tormodtseliot, can you please sponsor bug 410058?09:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 410058 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Black screen with radeon KMS" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41005809:09
tseliottormod: I would if I could. I'm not a core-dev yet. Sorry09:10
tormodtseliot: I see. I thought you were stepping in for Bryce while he's away... tjaalton maybe?09:11
tseliottormod: yes, I'm filling in for Bryce but I have no upload privileges09:11
tormodmust be a bit frustrating :) you get all the complaints but can not fix it09:12
tseliotyes, it is but I'm working on it ;)09:12
tormodgood luck!09:13
* tseliot hopes to become core-dev soonish09:13
tseliotsuperm1: are you still awake?09:14
superm1tseliot, i most definitely shouldn't be, but i am09:14
tseliotsuperm1: can you sponsor tormod's fix, please?09:15
superm1tseliot, sorry, can't right now, i dont have my gpg key with this machine09:15
tseliotsuperm1: no problem, thanks anyway09:15
tseliotmvo, seb128: can either of you sponsor tormod's fix, please?09:17
tormodtseliot: maybe try pitti09:18
tseliot thanks mvo09:18
mvodoes this needs to go into git too?09:18
mvoI guess not :)09:19
mvobut I want ot make sure09:19
tormodI am not sure git is updated anyway09:19
tormodthanks! btw there is no git tree for it09:20
mvocool, even better09:21
tormodto what package should closed-source nvidia bugs be assigned?21:38
tjaaltontormod: depends on the driver used, but nvidia-graphics-drivers-*21:42
tormodok, I just gave it to the -180 driver. Is there no common package, just to get it out of the way?21:43
tormodtjaalton, btw, you haven't forgot that savage upload?21:43
tjaaltonnope. the "latest" driver should be renamed to just n-g-d for lucid21:43
tjaaltontormod: hehe, not forgotten, just didn't get to it yet21:43
tormodtjaalton, I thought you were not here, because your name is grayed out :)21:45
tjaaltonI just happened to be "around"21:46
tjaaltonI do check this irssi-instance once in a while21:47
tormodgood to know :) are you in Portland?21:47
tjaaltonnope, Fin-21:48
tjaaltontormod: savage uploaded21:53
tormodtjaalton, thanks21:53

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