giovaniStrangeCharm: Areca makes decent  stuff00:06
giovanithey make a 16-port PCIe/PCIx card00:06
DebolazHrmm, what structure is recommended to use on an OpenLDAP directory if you have say 10 servers or so with different users but some in common?00:23
giovaniDebolaz: well they're all going to be in the LDAP directory I hope00:24
giovaniI'm not sure what type of answer you're looking for though00:24
Debolazgiovani: Never really used LDAP before, except for playing a bit.. And while there's a plethora of tutorials available on how to set up the system to use LDAP, there's very little information about how the data should be structured.. No recommended standards, etc..00:26
giovaniDebolaz: that's far too huge of a topic to answer on irc00:27
giovanithere are 700-page books dedicated to LDAP design00:27
* Debolaz has a 500 page book about OpenLDAP that has nothing about this in it. 00:28
giovanimaybe it was the wrong book :)00:28
DebolazHehe, well, I'm shooting in the blind here. :)00:29
DebolazAt least it was very helpfull in setting up and making OpenLDAP work with the various services. :)00:29
giovaniI mean typically you're gonna have an ou00:29
giovanifor users00:29
DebolazI don't suppose you have any good book recommendations?00:30
giovaninope -- never bought an LDAP book -- but we have a lot of them at work -- not sure which would be of quality00:30
giovanijust learned by example00:30
DebolazOh the joys of modernizing a server park.00:35
DebolazWell actually, it is quite fun.00:35
DebolazStarted employing virtualization to better take adventage of the hardware we've got.00:38
BrixSatany one able to help on dns?00:57
jmarsdenBrixSat: Don't ask to ask, just ask.  What is your real question?01:00
BrixSatwhy tis?01:01
Level15hi. why does aptitude choose not to upgrade packages as the kernel and bind?01:12
ScottKProbably because new packages need to be installed.  Instead of aptitude upgrade, try aptitude dist-upgrade.01:14
Level15ScottK: thanks, will try that01:15
jmarsdenBrixSat: rndc not working is probably a configuration issue of some kind... they key has to be the same in both the bind config file and the rndc one...02:01
BrixSatjmarsden where do iset the key?02:03
jmarsdenman rndc-confgen    and look under /etc/bind/ for all the config files.02:05
jmarsdenI'm pretty sure it should "just work" out of the box on Ubuntu, unless you manually configured something related to it, though.02:08
BrixSati have used ispcp :p02:08
jmarsdenI don't know what it is, I don't think that is a Ubuntu package in main or universe... but apparently it broke rndc for you.02:10
BrixSatit is like cpanel a control panel for hosting02:10
BrixSatbut it was working fine02:10
BrixSati broke it then i mixed with the nameserver and apache config02:11
jmarsdenOK... so look for key statements in your named.conf and in /etc/bind/rndc.conf, maybe?  If both exist they need to specify the exact same key...02:11
BrixSat:S they are the same02:12
BrixSatmy domain is www.opoeta.net02:13
jmarsdenCheck permissions on the files, maybe?  Or remove the key stuff from named.conf completely (back it up somewhere first!), and then do    sudo rndc-confgen -a   and see if that fixes it?02:14
BrixSatnothing :S02:16
jmarsdenOK... does ispcp do things with the files under /etc/bind, or does it install a non-standard bind and put config files somewhere else?  If it uses the ones under /etc/bind/, can you pastebin /etc/bind/named.* and /etc/bind/rndc.key so I can see them?02:18
BrixSatit uses system bind02:18
BrixSatyes i can02:19
jmarsdenSo... you think that "Q/xVOF1uUAv89CFuy02pag==" and "pkVeO3RyPavpE4z4nsY04g==" are the same??02:21
jmarsdenThose two keys are different :)02:22
jmarsdenEdit one or the other file to make them the same, and restart bind02:24
BrixSatwich one has the pk....02:24
jmarsden/etc/bind/rndc.key has the one starting with pk02:25
jmarsdenThe one you pasted at http://pastebin.com/f301dd30502:25
BrixSati have seen and i feel so stupid02:26
jmarsdenwell, at least it should be an easy fix :)02:26
BrixSatsame :S02:27
jmarsdenYou restarted bind after making the change?02:27
jmarsdenI'm not sure what is happening, then, maybe remove the whole key and control stuff from the end of /etc/bind/named.conf, so it looks like http://pastebin.com/m69a98d1202:30
jmarsdenOr... well, does rndc status work now?02:30
jmarsdenThe error you pasted was from the old bind stopping, not from the new one...02:31
jmarsdenAlso check /etc/bind/named.local and /etc/bind/named.options in case they somehow have key stuff in them ??02:31
jmarsdenMake that /etc/bind/named.conf.options and /etc/bind/named.conf.local02:33
jmarsdenIncidentally, why are you needing to use an "ISP" control panel when you only seem to have a single domain?02:38
BrixSati will have other domains soon02:40
jmarsdenOK... in general adding a "control panel" from outside Ubuntu is adding extra complexity and a source of issues that you don't need... if you *really* need a web based admin UI, you could try ebox, which at least is an official Ubuntu universe package.02:42
jmarsdenBut for less than a couple of hundred domains, some simple scripts and doing things at the command line is probably better still -- that way you know what is happening and can troubleshoot when anything breaks.  "Control panel" apps hide that from you...02:43
BrixSatebox :/02:45
jmarsdenIf you don't like it, fine, use the command line :)02:46
BrixSatispcp is good for selling02:46
BrixSatwebhost space02:47
BrixSati got it to work02:47
jmarsdenOK.  i hope ispcp doesn't break it for you again...!02:47
BrixSatno it was working :p02:47
BrixSatafter i mixed with A record~02:47
BrixSatit stopped02:47
BrixSatand then i rebooted and never more could put it to work02:48
jmarsdenOK... well, as long as you have it fixed now, I suppose all is well...02:48
BrixSathostname: Unknown host when i try to reconfigure the iscp :S02:51
jmarsdenAs I said earlier:  <jmarsden> OK... in general adding a "control panel" from outside Ubuntu is adding extra complexity and a source of issues that you don't need...02:52
* Debolaz needs a control panel for managing web hosting customers03:27
DebolazWould ebox work for something like that?03:31
monostoneI have correctly installed and configured dnscache + tinydns. I have tested dnscache via a tail -f logfile, and it is correctly cacheing content. Now, I am setting up a development/test environment, so I am using internal IP's, but i can NOT manage, to get tinydns to resolve the domains on my local network (commands dnsq a host IP and dig @IP host return correct responses, but dnsqr host, dig host and dig @IP -x IP all fail). My04:17
monostoneresolv.conf has defined as nameserver, i even added a search domain.internal, but nothing. I am forced to add the entry to the hosts file, but i want to avoid this, any ideas?04:17
monostonehow do permissions cascade with the directory entry in apache? I set <Directory /> and <Directory /var/www> as denied for all, then i configured <Directory /var/www/site1> as allowed by all, but i get permission denied. don't permissions cascade? with the last directory rule taking precedence?05:57
qman__IIRC, set up that way, it should allow access to site106:01
qman__did you also check filesystem permissions?06:01
qman__that can result in a 403 too06:01
monostoneqman__, aha, right, i completely overlooked that06:08
chinduAm wondering if you can you update from 9.04 server to an lts build - say 10.04 when it's released?08:41
twbchindu: there are two upgrade paths08:41
twbchindu: LTS to LTS, or <release n> to <release n+1>08:42
twbSo you would need to upgrade to 9.10, and then from 9.10 to 10.0408:42
chinduThanks twb. Are there any compelling reasons to stick with 8.04 over 9.04? I'm going to be deploying in an Esx 3.5 environment.08:43
chinduor vice versa08:43
twbYes: 8.04 is LTS, so it gets 5 years of support on the server.08:44
twbThat means you can avoid upgrading for five years.08:44
twb(Upgrading is a great way to get new bugs.)08:44
chinduLol. So in an esx environment will I see any real benefit from the newer releases then or just cause myself more grief? May as well stick with LTS if no performance reasons to go to newer releases...08:46
twbMy rule for upgrading is: don't do it unless you can say what the benefits are gonna be08:46
twbe.g. "my webdevs insist they need a newer version of PHP5"08:47
chinduAm planning to run Postgres on one and the other will run Apache.08:47
chinduI've not delved too much into the versions available but am I right in thinking that you don't get the newer product versions if you aren't on the latest but they keep up-to-date with all security fixes?08:49
twbIn principle, packages in the main category receive security updates in (say) hardy-security, backported to that version, until the package is EOLd.08:52
twb*until the release is EOLd, rather08:52
twbhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Enijaba/ubuntu-maintenance-check/trunk/ contains a little script to tell you when a package will stop receiving security updates08:53
chindu@twb cool - thanks very much09:00
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ttxsoren: do you plan to roll a new eucalyptus package today ? I could use the latest fixorz in my testing10:18
sorenttx: I can.10:20
ttxsoren: I guess I'll be blocked by the various "403 Forbidden" bugs if I progress in testing ?10:21
sorenttx: Probably.10:21
sorenLet me roll a new package..10:22
sorenttx: Blimey.10:23
soren 158 files changed, 7029 insertions(+), 4175 deletions(-)10:23
sorenuh, indeed :)10:24
ttxits the merge with their dev branch ?10:24
ttxI don't think we changed that much in ours :)10:24
sorenThat's the diff from bzr746 to bzr808.10:27
sorenSo from the most recent snapshot to a current one.10:27
sorenttx: It doesn't compile.10:50
sorenttx: It /seems/ to have grown a new dependency.10:50
sorenttx: http://people.canonical.com/~soren/eucalyptus.txt10:51
sorenttx: Ah, yes.10:52
sorenttx: libc3p0-java is already a runtime dependency, but now it's probably become a build-time dep as well.10:52
sorenhow things can move in that direction is beyond me, though.10:53
ttxyour analysis seems exact.10:53
sorenI can see how it can need stuff at build-time, but then not at runtime, but not the other way around.10:55
sorenAnyhow, I'm rebuilding now. If it works, I'll upload.10:56
DebolazHmm, where can I read about what's new in 1.6?10:58
kaushalis the native package tomcat5.5 in Ubuntu 8.04 server have issue ?11:03
kaushalsomehow it takes lot of time to stop/start it11:04
kaushali install apt-get install sun-java5-jdk and tomcat5.5 on it11:04
kaushalam i doing it correctly ?11:05
kaushalis there a already raised bug11:05
_rubenhave you checked the bugtracker?11:05
kaushal_ruben: is it launchpad ?>11:05
sorenWhat's the problem, exactly? It takes a while to start it?11:06
* soren is hardly surprised, it being java and all11:06
* _ruben neither11:07
kaushalsoren: do i need to install sun-java6-jdk or sun-java5-jdk ?11:07
kaushalfor 5.5.25-5ubuntu1.1 ?11:07
sorenkaushal: Do you need either of them specifically?11:07
kaushali need sun-java5-jdk11:07
sorenThen you've just answered your own question, as far as I can see.11:08
sorenIf you /need/ sun-java5-sdk, then yes, of course you should install it.11:08
kaushalsoren: i did install sun-java5-sdk but as i said when i try to stop tomcat service it doesnot stop11:09
sorenWhen did you say that?11:09
kaushal15:34 < kaushal> somehow it takes lot of time to stop/start it11:10
soren"Takes a lot of time to stop/start" is hardly the same as "doesnot stop"11:11
sorenWhich is it? Does it stop or doesn't it?11:11
kaushalit doesnot stop11:11
sorenOk. In that case, I'd file a bug.11:11
kaushalsoren: ok11:12
kaushalLet me try installing sun-java6-jdk and see if it works11:12
kaushalsoren: where do i need to report a new bug ?11:14
sorenkaushal: On Launchpad.11:14
sorenkaushal: Remember to include exactly which version of the packages you're using and which version of Ubuntu you're running on.11:15
ttxmight be bug 29986611:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 299866 in tomcat6 "Tomcat fails to shutdown (can't connect to port 8009)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29986611:16
sorenCould be.11:17
sorenttx: New eucalyptus uploaded.11:18
* soren wanders off for lunch11:18
kaushalttx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomcat5.5/+bug/433906 is it ok ?11:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 433906 in tomcat5.5 "init.d scripts doesnot stop tomcat (5.5.25-5ubuntu1.1) on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 " [Undecided,New]11:22
ttxkaushal: add information about which JVMs you have installed on the system, that will help to reproduce the issue11:24
ttxotherwise that's a good start.11:24
kaushalttx: please have a look at now https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomcat5.5/+bug/433906 ?11:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 433906 in tomcat5.5 "init.d scripts doesnot stop tomcat (5.5.25-5ubuntu1.1) on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 " [Undecided,New]11:25
ttxkaushal: ok11:26
kaushalttx: is that Bug correct ?11:28
kaushaljust curious to know11:29
ttxkaushal: yes, it's filed correctly. Will have a look when I get a chance11:29
kaushalttx: Thanks11:29
sorenttx: Get 'em while they're fresh: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/1.6~bzr808-0ubuntu1/+build/125373811:51
kaushalttx: when i start tomcat i see it as here http://paste.ubuntu.com/275171/11:54
Debolazsoren: Do you know where I can read about what's coming in 1.6?11:54
kaushalits not started as tomcat55 user11:54
kaushalany ideas ?11:54
kaushalI see it as root user11:54
kaushalmay be thats the issue ?11:55
sorenDebolaz: I don't know where there's a list, no.11:55
kaushalttx: you around ?12:01
kaushalsoren: hi again12:33
kaushalshall i briefly discuss the issue ?12:33
sorenUm... No :)12:33
kaushalwhen i start tomcat it starts as root user12:34
kaushalso is there a way to fix it ?12:34
ttxkaushal: it starts as root and spawns a process that runs as tomcat55.12:35
ttxsoren: bug 431847 is a euca2ools issue. Works with ec2-api-tools12:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 431847 in eucalyptus "Registering images gives 403 Forbidden" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43184712:36
ttxI'll mark it as such.12:37
kaushalwhat about tomcat 5.5 which does not stop ?12:37
kaushalttx: any way you will be looking at it12:37
ttxkaushal: I didn't look into the issue yet. I'm kinda busy on other things.12:37
sorenzul: o/12:37
ttxzul: yo12:37
sorenttx: I'll push a new euca2ools to my ppa in 15 minutes. Can you retest with that, please?12:39
zulhey soren and ttx12:39
ttxsoren: sure.12:39
zulahhh euca is filling up my inbox12:42
sorenzul: with love?12:45
zulumm...yeah...you can say that12:46
sorenttx: http://people.ubuntu.com/~soren/euca2ools_1.0+bzr20090921-0ubuntu1_all.deb12:57
ttxsoren: ack12:58
ttxsoren: same issue.13:00
ttxeuca-describe-images has the same problem, fwiw13:00
sorenttx: Yes, I'm not seeing much improvement either. Did you use the fresh eucalyptus packages?13:01
ttxsoren: I'm still on 1.6~bzr746-0ubuntu413:01
ttxbut I can try that.13:01
sorenI am too. I'm upgrading in a few minutes.13:02
ttxsoren: no change.13:09
ttxdpkg -L euca2ools13:09
ttxsoren: I made it work by fiddling with TZ as well, let me narrow that down13:16
ttxyes, choosing UTC as the TZ and rsetarting eucalyptus-cloud works around it13:17
oversizeIs it possible to alter the location of the images in libvirtxml.tmpl like this: <source file='/var/libvirt/domains/$hostname/$disk.filename' /> !? and then pass that template to vmbuilder? I am asking cause its not working, and i dont know if i just dont understand, or if it just wont work at all :) thx13:19
sorenoversize: How is it not working?13:20
ttxsoren: anything <= UTC works. UTC+1 fails13:20
sorenoversize: You can change anything in the templates. That's the whole idea.13:20
sorenttx: Fantastic.13:21
ttxsoren: hm. wait, it seems a little less predictable now.13:22
sorenEven fantasticer.13:22
ttxGMT-2 fails :)13:22
oversizethe images get created in the current dir where i issued the command.  i have set templates in /etc/vmbuilder.cfg to a path where my modified libvirtxml.tmpl resides. And this has the pasted <source xx >13:23
sorenttx: Oh. euca-run-instances... errr... did not fail the way it used to.13:23
soren$ euca-run-instances emi-6794132513:23
sorenhah, seems to be configuration problem.13:24
sorencom.eucalyptus.util.EucalyptusCloudException: image too large [size=10240MB] for instance type m1.small [disk=2048MB]13:24
ttxforget what I just said about GMT-2. It's something else13:25
ttxso it seems predictable (and an understandable bug)13:26
oversizeoh ... think i got it. did not modified the path in libvirtxml_fsimage.tmpl ... but why the both files? is there some doc on this template thing? i have only found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder13:27
sorenoversize: There's different templates depending on the type of image you're building.13:27
sorenoversize: If you're building Xen images, you should fiddle with libvirtxml_fsimage.tmpl13:28
oversizeok, i am building kvm images:  vmbuilder kvm ubuntu ....13:28
sorenthen libvirtxml_fsimage.tmpl shouldn't be relevant.13:32
sorenttx: Odd.13:33
sorenttx: com.eucalyptus.util.EucalyptusCloudException: Not enough resources: vm instances.13:33
ttxsoren: but the client comm seems alright now13:35
sorenSomething's screwy here, that's for sure.13:35
* soren reboots the thing13:36
oversizedo i have to have the libvirt/libvirtxml.tmpl structure under the path specified with templates= ?13:39
sorenoversize: You give vmbuilder an entirely new set of templates to play with.13:43
* soren takes a good, long break13:43
oversizeok explains alot :D13:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #434019 in postfix (main) "Sync postfix 2.6.5-3 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43401915:21
aubreI upraded my karmic this morning and now when I do aeuca-describe-availability-zones verbose all I see is AVAILABILITYZONE,  the name of the cluster, and . When I try to run an instance I get this :RESERVATIONNoneNone. Using the web interface I can see the page where I can modify the characteristics of the types of instances.15:33
aubreand I have rebooted both my front end and my node controller15:34
zulhmmm...45,000 iteriations i think that bug is fixed15:42
XiXaQI am trying desperately to get my cpufreq scaling_governor to permanently use "performanc", but I'm unable to. I've added "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor=performance" (and cpu1) in both /etc/sysctl.conf and /etc/sysfs.conf. I've also added "echo 'performance' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor" to /etc/rc.local.15:45
XiXaQwhen I reboot, it's set to "performance", but then after a while, it's back on "ondemand". Can someone please help me figure this out? It's crashing all my services, so it's very, very important to me.15:46
XiXaQcan I add an inotify to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor and overwrite any changes?15:47
XiXaQthat would be a very bad solution as well, but it's better than having to pull the virtual powercord on all my kvm guests once a day.15:48
ttxsoren: is the cloud installer supposed to autoregister the cluster and walrus with the cloud controller ?15:51
sorenttx: That's the idea, yes.15:52
ttxsoren: because I don't think it did, in my recent install.15:52
sorenttx: Shame. I /may/ have messed something up in the merge. There was a /lot/ of conflicts in that init script.15:53
ttxsoren: i'll retry that.15:53
kinnazshould come and help you guys with this eucalypt testing15:54
kinnazseems nice thing to mess with15:54
sorenttx: I'm calling it an afternoon. I'll be around this evening if anything pops up.16:00
ttxsoren: ok16:00
vxnickhi all - is 64bit MySQL stable enough on Ubuntu 9.04?16:01
XiXaQ9.04 is so unstable here, it's completely useless. I have an uptime record of 26 hours for my kvm guests here.16:04
_rubenXiXaQ: tried disabling cpu scaling in the bios?16:05
XiXaQof course.16:06
XiXaQseems to be a script in ubuntu to bypass the proper configuration files from time to time, but nobody seems to know anything about it.16:06
_rubenthen again, i've only experienced the opposite (in a way): ondemand not throttling down my cpu16:08
XiXaQright. I've heard people complaining about that as well, on desktops.16:08
_rubenwas a desktop machine used as server, yes :)16:08
XiXaQbut that doesn't cause all of their systems to stop functioning.16:08
giovaniXiXaQ: heh, there can't be a mysterious script16:09
giovanieither there's a daemon running16:09
giovanior there's something in cron16:09
giovanilook at both16:09
XiXaQI have. I can't find anything.16:09
_rubenany related tools/daemons installed at all? powersaved/powernowd/cpufrequtils/etc16:10
smosersoren, are you planning on releasing a new vm-builder for karmic?16:10
XiXaQ_ruben, I haven't installed any.16:11
smoseri'm asking, because bug 427288 is marked as 'fix commited' for vm-builder/karmic, but its not commited anywhere there.16:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 427288 in vm-builder "Karmic i386 EC2 kernel emulating unsupported memory accesses" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42728816:11
smoser(only in vm-builder trunk)16:11
XiXaQ_ruben, well, I installed cpufreq-set.16:11
XiXaQ_ruben, that's cpufrequtils...16:11
XiXaQ_ruben, but I installed that because of the problems, so that's not the cause.16:12
XiXaQgiovani, "both"?16:14
kaushalttx: hi16:14
XiXaQkondemand, of course, it must be that one.16:18
giovaniXiXaQ: both running deamons, and cron jobs16:18
slicslak_i was running sudo aptitude safe-upgrade over ssh and foolishly forgot to use screen first.  the connection is lost, I was at the step where it was asking confirmation to overwrite config files.  Can I resume?  i am no longer using services for production, so i don't care particularily about /etc/ config files.  could i just reboot?  is it far enough along in the upgrade process?16:29
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sorensmoser: Yes, I expect to upload a new vm-builder today, actually.16:35
smoserok. good.16:36
smoserwe'll definitely need another rev, ideally before beta16:36
oversizesoren: the $disk thing in libvirtxml.tmpl is actually a Disk() from disk.py?16:40
smosersoren, i meant another after today.16:46
smoseras I'd like to see bugs 423497, 431103, 429169, 429106 fixed.16:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 423497 in vm-builder "Sudoers file is misconfigured in AMI ami-5059be39" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42349716:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 431103 in ec2-init "ssh host key fingerprint no longer available in the console log" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43110316:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 429169 in vm-builder "ec2: Include kernel modules in AMIs" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42916916:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 429106 in vm-builder "kernel and initramfs should be available for uec" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42910616:47
* zul goes for lunch16:47
kaushalttx: checking in again you around ?16:49
ttxkaushal: yes16:49
kaushalttx: did you had a chance to look at that issue ?16:49
ttxkaushal: no, and there is little chance that I will, at least until Karmic BetaFreeze16:50
kaushalBug 43390616:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 433906 in tomcat5.5 "init.d scripts doesnot stop tomcat (5.5.25-5ubuntu1.1) on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43390616:50
ttxthat said, now that the bug is filed anyone else will be able to have a look16:50
XiXaQI think I figured it out: /etc/init.d/ondemand sets the scaling_governor to "ondemand", no matter what you've configured. It's hardcoded... What a strange thing to do.16:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #418831 in gwt (main) "MIR gwt" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41883116:53
XiXaQit's even documented: # Short-Description: Set the CPU Frequency Scaling governor to "ondemand"16:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #417212 in tomcat6 (main) "package tomcat6 6.0.18-0ubuntu6.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41721216:58
till_hey -- i was wondering who i could talk to about: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/42063917:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 420639 in php5 "php-pear package problems (Karmic)" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:00
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zultill_, yes?17:40
domashow does one run a server without having linux-image-debug packages? :)17:41
till_zul: i was wondering what needs to be done so it would be fixed in karmic :)17:41
zultill_: me finding some time this week and actually doing it17:42
smosersoren, what do you think about bug 43125517:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 431255 in ec2-init "ec2-init: Move ec2-run-user-data to startup priority S99" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43125517:43
till_zul: can i bribe you? ;)17:43
till_or well, whatever i could do to help17:43
zultill_: no bribes are needed17:44
till_zul: that's awesome17:45
jpdsjdstrand: Re: #433316 - apport is running.18:08
jdstrandjpds: not sure why that isn't working then, but can you provide the other info in the bug?18:10
jdstrands/info/info requested/18:11
jpdsjdstrand: Just have. :)18:12
jdstrandjpds: fyi, this should be in #ubuntu-devel (it isn't server related)18:13
Hypnozhas anyone been able to pxe boot jaunty livecd or any other livecd?18:22
blistovbens@karmic-cc:~$ ec2-run-instances emi-39CA160B -n218:24
blistovFinishedVerify: Not enough resources: vm instances.18:24
blistovwhat's this mean?18:24
SyLit means what it says, you don't have enough resources.18:25
blistovvm instances though?18:25
SyLif you do have enough resources, then I'm guessing the configuration is not working18:25
blistovDoes eucalyptus not have any way of reporting WHICH resources I've not enough of?18:26
blistovbens@karmic-cc:~$ euca-describe-availability-zones18:26
blistovAVAILABILITYZONE        iamacluster
SyLif you run that, it tells you what resources you have availible18:26
blistovIs this telling me I have ... no resources?18:27
blistovWhat have I missed?18:28
SyLyou would normally see 0/2 CPUs etc.18:28
bafflesoren: Did you ever get any further with Cobbler/Ubuntu? I see you set up the page in 2008. :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CobblerSpec18:28
agussmanQuick question: When doing apt-get install, how do I specify a particular entry from my sources.list file for retrieving the package?18:29
agussmanI'm running into a problem where "the same" package is available in different repositories and it's downloading the wrong one18:29
agussmanI guess I could just reorder sources.list, but that seems like cheating18:30
blistovSyL: I've added a node to my cluster.  Is there something else that needs to be done to make it usable by the cluster?18:30
subagussman: You could look into "apt pinning" (google that) or apt-get install package-name=version.number18:30
subOh for that I'd say try apt pinning18:30
subOtherwise you can grab the package manually from the repo you want and install it using dpkg18:31
agussmansub: Thanks for the info, I'll google them18:31
HypnozWhen i /etc/init.d/networking restart, one of my interfaces doesn't come up, But if i do #ifup eth1 it does. Anyone know if there's a log file I can look into to get some more info?18:34
subHypnoz: Check /etc/network/interfaces for a line similar to "auto <iface>" where <iface> is the name of the interface that isn't coming up on its own18:36
acalvohow can I reinstall apache2 and its config files (to have the default behavior) -- or uninstall completely apache218:38
Hypnozeth1 is the one that isn't coming up right18:38
Hypnozapt-get remove --purge apache218:38
Hypnozremove only leave the config files, --purge cleans config files18:39
acalvomay I remove the directories too?18:39
blistoveuca_conf --delete-nodes "node1"      does not work.  syntax is apparently incorrect.18:39
blistovanyone know the correct syntax?  (--help says euca_conf --delete-nodes "host")18:40
Hypnozacalvo:  apparently apt-get purge <packagename> is the same. And I think doing that should remove the directories automatically18:41
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acalvowell, it does not18:41
acalvoI've done it and I've already have it18:41
acalvoI guess is for all the libapache* packages that are installed18:41
smosercan someone please verify... i'm needing to fill out MIR for ec2-init (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionEc2-Init) . do i need to fill out MIR for its dependencies ?  do those MIR also need bugs ?19:31
smoserfyi, its non-main dependencies are python-boto, python-cheetah, python-configobj19:31
m0ej0eAnyone here know how to activate USB support on 8.04 LTS?19:34
hexait is active by default?19:37
KillMeNowcheck your BIOS and make sure that USB support is turned on19:37
hexaah wait nvm19:38
KillMeNowotherwise, what are you trying to do with USB?  just extra storage ?19:38
KillMeNowis it a virtualbox?19:39
m0ej0eIt is Virtualboxed with "Virtualbox" and I need to activate it for extra storage.19:39
mathiazsmoser: yes - you need to write MIR for the universe dependencies19:40
Picim0ej0e: The ose version of Virtualbox in the repositories does not support USB.  You'd need to grab the non-free version from sun/vbox's website to get that.19:40
m0ej0eSorry I am very new so If I say something a bit iffy like "Virtualboxed" it is because I don't know a proper term. Sorry for that.19:40
Picim0ej0e: And 'non-free' just means that its not open source, its still free to download.19:41
KillMeNowtry this out:  http://www.lostechies.com/blogs/jason_meridth/archive/2008/04/27/using-the-gutsy-gibbon-ubuntu-7-10-non-ose-version-of-virtualbox-with-your-hardy-heron-ubuntu-8-04-install.aspx19:41
till_zul: hey, re: your email, what do you "mean"? :)19:45
smoserthanks mathiaz19:45
zultill_: can you split the bug report into two please?19:46
zulmathiaz: puppet has been seeded19:46
till_zul: ah, i can try :P19:46
zulsmoser: yes you do19:46
mathiazzul: great - have all the universe dependencies been promoted as well?19:47
smosersuch fun. 6 MIR19:47
zulmathiaz: I believe so19:47
till_zul: is there a function, or should i just open another one and link to it?19:47
* till_ is a first timer on launchpad19:47
zultill_: yes19:47
smoserzul, mathiaz i'd appreciate your comments in the ec2-init MIR linked to above19:48
zultill_: you would be opening two bugs one for the dangling symlink and one for the php...actually Ill do it myself19:48
till_sorry, i didn't exactly know what you needed.19:49
zultill_: no problem19:49
zulsmoser: you dont need the build dependency stuff in the rationale19:49
smoserits in the template.19:49
smoseri see.19:50
zulits a formatting error i think19:50
smoseri'm not asking for promotion because its a build dependency19:50
smoserthats what it is for19:50
zulsmoser: I think the first part is good enough19:51
vxnickis there a quicker way to erase data from LVM during the install process?19:57
giovanivxnick: what do you mean, exactly? erase data from LVM?19:57
vxnickgiovani: I'm deleting some old partitions which are LVM in order to install on to this HDD19:58
vxnickgiovani: this is in the installer19:58
vxnickit's only a 250GB drive, but taking absolutely ages to delete - says it's going to write random data to, which I don't really need in this case20:00
m0ej0ePici Would it be ok if I PM you for some more information?20:01
Picim0ej0e: You can, but I'm not sure I'll be able to help.20:02
giovanivxnick: well that's separate from deletion20:04
giovanivxnick: there may have been an option in the installer to not do a full wipe (there should be)20:04
vxnickgiovani: I'll have a look, thanks for your help20:04
vxnickstandard installer or advanced?20:05
giovaniboth should have an option to not do a full wipe20:07
vxnickgotcha, thanks20:07
giovanithere's virtually no reason to do a wipe on a personal machine just because you're reinstalling -- in a business environment, or before you discard a drive, wiping is a very good idea20:08
Bellotohi ... I have a 8.04 ubuntu server and I mounted a windows shared folder using smbmount // /mnt/winfolder -o username=Belloto20:25
sorensmoser: I don't think it's generally a very good idea to adopt other people's hysterical raisins. Just because Eric put it some arbitrary place doesn't mean that we have to.20:26
sorensmoser: S71 might be a great place. I just want to choose it because it's a great place, not because "that's what Eric did".20:26
Bellotothen I enter sudo password and user password, and I got it running properly ... but later I use to get "CIFS VFS: No response for cmd ..." errors when some programs try to access files at /mnt/winfolder20:26
sorensmoser: An argument could be made for S99, since that's where rc.local runs, which has a bit of the same feel to it as the user-data script.20:27
Bellotoso, I can browse files but for some reason samba is not running properly20:27
smoseri think it reasonable to have it run very late.  although, as I've stated, i think it should run very early20:27
sorensmoser: Heheh :)20:27
Bellotoany clues?20:27
smoserpersonally, i think the user should have the option to run things in the initrd20:27
m0ej0eServer 8.04 LTS need help getting USB devices running. OS sees a printer, but not a USB flash drive.20:28
sorensmoser: Fascinating proposition.20:28
smoserbut for now, that is not acheivalbe in karmic20:28
sorensmoser: Right.20:28
smosersoren, fwiw, i have a "debug initrd" (currently only i can launch it) that allows hooks from the root filesystem.  its good for debugging.20:28
sorensmoser: I can imagine :)20:28
smoserdo you think there is much potential for regression by moving the init script to run later ?20:29
sorenm0ej0e: file not found20:29
sorensmoser: Yes.20:29
sorensmoser: Do I care? I'm not sur.e20:29
smoserwell, your comments would be appreciated in that bug20:29
sorensmoser: Well, "much" is a strong word.20:29
sorensmoser: sure, sure, I'm just rambling a bit here first :)20:29
m0ej0esoren: What do you mean?20:29
sorenm0ej0e: It was an attempt at a joke. (as a response to your "ls")20:30
sorensmoser: do you happen to have an instance running right now?20:30
m0ej0esoren: Oh lol. I require more coffee it seems.20:30
smosersoren, MIR requests "Who is the package bug contact in Ubuntu?"20:31
smoserwhat would the answer be to that for a.) ec2-init b.) euca2ools.  c.) where do i find that generally?20:31
smosersoren, i do not. i've tried to be mroe careful as I have a bout 5 day worth of un-used amazon ec2 instances this month :)20:32
sorensmoser: You're generally expected to know things like that when you're writing the MIR. ec2-init would be me (and you, probably). euca2ools would probably also be you and I, and hopefully upstream.20:34
sorensmoser: Yeah, I accidentally left 9 running when I left St. Louis. Didn't turn them off until 3-4 days later. Doh.20:34
sorensmoser: Launchpad will show you the bug contacts, though.20:34
sorensmoser: Gimme a sec.20:34
smosersoren, i was wondering if that was more a question of "what developers get bugs eamiled to them for this package"20:35
smoseryeah, thats what i meant.20:35
sorensmoser: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ec2-init20:35
sorensmoser: Fourth box from the top in the right column.20:35
smoserand soren, if you want to do the MIR since you're more knowledgeable, feel free to take over ;-)20:36
* soren whistles innocently and looks the other way20:36
sorensmoser: For our images, S71 and S99 makes virtually no difference. http://pastebin.com/m6085f7f720:41
danageanyone here working on home folder encryption? i have a serious bug to report but dunno how to fetch the necessary information and which pakage to attach it to (sorry for cross posting)20:42
smosersoren, do you know when apache runs ?20:42
smosernever mind.20:42
sorendanage: It's much easier to just ask your question that to ask for someone who knows the answer to a question that has not yet been asked.20:42
smoseri'm thinking that it makes sense to run user data before likely-configured-by-user-data services ran20:43
smoser(and that, i thought, apache)20:43
smoserbut who knows.20:43
sorensmoser: I was thinking the same thing.20:43
sorensmoser: The slight twist is that -- with our images -- the user-data script will by definition run before these services, because it's going to be the user-data script that installs them.20:44
smoserthats why i think the first hook is initrd. then, you run before everything....20:44
smosersoren, well, yes. that is true.20:44
sorendanage: In other words: Just ask your question. If someone knows the answer, they'll respond.20:45
smoserthats actually very interesting though20:45
danageok so here is the thing: i installed karmic alpha with home folder encryption. after an update (about a week or so), the system hangs at boot - it cannot load some encryption component. the system is unusuable and halts at a console.20:45
smoserit means that the earlier the user-data runs the higher likelyhood there is of doing an 'apt-get install server-that-shouldnt-run-till-later'20:45
danagei want to report that on launchpad, but a) what package and b) how do i extract the console output20:45
sorendanage: Ok. File a bug against something ecrypts-like. If that's not where it belongs, whoever looks at it will know better where to file it and will take it from there.20:46
sorendanage: Sorry, ecryptfs-like. I type quite porrly today.20:46
sorenErr... poorly.20:46
sorenCase in point.20:46
danageok thanks soren, n/p i got the idea :)20:46
sorendanage: As for the console output, take a photo.20:46
sorendanage: Digital camera, camera phone... Whatever.20:47
danagesoren: meh i feel stupid now, shoulda figured....20:47
sorendanage: Oh, don't.20:47
sorendanage: Virtually noone thinks of that. :)20:47
sorensmoser: Oh.. hm... very interesting point.20:48
sorensmoser: Ok, AFAICS, there's around 3 places we can put this: a) As soon as network (actually the meta-data service) is available, or b) S71-ish or c) S99-ish.20:52
sorensmoser: (Interrupt as soon as there's something you disagree with)20:52
sorensmoser: Benefits of c) (and to a lesser extent b)): You're reasonably sure that any dependency on other services will be fulfilled.20:53
smoseri would say there is the ability to do it before a.) though (requiring manual bringup of network device)20:54
smoserbut i agree otherwise.20:54
sorenI don't think it's practical at this point, really, but ok, sure, let's add that option as well for completeness.20:54
sorenAre there other benefits?20:55
soren(of S99-ish run time)20:55
sorenIt matches rc.local.20:55
soren...which is also place for local customisations of sorts.20:55
sorenDownside: Changing configuration of services(*) takes longer since it will often require restarts that would otherwise have been avoided.20:57
soren(*): This only really applies to SSH for our images, though, since that's the only service running in the images.20:57
smoserand means a severe security hole in said service cannot be completely plugged by a user-data script20:57
sorenSame disclaimer applies.20:58
sorenBut yes, also a good point.20:58
sorenHm... Similarly, if you want to mount an EBS volume for storing your database or whatnot, it will require stopping services, perhaps moving files around, and mounting the volume, and starting the service again.20:59
sorenIt's very similar to the configuration issue, but slightly different.20:59
smoseri really think that at this point in cleverness of user data scripts, the best solution is probably rc.local time.21:00
sorenAt least different in the way that ec2-init has (rudimentary) support for reading EBS volume descriptions from the user-data field and makeing use of that much earlier in the process. If that were to become widespread, this difference becomes significant.21:01
smoserbut, as you pointed out, the difference between that and S71 is small to none21:01
sorensmoser: In our images, yes.21:01
sorensmoser: If people have pre-bundled images with a bunch of services (a lot of which run at S90-ish or later), I'd say we want to go before that.21:01
aubreIn 1.6, after I upgraded the version of eucalyptus on both my front-end and my node controller, when I do $euca-describe-availability-zones verbose  I get AVAILABILITYZONEclustername127.0.0.1 when I expect to also see the types of instances I can run. When I try to do a21:04
aubreeuca-run-instances emi-xxxxxxxx -k key I getRESERVATIONNoneNone21:04
danageok behold, here is my bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ecryptfs/+bug/43423821:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 434238 in ecryptfs "[karmic] home folder encryption broken after recent update" [Undecided,New]21:04
aubreI then try euca-describe-instances and nothing is returned.21:05
smosersoren, i dont know. i think its really arguing about things we dont' know a lot about.21:05
sorenaubre: I don't think this channel has developed sufficient proficiency with Eucalyptus to generally be the best place to ask these questions, I'm afraid. I recommend #eucalyptus. Some of also hang out there. :)21:05
aubresoren oh ok sorry.21:05
smoserso if we have ec2-init running early, and user data running later, we'll have to have another init script, correct?21:06
sorensmoser: all the more reason to research, analyse, and discuss rather than "just doing whatever someone else has done for a while, which seems to have been a completely horrible decision". :)21:06
sorenSeems to have NOT been a completely horrible decision :)21:06
sorensmoser: Either that or some kind of conditional based on $0. I don't think that's worth it, though.21:07
aubreI'm happy I can package images, before when I tried to do it in 1.52 it kept invalidating my kernel.21:07
sorenaubre: Oh, don't apologise. I understand why you ask here, and you really should be able to, but I just think -- at this point -- you'll be better helped in #eucalyptus.21:08
aubresoren: gotcha. I asked them, and I've done a bug report.21:09
smosersoren, i think i would prefer 2 init scripts.  ec2-init and ec2-user-data.  the first pulling the user data and writing it to a location that the second would consume.  since the first is already hitting the metadata service i'd like to alleviate the second from doing so. of course the second somehow has to get its "my-ami" for run-once-per-ami21:09
aubresoren: I just need to be a little more patient :)21:09
sorensmoser: We should totally cache that as well.21:10
smosersoren agreed. i'm just hesitant in any changes at this point.21:13
sorensmoser: Good man :)21:13
smoserbecause we keep regressing21:13
sorensmoser: Perfectly fine. We'll make a note of it and make it happen for Lucid.21:14
m0ej0eHow do you disable the floppy drive for the server?21:20
sorenm0ej0e: You... have... a floppy drive?21:20
giovanim0ej0e: define "disable"?21:21
zulman after my own heart21:21
jartis it possible to put "HZ=1000" as a boot option in my grub config?21:22
aubrem0ej0e: have you tried disabling the floppy drive controller in the bios? or you could always disconnect the cable21:22
aubrem0ej0e: if you disable the floppy controller in the bios it shouldn't be detected when you boot the system21:23
m0ej0eI am running the server in virtualbox. Within Virtualbox I have disabled the floppy drive, and no the computer does not even have one on it.21:24
giovanim0ej0e: if you disabled it in virtualbox ... then it's not there21:24
m0ej0eThen why do I still get an i/0 error?21:25
giovanim0ej0e: because you haven't rebooted?21:25
giovaniyou shouldn't disconnect hardware like that while the system is running21:25
giovaniit's not how-swappable21:25
m0ej0egiovani: I have rebooted.21:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #434036 in eucalyptus "euca-describe-availability-zones verbose doesn't report the types of instances available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43403621:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #434043 in eucalyptus "euca-run-instances emi-xxxxxxxx -k key doesn't start an instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43404321:26
drgonzhey guys, just wanted to try and ask you guys for some help21:49
addisonj_grrr... i just started a new job, last sys admin did everything with arch linux...21:50
drgonzI just finished compiling a kernel for a 8.04 LTS server in virtualbox, and I have a "end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0" and "oSMBus base address uninitialized – upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr" any advice?21:51
addisonj_call my crazy, but arch does not seem the ideal choice for stability and reliability in an enterprise server situation, that could just be my21:51
giovanidrgonz: hahaha21:53
giovaniyou are likely either m0ej0e, or a classmate of his21:53
giovanisince you just asked the same question21:53
giovaniand you both came from the same IP range21:54
drgonzhes my roomate21:54
drgonzhes standing right here too21:54
giovaniwhy not follow the advice you were given in the paste21:54
drgonzwhat paste?21:54
drgonzim not his rig21:54
giovani"end_request: I/O error, dev fd0,  sector 0" and "oISMBus base address uninitialized – upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr"21:54
drgonzyah, tried that, thats y im here21:55
giovaniis the floppy device enabled in virtualbox?21:55
giovaniyou tried what?21:55
drgonzno, the floppy isnt enabled, and im tried to enter force_addr=0xaddr, but it does nothing21:55
giovanienter where?21:55
drgonzso, u got any advice?21:59
drgonzor anyone else? could use some help for this project22:01
drgonzprof wants a no error boot22:01
addisonj_don't use virtual box :P22:03
drgonzi wish it was that easy22:04
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drgonzive tried google the errors, sifted through tonnes of pages, but no fixes, just the fact that its a problem22:06
SyLdrgonz: why do you need to use virtual box?22:12
drgonzfor the prof22:13
drgonzwe need it so we can work on it either at the lab or at home22:13
drgonzor if he ants the image to check it22:13
drgonzwe don't have a common drive to store/retrieve our image22:14
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sorensmoser: Hm... That vmbuilder upload will have to wait until tomorrow.22:45
sorenFirst thing.22:45
benc is there a tutorial on how to write init script for daemon?23:42
KillMeNowall kinds of tutorials23:55

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