wamtyShortly after starting the install I get "Call Trace:" and then "Code: e6 01 00 90 etc"00:04
wamtyany ideas?00:06
TheMusowamty: I suggest you file a bug against ubiquity in launchpad.00:06
TheMusoAs the people who are most likely to be able to help you are not likely to be around at the moment.00:06
wamtywhat do u mean00:06
wamtywhy not00:07
TheMusoWell for one thing, its almost midnight where the installer maintainers live.00:07
wgrantBecause it was Sunday for them until 7 minutes ago.00:07
TheMusowamty: /c00:11
wamtywhat does that mean?00:11
TheMusowamty: sorry that was a typo00:11
TheMusowamty: To file a bug, I suggest you have a read here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs00:12
wamtymaybe its not a bug00:12
wamtyi dont know wha it is00:12
TheMusowamty: A call trace sounds like a bug to me.00:13
Chipzzcall trace sounds like a kernel oops to me00:15
Chipzzespecially with teh "Code: ..." after it00:15
superm1pitti, ping.  i wanted to ask you about letting users report bugs for packages from PPAs that are very close to upstream code, so that apport doesn't complain about them being non-genuine packages.  we recently (today) switched one of the mythtv trunk PPAs to build in debug mode, so between the dropping of optimizations and the dh_strip not doing any stripping for PPA builds, I think these should be pretty useful to upstream00:28
apwanyone know what injects dbus messages for new devices ?00:51
Amaranthlifeless: I thought udev had its own protocol00:54
ScottKsuperm1: Where would they be filed?00:55
apwlifeless, maybe, maybe, or do you _know_ its that00:55
lifelessAmaranth: so udev listens to the kernel; the get-rid-of-hal work consists of udev events that translate and broadcast to dbus00:55
lifelessapw: I'm 95% sure00:55
superm1ScottK, against the same source package in the archive00:55
* Amaranth checks code00:55
apwin jaunty it looks like its hal00:55
superm1i think for some projects it makes a lot of sense still00:55
ScottKsuperm1: I think that's horribly inappropriate.00:56
lifelessapw: in jaunty it is hal00:56
apwin karmic it is _noone_ for me00:56
superm1ScottK, i'd be fine with a whitelist, or drop a file in place to make it activated for any particular blessed package00:56
lifelessthere was a massive thread on d-d recently about this in the context of systems with /usr on separate fs's.00:56
Amaranthapw: hal should still be around to do that, it is used for xorg still00:56
superm1ScottK, but i'm sure that other projects with daily builds can get the same kind of benefits like this too then00:57
ScottKsuperm1: I think what it needs is a different place to land non-ubuntu bugs.00:57
apwhal is seeing the new devices i insert, just nolonger am i seeing dbus events, therefore gnome doesn't do it00:57
ScottKsuperm1: I think it's great, just not against Ubuntu.00:57
Amaranthapw: gnome uses udev00:57
apwAmaranth, 'used' udev .. how is it plumbed in?  do you know?00:58
apwuses even00:58
Amaranthlifeless: it looks like udev doesn't have a dbus dependency00:58
Amaranthapw: via libgudev?00:58
apwAmaranth, hrm, thanks will look at that00:58
Amaranthapw: yeah, gvfs depends on libgudev00:58
lifelessAmaranth: I likely have the fine detail wrong; I do recall the transition and that its udev's problem now ;)00:59
Amaranthso nautilus uses gio which uses gvfs which uses libgudev which is actually a wrapper around libudev which uses udevd00:59
AmaranthWow I would hate to debug that00:59
apwso we might not expect to see dbus events now then01:00
apwi do have udev events for the new devices01:00
Amaranthapw: Well like I said we still have hal around for xorg so hal should still be reporting device connections01:00
apwit maybe meant to be, but its not01:00
Amaranthmaybe it was crippled somehow *shrug*01:01
apwi have the problem that i know whats not happening, but not whats normal01:01
apwyeah half finished sometrhing i expect01:01
james_wapw: devicekit-disks01:06
james_wfor disks01:06
james_wother things for other types of hardware01:06
james_wthere's no single thing like hal anymore01:06
james_wif there is a daemon corresponding to what you are trying to do then using the DBus connection to that works01:07
Amaranthah, right, forgot devicekit-disks is still around01:07
james_wotherwise libgudev or similar to listen to udev events would work01:07
james_wif it has to be DBus then a devicekit-* for the class of hardware that translates from udev to DBus would be needed01:07
Amaranthdevicekit-disks and devicekit-power are the only ones01:08
apwjames_w, thanks for the info01:17
apwit appears that /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-gdu-volume-monitor is finding out about it directly from udev01:18
apwi wonder what that actually does01:18
apwbut gvfs itself does not appear to get told01:19
sladenfatal: I had/have the ultimate blackness too01:32
sladenfatal: if fsck is running, it could be 10 minutes+ of blackness before xsplash+gdm start01:34
sladenfatal: and (recovery mode) doesn't do anything01:34
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jdongdirecthex: heh just noticed the nspluginwrapper bug too03:38
the_dark_warrioWhat are the kernel modules that control webcams?03:51
jdongmany.... uvcvideo is one of the more common ones03:51
the_dark_warrioI was wondering if it is possible to control exposure time03:52
jdongI thought typically that's something automatically controlled by the camera03:52
the_dark_warrioindeed it is03:53
jdongtypically exposure time increases with the decrease of ambient light :)03:53
the_dark_warriobut I'm doing some science experiments, and the autoexposure is screwing everything ;)03:54
jdongprobably a webcam isn't your best tool in that case03:54
the_dark_warrioI see03:54
jdonghere in our MIT intro biophysics classes we use a firewire fancy module03:54
jdongwhich does allow every capture parameter to be controlled by software03:54
the_dark_warrioyou mean a firewire camera?03:55
jdongyeah, some sort of firewire connected camera03:56
jdonginterfacing with a Ubuntu UI03:56
jdongI'm only a customer of the setup so to speak, though :)03:56
the_dark_warriothanks for the hints! I will research more03:57
jdongsure thing03:57
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Vantraxanyone here have experience with kerberos and capaths?06:26
glicksexcuse me, im trying to compile a vanilla kernel in ubuntu, whats the command to make a .config file from the current running kernel?06:29
pittiGood morning07:11
pittisuperm1: you can ship a small code snippet which makes them being reported against the product (see /usr/share/doc/apport/crashdb-conf.txt); is that what you need?07:14
superm1pitti, interesting, that looks like it would do the trick07:15
superm1just need to find a way to integrate it without disturbing standard packages (they use the same bzr branch)07:16
pittisuperm1: perhaps like this:07:16
pittisuperm1: ship a crashdb.conf.d/mythtv.conf with a "mythtv" db (use launchpad_impl and set 'product': 'mythtv')07:17
pittisuperm1: and then ship a package hook which checks the version (ppa or not) and sets report['CrashDB'] = 'mythtv' for PPA packages07:17
superm1pitti, ah yeah, that sounds like the perfect way to do it. thanks!07:18
pittisuperm1: please let me know about troubles; crashdb-conf.txt and package-hooks.txt.gz aren't very verbose about this yet07:18
superm1pitti, will do.  i'll try'n sort out the details for it this week07:19
dholbachgood morning07:21
* pitti hugs dholbach07:29
* dholbach hugs pitti back07:30
wgrantpitti: Do you have a few minutes to talk about the archive administration side of Soyuz ddeb support?07:32
pittiwgrant: sure07:32
wgrantpitti: So, ddebs are represented in Soyuz just like normal debs. This means that at the moment they don't follow their debs around, so removals/overrides/copies of a binary will not drag along the ddeb. This seems like it could get pretty tedious.07:33
wgrantSo I'm going to implement some improvements which will cause overrides/removals of a deb to also detect and operate on the deb.07:34
wgrantSounds sane?07:34
pittiI don't see why we should have the ddeb in a different component07:34
wgrantRight. It'll also need some tricks to automatically inherit the deb's overrides at upload-time, to avoid pushing *every* binary through new once we hit the button.07:35
wgrantNow, ddebs will be removed from the archive indices as soon as they're superseded. That's not a good thing for the retracers, is it?07:35
pittiwgrant: it's what we currently have07:37
pittiwgrant: I think it's fine for the Packages.gz files07:37
pittiwgrant: they don't disappear from LP, I recently learned how to retrieve all files from any build through launchpadlib07:37
pittiso if we wanted to make the retracers more clever about older versions, we could still do it07:37
wgrantpitti: OK. They'll be removed from the archive disk immediately, but will still be available from the librarian.07:38
wgrantYou'll probably need to manually NBS out ddebs, unfortunately.07:38
pittiwgrant: that sounds scriptable, though07:39
wgrantI can't think of a way around that, so I hope it's OK.07:39
pittiwgrant: where will they land? not on archive.u.c., I hope?07:40
wgrantpitti: No. They will exist in an entirely separate archive.07:40
pittiwgrant: it would be great if we could just move ddebs.u.c. to point to that archive07:40
wgrantOtherwise it would be really easy.07:40
wgrantpitti: That would be good, although there is the slight problem that none of the old ddebs will be in the new archive.07:41
pittiah, bummer; we can't 'seed' them?07:41
wgrantNot exactly. While it's probably technically possible, it seems like a pretty awful thing to do (inject binaries into builds).07:42
wgrantYou might just have to leave the retraces also pointing at the old archive for a while. Or convince somebody that the evil required to do the import is justified.07:43
pittiwgrant: ok, so I propose we keep ddebs.ubuntu.com/old/ around on macaroni, and point the main ddebs.u.c. to the new archive07:43
pittiso for a while we use both07:43
wgrantpitti: Sounds sane.07:44
wgrantI think that's probably it. Let me think....07:45
tseliotpitti: where's the jockey handler for bcmwl?08:14
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tseliotpitti: aah, it's only in the ubuntu branch. Never mind08:20
ManDayHello have been told to come here as I ve got a problem with glibc. Upon fatal runtime errors the backtrace is written to the tty directly rather than stderr, which renders it impossible to redirect the error to something like less in order to read it. Is that a well known problem with the runtime of glibc or just my specific problem?08:58
tseliotpitti: if I (successfully) install the broadcom driver in Jockey, Jockey's interface doesn't refresh and it looks like it wasn't installed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27510909:06
tseliot(the module is loaded)09:07
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pittitseliot: "unbind/rebind on driver /sys/module/wl/drivers/pci:wl: device 0000:03:00.0", nice so that actually works?09:18
pittitseliot: the handler doesn't rmmod b43 and friends, do you still have any of those loaded?09:19
pittitseliot: oh, wait, it does09:19
tseliotpitti: no b43, etc. module is loaded09:19
pittitseliot: does 'lsmod | egrep '43|ssb' still show anything?09:19
pittitseliot: ah, I think I know what's going on; could you test something for me?09:21
tseliotpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27511509:21
tseliotpitti: sure09:21
pittitseliot: in broadcom_wl.py, enable(), after KernelModuleHandler.enable(self) (i. e. very last line)09:22
pittiappend this09:22
pittiKMH.enable() will install the package, which installs the blacklist09:22
pittibut jockey doesn't update its blacklist cache09:23
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tseliotpitti: wouldn't it be something to add to enabled() instead (which I assume you call after enable() to make sure that it worked)?09:24
tseliotjust asking09:24
pittitseliot: I think enable() is better, enabled() is called much more often, and is only a read operation09:25
tseliotpitti: ok, let me try09:26
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tseliotpitti: it complains that class OSLib has no attribute '_BroadcomWLHandler__load_module_blacklist or, if I remove the 1st underscore, TypeError: unbound method _load_module_blacklist() must be called with OSLib instance as a first argument (got nothing instead)09:51
pittitseliot: oops, sorry; it's just a single _, not two __09:52
tseliotpitti: which gives me the 2nd part of my previous message09:53
pittitseliot: so, it's correctly:09:53
pitti(forgot the .inst as well)09:53
tseliotok, let me try again09:53
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tseliotpitti: that seems to work10:02
evandpitti: any further thoughts on bug 432542?10:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432542 in usb-creator "UI freeze exception for usb-creator 0.2.7" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43254210:11
evandalso, do you think a new upload of devicekit-disks is warranted for 007, or should we just cherry pick the crucial patches from it?10:12
pittievand: hi10:20
pittitseliot: great, will commit10:20
evandhi pitti10:20
tseliotpitti: thanks10:20
pittitseliot: in fact, I should commit that to trunk to the generic Handler, since other packages could install blacklist files as well10:21
pittievand: DK-disks 007 is in karmic, needed by new gnome10:21
pittievand: usb-creator> I'll do a quick review of the PK backend, still on my todo list10:22
evandah, I didn't think to check this morning10:22
evandgood deal10:22
evandthanks a bunch!10:22
tseliotpitti: right, even better10:22
wgrantcjwatson: Can you try newComponentUploader again and get an OOPS ID at some point, please?12:05
cjwatsonwgrant: remind me how I get the OOPS ID out of the API?12:10
wgrantcjwatson: Try catching the exception and check the 'content' attribute.12:11
pitti_tkamppeter: hi! did you recently reorganize openprinting.org? my jockey test suite fails now, it doesn't find the "openprinting-ppds-postscript-hp" package for 'MFG:Hewlett-Packard;MDL:HP LaserJet 3020' any more12:14
cjwatsonwgrant: confused; e.content is (<Archive at 0xbd1f490>, 'newComponentUploader', 'launchpad.Edit')12:18
cjwatsonwgrant: and the HTTP code is 401 unauthorized12:18
cjwatsonso no longer an internal server error, which IIRC it was over the erweekend12:19
pitti_tkamppeter: I change the tests to "DesignJet 3500CP" now, according to http://www.openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=HP-DesignJet_3500CP12:19
wgrantcjwatson: You gave launchpadlib full write access? Because... you own the archive.12:19
cjwatsonI *think* so, but I'll try again12:20
pitti_DrPepperKid: hey Mirco :)12:20
MacSlowpitti_, I'm here in my "alter ego" form just for debugging :)12:21
ogracjwatson, whats up with your locales today ? its the second time i see weirtd cahrs from you12:21
sorenogra: I don't see anything weird?12:21
* pitti_ doesn't either12:22
ograthe erweekend12:22
* wgrant neither.12:22
ograi see er, then two squares and then weekend attached to it12:22
pitti_just a normal '.' here12:22
sorenI don't see the two squares.12:22
cjwatsonit's not locales, it's that my network is ridiculously laggy and so irssi/ssh is exhibiting some weird knock-on effects from typeahead12:22
ograwell, but i see stuf interpreted others dont, must be me then12:23
* sistpoty|work sees it two (running debian/stable here at work)12:23
pitti_weechat might just filter it out12:23
cjwatsonwgrant: my bad - that seems to have worked fine now. I think I had two oauth tokens with the same identifier but different privilege levels and was therefore confused. :(12:23
cjwatsonthe squares were probably raw backspace characters or something12:23
wgrantcjwatson: So it didn't even 500 this time?12:23
cjwatsonwgrant: apparently all good now ...12:23
wgrantcjwatson: Strange, but great!12:24
cjwatsonubuntu-dev should have give-back access to that archive now, then12:24
wgrantcjwatson: Thanks.12:24
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dokoasac: time to fix the xulrunner-1.9.1 build on sparc, powerpc, ia64?12:51
sistpoty|workdoko: mind to take a look at bug #433368? (if you want, I can try to provide a minimal test case)12:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433368 in gcc-4.4 "[regression] lensfun 0.2.3-0ubuntu4 freezes UFRaw." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43336812:52
dokosistpoty|work: gcc-snapshot results?12:53
sistpoty|workdoko: haven't checked with gcc-snapshot yet12:54
sistpoty|workdoko: will do (but only an half an hour or so... must leave for a meeting in 5 minutes)12:55
dokosistpoty|work: hmm, we had something similiar, 4.4 only reserves storage so that all values of the enum fit. does adding an UINTMAX value in the enum type help?12:57
sistpoty|workdoko: I haven't checked that yet, but I'd think so.12:58
asacdoko: ia64:13:11
asacThe following packages have unmet dependencies: cdbs: Depends: intltool but it is not going to be installed mozilla-devscripts: Depends: libxml-xpath-perl but it is not going to be installed13:11
asacxpidl crashes on ppc13:12
asacsparc i have a fix for13:12
cjwatsonasac: retry ia6413:13
cjwatsonit was broken, it should be somewhat better now13:13
cjwatsonin fact, I'm on the page anyway, I've retried it13:14
dokosistpoty|work: then it's a bug in the code ... see http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=3691713:16
ubottugcc.gnu.org bug 36917 in tree-optimization "[4.3 regression] miscompilation with -O2 and r136501" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]13:16
sianismpt_: hi! at bug #433838 only Get Free Software menu item needs the icon on the location bar?13:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433838 in software-store "Use an icon in the location bar" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43383813:19
sianisor Installed, etc, etc?13:19
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
mptsianis, *if* we did it, we should do it for all sections that have a path button, i.e. currently both "Get Free Software" and "Installed Software".13:20
sianismpt: right, I am posting a patch ...13:21
dokoasac: would you mind uploading the fix? you did tell me having the fix weeks ago ;p13:23
* asac checks powerpc porter machine13:23
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
sianismpt: patch's attached13:32
mptThanks sianis. I'll put it on the list of things to user-test. :-)13:33
sistpoty|workdoko: ah thanks, that 36917 matches my observations. Just wasn't sure if it's legal to reduce the size of an enum. Thanks for looking!13:42
asacdoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275224/13:45
asacdoko: maybe libidl needs to be rebuild?13:45
asacor any idea why something might crash in _savegpr_14 ?13:46
dokoasac: ENOCLUE. but why not check it on the porter box?13:48
asacdoko: I am on the porter box13:48
asacdoko: i cannot install libidl i locally built13:48
asacat least not easily13:48
dokoand LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't work?13:48
asacprobably would13:49
asactrying something else now13:49
asacgcc-4.3 works13:52
tkamppeterpitti, yes I did a change on OpenPrinting.org. I removed most HP PPDs, as they are maintained by HP in HPLIP but not any more on OpenPrinting.14:10
pittitkamppeter: ah, ok; thanks14:10
tkamppeterThe recommended driver for the LJ 3020 is HPLIP now as the appropriate PostScript PPD is part of HPLIP.\14:11
asacdoko: seems to a compiler bug or something further down. -Os makes it crash like the paste above ... -O2 and -O0 seem to work14:19
dokoasac: and -Os is turned on by default?14:20
asacgcc 4.3 works14:20
dokowhy do people turn it on on archs they don't use/test ...14:21
asacat best we would just disable whatever feature triggers this14:21
asacit worked before and noone complained. we can use -O2 on ppc, but that hides the problem imho14:21
hdonhi everyone. i18n question. i have written a very basic gettext(3) test program. it calls setlocale(), bindtextdomain(), textdomain(), and then gettext() on commandline arguments, and prints the results to stdout. i have straced my program, and i see glibc looking in /usr/lib/locale and /usr/share/locale-langpack, but *not* in the directory i have specified to bindtextdomain(). is this some kind of ubuntu gettext caveat?14:34
dokoasac: yes, but extracting a test case takes time ...14:38
hdonplease help! i have spent way too much time on this already... :(14:38
mattnhdon: is the path relative?14:38
cjwatsonhdon: I can't reproduce this with a trivial test program. Can you post your source code?14:38
hdonmattn: it may be in the future, but at the moment i am specifying a relative path. are absolute paths not allowed?14:39
hdonsure, one sec..14:39
pittihdon: it's supposed to work; it will fallback looking into .../locale-langpack/, but it's supposed to respect bindtextdomain14:39
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/275270/ is my test14:39
mattnit works here, too14:40
cjwatsonrelative paths work for me too14:40
cjwatsonalthough I don't know that I'd expect them to be reliable14:41
hdoncjwatson: thank you for experimenting with me. i wonder why i can't get this to work..14:41
cjwatsoncalling setlocale on both LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES is weird14:41
hdoncjwatson: i know, i was just a little exasperated and added LC_ALL even though i am trying to use an LC_MESSAGES file14:42
mattnhdon: what is the output of "locale"14:42
mattndo you have that locale installed on your system?14:42
hdonmattn: all en_US.UTF-814:43
mattnand you have fr_WHATEVER.UTF-8 installed on your system, too?14:43
hdonmattn: see this:14:43
hdondonny@pacemates:~/gpsee/gt$ dpkg -S /usr/share/python-support/python-django/django/conf/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo14:43
hdonpython-django: /usr/share/python-support/python-django/django/conf/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo14:43
mattnnono, the system locale14:43
seb128locale -a | grep fr14:43
mattni had to install e.g. russian to text our game with a russion translation14:43
cjwatsonthat's odd, your program is only triviallly different from mine but doesn't work14:44
hdonnonetheless, i should be able to load this .mo file14:44
mattnmaybe - but it won't do anything with it if you don't have that locale14:44
cjwatsonmattn: I don't think this is relevant - it's failing for me even if I ditch the fr14:44
mattnthat's indeed strange14:44
hdonmattn: hmm, ok, which package(s) do you think i should install to make my test program work?14:45
hdonif your theory seems to work, then that will at least give me a direction to go14:45
hdoncjwatson: have you tried watching in strace?14:45
mattnhdon: language-pack-fr14:46
james_wttx: any reason for libgnumail-java-doc to be in main? It's trying to pull in classpath for just classpath-doc, and that pulls in a lot of other things14:46
mattnnot sure whether it's all needed - maybe there is a separate locale package, too14:46
hdoncjwatson: here are the locations my glibc on Jaunty searches for the "fr" locale:14:46
hdon/usr/lib/locale/fr/LC_IDENTIFICATION /usr/share/locale-langpack/fr/LC_IDENTIFICATION /usr/lib/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES /usr/share/locale-langpack/fr/LC_MESSAGES /usr/share/locale-langpack/fr/LC_MESSAGES/SYS_LC_MESSAGES14:46
james_wttx: though I'm having a bit of trouble even finding what is keeping the -doc package in main.14:47
hdoni generated that list with this command: donny@pacemates:~/gpsee/gt$ strace ./a.out Yes 2> log && echo `grep -o '[^"]*fr[^"]*' log`14:47
cjwatsonforget that, it doesn't matter14:47
hdonmattn: incidentally i did install that package for kicks14:47
cjwatsonso the problem is that there is no such locale as "fr" *at all*, no matter what package you install14:48
cjwatsonit's not a valid locale name14:48
cjwatsoninstead, you should just do setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, "") up top, and that will use the current locale14:48
cjwatson(actually most internationalised programs just do setlocale(LC_ALL, "") up top)14:49
mattnand maybe add LANG=fr ./yourApp14:49
cjwatsonno, LANG=fr is an invalid locale14:49
cjwatsonerr, LANG=fr_FR.UTF-814:49
hdonbut i *do* have an fr locale. in fact i don't have an fr_FR locale. not in /usr/share/locale, nor in /usr/share/python-support/python-django/django/conf/locale14:50
cjwatsonno, you don't14:50
cjwatsonvalid locales are those listed in the first column of /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED14:50
hdonah, hmm14:50
cjwatsonnot subdirectories of /usr/lib/locale or whatever14:50
pittihdon: you have "fr" translations14:51
hdonthat is not mentioned in the gettext(3) manual14:51
hdonpitti: ah, thanks. i was using the wrong term entirely then :)14:51
cjwatsonit's mentioned in locale(1)14:51
cjwatsonin the FILES section14:51
pittihdon: a translation is done for a language in most cases ("fr"); exceptions are countries with similar, but sufficiently differing languages such as Portugese and Brazilian Portugese, or British and American English14:52
hdoncjwatson: thanks, i'll read that now14:52
james_wcheckrdepends knows about seeds doesn't it?14:52
james_wis a "Suggests:" enough to stop something showing up on component-mismatches?14:52
rgreeningmpt, mvo: can we chat about software-store and kde frontend? evand suggested I chat with one or both on this...14:53
mptrgreening, sure, though I don't know how much help I would be. I are just the designer.14:54
cjwatsonjames_w: no14:54
hdonok, if my program only calls setlocale() with setlocale(LC_ALL, ""), then it appears i can control where libintl/glibc looks for translation files with the LANG environment variable. however, it still does not look in the path that i provide to bindtextdomain() :(14:55
* hdon sighs14:55
hdonthanks for the help btw. i realize this is probably not really a developer support channel14:55
cjwatsonhdon: it worked for me as long as I actually had a valid LANG14:57
rgreeningmpt: well, I am interested in eith developing the KDE front-end or assisting in developing it.14:57
hdoncjwatson: where did you get your translation file?14:57
hdoncjwatson: i would like to try to duplicate your success14:57
cjwatsonwho cares, it was looking in the right places as seen by strace14:57
rgreeningmpt: I recently developed the kde front-end to usb-creator, so I figured I could help with the new software-store.14:57
hdoncjwatson: oh, ok, fair enough14:58
cjwatsontry it with LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 or something like that that's guaranteed to exist14:58
ttxjames_w: no, no reason.14:58
cjwatsonopen("/usr/share/python-support/python-django/django/conf/locale/en_GB.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)14:58
james_wttx: do you know what is keeping it in?14:58
cjwatsonopen("/usr/share/python-support/python-django/django/conf/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/django.mo", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)14:58
ttxjames_w: no, I'm going to have a look.14:59
rgreeningmpt: basically, if we develop it correctly, it should be a backend with one or more frontends. Untying GTK from the backend so any interface could be written on top of it.14:59
james_wttx: the only rdepend I can find is libgnumail-java suggesting it14:59
cjwatsonactually, I stand corrected, mattn did have a point - the locale does actually need to be installed, but if you installed language-pack-fr already then LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8 should make it work15:00
mptrgreening, there already is a back end, it's called Aptdaemon. <http://launchpad.net/aptdaemon>15:00
rgreeningmpt: there was a packagekit spec I helped write to cover some of what would need to be done with packagekit for a backend15:00
mattnwhy is libg3d in ubuntu repos but not g3dviewer and the thumbnailer? are there even any other applications that are using libg3d?15:00
rgreeningmpt: awesome, then presumably, writing a frontend should be trivial...15:01
rgreeningmpt: is there a spec for UDS-L for this? If so, I'll write a KDE frontend spec and link to the other...15:01
ttxjames_w: same here15:05
james_wttx: ok, I'll demote it as we probably don't want it, and we can see if anything complains?15:06
ttxjames_w: nothing should :)15:06
mptrgreening, writing a good front end is always the hard part.15:06
mptrgreening, I'm not aware of a spec for it. This is the first time I've heard of the possibility of a Kubuntu equivalent.15:07
rgreeningmpt: I'm the kubuntu ninja concerned with making the Ubuntu-->Kubuntu transistions when everyone else has forgotten ;) haha15:10
mptrgreening, good for you. What do Kubuntu users think of KPackageKit, do you know?15:12
rgreeningkpackagekit is good and bad... some missing bits and not having an Applications VIew is bad (IMO), as packagekit shows all packages/debs and cannot filter to show just applications like from within app-install-data. Though I helped write the spec to make that work in packagekit.. we can probably work on the spec and implementing it...15:16
nh2mpt: hi, tseliot told me I could ask you to take a short look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/386017 - I created two checkboxes for enabling/disabling corner tapping15:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386017 in hundredpapercuts "Brushing right-edge of trackpad causes clipboard to paste text" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:17
pittijdstrand: good morning! do I need to do anything further on bug 430544?15:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430544 in postgresql-8.3 "New security/bug fix microreleases: 8.1.18, 8.3.8" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43054415:17
rgreeningmpt: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/packagekit/plain/docs/app-install-v1.draft15:18
jdstrandpitti: hi! (reading)15:19
maxbWhere was the LL codename announcement? I can't find it in ubuntu-devel-announce archives.15:19
jdstrandpitti: nothing further required, I'll publish this. thanks for your work on it!15:21
sorenmaxb: Yeah, that's the thing... The announcement e-mail hasn't gone out yet. Mark revealed it at Atlanta Linux Fest.15:21
maxbohhhh right15:21
maxbGood old verbal communication :-)15:21
mptnh2, hi15:22
mptnh2, the first thing to learn is that any checkbox label that starts with "Enable" probably isn't direct enough.15:22
pittijdstrand: thanks15:23
mptnh2, for example, "Enable right clicks with the bottom right corner of the touchpad" could be shortened to "Rght-click by tapping the bottom right corner of the touchpad"15:23
mptnh2, and similar for the other new checkbox.15:24
mptnh2, another thing to consider is that if someone sets up all the mice they ever use with left-handed orientation, secondary click is left click, not "right-click". So you may be better referring to "secondary click" rather than "right click".15:26
nh2mpt: ah ok, I just saw "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad" and so also used "enable"15:26
mptnh2, yes, that will be fixed in my large-scale redesign of the touchpad settings :-)15:27
cjwatsonwill people understand secondary click?15:27
nh2mpt, cjwatson: I'm not sure a regular user can imagine that15:27
davmor2mdz: did the additions I put into bug 43706 cover what you needed?15:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 43706 in casper "Excessive memory usage on live CD" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4370615:27
nh2mpt, cjwatson: perhaps "clicks" and "context menu clicks" as the secondary click is often a context menu click?15:29
glatzormpt, rgreening: richard is no longer working on app-install15:29
glatzorthe infrastructure changes have not been accepted by Fedora15:30
glatzorbut see you15:30
mptcjwatson, I haven't been able to find a screenshot of what Windows calls it -- the interface seems to be up to the device <http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3154/2879987137_4ca67c9133_o.jpg>. Mac OS X calls it secondary click, though. <http://www.winandmac.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/snowleopard-final08.png>15:30
mpt(up to the device vendor, I mean)15:30
mptThough that might just be because Mac mice don't often have buttons with visible sides15:31
cjwatsonI was just about to say15:31
cjwatsonMac hardware users seem less likely to talk casually about left/right clicks15:31
cjwatsonanother option would be to have the dialog text conditional on which way round the mouse buttons are configured, though I'm not sure how confusing that would be15:32
mptThat Windows screenshot does specifically mention "Left Button Action" and "Right Button Action", but I suspect that's referring to the actual hardware orientation rather than colloquial use.15:32
mptglatzor, sorry, what infrastructure changes?15:34
sorenNow that lucid has been announced, is there any reason to not update vim, devscripts, and lintian to recognise it?15:34
sorenAnd is there anything else that needs updating? I had a list at some point, but I think it's on another laptop.15:35
ograsoren, do you read -changes?15:35
sorenogra: I don't, but I'm guessing that I should?15:35
ograsoren, lool uploaded vim hours ago ;)15:35
sorenogra: Ah. devscripts and lintian as well?15:36
ograi think only vim syntax scripts15:36
jonoseb128, btw, the gnome panels and compiz bugs have gone away in my recent dist-upgrade - thanks!15:36
seb128jono, oh, good to know, not sure it's due to me but you're welcome ;-)15:36
loolthere's devscripts and pbuilder too15:36
loolI'm working on both to have them use `lsb_release -cs`15:36
jonoseb128, you deserve more thanks anyway for your Ubuntu work, so it seems fitting :)15:37
loolsoren: Ah lintian is a good one too15:37
seb128jono, ;-)15:37
sorenlool: right, pbuilder is the one I always forget :)15:38
sorenlool: vim, devscripts, lintian, and pbuilder.15:38
sorenThat's my list. :)15:38
mptnh2, <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TouchpadSettings> is my work-in-progress for the big redesign, if you're interested.15:39
mptnh2, though at the moment I don't have anything for simulating middle-click.15:39
nh2mpt: yes, tseliot told me there was work in progress15:40
nh2mpt: my suggestion was, just in case the redesign is not going into karmic, we could add those checkboxes so the user has an option to at least turn tapping on/off it it annoys him in karmic (I'm very open for any labelling suggestions ;-) )15:42
mptnh2, that's fine, I've put suggested labelling into the bug report.15:44
tseliotsuperm1: is changelog.in meant to be used in fglrx-install or can I just modify the changelog?16:06
superm1tseliot, you can just modify changelog.  changelog.in is intended to be modified if you are committing to the git tree16:06
superm1it's used when building debs or dsc's directly from the .run file16:07
tseliotsuperm1: ah, ok, thanks. I only need to make a trivial change to fix bug #42915316:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429153 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 "modaliases package is free/trivial, but shipped in restricted" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42915316:08
superm1isn't that an archive administration problem?16:08
tseliotwhich affects fglrx-installer too16:08
hdoncjwatson: thanks for your help earlier, i think i have everything i need now. do you think libintl's behavior of bailing out if it decides the requested locale is not provided by the system is the appropriate behavior? do you think there's any chance to persuade GNU that gettext should trust that an application knows what translations it provides and not assume it can't translate what the application asks just because the system ma16:08
hdonintainer hasn't made a locale available for the entire system?16:08
tseliotsuperm1: no, just a matter of specifying the section for the modalias package16:09
tseliotsuperm1: in debian/control16:09
superm1tseliot, I thought that stuff gets overridden by soyuz though anyway?16:09
tseliotpitti ^^16:10
cjwatsonhdon: I think the current behaviour is appropriate16:10
pittisuperm1: yes, the overrides and components in soyuz are correct16:10
pittisuperm1: but mdz pointed out that some other packages doesn't check the actual values in apt, but the values in debian/control16:10
cjwatsonhdon: the system is responsible for defining the meaning of locales; there are lots of things relevant there besides translations16:10
pittisuperm1: and thus it would be nice to change debian/control to reflect actual reality16:11
superm1pitti, ah i see16:11
cjwatsonhdon: for example, unless the system has defined what the locale means, you cannot know the appropriate character encoding for printed messages16:11
cjwatsonhdon: and again, this is not a matter of libc lagging behind somehow, this is just a matter of using a mistaken locale name, easily corrected by using the correct one instead16:11
hdoncjwatson: hmm, i think i can see what you mean. my perspective on it is a little different because i'm working with web-based systems, so whereas most programs want their messages displayed by the system on which they run, we display our messages on a remote piece of software (web browser)16:12
cjwatsonthen I think it's reasonable to ask that your application does a little bit more work to find the right locale name, to be honest16:12
cjwatsonor else that your application uses localedef to define its own locales (I wouldn't recommend that, but it's possible)16:12
cjwatsonthe gettext library function does need to know the encoding somehow, though16:13
hdoncjwatson: yeah, it's silly of me to assume that my application will need a locale that hasn't already been defined for us16:13
cjwatsonI don't know that I said it was silly16:13
cjwatsonbut I do think you can declare it to be the system's problem16:13
loolsoren: there's debootstrap too of course16:13
cjwatsonand if that's really unacceptable, localedef is avaialble16:13
hdoncjwatson: ok, thanks. i'll evaluate localedef if we need to support any locales that won't or can't be installed on our target systems.16:14
loolcjwatson: BTW I think we had a chat about preparing for karmic+1 in karmic a while ago and ISTR you indicated there was no particular issue in doing that, just that we didn't think of doing that before release; do you think you'd have time to prepare a debian upload of debootstrap with a new symlink for lucid?16:15
loolWe often tell people to install the debootstrap from the devel release; that's probably more solid and it's usually easy to do but perhaps we can avoid that most of the time16:15
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cjwatsonlool: sure16:23
loolcjwatson: thanks16:23
ograthe new xsplash graphics look horrid on 16bpp displays16:44
ograway worse than the former16:44
ebroderHas anybody seen a segfault like this before: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275342/ ?16:51
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looljames_w, slangasek: Would be cool to get linux-mvl-dove binaries NEWed if you have some time (mostly adds udebs)17:25
slangaseklool: yep, will be working through NEW this morning17:30
loolslangasek: Cool thanks17:32
loolslangasek: Did you have any concern on the UNR seed changes?  (apart of us being oversize again)17:32
slangaseklool: no, being oversized was my main concern :)17:32
loolEh ok  :-)17:33
pittithey looked fine to me17:33
loolI just seeded usb-creator at the req of the dux team too17:33
loolpitti: thanks17:34
hdonhi all. what package contains the debugging symbols needed to peek at the arguments given to glibc functions using gdb?17:43
hdonah, lib6-dbg i guess17:45
smoserslangasek, did you do an MIR for libc6-xen ?17:59
cjwatsonsmoser: MIRs are needed when moving source packages to main, not when moving binary packages generated by source packages that are already in main18:00
smoserah. ok. so what needs to be done for that? anything ?18:00
cjwatsonsmoser: no paperwork is needed. I've promoted it - it'll be visible in main in an hour or two18:02
smoserthank you.18:02
slangaseksmoser: right, what cjwatson said :)18:04
jdstrandjpds: When I click the link to the PDF you provided in your description with firefox, evince opens in its own window and does not seem to load from cache. Are there other steps I should take to reproduce the bug?18:13
jdstrandjpds: bug #43331618:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433316 in evince "Apparmor profile denies PDFs opened through Firefox" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43331618:13
jpdsjdstrand: No... that's the problem, PDFs just don't load.18:13
jdstrandjpds: what I'm saying is they *do* load fine here. I'd like to know what I need to do differently to reproduce the bug18:14
jpdsHmm, not sure what I could of done to change the apparmor profiles, I reinstalled Karmic last week.18:14
jdstrandps auxww|grep evince18:15
jdstrandjamie    27573 14.0  0.6 385680 26180 ?        Sl   12:14   0:03 evince file:///tmp/eu_map-3.pdf18:15
jdstrandjpds: ie, it isn't loading from cache18:15
jdstrandjpds: let me rephrase18:16
jpdsjdstrand: I see.18:16
jpdsjdstrand: I'll go and check what's wrong with my config.18:16
jdstrandjpds: the file seems to be copied from cache, into /tmp, and then loaded18:16
jdstrandjpds: yeah, I just removed all the pdfs in /tmp, then clicked on the link, it opened instantly (ie, I didn't have to redownload it) and it worked fine18:17
slangasekkenvandine: why does xsplash need > 500k of images?  shouldn't xsplash be able to scale these backgrounds at runtime, particularly given that the 3 largest all have the same aspect ratio?18:19
kenvandineslangasek, i would think so18:26
kenvandineslangasek, i will talk to cody about that18:26
slangasekkenvandine: ok, thanks18:27
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superm1kenvandine, if you do make such a change can you try to remember to file a bug against mythbuntu-gdm-theme so that we can make adjustments relative to that?18:30
kenvandinesuperm1, sure18:30
* kenvandine makes a tomboy note18:30
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kenvandineslangasek, the DX guys say it would look bad... or at least not as good as our requirements18:42
slangasekkenvandine: er, what's wrong with xsplash's scaling support then? :P18:43
slangaseksame aspect ratio + downscaling shouldn't give any noticeable degradation in the appearance18:44
slangasekand we don't *have* 500K+ to spare on the CDs18:44
slangasek(i.e., this change has pushed amd64 alternate oversized in the dailies)18:45
smoserhow can I get list build dependencies for a package ?18:45
smoseri can *get* them with apt-get build-dep, but how can i list ?18:46
slangaseksmoser: 'apt-cache showsrc <package>' | grep Build-Depends18:46
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ltragerI would like to create an init script which will be interactive. I'm using the read command but its not working, how can I get this to work?18:58
slangasekltrager: "don't"18:58
slangasekltrager: init scripts *must* run noninteractively at boot18:59
ltragerslacker_nl: then how would you suggest to run a script at boot-up?18:59
ltragerin my case it asks the user if they would like to image a machine18:59
ltragerand which image to use18:59
slangasekyou cannot assume that the user is anywhere near the console at a reboot, and you shouldn't block the booting waiting for your answer19:00
ltragerslacker_nl: I can this is for a custom usb key that I'm giving out to people that I know will have a console19:00
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dashuaAmaranth, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/25364/screenshot_001_59EQJ2.png19:01
ltragerslacker_nl: so I guess I should just tell getty to auto login and for roots .bash file set to run a script?19:01
dashuaIs this a known bug when closing clock?19:01
Amaranthdashua: Known, pretty sure my patch to change dock shadows caused it19:02
Amaranthsince that is technically a dock shadow19:02
dashuaAmaranth, Ok cool.19:02
Amaranthdashua: please tell me you're seeing bug 430981 too :)19:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430981 in compiz "keybindings not remembered on reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43098119:03
slangasekltrager: oh; then your question is off-topic here, since it's not about Ubuntu development. :)  Anyway, you would probably have to manually attach to the tty to be able to prompt the user.19:04
Rasteirocan anybody help me with partner program??19:06
slangasekltrager: an autologin would be another option, yes19:07
dashuaAmaranth, All of my keyboard short cuts seem to work.19:07
Amarantheveryone who has the bug is doing the workaround19:08
dashuaI just did a clean install yesterday, but did not notice it prior.19:09
keeszul: erlang is in main, so does the MIR wiki need to be updated?  I think all the deps are in main now?19:16
zulkees: it wasnt when I did the MIR do you want me to update the MIR now?19:17
keeszul: nah, just wanted to check19:17
mangr3nAnyone know where I can find a discussion of groups/users/permissions for the Jaunty standard install?19:21
mangr3ntrying to find the groups needed to run the update manager, seems like the admin and root groups aren't all that's necessary19:22
davmor2mangr3n: check they user is a member of sudoers19:24
mangr3nI did that already, that was the first problem19:24
mangr3nIs apt-get upgrade the same as the update install?19:25
mangr3nsudoers points at root19:25
nh2mpt: great. Should I create a new patch or will the one who patches the package just change those strings?19:25
mangr3nand %admin, which my user is a member of19:26
mangr3nI'll do this in the #ubuntu room, I was just wondering if there was documentation on the default/standard groups that were added to ubuntu and what they were associated with, I'm missing some groups, and I don't know what they were19:27
mangr3nfound it missing group mlocate...19:28
mptnh2, I don't know, sorry.19:34
nh2mpt: ok19:37
keeszul: what would it take to enable to testsuite in rabbitmq?19:43
keesthere is a "run-tests" makefile target19:43
zulkees: i would have to see19:44
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jcastroare the moblin images on cdimage supposed to work?20:12
MartynAlpha-6 using grub2 still total fail on the Precision T7400/T7500 series from dell20:24
Martynno boot .. had to install then upgrade20:24
MartynIs there a gcc 3.6 toolchain available for karmic koala somewhere?  I have a lot of software that has it as a build dependency.20:24
MartynI noticed all the gcc-3.6 packages were dropped from being built, and there's no mention on launchpad as to why20:25
danagekirkland: sorry for bugging you, but i have a very bad and i think thus very serious bug to report. i'm not sure what package to attach it to. it has to do with home folder encryption, you seem to be part in the project (i saw your blog post)?20:31
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sorenI know that for udev, it's rather well documented what sort of things you can expect to have available in rules files numbered in the 20's, the 30's, etc.. Do we have something similar for rc2.d/S?? scripts (other than looking at the directory on a reasonably rich system)?21:03
ScottKMartyn: gcc3.6 is pretty ancient.  We try to get rid of old gcc versions when nothing in the archive requires them.21:18
MartynScootK : That's the funny thing .. there is a LOT of g++ software in the archive that just won't compile under 4.421:26
Martyn(or 4.3)21:26
Martynbecause of the new template library enforcement of something that USED to be a warning, is now an error21:27
Martynand not all the libraries are editable.  It's a quandry21:27
MartynScottK : What is the probability I can convince someone to bring the 3.6 package over from Jaunty to Karmic?21:28
Martynand at least keep one creaky compiler running?21:28
ScottKMartyn: Probably close to zero.  You'd need to make a really good case why it's essential.21:28
ScottKI don't think "My non-free software that I can't modify won't work with a newer gcc" will work.21:28
MartynScottK : That becomes a philosophy problem then .. the main packages that I need it for, in any case, are ThirdParty commercial software (nonfree) that use gcc 3.6 as the compiler for the environments21:29
Martynyes, but ubuntu != debian in the server market21:29
Martynand I hate to get stuck with Redhat's pile of fail21:29
Martynbecause they are one of the only linux companies that at least acknowledge that commercial software exists and is useful to the business sector using linux for development21:30
Martynbut centOS and RedHat are so hopelessly mired right now.  What a mess.21:30
ScottKMartyn: I understand the problem, but there's really no will for community support of such old things.21:39
ScottKIf there were an active Ubuntu developer that were interested to support it, it might be different.21:39
NCommanderMartyn, GCC 3.6?!21:44
MartynNCommander: Yep21:46
MartynNCommander: I hate to say it, but ARM's FastModel tools, and RealView -depend- on fucking gcc-3.621:47
NCommanderMartyn, I didn't even realize GCC 3 went that long21:47
Martynit's hitting the wall for development on ARM dude.21:47
Martynthat's why I need it.21:47
MartynWhat can you do, when the MANUFACTURER of the architecture we're trying to port to .. has tools that depend on old buildchains?21:48
MartynArm RealView 5.0 / FastModel 5.0 both depend on 3.6, and 32 bit at that21:48
NCommanderMartyn, well, you can get 32-bit compat easily enough21:48
NCommanderMartyn, but I don't remember ever seeing GCC 3.6 in the archive21:48
Martynso if you do development on a 64 bit platform (which of course I am using) .. I need to use the 32bit compiler or multilib21:48
MartynNCommander: jaunty21:48
MartynSorry .. gcc 3.4.621:49
NCommanderMartyn, packages.u.c doesn't turn it up21:49
NCommanderMartyn, oh, 3.4.6!21:49
MartynI transposed the numbers21:49
MartynGood call on the version number21:50
Martynbut yeah, I need 3.4.6 in order to use those tools .. and it gets WORSE with the RTL validation tools21:50
Martynsome of those need older binutils21:50
NCommanderMartyn, hrm, i didn't realize we dropped it completely21:51
ScottKMartyn: Run in it a chroot of an older release that has it is my advice.21:52
NCommanderMartyn, talk to doko, he's the one who would know the most on this situation.21:52
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NCommanderMartyn, otherwise, what ScottK said :-)21:53
Martynyeah *grump*21:53
MartynI really don't want to try running in a mixed condition21:54
NCommanderMartyn, the other choice is grab the old source packages, and try building GCC 3.4 under karmic21:54
ScottKConvince Canonical they want it in the partner repo might be another option.  It wouldn't be the first time they'd put obsolete stuff back in there.21:54
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LIB53alpha 6 is supposed to have a brownish xsplash right?22:20
LIB53i was just asking because i don't get that xsplash, but i can't stick around forever for a reply so nvm22:24
ionWow, almost five minutes of patience.22:24
Madkiss miaow22:26
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