aragood morning all!07:01
mrooneyara: good morning! I had a question for you, mind if I /msg?08:40
aramrooney, feel free :)08:40
davmor2morning all08:52
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davmor2asac: out of curiosity will we get plugins back on epiphany.  epiphany-webkit seems somewhat stinted without them :(11:47
davmor2asac: also Yay for the webkit :)11:50
asacdavmor2: i uploaded new -extensions package12:01
asacdoesnt that work?12:01
asacwith new webkit?12:01
davmor2asac: haven't tried I was just enquiring.  I was using the epiphany-webkit install for  a while on unr as it is just that fraction lighter12:02
davmor22 ticks12:02
davmor2asac: installing now12:03
asaci fixed greasemonkey and verified that adblock works ;)12:03
asacif something else doesnt work let me know12:04
asacoh ... extensions-more package doesnt work yet. yes12:04
davmor2asac: shouldn't it display an icon in internet?  It might after a reboot but it isn't there at the moment12:06
davmor2asac: \o/12:07
asacdavmor2: so it works?12:24
davmor2asac: yeap pulled in with epiphany-browser12:26
davmor2asac: although I haven't figure out why they dropped the seahorse plugin it was great for web mail :(12:27
davmor2asac: I'll have a play with it after when I got  a stable machine to run it on and I'll run through as many extensions as I can for you :)12:30
asaci guess contributions are welcome for adding old extensions for webkit too12:32
davmor2asac: no it got remove from the gecko one in karmic I think it's an upstream decision I'm just confused by it I might mail them and find out :)12:34
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davmor2morning fader_ how sunny, sunny, Boston?14:01
fader_davmor2: sup, dawg.  Boston is, surprisingly, sunny sunny today.14:02
fader_How's your island?14:02
fader_I don't remember where specifically you live.  I know you told me, but it wasn't London or Paris or Barcelona, which are the only cities in the UK I know of.14:03
davmor2ara: feel free to hit him for saying barca is in england ;)14:04
arafader_, heheheehe14:05
davmor2fader_: Wolverhampton the CITY OF DREAMS, well lets face facts everyone dreams of leaving the place ;)14:05
fader_davmor2: Heh, funny -- I'm pretty sure my hometown had the same motto!14:06
fader_(That just means you should move to Boston!)14:06
davmor2You only want me to do that so I go and test the HW and don't have to :D14:07
davmor2fader_: so Dallas for uds then14:08
fader_davmor2: Is that the final word on UDS?  I hadn't heard yet, but then I'm still plowing through email14:08
fader_(Both my real laptop and my netbook are now broken, so I had a pretty sad and computerless weekend)14:09
davmor2fader_: http://boredandblogging.com/2009/09/20/video-mark-shuttleworth-announces-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/ listen to mark says14:09
davmor2ara: nice plug for the tracker14:31
aradavmor2,  :)14:31
aradavmor2, Congratulations! http://hall-of-fame.ubuntu.com/16:32
aradavmor2, and, most imporant: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!16:32
* davmor2 goes all red and slopes off16:33
davmor2thank you :)16:33
plarsdavmor2: congrats, well deserved! :)18:11
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davmor2plars: thanks :)19:03
jtatumdavmor2: Congrats and thanks! :)20:25
* fader_ is now known as davmor62.20:47
* davmor2 thinks the cloning process has gone astray20:48
davmor3sudo killall fader_,  damn need to rethink that command it's throwing up an apparmour protection error ;)21:22
fader_I am invincible!21:22
davmor2sudo apt-get remove --purge apparmour :D hehehehehehehe21:23
davmor2davmor3: you may go now21:23
davmor2Right guys I'm calling it quits for today see you all tomorrow :)21:24
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