ev0sx1hey there!!00:07
ev0sx1how's home?00:07
ev0sx1*who's home?00:07
BUGabundonoc noc00:07
ev0sx1tu não usas kubuntu00:08
ev0sx1ou usas?00:08
ev0sx1BUGabundo: do i know you?00:08
BUGabundono idea where you know me :)00:09
ev0sx1you from Portugal?00:09
BUGabundoe n, uso ubuntu e algumas apps de KDE00:09
BUGabundocomo kmail00:09
BUGabundoand yes, I'm from Portugal00:09
ev0sx1então como é que aqui vieste parar?00:09
BUGabundojoin us at #ubuntu-pt00:09
ev0sx1não sabes quem sou?00:09
BUGabundoplease talk in english in here00:10
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BUGabundostill clear :|00:10
Ev0luti0n_até colas-te agora00:10
Ev0luti0n_Anybody here experiencing issues on mounting internal drives with dolphin?00:13
BUGabundoI've read about it00:14
BUGabundoa few weeks back00:14
CynthiaEv0luti0n_: what type of drive?00:15
CynthiaI ask because of bug 431055, recently fixed00:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431055 in udev "gnome doesn't 'see' cdroms/dvds" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43105500:15
Cynthiathis title is misleading, because it's actually a bug in udev, which is used by all *buntus00:16
Ev0luti0n_i can't access the other windows partitions on the same drive, which i first need to mount on dolphin00:17
Ev0luti0n_to access the contents!00:17
CynthiaWhat file system do those partitions use?00:17
Ev0luti0n_has to do with hal.device.invalidmountpoint00:18
Ev0luti0n_i can provide screenshot if needed! I am going to read the launchpad site00:19
BUGabundoas I told you fsck the drives00:19
BUGabundoprob bad mount points00:19
CynthiaI can't see an existing bug related to NTFS mount problems or hal.device.InvalidMountPoint00:21
Ev0luti0n_going to take screenshot00:21
goat-eeehi, can someone who starts an installation of karmic confirm a bug I found here:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/43371400:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433714 in empathy "initial empathy account wizard does not offer IRC as an account" [Undecided,New]00:26
Ev0luti0n_Cynthia: any thoughts on this?00:28
BUGabundogoat-eee: you need empaty plugins for that00:30
CynthiaEv0luti0n_: I have no idea. Can't find anything on Launchpad about that either, so you may want to file this as a bug on Launchpad00:31
goat-eeeBUGabundo: why? the choice is available after exiting the wizard and going into Account00:31
BUGabundois it?00:31
goat-eeeBUGabundo: yes00:31
BUGabundothat's stupid  :(00:31
goat-eeehence, a bug :P00:31
goat-eeeand, imho, kind of an important one00:32
Cynthiagoat-eee: I haven't set up Empathy on my install yet, I'll try to confirm your bug00:32
goat-eeealthough, since there is a work around, i guess its not that bad00:32
goat-eeeCynthia: thanks!!00:32
Cynthiagoat-eee: confirmed, got screenshots. trimming them and using OptiPNG before posting them00:35
goat-eeeCynthia: nice, i didn00:35
goat-eeet know how to get the SS when the list was shown00:35
Cynthiagoat-eee: the "People Nearby" option is also missing from the Welcome Screen00:35
Cynthiaand I got the menu by cheating a little with the screenshot tool: I started it manually from Applications/Accessories and set the delay to 3 seconds00:36
Cynthiastart, switch to Empathy, click menu, wait00:36
goat-eeeCynthia: ahh, nice00:36
goat-eeeon a alpha 5 install, one of the package upgrades caused the system not to boot to gdm anymore,  there is a quick message about bad symlink, and then before login there is an acpi error that the system bus could not be loaded, anyone come across this?00:39
penguin42goat-eee: There have been a bunch of people with different errors - can you pastebin a dmesg somewhere?00:40
goat-eeeyes, one moment00:40
goat-eeepenguin42: would messages be useful?00:42
goat-eeesince i'm in a live env, dmesg isn't avail00:42
goat-eeeand when i boot, no interfaces work00:42
penguin42goat-eee: Oh right, erm maybe,  what graphics hardware do you have?00:42
goat-eee00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)00:44
goat-eee00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)00:44
penguin42goat-eee: You have a bunch of nasties in there00:45
goat-eeepenguin42: i think it goes beyond just gdm loading,  as my encrypted home partition doesnt load00:45
goat-eeepenguin42: there is an open bug report about the giwscan log spam00:45
penguin42the heat one can't help00:45
goat-eeepenguin42: which is not correct... as the laptop  is not hot :P00:46
goat-eeei'm going to try removing the eee acpi-tools i installed... that might help00:46
penguin42what about the RTMPCancelTimer?00:47
goat-eeethat is new to me00:47
penguin42it doesn't look particularly healthy00:47
goat-eeepenguin bug 37657700:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376577 in linux "module rt2860sta ERROR!!! RTMPCancelTimer failed, Timer hasn't been initialize!" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37657700:48
penguin42so you say it didn't start X?00:49
musikgoatok, i'm rebooting the eee and removing eeepc-acpi package00:49
musikgoatpenguin42: yes00:49
mrmcq2u_ooohhh..... 10.04's release name will be lucid lynx00:50
mrmcq2u_cool animal :D00:50
Cynthiamrmcq2u_: aye, very cool. I was thinking it could be lemur or something, but lynx is good too00:54
penguin42musikgoat: I'd see what happens if you do a startx00:55
mrmcq2u_an example of what a lynx is00:55
penguin42surely that would be a lazy lynx00:55
musikgoatpenguin42: trying now00:56
musikgoatit seems to be just hanging00:56
musikgoatxauth: timeout in lcoking authority file /home/tim/.Xauthority00:56
musikgoatwhen i ctrl+c that, it started to load00:57
penguin42odd one00:57
musikgoatpenguin42: it may be due to the fact that my encrypted home partition isn't mounting00:57
musikgoatthat was a stupid choice to do during alpha testing00:58
mrmcq2u_well I think it will be known as lynx not lucid but its still too early to tell00:58
mrmcq2u_or nicknamed I should say00:58
penguin42That would be too confusing with the web browser00:59
musikgoat??  somebody wants to send you the file startkeylogger?01:01
musikgoathmm, maybe reporting to #freenod01:02
blackest_knightsomebody is a stupid nick very confusing01:05
Cynthia* somebody :No such nick/channel01:05
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andresmhwhere can I edit the timeout period of the grub menu?01:09
andresmh/boot/grub/menu.lst does not exist01:09
musikgoatCynthia: #freenode is aware of it01:09
Cynthiamusikgoat: good01:10
Cynthiaandresmh: Grub 2's configuration is in /boot/grub/grub.cfg01:11
andresmhawesome thanks01:11
andresmhalso, i've noticed that karmic takesa while to shutdown, i forget exactly the message but at the end it shows something like "stopping process" and it keeps trying multiple times01:12
Cynthiainit: rc main process stopped by STOP signal / init: rc main process continued by CONT signal?01:13
Cynthiaand log-outs from GDM take exactly 10 seconds01:13
andresmhCynthia, yeah!01:13
andresmhand then [213.451312] Restarting system01:14
musikgoathmm, this sucks, i cannot even mount a usb device01:14
andresmhwhat is that about Cynthia ?01:14
musikgoatdmesg | tail shows the usb detected... "configuration #1 chosen from one choice"01:14
Cynthiaandresmh: No idea01:14
andresmhat least you've noticed too :)01:14
musikgoatbut no reference to the device node01:14
CynthiaThe grub.cfg file says that it takes its text from the various /etc/grub.d files, so update those files too if you edit the timeout etc.01:15
Cynthiaor edit those /etc/grub.d files and run update-grub01:15
andresmhumm seems more complicated than it used to :-/01:16
Amaranthandresmh: Are you trying to get the grub menu to come up?01:16
musikgoati think your supposed to edit /etc/default/grub, aren't you?01:16
Amaranthandresmh: If that is the case you just have to hold shift on boot01:16
andresmhAmaranth, i do want the grub menu to show up but not very often01:16
andresmhoh by default the menu is showing up01:16
andresmhis it not supposed to Amaranth ?01:17
Amaranthit isn't supposed to if you only have ubuntu01:17
andresmhi have windowze too :-/01:17
andresmhbut i almost never use it, so i would be fine skipping the menu most of the time01:18
musikgoatany suggestions on how to force a detection of a usb thumb drive01:18
musikgoator force the device to be linked01:18
andresmhI am not understanding /etc/grub.d files to figure out how to hide it/reduce the time out01:18
musikgoatandresmh: edit /etc/default/grub on the line GRUB_TIMEOUT="10"01:18
musikgoatthen run sudo update-grub01:19
andresmhthanks musikgoat !01:19
musikgoatandresmh: yw01:19
Amaranthandresmh: in that case you should be able to set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT to 001:19
andresmhif i wanted to hide the grub menu and only show it with shift pressed as Amaranth mentioned, what would i want to chnange?01:19
Amaranthandresmh: then it'll only show up when you hold shift01:19
andresmhalright! i am going to try it out01:20
darkhamhi, where's the page of mockups?01:22
gordare there problems with the intel driver at the moment? can't seem to load the i810 module here01:24
[31d1]dang it the ancient thinkfinger bug just came back01:27
andresmhAmaranth, musikgoat, i set  GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT to 0 but it still showed the grub menu01:27
andresmhi did run update-grub afterwards01:28
Amaranthandresmh: hmm, I guess that only works when it only finds one OS01:28
andresmhi see01:28
andresmhi'll set GRUB_TIMEOUT="1"01:29
musikgoatyey for persistent live usb!!01:30
musikgoatI have installed the fixed cryptsetup, and am rebooting01:30
andresmhI keep getting Network Manager crashes, when I try to report them I get "The program crashed on an assertion failure, but the message could not be retrieved. Apport does not support reporting these crashes"01:31
SEJeffHas anyone seen karmic hard lock with only '^@^@^@^@^' aka binary goo in /var/log/messages when it happens? I'm not sure if this needs to be reported or how to troubleshoot it.01:40
SEJeffThe only outliers are an ATI video card using fglrx and a resiserfs /home01:40
SEJeffBut on leaving this pc @ the gdm login prompt or using it normally, it completely deadlocks fairly frequently01:41
musikgoathmm, still get wierd "error locking counter" error, any suggestions for debugging "ecryptfs-mount-private"02:04
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DanaGhmm, pulseaudio still misdetects my usb surround sound card.02:40
musikgoatdoes anyone know, if I reinstall karmic, alpha 6, with the same username and not formatting /home partition, would it recover the encrypted fs?03:07
musikgoati chose to login and unencrypt03:08
musikgoatthe first install03:08
musikgoatso /home/.ecryptfs has my username/.Private and username/.ecryptfs03:08
genii-aroundzruty: <cough-cough> see !piracy03:19
genii-aroundWrong channel :)03:19
musikgoatanyone know what package the installer is in?03:24
Cynthiamusikgoat: ubiquity03:24
musikgoatCynthia: thanks, the installer for karmic refers to pidgin, which isn't installed anymore by default lol03:25
musikgoat(the waiting slides)03:26
Cynthiamusikgoat: that still isn't fixed in alpha6's installer? (I saw it in a5)03:26
Cynthiawell damn; are you filing a bug about this?03:26
Cynthiaif you aren't, I will :)03:26
musikgoatoh yea03:26
musikgoatsuprisingly, there isn't an existing one that i can find03:27
musikgoati'm filing bugs left and right03:27
Cynthiathe slideshow itself03:27
CynthiaThe slideshow itself is in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu03:27
musikgoatoh, awesome thanks03:28
musikgoatbug 42364003:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423640 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "pidgin promoted in slideshow while not being in the livefs or resulting install" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42364003:29
musikgoat           Fix is committed by Evan Dandrea in lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu revision 134 :)03:30
Cynthiaoh, nice03:30
musikgoati guess it'll be in the beta03:30
jdoHmm...I would think there would be a warning about how broken the latest upgrade is03:44
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musikgoatjdo: you mean besides the warning when installing and in the channel message? :)03:45
musikgoatjdo: i just installed alpha6 and am doing an upgrade, any packages i should avoid?03:46
Cynthiajdo: You mean there was another update in the last 3 hours?03:53
myk_robinsonevening, all03:57
myk_robinsonAny comments on Empathy versus Pidgin? Just trying out 9.10 alpha 6 live disk03:58
jdsbluedevhi, I'm trying out Alpha 6, and I have some questions.  First, is anyone else having stability issues with the newest kernel (2.6.31)?  Whenever I boot with it, my screen starts flickering like crazy and the system doesn't go into the login screen03:59
jdsbluedevreverting to the latest Jaunty kernel fixed the issue03:59
musikgoatmyk_robinson: I'm ok with it so far, but I'm still getting used to it... i haven't looked into all the plugins yet04:01
jdsbluedevalso, using VLC has been a pain.  I can't get the controller on the screen (only video)04:01
musikgoatjdsbluedev: turn off compiz04:02
jdsbluedevmusikgoat: compiz is causing the kernel problem?04:02
musikgoatjdsbluedev: no, its cauing your remote desktop problem04:02
BluesKajcompiz is iffy on karmic , I had more plasma crashes with it enabled than without04:03
jdsbluedevwell, turning off compiz doesn't fix the VLC issue04:03
Daii'm just wondering how xfce's shaping up in karmic04:03
jdsbluedevso I imagine you're talking about the boot problem instead?04:03
musikgoatjdsbluedev: hmm, there is a known bug in vino that causes the vnc server to not paint changes to the client when compiz is enabled, i had believed you were suffering from that04:04
jdsbluedevblinking problem remains in 2.6.31 bootup, even with Compiz off04:05
jdsbluedevso I guess you were talking about VLC04:05
musikgoatyes, did you see my statements above?04:06
jdsbluedevyeah, you said remote desktop04:06
musikgoatmusikgoat: jdsbluedev: hmm, there is a known bug in vino that causes the vnc server to not paint changes to the client when compiz is enabled, i had believed you were suffering from that04:06
jdsbluedevI'm pretty much a novice when it comes to deeper stuff, so I didn't know what you meant by that04:06
jdsbluedevand that, I saw.04:06
jdsbluedevbut yeah, the VLC and kernel problems are separate04:07
myk_robinson1need a litte help. Just installed 9.10 on a test laptop. Worked great in Live CD mode, but installed, the screen just flickers in text, does not respond to any typing, and i have to force a power down on the system. WHere to start? How can i startup in some sort of safe graphics mode long enough to run updates?04:07
jdsbluedevthe kernel I tried to use was 2.6.31-1004:07
jdsbluedevseems to be unstable.  Kernel I set to default for the time being (until kernel issues are fixed) is 2.6.28-1504:07
myk_robinson1also, seems the hard drive light flickers in time with the screen. EXT4 issues, or kernel related?04:09
bullgard4indicator-applet-session 0.1 > Set Status opens a menu with 5 menu items: 'Available', 'Away', 'Busy', 'Invisible', 'Offline'. All are grayed out. Why?04:12
musikgoatbullgard4: wouldn't that only be used if you are using empathy?04:13
musikgoatare you running empathy?04:13
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myk_robinson1any idea how to bring up the boot menu in 9.10?04:14
musikgoatmyk_robinson1: possibly hold shift after bios04:14
musikgoator tap continuously04:14
bullgard4musikgoat: Empathy IM client is installed by default. But I have not yet been running it on this computer.04:14
myk_robinson1shift got it, thank you04:15
musikgoatbullgard4: right, those options are tied into that app as far as i understand04:15
musikgoatmyk_robinson1: cool04:15
bullgard4musikgoat: Ok. Thank you for commenting.04:15
myk_robinson1i still get the flicker even in recovery mode. I can do nothing, but the live CD worked.. ANy ideas?04:15
myk_robinson1the keyboard is workining now, but have to press each key several time before it enter.. trying to run updates to see if anything gets fixed04:17
bullgard4myk_robinson1: Please accustom to the habit to prepend your IRC messages with the nick of the addressee. It is impolite to the rest of the many users of a much used channel to leave that out.04:18
myk_robinson1bullgard4: sorry, it was a general inquiry meant for whomever could help04:18
bullgard4myk_robinson1: I see. Please enjoy Ubuntu.04:19
jdsbluedevanother issue I'm noticing is that volume control does not seem to be working04:19
musikgoatjdsbluedev: hmm, i have seen that as well in jaunty as of late04:20
jdsbluedevmusikgoat: it's missing from the toolbar, and it's refusing to open when I go to the Applications menu04:20
webb82fi need some help  gnome-do docky is very very slow on  my intel 943 card i hear the 2.4.3 driver will fix this04:20
musikgoatjdsbluedev: do you have an audio hardware detected in lspci?04:21
jdsbluedevyes, Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 8)04:21
musikgoathmm, and are there built in drivers for that card? i'm not sure...04:22
jdsbluedevwell, I can get sound if I turn the speakers up high04:22
musikgoatjdsbluedev: well that answers that :)04:23
jdsbluedevI think it's just a matter of getting into the system volume control04:23
jdsbluedevbut I can't do that04:23
jdsbluedevI'm stuck on a dialog box that says "waiting for sound system to respond"04:24
musikgoathmm, you can use alsamixer as a work around until the issue is fixed04:24
jdsbluedevyep, that's working04:25
jdsbluedevas for the kernel problem, I guess I'll have to file a bug report on that.  Or do you know if anyone else is experiencing that?04:26
musikgoatjdsbluedev: hmm, looks like it could be due to pulseaudio being missing, did you uninstall that?04:27
webb82fi need to add a line to my xorg.config file but i cant find it in karmic04:27
musikgoatjdsbluedev: i'm not sure04:27
jdsbluedevmusikgoat: the main pulseaudio package is installed04:27
musikgoatthats where i saw that possibility04:28
bullgard4webb82f: It is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:28
jdsbluedevmusikgoat: it's installed, so that can't be it04:28
musikgoatjdsbluedev: yes, but you could add to this thread if you want04:29
musikgoatto get further help04:29
webb82fmy xorg.config file is empty04:29
webb82fim trying to speed up gnome dos docky04:30
bullgard4webb82f: My xorg.conf is not empty by default. I do not know dos docky.04:32
Cynthiacaution with 'dos', you really mean "do's". Gnome DO's Docky04:32
musikgoatwebb82f: /etc/X11/xinit/sserverrc has some stuff... but i think everything is moved around in this version of X...04:33
musikgoatnice, fail!!!04:35
musikgoatinit: unable to connect to the system bus: failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory04:36
musikgoatsame error I had before re-installing04:36
webb82fi need to add  Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"  to xorg.conf04:36
webb82fwill that mess up my computer04:36
bjsniderif it does it would be easy enough to fix04:37
bjsniderblow away xorg.conf again04:38
musikgoathmm, trying a dist-upgrade now to fix my issue :)04:40
dael99karmic alpha 6: Alt-gr key not working.. ideas??04:40
Cynthiadael99: using which keyboard layout?04:41
dael99EEUU the same04:41
dael99neither the Win key04:44
dael99I've tried configuring I-Bus, nothing working...04:44
Cynthia|@#~½¬{[]}  is this your number row with Alt-Gr?04:45
DanaGibus sucks, compared to SCIM.04:45
DanaGIf I try to use the latex input method, it eats all input without waiting for a '\' to trigger on.04:45
dael99@DanaG: but it's by default in Karmic04:46
Cynthiadael99: well, I don't know; I just typed this line in the Spain / variant Spain keyboard layout in XChat without much more configuration04:46
DanaGoh, and the icon in the tray is really, really fugly.04:46
CynthiaI just went into the keyboard preferences as usual04:46
dael99@Cynthia: but you are on Karmic??04:47
Cynthiadael99: Yes, on Karmic alpha 6, otherwise I would not be in #ubuntu+1 :)04:47
dael99@DanaG: cannot agree more...04:47
dael99ok... any idea of WHY if I choose Spanish in boot menu, the layout is EEUU.. and not working??04:48
webb82fanoyone know of a good alternative to the gnome menu04:48
Cynthiadael99: Ah, in the boot menu for the live CD. I haven't tried it there, only from inside GNOME. Sorry.04:48
dael99@webb82f: you mean the tree words at the top?? Gnome super menu? Global Menu? AWN?04:49
dael99@Cynthia: anyway, it should work from inside...04:49
CynthiaIt does work04:49
dael99@Cynthia: it seems like a bug for me or a regression04:50
dael99@Cynthia: i will boot again to karmic and return (i can't use the @ or # so, I can't log in IRC)04:53
Cynthiause Ctrl+Shift+U 0040 and 0023 @ #04:53
Cynthia/join <Ctrl+Shift+U>0040ubuntu+104:54
DanaGugh, the latex ibus method is completely broken.04:56
DanaGIt eats everything.04:56
DanaGargh, itkeepseatingallspacesbecauseitassumesit'ssupposedtomatcheverything.04:57
Cynthiatranslation: it seems to eat spaces too04:57
CynthiaPerhaps you should04:58
Cynthiano bug filed about this yet04:59
todd_any info on karmic 64 not mounting cd media--I can burn correctly but not play or read them?05:01
dael99@Cynthia: working.05:11
dael99but i'll fill a Bug.05:11
Cynthiadael99: ok05:11
dael99@Cynthia: however, it's not set by default and means a usability issue.05:12
dael99(I'm on english desktop) can this be the reason?05:12
Cynthiait shouldn't do that even on an English desktop05:13
Cynthiaif you select the Spain option in the CD boot screen05:13
dael99@Cynthia: totally agree. The fix is really simple (just a checkbox). Hope this doesn't land on Karmic05:13
Cynthiathat should be applied as a keyboard layout independently of locale05:14
dael99I'll boot again to see how this behaves when selecting Spanish.05:16
tj83anyone know what i can do about a clicky or poping sound card initialization, even better how to make pulse audio stop crashing lol05:17
dael99@tj83: PulseAudio is really buggy, have you try killing it and using Alsa alone?05:18
tj83dael99, well, if i kill it respawns and i just got it actually working in all my applications so if can just keep it going would be good.05:19
tj83this normal? Sep 20 23:16:56 quad pulseaudio[5061]: ratelimit.c: 152 events suppressed05:21
dael99@tj83 is that from your syslog?05:21
tj83i am tailing syslog atm too05:22
tj83waiting for the next crash05:22
myk_robinsonalright, another clean installation and the laptop is actually working now, no clue why.. My laptop fan is running constantly whereas it didint in the previous release. What can I do to begin troubleshooting? Its a compaq with AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU05:23
tj83myk_robinson, see if cpu scaling is working use top or system monitor to see if you have any hung processes05:24
tj83pulse audio had me pegged at 99% earlier05:24
myk_robinsontj83: how can i verify cpu scaling?05:24
Amaranthtj83: 'We expect there will be regressions in the form of audible pops when the AMPs power down (and/or up). If you experience this symptom in 9.10, please file a bug using "ubuntu-bug alsa-base". Be sure to change the summary of the bug afterward to "[9.10 regression] HDA power_save=10".'05:24
Amaranthtj83: I suppose you won't want to use the title though so I could have just said `ubuntu-bug alsa-base` :P05:25
dael99@tj83: no, it's not normal :D05:25
myk_robinsontj83: processes seem normal, minimal usage while idle05:25
Amaranthdael99: pretty sure putting @ like that breaks nick highlighting for most people which defeats the whole purpose of putting the nick in front of a line05:25
myk_robinsontj83: pulseaudio is showing to be sleeping, using 0%05:25
CynthiaAmaranth: not to mention that the @ can make the target look like an op05:26
Cynthiathough @Cynthia: earlier did highlight me, I guess XChat is lenient on that05:27
tj83myk_robinson, sudo tail /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq05:27
tj83sorry had to dive in to remember that path.05:27
myk_robinsontj83: seems to be. I ran the command a few times and got different numbers, mostly being lower05:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433778 in ibus-table "ibus latex input method (package ibus-table) doesn't wait for backslash before triggering" [Undecided,New]05:29
tj83myk_robinson, then its working05:30
tj83myk_robinson, you could try a combination of gkrellm or conkey and lm-sensors to get temperatures in most cases, hddtemp too05:31
myk_robinsontj83: thank you. Is there more I can check? May just be some regression within the kernel. 9.04 did not do this, the fan cut on and off with regard to temperatire.05:31
Cynthiatj83: or less /etc/motd05:31
myk_robinsontj83: just checked my temps with lm-sensors, everything is fine. 41 degrees celcius with a critical of 120 degrees05:32
Cynthiabecause of the update-motd package, which gives you the temperature of the processor05:32
om26erafter the complete upgrade empathy is removed and cannot be installed again i get some dependency error05:36
genii-aroundBah. "Lucid Lynx" indeed.05:36
Amaranthom26er: This is why you don't blindly dist-upgrade05:37
Amaranthom26er: wait a couple hours until all the pieces of it finish building and try again05:37
musikgoatom26er: did you update your repos?05:39
om26ermusikgoat: yes i just updated them05:39
om26erempathy: Depends: libebook1.2-9 (>= 2.27.92)05:40
genii-aroundIs there any plan to implement some sanity check on a .deb in /var/cache/apt/archives before the system tries to install it? Currently if the file partially exists from a broken download it assumes the thing is whole05:44
mezquitalehow do you configure nic's in karmic?05:47
tj83genii-around, @ Lucid Lynx... i was there at ALF, were you?05:47
genii-aroundtj83: No, I don't get out much. They have me physically chained to the computer05:47
tj83mezquitale, is it not /etc/network/interfaces anymore?05:47
om26erempathy: Depends: libebook1.2-9 (>= 2.27.92)05:48
om26erthis error is now more than 5days old05:48
mezquitaletj83, i do not know, I didnt automatically configure my nic's when I installed karmic because I did not have net access at the time05:49
tj83mezquitale, use the GUI nm-applet network manager in the system tray or use the file /etc/network/interfaces file to manually configure.05:50
genii-aroundom26er: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libebook&searchon=names&suite=karmic&section=all reports libebook is at that version (2.27.92). So you could try force version with something like: sudo apt-get install libebook=2.27.9205:50
genii-aroundmight need packagename exactly as libebook1.2-9  there actually, but same idea05:52
musikgoathmm, i guess the status options are not enabled, even when empathy is running...05:52
tj83up's updates... rebooting.05:52
musikgoatI have all grey options for status under the section where I can shutdown05:52
om26ergenii-around: it says no package libebook05:52
mezquitaletj83, it looks like i have to install the drivers first, I cant even configure the wireless,  the error Im getting is "Tthe configuration could not be saved.  Invalid data was found."05:53
genii-aroundom26er: try as I said then with packagename set to libebook1.2-9           but otherwise exact same command05:53
genii-aroundom26er: eg: sudo apt-get install libebook1.2-9=2.27.9205:54
om26ergenii-around: E: Version '2.27.92' for 'libebook1.2-9' was not found05:55
musikgoatbullgard4: I'm sorry, I was wrong about the status options you were referencing... looks like they are not integrated into empathy currently... or there is something stopping them from working even when empathy is running05:55
genii-aroundom26er: please pastebin result of: apt-cache policy libebook1.2-905:55
bullgard4musikgoat: Thank you for your information.05:56
* genii-around sips and thinks likely version specified as 2.27.92-0ubuntu1 05:56
om26ergenii-around: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m122cd2b405:57
mezquitaletj83_, thanks, i have an IP now, dont know if it'll work correctly but now I can at least download the updates05:57
genii-aroundom26er: try then: sudo apt-get install libebook1.2-9=2.27.92-0ubuntu105:58
mezquitaleif youre trying out the latest and greatest alpha version, how will I be able to upgrade to the actual karmic release?? Will I be able to upgrade the alpha version to the official release?05:58
om26ergenii-around: libebook1.2-9: Depends: libcamel1.2-14 (>= 2.27)05:59
om26er                 Depends: libedataserver1.2-11 (>= 2.27.92)05:59
om26ergenii-around: when i install libedataserver it asks to remove many packages05:59
genii-aroundom26er: I'm not sure what packages that one needs or doesn't need removed. If it doesn't look like anything crucial I'd likely chance it. but thats just me.06:01
om26ergenii-around: believe it tends to remove far important things06:02
mezquitaleKarmic has the same flaw jaunty has, it can't automatically configure grub so that it adds existing operating systems to GRUB, now I have to manually add xp and jaunty06:02
genii-aroundom26er: Anyhow, the basic idea is.. when it says something like: Depends packagename (>=1.2.3whatever)   then the result of: apt-cache policy packagename gives you the candidate's version numbers to use as a specific version to ask it to install, as we did just earlier06:03
om26ergenii-around: by doing that with libedataserver it asked me to remove things.06:04
om26er# sorry i forgot to tell u but i am on ubuntu moblin remix06:04
DanaGARGH, stupidIBUS.06:07
genii-aroundom26er: Is the list of things it wants to remove larger than the list of dependencies off the page here? http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/libedataserver1.2-1106:10
om26ergenii-around: how abt this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m72545f7806:12
genii-aroundom26er: Yes, wanting to remove gnome-control-panel and gnome-session and so on is somewhat worrying06:14
om26ergenii-around: it aske to remove the whole moblin environment06:15
genii-aroundom26er: Hm. I have no satisfactory solution then.06:16
om26erany body here can plz tell me when is the new daily image of ubuntu moblin remix is gonna come. it milestone target is karmic-beta and no live image after 14september?06:17
CynthiaKarmic beta is next week06:18
mezquitalejoin #ubuntustudio06:19
om26ermezquitale: me?06:19
mezquitaleom26er, no, i wanted to join #ubuntustudio, i just didn't type "/" at the beginning, sorry06:22
^arky^Darn! Anyone got a clue: my computer fails to find ./lib/cryptdisks/cryptdisks.functions and refuses to boot07:39
cwilluanyone care to enlighten me on the internals of bash completions?08:06
njsafter an upgrade to karmic, I'm getting "these packages cannot be authenticated!" errors from apt-get upgrade -- I guess ubuntu switched signing keys or something? Anyone know how to fix this?08:22
aftertafhi all08:32
aftertafkarmic is looking nicer and nicer,  though a couple of issues from time to time. but hey, thats unstable :)08:33
aftertafi lost sound yesterday, i understand squat about pulse audio, and now sound is back :) Anyone know how to install the codecs for k3b aplha 1.66?08:33
BHSPitMonkey_njs, I can't relate to the signing issue, but you should prefer "apt-get dist-upgrade" over just "upgrade" if you don't already08:34
njsBHSPitMonkey_: old sid habits :-)08:34
njsBHSPitMonkey_: but thanks08:34
aftertafwondering if theres a packaging error, because it depends on libavcodec version that can be replaced by another one, but doing so wants to remove loads of stuff . . .08:35
vegaany tests around regarding karmic bootup speed? ie. has it dropped compared to jaunty08:39
aftertafi think so.08:40
aftertafbut also speed changes due to ext408:40
aftertafand since ext4 killed my goldfish, i reverted08:40
vegaupgraded a few weeks but i forgot to record the time it took to boot on jaunty08:43
vegaoh well, it seems the bigger steps in reducing boot time are going to happen in 10.0408:43
aftertafi also see that a lot of /etc/init.d services have muted into 'Services' . . . .08:50
cwilluaftertaf, /etc/init/08:51
cwilluupstart jobs, which is something that's been in place for years now; it's good to see that it's finally getting used for more than tty's :)08:51
aftertafwazzat all about then ? :)08:51
cwillustart <job>; stop <job>08:51
aftertafah right....08:51
cwilluupstart is the init08:51
aftertafbig difference to init.d ??08:51
cwilluwhich lets it do that sort of thing far more effectively08:52
cwillu(the init process ultimately gets notification when any child process dies if its been orphaned, which otherwise has to be hacked in to do rc stuff)08:52
cwilluthe job files are quite a bit simpler, although I don't know that we get much of the benefit of that yet08:52
cwilluas I think the upstart jobs were mechanically translated08:53
aftertaf:) ok thx for that08:53
aftertafjust as i got used to init.d stuff :)08:53
cwilluaftertaf, look in /etc/event.d/ for the previously existing jobs, which are simpler to look at and generally a better example08:54
cwillusuffice to say that I hope start-stop-daemon dies a horribly painful death due to neglect now :)08:54
aftertafdaemon is evil :)08:54
Turms_i'm updating karmic, but i find in the repository vim-tiny only and not vim, is it just a my problem (i'm updating via chroot from debian because i cannot boot into karmic after the install08:54
aftertafTurms_: whats your blocking error for karmic boot ?08:55
cwilluaftertaf, http://pastebin.com/f5f52083a is a complete job description on one of my servers08:55
cwilluaftertaf, i.e., everything that is necessary to make sure that job never dies08:55
cwillunotice how it's 5 lines long :p08:56
aftertafthat is like, bag loads simpler :)08:56
cwilluit is, it is08:56
Turms_aftertaf: the problem is apparmor,08:56
desaparecidohi, i have a problem (it's the second time this time) with KMAIL and IMAPdisconnect, I losted all my email without notice, only ALL IS EMPTY..  i use Kubuntu Karmic with latest updates, somes ideas??? thanks08:56
Turms_aftertaf: so i tried to boot using the recovery mode08:57
aftertafany way to turn off apparmor ?08:57
cwilluaftertaf, /etc/init.d/apparmor stop08:57
aftertafor stop apparmor ? :)08:58
cwilluyes, it's that simple :p08:58
cwilluno, it's not an upstart job yet I don't think08:58
cwillubut one or the other :p08:58
aftertafoki :)08:58
aftertafi'm grasping08:58
Turms_aftertaf: no, i didn't , in recovery mode it boots because it skip apparmor08:58
aftertafTurms_: recovery mode do anything good ?08:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about motd08:58
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:58
aftertafthere a 'workaround' for that? i've not had that problem . . .08:59
Turms_aftertaf: as i said before in recovery it boots but i cannot connect08:59
cwilludesaparecido, """Karmic is NOT RELEASED and may break your system""".  That said, I don't actually have any useful information to give you, sorry :;p08:59
aftertafTurms_: in recov mode, in shell, disable apparmor completely, and try reboot08:59
aftertafbut you're in a chroot, you cant update things ?08:59
Armageddonalpha6 live mode didn't boot, and stoped at the loading screen09:00
cwilluArmageddon, remove "quiet splash" from the boot line in grub, that'll give some useful info09:00
cwilluor from the loader09:01
Armageddoni tried it from the livecd :/09:01
desaparecidocwillu: i know that, but i search to understand why, but if theres not information :( i hope that is a small problem to resolve with futurs updates.  I will to sync "again" my kmail account.thanks09:02
cwilludesaparecido, "ubuntu-bug kmail" and follow the prompts.  Worst case, somebody converts it to a question, best case, it gets fixed :)09:04
Turms_aftertaf: yes i 've updated, but i cannot find vim, just vim-tiny, is it the same for you?09:06
aftertafTurms_: aftertaf@serendipity:~$ whereis vim09:06
aftertafvim: /usr/bin/vim.tiny /usr/bin/vim.basic /usr/bin/vim /etc/vim /usr/share/vim /usr/share/man/man1/vim.1.gz09:06
aftertafno i have it09:07
desaparecidocwillu: thanks.. i will do it09:07
Turms_aftertaf: well, this is very strange09:07
Turms_aftertaf: anyway i've some problems updating via chroot09:07
Armageddondesaparecido: Don't worry but it will get fixed sooner or later, since Jaunty Jackalops was released, my bluetooth didn't work at all ! and today for no apparent reason but updates it works :)09:08
Turms_aftertaf: uhmmm, if i use dselect it doesn't find vim, if i run apt-get install vim it finds it09:08
Turms_aftertaf: anyway ok, how do i stop apparmor in order it do not starts at the next boot?09:10
aftertafyou can easily do a change that can be reverted back . . . .09:11
aftertafremove the executalbe flag on /etc/rcS.d/apparmor with chmod -x09:12
Turms_aftertaf: ah ok, i was thinking of using update-rc.d09:13
aftertafi find that syntax easily mistakable :)09:13
aftertafmy problem ;)09:13
desaparecidoArmageddon: yeah, you're reason, i hope that will be soon, but i funny all the problems of beta's to learn :P09:18
aftertafTurms_: get anywhere ?09:33
Turms_aftertaf: sorry, i've received a phone call, i'll try to start karmic following your suggestion , tks09:44
aftertafTurms_: life happens ;)09:44
Turms_aftertaf: if i'm not mistaken i remember having read somewuere that i could add in the grub.cfg something like apparmor=off or apparmor=no or false09:52
Turms_ok, anyway i reboot09:52
Turmsaftertaf: ok, i'm in karmic10:10
Turmsaftertaf: i'd to reconfigure /etc/network/interfaces because x doesn't start neither nm-applet does :-D10:11
Turmsi think i'll file a couple of bugsreport, first for the apparmor problem, second because x starts everything seem to work and suddenly it dies10:13
ManateeLazyCatHi guys, 9.10 is stable enough now?10:31
ManateeLazyCatI occur error (maybe is bug) in 9.04, i think i will try to use 9.10 (skip 9.04) if it stable enough.10:32
SensivaManateeLazyCat Its in the topic. Karmic is NOT RELEASED and may break your system10:35
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:48
* lupine_85 mashes some parsnips actively ;)10:50
ActionParsnipwhy is it that vlc plays videos / music really badly but totem playsit really well and smooth?10:53
mac_vActionParsnip: what is the volume level? vlc can have levels upto 400%11:04
ActionParsnipit just stutters and stammers11:04
ActionParsnip2b DDR2 + 1.6Ghz AM2 Semperon11:04
mac_vhmm , yeah , the stuttering happens to me too  , i just delete the /.pulse folder and restart pulse11:05
ActionParsnipmac_v: i'll give it a buzz11:06
mac_vnot -k , but $killall pulseaudio && pulseaudio11:06
ActionParsnipbtw frets on fire mhl mod 3.1 is da BOM11:06
ActionParsnipis .pulse-cookie to e deleted too?11:07
mac_vi havent tried that  ... but give kick it ;)11:08
ActionParsnipyeah :D11:08
vistakillerplay pause buttons in flash player didnt work11:08
vistakilleranyone else have the problem?11:08
ActionParsnipvistakiller: try turning off visual effects11:08
ActionParsnipvistakiller: yes mine does it too, kill efects and you are gold11:09
vistakilleri like effect :P :D11:09
ActionParsnipvistakiller: more then play / pause in flash based videos?11:09
ActionParsnipi hate compiz so much11:10
vistakillerbut it works...11:10
vistakillercompiz help me to work11:10
* lupine_85 is finding gnome-shell Better(tm)11:10
ActionParsnipvistakiller: well its breaking other stuff (standard)11:10
vistakillerexpo scale plugin is very usefull11:10
ActionParsnipvistakiller: then you'll have to switch etween efects and no efects when you use flash video if you need stop / pause / whatever11:11
lupine_85can't use it 100% yet, though11:11
ActionParsniplupine_85: tried tilda?11:11
lupine_85nah, I use yakuake11:11
* lupine_85 tends to use gnome DE but KDE apps11:12
vistakillermaybe i will try and 64 edition of flash player11:12
lupine_85best of both worlds, etc :)11:12
ActionParsniplupine_85: same difference :)11:14
ActionParsniplupine_85: i try to stick to one, less bloat11:14
vistakillerin kwin with effect is work fine..11:14
ActionParsnipvistakiller: kwin can perform effects of its own, gnome will use compiz and compiz can break stuff11:14
* lupine_85 finds it impossible to stick to one, and doesn't need to worry about the 'bloat'11:15
ActionParsnipvistakiller: ask in #compiz they may know a trick or 311:15
vistakilleri have reload compiz and now it works...11:15
lupine_85some MB of shared libraries doesn't kill me :)11:15
ActionParsniplupine_85: why not install e17 and openbox too?11:16
ActionParsniplupine_85: best of many worlds11:16
lupine_85because I prefer the gnome DE to theirs11:16
lupine_85obviously :)11:16
ActionParsniplupine_85: but you are "losing out" ;) this is why i keep mine pure11:17
lupine_85nah, I have more choice than you, ergo I win11:17
lupine_85e.g. I get to use konsole/yakuake, which is superior to gnome-terminal/tilda11:17
lupine_85(IMO, anyway)11:17
ActionParsniplupine_85: how is it superior?11:17
lupine_85the tabs are better, and the pulldown action is also better11:18
lupine_85split horizontally/split vertically is awesome11:18
ActionParsnippulldown takes time. I have it snapping down no messing around11:18
ActionParsnipyeah the split is nice, tilda uses tabs which isnt so great11:19
lupine_85your policy of 'purity' means you can't use it, though :)11:19
ActionParsnipoh i use it, and well11:19
ActionParsnipchat and browsing and frets on fire is practically all i do11:19
ActionParsnipso LXDE for me :)11:19
mac_vlupine_85: hmm.. how are you able to run gnome-shell? i get errors when is start with $/usr/bin/gnome-shell --replace11:31
mac_vit just falls back to the panel :(11:31
lupine_85mac_v, you're likely missing a symlink of /usr/lib/libclutter-glx.....11:32
lupine_85hang on, I fixed it here11:32
mac_vi got a couple of these errors> WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported!  This is an application bug!11:32
lupine_85libclutter-glx-1.0.so should link to libclutter-glx-1.0.so.0 which should link to libclutter-glx-1.0.so.0.0.011:33
lupine_85and of course, if your card doesn't support GLX 1.3, you've got no hope anyway11:33
mac_vaw :(11:33
lupine_85there's a libclutter-gtk, but I don't think gnome-shell plays well11:33
mac_vstupid ATI cards!11:34
lupine_85using fglrx or -ati ?11:36
mac_v-ati from xorg edgers11:36
lupine_85ah, well, it'll get there eventually11:37
ActionParsnipmac_v: +111:38
* lupine_85 has a couple of radeon hd 3xxx cards sat around - he got bored of waiting for the open-source graphics card drives, and hates fglrx, so got an nvidia card instead11:38
* mac_v bought a laptop with stupid ATI cards! :(11:39
ActionParsnipalways buys nvidia11:41
ActionParsnipand consults HCL to ensure compatibility11:42
ActionParsnipshop smart and you get less grief11:42
lupine_85I did that, and only had a minor moment of insanity back when ATI was bought by AMD (who I'm a fanboi of)11:43
mac_vheh... i bought this ~3yrs ago , when all cards were crappy ;p11:43
ActionParsnipmac_v: nvidia has been good to me since TNT2 Ultra was top dog11:44
ActionParsnip1998 maybe...11:45
mac_vmeh... i'v heard complaints here about nvidia too ;)11:45
mac_vbut ATI is sloooooooooowly , getting better11:46
mac_vKMS works with kernel -9 onwards but there needs to be a bit of tweaking in the kernel to make it work good11:47
* lupine_85 wonders who else started off with an S3 ViRGE DX11:49
lupine_85S3 = win11:50
lupine_85or they did...11:50
penguin42was theat the 864 chip?11:50
lupine_85I think, a bit after that11:51
penguin42my P90 had an 864 :-)11:51
alankilaI don't remember which S3 my P90 had... But I recall going to shop to buy some extra RAM chips for it and plugging them into the video board. (And it worked, too.)11:57
* penguin42 should probably try a Karmic CD on his P90, I know Lenny doesn't work, but that boot problem was fixed in 2.6.29ish12:01
ActionParsnippenguin42: try puppy ;)12:02
penguin42hmm that does remind me, I need to get my puppy ARM Slug running again12:02
ActionParsnipor xpud if you are feeling brave. Boots hell fast12:03
ActionParsnipbut is limited12:03
MichalxoNM problem here12:05
MichalxoI am unable to connect lan network in school12:05
MichalxoI had to use sudo dhclient to get IP and connection12:05
Michalxowifi had big issues too...12:05
Michalxoanyone with something lsimilar?12:06
penguin42Michalxo: My NM has switched which of it's configurations it uses by default12:10
Michalxowell my NM is dead.. bu I have connection :)12:10
vistakillerwhy i cant login in kubuntu with my user12:19
vistakilleris say permision denied12:19
ActionParsnipvistakiller: can you log on as another user?12:19
vistakillerwhen i sellect the user the login screen reload and says permision denied12:20
penguin42vistakiller: use ctrl-alt-f1 to switch to a text console and see if you can log in there (you can switch back with ctrl-alt-f7 or maybe 8)12:21
James147vistakiller: Make sure capslock isent on first ;)12:21
ActionParsnipvistakiller: try booting to root recovery, make a new user then reboot and try logon as that12:21
vistakillersame there12:21
vistakilleri cant type the pass12:22
vistakillerwhen i sellect the user it say permision denied12:22
James147vistakiller: in the virtual console you wont see the password being typed, but it is12:22
vistakillerok i will try to do new user12:22
vistakilleri know...12:22
vistakilleri use 3 years ubuntu :p12:22
James147vistakiller: just making sure ;)12:22
kristian42ANyone know what I have to do to get my altgr key to work in gnome again ? It works on a new user I create on my machine, but fails on my upgraded user12:24
vistakilleri try to add a user in recovery mode and it say paswwd: permision denied12:25
penguin42kristian42: You could try system->preferences->keyboard->Layouts, select your keyboard and hit layout options12:25
vistakillerand with the new user the same thing12:28
vistakilleri think i have to reinstall xubuntu12:29
kristian42penguin42: Thanks, I had to uncheck the "separate layout" - clicking "apply system wide" did not seem to do the trick before I did a quick "Reset to defaults" and then Apply System wide. Strange.12:30
penguin42kristian42: There are so many options on that screen I think it's hard to know which one randomly changes your behaviour!12:31
kristian42penguin42: Yup, I suppose that gui leaves something to be desired. Thanks a lot12:32
ActionParsnipvistakiller: in recovery console try: dpkg-reconfigure gdm12:34
vistakilleris show an error12:38
vistakillerfailed to load file "/var/lib/gconf/defaults/%conf-tree-zh_CN.xm1": Error on line 1 char 1:Document must begin with an element (e.g. <book>)12:40
ActionParsnipvistakiller: open the file in nano, see what you can see12:40
ActionParsnipvistakiller: here is mine: http://pastebin.com/f22e50812:43
=== shadeslayer is now known as Guest57956
ActionParsnipvistakiller: its: /var/lib/gconf/defaults/%gconf-tree-zh_CN.xml12:43
ActionParsnipvistakiller: its a big ass file12:44
ActionParsnipvistakiller: 96k of text!12:45
vistakillerthat it means reinstall...12:48
ActionParsnipvistakiller: you could put my file on a usb stick / whatever and transfer12:48
ActionParsnipor you could log in with a different language maybe12:49
penguin42vistakiller: What do you see in that file?12:49
vistakillerthe error say about line 112:51
penguin42yeh - what do you see on the first line of your file?12:52
vistakillerwait a min to open it12:53
vistakillernothing only this @12:53
vistakillerthe name of text broswer?12:54
vistakillertell me the name of text broswer12:55
vistakillernot the lynx12:55
vistakillerthe other12:55
ActionParsnipopera, midori, kazenchaze, epiphany12:56
penguin42w3m ?12:56
vistakilleryes w3m12:56
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)12:57
ActionParsniphell yeah !12:57
vistakillerwhat is the folder that w3m download the files?13:00
ActionParsnip~/.w3m   is my guess13:00
ActionParsnipor ~/13:01
vistakillerok other time13:01
vistakillerbye and thanks13:01
excohi. I've got this audio device13:05
exco00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) HD Audio Controller [8086:811b] (rev 06)13:05
excosound does work - but the mic does not. Any suggestions?13:05
Hewplaying a song with rhythmbox or totem will cause the application to freeze after a while. Is there any way to find out what process is causing the problem? gdb on totem doesn't catch anything.13:05
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto13:05
ActionParsnipHew: check in: dmesg | tail    when it falls over13:06
myk_robinsonmorning. In 9.10, how do i change the login screen/gdm theme? I go to the Login option under system, and the theme change is no longer there13:07
HewActionParsnip, nothing there :S13:07
ActionParsnipHew: try running the app in terminal without & and see if the output is useful13:08
HewActionParsnip, nothing there either. To be clear, it's the sound that is stopping. After sound fails the UI freezes as soon as I press a button.13:11
ActionParsniplog a bug is all i can suggest13:12
excothanks, ActionParsnip: $ cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec -> Codec: Realtek ALC262 unfortunately not mentioned in /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz but I'll try google13:12
ActionParsnipdoes it happen in all players?13:12
HewActionParsnip, I usually only use Rhythmbox. I was listening to this track for an hour with no problems, then it froze (it has done it before). Now it's freezing under a minute every time. Testing with totem does the same thing. Also when I play Nexuiz my sound often breaks.13:14
HewI'm hesitant to file Yet Another Bug when I don't even know which package is causing the problem13:14
penguin42Hew: Do you get anything in dmesg?13:16
ActionParsnipHew: could try renaming the config folder for the app in home13:16
Hewpenguin42, I do not13:17
HewActionParsnip, I'm getting the problem with both Rhythmbox and Totem so I suspect it's something sound related, rather than a problem with the app itself13:17
ActionParsnipHew: try: killall pulseaudio; rm -rf ~/.pulse; rm ~/.pulse-cookie13:18
ActionParsnipHew: then press alt+f2 and run    pulseaudio13:18
ActionParsnipHew: see if its better13:18
Hewpulseaudio seems to resurrect itself automatically..13:20
* Hew tests13:20
penguin42Hew: Yeh - there's an option to autorespawn the client13:21
penguin42Hew: Another place to look for pulse badness is /var/log/user.log13:21
HewI've looked through all logs in the System Log Viewer, can't see anything.13:22
penguin42does that include user.log?13:23
firestormHi there. Am running karmic. In firefox I get a 'content encoding error' quite frequently. Any known fixes/workarounds?13:25
Hewdeleting ~/.pulse seems to have fixed the problem, for now :)13:28
ActionParsnipHew: i have to do the same if I use vlc.13:37
Hewyea, sound has always been a bit of a mess, but it's particularly terrible with Karmic (even with latest pulseaudio).13:38
HewHopefully more issues will be ironed out before release13:38
Amaranthanyone here suffering from bug 430981?13:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430981 in compiz "keybindings not remembered on reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43098113:43
Dr_WillisI nevr change my keybindings.. so  not noticed :)13:45
Hewbah, sound broke again..13:45
Dr_WillisIts still 'poping' here for me every so often13:45
AmaranthDr_Willis: Did you file a bug?13:45
Dr_WillisIts been known about since alpha3 it seems..13:47
Dr_Willissome people say its a pulse  putting the card to sleep issue..13:48
AmaranthDr_Willis: not pulse, the kernel13:48
AmaranthDr_Willis: we enabled HDA power saving13:49
AmaranthDr_Willis: 'We expect there will be regressions in the form of audible pops when the AMPs power down (and/or up). If you experience this symptom in 9.10, please file a bug using "ubuntu-bug alsa-base". Be sure to change the summary of the bug afterward to "[9.10 regression] HDA power_save=10".'13:50
penguin42note the power saving pops/clicks really should only happen at idle and shouldn't be the pops/clicks people are hearing during normal play13:50
* penguin42 did manage to reduce the amount of popping/clicking after someones suggestion on here yesterday (possibly BUGabundo?) of opening paman and setting near everything to 100% (0.00db)13:52
GobiTheGoblinI tried karmic moblin remix today, it was a utter failure =) well, gotta try that one later, looks so fancy and slick. Just what my woman could use13:54
Spike1506is the ati issue in 9.10 fixed already?13:54
AmaranthSpike1506: yes13:57
vigoHello, is everyone getting this rather large update?14:08
ActionParsnipvigo: just got 1.8Mb of updates....14:09
vigoOkee dokee, bunch of languages here..14:11
vigo87.9mb worth14:11
GobiTheGoblinno updated 4 me :(14:11
vigoGobiTheGoblin: delete something non-essential. :-)14:12
Dr_Willispenguin42:  right thats exactly when it pops.14:13
GobiTheGoblinvigo: That might help :D14:14
vigoI tried my best to Konfuse this one, did not work. So all is good in the neighborhood.14:15
excois anybody running karmic with an external monitor in dual monitor setup?14:16
penguin42exco: Yes14:17
excopenguin42: any problems with usable screen space? On my MSI Wind I can only use a fraction of the space and full sending a program to fullscreen doesn't use the whole screen as well14:18
penguin42exco: If you bring up the display settings for the monitor does it show the right res?14:19
excopenguin42: I set the external Monitor to 1280x1024 ... and the screen is completely filled (the brown background image) - but I just can't use it with programs14:20
penguin42exco: Oh weird14:20
penguin42exco: If you run xrandr at the command line does it show the correct res ?14:21
excopenguin42: definitely, but I haven't read anybody else having these issues ... that's why I asked14:21
penguin42exco: I've got an xorg.conf in, so it's possible that if those problems exist I might not have spotted them - I'm running Intel graphics - you?14:22
excopenguin42: xrandr shows VGA1 detected as 1680x1050 but set to 1280x1024, LVDS1 as 1024x60014:22
excopenguin42: Intel 945GME14:23
penguin42exco: Yeh I'm also on Intel  945 - have you got the two heads next to each other horizontally or vertically?14:23
excovertically, penguin42 because the monitor is above the netbook ;-)14:25
penguin42exco: OK, that's good - there's a limitation on those chips that they can't do 3D if more than 2048 accross - I have it also setup vertically according to X (although horizontal physically!)14:25
excoI just ran a bunch of updates on that machine ... doing a restart and will now start playing with different resolutions ... lets see if that does anything14:27
excoI still have multiple issues with Karmic ... but overall it runs quite nice14:27
ActionParsnipwow firefox 3.5 on kermic is running at 20% cpu on a 3000 AM2 seperon14:29
nemoSound has been horribly erratic for me in Karmic14:29
nemopulseaudio crashing14:29
ActionParsnipnot bad for flash14:29
nemopulseaudio crashing totem14:29
excopenguin42: since you have the same graphics chip - are you also affected by the brightness flickering from login till you change brightness?14:29
nemopulseaudio sucking up constant amounts of CPU for hours on end14:29
penguin42exco: No14:29
ActionParsnipnemo: theres a ppa for a bleeding edge release14:30
penguin42exco: But backlight brightness is more magic of a particular laptop rather than the graphics chip14:30
nemopulseaudio using completely wrong output for volume control (hopefully latest patch reverting that will help there)14:30
nemobasically all my problems w/ karmic can be traced to pulseaudio14:30
ActionParsnipnemo: snap14:30
ActionParsnipwhats the key combo to get the terminal back please?14:34
excopenguin42: it's really weird. I can do 1680x1050 and 1024x600 horizontal (although that exceeds 2048) and everything works fine - as it should14:35
ActionParsnippenguin42: yes, to make it act as if i'd used &14:35
penguin42oh, ctrl-z14:35
penguin42and then bg14:35
excopenguin42: ?14:36
kajik hi, i installed karmic and ran into serious problems with ati x1400 on my thinkpad t60, it is constantly overheating, i have to run the fan manually on full to keep the gpu temperature at around 61 (celsius) , i installed all the new packages from the xorg-edgers ppa but the problem remains...14:36
penguin42those were for ActionParsnip14:36
ActionParsnippenguin42: cheers fellah14:36
penguin42exco: Can you move the mouse over the whole area - just not put any windows there?14:36
excopenguin42: exactly14:37
penguin42exco: weird14:37
penguin42exco: Do you reckon you can put windows up to say 1024 accross?14:37
excopenguin42: I'll make a pic ... just a sec14:38
aciculakajik: 61C is not very hot for a gpu?14:39
aciculakajik: is it crashing due to overheating?14:40
penguin42anyone having problems with authentication required boxes when mounting discs in the last couple of days?14:40
kajikit stays on 61c with full power fan14:40
aciculakajik: seems alright?14:40
kajikit crashed at the beginning with hardware-controlled fan at 98 C14:40
aciculahow hot did it get before?14:40
penguin42kajik: try running watch acpi -t     in a terminal constantly and see if the fan goes on and off as it should14:41
jsis there any way to boot the system if struck by this bug:14:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430496 in cryptsetup "cryptsetup devices not mounted on boot" [Critical,Fix released]14:41
jsrescue does not boot14:41
jsbecause the initrd contains the error14:41
jsand the kernel refuses to find the rootfs without initrd14:41
kajiki installed thinkpad fan controll (tpfand) to override the hardware controll to keep my computer alive14:42
jsI even commented out everything in /etc/crypttab14:42
jsit just won't boot anymore14:42
jsusing an old kernel won't help either14:42
jscan't even fucking boot into singleuser mode14:42
jsinit=/bin/sh is ignored as well :/14:42
jsall I need to do is apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and the system would work again14:43
jsbut how could I do this? I'm out of ideas14:43
BluesKajjs, update-grub14:43
BluesKajand watch the language , js14:43
penguin42js: Boot from a rescue disc and then mount the /, and /boot, chroot into it, mount /proc etc and then do the update?14:43
penguin42BluesKaj: He can't get as far as being able to do an update14:44
excopenguin42: ok so that's what it looks like http://twitpic.com/ikvn114:44
BluesKajno tty ?14:44
jspenguin42: well, I only got a ubuntu 8.04 here14:44
jsand that won't execute the /bin/bash of the system when trying to chroot14:44
jsBluesKaj: I can't update grub when I can't boot the system :/14:44
jsI'm completely locked out14:44
BluesKajjs, ok14:44
GobiTheGoblinjs update grub with usb etc?14:45
penguin42exco: Tell me what I'm looking at?14:45
jsis there some way to tell the kernel not to ignore init=/bin/bash?14:45
excothe two console windows show the usable space on the external monitor, penguin4214:45
jsthat would definitely help14:45
* penguin42 blinks14:45
penguin42exco: You mean you have a gap *in the middle* ?!14:45
excopenguin42: absolutely14:46
penguin42exco: Oh freaky!14:46
excoI can move the cursor over it, but the windows just jump from one side to the other14:46
penguin42exco: Are you running devilspie?14:46
jsdear ubuntu kernel, please accept init=/bin/sh :(14:47
excopenguin42: never heard of that14:47
BluesKajjs , do you have the live cd ? If so reinstall on your / using the manual paritioning option , some of your apps will be gone , but just reinstall them ,cuz the config files are still intact ...I had to do that and all was well, even the desktop was still preserved14:47
penguin42exco: ps -eaf|grep -i devilspie14:47
ActionParsnipjs: you could change your default shell to /bin/sh14:47
jsBluesKaj: I don't need to reinstall, just update to get the fixed package. but I got not ubuntu live cd here.14:48
jsActionParsnip: uhm, how exactly would that help if I can't even mount /?14:48
jsI need to tell it to start /bin/sh of the initrd14:48
excopenguin42: does output sth14:48
json boot it mounts the initrd and then executes the scripts14:48
jsnormally, init=/bin/sh would tell the kernel to run /bin/sh instead of init14:48
penguin42exco: pardon?14:48
BluesKajoh well, enuff cooks in the kitchen , js , it's not really and install it's more like a restructuring14:49
jsunfortunately, this never worked for me on ubuntu kernels (some obscure kernel patch maybe?)14:49
jsBluesKaj: well, first I got not install cd and second that wouldn't be even needed -- apt-get update && apt-get upgrade would be enough14:50
jsbut I need to get a shell for that14:50
jswhich I would get on any other system by adding init=/bin/sh to the kernel options14:50
ActionParsnipjs: hmm, not so sure then14:50
jshowever, this does not work on ubuntu :(14:50
excopenguin42: pastebin.com/d22d1b15814:50
ActionParsnipjs: you could use the other system to do it until you get on your feet14:50
jsActionParsnip: which other system?14:50
BluesKajexactly no shell, you need a live cd , download alpha 6 live cd and burn it14:51
ActionParsnipjs: gentoo maybe14:51
penguin42exco: OK, so you aren't running devilspie14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 176358 in linux "Fails to boot with init=/bin/sh" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:51
jsthis might be worth a try14:51
excopenguin42:  should I file a bug?14:51
penguin42exco: OK, well I can just suggest reporting the bug - I suspect what's happening is that the code that's supposed to stop windows going into the bit of the screen you can't see with different shape monitors is picking the wrong bit14:51
vigojs: Notebook?14:52
penguin42exco: I'd include the output of xrandr14:52
jshah, that did the trick :)14:52
jsinit=/bin/bash works14:52
ActionParsnipawesome :)14:52
excopenguin42: what's even more weird is, when I switch those windows to full screen on the external monitor - it uses a different portion of the screen so all in all I have 3 fullscreen areas on 2 monitors ;-)14:53
excopenguin42: forget that ... only one area on the right ... but still a different portion14:53
penguin42exco: Hmm another thought14:54
penguin42exco: Where are your panels or similar?14:54
excopanels are on the internal screen, penguin4214:54
penguin42exco: Does their width correspond to the width of the gap (in pixels?)14:55
BluesKajhmm, wonder what could have caused /bin/bash to lose it's links to init ...thought they were tied together14:55
JohannesSM64why does 9.10 have both a "software store" and the old add/remove apps? what's the difference?14:55
JohannesSM64and "store" is kinda misleading if it's free14:56
excopenguin42: no, because as you can see on the picture ... both windows do extend into the laptp's screen14:56
vigoJohannesSM64, I sorta thought the same thing, then I read the thing at the top.14:57
* BluesKaj looks for software store14:57
JohannesSM64at the top, where? i don't have 9.10 installed14:57
=== hggdh is now known as hggdh|afk
penguin42exco: OK, that's just weird!14:57
debfxis the "Tahoma" font mapped to another font?14:58
penguin42exco: can you post the output of xrandr somewhere?14:58
jsmount -o remount,rw / hangs :/14:58
jsthat really sucks14:58
ActionParsnipjs: have you fsck'd the partition?14:59
BluesKajJohannesSM64, dunno what you mean , there' no software store here on 9.10, just software sources14:59
excopenguin42: http://pastebin.com/d4a93b77514:59
GobiTheGoblinYay, new updates =]14:59
vigoBluesKaj: There was one here yesterday, still looking...15:00
jsActionParsnip: it's definitely ok.15:00
JohannesSM64i don't really see the point15:00
jsActionParsnip: changing ro to rw in grub works15:00
JohannesSM64as if add/remove programs isn't easy enough15:00
BluesKajwell, i don't have it , vigo , not that it matters :)15:00
penguin42exco: All seems kind of reasonable - does it make any difference if you move the laptop screen over so it matches the left edge of the external?15:00
JohannesSM64they should improve the add/remove instead of adding a third program manager15:01
ActionParsnipJohannesSM64: yeah, looks like a reglossed synaptic, woop15:02
joaopintoJohannesSM64, they are not adding a third program manager, they are improving add/remove togother with all the other managers in a single tool15:02
vigoIs gone now, I musta wiped it with Edbuntu. or something.15:02
JohannesSM64from the screenshots i saw there's an add/remove as well as a "software store"15:02
excopenguin42: you're right, that does work (though I could swear I tried that before)15:02
excopenguin42: also does work when aligned right15:03
joaopintoJohannesSM64, yes, for now, but the plan is to have a single tool15:03
JohannesSM64oh, good15:03
penguin42exco: Weird bug - worth reporting, it sounds like something screwed up the calculation of what was supposed to be excluded15:03
JohannesSM64i don't like the name though, people will think "oh, this is where i have to start paying"15:03
PiciThere is a very long discussion on the devel mailing list about the name.15:04
excopenguin42: can you reproduce it?15:04
penguin42exco: I don't think so - and as I say I have an xorg.conf that probably changes things15:04
excopenguin42: I noticed a different issue when the screen areas do work ...15:05
BluesKajwell, must be a gnome thing , don't see it on kde15:05
BluesKajsoftware store , that is15:05
GhotiPhudMy computer is starting up in Performance CPU mode and I have to manually change it to On Demand every time.  How do I fix this?15:05
excowhen I send a program to fullscreen on the internal screen ... the window bar isn't visible so I can't get back from fullscreen, penguin4215:05
vigoJohannesSM64, I agree with that 'store' part, sorta, it threw me off a bit, so I got rid of it. I do recall the GNU/GPL and other stuff on the top right.15:06
penguin42exco: What do you mean by the 'bar'? Is it hiding behind the panel?15:06
excopenguin42: the top bar with the minimize maximize close buttons15:06
BluesKajGhotiPhud, if it's a desktop you should be happy , the cpu scaling doesn't work very well on some15:07
penguin42exco: Most full screen stuff removes that - you don't want that at the top of your film when you're watching a movie15:07
GhotiPhudIt is my laptop a Thinkpad T50015:07
BluesKajGhotiPhud, install cpufrequtils15:08
excopenguin42: I don't mean fullscreen, but maximise15:08
GhotiPhudI think this should be fixed before the next release, but I'm not sure who to tell or how to fix it15:08
penguin42exco: Ah OK, so do you have a panel at the top of the internal display?15:08
excopenguin42:  yep15:08
penguin42exco: I bet it's hiding behind that - try moving it - there's a bug in the definition of the X protocol for window managers so it doesn't really deal with bits windows aren't allowed to go15:09
excopenguin42: so that bug is already known and filed?15:09
GhotiPhudBluesKaj: what do I do after cpufrequtils?15:09
indushello think i found a bug15:10
Nemanjai have probobem for ubuntu 9.1015:10
penguin42exco: If it's the same one, yes - I'm just trying to fidn it15:10
indusany devs here?15:10
Nemanjai cant start ubuntu 9.1015:10
excoindus: just start telling15:11
penguin42exco: https://bugs.launchpad.net/metacity/+bug/5897715:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 58977 in metacity "Maximizing ignores docked panles with Xinerama" [Low,Confirmed]15:11
induswont boot if etho is down15:11
ActionParsnipNemanja: ok what happens / doesnt happen15:11
penguin42exco: There's a patch of mine attached on there that deals with one of the cases for metacity only - it breaks compiz though - the problem is the protocol needs changing15:11
induscan anyone tell me what the project name is where i can file the bug15:12
excopenguin42: thanks - do you know what package I need to report "my" bug?15:12
penguin42exco: If you're running standard gnome without desktop effects I'd try metacity15:12
excook, thanks, penguin4215:13
Nemanjachanged grub meni15:13
Nemanjaand i cant start ubuntu15:13
Nemanjascreen printing something, and we quickly disappear15:14
indusexco, wont boot if etho is down15:14
ActionParsnipNemanja: then you will need to reinstall grub from live cd OR boot to recovery root console (if you can) and undo the changes OR boot to live CD to undo the changes15:14
induswhats the kernel package name15:14
Piciindus: 'linux'15:14
excoindus: sorry, I don't know how to go about that15:15
Nemanjaand me after the screen is black15:15
indusPici, is this a project or a package?15:15
indussearch in launchpad is bad15:16
Nemanjaon live cd is no problem15:16
ActionParsnipNemanja: boot to the live cd, you wil be able to edit your partitions there15:16
Piciindus: Thats the package name that ubuntu bugs are supposed to be filed against. Remember to use ubuntu-bug packagename to report the bug15:16
ActionParsnipNemanja: undo whatever you did15:16
indusPici, this is a bug about system not booting,how can i file it with ubuntu-bug?15:16
Nemanja undo whatever you did15:17
indusnvm ill figure it out15:17
NemanjaI changed nothing15:17
Piciindus: I assumed that you could re-create that it wouldnt boot with eth0 detatched by being able to boot it with it attached.15:17
indusbut on switchin on it sys link up but still wont go forward15:18
induswith router on it has no issues, happens everytime15:18
Piciindus: So if you plug it in it doesnt work?15:18
indusPici, when i plug it in, it ays etho link up immediately, but then just stops there15:18
indusof course, router takes a min to start ,but it wont do anything later15:19
indusprobably somethinh to do with recent breakage with network mnager etc15:19
cwillu_at_workanyone familiar with the bash 3.2 -> 4.0 transition?15:19
induslinux-source-2.6.31-10 is the package maybe15:20
Piciindus: I told you what the package name was.15:20
Nemanjato scren print : rulers.d.zh6015:20
indusPici, it says,linux doesnt use launchpad to track bugs15:20
indusand the ubuntu package name is some ubuntu-linux-source or somethinh15:21
cwillu_at_workheh, that sounds like new and exciting monday morning breakage :)15:21
Piciindus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/15:21
Piciindus: Secondly, I don't know why you think its related to eth0 being disconnected if it doesnt boot if its connected or not.15:22
indusPici, because the system wont boot if link is down15:22
indusPici, works fine if link is on15:22
indusit hangs at etho link down, the moment i switch router on, it says etho link up, then again says down, then hangs15:23
Piciindus: I must have misundertood then, I thought you said differently before.15:23
induswhat do u suggest15:23
Nemanjahow to change grub list ??15:23
indusPici, i will select linux package, iam thinking how to attach all theinfo needed15:24
Piciindus: But I highly suggest getting the link working, booting and using ubuntu-bug to file the bug. That will attach much of the needed logs.15:24
robin0800Nemanja: /etc/default/grub then update-grub15:24
indusaah ok15:24
indusPici, how do i start ubuntu-bug? it needs a package to collect data15:25
Piciindus: use it from the command line. in your case: ubuntu-bug linux15:25
indusaah oops15:25
indusdoing it now15:26
jsthis install is completely broken -.-15:28
Nemanjai am in live cd15:28
jsthousands of udev warnings15:28
jsand no progress after "Starting init crypto disks..."15:29
indusPici, done dona done15:29
jshah, I don't even have something in my /etc/crypttab anymore!15:29
industhank you15:29
jsgna, i hate it!15:29
Nemanjahow to edit on other particion15:29
Nemanjagrub meni15:29
excopenguin42: I just keep running into new bugs ;-) when auto-hiding the panel (to make the maximized windows' top bar visible) the panel shows on the external screen15:31
jsthis is completely broken -.-15:31
jsis there even a single package that wasn't broken by the update? I highly doubt that.]15:31
penguin42exco: Your machine is very confused!15:32
excopenguin42: ... well all of my machines ... because I don't have a single one where everything "just" works15:33
penguin42exco: Yeh; do you ever hibernate that machine?15:34
jsis there some way to go back to 9.04?15:35
js9.10 was very usable at firwst15:35
penguin42js: There is no way to go back15:35
jsbut now it is just 110% broken15:35
excopenguin42: Hibernating isn't working on a single one of the 4 laptops I have at hand15:35
jsin the last 4 weeks it got more broken every day ;(15:35
jsnow so broken that it's completely unusable :(15:35
penguin42exco: It's mostly OK, but I get a problem where the two heads get mirrored during resume15:35
Picijs: The udev/upstart updates last week caused a lot of problems, but that is the sort of thing that is to be expected in an alpha release.  Either you can try to fix it yourself or reinstall.  Complaining here isn't getting anything done./15:36
excopenguin42: if I start telling my computerproblems ... you won't see the end of it15:36
jsPici: is there a way to go back to before last week?15:39
Picijs: No, I'm afraid there isn't.15:39
BluesKaj one can lead  horse to water .....15:39
penguin42You can undo particular packages on a particular install sometimes - but it's pretty hard15:40
penguin42there are normally a whole bunch of dependencies15:40
jsPici: is there any ETA when my system might maybe boot again?15:40
excohow do I use apport-collect to submit data to an existing bug report?15:41
Picijs: I don't know, sorry :/15:41
BluesKajjs as I said before, init/boot is broken, as are some dependencies , chroot can't work, so reinstall alpha 6 on top of /  with the manual partioning option ...your data will be preserved15:43
jsBluesKaj: but I will loose packages I guess, right? At least dpkg won't know about them anymore15:44
jsso - would it make sense to rm -fr /usr beforehand?15:44
AmaranthBluesKaj: err, no15:44
Amaranthif init is broken you _can_ chroot15:44
BluesKajyeah , but the config files will still be intact , si just reinstall the apps that are missing15:44
BluesKajrm--rf usr , no!15:45
excopenguin42: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/434040 - is there a way to add xrandr  output via apport-collect?15:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434040 in metacity "[i945] external screen has unusable space" [Undecided,New]15:45
jsBluesKaj: why not rm -fr /usr?15:46
BluesKajAmaranth, ok explain to js how he can fix his problem15:46
BluesKaj-fr , never used that cmnd15:47
* Amaranth is looking for guide15:48
AmaranthI know you have to mount /dev and such too15:48
Amaranthjs: http://developer.spikesource.com/wiki/index.php/Article:Ubuntu_how_to_re-install_grub_using_chroot15:48
Amaranthjs: but instead of the grub part you probably just want to apt-get update/upgrade15:48
BluesKajjs , i just know tha rm -rf can be a dangerous comnd15:48
penguin42exco: I don't know15:48
Amaranthjs: don't do any removing or reinstalling until you've booted a live cd and tried that15:49
billybigriggerBluesKaj, -rf and -fr are the same thing15:49
eurythmiaBluesKaj, saying "never do X" is bad. Instead, try "when using X, be very careful, it could be dangerous."15:50
jsAmaranth: uhm, I already reinstalled grub15:50
BluesKajeurythmia, Ididn't say never do X , I said I had never done rm -rf15:50
Amaranthjs: Actually read what I say15:50
eurythmia<BluesKaj> -fr , never used that cmnd15:51
jsAmaranth: and I already updated15:51
jsit's still broken :(15:51
Amaranthjs: In that case, broken how?15:51
eurythmiaBluesKaj, are you sure you didn't say "never do X" ?15:51
BluesKajeurythmia, yeah that means , it was never used , it doesn't mean not to ever use it.15:52
jsAmaranth: thousands of udev warnings and then hangs when trying to mount the crypto disks - even though /etc/crypttab is empty15:52
eurythmiaBluesKaj, ah, so you meant "s/use/used/"15:52
Amaranthjs: So you don't have any crypto disks?15:52
jsI have, for /home15:52
natewiebe13so did anyone have issues with the i386 alpha 6 live cd?15:52
jsbut I already commented that out15:52
jsso I could at least boot15:53
Amaranthjs: is it mentioned in fstab?15:53
Amaranthnatewiebe13: Radeon HD?15:53
natewiebe13nvidia 26015:53
geniinatewiebe13: Seeing as the iso is larger than a standard cd and had to burn it to a DVD, yes15:53
BluesKajAmaranth, that tutorial is for legacy-grub , don't think it'll work for grub215:53
AmaranthBluesKaj: I'm not trying to get him to install grub15:53
natewiebe13genii: alpha 6 fit on a cd15:54
AmaranthDoes no one read what I actually say?15:54
Amaranthnatewiebe13: That may be the same problem if your issue is X not starting15:54
jsAmaranth: yes, it's referenced as /dev/mapper/cryptohome15:54
jswhich should be compltely unknown without /etc/crypttab15:54
Amaranthjs: comment that out or something15:54
jswill do, but doubt it'll help15:54
natewiebe13Amaranth: after the livecd menu, it says the disc is unreadable.. i did md5 checks and everything15:54
Amaranthjs: you're probably hitting a bug in the mountall upstart script15:54
Amaranthnatewiebe13: hmm, try burning another copy?15:55
natewiebe13so im going to try todays daily build15:55
natewiebe13Amaranth: i did, 6 times15:55
jsthe r, e, s, i and b keys are getting used quite often lately :/15:55
Amaranthotherwise I know there was something wrong with cdrom but I thought that was from GNOME15:55
Amaranthin any case that problem has been fixed so today's build or perhaps tomorrow's should have it15:55
jsAmaranth: commented it out15:56
jsstill hanging at "* Starting init crypto disks... [ OK ]"15:56
jsit prints ok and a newline and then hangs15:56
jsah, now I got15:56
jsCnanot create link /etc/mtab~15:56
jsPerhaps there is a stale lock file?15:56
jsmountall: mount / [1765] terminated with status 1615:56
jsafter waiting some more, I get the same message for /proc15:57
penguin42js: If it's a read-only disc you sometimes have to use -n with mount15:57
jswell, it shouldn't be ro15:57
Amaranthjs: hmm, some other guy has luks working fine15:57
jsI can boot into single mode and fsck it15:57
jsAmaranth: I'm not even running luks atm15:57
Amaranthyou can boot into single user mode?15:58
jsonly if I add init=/bin/bash15:58
jsso this is even below single user mode15:58
jsthat's more like skip-init-mode15:58
Amaranthjs: you could try disabling the init script15:59
Amaranthjs: you say your system is up-to-date though?15:59
jsadded rw init=/bin/bash15:59
jsand did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade15:59
jsfs is fine, too15:59
piquadratHi! I have a problem with my wireless access point since I made an update a couple of days ago. I want to check with Alpha 5 if the problem is really a regression, but I can only find ISOs for Alpha 615:59
jsjust xfs_check(8)'d it15:59
Amaranthyou brought up the network first of course, right? :)16:00
jsit downloaded ~ 150 MB updates16:00
jsit failed to configure them all16:00
jsthen I rebooted16:00
jsand pressed alt-print-e on init16:00
jsso I got a shell16:00
jsand all stuff like /proc mounted16:00
jsand then did dpkg --configure -a16:00
jsto fix that16:01
* Amaranth pokes at the init scripts16:02
jsmountall seems to be the fault16:02
jscan't I just replace mountall with mount -a?16:02
jsveeeery interesting16:04
jsI fixed it using rm -f /etc/mtab*16:05
Amaranthjs: mountall is an upstart script, your failure is in an init script that runs well after that16:05
Amaranththat's supposed to be autogenerated, no?16:06
jsyes, exactly16:06
jsbut it did that message about mtab~, remember?16:06
Amaranthholy crap16:06
jsso I wondered why there are many of those mtab~* files16:06
Amaranthyour entire boot died because of a stale lock file16:06
jshow stupid is that?16:06
jsat first I thought that can't be the reason16:06
Amaranthjs: please file a bug of some kind16:07
jsok, now I got the next problem16:07
jsinit: upstart-udev-bridge main process (1955) terminated with status 116:07
jswhen I try to mount the cryptohome16:07
jsand after that it gives cryptohome (failed)16:07
jsand hangs again16:07
Amaranththat sounds like the dbus fail we were getting that was fixed16:08
jsI get many udev warnings on bootup16:08
jsabout stuff it can't parse etc.16:08
jsmaybe there is some old stuff somewhere?16:08
jsunknown key: 'SYMLINK{unique} in /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:$x16:09
jswhere x is {1..4}16:09
Amaranththat's fine16:09
wastreli'm at work16:09
jsnow it booted16:09
Amarantheveryone gets that, udev changed a bit and the rules haven't been changed to match but it's just a warning16:09
jsgot the same message again16:09
jsbut this time didn't get a failed16:09
Amaranthjs: One thing that may have caused the mtab lock file: some editors create foo~ files when you edit a file using them16:10
jswow, it booted - completely :)16:10
jsAmaranth: yeah, but isn't there usually a rm -f /etc/mtab~ in the init script?16:10
jsat least I seem to remember that some other distros have this16:10
Amaranthjs: Yeah there is an mtab init script16:12
Amaranthperhaps it runs too late16:12
AmaranthI think it's meant to update mtab for things mount couldn't add since / wasn't mounted yet16:12
Amaranthjs: anyway, problem fixed, curse the lock file, please file a bug :)16:13
Amaranthjs: Unless you still want to pop in a live cd and reinstall? ;)16:13
Amaranthjs: run `ubuntu-bug cryptsetup` since that's the package that contains the init script that was dying16:14
Amaranthjs: developers involved in the boot system are asking for a bug report now :)16:15
dingany word on - erlang-base-hipe: Conflicts: erlang-base but 1:13.b.1-dfsg-2 - unmet dependencies  ?16:19
=== Lars_G_zombie is now known as Lars_G
floating1W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9BF3BB4E5E17B516:24
floating1W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems16:24
floating1i get that error when i run apt-get update16:24
floating1running sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oldman did import something but apt-get update still whines16:29
floating1got that command from a site16:29
andresmhfor some reason I missconfigured my pidgin and now I am getting new messages pop up a new window on top of any other window I have.  Any idea how to tell pidigin to pop the new window under? Here's my libnotify settings: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/285483/tmp/screenshot55.png16:36
wastreli have pidgin open everything in tabs in one window16:39
andresmhwastrel, yeah, i don't like the tabs, i like to get separate windows for each convo16:40
andresmhthis way a simple alt+tab takes me to the convo window16:40
andresmhbut in the past the window would pop underneath not on top, which is quite annoying because if i am writing something it takes over my keyboard and my screen16:41
cwillu_at_workandresmh, previous to 8.10?16:42
andresmhcwillu_at_work, no, in 9.04 alpha 1 i didn't have this problem16:42
cwillu_at_workI think the open-new-windows-above vs below got tweaked around then, which wasn't a 100% fix16:42
cwillu_at_workyou might be a casualty :p16:43
andresmhi see someone else reporting it http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=17217316:43
cwillu_at_workandresmh, yes, but did you _also_ get the bug in earlier versions of ubuntu, or is 9.04 also around when you started using pidgin this way?16:43
andresmhcwillu_at_work, 9.04 alpha 5 is when i started getting the problem16:44
cwillu_at_worksorry, jaunty alpha 5?16:44
cwillu_at_workthat's 9.10, not 9.0416:44
andresmhbut i am not sure if it was my fault while tweaking something or if it's how karmic alpha 5 behaved out of the box16:45
cwillu_at_workcould always create a new user to test16:45
andresmhcwillu_at_work, new ubuntu user?16:45
cwillu_at_workon your computer, yes16:45
cwillu_at_workI'm also curious though if an older version of ubuntu (8.10 or earlier) exhibited the same problem16:46
andresmhor perhaps i could delete the pdig config ?16:46
cwillu_at_workjust make a new user, you'll know for sure if it's a config problem or a app problem16:46
cwillu_at_workyou won't know if you just remove one setting at a time (too many settings to go through)16:46
andresmhok, creating new user16:46
cwillu_at_workcreating a new user cuts out half the possibilities, with absolute certainty16:47
andresmhok, let me log out of this user, brb16:48
=== Lars_G is now known as Lars_G_zombie
andresmhcwillu_at_work, pidgin behaved in the same way on a new user: the new window gained focus16:52
cwillu_at_workubuntu-bug pidgin, and fill in the details16:52
cwillu_at_workwe know for a fact that it's a change in the app, you're not just crazy :)\16:52
floating1trying to install chromium to ubuntu, but i can't get the gpg key16:53
andresmhok, i might just say goodbye to pidgin and hello to empathy16:55
floating1say hello to bitlbee16:56
=== Lars_G_zombie is now known as Lars_G
Picifloating1: The keyserver has been having some issues lately. You may need to try the command a few times to get it to successfully pull the key without timing out.16:57
floating1i keep trying...16:58
andresmhempathy is nicer :)17:00
floating1on the meanwhile, I could ask about the performance (on intel) .. on alpha3 performance felt good, now on alpha6 it feels laggy. like if i previously had more than 1 tab on terminal, switching between those was fast, now it is laggy. ..also switching to firefox, or going through some settings at xfce windows feels laggy17:00
floating1i wonder what i could try17:01
bipolarAnyone know why the netbook remix iso is so huge? A6 is 792MB.17:03
Picibipolar: iirc, its an .img file, not an .iso, and meant to be put on a usb flash drive instead of burned to a cd.17:04
bipolarPici: no, it's a .iso17:04
bipolarunless the file is misnamed17:04
Picibipolar: Is there an 'OVERSIZED' file nearby?17:04
bipolarI'm burning it to a DVD now... I'll let you know if it works :P17:05
floating1ok, I got the key now after 5 tries17:06
Picibipolar: hm, odd.17:06
=== hggdh|afk is now known as hggdh
bipolarPici: the disk boots at least. I'm running the install now on an eee 1000he17:15
mrmcq2u_will the ati driver receive any updates in karmic? the xorg-edgers ppa fixes the dri2 issues currently in the karmic builds17:16
geniid_: For dyndns and others like it, package ez-ipupdate17:17
geniiSorry, wrong channel17:18
Mike1good old problem: how do i add a 800x600px resolution?17:19
Mike1tried a modeline in xorg.conf but output of xrandr or Xorg.0.log didn’t change17:19
Mike1does Karmic still read a xorg.conf if it exists?17:19
penguin42Mike1: Yes17:20
penguin42Mike1: What res do you get and do you know why?17:20
Mike1i get the 1024x600 which are native for my netbook (and 640x480 is availabe too), but i want the 800x600 for games17:21
penguin42Mike1: Nod17:21
penguin42Mike1: I think you should be able to do it using xrandr --newmode followed by --addmode for the display17:22
penguin42Mike1: Although I would love to know an easier way17:22
Mike1penguin42: works :-)17:26
penguin42Mike1: Did you have to give the whole mode data for the size?17:27
penguin42Mike1: You would hope there was still a mode table somewhere to pick it up?17:27
Mike1penguin42: just generated one :-)17:27
Mike1man xrandr is really great17:28
Mike1is there some way to avoid stretching or force apps into window mode?17:28
Mike1800x600 looks ugly on a 16:9 screen with 1024x60017:29
ActionParsnipyo yo yo17:37
burneryay, my sound works again!17:38
ActionParsnip64bit java rocks17:42
Mike1penguin42: is it possible to save the xrandr stuff somewhere?17:43
penguin42Mike1: Not that I've found - it would be great to be able to associate them with the same gui that does the configure monitors; my problem is that for unknown reason my external monitor doesn't autodiscover so I have to do the same thing (although I do it with an xorg.conf)17:44
Mike1funny thing, my panel moved to the top due to the res-change xD17:45
penguin42Mike1: panels move around under their own steam a lot - it's very annoying17:45
penguin42sometimes you just want to glue them to the position where they belong17:46
penguin42it gets quite random if you sometimes have the 2nd head and sometimes don't - e.g. on a laptop where you disconnect17:46
Mike1i just put the required xrandr commands in a script and make it execute on start17:49
penguin42Mike1: yeh, it's just dying to have an easier way17:51
Mike1penguin42: found a german howto for “static” xrandr settings18:14
penguin42Mike1: Ah cool - what's the answer?18:15
Mike1though its also just with a X-startupscript18:15
Mike1they create a18:15
Mike1and fill it with: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/RandR#Statische-Konfiguration-ohne-xorg-conf18:16
excosomeone around who feels like getting my mic to work ;-)18:16
penguin42Mike1: OK18:16
excoRealtek ALC262 - Mic not working on Vaio P18:17
penguin42Mike1: Hmm there are lots  of random stuff in that directory!18:17
ActionParsnipexco: can you run: lspci | grep -i audio18:20
excoActionParsnip: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) HD Audio Controller (rev 06)18:20
penguin42can anyone with a fresh Karmic install tell me if they have /etc/X11/Xsession.d/40guidance-displayconfig_restore ?18:21
ActionParsnipexco: can you pastebin the output of: sudo lshw -C sound18:21
ActionParsnippenguin42: no, i dont have it18:21
excome neither, penguin4218:22
penguin42intersting - I wonder where it came from on mine18:22
penguin42ah - it's a relic from kde18:23
ActionParsnippenguin42: http://pastebin.com/f7c7c316718:23
=== Lars_G is now known as Lars_G_zombie
penguin42ActionParsnip: Thanks - http://pastebin.com/m312a130918:25
penguin42I seem to have some left over stuff18:25
exco_ActionParsnip: need to reboot that Vaio ...18:25
ActionParsnippenguin42: looks like it, mines a clean install 2 weeks ago18:25
penguin42hmm that file was actually from a kde package I'd removed (probably yonks ago) - purging it cleaned it out18:26
* penguin42 purges all the other uninstalled packages he has18:28
penguin42this will either fix load of weird bugs or completely destroy it18:31
floating1how to debug following: screen freezes. mouse moves and works, but everything has frozen. the clock is not moving etc, switching to tty1, ctrlaltdel,ctrlaltbackspace dont work18:34
penguin42does it ping?18:35
floating1how to see that ?18:35
penguin42from another machine on your network if you have one18:36
floating1I have... but I have not set up a network though18:37
floating1ah, it pings like this mkay.. I'll test that when it happens next time18:38
penguin42you could also see if alt-sysrq etc does anything18:39
mezquitaleanyone knows how to manually configure a wireless nic??  I am unable to configure my wireless with network applet18:41
penguin42I think the command is iwconfig, but I've never don eit18:42
lozbanmezquitale: iwconfig and iwlist are the two commands you'll need18:42
floating1sysrq hmm.. if I press alt+Print SCreen/SysRq button button now, it gives me the chance to save the screenshot of desktop.. I actually don't know the function of this SysRq18:43
penguin42floating1: Really? It can't be that broken if it's giving you that much18:44
floating1yeah, now it is working after I rebooted.. But I doubt anything will happen when I press it when it has frozen again18:45
penguin42floating1: if it does it again try alt-sysrq-t  (info on all tasks to the logs). alt-sysrq-u (unmount all) alt-sysrq-s (sync) alt-sysrq-b (forceful reboot) - if it responds to that it means it's not completely dead18:47
exco_ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/d1d3b696d18:47
floating1hmm ok, I'll do that18:47
ActionParsnipexco_: how abous lspci | grep -i audio18:48
exco_ActionParsnip: will take another few minutes (doublechecking in win if the mic is working)18:49
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ActionParsniphey all is there a 64bit adobe acrobat reader?19:22
exco1ActionParsnip: $ lspci | grep -i audio19:24
exco100:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) HD Audio Controller (rev 06)19:24
exco1ActionParsnip: I have 2 Microphones listed in Input but there's just noise on both19:24
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto19:25
exco_ActionParsnip: been there done that19:25
ActionParsnipthats all i really knw duder, is it in a laptop?19:26
exco_yep, ActionParsnip19:26
ActionParsnipexco: what make and model?19:26
exco_ActionParsnip: it's a Vaio P (P11z)19:27
exco_the howto seems outdated ... there's now no ALC260 mentioned in the ALSA-configuration.txt (and no ALC262)19:28
ActionParsnipexco_: Add this line to /etc/modporbe.d/alsa-base, options snd-hda-intel model=3stack19:30
BluesKajActionParsnip, this may help , altho there is no 64bit reader yet:  http://www.ossramblings.com/acrobat_reader_crashes_in_linux_with_firefox19:30
exco_shame on me ... I should have found that thread ... I'll give it a try, ActionParsnip19:31
exco_btw is bluetooth borked atm?19:31
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: the 32bit one seems to run, probably uses ia32-lib19:33
penguin42acroread doesn't seem to be as broken as it once was - at one point it used to eat the worlds entire ram19:34
BluesKajActionParsnip, yeah , I suspect so.19:36
BluesKajpenguin42,  acroread doesn't seem to be available in the repos for 64 bit systems19:38
penguin42BluesKaj: Hmm pesky - the 32bit one should run with the ia32-libs19:39
BluesKajmaybe as open source19:39
BluesKajlooking at a binary adobe reader for linux here : http://get.adobe.com/reader/thankyou/?installer=Reader_9.1.2_English_for_Linux_%28.bin%2919:43
nperryI'm getting some very ugly messages about udev symlinks when I boot, any idea which log i could find this in please?19:44
Ian_lol irssi segfaults :(19:45
penguin42nperry: The %K one ?19:45
=== Ian_ is now known as Ian_Corne
nperryYes penguin4219:45
nperryCan't seem to find them in log files so i can see if bug has been reported19:46
penguin42nperry: Yeh it has19:46
nperryGot a bug number please?19:46
* penguin42 tries to find it19:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433825 in ubuntu "udevd get boot mesg at karmic boot" [Undecided,New]19:50
BluesKajActionParsnip, does okular work on pdf on your setup ?19:50
nperryAhhhh thanks!19:50
exco_ActionParsnip: model=3stack doesn't change anything noticeable ... still just noise19:51
nperryAh just noticed firefox is now called firefox not shirefox or whatever it is!19:56
nemonperry: what's your UA string?19:56
PiciIt was shitetoko19:57
a1faarghhh.. x.org keeps freezing up in 9.1019:57
nemoPici: shiretoko19:57
nperryMy full one is now Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090915 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Firefox/3.19:57
Picinemo: er, right. Mistype actually.19:57
nemoPici: but I'm a bit puzzled since that should have changed a loooong time ago19:57
nperryMissed abit on the end19:57
a1fano warning what so ever.. it just hangs19:57
Picinemo: Branding issues in 9.0419:57
a1famouse works fine.. but everything is locked up19:58
nemoPici: 3.5.x was in 9.04 ?19:58
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY19:58
nemoI just installed manually in 9.0419:58
nemoI guess that's why I didn't notice.19:59
a1faHas anyone reported freeze up issues?19:59
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
a1fais kde going to be the default manager in 9.10?20:02
funkyHatWhen fsck runs on boot my system appears to be hanged. Is this because I have out of date boot settings, or is it a bug?20:02
exco_funkyHat: bug20:02
a1fadisregard my last question20:03
funkyHatexco_: is it already reported?20:03
exco_funkyHat: are you referring to the date in the future issue?20:03
funkyHatexco_: the issue I'm having appears to be that fsck is not displaying progress (I believe when usplash started displaying fsck's progress it didn't get printed to the normal boot messages or something, maybe that hasn't been reverted)20:04
funkyHatexco_: it says "xxx has been mounted 35 without being checked, forcing check" or something like that, then I get no output for the whole of the check, then boot continues normally20:05
piquadratHi! Since a couple of days, I can't connect to my wireless ap anymore. In an Alpha 5 live session, everythink works. dmesg says 'disassociating by local choice (reason=3)'. Any ideas?20:05
exco_funkyHat: don't know if that's a known issue20:05
exco_piquadrat: ath9k ?20:06
funkyHatexco_: I don't know if it's an issue at all, it could just be some setting I changed and forgot about that's causing it20:06
mikefletcherI am trying to boot Alpha 6 into text mode (debugging an X problem).  However the 'text' bootup option doesn't work any more.  What package should get this bug?20:06
exco_funkyHat: well fsck is forced every 35 mounts according to your settings - don't know what the standard is since I also tweaked that number20:07
piquadratexco_: no, Intel (Centrino 2, I can'r remember code name of the wlan chip itself right now)20:07
exco_funkyHat: there should be some output telling you everything is alright - I think20:08
piquadratah, here it is: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN20:08
piquadratI searched on google for that error msg I get, but the results all seem to be related to jaunty (and none has a solution for the problem)20:10
piquadrathmm, would it be possible to revert my installation to the state of Alpha 5 without doing a clean install? or at least packages related to wlan (like kernel, wpa_supplicant, network-manager, ...)20:15
m_tadeuhi...does anyone know how to resize the facebook plasmoid? because it goes back to it's original size on each login20:15
a1fala lala lala xorg uscks :(20:19
funkyHatexco_: there is normally output telling me about the progress of fsck, there is just nothing at the moment.20:25
* exco_ joins in ... lalalal acl262 sucks20:25
DanaGweird... my computer just randomly went into sleep, for no apparent reason.20:26
a1faanybody else having issues with xorg?20:26
MartynIs there a dpkg in the repositories for gcc-3.6 still for Karmic?20:28
MartynOr has support for 3.6 been completely dropped?  I have a lot of packages that have gcc 3.6 dependencies, and they are breaking all over the place.   Since I don't have control over the source of those packages, I think I'll need to build a full gcc-3.6 toolchain (multilib on 64bit) to make them work.20:29
exco_atm I'm so happy I have a wwan card built-in ...20:30
danageanyone here working on home folder encryption? i have a serious bug to report but dunno how to fetch the necessary information and which pakage to attach it to20:32
Martynthe system boot graphics update went well .. I don't know how I feel about the plain brown wrapper...20:35
penguin42Martyn: If your really stuck I'd build them on older ubuntus20:35
vallhalla81hello and a good evening to one and all i am having trouble getting Compositing to work on my system in both kde4 and gnome my drivers seem fully installed for my nvidia card can any advise please thank you in advance20:38
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=== lupine is now known as lupine_85
hggdhEvery time I shutdown -r, on restart one of my filesystems is considered to be in error, and a fsck is forced on it. Anyone seeing somethingg like it?20:52
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lanciferI have an issue with static in my sound, found out the master volume is adjusting the PCM at the same time. Is there a way to lock the PCM at 100% and just use the master?21:00
ActionParsniphggdh: boot to recovery root console or livecd and fsck your partitions (make sure they get umountd first)21:00
vallhalla81hello and a good evening to one and all i am having trouble getting Compositing to work on my system in both kde4 and gnome my drivers seem fully installed for my nvidia card can any advise please thank you in advance21:01
hggdhActionParsnip: already done. Still, it fails on reboot21:03
hggdhanyway, a fsck is auto-run on reboot...21:04
funkyHatOooh new sound stuff is cool21:04
duffydacklancifer, wish I knew.  mine adjusts master, master mono a little depending how much I adjust master, and pcm does what it pleases...21:04
duffydackI want the old volume control/mixer back21:05
ActionParsniphggdh: you can use better options in livecds21:05
lanciferduffyduck> +1 to that21:05
funkyHatlancifer: you should file a bug about your soundcard against pulseaudio(I think)21:06
hggdhActionParsnip: ?? fsck is fsck, either done here or on livecd21:06
ActionParsniphggdh: true but the autocheck might not have autofixing enabled might it?21:07
ActionParsniphggdh: the fsck may justy tel you there are errors and do nothing, and as you habvent manually ran it the errors dont get fixed21:08
hggdhActionParsnip: if auto check fails, you get a warning, and a request to run fsck -f21:08
hggdhI am starting to consider some other weird error; am running now a fsck -c21:09
hggdhbut I am sure it will not find a backblock... oh the joys of ext4...21:12
duffydackI get dumped to a shell after installation of alpha6 telling me to run fsck.  I do and reboot and it boots21:13
hggdhduffydack: every time, or just the first?21:13
duffydackfirst boot from instal21:14
xnguardCan someone help me compact / reindex / optimize / makegofaster my package database?  I added most of the Karmic sources to test the newer kernel (and other stuff), removed the sources, and now dpkg / dselect / apt / apt-* / aptitude / Synaptic are deadly slow every time they have to re-fetch the pkg database from disk.21:14
ActionParsniphggdh: could wipe the partition after backup then restore the data back21:14
hggdhActionParsnip: this is an option, yes. It is not a big FS, just about 20G21:15
Martynpenguin42: Building on older ubuntu's will not solve the problem for people who will be using Karmic in the real world21:16
Martyna lot of this software is CAD/CAM (slow release schedule) as well as chip manufacturing RTL and simulation systems21:16
ActionParsnipxnguard: try: http://pastebin.com/dc2de71921:16
hggdhduffydack: did you do a clean install, or upgraded?21:16
freaknlDoes anyone have any luck with 802.1x network authentication on Karmic?21:16
Martynthey depend on 'quirks' of a given compiler chain.   I'll have to find a way to build gcc-3.6 / 32 and 64 bit (multilib) and possibly re-create the package.21:16
xnguardActionParsnip: Thanks for the pointer.  I go now, to my doom.21:17
MartynI'm wondering why support for 3.6 was dropped though.  It's always a good idea to have an earlier toolchain kicking around21:17
duffydackhggdh, clean21:17
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hggdhinteresting. How many partitions you have?21:17
ActionParsnipxnguard: failing that: http://pastebin.com/d2da3791021:18
duffydackhggdh, 1 root and a shared swap with jaunty.21:18
xnguardActionParsnip: Noted.  Thanks again.21:18
Martyndownloading alpha-6, and trying for a clean install21:18
Martyngrub-2 is a PITA21:18
ActionParsnipMartyn: +a million!!21:18
Martynso much has to be re-discovered now, or fixed21:18
duffydackhggdh, there isnt a problem anymore, was just that instance.  as far as installs go, alpha 5 was cleaner.. so I`d probably do that next time IF i do, and update it.21:18
Martynmost of the modern dell hardware absolutely doesn't boot21:18
xnguardActionParsnip: ...is this first one going to actually destroy anyone I know or care about, or require interaction on my part?21:19
ActionParsnipMartyn: i'm on the verge of installing lilo. Everything is so much easier21:19
hggdhduffydack: I guess so. One occurrence, no repeats...21:19
MartynActionParsnip: I install grub21:19
ActionParsnipxnguard: no it just gets things back on track21:19
Martynand skip grub-221:19
ActionParsnipxnguard: it helped here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/8170421:19
xnguardActionParsnip: *deep breath* Here goes.21:19
ActionParsnipxnguard: the apt-get update will recreate teh files21:20
Martynbut the //offical// CD installer only supports grub-2 (and I understand _why_ ) but I don't agree that a CD shouldn't support the older mechanism21:20
MartynActionParsnip: I like that grub, unlike lilo, allows for live editing of the menu.lst21:20
MartynActionParsnip: I always hated the requirment in lilo that it had to update the boot sector to locate the kernel on the disk21:20
ActionParsnipMartyn: true, i always boot to root recovery to edit, then i know changes are permanent rather than trying to remember what I did ;)21:21
Martyneven u-boot these days can -find- the kernel and ramdisk images by doing an ext or fat16/fat32 filesystem search21:21
xnguardActionParsnip: Hm.  It doesn't appear to have eaten my brain meats or taken over the world.  I guess I'll find out if it worked next time I manage to knock the package database out of cache.21:21
Martynsloooow download of alpha-621:21
Martyn18k/sec right now21:21
MartynI think I'll need to torrent it21:21
xnguardMartyn: Download it via a torrent, and speed up everyone? :D21:21
ActionParsnipMartyn: what speed connection do you have?21:22
duffydackshall I stop my 850k/s download and speed it up for evreryone lol21:22
xnguardduffydack: Only if you're a masochist?21:23
duffydackactually, I might try a daily next time I try it out21:23
MartynActionParsnip: 155Mbit/sec21:25
duffydackI`ll grab 1 in a week or so and see if anything is better.  not impressed with sound one bit tho.. thats gonna be the deciding factor wether I use it or not21:25
ActionParsnipMartyn: yowser, 18k/s sucks then21:25
MartynActionParsnip: Torrents are traffic shaped at the firewall to 5Mbit/sec upload21:25
MartynYes they are21:25
MartynYes it is, rather21:25
MartynSo, I'll swtich to torrent and see if things improve21:26
Martynand open 64 streams, 16 for upload21:26
* xnguard reminds himself he really needs to get transmission-daemon working on his services machine.21:26
Freak_NLHmm.. I think 802.1x networking is broken in network-manager, but I can't file a bug because there is also a rogue DHCP server on my local network... :(21:27
Freak_NLNobody uses 802.1x in Karmic?21:27
xnguardFreak_NL: I'm running a horrible Jaunty/Karmic abomination here, and using the NM PPA.21:27
Freak_NL802.1x auth works?21:28
floating1penguin42: it froze again. First I pinged the ip from other pc in network and it pinged it in <1ms, after that i did alt+sysrq+t couple times without effect, then same with alt+sysrq+u, then alt+sysrq+s then alt+sysrq+b , when it did react by rebooting right away.  you mentioned logs with alt-sysrq-t, which logs could i look at ?21:29
blueglassesI want to start a new project called USing - universal sender is not a goal, which is a universal sender to twitter, msn, livejournal, etc via post, anyone with or without experience  interested in helping me?21:36
nhasiangnome 2.28 stuff started appearing today in my update-manager21:38
Martynblueglasses : Tell you what, you write some code and check it in to google code .. and once you have a skeleton of working code, I'll join it.21:39
leftyfbhow can I boot my previous kernel with his new grub? Also, for some reason my entire root is only mounting read only now. After updates today.21:40
Martyn(or sourceforge, or whatever source repository control you like -- like github)21:40
blueglassesMartyn, why not on lauchpad?21:40
Martynsure, like I said .. use your favorite :)21:41
histoDoes anyone have the software store they are talking about on the testng page?21:45
histoI can't find it under system anyware21:45
leftyfbok, this latest round of updates since Friday have hosed my system21:48
JEEBsvI hosed mine on friday as well, but updating my system today after re-installation from a daily CDISO went pretty well21:49
* BUGabundo waves o/21:51
lupine_85nargle, quassel win21:54
dupondjeSomebody knows if there are programms to sync Android Phone with Linux (Sunbird/Thunderbird)21:56
penguin42floating1: In your logs (/var/log/messages and friends) you should find there are backtraces just about the time you did the reboot22:00
jsAmaranth: filed.22:00
Amaranthjs: yay22:01
BUGabundowow that's a lot of updates for 24h22:01
Amaranthjs: did you use ubuntu-bug?22:01
penguin42dupondje: I'd look to see if there is anything in opensync for it22:01
BUGabundothis devs rest on the weekend and then release it all on Monday22:01
mezquitalehow do you configure the new grub so that it boots up xp and jaunty?22:02
BUGabundomezquitale: update-grub ??22:03
duffydackMenopausal Minx22:03
mezquitaleBUGabundo, yes but I don't see the menu.lst in /boot/grub22:04
leftyfbmezquitale: /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:04
Amaranthduffydack: Manic Monkey22:04
Amaranthif this LTS gets pushed back 2 months that name will fit even better22:04
mezquitaleso now they put the config file in "grub.cfg"???  they should symlink it for historical purposes22:05
Amaranthmezquitale: You shouldn't touch that file22:05
Amaranthmezquitale: update-grub completely wipes it out every time it runs22:05
mezquitaleAmaranth, ok so how am I supposed to multi boot with xp and jaunty??22:05
Amaranthmezquitale: if running update-grub doesn't say it found XP file a bug, os-prober should have found it22:06
mezquitaleThe installation on ubuntustudio forces me to update my grub,  xp and jaunty are not in the menu when karmic boots up, should I run os-prober or should I just run update-grub?22:07
mezquitaleAmaranth, I ran update-grub and it looks like it found it, let me reboot and see if I get I can boot up to xp and jaunty22:09
gujahello all. I had 9.04 and just upgraded to 9.10. when grub shows, I have two kernels, I choose .31 but Ubuntu wont start.22:11
gujaI get all kinds of (something in front)$SYMLINK-like errors.22:12
gujaand screen goes black.22:12
gujawhen choose .28 kernel I get same thing except screen is okay.22:12
gujai see promt.22:12
gujaany ideas what's wrong?22:13
Freak_NLudev messages22:13
Freak_NLI get them too22:13
Freak_NLno idea what's wrong though22:14
BUGabundoguja: yeah the uved is know22:14
BUGabundothe screen prob a kms mode setting you have22:14
BUGabundolet me guess ATI?22:14
BUGabundotry renaming yoiur xorg.conf22:15
BUGabundoand reconfigure X22:15
gujai can do that only under .28 kernel.22:15
gujaand rename it to what?22:15
=== hggdh is now known as hggdh|afk
BUGabundoguja: you should be able to do it on .31 recovery too22:16
BUGabundoguja: just rename to a backup file22:17
BUGabundoincase you later want to restore it22:17
gujaokay, so save xorg.conf to xorg.conf-bak and how to reconfigure?22:17
afvhi, i'm getting a segmentation fault at firefox (daily), when opening an email into gmail and clicking, for example, at "archive" button.. is this the right channel to ask for some help? :p22:23
afvi get this:22:24
afvProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.22:24
afv0x00a34a9a in IA__g_type_check_instance_cast (type_instance=0xa88f40c0, iface_type=3083413296) at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.21.6/gobject/gtype.c:372922:24
afv3729/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.21.6/gobject/gtype.c: No such file or directory.22:24
afvin /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.21.6/gobject/gtype.c22:24
mezquitaleOK now I can boot into XP, however update-grub is not detecting jaunty.  I have a "/boot" partition for jaunty and "/" is in another partition, how can I configure the new grub so that it boots from the partition with "/boot"???22:24
tormodmezquitale, if grub is also installed on the jaunty boot partition, chain-loading is the easiest22:25
mezquitaletormod, I have a "/boot" partition and everything is in there,  it looks like update-grub detected it, let me restart my machine and see if I can boot up to jaunty22:26
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
histough my grub is so messed up now it won't timeout to default boot for somereason no matter what I tell it.22:30
mezquitaleok update-grub finds jaunty but it still does not appear in the menu choices.  To boot jaunty I installed a "/boot" partition and "/" in another partition.  Is it possible to boot into jaunty using the new GRUB with karmic?22:36
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
dtoi uploaded some files to my Ubuntu One account through the web interface. now I am trying the ubuntuone client program (it was crashing before this latest update) and it seems to be ok, but it's not downloading the files from Ubuntu One to my folder.22:47
dtothey're still up on the site, but not in the local folder.22:48
dtobtw i like the new login splash.22:53
mezquitaleanyone has any ideas on how I can add jaunty to my menu when karmic boots up?  I have a "/boot" partition for jaunty and "/" is stored in another partition22:58
pgoetzI've been configuring the dovecot-postfix package on a 9.10 server system and have noticed a few problems...23:01
proqhi.  when was karmic koala alpha 6 released?  I don't see a release date23:02
pgoetzin particular, postfix seems not to be aware of rsyslog and ingores  /etc/rsyslogd.conf23:02
BUGabundo!schedule | proq23:04
ubottuproq: A schedule of Karmic Koala (9.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule23:04
tormodmezquitale, you keep asking the same question. it is a bug if os-prober does not find your jaunty partition. can you chainload to the boot partition?23:04
sparrCan someone try to duplicate a bug for me?  Warning, this will likely result in you needing to restart X at best, reboot at worst.23:05
penguin42sparr: Yes, since I need to reboot in a min anyway23:06
sparrpenguin42: ok, first of all, when I tell you what to do, to un-do it you will need to press ctrl+alt+F7 and then ctrl+c.  remember that, since you won't be able to get back without it23:06
mezquitaletormod, i am trying what people have suggested with limited success.  I ran update-grub and then windows XP was added to the menu but I am having trouble booting up into jaunty, should I run "os-prober"???  How do you "chainload""? I am reading a huge manual on grub right now23:07
penguin42sparr: an interesting combination23:07
sparrpenguin42: open a terminal and do "sudo startx -- -logverbose 6 :1", then wait for either a working second copy of X to open, or to get stuck at a black screen.  do what I said above, then tell me which result you got23:07
tormodmezquitale, os-prober is part of grub2, it is run by update-grub. chainload is a grub command.23:08
penguin42sparr: So an interesting question would be why you would expect that to work23:08
tormodmezquitale, basically, set root to the right partition, then "chainloader +1"23:08
penguin42sparr: I'd expect if you do a startx from a 2nd terminal it should work, but from within an existing X I don't see why it should23:09
sparrpenguin42: "sudo startx -- :1" works fine.  the :1 means "open another copy of X, on a different virtual terminal, and make it the second display"23:09
penguin42sparr: No it doesn't23:09
sparrno it doesn't work?23:10
penguin42sparr: The :1 means run it on port 6001 as Display :123:10
sparryes, and display :1 is the second display23:10
penguin42sparr: It doesn't specify anything about the console it's bound to23:10
sparrgood point...  im not actually sure how it picks the console23:10
penguin42sparr: I'd say that's the parent console - now if you were to log in on another VC and then do that I'd hope it would work23:11
mezquitaletormod, can you guide me on how to do that?  I have "/boot" in partition /dev/sda2 and "/" in "/dev/sda6"23:11
sparrpenguin42: "sudo startx -- :1" works fine23:11
sparrpenguin42: it's the addition of the logging option that breaks it, which is what I am trying to confirm and then investigate23:11
penguin42sparr: OK, so what do you expect the -logverbose to be passed to?23:12
sparrpenguin42: the X server23:13
sparrit is, in theory, supposed to cause more data to be output to /var/log/Xorg.1.log23:13
penguin42sparr: In that case I think it has to go after the --23:13
sparrpenguin42: yes, did I typo it?23:13
penguin42ah which you did say23:13
tormodmezquitale, that should be "set root=(hd0,2)" and "chainloader +1"23:14
sparrthe results I am seeing are very very freaky23:14
penguin42sparr: What do you see?23:14
sparrI see a blank black screen, then back to a text terminal, on VT8.  on VT7 (which is still :0) I see a solid white screen, until I hit ctrl+c (to kill the :1 Xorg process, which still has keyboard focus), then I see an infinite number of copies of Nautilus opening.23:14
penguin42that's impressive23:15
mezquitaletormod, ok so I should put that in grub.cfg?23:15
tormodyou could, but it would be lost at next update-grub...23:15
penguin42sparr: Do you mind if I try it from a 2nd VC ?23:15
sparrwhen I do "sudo startx -- -logverbose 6 :1" from a text console, the same thing happens on VT8, and in the text console I see a repeating line (at approximately the same rate as nautilus opens in the other experiment) about an invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE23:15
penguin42sparr: Hmm23:16
sparrand that console does not respond to ctrl+c23:16
sparrwell, it does, it just outputs "^C" and keeps going23:16
penguin42sparr: There are some confusions here23:16
penguin42sparr: First of all why are you doing the sudo?  you should be able to do a startx as yourself23:16
tormodmezquitale, see http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5894e87423:17
sparrpenguin42: oddly, previously I was able to startx as myself.  recently:23:17
sparrX: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.23:17
sparrxinit:  Server error.23:17
tormodmezquitale, but you can also try this out on the grub prompt23:17
penguin42sparr: Hmm that's pesky - I suspect it's something to do with devicekit/policykit now emforcing things like that23:18
mezquitaletormod, what file should I edit?  I noticed menu.lst is no longer being used23:18
penguin42sparr: The nautilus oddity doesn't entirely surprise me - there's something weird about how multiple desktop sessions distinguish themselves - they don't just follow the DISPLAY variable23:18
sparrpenguin42: but it WORKS without -logverbose 623:18
tormodmezquitale, see what I pasted23:19
sparreverything functions normally, ignoring the fact that root has some invalid-due-to-gnome-upgrades panel options23:19
mezquitaletormod, yes, it looks like the config I need but what file do I need to edit?23:20
penguin42sparr: Ah, I think I've found it23:21
penguin42sparr: Look in /usr/bin/startx around line 6423:21
tormodmezquitale,  you have to make a file like I did in the example I pasted23:21
penguin42sparr: ' display must be the FIRST server argument'23:21
sparrstill very freaky23:21
penguin42sparr: Thus I think it was probably trying to start a 2nd session on the same display23:22
mezquitaletormod, that makes a lot of sense, so I have to create my own config file and put it in /etc/grub.d/23:23
penguin42sparr: Arguably the man page syntax synosys does show that although the words server and client in aren't obvious what they mean23:24
tormodmezquitale, yes but you can choose another name than 12_tormod :)23:24
mezquitaletormod, thanks I chose 12_[mynick] for historical purposes, im going to reboot and see if it works, if it doesn't im going to just rootverify(hd0,2) then makeactive, then chainloader +1, and then boot so I can grab my bookmarks, karmic looks promising so far, im going to test it really good23:26
tormodmezquitale, you don't need makeactive, that's for dos23:27
mezquitaletormod, that's even easier then, let me reboot, be back in a few with the results23:28
sparrpenguin42: ok, problem resolved, thanks.  sadly, -logverbose doesn't provide the info I was looking for in the first place :(23:28
penguin42oh that's disappointing - I'd assumed 'Make Startup disk' could do it from a running system23:28
penguin42sparr: What were you after?23:28
sparrpenguin42: I am switching resolution with nvidia-settings, to a resolution that X isn't detecting on its own.  I am trying to find enough information to build a valid ModeLine for the resolution that I am in right now23:29
sparrsomeone suggested that -logverbose might log more information during the mode change23:29
penguin42sparr: Ah some of that might be an nvidia special23:29
penguin42sparr: Try xrandr --verbose23:30
sparrhow can that be?  that is, what could the nvidia driver be doing that I couldn't duplicate with the proper ModeLine with the vesa or nv driver?23:30
penguin42sparr: Oh I just meant where nvidia might log extra stuff23:30
sparrxrandr --verbose seems rather helpful23:31
sparr1360x768 (0x23a)   73.1MHz *current        h: width  1360 start    0 end    0 total 1360 skew    0 clock   53.8KHz        v: height  768 start    0 end    0 total  768           clock   70.0Hz23:31
sparrthat looks like enough information23:31
penguin42anyway, time to disappear for a few minutes23:31
sparrthanks for the help, enjoy your reboot23:31
mroci updated my system this morning, and now i can't seem to boot.  fsck seems to have a problem with the timestamp, but running fsck manually doesn't correct it.  any advice?23:32
penguin42hmm I may as well pull the latest updates before reboot23:33
sparrI run ubuntu+1 to keep up with newer packages, but the breakage makes me sad :(23:35
sparrEvery release I get a little closer to moving back to debian.  I love debian testing.23:35
mezquitaletormod, do I have to chmod +x the file I created?23:36
HorizonX1in karmic koala, how can I create my own boot splash screen?23:37
tormodmezquitale, I think so. when running update-grub you should see "adding chainloaders"23:39
penguin42sparr: Have you ever tried using sid?23:39
sparrpenguin42: I usually do.  When I ran debian, I pinned about 20% of my packages to testing, everything else came from unstable23:40
sparrright now about 0.5% of the packages on my system are from debian unstable23:40
sparrabout 2% from debian testing23:41
mezquitalesparr, I should try debian then, I've been hooked to ubuntustudio and karmic looks beautiful, the network manger is awesome on my laptop, it does have a few glitches i need to fix though23:41
penguin42sparr-> /nick frankenstein23:41
mezquitaletormod, I was taken off the net, sorry.  Do I have to chmod +x the file I created?23:42
sparrpenguin42: I am probably one of two people in the whole world who care that the apt priority system is poorly documented.  My pinning priorities a year ago (not today, I do it manually now) would make a MOTU cry23:42
tormod<tormod> mezquitale, I think so. when running update-grub you should see "adding chainloaders"23:42
mezquitaleok so I have to create the file and run update-grub??23:42
penguin42sparr: Hehe - I have tried to using pinning in the past23:42
penguin42anyway, now I have to reboot23:42
mezquitaletormod, im reboot, i made the file I created executable and ran update-grub, going to reboot now23:44
edoceoAnyone else been seeding that the clock is set back a few minutes/hours when rebooting Karmic?  Been happening the last few days, didn't see this issue a 12 days ago.23:47
HorizonX1no ideas?23:49
BUGabundoedoceo: prob a bad batery on your board23:50
edoceoBUGabundo: On two machines? That started happening at the same time? (same day at least)?23:51
BUGabundostrange then23:51
BUGabundohumm bad NTP server?23:51
BUGabundomaybe at boot it connects to a local one23:52
TerminXedoceo: it happens here too23:52
edoceoAlso, this behaviour only happens after booting Karmic, not after boot the Gentoo or Jaunty side23:52
BUGabundoand then when online use another23:52
BUGabundothere goes my theory23:52
TerminXmy system clock is supposed to be GMT23:52
BUGabundoplease file a bug , both of you23:52
TerminXbut karmic is setting it to the local timezone23:52
edoceoNo other machines on the network (14) which depend on the same NTP are having this issue either.23:52
* edoceo hauls of to Launchpad to search/file bugs23:52
TerminXso every time I boot I get a bunch of fsck bitching about superblock mount timestamps23:52
TerminX...so every time I reboot I have to remember to go into CMOS and bump my clock up by 7 hours (since I'm in GMT-8 and it's still DST here IIRC)23:53
edoceoTerminX: Same scenario here  :(23:53
TerminXit seems like it's intentional23:54
TerminXto benefit windows users23:54
TerminXwith no way to configure it for everyone else23:54
TerminXtry neutering the hwclock related init scripts23:54
edoceoOn Gentoo system there's a (sync colok) hook on start/shutdown for that case, which can be disabled if you only run *nix systems23:54
TerminXI haven't done it myself yet but that's where I'd start :p23:54
edoceoTerminX: Yea me too - if I had the free time - for now I just try to avoid rebooting these things, which is a shit way to test Beta software23:55
TerminXhey, I didn't reboot for 6 months until a few days ago23:55
TerminXmy last reboot was before karmic even opened23:56
edoceoTerminX: See Bug 432070, looks like that's what we've hit23:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432070 in linux "UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: fails to boot ("last mount time is in the future")" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43207023:56
TerminXbut a few days ago upstart seems to have been a forced upgrade upon anyone still using sysvinit :p23:56

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