kwwiimorning all08:41
thorwilgood morning!09:02
kwwiihi thorwil09:02
kwwiithorwil: just talking to ivanka about the countdown banner....trying to get an idea of what they want, etc.09:04
kwwiiso, in the end, there is no specific direction...since it was in the community space it should stay there09:05
kwwiiie. feel free to do whatever you want ;)09:05
thorwilkwwii: i just wanted to say that, 1 day before concept deadline, it would be a bit late to think about what you want :)09:06
kwwiiwow, I like the ones with the bg fromthe xsplash09:18
thorwilcurrently Chin's design is the only one i like (somewhat). i fear he might have taken that koala from an image not granting those rights09:18
thorwilhorrible numerals, anyway09:19
* mac_v doesnt like the splash being used as a banner ;p09:45
FLOZzHello all  _o/10:58
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mrmcq2u_kwwii - u back?17:17
kwwiimrmcq2u_: yes, I am online (but not at home, back in london)17:20
kwwiioops, one second too late17:20
kwwiimrmcq2u_: he17:41
kwwii18:20 -!- mrmcq2u_ [n=mrmcq2u_@] has quit [Remote closed the  connection]17:42
kwwii18:20 < kwwii> mrmcq2u_: yes, I am online (but not at home, back in london)17:42
kwwii18:20 < kwwii> oops, one second too late17:42
* kwwii is off to the hotel18:08
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zoomy942hi there everyone19:58
mrmcq2u_kwwii -> did u talk to that sound engineer yet?20:01
zoomy942i had a question about the Breathe Icon set20:01
zoomy942it's a great icon set by the way20:01
mrmcq2u_I don't like it :(20:08
mrmcq2u_prefer gnome-colors20:08
mrmcq2u_or humanity20:08
zoomy942well, about those sets, this quesiton applies too20:10
zoomy942it changed everything, which is good, but i didnt notice it change my battery/charging icon on my tablet pc20:10
zoomy942is that something that was skipped?20:10
MadsRHzoomy942 -> Breathe is really slick - only 50% done at the moment. I tried Humanity, which is better than Human, but still I like Breathe better20:13
mrmcq2u_MadsRH - did u try gnome colors?20:14
MadsRHmrmcq2u_ -> No, I haven't. Is that the set that have a non-ubuntu icon in the applications menu?20:16
mrmcq2u_MadRH  - Its the iconset you use with shiki-colors20:25
zoomy942thanks for the info.  i love breathe so far.  love it20:32
zoomy942i'll be keeping an eye on it, thats for sure20:32
knomekwwii, what's the license for notification-* icons in Human? where i can find the AUTHORS file?21:01
kwwiiknome is there a problem?21:07
kwwiiI am on a mac atm, can't give you and links or such...ask me tomorrow when I am back at work21:08
kwwiiI don't think that there is an authors file21:08
knomekwwii, we need the svg files, but the sources only have png21:10
knomekwwii, did you have that group photo btw? ;)21:10
mrmcq2u_kwwii - what are the chances that lynx will use a modified more desktop friendly version of the moblin ui instead of gnome-shell?21:13
mrmcq2u_with integrated web browser and media player taken out of the panel and a zeitgeist based file manager replacing it instead21:13
kwwiiknome: what do you want to do with the svg's?21:18
kwwiimrmcq2u_: no idea21:18
kwwiiknome: sorry, I am back in london atm...I was only home for two days before returning...I promise that when I get home in a few days  I will get it to you21:24
kwwiibeta freeze is on thursday...I am going kinda crazy with work21:24
knomekwwii, we need to fix some of the icons, we're going to include them in our own set21:35
knomekwwii, no hurry with the group photo, it's already been a year since it ;)21:35
kwwiiknome: please do not simply copy the icons. I have no problem if they are changed in style or such, but just copying them will get me stress from my boss21:38
knomewe are going to change the colors21:39
knomeis there a specific reason why human is so kind of closed from public?21:41
kwwiiknome: human in general no...but when we released the notification icons with the theme they were supposed to be licensed differently and for whatever reason I got the blame21:46
kwwiiso, I would appreciate it if those icons are not copied directly21:47
kwwiijust the notifications, nothing else21:47
knomewhat is the license then?21:48
knomejust tell me to shut up if you can't tell more about it :)21:53
kwwiihehe, it is in the paage itself in the debian dir...ccbysa21:55
knomeok, so we *could* copy those?21:55
kwwiiamong other things, the ubuntu logo which is trademarked is also in their...legally that is incorrect as well21:55
knomei don't want to cause any trouble and i21:56
knome...i'll keep our team from copying them if there really is a problem21:56
kwwiiI would almos promise that any theme which just copies them will not make it into ubuntu21:56
knomebut we're talking about xubuntu21:56
knomewhy release them under CC if they don't want them to be copied? or was this a mistake?21:57
kwwiiit was a mistake21:57
kwwiiI appreciate your understanding21:59
knomei think we have to find an other way22:00
SiDikwwii: so there's no way for us to use the human notification-* icons ? :(22:00
knomekwwii, who would be the next from you to contact about this? sabdfl? :P22:03
kwwiisorry all, the wifi went down in my hotel22:40
kwwiiso they gave me free broadband ;)22:40
kwwiiSiDi: as they are in the human set, it would be bad22:40
kwwiiSiDi: what we could do is put them in another set just to themselves and then put that beneath your default set in the heirarchy22:41
kwwiiknome: dude, please don't even kid about that :) He was the one who was screaming at me that I had better get my shit together after they were released with the human set22:41
kwwiialthough I had no idea that they should not be released with it...until then everything was ccbysa22:42
SiDii see22:42
kwwiinaturally, you could take the svgs and change them22:42
knomekwwii, he is not a superhuman even if he has all the power in ubuntu and lots of money :P22:42
kwwiior just include the human set underneath22:42
kwwiiknome: lol, he pay my salary22:42
SiDii think we will try to make our own ones22:42
ckontrosScreaming? Really? Because it was an open license? Hmm...22:43
knomekwwii, but not mine.22:43
SiDithat'll avoid you trouble22:43
kwwiiyes, and I would appreciate it ;)22:43
kwwiickontros: he wants all the new stuff from the design team which is different enough from what we have done until now to be reserved for ubuntu, etc22:43
knomekwwii, that sounds like lots of propietary stuff coming22:45
kwwiiwell, it is just parts of the artwork...all the code will stay opensource22:50
kwwiithe idea is that if we create something *really* amazing (which is, of course our job) we don't want someone to simply copy it as soon as we release it22:51
kwwiicheck the new xsplash artwork, it has the new license22:51
kwwiialthough really it is a non-license22:51
knome"the new license" ?22:52
knomekwwii, how does that license apply for copying to xubuntu, for example?22:52
kwwiitrust me, I have spent the last months talking to our two lawyers (and *lots* of others) concerning licensing and such22:52
knomei mean, one might think mark wouldn't want to stop it being in the rest of his products as well22:52
knomeit == amazing stuff22:53
kwwiiknome: to be honest, with xubuntu, because of its status with ubuntu variants, I don't know22:53
knomekwwii, is there any possibility you could investigate this further? :/22:53
kwwiiright, but we're not talking about just using it in xubuntu but taking it out of the context with which it way intended22:53
ckontroskwwii: Ouch. That *REALLY* sucks. Though I understand why. And IMO the art won't show elsewhere.22:53
kwwiiknome: yes, I can take care of it tomorrow22:54
knomekwwii, thanks. i appreciate it22:54
kwwiickontros: I agree but it was not my decision22:54
kwwiiI almost lost my job over this and before it I had no idea22:54
ckontrosI can see this being an issue later though. Something to give Mark shit about.22:54
knomeit really sounds like something big22:55
kwwiioh, I imagine this will be a big issue with more people22:55
kwwiiI just don't want those problems to come out of something that I said or did ;)22:55
knomeof course22:55
ckontrosFor sure, people will see the license and make their own issue from it.22:56
knomethat's why we might ask mark directly O:)22:56
kwwiiquite a few at the company thought it was not the right decision22:56
ckontrosThere will also be bugs filed. :P22:56
kwwiiknome: don't worry, I will talk to him and others tomorrow22:56
knomeokay :)22:56
kwwiiI will explain this whole conversation22:56
knomeokay, thanks a lot22:56
* ckontros doubts any of the dirivitaves will have a problem using the icons.22:57
kwwiino problem, thank you for understanding, more info will be coming22:57
knomeckontros, the problem is that xubuntu is not one of the officially supported22:58
knomeckontros, we are just an official derivative22:58
kwwiias I said, as long as they are in a) a seperate set to themselves or b) kept in the human theme as they are now, it will not be a problem22:58
SiDickontros: we always ask for authorization before using someone else's work, fortunately this can avoid bad situations :p22:58
knomekwwii, a separate set would work perfectly, actually..22:58
SiDikwwii: i'm ok for a xubuntu-notification-icon-theme or something, if it can be done22:59
kwwiiknome: yeah, and I bet that mark will like the idea as well22:59
knomekwwii, great to hear :)22:59
kwwiiluckily I am in the office so I can sit down with them over lunch and discuss the issue22:59
knomekwwii, i have to buy you a beer if we meet someday :)22:59
ckontrosDrama. meh22:59
kwwiiknome: deal ;)22:59
* kwwii finds the amazing Katy Brands Big Ass Show23:03
kwwiifunny as hell23:03
SiDikwwii: now that knome said that he's telling me he needs a beer in pm... he's terrible, as soon as he thinks of beer.. :P23:03
knomemaybe i am;)23:03
kwwiiwere I live, there are more breweries per capita than anywhere in the world23:04
ckontrosDamn Krauts23:04
knomewell, to be honest, i think beer 99% of the time i'm awake23:05
knomeone day i hope i can say that sentence with "think" replaced with "drink"23:06
knomeand not lie23:06
SiDiit would not be sane for your body23:06
knomenot really. :)23:06
* ckontros was straitedge 'till he was 27. (not hardcore just kinda fit that mold)23:06
knomebut at least i'd have fun23:07
knomedrinking beer all the time actually isn't a thing to joke about :P23:07
knomestill i manage to do that all the time23:07
SiDiits still damn long23:08
SiDiI was happy with BLH :(23:08
SiDiknome: image sent in email23:10
SiDii had an idea for the ico ntheme23:10
SiDiwe could release elementary as is23:10
SiDiand define BLH which would contain only our few icons and which would inherit the notification theme and then elementary23:11
knomethat's possible.23:11
knomenot a bad idea at all23:11
SiDiso there would be elementary installed (recognition for the author) and i'd have my sexy name23:11
knomethose icons you sent look good23:11
SiDithe alternative is that i stop being an asshole and i accept using elementary xubuntu or w/e as a name23:11
SiDithe 24px stop icon is blur23:11
SiDibut it took me already some time to make it like that :P23:12
knomehow come?23:12
SiDi(but i think they're definately better than the current gnome ones)23:12
SiDiwell, w/out the sources i just took the gnome ones and rotated them23:12
knomewhy not just copy the start icon and flip it and change the colors? :]23:12
SiDiwhich blurred them A LOT23:12
knomehow come?23:12
knomethey were svg?23:13
SiDiwhich i fixed quite great in the 22Px and 16px ones, but which i dont seem to manage to fix more for the 24px23:13
SiDithere's no xcf or svg23:13
SiDiits not even open source23:13
* kwwii hits the minibar23:13
knomecan we modify them then?23:13
SiDiif apt-get sources returns a damn package without the SOURCE, then its not open source x_x23:13
knomekwwii, have a good drink23:13
knomeSiDi, lol23:13
knomeSiDi, which pkg is that? :P23:14
SiDiits a SOURCE package of course23:14
kwwiinothing better than a beer which costs 10 pounds23:14
knomekwwii, OUCH.23:14
knomekwwii, i think i'll have some rum23:14
kwwiiactually, it is more like 6, but that is still crazy expensice23:14
SiDii think i'll go bed23:14
knomeSiDi, night :P23:14
kwwiiactually, I think I will pop open a vodka23:14
kwwiinight SiDi23:14
SiDigotta wake up in 6 hours for a signal transmission mathematics course...23:14
knomekwwii, sounds like a normal price for beer in my standard bar23:14
SiDiknome: thats so damn expensive :P23:15
knomeSiDi, but it's beer. ;)23:15
knomeSiDi, and only money. ;)23:15
SiDiknome: feel free to try to make a better 24px icon btw ;) basically i just turned the icon, made it sharper, and then darkened it a little bit in gimp23:15
SiDi(andi still think photoshop >>>>>> gimp)23:16
knomeSiDi, hmpf.23:16
knomeSiDi, i think we might try to get THE sources23:16
SiDii think you should try w/e art channel exists in gimp.net then23:16
SiDits the gnome hideout23:16
SiDiOk, time to go now :X23:17
knomehmm, my captain morgan is clearly running out23:21

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