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JCDGhello, I'm new at the bugsquad, and I want to know where can I beging to help? or how? which ones are the first steps?..02:58
jmarsdenJCDG: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/GettingInvolved03:15
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/96123/ segfault in linux/x86_64/clone.S ?  i'm not a gdb expert.  what package should be bugged?05:59
lifelessI'd start with melt06:01
CarlFKmelt it is.  thanks06:26
dholbachgood morning07:21
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^arky^Darn! Anyone got a clue: my computer fails to find ./lib/cryptdisks/cryptdisks.functions and refuses to boot07:37
micahg^arky^: karmic?07:38
^arky^yes micahg07:38
micahg^arky^: I'd say check in #ubuntu+107:38
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mattiHi dholbach09:27
dholbachhi matti09:29
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* dholbach hugs thekorn16:36
thekornME ?!16:36
* thekorn hugs dholbach back16:36
dholbachyou seem to have noticed the new person on the Hall of Fame very quickly :)16:37
thekorndholbach, hehe, and you seem to be subscribed to the "thank davmor2" link16:38
* thekorn hugs davmor2 too16:38
dholbachI was just having a look to see if everything works as expected :)16:38
thekorndholbach, nice "how to report bugs" screencast btw16:39
dholbachthekorn: popey helped me with it16:39
dholbachonce I had a script that did it all for me it was easy16:39
* davmor2 goes redder than when ara mentioned it on #ubuntu-testing16:40
davmor2Thanks guys16:40
* dholbach hugs davmor216:40
dholbachyou're a rockstar!16:40
davmor2dholbach: what just ever-so insane :D16:41
rockstardholbach, no, I'm a rockstar.16:41
dholbachrockstar: sure you are :)16:41
thekornaren't we all rockstars ;)16:42
dholbachrockstar: shall I refill your bowl in your trailer with M&Ms? (I know... not the blue ones)16:42
rockstardholbach, :)16:43
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bdmurrayhggdh: I forget were you organizing bug day this week?18:36
hggdhbdmurray: no, not to my knowledge18:37
hggdhbut, then, perhaps we should not worry... see http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2009/09/oh_no_warning_alert_alert_aler.php?utm_source=combinedfeed&utm_medium=rss18:37
bdmurrayI should ask somebody in a timezone a head of us if the world ended18:42
hggdhwell, it is already a new year, Jewish-wise18:42
micahghi hggdh :)18:43
hggdhhi micahg, I was wondering if you would here18:44
hggdhhappy new year, sir18:44
micahgthank you :)18:44
thekornbdmurray, I'm going to prganize this weeks bug day18:47
thekornI think I will prepare the wiki page today18:47
thekornand send tzhe email tomorrow18:47
bdmurraythekorn: great thanks! let me know so I can let the u-d-a e-mail through18:48
thekornI hope it's all in time18:50
atruslaunchpad.net has been returning errors for me ALOT for the past several week or so. known issues?18:50
hggdhatrus, the best place to ask about LP itself is on #launchpad18:51
thekornatrus, best to check with people in #launchpad directly18:51
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atrusah. i thought the error page used to mention a channel like that, but nothing came up last time :)18:52
hggdhanyone has the lp_karma_suffix GM script still working on edge?20:25
hggdhbdmurray: please have a look at bug 430953 -- is this OK with you?20:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 430953 in coreutils "coreutils man pages are incomplete" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43095320:25
micahghggdh: nope20:26
bdmurrayhggdh: no, kees is looking at it right now though20:27
hggdhK. I was getting a 404 on @@+portlet-details, wondered about it20:27
bdmurrayyep, the karma looking up was failing20:28
bdmurrayhggdh: that seems fine thanks!20:28
danageanyone here working on home folder encryption? i have a serious bug to report but dunno how to fetch the necessary information and which pakage to attach it to20:33
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bdmurraythe package is ecryptfs you might check in #ubuntu-server for more info20:36
bdmurrayer, ecryptfs-utils20:38
danagebdmurray: thanks brian, i already cross-posted in #ubuntu-devel :)20:40
bdmurraycool, kirkland is likely the right person20:40
danagethats what i figgered... i already checked launchpad for a similar bug report but found none, so i'd like to ask what kind of info to provide before filing20:41
jcastrohey bdmurray, how is the report a bug redirect stuff going?20:42
bdmurraywell, since its only on edge there hasn't been a significant change in anything20:44
* BUGabundo waves o/21:51
hggdh\o (left-handed)21:52
* Asdquefty waves o/21:52
* hggdh goes crazy *o*21:53
* BUGabundo runssssss21:55
BUGabundothis # is to high on non legal substences21:55
Asdqueftythis #?21:55
greg-gAdri2000: '#' is short hand for 'channel' as every channel starts with a #22:13
Asdqueftygreg-g: thanks22:14
BUGabundodidn't get that was the question :)22:15
hggdhwhat question? :-)22:16
Asdqueftymaybe this # is high :p22:16
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bdmurraythere is a new firefox-lp-improvements available for whoever is interested23:14
BUGabundogreat bdmurray23:17
BUGabundodoes it fix the bad trace I had with firefox 3.7 ?23:17
bdmurrayI have not heard of this bad trace23:18
BUGabundobdmurray: I posted it a few days ago on #ubuntu-mozillateam23:26
BUGabundoI should easilly reproduce it :)23:26

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