doctormopleia2, BiosElement, Vantrax: ok so when people are first signing up for development using this projects tool, I have it requiring a 3 step process.01:58
doctormoa) Authorise with launchpad (gives website with registration details if required b) add user to bazaar config and c) compare upload ssh key.01:59
Vantraxprojects tool?01:59
Vantraxive missed a step somewhere01:59
doctormoI can figure out the username from the launchpad auth and add that automatically to the bzr config using the code behind bzr launchpad-login01:59
doctormoThe ssh key upload needs to be done via code too, since I need to look at existing ssh keys and compare them to installed svailable private keys02:00
doctormoOf course the launchpad auth is done via firefox, OAuth forwards you to login via launchpad and then accept access to the program02:01
doctormoVantrax: http://doctormo.wordpress.com/2009/09/18/launchpad-naultius-sneak-preview/02:01
BiosElementSounds great doctormo ^_^02:04
Vantraxim impressed02:09
Vantraxyou have some hidden coding talent i see02:09
doctormoVantrax: hidden? my profession before Canonical was programming perl for years and years :-D02:26
cprofitthey doctormo02:26
doctormoOh hey cprofitt, how goes work schedual?02:27
cprofittwork is fine...02:27
cprofittI should be able to make the meeting Monday night02:27
cprofittand the 'stress' of the start of school should ease this week02:27
cprofittthough... to be honest...02:28
Vantraxcprofitt: you around03:10
cprofittVantrax, what is up?03:12
swoodyah, good evening Vantrax and cprofitt :)03:12
Vantraxyou know kerberos configurations at all?03:12
cprofitta little... at least for AD03:12
cprofittnot for Linux03:12
Vantraxthats what im playing with03:12
Vantraxthe configs are the same for both03:12
VantraxMS implements MIT Kerberos03:12
Vantraxwhich is what linux uses03:12
Vantraxanyway, how much you know about capaths and multiple realms03:13
cprofittnothing to be honest... I have one single tree/domain currently03:13
VantraxI have a student and a staff one03:13
cprofittare you using AD?03:14
Vantraxthe student one as a one way hiearchical trust relationship with the staff one03:14
Vantraxyeah, were rolling over to it atm03:14
cprofittso the student one trusts the staff?03:14
cprofittbut the staff one does not trust the student03:14
Vantraxso staff can log in on student machines, but students can not log in on staff machines03:15
cprofittyou could have done that w/o sep. domains03:15
Vantraxits kinda hard with 10k users...03:16
Vantraxand alot of services hanging off them03:16
Vantraxanyway here is the krb5.conf file, its the same on windows and linux http://paste.ubuntu.com/2750003:16
Vantraxops, that was missing a 003:17
cprofittthat is just another link...03:17
Vantraxim pretty sure im doing the capaths wrong03:18
Vantraxno one seems to know anything about them tho >.<03:19
cprofittany idea where the files are kept in AD?03:19
cprofittdo you have a forest + two domains?03:21
cprofittor is the student a sub-domain?03:21
Vantraxtwo domains03:22
Vantraxer two subdomains03:22
Vantraxi think03:22
cprofittYou tree is ad.griffith03:23
cprofittand you have two sub-domains -- staff-test and student-test03:23
cprofittyeah the capaths do not make sense given that then...03:24
Vantraxi know that03:24
cprofittlet me break out an old book... give me a minute03:24
Vantraxi stand corrected, it is 2 forests each with a single domain03:24
doctormoYou guys, I'm having a hard enough time setting up ldap for a 5 machine setup to provide universal login.03:24
Vantraxthe domains are then the root of each respective forest03:24
cprofittthat may be the issue...03:24
Vantraxi can give you some docco03:25
Vantraxi have done that for labs before, thats what we are migrating away from03:25
cprofittI think it may be better to make a forest with two sub-domains03:25
cprofittbut let me get to that section...03:25
Vantraxyeah, but i dont control that bit:P03:26
Vantraxdoctormo: your doing it using pam_ldap right?03:26
cprofittVantrax, you don't?03:26
Vantraxno, a project team does. I just have to make it work03:26
cprofittare they still in testing... and you can 'give advice' or have they committed to the design already03:27
doctormoVantrax: Trying, but it's been something I've been doing on and off.03:27
Vantraxthey are pretty committed to the design:P03:27
cprofittAD 2003 or AD 2008?03:27
Vantrax2003 is pointless because win7 will not connect to it03:27
doctormoanyway, I better go before this Microsoft fan topic makes me see red.03:27
doctormoAnd sleep03:27
Vantrax<- is no MS fan03:27
VantraxI am learning KERBEROS... a FOSS project03:28
Vantraxit just happens to be used by MS as well03:28
doctormoVantrax: I know, I've installed krbs503:28
Vantraxi will say i am becoming a fan of win7 tho >.<03:28
Vantraxdamn those free copies03:28
* doctormo isn't a fan of the company and doesn't care how good the tech is. sleep03:29
cprofittVantrax, are you just needing to make the Linux side work?03:29
Vantraxso i can make each side log in effectively but i cant have a staff log in with the default set to student03:31
cprofittVantrax, have they got it working on the Windows side?03:32
Vantraxthey are waiting on me, it will be the same03:32
cprofittThen that makes it hard to ensure they have the trust setup properly03:34
cprofittIf I were doing it... I would ensure that first...03:34
cprofittI think you may need an entry for both in the realms section... but trying to hunt that down now...03:35
Vantraxi do03:35
cprofittyou do have that....03:35
Vantraxand you do03:35
cprofittthis may help -- http://web.mit.edu/Kerberos/krb5-1.5/krb5-1.5.4/doc/krb5-admin/capaths.html03:37
Vantraxyeah, thats where i go this far off03:40
cprofittis not this what you need then....03:44
cprofittunless I am reading the example wrong03:44
cprofittI think that allows a machine joined to the student domain to authenticate to both domains...03:45
cprofittif I read their example correctly03:45
Vantraxgive me a few min to test03:49
Vantraxnope, says client not found in the database, isnt hitting the second domain03:50
cprofittwhat error were you getting with the capath section you had?03:51
Vantraxboth sides do work, i can change the default_realm value to STAFF-TEST and get a valid login03:51
Vantraxsame one03:51
VantraxClient not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials03:52
cprofittis your machine 'joined' to the domain03:55
cprofittI think your capath section might actually be right....03:55
cprofittbut there may be an issue with the 'membership'03:55
cprofittonce I take all their extra stuff out of that example your capath is correct03:56
cprofittI had not noticed the es.net at the bottom ...03:56
cprofittyeah... your capath is accurate to that example...03:57
cprofittmy mistake on the one I gave you.03:57
cprofittCan you get the machine to login to either domain at this point?03:59
cprofittVantrax, I found this -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/275013/04:01
Vantraxclear as mud >.<04:03
Vantraxthis is starting to give me a headache04:04
cprofittVantrax, shot in the dark -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/275017/04:06
Vantraxim thinking that student-test = staff-test has to be in there somewhere04:07
Vantraxnot that one:04:08
cprofittyeah... that is what I think...04:08
cprofittI would think student-test has to equal both04:08
cprofittsince student-test can authenticate to either04:09
cprofittdid you try the last paste I posted?04:09
Vantraxlunch time for me, you going to be round a while?04:10
cprofittthis might help too -- http://groups.google.com/group/comp.protocols.kerberos/browse_thread/thread/3d546e7bd92d74c304:11
cprofittno... I need to go to sleep04:11
cprofitt11:11pm here04:11
Vantraxok, mind helping me tomorrow?04:12
Vantraxhe he he, seen that already too04:12
cprofittI can try...04:12
cprofittI wish I had such a setup to test... but I went with one forest just to avoid things like these04:13
Vantraxyeah, fun isnt it...04:13
* Vantrax goes to eat before he tears out his hair...04:13
Vantraxsee you tomorrow then, have a good night04:14
cprofittthanks... good luck04:14
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pleia2darn, the mailing list archives going nutty last week has really caused a problem15:06
pleia2BiosElement's email wasn't archived :(15:06
doctormoWe all ready for tonight's big teach off?15:27
pleia2we need a dev environment for the demos15:29
doctormoBiosElement: your attribution is funny in the example asciidoc """Martin Owens <william@bioselement.com>"""15:49
BiosElementdoctormo, Yeah, I know. I didn't have your E-Mail when I typed it up and was in a bit of a hurry. It's not the official version16:26
doctormoBiosElement: Yes, my fake email address is none@none.cone :-D16:27
BiosElementhehe, I'm a fan of root@localhost myself :P16:28
doctormoBiosElement: Not a valid email on most sites16:28
BiosElementdoctormo, Sadly :P16:28
doctormoI'm still trying to work out a few things for this key management...16:28
BiosElementSounds fun >.>16:31
doctormoBiosElement: Seems they misplaced the idea that some things might need to be managed via the API, so I'm having to think of work arounds.16:32
BiosElementdoctormo, Pretty typical to be honest >.> API's always seem to be mostly ignored16:32
doctormoBiosElement: I'm of the "you do everything, don't bother asking me why someone would want to use it, we just do everything"16:33
BiosElementdoctormo, Sounds right. ...And the new york times just crashed firefox >.>16:36
doctormoDamn yanks, over confident, over sexed and now they don't even need to be over here.16:37
doctormoBiosElement: that's a paraphraise joke btw16:42
BiosElementdoctormo, I figured. And before I forget, I'm toying with the idea of making a web based editor for the DocBook/asciitext files. I'll start with DocBook and then work on asciitext16:43
doctormoBiosElement: Sounds like a good idea, make any reading/writing into libs so it'll be possible to make a gui version16:44
BiosElementdoctormo, I'm basing it off turbogears so it shouldn't be hard to port over to a gui if we have too.16:44
doctormoI don't know what that is16:45
cprofittVantrax, you here?17:04
BiosElementWelcome back doctormo18:36
Vantraxwhoops.... left IRC on at work over night22:59
doctormoVantrax: No worries, it made you look like you were really attentive :-D23:05
Vantraxmake up for the three weeks i was MIA with the baby23:05
doctormoHow is everyone?23:07
cprofittVantrax, you there?23:21
Vantraxwhats up cprofitt23:36
cprofitthey Vantrax -- did you ever figure out the capaths23:36
Vantraxcprofitt: nope, but it might be a fault on the configuration... maybe...23:38
Vantraxturns out they never checked if the inheritance actually worked...23:38
rdw200169hey, i just saw Martin's post on the planet, and i wanted to throw some change in the bucket, concerning all this documentation madness23:45
rdw200169i would like to suggest some interesting workflow ideas that I use for my projects and the benefits of each accordingly23:46
knudsonm_Knudson is here23:46
rdw200169let me preface this by noting (strongly) that I prefer restructured Text23:46
cprofittVantrax, it would be good if they find out if their machines are actually working before you are asked to do it23:47
cprofittVantrax, what room is our class in?23:47
Vantraxcprofitt: no idea23:47
rippls_Hi - I'm here for moodle things...23:47
Vantraxhe he he23:48
Vantraxis pleia around?23:48
cprofittpleia2, ping pong gong23:49
knudsonm_Mark and Steve are here from Woodland, Washington to help you with Moodle.23:51
cprofittknudsonm_, so the Moodle training is here?23:56
BiosElementI'm assuming so.23:57
knudsonm_yes, we're here23:57
knudsonm_how would you like to start23:57
BiosElementAnd Vantrax pleia2 can't be here.23:57
cprofittsounds good... and this is user based -- as in for the instructor... correct?23:58
knudsonm_we have and admin in Steve and a user in me ready to serve you23:58
knudsonm_Steve set up Moodle server and runs it, I teach teachers how to use it23:59
cprofittSounds good. I hope people come... the one question I would start off with (since I have only one course to my credit) is what format/tool would you feel best for teaching IT type courses?23:59
knudsonm_I also use it in a middle school computer class, and math class23:59

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