11:55
allenapintellectronica: Thanks :)11:55
intellectronicahenninge: i already like that better, but how will you know if you're running in a test?11:56
henningeintellectronica: yes, that's what I am wondering, too. What's the host name in the test, is it .dev, too?11:56
* henninge tries11:57
henningeoh, it is. I just remembered ...11:57
intellectronicahenninge: you know what you should do? move the code that selects the project into a method, and monkey-patch that method in your test11:58
henningeintellectronica: oh, is that possible from a page test? I'd have to patch the class, not the instance, I guess. But it could work.12:00
intellectronicahenninge: why not from a pagetests? and why do you have to patch the class and not the instance?12:00
henningeintellectronica: how do I get the view instance, then?12:01
intellectronicaah good point12:01
intellectronicathat would work if you created your own view12:01
intellectronicabut not in a pagetest12:01
intellectronicastill, patching the class might work12:02
cprovhenninge: any problem with my review ? 12:13
henninge_intellectronica: It Works. ;)12:15
henninge_intellectronica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275184/12:21
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intellectronicahenninge_: that's great, just add a docstring to that method (explaining that it's there so that you can override it) and r=me12:22
henningeintellectronica: thanks a lot! Great idea, btw ;)12:23
intellectronicai'm like that, good with monkeys12:23
* henninge lunches now12:26
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noodles775salgado: if you've a minute, can I get you to take a look at the patch that I've attached to bug 433852?12:47
mupBug #433852: Breadcrumbs display for IHasMajorHeading views <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by michael.nelson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433852>12:48
salgadonoodles775, sure, checking now12:49
noodles775salgado: thanks!12:50
salgadonoodles775, what is the definition of a root context?12:52
noodles775salgado: As far as I understand, pillars + a few things - I'm not sure why sprints are one of them?12:53
* noodles775 looks for an email from sinzui12:53
noodles775salgado: I think I've written something incorrect in the description of that bug...12:54
noodles775salgado: so the issue is nothing to do with IRootContext, but just the fact that the breadcrumbs display when IMajorHeadingView is provided.12:55
salgadonoodles775, and is that against the rules?12:56
salgadoor is it something we didn't account for, which is now causing some pages to look ugly?12:57
noodles775salgado: yes, barry thought so... (see the first section of the rules)12:59
noodles775salgado: and I just checked - ISprint does indeed inherit IRootContext.12:59
salgadoI see that ISprint inherits from IRootContext, but according to the docstring of IRootContext, ISprint should not be one12:59
noodles775salgado: hrm - I'm not sure why/who decided that, but it seems to make sense of the application tabs at https://edge.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-l13:00
noodles775ie, being able to switch between blueprints/overview.13:01
salgadoI don't see what you mean, sorry13:01
noodles775salgado: if you go to that url, you can use the application buttons to switch between the 'blueprints' app (for that sprint) and the 'overview' of the sprint13:02
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salgadonoodles775, right, but is that because sprints provide IRootContext?13:05
noodles775salgado: I'm assuming it's *why* sprints provide IRootContext - but I'm far from certain. Perhaps sinzui can clarify later.13:07
salgadonoodles775, a distro source package, for example, does not provide IRootContext but still has (some of) the application tabs13:08
noodles775salgado: yeah, you're right 13:09
salgadoI think we may want sprints to be IRootContexts, but currently they aren't13:09
salgadomaybe BjornT knows more about this.  BjornT?13:10
salgadodo you know why sprints provide IRootContext?13:10
noodles775Yep, good idea.13:10
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BjornTsalgado: i would guess because sprints aren't contained in anything13:18
BjornTsalgado: Product also implements IRootContext. that interface seems to be used to determine which headings and icons to display in the top of the page, but i'm not sure exactly what it's useful for13:19
noodles775sinzui: Hi, sorry to jump on you like this, but from memory you've thought about the IRootContext for things like sprints. If you've time, can you take a look at bug 433852?13:19
mupBug #433852: Breadcrumbs display for IHasMajorHeading views <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by michael.nelson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433852>13:19
noodles775sinzui: salgado and I were unsure if ISprint is really meant to provide IRootContext (it inherits from it but isn't mentioned in the def of IRootContext).13:20
salgadoand neither is it served off of the root, as IRootContexts should13:21
sinzuinoodles775: I think the issue pertains to now verses future.13:21
sinzuinoodles775: sprints are always shown under sprints, but they do have icons and they are independent of pillars and people. So I think they should not have breadcrumbs. savvy users who read the url know that the sprint is beneath /sprints13:22
sinzuisalgado: noodles775: sprints are unique also in that in we sould be making a breadcrumb to a collection, not to a pillar/person...that seems extraordinary13:24
* sinzui back to sprint13:24
noodles775;), thanks.13:24
allenapintellectronica: Fancy reviewing a vocab picker performance thing? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/bug-index-performance-bug-430288-vocab-picker/+merge/1215613:43
intellectronicaallenap: yes!13:45
intellectronicaallenap: test?13:46
allenapintellectronica: There isn't one so far, afaik.13:47
intellectronicaoh well, we just have to test it will manually13:47
intellectronicaallenap: and how is var picker isolated? is it simply enclosed in the use body?13:49
allenapintellectronica: Yep, which should be fine even if we start sharing Y instances.13:49
intellectronicathere's a lot that can be done to improve this. why are we repeating all that javascript code inlined in a template?!13:50
intellectronicabut as a performance improvement, this is fantastic. r=me13:50
intellectronicaallenap: ^^^13:51
allenapintellectronica: Yep. I guess this plumbing code seems better to not be in a library.13:51
allenapintellectronica: Thanks :)13:51
noodles775intellectronica: I've got an incremental to a branch that barry had approved, but I've just realised that he might be sprinting (is the registry team sprinting this week?). If so, do you mind looking at it for me?13:52
intellectronicanoodles775: sure13:52
noodles775intellectronica: thanks - it's the blueprint conversion at: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/sprint-index-and-attend-3.0/+merge/1204413:52
intellectronicanoodles775: looks good to me13:55
noodles775intellectronica: great - thanks. Now who's available to approve rc's?13:56
intellectronicanoodles775: i guess francis will be around any minute now13:58
noodles775flacoste: Hi! When you're available can you pls check the above MP (converts sprint-index + attend to 3.0) for RC? It's got a fix for a heading rule bug - which I'd ideally like barry to check, but i'm not sure if he'll be around.14:00
flacostemorning noodles77514:05
noodles775Hi :)14:06
flacostenoodles775: you should discuss this with bac i think ;-)14:10
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flacostenoodles775: but i agree that remaining 3.0 template conversion are r-c material14:11
noodles775flacoste: great! bac - can you take a look at the above MP, particularly the last incremental (I was keen for barry to check it, but am not sure if he'll be around - flacoste thinks you might also be a good person to check?)14:12
flacostenoodles775: hmm, did you want me to review the thing, or approve the r-c aspect of it?14:12
flacostenoodles775: bac is release manager this week, so primary person to contact for r-c14:13
noodles775flacoste: it's already reviewed, I was just keen for r-c.14:13
noodles775flacoste: oh, sorry!14:13
bacnoodles775: please add me as a reviewer with 'release-critical' as the review type14:15
noodles775bac: Thanks! Done.14:17
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henningeintellectronica: can you please approve my MP from before lunch? I added the incremental diff.14:30
henningeintellectronica: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~henninge/launchpad/bug-433824/+merge/1215214:33
intellectronicahenninge: done14:34
henningeintellectronica: sorry, but you need to go to your reviewer line on that page to approve it ... ;-)14:36
henningeintellectronica: I guess you are usually using the email interface, right? ;-)14:37
intellectronicahenninge: there you go14:40
intellectronicaand no, i rarely use the email interface14:40
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henningeintellectronica: Thank you! ;) Now bac will have it easier ... ;)14:41
henningecprov: you realize that for an RC you will have to merge into db-devel, don't you?14:45
henningebac: is that still correct? ^14:46
cprovhenninge: yes, Sunday branches ... sorry 14:46
cprovhenninge: I will re-base it.14:47
bachenninge: according to https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/ReleaseManagerRotation we only are required to land directly on db-devel on the last day before the rollout14:47
henningecprov: ^14:48
intellectronicahenninge: devel gets merged regularly into db-devel, so unles it's very late in the game, it should be fine to land in devel14:49
cprovokay, that's better, thx guys14:49
henningeintellectronica: I was just repeating from memory. I didn't know if that stops when pqm closes.14:50
henningethat=stable->db-devel updates14:50
henningecprov: have you tried simply adding the tal:condition to the 'metal:ppa-upload-hint' tag?14:52
henningecprov: I am not sure if that works but would be less noise.14:52
cprovhenninge: I can try, one sec14:54
cprovhenninge: <metal:... tal:condition=...> doesn't work, pitty.14:59
henningecprov: ok, thanks for trying.14:59
henningecprov: r=me15:00
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bacbarry: when you have a moment could you do a follow-up on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/sprint-index-and-attend-3.0/+merge/1204415:06
barrybac:  sure15:07
cprovhenninge: thank you.15:09
bachenninge, intellectronica, abentley: please do not mark any MPs that are RC candidates as 'approved'.  leave them in the 'Needs Review' state.15:16
abentleybac: Okay.15:17
henningebac: understood15:17
abentleybac: Will they have separate RC review requests for flacoste?15:17
henningeabentley: bac is doing the rc's15:18
bacabentley: i am doing release-critical for this release.  flacoste only as my backup15:18
henningebac: He was scared to hear the answer ... ;-)15:18
intellectronicabac: ok15:18
bachenninge: rc=bac.  as i note in the MP, please submit to devel.15:28
henningebac: yes, thank you15:29
noodles775bac: did you get a chance to look at my sprint conversion RC? (sorry, had connection issues earlier)15:29
bachenninge: please add to https://dev.launchpad.net/CurrentRolloutBlockers also15:29
baccprov: approved15:33
baccprov: please add an entry under 'in progress' on CurrentRolloutBlockers15:34
cprovbac: ok15:34
bacnoodles775: is there a bug open for your work on sprint-index and sprint-attend?15:35
noodles775bac: no - I didn't create one - but can do so now.15:35
bacnoodles775: please.  thanks.15:36
noodles775bac: bug 43403815:43
mupBug #434038: convert sprint-index and sprint-attend to 3.0 <Launchpad Blueprints:In Progress by michael.nelson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/434038>15:43
cprovbac: thanks for the RC, playing on ec215:43
baccprov: cool15:43
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intellectronicahenninge, abentley: if it's cool with you guys i'd like to take myself off for today. i have a phone call and then only a bit more time left to work15:56
abentleyintellectronica: okay by me.15:56
henningeintellectronica: I can't believe that you are leaving us alone out here with *that* long a queue!15:57
henninge... ;-)15:57
henningeintellectronica: sure, enjoy the evening ;)15:57
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* henninge notices that there actually is an entry in the queue ...15:58
henningeok, I give up....16:00
henningeHow do I land a release-critical branch?16:00
abentleynoodles775: What merge proposal do you want reviewed?16:00
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noodles775abentley: sorry - I was waiting for the mp to arrive:16:01
abentleyhenninge: I believe you need to put rc=kiko/flacoste in the message.16:01
henningeThe commit_re does not mention that, though ...16:02
abentleyhenninge: Okay, it's release-critical, not rc.  Been a while.16:03
henningeabentley: but I tried that ...16:03
abentleyhenninge: It looks like the release-critical in that regex doesn't accept an =16:05
henningeabentley: I tried these: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275316/16:05
henningeabentley: isn't that "release-critical OR rs" followed by a "="?16:06
henningeflacoste: Help! ;-)16:07
abentleyhenninge: Yes, that's how it looks.  Though I can't actually get python to compile the re.16:07
henningebac: any clues?16:07
flacostehenninge: what is your commit messag?16:07
henningeflacoste: tried these http://paste.ubuntu.com/275316/16:07
* bac looks16:08
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bachenninge: what did the error message say16:08
bachenninge: ah, i see it up there16:08
henningebac: that it did not match the commit_re16:09
* bac remembers we had this problem before...16:09
bacdoes it think we're in testfix?16:10
BjornThenninge: this should work: [r=intellectronica][ui=none][release-critical=bac][bug=433824] Implemented foo.16:11
henningeBjornT: thanks, I'll try that ...16:11
abentleynoodles775: Is your change valid yui Grid?16:12
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noodles775abentley: yui-u (the unit) is only re-positioned if it's inside a grid. So without the yui-gc, it's just a div with a class.16:14
abentleynoodles775: And we know that it's not itself int a yui-u?16:14
abentleys/int a/in a/16:14
henningeBjornT: looking good ...16:15
noodles775abentley: yep - the yui-gc div there is a child of the main slot.16:19
abentleynoodles775: Are you wanting an RC for this?16:22
noodles775abentley: yes.16:22
abentleyOkay, I'll leave it at "needs review", and you can request an RC.16:23
noodles775Thanks abentley... I'll do that now, so you can mark it approved if you like.16:23
abentleynoodles775: The person who gives the RC can change the status, or you can, after you get the RC.16:24
noodles775ah, gotcha. Thanks.16:24
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abentleyhenninge: Are you the "I" in "I am happily reviewing blueprint conversions"?16:25
henningeabentley: yes, that was first thing this morning ... ;-)16:25
=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-reviews to: on call: henninge, abentley || reviewing: [-,-] || queue: [] (pqm is release-critical; henninge is happily reviewing blueprint conversions)
henningeabentley: but since bac is putting them on the rollout blockers list now, that phrase can go.16:26
=== henninge changed the topic of #launchpad-reviews to: on call: henninge, abentley || reviewing: [-,-] || queue: [] (pqm is release-critical)
abentleyhenninge: cool16:26
henningebac, BjornT, abentley: now I get this :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/275331/16:30
bachenninge: i'd ask mthaddon in #launchpad-code16:31
henningeah, them losas ...16:31
bacnoodles775: if the MP is marked approved it doesn't show up in my list of things to do.16:31
bachenninge: when you figure out the magic incantation let me know!16:32
noodles775bac: so the MP is here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/434000-copy-archive-ui/+merge/12164/comments/3150116:34
noodles775bac: but it might be best waiting to barry goes over the branch...16:34
noodles775bac: (I didn't realise he'd be around today).16:34
henningebac, abentley: "you can't submit to devel - only db-devel"16:35
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noodles775bac: but in the mean-time, I've got another one ready for RC which is correctly marked as pending :)16:35
bachenninge: that's what tom said?16:35
bachenninge: that's interesting16:36
henningebac: just like I suspected earlier: when pqm closes, commit to devel are closed, too.16:36
bacflacoste: ^^16:36
flacostesalgado: why did you land your breadcrumb branch on db-devel?16:37
salgadoflacoste, I didn't16:38
flacosteyou didn't, rockstar said you did16:39
flacosteand since he was depending on your branch he landed it on db-devel16:39
rockstarsalgado, when I merged your branch in, it was definitely based on db-devel.16:39
salgadorockstar, I don't see how that'd have happened16:42
salgadoI based it on devel and landed it on devel16:42
salgadoif it was based on db-devel I wouldn't be able to land it on devel16:43
henningerockstar: since you are a code guy I asume that you do know that we *stack* on db-devel for all branches? .. ;)16:46
rockstarhenninge, that's unrelated though.16:47
rockstarsalgado, no idea, but when I proposed for merge to abentley, there was obvious db-devel stuffs in there.16:47
salgadorockstar, that's really weird.  the revision email of my branch's landing doesn't show anything from db-devel16:49
rockstarsalgado, hm.  I'll sort it out in about an hour.16:49
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abentleyrockstar: skype?16:50
rockstarabentley, skype - it doesn't see you.16:53
rockstarabentley, I can't hear/see you.16:53
noodles775bac: so barry is happy with all the changes in my first RC request (the one that's already in the approved state) at:16:56
noodles775bac: thanks again!16:57
bacnoodles775: just approved the RC on that one16:58
noodles775bac: heh, too quick :)16:58
bacnoodles775: please hold off on landing until we get a decision on the devel/db-devel issue16:58
noodles775bac: Will do.16:59
salgadohenninge, how does http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/275350/ look as a fix for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/433991 ?17:07
mupBug #433991: Reverse breadcrumb titles don't expand zope.i18nmessageid.message.Message strings <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/433991>17:07
henningesalgado: are you asking for i18n expertise or for a review?17:12
salgadohenninge, just a review17:13
henningesalgado: I am not sure what the test is showing, especiall using the "mapping" feature of the message.17:14
henningesalgado: I don't see any actual translation happening.17:15
salgadothat's it -- it shows that the mapping is used17:15
henningebut that is not translating ...17:15
bacnoodles775: don't you need a UI review for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/434000-copy-archive-ui/+merge/1216417:15
bacnoodles775: or are you going to ui=rs it?17:15
salgadohenninge, we just happen to use the i18n.translate() method to do the interpolation, if one day we localize LP, things should be translated17:16
henningesalgado: ah, I understand17:17
* henninge reads bug again17:17
henningesalgado: the code looks fine to me, r=me17:18
henningesalgado: but I will have to understand better how that works ...17:18
salgadohenninge, there's one thing I forgot to tell you17:19
henningesalgado: you *will* need an mp though and add bac as another reviewer of type "release-critical"17:19
henningesalgado: yes?17:19
salgadohenninge, the fmt:pagetitle formatter in webapp/tales.py joins all the breadcrumbs' texts in a single string, but it assumes that they're all unicode objects.  when it does that, we end up with a title containing non-interpolated strings17:21
salgadothat may help you understand how this works17:21
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henningesalgado: yes, I always thought _() produces an unicode string ...17:23
henningemaybe it can simply be casted?17:23
salgadothis is what happens when it is casted17:23
salgado''.join() will implicitly cast it, and that's when the bug bites17:24
henningesalgado: I just tried that out. But this behviour still does not make sense to me ...17:29
salgadohenninge, you mean that casting it to unicode doesn't do the interpolation?17:30
henningesalgado: yes, like you described.17:30
henningesalgado: btw, I find the page_title much too verbose in the first place. It should just be "Ask a question"17:30
henningeit will be "Evolution >> Answers >> Ask a question"17:31
henningeI mean, should be17:31
henningeit *will* be "Evolution >> Answers >> Ask a question about Evolution"17:31
henningewhich is tmi17:31
henningeor worse :17:31
henninge"Evolution >> Answers for Evolution >> Ask a question about Evolution"17:32
salgadohenninge, agreed, but this is the standard for 3.017:32
henningeNo, it is not.17:32
henningesalgado: it is a matter of what you put in the page_title property.17:32
salgadooh, you mean just the first bit of the actual <title>17:33
henningeno need to mention that translations pages are a shining example of that ... ;-)17:33
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henningewe have "label" which takes the actual heading of the page above the bread crumb and it can be verbose.17:34
henningewe have "page_title" which goes into the bread crumb and must be consise, not repeating information found in the breadcrumbs anyway - like the name of the project.17:35
salgadohenninge, agreed, but this is out of the scope of this branch, I'm afraid.  these are nice improvements but not really RC17:35
henningefinally, the <title> is the invers bread crumb be default. I don't have a problem with that ... ;)17:35
henningesalgado: oh, I already said r=me, didn't I? :-P17:36
salgadogood point. ;)17:36
salgadohenninge, can you say so in https://code.launchpad.net/~salgado/launchpad/bug-433991/+merge/12170 ? :)17:41
henningesalgado: done17:42
salgadobac, I've got one for you: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~salgado/launchpad/bug-433991/+merge/1217017:42
salgadothanks henninge!17:42
henningeabentley: I am moving out ...17:46
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noodles775bac: regarding the ui-review for the copy-archives change - yes, thanks (I was in ui=rs mode from blueprints :) ).18:18
bacsalgado-lunch: looks18:19
noodles775barry: sorry, would you mind doing a really easy ui-review - screenshots there as well as instructions for setting it up locally: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/launchpad/434000-copy-archive-ui/+merge/1216418:20
barrynoodles775: sure, just a few minutes18:20
noodles775barry: no rush at all. Thanks!18:21
barryabentley: i have a really easy one for ya18:21
abentleybarry: lay it on me.18:21
barryabentley: mp'ing it now, thanks18:21
barryabentley: sent.  i requested you so you should see it shortly18:29
abentleybarry: r=me18:42
abentleybarry: I assume you'll be getting an RC for this?18:42
barryabentley: thanks!  and yep18:43
barrybac: ^^18:43
bacbarry:  i'll look in a sec18:44
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bacbarry: did you fix the lint issue?18:59
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bacor was it fake?19:00
barrybac: i fixed it19:00
salgadobac, should my branch go to devel or db-devel?19:00
bacbarry: cool.  i'll approve it.  on future ones please add me to the MP with 'release-critical' as the review type.19:00
bacsalgado, barry:  until tomorrow at 2200Z everything goes to devel19:00
bacwell, unless it is db stuff, which it isn't19:01
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barryabentley: i'll have a 150 line diff for ya in a few minutes if that's cool20:14
abentleybarry: Sure.20:14
barryabentley: mp sent20:24
abentleybarry: r=me.20:33
noodles775Hi barry, do you reckon you'll have time soon to do that quick ui-review? If not, no probs, but if you can I can send it off before I go to bed :)20:34
barrynoodles775: gah, totally forgot sorry!  will do that now20:35
barryabentley: thanks!20:35
noodles775Thanks barry!20:35
* noodles775 should have requested it on the MP - always forget.20:35
bacnoodles775: did you get my email re: the blueprint conversion20:35
noodles775bac: yep, just replied - that'll be great.20:36
bacnoodles775: thanks a ton!20:36
noodles775np :)20:36
barrynoodles775: what does "copy archive generic-string18 for person-name16" even mean? :)20:36
bacmrevell-dinner: ping20:37
barrynoodles775: so there's no archive description yet on that screenshot?20:37
noodles775barry: sorry - yes, I used the factory to create and populate the copy-archive, hence all the generic names.20:42
noodles775barry: and yes, I didn't add a description either.20:43
noodles775barry: (I used the exact script in the test/demo section of the MP).20:43
barrynoodles775: cool.  ui=me* it looks great20:44
noodles775barry: great, thanks!20:44
abentleyjtv: ping20:47
jtvabentley: pong20:47
abentleyjtv: wrt your bug-146855, I think it would be a good idea to run the unit tests under the new database user.20:48
abentleyjtv: I often find I miss necessary permissions if I don't do that.20:48
jtvabentley: sounds good... forgive me but it's late and hot here: self.layer.switchDbUser?20:48
jtvabentley: I was worrying about the same thing.20:49
abentleyjtv: That's right.20:49
* jtv fiddles20:49
mrevell-dinnerbac: I'm more "mrevell-putting-son-to-bed" at the moment. Gimme twenty mins. Will you still be around?20:49
abentleyjtv: I think you also missed my question "Is FAILED really a terminal status? It seems like it's possibly not terminal, and that's why you're delaying 30 days"20:49
jtvabentley: oh, sorry, I read through everything before starting to answer that one.  Yes, FAILED is a terminal status—but an entry can get out of any status by being "refreshed" with a new upload.20:50
jtvSo I'm not counting that.  :-)20:50
abentleyOkay, so r=me, modulo switching the db user.20:51
bacbarry: rc=bac.  remember land on devel20:51
jtvabentley: working on that now.  Thanks!20:51
bacmrevell-dinner: sure20:51
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abentleyjtv: You'll probably need to commit the transaction before switching the db user.20:52
barrybac: thanks20:54
bacmrevell-dinner: https://launchpad.dev/+tour/images/community/3.png20:54
mrevell-dinnerbac: ah thanks, I'll fix that. Handsome devil..20:54
mrevell-dinnerright, I'm not here  for a few mins20:55
bacmrevell-dinner: there's another too20:55
bacmrevell-dinner: no worries20:55
bacmrevell-dinner: and this one looks a little dated:  https://launchpad.dev/+tour/images/blueprints/3.png20:55
rockstarabentley, howzabout a review?  It's something I'm going to get an RC on.21:44
abentleyrockstar: Sure thing.21:45
rockstarabentley, coming up.21:45
=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-reviews to: on call: - || reviewing: [-] || queue: [] (pqm is release-critical)
rockstarabentley, did my proposal arrive?22:03
abentleyrockstar: Yeah, about 3 minutes ago.22:03
abentleyrockstar: r=me.22:04
rockstarabentley, hooray.22:04
rockstarbac, did you see my rc review request?22:04
rockstarbac, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/sourcelist-template/+merge/1219522:05
bacrockstar: no.  thanks for pinging me abt it22:06
* bac looks22:07
rockstarbac, it's all mechanical, closes off the two templates you and I talked about this morning.22:07
bacrockstar: will you be landing this via ec2?22:10
rockstarbac, absolutely.  It seems stupid not to.22:11
bacalrighty, then22:11
rockstarbac, thanks.22:13
rockstarbac, in the pqm regex, is rc= before r= ?22:14
bacrockstar: [release-critical=bac][r=abentley]22:17
bacrockstar: look at some of the landing messages from today22:17
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mrevellbac: I've just pushed a new version of the tour images branch. I've made extensive updates to the images and I've removed mentoring and sprints from the text. The first for obvious reasons, the second because it was always a bit of a struggle to justify its presence and even harder now there's not a pretty picture (silly, I know). All of this is pending a major and thorough re-do of the tour this comign cycle.22:33
mrevellhaving said that, I shall be bowing out now. G'night22:40
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