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keesjdstrand, mdeslaur: ok, starting...18:30
keesI'm at LinuxCon/ Plumber's Conf this week.  will publish the now tested neon18:30
keeslooking at valgrind, finished gdb and will be watching for regressions18:32
jdstrandkees: is that the valgrind bug I never got back to?18:32
keeswill likely take the glibc issue once upstream has fixed it18:32
keesjdstrand: yeah, but it looks like an FFe will fix it18:33
keesi.e. 3.5.0-1 fixes it18:33
jdstrandthat will be much easier18:33
keesI've started doing karmic installs and running qa tests18:34
keeswe should probably get a bit more organized about our release testing :P18:34
keesthat's it for me18:34
jdstrandshall I go?18:35
jdstrandthe two main things I am working on is libvirt/apparmor and the openoffice.org update18:35
kees(oh, i'm also working on apparmor with keybuk this week)18:35
jdstrandthe former is for upstreaming and syncing that work with karmic, which will fix a couple of important bugs18:36
keesjdstrand: be sure not to forget the nogst build option for OOo18:36
jdstrandthe latter is just time consuming18:36
sbeattiekees: we should synchronize testing; I did a smidgen of qa-r-t testing for alpha 618:36
jdstrandwe should18:37
jdstrand(that's it from me)18:37
keessbeattie: oh good, yeah, some kind of sign-up process18:37
mdeslaurmy trn18:37
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mdeslaurI was looking at the webkit issues this morning. I plan to only fix the medium severity issues (ie: code execution).18:38
mdeslaurI've got them all except one18:38
jdstrandawesome :)18:38
mdeslaurCVE-2009-1701 patch is non-obvious and code has substantially changed18:38
mdeslaurI won't be able to fix that one18:39
keeshat's fine18:39
mdeslaurAnd this week I'm on triage18:41
jdstrandoh, I'm on community18:41
keescool. meeting over?18:42
mdeslaurthat's it for me18:43
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