MontelEdwardswhat/where would I file a bug about the karmic live CD?00:44
maxbMontelEdwards: Ideally on whichever Ubuntu package the bug relates to. People on #ubuntu-bugs might be a good bet for figuring that out if you don't know. As a last resort you could file a bug on Ubuntu in general01:23
MontelEdwardsmaxb, I already talked to a developer. Thanks anyways01:23
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RenatoSilvaIf you're the owner of a project and you are working on a feature branch, there isn't a better URL than lp:~user/project/feature?06:43
RenatoSilvaI mean, for trunk you just use lp:project, but for other branches you need a full URL, that's boring :(06:44
RenatoSilvaI'm thinking of cerating a temporary series called 'feature'06:44
spivRenatoSilva: The *full* URL is bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~user/project/feature :P06:44
RenatoSilvaspiv: ok I want the shorter :)06:45
lifelessRenatoSilva: you can create a temporary series, if you think the feature is going to be around a long time06:45
lifelessRenatoSilva: consider though, that *two* people may be working on  the same feature06:45
RenatoSilvaI'm thinking of the series workaround just for avoiding long urls :)06:46
lifelessRenatoSilva: how often are you typing the url in?06:47
thumperRenatoSilva: I don't type my urls in most of the time06:50
thumperRenatoSilva: you can set up a default push location for your branches06:50
thumperRenatoSilva: I create a new local branch and go "bzr push"06:50
thumperRenatoSilva: and bzr knows it is "lp:~thumper/launchpad/<new branch name>"06:51
RenatoSilvalifeless: yes, I don't keep the branches locally :)06:51
RenatoSilvathat's the point guys ^06:51
thumperRenatoSilva: what do you mean " I don't keep the branches locally" ?06:52
* thumper goes for dinner - satay chicken :)06:54
spivRenatoSilva: I'm curious to know what you're doing; for me creating series all the time would be much much inconvenience than very occasionally typing in a lp: branch URL.06:55
JesseWWhat does the "Upstream version" column mean in launchpad, e.g. on06:56
JesseW         https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt ?06:56
wgrantJesseW: The series on the upstream project that is packaged.06:57
spivFWIW, that page looks rather different on edge.06:58
wgrantRight. The new one uses the same concept, but without the words.06:58
JesseWWhat's a "series" -- the apt example says "APT main series" -- this doesn't match up to anything I'm familiar with in debian (which certainly may be my ignorance)06:59
RenatoSilvathumper: when I want to work on any lp branch, I bzr branch, change, commit, push and remove local dir06:59
RenatoSilvaspiv:  ^06:59
wgrantJesseW: That's a badly configured example.06:59
wgrantJesseW: It doesn't make sense.06:59
wgrantJesseW: Normally it would be something like 'APT 1.x series'07:00
wgrantAPT 2.x series07:00
JesseWalso what is the connection between that and "apt/main" which appears when I look at the details of the link: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/apt/+edit-packaging ?07:01
wgrantapt/main == APT main series07:01
wgrantIt is https://launchpad.net/apt/main07:01
JesseW*ahhh* -- thanks, that was my question.07:02
lifelessa series is a focus point for  development; its a 'well known branch'07:02
JesseWchecking above url.07:02
wgrantThey're linked in the new version of the page07:02
lifeless'sid' is a series (for Debian as a whole)07:02
spivRenatoSilva: Do you ever re-use branches, or are you creating new branches each time?07:02
RenatoSilvaspiv: no man, I just don't like to keep them locally07:03
wgrantSo you have this branch for this particular thing, and you remove the local copy when you finish for the day?07:04
JesseWso, why doesn't it show up in the list I get when I click on "Choose..." on +edit-packaging ?07:04
RenatoSilvawgrant: yes07:05
wgrantJesseW: I have no idea. That doesn't make sense.07:05
wgrantRenatoSilva: Why?07:05
JesseWhm, I suppose I should file a bug -- in launchpad, or?07:06
RenatoSilvawgrant: I don't like to keep them locally07:06
wgrantJesseW: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+filebug07:06
wgrantRenatoSilva: So you would prefer to enter the URL a few times a day rather than keep a branch on your disk?07:07
RenatoSilvaand that's why I want a short url :)07:08
spivRenatoSilva: echo 'export short_url=lp:...' >> .bashrc,  then use "bzr branch $short_url" :P07:09
JesseWwgrant: filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/433809 thanks for the pointer.07:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433809 in launchpad-registry "search fails if it contains a slash" [Undecided,New]07:11
JesseWhm just testing: lp:12345 lp#626707:12
wgrantBug #1234507:14
pooliehm, interesting new edge homepage07:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 12345 in isdnutils "isdn does not work, fritz avm (pnp?)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1234507:14
wgrantpoolie: Yes... Ubuntu has been knocked off the front.07:14
wgrantAnd I don't think it's possible to get to the Code front page.07:14
JesseWso is there a way in launchpad to say: this package's upstream package's homepage (or bug-reporting URL) is X?07:17
JesseWand how does this description of a "package series" relate to that?07:18
pooliewgrant: it's a bit like "the most interesting thing about lp is our blog"07:19
poolieor "we can't think of something better to put on the homepage yet"07:19
pooliethe second may be true :)07:19
poolieJesseW: yes, register a project, and then set its homepage and bug tracker07:20
wgrantpoolie: That's true. It takes up a bit of space.07:20
pooliei'm not sure how you link the project and packgae though07:20
poolieand i don't think they are related07:20
wgrantJesseW: So, packages and projects are very separate entities in Launchpad. You link a package to a project with the form you linked to earlier.07:22
JesseWto a specific "series" within a project, right?07:22
wgrantJesseW: Right.07:22
wgrantIt's a bit strange, but it works fairly well.07:23
JesseWand then the project entry in launchpad can link to the actual upstream project, if there is one?07:23
wgrantJesseW: That's right.07:24
JesseWthe APT project lp entry doesn't seem to have such links -- how would I go about adding them?07:24
JesseWit doesn't even specify the license: https://launchpad.net/apt07:26
wgrantJesseW: It looks like only mvo can edit that.07:26
wgrantJesseW: Michael Vogt.07:28
wgrant(listed as the maintainer on that page, so he has privileges over the project)07:28
JesseWfigured it out a sec after I pressed enter... ;-)07:28
RenatoSilvaspiv: haha ok07:28
RenatoSilvaspiv: bettern than creating a series :)07:28
RenatoSilvathank you guys, gtg07:28
JesseWsigh; and I presume he has a lot of actual work to do rather than fill in such info.  is there any thing I could do to help with getting it filled in?07:30
poolieJesseW: he'll probably do it soon (when he comes on) to help you07:34
poolieit's quicker than working around it07:35
pooliewhat's your end goal here?07:35
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JesseWfollowing loose strings...07:38
JesseW...I noticed we had both debian-policy and ubuntu-policy packages, so I looked them up on lp; looking at the lp page for debian-policy, I noticed it had nothing in the upstream version column, so though I might be able to help with that...07:39
JesseW...tried to figure out what it meant, or find docs to explain it, or how to say: "the upstream of this is the debian package with the same name"; failed; searched The Upstream Report to find a debian based package which did have a upstream link; came across the apt package; tracing the link back noticed that the lp entry for the apt project (which is different from the lp entry for apt-project, oddly) lacked mention of the li07:43
JesseWcense it was under.  That's about it.  Like I said, following loose strings.07:43
JesseWso, looking at a bug, how do I link to the upstream bug again?08:13
wgrantJesseW: 'Also affects project'08:14
JesseWah, found it.  it's Also affects project08:14
RenatoSilvahow to send files to download section?08:42
wgrantRenatoSilva: Add a release in one of your project's series, and add a file in there.08:44
RenatoSilvait requires a milestone08:45
wgrantWell, a release is a released milestone.08:45
RenatoSilvathere's no milestone for my releases08:45
RenatoSilvaI just release it08:45
RenatoSilvaso I just create a copy , ok08:46
RenatoSilvahow about release candidates?08:47
wgrantThose are also releases.08:47
RenatoSilvaI create milestones for them?08:47
RenatoSilvalet me explain my case08:47
RenatoSilvaI have sort of RC 1, 2, 3, R4, R508:48
RenatoSilvawhere 1-5 are yyyy.mm.dd08:48
RenatoSilvaI jsut want to put the packages into launchpad08:48
RenatoSilvathey are currently at another place08:49
wgrantA release is a special case of a milestone.08:49
RenatoSilvaso I create milestones for them all, and releases fro r4 and r5?08:49
wgrantSo you must have a milestone for each release that needs files.08:49
wgrantWhy not a release for RC[123]?08:49
wgrantA release doesn't have to be stable.08:49
RenatoSilvabecause they were candidates....08:49
wgrantBut do they release files?08:50
RenatoSilvaor milestones08:50
RenatoSilvathey were beta08:50
RenatoSilvabeta versions08:50
wgranteg. bzr has 2.0rc1, 2.0rc2 releases, and a 2.0 milestone (because it's not out yet)08:50
RenatoSilvabut these beta versions were candidate for releasing at that each moment08:50
RenatoSilvaso a milestone is just a way of saying "hey our trunk looks nice"08:51
sorenAn alpha release is still a release.08:51
RenatoSilvacan't recall what's alpha, worse or better than beta?08:52
sorenRenatoSilva: It's worse, but it doesn't matter. That's the point.08:52
sorenAny release is a realsae.08:52
sorenAlphas, betas, release candidates, final.. whatever. They're all releases.08:52
RenatoSilvaso milestones are not release, they're just a way of saying that the trunk is mature??? that 's it?08:52
sorenYou *release* something. You take what you have, and put it out there. That's what a release is.08:53
wgrantRenatoSilva: A milestone can purely a time-based target for development tasks.08:53
RenatoSilvaso what are milestones exactly08:53
wgrants/can/can be/08:53
RenatoSilva can't get it08:53
sorenMilestones are... well. milestones. :) It's a point along your development cycle.08:53
RenatoSilvamilestones don't generate packages for downloading?08:54
wgrantRight. They have no real meaning in themselves.08:54
sorens/cycle/timeline/ I suppose.08:54
wgrantThey are just a point in time.08:54
wgrantRenatoSilva: Not magically, no.08:54
sorenRenatoSilva: A milestone does not imply a release, no.08:54
spivAn arbitrary point that you assign an arbitrary label to, so you can do things like refer to it in bugs, and create download files for :)08:54
RenatoSilvabut I have seen downloads like Eclipse-Galileo-M508:54
wgrantRenatoSilva: It's up to the project's managers as to what they want to do.08:55
wgrantIf they want to have releases named 'Milestone 5', that's up to them.08:55
wgrantBut you can do whatever you want with milestones.08:55
spm.. or karmic koala08:55
sorenRenatoSilva: A milestone /can/ involve a release. It does not /have/ to.08:55
RenatoSilvaI thought milestones as worse than RC and better (or equal) than beta08:56
wgrantA milestone isn't necessarily a release.08:56
wgrantSome projects call their intermediate development snapshots 'Milestone N'. Ubuntu calls them 'Alpha N'. It's just a name.08:57
sorenRenatoSilva: Figuring out if something is a milestone or a release or whatever has NOTHING to do with the quality.08:58
sorenRenatoSilva: It's about its function.08:58
sorenRenatoSilva: A milestone is a point in time. You can target bugs and features for milestones, for instance.08:58
sorenRenatoSilva: A release is whenever you take what you got and release it. Even if it's alpha, beta, milestone, wibble, wobble, release candidate, final, bugfix, foo, bar, or whatever type of release it is.08:59
RenatoSilvabut if is release or not does have to do with quality08:59
sorenIt still a release.08:59
RenatoSilvarelease stuff must be good , that's why we have e.g. feature freezes!!09:00
sorenEven if it sucks, you've still released it.09:00
wgrantrelease != release09:00
wgrantRenatoSilva: You seem to be talking about a *stable* release. eg. 1.009:00
sorenalpha releases are still releases.09:00
sorenThat's why they have "release" in their name :)09:00
RenatoSilvaby releasing you assume it's better quality than before :) even if not true :)09:00
RenatoSilvawgrant: stable releas eyes09:00
wgrantNo. That's a stable release.09:00
sorenNot necessaritly.09:00
wgrantNot a release in general.09:01
RenatoSilvabut usualy release just means stable release09:01
wgrantNot in this case.09:01
spivRenatoSilva: not necessarily; sometimes people release known buggy software just for the sake of getting new features tested, or whatever.09:01
RenatoSilvaunstable releases you call beta or milestone09:01
wgrantA Launchpad release could be a stable release. But it could also be an alpha release, a beta release, a release-of-the-day...09:01
sorenRenatoSilva: The name. does. not. matter.09:01
sorenRenatoSilva: Again: The quality of the release does not determine whether it's a release or not.09:02
spivRenatoSilva: some projects do nightly releases, where there's no claim regarding quality (maybe it won't even build!), just that it's current.09:02
RenatoSilvawhat's the diff between code release tarball and installer file? is the former source code, or is the latter .exe installers?09:03
sorenRenatoSilva: Yes, pretty much.09:03
RenatoSilvaI just mean that --usually-- people use release as short for stable releases, and beta/milestones/candidates for unstable, maybe not in lauchpad ok09:04
RenatoSilvasoren: how about if I have a zip as install?09:04
RenatoSilvasoren: what to use?09:04
sorenWhat's in the zip09:04
sorenSource code?09:05
RenatoSilvasoren: not an automated installer, but not exactly "the" source code (even if actually there's no bin package -- it's python)09:05
sorenDon't know.09:06
RenatoSilvait is both source code and "bin" package in one09:06
spivRenatoSilva: You're asking about the "file type" Launchpad asks you for?  Just choose whatever will best match your users' expectations.09:06
RenatoSilvaI'm asking what to fill in09:06
RenatoSilvacode release tarball or installer file09:07
RenatoSilvait's unclear their meanings09:07
spivWell, if you wanted to download this file, which would you expect it to be called?09:07
spivIf you're unsure, you may as well just flip a coin :)09:07
RenatoSilvaI don't know09:07
RenatoSilvathat's why I ask09:07
spivBecause your users will be unsure too, so it won't make much difference which you choose ;)09:08
* RenatoSilva doesn't have pidgin's /flip atm :D09:08
sorenIt's kind of hard to give you a good answer when you can't properly explain what that zip file contains.09:09
RenatoSilvathe bin package09:09
RenatoSilvabut OH it's not bin, it's python!09:10
RenatoSilvaso bin == source code09:10
RenatoSilvaplease help me here09:10
RenatoSilvamay I change Solenoid Theme 2009.8.12 to just Solenoid Theme09:10
RenatoSilvaand add all versions there09:10
RenatoSilva*currently I have jsut one)09:11
RenatoSilvaI don't want to create 4 milestones + 4 versions, each one with one single file09:12
RenatoSilvamay I call the milestones all '2009'?09:12
RenatoSilvahum... https://launchpad.net/moin-solenoid/trunk09:28
spm** having minor codebrowse issues atm, chasing.... **09:29
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RenatoSilvathanks everybody09:34
RenatoSilvawhen you fill milestone on bug report, is the bug happening on that milestone or is it planned to be solved at it?09:37
wgrantRenatoSilva: The latter.09:37
RenatoSilvawgrant: so I always have to deactivate released milestones?09:38
wgrantYou don't, but it would make sense. Releasing a milestone normally deactivates by default, IIRC.09:38
RenatoSilvawgrant: e.g. latest release is 2009.8.18, it already happened09:39
RenatoSilvawgrant: I don't have any future milestones in mind, as we say here I "let the life take me anywhere" :)09:39
RenatoSilvawgrant: so I must deactivate it...ok thanks!09:40
RenatoSilvaa series is like CVS branches right?09:43
lifelesswgrant: depends on the project actually ;)09:43
RenatoSilvathe idea it to support old version jsut like in CVS maintenance branches right?09:43
lifelesswgrant: scratch that09:43
lifeless[I misread]09:43
RenatoSilva*is to09:43
RenatoSilvathe idea is to support old released versions just like in CVS maintenance branches right?09:44
wgrantThat's one use.09:44
RenatoSilvav1, then v2, then oh some peopl still use v1, so we create a v1 maintenance branch for supporting those people09:45
RenatoSilvawhat other use could series have?09:45
wgrantSo I have my 1.x branch. It would probably have 1.0a1, 1.0a2, 1.0b1, 1.0rc1, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 releases.09:45
wgrantThat series has my 1.x branch associated.09:46
RenatoSilvaso series separate major versions?09:46
wgrantI don't know.09:46
wgrantWhatever the project owner decides.09:46
wgrantSome series of releases.09:46
RenatoSilvawell it seems that it's just maintenance09:46
wgrantIn most cases, yes.09:47
RenatoSilvaso I have trunk09:47
RenatoSilvaI just have to create anotehr series if09:47
RenatoSilvasomeone using old versions convince me of that, right?09:47
wgrantYou don't ever *have* to. But it is probably a good idea.09:47
RenatoSilvamaybe I have09:48
RenatoSilvabecasue how will I deliver the fix for the old version user?09:48
wgrantWhy do you need a series to do that?09:48
RenatoSilvahumm, I could just add a new release + download file for that milestone, right?09:49
wgrantBut it is a good idea to keep seperate release series, particularly if your project is large.09:49
RenatoSilvaa bit condfusing09:50
RenatoSilvait seems that trunk here is not exactly the same idea of head in cvs09:51
lifelessso don't do it09:51
lifelesstrunk != HEAD09:51
lifelesstrunk == MAIN09:51
wgrantI wouldn't draw analogies to CVS.09:51
lifelesstrunk.revno == HEAD09:51
wgrantCVS is not the best thought out of the world's inventions.09:51
RenatoSilvaso why does the default description of trunk is this:09:52
RenatoSilvaThe "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.09:52
RenatoSilvait is describing maintenance branches09:52
lifelessbecause CVS users are often confused about what CVS does09:52
spivRenatoSilva: because what people call things is not always accurate ;)09:52
lifelessand say 'HEAD' when they mean 'MAIN'09:52
RenatoSilvayeah, head can mean last rev or main branch09:52
RenatoSilvain this case main branch09:53
lifelessactually, HEAD never means a branch, except when its misused :)09:54
lifelesswhich is the point ;)09:54
RenatoSilvait seems to me that the choice is create maintenance branches as 1) series or 2) personal branches09:54
RenatoSilvalifeless: maybe I ask in #cvs later :)09:54
lifelessRenatoSilva: you can create series for them09:54
wgrantThey are different concepts.09:54
wgrantA series can be linked to a branch.09:55
lifelessif you want folk to find them, I would create a series.09:55
RenatoSilvacan, not should?09:55
* wgrant dines.09:55
lifelessRenatoSilva: its your project; who are we to say what you should do?09:56
RenatoSilvaso on a date-based versioning like mine, how would I call the series, by month or year or season or what :) ?09:56
RenatoSilvalifeless: ok so I want a coffee with milk please :)09:57
lifelesshow would you like to call it?09:57
RenatoSilva2009.8.18 is the latest version09:58
lifelesswill you do maintenance releases ?09:58
lifelessso will there be a 2008.8.18.1 ?09:58
RenatoSilvalikely not, but it's possible09:58
lifelessand is 2009.8.18 released from trunk?09:58
RenatoSilvalifeless: if someone had a problem, I'd ask him to update to the latest version, and apply the fix on it09:58
RenatoSilvaI've just created the project from a personal single branch, trunk is just --the-- branch, so yes, 2009.8.18 was released from trunk10:00
RenatoSilvalifeless: I just think that new versions are better than old ones, it's not a big project you know10:01
RenatoSilvalifeless: so if new versions are desirable, I like to make users migrate to new versions rather than maintaining it...10:02
lifelessso why would you want maintenance series ?10:04
lifelessif you're not planning on doing maintenance releases...10:04
RenatoSilvait's because of my versioning, it's plain, not hierarchical10:05
RenatoSilvayou can imagine big diffs between 3.4 and 4.6, but not between dates10:06
RenatoSilvanot --necessarily---10:06
RenatoSilvaimagine I'm using normal versioning 1.2.3, where .3 is maintenance, so I'd create trunk, 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 series right?10:08
RenatoSilvathen in series 1.0 I'd have all 1.0.x milestones10:08
RenatoSilvaand in 1.1 all 1.1.x ms and so forth right10:08
RenatoSilvabut how about this:10:09
RenatoSilvayou put all milestones and releases under trunk series anyway10:09
RenatoSilvaand just add a milestone + release for each new version you want to deliver (new features from latest version, fixes for old versions)10:10
RenatoSilvaso my point is, if you can put it all in one place (series), what is the specific technical reason/advantage of cerating other separate series?10:11
RenatoSilvaother than having a nice view of major versions10:12
NET||abusehuh?? tried pulling down launchpad rocketfuel-setup ,, bzr says needs version 1.16, i only have 1.13, but i'm on intrepid.. is this normal?11:14
Peng_NET||abuse: Bazaar has a quick release schedule, and Ubuntu doesn't package new major releases.11:15
NET||abusedang, so i need to add the specific up to date ppa repo?11:15
Peng_NET||abuse: You can do that. It's no big deal. http://bazaar-vcs.org/Download11:15
NET||abuseis it safe enough to dot hat considering several other projects i'm working on have been on 1.13, and i need to keep supporting.11:16
wgrantNET||abuse: there's a bit of a bug in rocketfuel-setup at the moment. If it ends up erroring, poke me and I'll tell you how to work around it.11:16
Peng_NET||abuse: Bazaar's good about backwards compatibility.11:16
wgrantIt's excellent about it, in fact. It's perfectly safe to upgrade.11:16
wgrantIt won't silently make your other projects incompatible with older versions.11:17
NET||abuseahh, well that's good.11:18
NET||abusejust getting that key installed now.11:18
NET||abuse..., hmm, taking it's time getting key.11:18
RenatoSilvathanks everybody11:18
NET||abuseahh, keyserver down?11:19
NET||abuseanyone else able to get the ppa key? http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0xECE2800BACF028B31EE3657CD702BF6B8C6C1EFD&op=index11:19
NET||abusejust timing out for me.11:19
wgrantNET||abuse: Indeed. Let's poke a sysadmin.11:20
NET||abusecan i watch? like waking bears in winter.. :P11:21
NET||abuseyou prod them and their mass arrises in a blur of hair and rage...11:22
NET||abuseat least that's what the sysadmin in my last job was like.11:22
NET||abusein fairness he was a great guy.11:23
NET||abuseanyway.. blah blah... keyserver work dang it.11:23
wgrantNET||abuse: For now use http://pool.sks-keyservers.net:11371/pks/lookup?search=0xECE2800BACF028B31EE3657CD702BF6B8C6C1EFD&op=index instead.11:25
wgrantYay for keyserver networks.11:25
NET||abusehmm, ok11:25
NET||abusethat's taking it's time too,, ahhh there it goes.11:25
NET||abusehmm, had to remove bzr-rebase{a} bzr-svn{a} python-subvertpy{u11:33
wgrantNET||abuse: There are new versions of those around in PPAs, if you need them. The versions in the Ubuntu archive use the API of the older bzr version, so won't work with the new bzr.11:34
NET||abusehmmm bzr: Depends: python (< 2.6) but 2.6.2-0ubuntu1 is installed11:35
NET||abuseyeh, i can't get bzr to update beyond 1.13.111:36
wgrantNET||abuse: There's no python2.6 in Intrepid...11:37
NET||abuse.... in interpid? hmm, where's my python coming ffrom then???11:37
NET||abusewait,, i'm on jaunty, not intrepid.11:38
wgrantNET||abuse: What was the line you added to your sources.list?11:38
wgrantI suspect if you replace 'intrepid' with 'jaunty' there, it will work.11:39
NET||abusedeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bzr/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main11:39
NET||abuseyes, it would..11:39
NET||abusei'm tired.. long weekend.. barcamp took it out of me.11:39
NET||abusebrain sore,, alchimahol hurt it.11:40
NET||abusehmm,,,, now    bzr-svn: Depends: bzr (< 1.18~) but 1.18-1~bazaar1~jaunty1 is installed.11:42
NET||abusei'm using bzr-svn for one project i work on from time to time.11:42
wgrantThere's a PPA for that.11:42
* wgrant finds.11:42
NET||abusetoo many ppa's11:43
wgrantNET||abuse: In fact, there's a new version of bzr-svn in the ~bzr PPA. What happens if you try that?11:44
wgrant(a simple 'apt-get install bzr-svn' should do it)11:44
NET||abusei've been trying that,, no joy.11:45
NET||abuseone sec,, i was using aptitude , not apt-get11:46
NET||abuseand can't try right now,, launchpad is downloading.11:46
wgrantNET||abuse: No, that's fine.11:46
wgrantNET||abuse: Looks like that version of bzr-svn is still too out of date. Argh.11:46
NET||abusetumm teeee tummm. gonna take some time yh :)11:46
NET||abuseoh, bzr-svn is out of lockstep with latest bzr.11:46
wgrantOh yes. It's a fairly big tree.11:46
wgrantIt'll have to download a couple of hundred megabytes.11:47
wgrantAnd then lots of dependencies after that.11:47
wgrant(although it will probably crash before it finishes grabbing the deps; that's easy to fix, fortunately)11:47
NET||abuseanyway to mirror that, i'm setting up on my local machine to play, then i'm gonna installl on a vm test development platform for configuration testing.. then again on live development machine,, i'd say the test dev platform is gonna require 3 or more runthroughs to check out fully.11:47
NET||abusearrg?? libapache2-mod-php5 is to be removed?11:48
wgrantWhat are you planning to do with LP?11:48
wgrantNot sure about that one. I don't have PHP installed.11:49
NET||abuseworking on using it as a code repository in work, and tempt some of the development teams into trying it out.11:49
NET||abusethey're svn centric11:49
wgrantYou can't easily do that. See the fourth paragraph of https://dev.launchpad.net/LaunchpadLicense11:50
NET||abuseso gonna coax them in to bzr and launchpad, set them up with heavy checkout's centralized branch workflow to start, in a shared repository so they can branch locally for local feature developments11:50
NET||abusewgrant, just change the logo's?11:51
wgrantNET||abuse: All of the images.11:51
NET||abusewell, i'll have to try if i look to deploy for actual dev team use.11:53
NET||abusei'm usually pretty good at filtering through images on sites. i just need to strip out the image files from the launchpad source and re-create them11:54
NET||abusei have a good deal of experience doing things like that with turbo gears or django sites.11:54
NET||abusethat's a bit of a pain in the butt.. can't use launchpad in that way by default..11:55
NET||abusewould be nice to submit an image and icons set that "knock yourself out" licence as an option for launchpad.11:56
wgrantPart of the point of Launchpad is that there's only one. Much of its value is in the cross-project collaboration possibilities.11:56
wgrantSo running your own is really not a good idea.11:56
NET||abusehow so?11:56
NET||abuseit's a nice interface to a project management, pqm and code repository backend, how is that ever not useful in some way?11:57
wgrantIt's never not useful. It's just a lot better for everybody if people use launchpad.net.11:58
NET||abuseand you can't always push your code up to 3rd party hosted repositories.. there's times when you just have to be a bit private with your work until you get the right releases.11:58
wgrantLaunchpad has private branches.11:58
NET||abusesure, but company policy often doesn't allow for relying on externally hosted systems.11:59
NET||abuseit's not a question of the integrity of the code being compromised, so much as the business case being exposed, the terms of agreements on code that is included, etc etc..12:00
maxbLikewise. I'd love to get people at work using Launchpad Code, but no one will ever go for putting company code in the hands of a third party12:09
maxbI do wonder how long it'll be before someone starts creating a do-as-you-like image set to overlay on the Launchpad sourcecode.12:10
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james_whow can you tell whether a task is series targeted in the API?12:41
james_w(bug task)12:41
maxbjames_w: I saw something like that on https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib/code_snippets12:43
james_wthanks, but I don't think that will work12:43
james_wor at least not in a way I would be happy with12:44
Phurlhi guys12:44
Phurlwe have a bunch of old strings from the albanian sq open office12:44
Phurlthis is a resource we have been fighting for a long time12:44
Phurland now we need to merge them into the latest version12:45
Phurlcan you help us with that?12:45
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maxbPhurl: Today's launchpad help contact is US-based, you might have to wait a bit for him to wake up :-)12:58
Phurlno problem.12:59
Phurli have been waiting since july for this source, now we have the source. I can wait for another month to get it imported properlty12:59
thekornjames_w, maybe checking all bug_task urls for something like: re.search("\/ubuntu\/([^\/]+\/\+source)", task_url)13:01
james_wthekorn: yeah, something like that would be a little more palatable13:01
james_wthe issue is more a logic flow one I think from looking at it a bit more13:02
james_wwe want the non-series targeted task usually, but if there is a task targeted to the current development series we have to use that as you can't modify the status of the non-targeted task13:02
james_wwhich is all a bit tricky to work out as you loop over bug.bug_tasks13:03
james_wI was using related_tasks for that13:03
james_wwhich works13:03
james_wbut also is non-empty when there is a Debian task13:03
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james_wso it isn't the final answe13:04
thekornhmm, yeah, I see13:04
wgrantjames_w: ISTM that you want to expose the conjoined master on bug_task.13:04
james_wwgrant: that would be great13:05
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mariuzhello , how do i a change a duplicate ?13:45
mariuz#386087 is marked as duplicate for bug #60823 but is my mistake it should be #26082313:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 60823 in xorg "Please provide xlibs compatibility package" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6082313:46
wgrantmariuz: Which browser are you using?13:47
mariuzarora browser - webkit based13:47
wgrantmariuz: That's what I guessed. The link is mysteriously missing in WebKit at the moment.13:47
mariuzi use bugs.edge.launchpad.net13:47
mariuzok thanks13:48
wgrantmariuz: Add '/+duplicate' to the end of the bug URL.13:48
LaneyIs there a way to point bugs for our ubuntu-dev-tools project at the Ubuntu package?13:57
Laneyfiddling the remote bug tracker info somehow13:58
intellectronicaLaney: the short answer: no, there's no way to do that14:01
Laneyit's a bit weird that you can't file a bug against the project directly, but you *can* add an upstream task14:01
intellectronicawhy is it weird?14:02
Laneyit makes the upstream bug page look like it's in use14:02
intellectronicayeah, i agree that we don't make the distinction clear enough14:03
geserLaney: hmm, interesting. I wonder how bug 255099 got filed in the first place as I added the package task later14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 255099 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync: Doesn't wait for gpg command to exit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25509914:04
Laneyit would be cool if you could register remote bug trackers and then bugs.lp/project acts as a window into the specified remote tracker14:04
Laneygeser: did we once have it enabled?14:05
geserI don't know, I never looked (or changed) at the project settings14:05
Laneyseems not to be a problem nowadays anyway14:06
Laneyanyway I guess my idea requires push support, but it should be possible currently for remotes in other parts of LP14:07
flacostemrevell-lunch, henninge: why do we have unpublished blogs post on the edge home page?14:23
flacostehenninge: and why aren't all the featured projects displayed?14:24
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henningeflacoste: the latter is fixed in this branch that I was going to as r-c for anyway ;-)14:25
henningeflacoste: the rist is common practice AFAIK because the blog posts are (still) hard coded into the template.14:25
mrevellflacoste: Hmm, normally the "what's new" would update on edge before the related blog posts were ready as the blog posts would go live at the time of the release. I guess they're more prominent in this case. I'm hoping next time round the blog posts on the home page will be  a live feed from the blog itself.14:26
flacostemrevell: ok14:26
flacostehenninge: talk to bac for your r-c :-)14:27
henningeflacoste: ah, right ;-)14:27
flacostei only deal with r-c this week if bac is unavailable :-)14:27
bigonis it expected that https://edge.launchpad.net/~telepathy/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/748039/+listing-archive-extra get no css and stuff like that?14:30
bachenninge: please add me as a reviewer with 'release-critical' as the type and i'll look at it shortly14:30
henningebac: thanks14:31
noodles775bigon: it's a macro that is normally only used to fill a segment of a page when you expand one of the packages at: https://edge.launchpad.net/~telepathy/+archive/ppa/+packages14:31
noodles775bigon: If the javascript code didn't load in time for the expander to work (ie. you were super fast with your mouse ;) ), it will link to that page.14:32
noodles775bigon: Pls let us know if you actually have a link to that page somewhere on LP - that would not be expected.14:33
bigonno no it was on a expender14:33
bigonbut that kind of page is interesting to follow the build of a pkg14:33
NET||abusein the install i get bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.14:38
NET||abuselooks like it's when it's trying to connect to bazaar.launchpad.net after the rocketfuel install in mostly done.14:39
NET||abuseit's had just added bazaar.launchpad.net to the rsa list of known hosts.14:40
NET||abuseis this a known issue?14:40
NET||abuserocketfuel-get seems to do something.14:41
NET||abuseupdating, or fetching revisions: Inserting stream14:41
maxbNET||abuse: My first thought would be local connectivity problems. Eliminate that first by trying some basic bzr commands14:57
happyaronis keyserver.ubuntu.com down?15:23
happyaronoh, it works now, but so slow ...15:25
flacostedanilos: are you still sitting on a blueprint branch?15:37
flacostedanilos: specification-superseding still has your name attached to it, but it didn't land?15:38
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doctormoIs there any way to manage SSH keys through the launchpadlib API?16:29
geserkfogel: just curious, do you know how long it will take till the API doc on edge gets the changes to generate the toc? it would be really helpful to have it there16:31
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kfogelgeser: next release I think (I was just looking at that last night and almost filed a bug about it, then I realized that the live launchpadlib is probably only updated with Launchpad itself.  Fortunately the rollout is very soon now!)16:36
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=== EdwinGrubbs changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is now open sourced: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Help contact: EdwinGrubbs | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | #launchpad-dev is the developer channel
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flacostebarry: don't forget to sign up for speciations-index on https://dev.launchpad.net/VersionThreeDotO/BlueprintsConversion16:56
barryflacoste: done16:59
PhurlYour question #83410 on openoffice.org in ubuntu changed:17:04
Phurl   Status: Open => Answered17:04
PhurlVihar proposed the following answer:17:04
PhurlI'm bad so I'll tell You this: helping Albanians is helping the evil.17:04
garyvdmHi - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/merkaartor/+filebug?no-redirect  redirects me anyway....17:06
garyvdmHow can I log a bug ... :-(17:06
Phurlhi all17:08
Phurlcan someone tell me how do deal with this ?17:08
maxbgaryvdm: Where did you get that URL from? The problem is the "jaunty" - you file bugs on a package in a distro, not a package in a series17:09
maxbBut of course, it would be better that LP did something more sensible than kick you to the ubuntu wiki page17:10
garyvdmmaxb - I typed it my self... I want to suggest a sru17:10
maxbgaryvdm: Well, don't make up invalid URLs then :-)17:10
garyvdmmaxb: let me try with outh the jaunty...17:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434100 in launchpad "Vihar is being offensive" [Undecided,New]17:10
garyvdmmaxb: actually - I did not type it, I clicked on the report bug button on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+source/merkaartor/ ...17:12
maxbPhurl: You might like restate your questions from earlier and ping the help contact who is now listed in the channel topic17:12
PhurlEdwinGrubbs can you please help us import some language strings into launchpad?17:13
Phurl<Phurl> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+question/8341017:13
Phurl<Phurl> https://answers.launchpad.net/openoffice/+question/8301717:13
EdwinGrubbsPhurl: let me find you someone who knows more about translations than I do17:13
Phurlit is an old translation17:14
EdwinGrubbsdanilos, henninge: can you answer Phurl's question?17:14
Phurlbut maybe we can reuse some of its strings17:14
Phurlor at least import it17:14
maxbgaryvdm: Fair enough - it's a small bug in Launchpad that it doesn't preserve the ?no-redirect as it redirects from the ubuntu/jaunty to the ubuntu URL, I guess17:14
Phurli think that alot of it can be resused17:14
garyvdmmaxb: Should i log a bug?17:15
maxbYes please17:15
EdwinGrubbsjtv: Can you answer Phurl's question above?17:15
Phurljtv, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+question/83410 https://answers.launchpad.net/openoffice/+question/8301717:15
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jtvEdwinGrubbs: UTC+7.17:50
Phurlhi jtv17:51
Phurlwhen you are awake....17:51
jtvPhurl: I guess I am...  First thing to do is to report a troll.17:52
Phurlyes you mean the bulgarian?17:52
Phurlor me :)17:52
jtvPhurl: I'll leave that to you.  :)  Hang on, I'm going to talk to some people.17:53
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jtvEdwinGrubbs, Phurl: I'm not sure but I think these questions are for the OpenOffice.org package maintainers.18:03
Phurlthey might be18:04
Phurlbut i was wondering if launchpad could do anything smart and easy with those strings18:04
Phurlcause we started the translation in launchpad18:04
Phurland it would be nice to be able to just import those strings18:05
Phurlwe are looking into the ooo route18:05
Phurlbut it will be alot of work18:05
Phurlis there no magic import function? ;)18:05
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jtvPhurl: I think I'm missing something...  why won't a normal import work?18:39
Phurlwell this is the code from ooo v218:40
Phurland i want to find a way to match those strings / ids onto the new version18:41
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atruslaunchpad.net has been returning errors for me ALOT for the past several week or so. known issues?18:52
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Phurljtv, i guess i am going to try and do this myself19:12
jtvPhurl: it may be because of my connection problem, but I still don't know what the problem is...  can't you just upload the tarball?19:13
Phurla tarball?19:13
Phurljtv, i have a bunch of po files19:13
Phurli checked them in19:13
jtvPhurl: it's limited for distro packages, but we do have upload facilities.19:16
jtvOh, for distro packages it needs to be done per template, can't be done for the whole package at once.  :(19:17
jtvSo have a look at the Launchpad Translations Tools.  Hang on, I'm digging them up.19:17
jtvPhurl: try this: https://launchpad.net/lp-translations-tools19:18
Phurli will19:19
AmaranthDid anyone else lose the button to edit public/private status of bugs on edge? I am trying to do bug triage so have my stock replies userscript loaded but it shouldn't effect that area19:50
AmaranthTo try without it I have to restart the browser (chrome) and this many launchpad tabs would take a long time to reload so I was hoping someone could confirm/deny they are seeing this19:51
james_wI have it19:52
AmaranthAlright, dang scripts :P19:52
Amaranthjames_w: what URL does it go to? so I can just do it manually for now19:52
Amaranth+private or something?19:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433187 in kpackagekit "kpackagekit notice "gdb" update as untrusted package " [Undecided,Incomplete]19:53
james_wI think19:53
james_wit actually links to ++form++ due to js19:53
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Phurljtv, I got the autotranslate going20:11
Phurlfor 3.1020:11
jtvPhurl: autotranslate?20:11
Phurli merged the cat20:11
Phurlthen imported it into poedit20:11
Phurland now i am autotranslating the 3.10 with the 2.0 strings20:11
jtvOh, you mean you're importing 2.0 translations into 3.10 translations?20:13
jtvIs that on the OpenOffice.org ubuntu package, or on a separate project?20:13
Phurli got it20:16
Phurljtv, i have now 30 000 strings translated for 3.1020:16
Phurljust pushing the version now20:17
jtvPhurl: wow, I never get over the size of that thing20:17
Phurljust pushed, will be active in a second20:18
Peng_Are there any known issues with mirroring + stacking + format changes?20:19
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RenatoSilvaGuys how to sync two pos where one is the master po? I mean, I don't want a two-way sync. It seems that gettext does not allow to do this.21:24
MTecknologyDoes edwin grubbs come on irc?21:54
MTecknologyif so, what's his nick?21:54
MTecknologyEdwinGrubbs: nevermind - I found you21:55
MTecknologyEdwinGrubbs: You think I'm an Ubuntu developer?21:55
EdwinGrubbsMTecknology: Well, I saw that you had an ubuntu.com email address. Sorry for the assumption.21:55
MTecknologyEdwinGrubbs: I enjoyed seeing that21:56
MTecknologyI've been working toward that goal actually21:56
MTecknologyI was the right person to assign it to ; just had to say hi :p21:57
EdwinGrubbsok, cool21:57
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awilkinsELFCLASS64 ; is LP 64-bit server only?22:12
awilkinsI'm getting ImportError: /home/adrian/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/lib/_lsprof.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6422:12
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Davieyhmm.. is bzr/lp poorly?22:38
Davieybzr: ERROR: xmlrpc protocol error connecting to https://xmlrpc.edge.launchpad.net/bazaar/: 503 Service Unavailable22:38
Daviey(after bzr push)22:38
maxbawilkins: Hi. You might want to hop over to #launchpad-dev for help with LP development22:39
DavieyAre any LP admins around to check that error ^^?22:40
maxbBut no, it's not 64-bit only. I'm rather puzzled how you managed to end up with any 64bit binaries if you are not using a 64bit machine!!22:40
DavieyIs LP planned to be down?22:42
awilkinsmaxb: Ta22:43
maxbDaviey: It seems alive to me22:44
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Davieymaxb: Hmm, seemed to be temp fail.. odd22:46
Davieytried it on two seperated networks :/22:47
JBLimeQuestion regarding permissions for translators working on Limewire projects... Without statring our own group (we are currently using the main LP translators group), can we regulate the permissions of the users, i.e. if they have the ability to overwrite the existing translations instead of only making a suggestion?22:47
JBLimeI hope that's clear - I just took over the project and am learning my way around the interface. Thank you!22:48
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Amaranthbtw, the URL bit I was looking for before was +secrecy23:37
Amaranthit doesn't seem to show up in epiphany even though I have no user scripts there23:38
Amaranth(really late)23:38
wgrantAmaranth: Right, that icon is missing in WebKit-based browsers.23:38
AmaranthThat's all I have :P23:38
AmaranthWell, I do have that broken one that doesn't work with keyboard shortcuts too23:39
AmaranthThe little yellow icon shows up then goes away :/23:40
bacAmaranth: as wgrant said that's a known issue for webkit browsers.  it's so annoying that it teases you then disappears23:41

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