ciaran_leeerichammond: are you around?00:08
erichammondciaran_lee: maybe00:27
ciaran_leeerichammond: good answer :) I read your article on amazon about running mysql with EBS, and I notice you advocate 'automate startup from a base image' instead of rebundling an instance...00:35
ciaran_leeand I was just wondering why it is considered better to do things this way? Do you do this for all your ec2 instances or just DB servers?00:37
erichammondciaran_lee: There are a number of valid approaches, each with their pros and cons.  I allude to some of the benefits and drawbacks in my presentation at http://oscon2009talk.notlong.com though the slides don't get into too much detail.01:35
Debolazerichammond: Interesting presentation.06:13
erichammondDebolaz: Fortunately, nobody recorded it ;-)06:14
* Debolaz read "unfortunately" there the first time.06:14
erichammondI've given it twice, once in forty-five minutes and once in an hour and forty-five minutes, and managed to just barely fit it in both times.06:16
DebolazWe're going to move a few of our company services over on EC2. It's nice with information like this that actually spells out the adventages/drawbacks of various methods.06:16
DebolazHeh, we're actually hiring perl developers too now.06:22
fallousmmm, perl06:28
fallousthe runurl stuff is pretty nifty for setting up a box, but I need to benchmark it vs building an image for complex installs06:30
erichammondAh, that was a couple months ago.  We filled our latest Perl developer position and are now seeking another HTML/CSS/JavaScript front end developer.06:31
fallousfunny thing about javascript... I thought I'd hate it due to browser hilarity, but if you stick with pretty standard DOM stuff it's really unsuckful06:31
erichammondfallous: Yep, install time is a big factor in whether you need to bundle/build your own images.06:32
fallousended up doing the facebook game contract in javascript instead of Flash.  taking a hit on ajax polling but it sure as hell is a lot more lightweight for what they wanted vs the flash plugin fun06:33
fallousthankfully memcache and lighttpd makes up for most of that server-side hit06:36
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