lifelessLaney: I'm trying to determine whats going on at the moment00:02
lifelessI can't see a dup bug; I don't get a trace back00:02
lifelessthis is what I see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/274940/00:05
lifelessI've hit Enter at the prompt00:05
lifelessno browser windows start up, nor $EDITOR00:06
Laneythis looks like a regression00:09
lifelessI'm on karmic, I have 0.7800:09
LaneygetDebianChangelog is breaking it00:16
Laneyreturning nothing00:16
lifelessI uploaded 0.0.2-1 to Debian last night00:18
lifelessits what I want to sync :)00:18
Laneyit hasn't appeared on http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/s/subunit/ yet00:20
lifelesslatency ><00:21
lifelessit was in binary NEW until 2 hours ago00:21
Laneywe should give a better error though00:22
lifeless*an error*00:23
Laneyno sync is an error ;)00:25
lifelessactually, I didn't know what it was. I had to go and check the bug reports etc to be convinced it had gone wrong00:25
Laneylifeless: pushed a fix to show an error in that situation00:41
Laneymight look into the others tomorrow00:42
captivusDoes anyone know if Launchy has been packaged for Ubuntu yet?  If it hasn't I would like to package it myself.00:43
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jmarsdencaptivus: If apt-cache search launchy doesn't see it, and you have looked on REVU and can't see it there, then it probably isn't packaged for Ubuntu yet.02:35
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hyperairZhenech: i don't think there's a way.06:34
Zhenechhyperair, hmm, ok06:40
dholbachgood morning07:21
hyperaircould someone from motu-release look into bug #432900 please?07:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432900 in ubuntu "[FFe] Please sync remuco (universe) from Debian Unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43290007:22
micahg1if one package replaces another, do you add conflicts as well07:35
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Zhenechhyperair, can you count my question as a feature request? :)08:27
ZhenechI really dislike the GPL :)08:27
hyperairZhenech: well i'm not a geany developer. you should file a bug (preferably in the upstream tracker, i.e. the sf.net one)08:28
Zhenechmeh, ok :)08:29
Zhenechhyperair, https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2863311&group_id=153444&atid=78779408:36
ubottuError: <Bugtracker.plugin.Sourceforge instance at 0xe789e0> bug 2863311 not found08:36
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sistpoty|workhi folks11:41
highvoltagesistpoty | work > #ubuntu-motu :)11:43
highvoltagehi sistpoty|work11:43
sistpoty|workhi highvoltage11:43
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sebnerahoi sistpoty|work :)12:00
sistpoty|workhi sebner12:00
sebnersistpoty|work: would you mind helping me with a FTBFS?  https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jesd/0.0.7-2/+build/1249011/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.jesd_0.0.7-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:07
sistpoty|worksebner: hm... let me take a look12:08
sebnersistpoty|work: initially it FTBFS because of missing b-d on gjdoc, so I synced new debian version but it fails. It seems to be: javahelper pulls in gcj which pulls in gcj-jdk which conflicts with gjdoc. This might be the problem12:09
sebnersistpoty|work: builds locally though so I thought it's a temporaray build problem12:09
sistpoty|worksebner: you could try replacing gjdoc with gcj-jdk (which also seems to provide it)12:14
sistpoty|worksebner: ideally in the form gcj-jdk | gjdoc12:14
sebnersistpoty|work: sounds great. I'll give it a try. thx!12:15
sistpoty|workno guarantee that it'll work though :P12:15
sebnersistpoty|work: better than nothing for now ;)12:16
wgrant~ubuntu-dev can now retry all builds in the rebuild test.12:26
slytherinwgrant: Does that mean there is no restriction on MOTU members? They can retry rebuilds for core packages as well?12:29
wgrantApparently not.12:29
wgrantThere is a bug.12:29
wgrantslytherin: That's the intention.12:29
wgrantBut it won't actually work.12:29
slytherinWell, we are one step closer. :-)12:30
slytherinAt least you intended the behaviour to be that way.12:30
sebnersistpoty|work: it actually built in my ppa. not calling dh_javadoc -i though12:38
sistpoty|worksebner: hm... I must admit that I've tried to avoid java packages in the past :P12:39
sebnersistpoty|work: dito :P12:50
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slytherinsebner: do you still need help with that FTBFS?13:09
bdrungpersia, TheMuso: ping13:18
sebnerslytherin: sure :) any ideas?13:21
slytherinsebner: first is that you should request for javatools sync. :-)13:21
sebnersistpoty|work: things might change. Even "Einf├╝hrung in die Programmierung" uses Java :D (better than C in any chase)13:21
slytherinsebner: second is more detailed. Someone will need to look at the package and make use of standard binaries (javadoc instead of gjdoc) so you can build using any JDK/JRE combo.13:22
sebnerslytherin: at least I can start with the sync request ^^ thx for your help13:23
RainCTsebner: /me is doing C++ :)13:27
slytherinsebner: Do you have any idea why is there a build dep on gjdoc?13:27
sebnerslytherin: where? javatools or jesp?13:27
sebnerRainCT: hahaha! poor you13:28
slytherinsebner: jesd13:28
RainCT(and the teacher rocks, he uses every change he has to laugh at MS/Bill Gates :P)13:28
sebnerslytherin: to fix FTBFS in debian:   * Add dependency on gjdoc; dh_javadoc is no longer in default-java13:28
slytherinsebner: well, dh_javadoc is not part of jdk. I am checking if javahelper uses a specific javadoc alternative for dh_javadoc.13:29
sebnerslytherin: kk13:29
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RainCTlifeless: so what's the problem with bug 433706?13:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433706 in ubuntu-dev-tools "upstream product 'does not use launchpad as its bug tracker'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43370613:36
Laneyyou have to report bugs on the ubuntu packages13:37
Laneyand not on lp/u-d-t13:37
lifelessRainCT: so there is an upstream product13:40
lifelessRainCT: which has bugs, code hosting etc13:40
lifelessits using LP for hosting, it should accept bugs in LP13:40
lifelessthis is separate from bugs in the distro13:41
RainCTYeah, the project is used for code hosting, but bugs are disabled because we do everything in /ubuntu/+source/u-d-t13:41
LaneyI don't know if it makes sense for native packages to have separate bugs13:41
lifelessit does13:41
lifelessif someone packages it in Debian, or RedHat13:41
lifelessbugs there are not Ubuntu bugs but they are still ubuntu-dev-tools bugs :)13:41
Laneythey still work on ubuntu/u-d-t13:42
Laneyjust seems like it would introduce more bookkeeping13:42
lifelessLaney: no, they don't13:42
* RainCT agrees with Iain13:43
lifelessif they're packaging it somewhere else [so that folk collaborating with ubuntu can do ubuntu tasks on their favourite os]13:43
lifelessthen the bugs they run into may not exist on Ubuntu at all13:43
RainCTthen they can fix it and file a merge request13:43
lifelessI'm not suggesting 'every bug you get should be in the upstream product'13:43
lifelessRainCT: but _where_ would they record the bug?13:43
slytherinsebner: looks more complicated than that. javahelper from Debian uses dh_javadoc which is only present in gjdoc.13:44
Laneylifeless: is there any precedent?13:46
Laneywhat does (e.g.) devscripts doO?13:46
lifelessdevscripts is debian native13:46
RainCTlifeless: and ubuntu-dev-tools is Ubuntu native :)13:46
lifelessso this problem exists there13:46
lifelessthere is nowhere that a bug in devscripts can be discussed that is 'in the upstream bugtracker' *if the bug doesn't also display on Debian native*13:47
LaneyI don't think people would reject such bugs13:47
Laneywe can put a link on the upstream product to the place to file bugs13:48
lifelessshrug, I don't particularly care. I don't see having an upstream face as adding any daily bookkeeping - its not as if you'd need to shuffle every bug around13:48
lifelessor any for that matter13:48
LaneyI suspect we'd just get bugs appearing randomly in both places13:48
lifelessI think its extremely weird to have an upstream presence in launchpad, host code, and *not* use the bug tracker13:48
sebnerslytherin: yep, pretty annoying. We'll have to wait for our java expert geser ;)13:49
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Laneyif I were doing it I'd probably have the branch under ~ubuntu-dev tbh13:49
lifelessI suggest you move your branches to lp:~group/ubuntu/karmic/ubuntu-dev-tools13:49
slytherinsebner: you can meanwhile file a bug against javahelper in Debian.13:49
lifelessif all you want is codehosting13:49
lifelessThat said, i think it would be a mistake, upstream products are useful things to have; they let you separate out packaging issues and developmental issues, etc etc etc13:49
lifelessif you want precedent, see upstart13:50
gesersebner: hu? since when I'm a java expert? I try to avoid java when possible13:50
sebnergeser: really? I see so many java uploads from you13:50
Laneygeser: do you have time to look at bug 43371513:50
sebnerSeems that everyone tends to avoid java *haha*13:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433715 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync -e <package> errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43371513:50
gesersebner: I justed fixed some java FTBFS13:51
RainCT(As a side note, when I first looked at ubuntu-dev-tools I was also suprised that the upstream project didn't accept bugs, but as you can see I'm now pretty happy with how it's working, and not having two places to look at and subscribe to)13:51
gesersebner: on that count you should be now a C++ expert :)13:51
sebnergeser: hahaha13:51
LaneyRainCT: Do you want to wontfix it?13:51
LaneyI think it's an interesting point, and we can reconsider if we run into problems13:51
Laneybut for now I'm happy with how it is13:51
RainCTLaney: ihmo it's invalid because it isn't a bug in the software :P13:52
RainCTand if sb isn't happy with it, the right place is the ML13:52
Laneymaybe edit the project description to point to bugs.lp/u-d-t13:52
lifelessI would have filed it upstream... but I couldn't.13:52
Laneylifeless: thanks for your report though13:52
lifelesshttps://edge.launchpad.net/upstart <- precedent page :P13:52
RainCTlifeless: that is actively used by other distributions, though :)13:53
lifelessanother really annoying thing about not having an upstream tracker is that you can't [easily] file bugs of a wishlist etc nature through the web now13:53
Laneyall bugs which you would file against an upstream product are suitable against the package13:53
slytherinsebner: have you already tried simply removing gjdoc dependency?13:54
lifelessLaney: you'll need to educate folk about that; its not going to fit the mental model folk have, I suspect ;) - see RainCT's comment about his first encounter.13:54
lifelessYou should at least disable all the bug tasks open upstream13:54
sebnerslytherin: it'll FTBFS since dh_javadoc is called13:54
LaneyYeah this is why I've spoken for adding some explanatory text13:55
RainCTI've added a line to the description pointing to the bugs page.13:55
lifelessI really must go; tired - sorry.13:55
slytherinsebner: jesd doesn't even build a -doc package, I am not sure why javadoc will be called.13:55
Laneybye, and thanks for your input13:55
LaneyRainCT: You typoed ;)13:55
lifelessmy pleasure13:55
RainCTcya lifeless13:55
Laneyurgh, weird13:55
ScottKlifeless: If something in ubuntu-dev-tools is useful in Red Hat, then it shouldn't be in ubuntu-dev-tools.13:55
Laneywhy are only some of the fields editable inline?13:56
lifelessScottK: requestsync is useful to an upstream that develops on red hat13:56
* lifeless is really really really gone13:56
* ScottK doesn't understand that a bit. See you later.13:56
sebnerslytherin: ACK, but the resulting binary is half the size as with dh_javadoc (It builds with gcj-jdk | gcjdoc but doesn't call dh_javadoc)13:56
RainCTuhm.. LP has "Bugs are tracked:" and "Remote project:" options13:57
Laneyit would be cool if it supported redirecting13:57
RainCTwhy doesn't writing launchpad.net/ ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-dev-tools there work :/13:57
slytherinsebner: Debian package looks faulty. Check this - http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/libesd-java/filelist There are no javadocs.13:59
sebnerslytherin: I'll check my binaries which one is the right one14:00
sebnerslytherin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275236/14:02
sebnerslytherin: is your link the really really actual version one?14:05
sebnerslytherin: seems -2 is also b0rken in Debian. -1 version is http://paste.ubuntu.com/275238/14:07
slytherinsebner: he he, so file bug against jesd. :-P14:13
* RainCT glances at sebner 14:14
sebnerslytherin: yep but for now I upload a jesd version that (at least) builds and the file content is still the same as Debian ;)14:14
sebnerRainCT: ~~~14:14
slytherinsebner: That is find.14:14
moldyif my package requires a dbus configuration file in /etc/dbus-1/system.d in order to work, what is the correct way to install this file=14:14
sebnerslytherin: :), also thx for your help =)14:15
slytherinsebner: welcome14:15
slytherinmoldy: is the file part of your package?14:15
moldyslytherin: yes14:15
RainCTmoldy: if autotools/distutils/whatever doesn't install it, dh_install is probably the best/easiest option14:15
slytherinmoldy: dh_install14:15
moldyRainCT: i don't if/how distutils can install stuff to /etc14:16
RainCTI think it has an option to install stuff wherever you want14:16
RainCTmoldy: data_files14:17
RainCTmoldy: there you've got an example http://paste.ubuntu.com/275249/14:17
moldyRainCT: does that work for /etc? how?14:18
moldyRainCT: as far as i see, it uses some "prefix" which is usually /usr14:18
RainCTmoldy: look at the 3th item there, ('../etc/firefox-3.0/pref/',14:18
moldyRainCT: ok, i see that, but is this really the right way of handling this?14:18
RainCThyperair: of course, sorry :)14:20
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sebnerRainCT: Am I still needed? xD14:22
RainCTsebner: nah, I was just glancing *g*14:22
* sebner hides14:22
sebnerRainCT: git push :P14:23
RainCTsebner: patches from you are also welcome, btw! :P14:24
sebnerRainCT: I'm sorry but the use of C and js doesn't really invite me :P14:24
RainCTsebner: oh well, just JavaScript should be enough for most UI stuff14:26
sebnerRainCT: we need core stuff aka zeitgeist :P14:26
moldyRainCT: i fear that this will break when installing the package in setups that don't follow the usual filesystem layout14:34
moldyRainCT: e.g. buildout, to name just one example14:35
james_wstochastic: hey, around?14:35
RainCTmoldy: Maybe ask in #python, I don't really use distutils much myself14:37
moldyRainCT: ok, thank you14:41
moldyslytherin: i'm sorry, but i don't quite understand how to use dh_install to install a single line into place -- can you give me a pointer?15:38
hyperairmoldy: man dh_install15:43
moldyhyperair: i have read that, but i fear that i havn't quite understood it :(15:44
moldyhyperair: the text says that each line should list a file and a destination directory, but the example seems to contradict that15:44
sebnermoldy: what's the error message?15:44
moldyhyperair: from the example: "usr/include"15:45
hyperairmoldy: the destination is optional15:45
hyperairmoldy: if the destination is unspecified, it means just copy the said path into debian/package/path15:45
moldyhyperair: umm, so the example package actually installs the directory usr/include?15:46
moldysebner: none yet, havn't run anything yet15:46
hyperairand everything inside15:46
moldyhyperair: hmm, ok.15:46
sebnermoldy: well, try it out and we'll help you then ;)15:46
hyperairmoldy: dh_install basically copies stuff $(CURDIR)/<path from .install> or $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/<path from .install> into debian/package/<destination path, if specified or original path>15:47
bddebianHeya gang15:47
moldyok, it seems to actually work, i was just confused by the documentation. thank you.15:47
hyperairthe documentation does seem a little vague15:48
moldyit should maybe give a trivial example first before assuming stuff :)15:49
hyperairhmm no.. the description is just vague15:52
hyperairrather, it didn't mention that the destination is optional15:53
moldyyep. still, an example like "some.file /some/dir" would have made it easier for me15:53
hyperairwell manpages usually have examples stuck at the bottom15:56
zookosMorning folks! (UTC-6)15:57
hyperairgood night zookos (UTC+8)15:58
* hyperair wonders if any motu-release member is around16:23
sistpoty|workhyperair: what's up?16:24
hyperairsistpoty|work: bug #43290016:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432900 in ubuntu "[FFe] Please sync remuco (universe) from Debian Unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43290016:24
sebnersistpoty|work: we still need another one for mupen64plus btw16:24
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sistpoty|worksebner: yes, saw it ;)16:25
hyperairsistpoty|work: and the bug #43381316:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433813 in tangerine "[FFe] Please sync tangerine (universe) from Debian Unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43381316:25
sistpoty|workhyperair: remuco: see commenbt16:29
sistpoty|workhyperair: regarding tangerine, can you ask seb128 for a statement? (this looks gnomeish to me ;))16:30
sebnersistpoty|work: I've read upstream that tangerine 3.0 is really pretty b0rken, so I'd give motu ack16:32
* sistpoty|work prefers to delegate what can be delegated *g*16:33
sebnersistpoty|work: heh, I'm wondering where the java stuff moves. *HRHR*16:33
hyperairsistpoty|work: i'll admit i haven't tested remuco intensively yet. nor reproduced said bug. however, remuco 0.9.0 has been removed from archive. i think you can't really get worse than not being present at all, acn you? =p16:34
hyperairsebner: seb128 acked it. could you upload it then? =)16:34
sistpoty|workhyperair: it could wipe all files when you install it? :P16:34
hyperairsistpoty|work: okay, i'll guarantee it won't do that =)16:34
sebnerhyperair: nah, I can give MOTU ACK, second  -release ack is necessary and then sync16:34
Laneyno it's not16:34
sistpoty|worksebner: delegates have full authority to ack/rej the entire FFe16:35
Laneyseb128 can ack desktop FFes16:35
sebnerah !16:35
sebnersistpoty|work: nice delegate ;)16:35
Laneymeaning go ahead16:35
* hyperair updates pbuilder16:36
Laneybtw there was a package which could rm -rf / in its postinst recently ;)16:36
Laneyi'd say that is worse than nothing16:36
hyperairheh. that *is* bad16:36
sistpoty|workoh, nice16:36
hyperairwhich package was that?16:36
hyperairand was anyone affected?16:36
LaneyDktrKranz dealt with the SRU16:36
* hyperair really needs to get round to switching to cowbuilder instead of pbuilder16:38
hyperairthe tarballing will drive me nuts someday =.=16:38
Laneysbuild on lvm is pretty sexy16:39
hyperairmaybe i should look into that sometime16:40
hyperairit looks quite hard to set up though16:40
Laneynope, it's easy with mk-sbuild-lv16:41
Laneyyou should use an apt-cacher though as it doesn't do that16:41
hyperairmeh damnit16:41
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loic-mWould a MOTU-release member ba able to ACK bug #434078 ?17:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434078 in gmameui "[FFE] Karmic: Please sync gmameui 0.2.11-2 with Debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43407817:01
RoAkSoAxScottK, Heya!! Any news on the nginx issue?17:02
loic-m(There's at least two things worth having since it will be Ubuntu users first contact with the package)17:03
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v0lksmancan I ask general packaging questions here or is there a better channel?17:09
Laneyhere's good17:09
v0lksmancool...I'm using debuild -i -us -uc to build a package upgrade.  I set DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME but lintian complains that changed-by-name-missing or is malformed...Did I miss something?17:11
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stochasticjames_w I am now, what's up?17:13
sebnerv0lksman: post your changelog somewhere17:14
james_wstochastic: I was slightly confused, so my question is no longer needed.17:14
sebnerv0lksman: pastbin even17:14
stochasticjames_w okay.17:15
james_wstochastic: however, I'm still interested if you made any progress on getting jack in to main17:15
stochasticjames_w nothing recently, I've had my hands full with work, but the required steps are being made slowly17:15
DktrKranzLaney: yup, it was "slack", funny :)17:16
v0lksmansebner: ah ha!  http://dpaste.com/96360/17:16
sebnerv0lksman: problem found: <user@localhost>   ;)17:16
sebnerLaney: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/16624004/slack_0.14.1-2_0.14.1-2ubuntu1.diff.gz17:17
v0lksmansebner: yep...so I changed my DEBEMAIL env var after running uupdate....would uupdate have used the DEBEMAIL value instead when updating the changelog or is there another step I need?17:18
sebnerv0lksman: either do a fresh uupdate or change it manually in your changelog17:19
v0lksmansebner: cool..thanks for the help!17:19
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loic-mThanks a lot sistpoty|work!17:22
sistpoty|workloic-m: you're welcome17:22
sebnersistpoty|work: uhuhuhuhu, another gamy gamy to test :D17:23
loic-mbtw, for another bug (mupen64plus), if a sync from Debian is also a NEW, do I have to file a n-p or some other bug in addition to the sync FFE?17:24
v0lksmanhrm...tried a fresh uupdate with DEBEMAIL var set correctly and it still wants to put my localuser@localhost in changelog...17:24
sebnerv0lksman: where did you set DEBEMAIL?17:25
v0lksman.bashrc then opened a new shell17:25
v0lksmanwhen I echo it it is set correctly17:25
sebnerv0lksman: did you do a source .bashrc?17:25
sebnerv0lksman: "source .bashrc"17:25
sistpoty|workloic-m: no, the sync/FFe is all that's needed17:26
v0lksmansebner: yep...still no go17:26
v0lksmanuupdate --upstream-version 0.15.7 ../tomboy-0.15.7.tar.gz17:27
v0lksmanthat's the command I issue17:27
loic-msistpoty|work: thanks. So I just need to stalk an archive admin?17:28
sistpoty|workloic-m: yes, and get another +1 ;)17:28
sebnerv0lksman: post your bashrc somewhere17:28
Laneyecho $DEBEMAIL17:28
v0lksman$ echo $DEBEMAIL  $ v0lksman69@gmail.com17:28
v0lksmanhttp://dpaste.com/96367/  these lines are present in .bashrc17:29
sebnerv0lksman: write "export" before them17:30
Laneyyou can also set them in ~/.devscripts17:30
v0lksmanuhg...palm to face...17:31
hyperairsistpoty|work: remuco-rhythmbox works fine (doesn't crash rhythmbox) here.17:33
sistpoty|workhyperair: that's good!17:34
v0lksmanthat works a bit better... :)17:34
hyperairsistpoty|work: also the banshee one looks fine.17:34
hyperairsistpoty|work: could you ack it then? =)17:35
sistpoty|workhyperair: already on it17:35
sebnerv0lksman: did you forgot the "export" and does it work now?17:35
v0lksmansebner: yep...silly mistake...works like a charm now... thanks again!17:36
sebnerv0lksman: heh, glad to hear it's working now :)17:36
hyperairsistpoty|work: thanks =)17:37
hyperairsistpoty|work: do i need another ack after that?17:37
sistpoty|workhyperair: yes17:37
* sistpoty|work heads home now... cya17:47
loic-mThanks a lot sebner17:48
sebnerloic-m: welcome17:48
sebnerloic-m: you stell need another -release ACK though17:49
loic-msebner: you're not?17:50
loic-mright, m-r is only 5 ppl17:51
sebnerloic-m: you normally need 2 -realease ACKs and a MOTU which sponsors it17:51
loic-mok, I understand now17:52
\shScottK: we are going the way of opensuse buildservice....more packages, less quality and drive by uploader...18:03
\shand why the hell does mr. schily has it's own getline method...18:04
ScottK\sh: I agree.18:07
\shanyways going home18:11
* hyperair wonders if anyone from motu-release is around18:17
fabrice_spHey, I'm just looking for a MOTU to ack bug #416262 :-)18:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 416262 in aptoncd "Sync aptoncd 0.1.98+bzr112-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41626218:18
fabrice_spthis sync would solve bug #27250918:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272509 in aptoncd "APTonCD crashes" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27250918:22
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dhillon-v10andv: hi how are you19:47
nicklas_hello, are there any reposes you can add except philip5 s that has cutting edge software?19:47
bipolarWhats the best way to request a package sync with sid? Specificly, sid has version 1.0.0 of KMyMoney2 vs karmic's 0.9.319:48
JontheEchidnabipolar: I'm working on 1.0.1. We can't sync the package since we no longer have aRts (we have to disable that in debian/rules) and KMyMoney has asked us to skip directly to 1.0.1 since 1.0.0 had a bad bug19:53
JontheEchidnaI'll finish up the feature freeze exception later today19:53
bipolarJontheEchidna: ah! good to know! thanks!19:53
JontheEchidnayup, no problem :)19:53
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bdrungpersia, TheMuso: ping20:03
hyperairfta: xulrunner-1.9.3 has been consistently segfaulting firefox-3.7 from all versions 0918 onwards20:12
ftaworks for me20:12
hyperairhmm =\20:13
ftado you have a proper stack trace?20:13
hyperairno i don't20:13
hyperairwhat arch are you on?20:13
ftaplease install ff/xul -dbg and try to get one20:13
ftaboth 32 and 6420:13
* hyperair will do that tomorrow20:14
funkyHatI'm looking for a page about updating a package to a newer version (new version is not in debian)20:27
funkyHat(I know the package probably won't get accepted for Karmic at this stage, this is for my own use/practice)20:27
micahgfunkyHat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#Creating%20and%20Using%20a%20debian/watch%20File20:29
funkyHatmicahg: thanks :)20:30
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funkyHatHow do I remove a patch (this package is using quilt)?20:39
funkyHatCan I just remove the patch from debian/patches?20:39
funkyHatOr even just remove the line from debian/patches/series20:40
sebnerfunkyHat: you can comment it out with "#"20:40
sebnerfunkyHat: but if the patch is not needed anymore remove it20:40
funkyHatsebner: not needed, as far as I can tell. Can I just remove debian/patches altogether?20:41
sebnerfunkyHat: if this is the only patch, yes. mind also remove the stuff from control and rules file20:41
c_kornhow can I fix those warning with g++ ? passing -Wl,--as-needed to it did not help: http://pastebin.com/d5915825321:10
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Davedanis there a tutorial on how to write init script for daemon?23:40

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