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loolnjpatel: Hey just a heads up on #43385915:03
loolnjpatel: err sorry I meant #43338615:10
loolthe d-s one is not very imporatnt15:10
njpatellool: on call -- that's going to need a plugin (adding to sidebar)15:12
loolnjpatel: Ok sounds like we need to make sure that's high enough on the list of prios then15:12
njpatellool: I can make the plugin part of the launcher source code, though, not need for separate package15:12
loolnjpatel: Ok it seems to be quite important for karmic so if it needs some special development we should look into that soon15:15
loolbeta being in two days15:15
loolI mean beta freeze15:15
njpatelright, I've milestoned it in the upstream launcher for beta freeze15:16
njpatellool: do we know where the button should go? i.e. below files and folders but above categories, or under favorites?15:16
loolnjpatel: Well Ivanka suggested the possibility of having it in the main categories15:18
loolnjpatel: forwarded the email to you15:18
loolnjpatel: I think we should clarify ASAP, either saying that it's too late to develop this or asking for details on the implementaiton15:18
loolnjpatel: I added it to the mobile agenda for the integration call, but dont think we have ivanka there15:19
loolplars, njpatel: Guys, I just did a bunch of changes to the UNR seed over the weekend to have to have it closed to the desktop one; I think you should pay particular attention to the new set of apps next time you look at UNR15:19
njpatellool: I can't get it in between the categories that we make for menus. It'll have to be either at the top, between favorites and the first menu category, or right at the bottom15:20
plarslool: will do, thanks for the heads up15:20
plarsGrueMaster: ^ also15:20
njpatellool: right, I don't think we do...and this is really late wrt schedule, but let's see what we can do15:20
loolnjpatel: I think that's what Ivanka wanted (presumably bottom)15:21
loolnjpatel: since add/remove used to be at the bottom of the Applications menu in GNOME15:21
njpatellool: that could be done pretty easily, could you please get confirmation for that (as I'm working on OEM stuff atm), and add it to the bug report?15:21
loolnjpatel: Ok15:21
njpatellool: thanks!15:22
ian_brasilis a meeting planned for tomorrow?17:52
loolian_brasil: Yes17:55
ian_brasillool, ok 17:56
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