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orificium_Is there a working mythtv frontend for windows that will connect to a .22 backend?01:30
dserban__ben, flash is now native in 64bitland01:42
tgm4883dserban_, well, it's still alpha, and sometimes buggy01:53
foxbuntutgm4883, be fair, mostly buggy04:32
bronsonI'm thinking about setting up MythTV and tempted to go with 0.22...  sounds like it's getting pretty stable.05:09
bronsonIs there much new dev effort for 9.10 that I can help test?05:09
bronsonLooking at mythbuntu.org, it seems like things have been pretty stable lately?05:10
Technophilsee cdimages.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu05:14
oobeSetting up mythtv-database (0.22.0~trunk21965-0ubuntu0~mythbuntu1) ...05:55
oobeFailed to connect to database (incorrect admin password)05:55
oobeFailed to create or modify database (incorrect admin username/password?)05:55
oobehappens every time05:55
superm1oobe, the database is already created /working right?06:00
superm1just get those "errors" daily06:00
oobeits totally functional otherwise06:20
oobei tried running dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database06:20
oobebut each time it wont accept my REAL and CORRECT root sql password06:20
oobemakes me wish i left it blank06:21
oobei just worry that some update may need to update my schema06:21
oobeor add tables06:21
oobeam i worried about nothing?06:21
superm1well don't worry about anything, we should realistically not show an error if the db is already set up06:24
oobeoh ok06:25
superm1does your password use nonalphanumeric characters?06:26
oobestrange though i found others reference this on forums and mailing lists06:26
oobeits alphanumeric06:26
oobei can login on console ok06:26
oobei even copied and pasted my password in dpkg-reconfigure to make sure there were no typo's06:27
oobeanyway i have to go out now tty thanks for reassuring me i feel a bit better now06:28
superm1np.  hopefully can get that more nicely cleaned up :)06:33
oobeso its just an error to do with handling upgrade's06:33
drascus321is there anyway to tune comcast digital cable with mythbuntu?06:39
superm1drascus321, only unencrypted channels directly, generally the same ones you'll get OTA06:40
superm1you can capture through a STB otherwise06:40
drascus321all i could get with the wire direct into my computer was 3 channels and only 1 of them had anything on it06:41
drascus321i have been running the cable out into the computer and changing the station on the cable box as a temporary solution06:42
drascus321I only have an analog card so there is not a whole lot I can do i think06:43
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notlisteningHello all, I am having an issue with my CD driver opening and closing with its own mind anyone else having that issue?18:39
notlisteningwell i am initiating the open with the button or software driven and it just closes straight away18:40
=== tgm4883 changed the topic of #ubuntu-mythtv to: Mythbuntu 9.04 released :: Please visit www.mythbuntu.org for more information :: Mythbuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 Released http://www.mythbuntu.org/9.10/alpha6 :: Paste logs @ http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com Please stick around for people to answer your question
ZinnMythbuntu 9.04 http://www.mythbuntu.org/downloads - Latest Development Release - Mythbuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 http://www.mythbuntu.org/9.10/alpha619:24
wescorehi there i have a terratec dvb-c capture card and it is not listed in mythtv20:23
orificiumnew mythbuntu default theme available in auto-builds repos?22:02
superm1it's on gbutters' PPA, not on the auto-builds repo though currently22:04
superm1if you are on karmic, it's in karmic too22:04
orificiumusing 9.04 + autobuilds22:05
superm1then you'll have to grab it from gbutters' ppa22:05
orificiumIs there a tar.gz I can find somewhere?22:05
superm1or you know what, grab the deb from launchpad directly22:05
orificiumHave you tried the mythtv frontend for windows?  I tried using the mythinstaller BATCH file, and had to fix a few things, could only get as far as installing mysql22:06
orificiumsuperm1: Cool, thanks.22:06
superm1dont have windows at all anywhere, so no :)22:07
orificiumhow do you game? :)22:10
orificiumunfortunately thats where linux fails for me.22:10
superm1i don't at all22:11
superm1i've got a wii, and a ds. that's my extent of gaming :)22:12
rhpot1991orificium: why do you need to install mysql, the frontend should write to your backend's sql server22:21
rhpot1991that or I'm mis-informed22:21
orificiumrhpot1991: it's part of the mythtv windows port.  Shrug22:28
rhpot1991weird, ah well22:29
orificiummaybe it runs as a backenda s well22:29
orificiumdoesn't say its only a frontend22:29
orificiumhm, it does recommend XBMC as a frontend if I odn't need a backend22:30
orificiumwhich I don't22:30
orificiumI wonder if I can watch recordings and videos though22:32
orificiumand on a mythtv .22 backend22:32
orificiumI'll just have to try it :)22:33
orificiumI tried the mythtv player but it wouldn't connect since its .2222:33
superm1surprised there is no pointy clicky exe for windows22:33
superm1where someone has the build process automated22:33
superm1and does nightly builds or something22:33
orificiumtheres this: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Windows_Watching_Recordings_in_Windows_with_MythTv_Player22:34
orificiummaybe I need to grab the .6 release candidate22:35
orificiumbut the samba shares + VLC seems to work well enough from a windows box.22:36
orificiumNow I just need utorrent+webui working under linux :)22:37
orificiumNew Mythbuntu default theme looks nice. I'm a sucker for dark themes.22:39
mishehuEssobi: didn't know you were into myth.23:20
mishehuso if I want to run a hauppage hvr (pvr?) 2250, is support for the external modules for this card available from the package manager or will I end up needing to download the source myself and build it?23:23
idget5when I do a channel search, it only searches up too channel 156, using cable high23:40
idget5for mythtv23:40
idget5correction, 15923:43

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