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asaci have to find a different plcae08:58
asacmajor construction site is my house tday08:58
asac_jackhammer noise is killing e09:09
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ftaasac, hi10:22
ftabug 42810910:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428109 in gwibber "Gwibber Needs to Use the new Messaging Menu API in Ubuntu" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42810910:23
asacfta: hi10:24
asacoh dear .. my nerves are thin. this jackhammer thing kills me hard10:25
ftai know the feeling, got that in front of my office all the summer10:33
ftaasac, btw, i dropped the testsuite deb in chromium10:34
asacwell ... in front is different from "they hit the basment of this house just 2 stories below" ;)10:34
asacbut i think its just today10:34
asacfta: thats good decision i would think10:34
ftai front was just below my window10:35
asacfta: how does one build testsuite now?10:35
ftait's built & run, but no longer packaged10:35
asacas long as all output is in log thats good enough10:35
ftait should be all there10:36
ftaotherwise it's a bug10:36
ftaseems the beta is near10:37
asacdo we understand how they release branchwise already?10:39
ftawe do, but it's difficult to replicate, bits are missing10:41
asacok uploaded epiphany extensions11:00
bdrungandv: i have merged mozgest12:25
gnomefreakim here for a bit. i slept a total of ~2hours from fri. night -> last night im a bit on the cranky side12:58
gnomefreakdtchen: is there a reason why after every update of PA the sound gets muted?12:59
gnomefreakasac: bdrung is there a reason we didnt merge branches to ~ubuntu-dev? we should really have a system to merge/remove branches from https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev when they have the packages have been pushed to archive.13:10
bdrunggnomefreak: yes13:13
gnomefreakbdrung: there is a reason we dont merge them?13:14
gnomefreakalso imagezoom is fixed waiting for push. sorry just going through the extension pages13:16
bdrunggnomefreak: no.13:16
bdrungno to your first question and yes to the second question.13:16
bdrungthis is confusing: https://code.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions13:16
gnomefreakok thanks, looking at link13:21
gnomefreakwhat is confusing about it?13:23
bdrungvery long13:23
gnomefreakim going to lay down for a while.13:28
gnomefreakbdrung: if you get time can you review and push https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev/firefox-extensions/firebug.ubuntu and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev/firefox-extensions/firefox-showcase.ubuntu16:13
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asacbdrung: so the guy on pkg-mozext mailing list now wants to put stuff in /usr/lib ;)16:20
asacnot sure if we want to auto detect that16:20
asacwhich should be possible16:20
asacor allow special overrides or something16:20
bdrungasac: or a variable for that?16:20
asacbut what kind of variable?16:21
bdrungdunno :)16:21
asaci think debian folks wouldnt be happy if we allowes just: either all or none in /usr/lib16:21
asacthey want properly split stuff16:21
asacthough i disagree16:21
asacbdrung: i think we can look at architecture: field16:21
asacif the binary package is any -> /usr/lib16:22
asacotherwise /usr/share16:22
asacimo one can argue that splitting stuff up in a arch any package makes no sense anyway16:22
bdrungasac: good idea16:22
bdrungif architecture != all -> /usr/lib16:23
bdrungarchitecture could be a list of archs, too16:24
asacthats correct16:25
gnomefreakbdrung: last one for me today https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev/firefox-extensions/mozilla-ctxextensions.ubuntu  stumbleupon is a fail to build but looks like something easy i just dont hav etime today. i attached the failure file to bug report incase someone gets to it before i do16:51
bdrunggnomefreak: currently i fix mozilla-imagezoom16:55
gnomefreakbdrung: what was wrong with it?16:55
bdrungMOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND was not set16:56
bdrungi do not like the long rules file16:56
asacok off travelling ... will be back later (2-3 hours)16:57
gnomefreaklet me look at mine i thought it was set16:57
gnomefreakasac: have fun16:57
gnomefreak#MOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND = sh build.sh  should just remove the # but it builds fine and works fine anyway17:00
gnomefreakand yes it is fairly long. we should change this in XPI.TEMPLATE than for new extensions to be lest amount of rules17:01
gnomefreakok im gone. be back sometime this week17:02
cyphermoxasac, anything I can do to help out fixing bug #429835 ?18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429835 in firefox-3.5 "[MASTER] chrome error when viewing untrusted https site using firefox with non en-US locale on karmic" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42983518:04
asaccyphermox: yes ;)20:00
asaccyphermox: its a bit tricky though20:00
asaccyphermox: what i need is a grep/sed expression to filter out any xml entity definition20:00
asacat best one line for each20:00
asacif you want to try i can give you details ;)20:00
ftaasac, perl? ;)20:12
asacfta: so what i need to parse is <!ENTITY.*SYSTEM.*\".*\".*>20:27
asacacross multiple line20:27
ftado you have an example?20:27
ftaand what do you need as output?20:29
ftaasac, ^^20:33
asacfta: echo the match20:33
asacis the output20:33
micahgasac: If I"m going to make xul-193-gnome-support-dbg replace ff3.7-gnome-support-dbg, do I have to mark Conflicts as well As Replaces?20:35
asacmicahg: sorry. not sure what you try to do ;)20:36
asacso Replaces: means that there are same files shipped in the package20:36
micahgasac: ff3.7-gnome-support is only an xml file now20:36
micahgno libs20:37
asacif there is a versioned replaces it usually means that files that were in the version or earlier of the one package20:37
asacmoved to a new one20:37
asacmicahg: what xml file?20:37
micahgthat's what happened20:37
micahgthe gnomevfs file moved from ff3.7 to xul19320:37
asacwhich file moved? the gvfs stuff?20:37
micahgthere are no longer any compiled libs in the ff37gnomesuport pkg20:38
asacso you need a versioned replaces20:38
asacmicahg: but did the same file move? or was it renamed?20:38
ftaasac, should it match multiple times?20:46
asacfta: one second20:49
asacfta: http://people.canonical.com/~asac/tmp/test.txt20:49
asacso basically if you pipe in the input, the output should be 4 times the result ;)20:50
asacfta: brandDtd is a variable match20:51
asacso assume a-zA-Z-_0-9 ;)20:52
ftafta@ix:/tmp $ perl -e 'undef $/; $_ = <>; while (s/(<\!ENTITY)\s+(%)\s+(\S+)\s+(SYSTEM)\s+(".*?")\s*(>)//s) { print "$1 $2 $3 $4 $5$6\n"}' /tmp/test.txt20:54
fta<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">20:54
fta<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">20:54
fta<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">20:54
fta<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">20:54
fta<!ENTITY % brandDTD SYSTEM "chrome://branding/locale/brand.dtd">20:54
ftais that what you want?20:55
cyphermoxfta, I'm too late but about to get to the same regex20:55
asacregexp contest ;)20:58
asacvery good20:58
micahgasac: is version replaces different than Adding replaces in debian/control?21:29
* BUGabundo waves o/21:51
asacmicahg: its a versioned replaces21:55
asacnot an unversioned one ;)21:55
asacReplaces: ... (<< 1.1)21:55
micahgasac: ah, well, it's unreleased21:57
micahgso is that necessary?21:58
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asacmicahg: thats a different question22:31
asacimo its good to do right22:32
asacand that is with versions22:32
asacotherwise no repla ce at alll i would think22:32
micahgasac: ok, so do I do a major revision like 3.7 or a minor one like 3.7~a1~...22:32
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afvi'm getting a seg fault when opening gmail and clicking buttons like archive/delete..23:04
BUGabundoasac: micahg: ^^^^^^^^23:05
micahgafv: pleas install the xulrunner-1.9.3-dbg23:06
BUGabundoalready stuck on 3.7 ?23:06
BUGabundoafv: now do : firefix -g23:07
afvinstalled now. it wasn't installed :p23:07
BUGabundothen hit 'r'23:07
BUGabundoand try to reproduce23:07
micahgBUGabundo: my mind is stuck on trunk :)23:07
BUGabundo*firefox -g of course23:07
micahgafv: it looks more like a gtk problem than a FF one though23:08
afvi've seen that gtk warnings/errors before but without a seg fault23:08
micahgafv: we've had gtk segfaults before especially on karmic23:09
afvat pastebin what Syntax highlighting is best for this?23:10
micahgC++ maybe?23:10
micahgmaybe bash would be better ;)23:12
afvbash :p  http://pastebin.com/d2cbbd6c623:12
micahgat least it's not all green23:13
micahgI'd figure out what package this is in: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules/im-uim.so23:14
micahgthen install the dbg pkg23:14
micahgand search that pacakge for a similar crash23:14
afvhow can i check that?23:15
micahgdpkg -S filename23:15
afvuim-gtk2.0: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules/im-uim.so23:15
micahgafv: is apport not catching it?23:16
afvi don't think so23:16
afvinstalling libuim6-dbg...23:17
afvshould i see something new at gdb?23:20
micahgyeah, the last 3 calls should be resolved now23:22
micahgsee, no more ??23:24
afvah, this.. " 0x022f2f22 in ??"23:24
micahgnow, I'd say check for a gtk crash that's similar23:24
micahgafv: it's a gtk problem23:25
micahgafv: look at lines 14 and 15 of your pastebin23:26
afvwhere should that file be located?23:26
micahgafv: idk, in the codebase23:27
afvor this folders, glib2.0-2.21.6/gobject23:27
afvhmm ok23:27
afvi'm tempted to remove the uim packages.. :p23:29
afvcan't find similar crashes..23:35
afvwith firefox-3.7 i got another error23:38
afvlet me just install xulrunner-1.9.3-dbg23:38
afvhmm.. looks the same now.   http://pastebin.com/d23fdceb923:44
afvmicahg, :p23:46
micahgafv: I'm not familiar with the uim23:54
afvjust opening gmail and wait a few seconds: http://pastebin.com/d6e2a45f723:54
micahgafv: that's a different crash23:55
afvmaybe it's related? :s23:55
micahgafv: doubtful23:56
afv*removing uim*... :(23:57
afvtesting with 3.5.4 again23:58
afvno glib warnings..23:59
afvops. crash. lol23:59

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