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Martynwhat is the Marvell Dove?21:32
ojnMartyn: I doubt anyone will be able to tell you. :-) It's an unreleased product.21:36
MartynZ0, Y0, Y1 .. I'm just trying to figure out which flavor is called the Dove21:37
* Martyn deals with unreleased processors and products all the time. -laugh- I'm working with an actual in-hand Cortex A9/quad core chip now.21:37
MartynI love the thing.  Even at 400Mhz it's blazing21:37
ojnAh. Sorry, can't help you there at the moment.21:39
Martynno worries :)21:40
MartynIt's just nice to see more flavors making into the karmic builds21:41
Martyndove, pbx-a9, i.mx51, etc.21:41
ojnWhat platform is pbx-a9?21:42
NCommanderojn, never heard of it21:42
NCommanderMartyn, Marvell Dove is Z0/Y0/Y1 ;-)21:42
ojnAh, eval platform for a921:42
ojn"PBX-A9 will be a software and hardware development board for Cortex-A9 MPCore"  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.arm.com%2Fpdfs%2FRealView_HW_Platforms_Selector_v10.pdf&ei=NOW3SoOQNZGHlAe825j0Dg&usg=AFQjCNE0OHFAmZK2Y1bD0guaSWHb7mHBug&sig2=FQ-dYezRq72Mg_F8zqR9mA21:42
NCommanderMartyn, our images only support Y0, and Y121:43
MartynYOUR images only support it :)21:51
MartynI'm well on my way to having a relatively full Cortex-A9 build21:52
Martynonce I work out the kinks properly (I still have early boot issues to deal with) I'll start folding them into launchpad21:52
Martynassuming permission21:52
MartynCan you think of any reasons gcc 3.4.6 would _not_ build?21:55
Martynif I just downloaded it and tried doing a make bootstrap?21:55
Martynhmm .. that actually worked pretty well22:05
armin76Martyn: dove is marvell's armv722:16
armin76a netbook board i suppose22:17
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ericm_dove is the codename for the processor22:17
ericm_the SoC22:18
Martynarminv7 : I got it zeroed in22:19
Martynonce I figured out which marvel chip it was22:19
MartynI don't have that platform yet :(22:20
MartynI have the testchip that ARM made, I have a PBX-a9, and I even have an omap4 now22:20
MartynI /need/ one of the samsung chips, but won't get one until Apple stops eating 'em up22:20
MartynWe're still in the 'it's damned hard to get hands on a multicore chip' stage22:21
Martynat least I have three reference platforms now22:21
Martynanyone here a u-boot zen master?22:47

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