Xodiac13ctmjr: im somewhat new to linux and need help on getting it to work00:00
Grooveis there a tool to move menu items from KDE3 to 4?00:00
perlsyntaxis there a perl 5.10.1 package out for ubuntu?00:00
tuxxyhey is there a way to add a menu to my right click in gnome just like xfce or openobx by any chance?00:00
perlsyntaxlike a deb package?00:00
LjLperlsyntax: changing perl versions ISN'T a good idea. a great deal of core stuff depends on perl in ubuntu00:00
Xodiac13ctmjr: when i use playonlinux i know it should work fine but when it runs the screen or refresh rate flickers and then stops, i need help step by step on getting it to work i beg of you please00:01
Groovewhat directory are the kde3 and 4 menu setting in?00:01
booleancatAlright, my previous problem of configuring the eth1 interface on boot has been solved, but i have another problem. I'm using tftp-hpa in order to set up some diskless nodes, but I can't access tftp from anything off localhost. Any ideas?00:02
ctmjrXodiac13: you have it working just running slow?00:02
jamiewan_Anyone running Americas Army on jaunty00:02
Xodiac13ctmjr: not anymore i started to follow the steps and its messed up now00:02
craigbass1976Is there an ubuntu out there that has an AV app right on it that I can use to scan a windows drive?00:02
craigbass1976or can I boot to a live ubuntu cd, install avg for linux, and scan that way?00:03
ctmjrXodiac13: did you install any drivers from ati's website?00:03
erUSULcraigbass1976: you can use the desktop cd install clamav and run it00:03
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Xodiac13ctmjr: no i havent tried that yet and when i followed the instructions on the site that i gave you i uninstalled them in the hardware devices00:03
craigbass1976erUSUL, clam av hasn't got a very good detection rate last I knew00:03
wamtyShortly after starting the install I get "Call Trace:" and then "Code: e6 01 00 90 etc"00:04
erUSULcraigbass1976: is the only one aviable on repos iirc00:04
IpSe_DiXiThi mates, ive got an old laptop (pentium with 780 mb ram and 40 gb hd, no cd reader) what du suggest me to install on it? (xubuntu? slackware? zenwalk? minibuntu? debian? dsl? dunno? :D) thanks for de advice00:04
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LjLIpSe_DiXiT: whatever you want. that "old laptop" is more powerful than my main desktop computer.00:04
erUSULIpSe_DiXiT:  780 mb ram is enough for ubuntu althought i guess that xubuntu may run better00:04
OerHeksIpSe-DiXiT: does it boot from USB ?00:04
ctmjrXodiac13: ok so now you have no gui and the open source driver is not working?00:05
Ravianyone here knows how tu put more then on distro on a usb flash disk (pendrive)?00:05
wamtyShortly after starting the install I get "Call Trace:" and then "Code: e6 01 00 90 etc"00:05
Xodiac13ctmjr: no i have a gui my catalyst control center isnt there and the source driver is install i have direct when it shows me yes but i was trying to get a better way of using my video card instead of the hardware device ones00:06
IpSe_DiXiTerUSUL: so ur anyway sticking to *ubuntu, no slack? no deb? no other distros?00:06
erUSULIpSe_DiXiT: this is #ubuntu what did you expect ?00:06
IpSe_DiXiTerUSUL: experience? :D00:07
LjLIpSe_DiXiT: this is Ubuntu support. feel free to ask for general distribution advice in #ubuntu-offtopic00:07
wamtyShortly after starting the install I get "Call Trace:" and then "Code: e6 01 00 90 etc"00:07
dekkongoops ... I messed up my sources.list is there anyway to fix it? :P00:08
Xodiac13ctmjr: from my experience on getting the drivers from the site they never work00:08
losherIpSe_DiXiT: you want a lot for your dime...00:08
IpSe_DiXiTerUSUL: i run ubuntu on my desktop since a while and its great, but i tried to install it on another laptop and..................00:08
Xodiac13ctmjr: on the ati site00:08
ctmjrXodiac13: if you uninstalled the fglrx driver from ati you also got rid of the catalyst control center which is only used for the fglrx driver not the open source one00:08
IpSe_DiXiTlosher: do i? doestn seem like that to me :D i just made one question though ehehhe00:08
erUSULdekkong: system>Adminstration>Software Sources00:08
trismIpSe_DiXiT: ubuntu runs fine on this old laptop, just need to pick a different window manager00:08
losherIpSe_DiXiT: so are you going to use unetbootin since you have no cd reader?00:09
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trismIpSe_DiXiT: I'm using icewm without problems00:09
RaviResckanyone here knows how tu put more then on distro on a usb flash disk (pendrive)?00:09
erUSULIpSe_DiXiT: you already run ubuntu; if you want to try another distro go ahead and ask in their respective channels00:09
ctmjrXodiac13: what is the output of this/ egrep "Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers" /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:10
woodyjlwis ubuntu 9.04 experimental ?00:10
epimethaloha! does anyone know how to connect to a WPA2-PSK network using the command line? google has been a dead end00:10
Xodiac13ctmjr: i want to get fglrx pretty much from the first earlier this morning i uninstalled the hardware device one which came with the catalyst and i had 3d my propblem was when i was using playonlinux to play my windows games and i did check the winehq database and it should work my video card when i run like steam and all it starts to flicker on my screen as its loading so i think it has to do with my video card but in the mean time i trie00:10
Xodiac13d the website i gave you and tried that and it went to crap im trying to get the most out of my video card because im a gamer00:10
IpSe_DiXiTtrism: so u suggest another wm, alright00:11
IpSe_DiXiTlosher: no, id prefer a usb-pendrive one00:11
jamiewan_Americas Army Anyone, i downloaded the latest file armyops250linux.run but it just wont install,00:11
comicinkerRaviResck: you will probably use a special boot loader menu. some newspaper use them. some of these bootloaders are commercial, I think.00:11
RaviResckcomicinker u think grub do the job?00:12
Xodiac13ctmjr: there is no output00:12
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comicinkerRaviResck: I ment: newspapers or magazins who offer multi-boot dvds00:12
Xodiac13ctmjr: after i tried using the website to help me i havent touched my video card at all00:12
IpSe_DiXiTerUSUL: alright alright, there's no need to get charged up :D00:12
comicinkerRaviResck: I have no idea. grub is quite configurable. but there are more bootloaders00:12
wamtyShortly after starting the install I get "Call Trace:" and then "Code: e6 01 00 90 etc"00:12
aroonican someone help me get onboard sound working on my nvidia mobo ?  error here:  http://pastie.org/62400500:13
erUSULIpSe_DiXiT: sorry if i sounded "charged" did not meant to. could be the "lost in translation" effect english is not my mother tongue00:13
Sega_DudeI need to fix the dpkg was interruped error00:13
erUSULIpSe_DiXiT: just trying to say that if you want to experiment you are free to do so. Linux is about choice00:13
woodyjlw9.04 broke a lot of stuff on my pc. switched back to 8.10 and all is fixed...my ati works now and my touchpad  and even my wireless broadcom has better connections.why did 9.04 break so many things?00:14
comicinkerSega_Dude: did you try dpkg -i ?00:14
IpSe_DiXiTerUSUL: dont worry about it man :D i was kiddin to, i imagined u didnt mean to be mean :D itz alright00:14
Sega_DudeNo. Ill try that.00:15
ctmjrXodiac13: can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file00:15
Xodiac13ctmjr: k00:15
Xodiac13ctmjr: http://pastebin.com/m4c46aa2f00:16
Xodiac13ctmjr: it was empty and on the website i had to add it00:16
usserwoodyjlw, in the graphics department the blame is squarely on ati, as for the rest ubuntu is moving away from proprietary drivers as fast as possible, my guess is your broadcom card was using an opensource driver in 9.04 which isnt quite there yet00:17
Jorik1craigbass1976: You may also try bitdefender for unices00:17
Moon_Doggyi dont need a language selector do i00:17
ubottuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)00:18
Sega_DudeAnyone kno how to get wireless to work on a ps3 running 8.10?00:18
losherIpSe_DiXiT: well xubuntu's designed for low end hardware... A comparison between ubuntu/bsd/dsl etc. is probably offtopic...00:19
woodyjlwusser ok so from 9.04 on up the task is to work on the open source drivers and away from proprietary drivers.   so I am probably better off staying with 8.10 for awhile till they improve the open source?00:19
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quickstarthello everyone00:20
ctmjrXodiac13: do you want the radeonhd driver or the fglrx driver or just want it to work?00:20
quickstartquick question if I may00:20
Xodiac13ctmjr: i want both00:21
Xodiac13ctmjr: im a gamer and i want to get the best out of my 3d00:21
Moon_Doggyi'm uninstalling things i don't need so do i need a language selector00:21
comicinker!ask | quickstart00:21
usserwoodyjlw, yes the support is constantly improving, the opensource intel wifi drivers are great on 2.6.30 kernel which i believe is the one karmic koala is using, im sure other drivers has gotten significant overhaul. Still dont hope for your graphics to work if you have even a semi-old ati card.00:21
ubottuquickstart: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:21
quickstartok thanks ubottu00:21
quickstartI just installed 9.04 using wubi00:21
quickstartits on a second harddrive00:22
armaguedonalguien habla00:22
Sega_Dudequickstart: Im good with wubi00:22
losher!es | armaguedon00:22
ubottuarmaguedon: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:22
quickstartis it possible that after the installation that the computer will become a multiboot?00:22
quickstartsweet Sega_Dude00:22
quickstartso maybe you can guide me from here00:22
woodyjlwusser im on an hp laptop with 200m so I doubt it will have the overhaul I will need....how long before they stop suport of 8.10?00:22
Sega_DudeIt sould quickstart00:22
ctmjrXodiac13: edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and add this under driver/  Option    "AccelMethod" "EXA"00:23
Xodiac13ctmjr: okay00:23
usserwoodyjlw, i believe its a year of support. that means in october00:23
usserwoodyjlw, 8.04 will be supported till 201100:23
Sega_Dudecomicinker: I tryed dpkg -1 and it says i need superuser privilge00:24
ctmjrXodiac13: then restart X00:24
Xodiac13ctmjr: can you help me reinstall the driver period so there is no problem please00:24
woodyjlwI may stick with 8.04 then till all the other drivers get fixed then00:24
Xodiac13ctmjr: instead of the hardware drivers00:24
quickstartwell my question is this00:25
quickstartif I install using wubi on another hdd00:25
losherwoodyjlw: that's my plan too. Maybe by 2011 sound on 9.04 will work,....00:25
quickstartand I reboot00:25
comicinkerSega_Dude: first: it was dpkg -i, not dpkg -1; second: it needs superuser? give it with sudo; third: I told you crap. maybe sudo dpkg --configure -a will do the job00:25
quickstartwhat will happen?00:25
quickstartwill grub take over my machine ?00:26
quickstartthe second hdd is a slave and the first is a windblows master00:26
Sega_Dudequickstart: No00:26
quickstartok will it not boot into ubuntu?00:26
ctmjrXodiac13: if you have a gui and your xorg.conf file show's radeonhd as the driver then you are using the open source driver not the hardware driver which is the fglrx driver00:27
woodyjlwusser well thanks for the info :)  that helps me to plan what I need to stick with for now and I will have to try to keep myself up to date with what drivers I need that are being improved before I upgrade00:27
comicinkerquickstart: installing ubuntu by using wubi won't install grub. it will modify your windows bootloader in first place.00:27
usserwoodyjlw, no problem00:27
quickstartit will install ubuntu onto the bootloader?00:27
=== Shirakawasuna2 is now known as Shirakawasuna
Sega_Dudequickstart: It will only boot it if u select it. It will00:27
Xodiac13ctmjr: i was also trying this though https://launchpad.net/~tormodvolden/+archive/ppa00:28
Xodiac13ctmjr: i got to the last step on putting the key in so i can download the updated drivers but it doesnt seem to work00:28
quickstartohhhhhhh I see so ubuntu is now on my Windblows bootloader00:28
Xodiac13ctmjr: am i doing something wrong00:28
comicinkerquickstart: uhm... yes...00:29
Xodiac13ctmjr: uhm nm i guess it did00:29
CheticAnybody know why I get (pretty much) nothing but these error messages when I try to start the Ubuntu 9.04 installation?:00:29
Chetic[38803.019202] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 13064500:29
Xodiac13im updating the xorg or something like that00:29
comicinkerChetic: your hd connection or hd is broken00:29
quickstartsweet ok another thing is their away to create a media stream using ubuntu as a media service?00:30
Cheticcomicinker: You sure? Couldn't be anything else?00:30
Xodiac13ctmjr: thats wierd because when i first did it it said it wasnt able to download it and now it is its updateing00:30
usserChetic, bad cd, bad cd-rom, hdd might be dying, some external cd dont adhere to standards completely00:30
Xodiac13ctmjr: crap now its doing a partial upgrade do you think thats going to fix my problem00:30
comicinkerit could be also a heat problem on your hd00:31
usser*external cd-roms00:31
Xodiac13ctmjr: nm it didnt work00:31
CheticSounds like the hdd then. The drive's pretty fresh and I've tried with 3 different discs00:31
ctmjrXodiac13: i have no idea what file from that ppa are you installing?00:31
CheticTime to upgrade I guess00:31
comicinkerChetic: if it is a optical drive, the medium might be scrached00:31
usserquickstart, there are a number of options, vlc is probably the easiest to setup, theres also icecast, but thats only for audio00:31
zambai need a tool to draw a network00:31
Xodiac13ctmjr: i dont ether00:31
Xodiac13ctmjr: thats the help i need00:31
zambavisualize my network design00:31
quickstartok so I can use icecast for audio00:32
CheticWhat device does sr0 refer to?00:32
usserquickstart, definetely00:32
erUSULChetic: the optical drive00:32
Xodiac13ctmjr: i get an error anyways want me to pastebin it00:32
Sega_DudeIt did sudo dpkg --configure -a and it said errors were encounter while processing:ghostscript00:32
quickstartis it possible to use icecast while windows is open using the power of virtualization?00:33
Xodiac13ctmjr: http://pastebin.com/m42f3785600:33
usserquickstart, can you rephrase your question? what do you mean by while windows is open?00:33
quickstartwhat I mean is that windows is running00:33
Sp3c1alKin crontab, what is the first number?00:34
usserquickstart, as a main OS?00:34
Sega_Dudequickstart: Wubi isnt virtlization00:34
quickstartno as the os that is running00:34
quickstartok what I mean is Windows is selected as the running operating system00:34
quickstartin the boot menu00:34
ctmjrXodiac13: just forget about that ppa for now and add that line to xorg.conf file then restart X00:35
usserquickstart, ok00:35
Xodiac13ctmjr: okay brb00:35
Sp3c1alKanyone know what the first number is in crontab?00:35
epimethaloha! does anyone know how to connect to a WPA2-PSK network using the command line? google has been a dead end00:35
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm00:35
quickstartAhhhh ok well I meant using a different sofware then Sega_Dude00:35
comicinkerSega_Dude: what did you try to achive before the install process was interrupted?00:35
Sega_DudeUpdates comicinker00:36
usserquickstart, there are tools for windows to stream music as well, like shoutcast00:36
Xodiac13ctmjr: im back00:36
quickstarttrue but I will be running ubuntu and windows00:36
quickstarton various machines00:37
quickstartThis is what I want to plan00:37
quickstartI want to make a central media server to play music in my home00:37
Sega_Dudequickstart: Your gonna need something like vmware00:37
Xodiac13ctmjr: wow my video is horrible00:37
quickstartI want that machine to sound on different channels throughout the home00:37
usserquickstart, hang on there was a nice little tool to do just that00:37
quickstartreally sweet hoookme up usser00:38
comicinkerSega_Dude: could you post the complete error message?00:38
jeykeyanybody, need help on axim x50v rom update wm500:38
comicinkerSega_Dude: but not in this channel, pastebin or somewhere00:38
Sega_DudeIt may be fixed now hold on comicinker00:38
Sp3c1alKI've read the documentation on crontab00:38
comicinkerSega_Dude: I try hard, but it's difficult ;)00:39
Sp3c1alKstill having problems00:39
Xodiac13ctmjr: im back that messed everything up when i just now tried playing a game do you think if i were to go to ubuntu 9.10 that it would solve me problem00:39
Sp3c1alKif I want a shell script to run, do I need to include the '.' in front of teh command?00:39
Sp3c1alKie ./home/backups/dailyBackup.sh00:39
chibihogoshinook, so samba has been a bit off in Nautilus in that i could not see other computers on the network if i went to the network option. now for some reason i can see them, but if i mount a drive Nautilus crashes and all the icons on my desktop vanish. when i open the dir from Nautilus all the icons pop back up00:39
usserquickstart, its called subsonic, http://subsonic.sourceforge.net/ its basically a web based music/video collection manager/streamer. you can access your collection at home from any browser from anywhere in the world00:39
Lenin_Catmy live cd00:40
Lenin_Catisnt installing right00:40
comicinkerSp3c1alK: it must be executable, too. chmod +x dailyBackup.sh00:40
quickstartok now here is the rub00:40
Lenin_Catis there a way to install from the internets00:40
LjLLenin_Cat: try all on one line00:40
LjL!minimal | Lenin_Cat00:40
ubottuLenin_Cat: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:40
quickstartWhat I want to do is stream and control the stream from any computer in the house00:40
quickstartregardless if it uses ubuntu or not00:40
Sp3c1alKI did00:40
Lenin_CatLjL: im on a livecd right now00:40
Sp3c1alKsome people think I need to be root ro edit crontab00:40
usserquickstart, ^^00:40
Lenin_Catbut it didnt install the data correctly00:40
Xodiac13ctmjr: do you think im better with going to ubuntu 8.1000:40
Sp3c1alKdo I HAVE to be root to edit crontab?00:41
comicinkerSp3c1alK: /path/to/./script is also possible (but different)00:41
quickstartso that package will work better than icecast sweet00:41
LjLLenin_Cat: i got that.00:41
Sega_Dudecomicinker: Thanks! Your the first one that gave me the fix!00:41
ctmjrXodiac13: it does have better support for ati cards00:41
Xodiac13ctmjr: im screwed do you think i have a better chance at installing the one at the ati website00:41
Lenin_CatLjL: can I do this from the livecd without having to go to my laptop and burn it again00:42
comicinkerSega_Dude: please remember the command. sudo dpkg --configure -a write it down or something. I can't remember all that stuff too, so I wrote it down...00:42
LjLLenin_Cat: no, you need to burn again.00:42
Sega_DudeNow if i could only get the wireless to work.00:42
ctmjrXodiac13: did you download it yet?00:42
Xodiac13ctmjr: im downloading it right now and its almost done00:42
comicinkerSega_Dude: did you tried the restricted drivers?00:43
Xodiac13ctmjr: its done00:43
comicinkerSega_Dude: did you try anything?00:43
Lenin_CatLjL: the minimal cd has a live cd mode right?00:43
ctmjrXodiac13: do you know how to install it? or do you need help?00:43
LjLLenin_Cat: no, it doesn't00:43
Sega_DudeYoutube videos lols00:44
Xodiac13ctmjr: i know how one problem is that i dont know how to uninstall or what to uninstall before i install it00:44
quickstartso here is another question regarding subsonic00:44
Xodiac13ctmjr: like that one website i showed you00:44
Sega_DudeNope its not there. Its a PS3 btw00:44
quickstartif I have it streaming to a machine can I change the playlist from another machine00:44
Xodiac13ctmjr: i forgot what it installed so when i install the ones from the ati website they should work00:44
ctmjrXodiac13: did you install anything with fglrx in the name?00:45
Xodiac13ctmjr: in order to find that out i search it in synaptics package manger right?00:45
chibihogoshinomy hard drive just started clicking00:45
comicinkerSega_Dude: what ubuntu did you install? 8.04? 9.04?00:46
ctmjrXodiac13: yes you can search for fglrx and uninstall anything that was installed00:46
quickstartok last question regarding it00:46
Xodiac13ctmjr: k is there anything else i need to uninstall00:46
quickstartCan ubuntu play the music if its in mp3 format?00:46
comicinker!ps3 | Sega_Dude00:47
ubottuSega_Dude: Aside from i386 and amd64 platforms, Ubuntu is also available for alternate platforms. Playstation 3 ( support in #ubuntu-ps3 ) Apple PowerPC  ( support in #ubuntu-ppc )00:47
ctmjrXodiac13: if you installed anything from ati's web site00:47
comicinkerSega_Dude: furthermore: 9.04 will work better. and: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-cell/2008-May/000073.html00:47
Sega_DudeThank u ubottu and comicinker! I need that chat!00:47
Xodiac13ctmjr: no i didnt but i just uninstalled anything with fglrx in it00:47
Sp3c1alK* 18  *   *   *     ./home/backups/dailyBackup   -- would run dailyBackup (shell script) every minute for 6pm right? (my crontab)00:48
carl1408What is the name of the network manager in 9.0400:48
carl1408(I've upgraded to 9.04 )00:48
Xodiac13ctmjr: whats the command to install .run files again00:49
carl1408I've upgraded from 8.04 to 9.0400:49
carl1408What is the name of the network manager?00:49
carl1408Anyone know the name of the network-manager for 9.04?00:50
comicinkercarl1408: nm-applet ?00:50
ctmjrXodiac13: you need to be in a tty then kill gdm then run/  sudo sh ./driver name.run00:50
DeathMetalDeanDoes anyone know any desktop recorders except for Gtk-recordmydesktop?00:50
Xodiac13ctmjr: that just blew my mind00:50
Xodiac13ctmjr: okay i dont know how to install it00:50
rizwanHi everyone00:50
rizwanI need some help00:50
carl1408Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.00:51
rizwanI am new to Ubuntu00:51
rizwanis this the right place to talk about it?00:51
comicinker!screencast | DeathMetalDean00:51
ubottuDeathMetalDean: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:51
carl1408That is the error I get when tying to run nm-applet00:51
jamiewan_rizwan: yes00:51
damion_dark8is anyone ther?00:51
ewpnot really00:52
damion_dark8oh. ubuntu is pretty cool.00:52
DeathMetalDeancomicinker, thanks :)00:52
RegressLessI, not thinking, named my pc and netbook the same. I think it's causing network issues. How do I change one of their names?00:52
rizwanand i don't know anything about Ubuntu00:52
Xodiac13ctmjr: you there00:52
damion_dark8i dont know anything either.00:52
rizwanMy Ubuntu is very slow00:52
rizwanspecially the Boot00:52
damion_dark8but i like the feel of it.00:52
rizwanit takes more than 7 mins00:52
kermitmy boot is all weird.. gdm doesnt run by default, i have to login as root to run it.. and when i do log in to gnome, pidgin and skype run automaticly but i dont want them to.  where is all this set so i can fix it?00:52
jamiewan_rizwan: just ask your question and wait00:52
damion_dark8damn, mine only takes like 400:52
ctmjrXodiac13: ok write this down, press ctrl+alt+f1 then /ect/init.d/gdm stop then sudo sh./runfile.run then sudo aticonfig --initial then restart your box00:53
ewpkermit, system > prefs > startup apps00:53
damion_dark8how do you change servers in this irc client? i want to go to freenode.net00:53
Xodiac13ctmjr: okay00:53
Lenin_CatLjL: wait, dose the minimal cd work with wireless?00:53
ctmjrXodiac13: *sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:53
jamiewan_damion_dark8: xchat-new server tab00:53
LjLLenin_Cat: i don't know. probably not00:53
comicinker!hostname | RegressLess00:53
ubottuRegressLess: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab00:53
kermitewp: skype and pidgin are not in there.. yet they run anyway.  gdm isnt in there, i guess i should 'add' it?00:54
rizwanMy Ubuntu take 7 mins to boot: Please help00:54
LjLLenin_Cat: that is, not without tweaking config files a lot anyway.00:54
ewpkermit, no00:54
comicinkercarl1408: do you get this message after a reboot?00:54
kermitewp: i've been on linux servers 10 years, i know my way around everything except the GUI stuff.  where everything starts and is set and stuff in X windows i dont understand.00:54
damion_dark8omg i prssed cntrl + alt + F100:54
damion_dark8and somethign happened?00:54
Xodiac13ctmjr: okay i will try00:54
damion_dark8then i typed exit00:55
RegressLesscomicinker: thanks00:55
damion_dark8what was that?00:55
ctmjrXodiac13: you still here00:55
jamiewan_damion_dark8: ctrl alt f7 to fix00:55
bencI need to create a personal deb package that will create a directory and put there binary files00:55
damion_dark8ok thanks00:55
benchow do I do that?00:55
kermithrm this boot i seem to have no windows in my task bar00:56
rizwanI think Nokia is better than Ubuntu, it takes only seconds to start00:56
LjLwhois rizwan00:56
quickstartwell people take it easy and thanks for the help00:56
damion_dark8but what is that jamie? is that in xchat, or is the happening in ubuntu?00:56
rizwanRizwan is a first time user of Ubuntu00:56
jamiewan_damion_dark8: Ubuntu00:56
rizwani just installed it somehow, know nothing and need help00:56
ctmjrLjL: a nokia fan :)00:56
damion_dark8is that the command line behind the shell?00:56
LjL(that was intended as a command, by the way)00:56
damion_dark8i mean, is that the command line behind the GUI?00:57
ewpkermit, well check your .xsession and .bash* script to see if pidgin/skype are being setup there, otherwise i think you may find autostartup configs in the gconf-editor (idk where tho)00:57
jamiewan_damion_dark8: yes so ive been told00:57
LjL!packaging | benc00:57
ubottubenc: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports00:57
ctmjrLjL: yes i know /00:57
kermitewp:  .bash* only runs when i open a terminal, right?00:57
damion_dark80oo... interesting. ubuntu is very mysterious.00:57
kermitewp: i have no .xsession00:57
comicinkerkermit: you can load your .bashrc in a terminal with source .bashrc00:58
jamiewan_damion_dark8: Its great00:58
kermitcomicinker: i'm trying to figure out why pidgin runs when i login to gnome00:58
ewpkermit, as for gdm you need to run the update-rc.d on /etc/init.d/gdm00:58
Alan502Greetings :) will someone help me editing my fstab file? please00:58
comicinkerkermit: did you save your session ones?00:58
damion_dark8how do I talk specifically to you, i see you're prefixing your statement with my user name.00:59
ewpkermit, there's one for on login, i forget hold on00:59
LjLdamion_dark8: just prefix it00:59
LjL!tab | damion_dark800:59
ubottudamion_dark8: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:59
jamiewan_damion_dark8: just type afew letters of their handle and then use tab button00:59
kermitewp: what exactly do i do with update-rc.d?00:59
comicinkerAlan502: what do you want to mount?01:00
damion_dark8jamiewan hi01:00
rizwansomebody said you'll find people who would help u here01:00
Alan502comicinker, i want to "redirect" my home directory, so it will point  the same as My Documents in XP01:00
jamiewan_damion_dark8: also to private message anyone just find their name in the users list and click on it should give you option to PM01:00
damion_dark8yeah i see that01:01
sebsebseb!ask |  rizwan01:01
ubotturizwan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:01
damion_dark8im gonna try to join the jungleflasher room.01:01
damion_dark8its on freenode.net01:01
jamiewan_rizwan: be patient01:01
rizwanMy Ubuntu boot takes more than 7 mins, Is there any way to fix that? Easy enough for you noobs to understand what i am saying01:01
asjdkha20:01 [freenode] Warning: Port sent with DCC request is a lowport (0, unknown) - this isn't normal. It is possible the address/port is faked (or maybe someone is just trying to bypass firewall)01:01
asjdkha20:01 [freenode] DCC SEND from somebody [ port 0]: startkeylogger [0B bytes] requested in channel #ubuntu01:02
comicinkerAlan502: although I cannot recomment that, you should use sudo usermod YOUR_LOGIN -d /path/to/windows/dir and login again.01:02
ewpkermit, sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults01:02
LjLasjdkha: please, don't repeat that text01:02
carl1408_I seem to have NetworkManager and nm-applet both running.  Which one is supposed to be used in ubuntu 9.04?01:02
rizwanI am sorry01:02
sebsebsebrizwan: More than 7 minutes to boot up Ubuntu?01:02
LjL!exploit | asjdkha01:02
ubottuasjdkha: There are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit01:02
carl1408_(This is an upgrade from 8.0401:02
Alan502comicinker: thanks, will try it now see what i get01:02
anonymouzhello can any body help me im trying to change my ath5k driver to madwifi with no avail01:02
jamiewan_rizwan: how many processes happening at start up01:02
kermitewp: ok, hopefully that will work next boot, thanks01:02
sebsebsebrizwan: Which version of Ubuntu?   How much RAM?01:02
ewpman im in way too many chats :p01:02
corpteddyhave a stuped question.. how can i faind out whitch ubuntu i use?01:02
comicinkerAlan502: this will drive you in several problems I cannot tell now01:02
rizwan1GB Ram01:02
sebsebseb!version |  corpteddy01:02
ubottucorpteddy: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:02
ewpkermit, good luck :)01:02
kermitewp: i know which one you could /part first ;)01:03
rizwanPentium 4 3.0Ghz01:03
sebsebsebcorpteddy: That's not a stupid question, it is however a common question.01:03
rizwan9.04 version01:03
m_lawI just got a message on pidgin saying someone wants to send you "startkeylogger".. i presume from here. anyway.. seams like bad form to me.01:03
MagicSpeller Hi, everyone. Ignorant newbie here who needs help uninstalling GRUB and then reinstalling it a few hours later with the identical config. I assume this is possible?01:03
sebsebseb!grub |  MagicSpeller01:03
ubottuMagicSpeller: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:03
corpteddyoki thanks a lott01:04
zoo-zedm_law: same here. got the same01:04
sebsebsebcorpteddy: np01:04
CodeWarwhen I start up  I see a whole bunch of daemons running like vmware-netd.  I have bum installed but they dont show up there.. what is hte one place I can search to throw these apps out01:04
Flannelm_law: It is indeed, which is why they were banned from the network01:04
comicinkerit's damion_dark8, I thing01:04
m_lawzoo-zed arew there any mods in here? i think its worth telling01:04
lluadIt's not just you, m_law.01:04
m_lawok thankyou01:04
Alan502comicinker, how sever problems?01:04
corpteddyyey i have 9.04 thaks alott again01:05
m_lawso im safe having clicked cancel im guessing?01:05
damion_dark8you think what?01:05
LjLm_law: yes01:05
sebsebsebcorpteddy: ok no problem01:05
rizwanMy Ubuntu 9.04 takes more than 7 mins to boot. Processor 4 3.0Ghz HT, Ram 1 GB.01:05
zoo-zedm_law: too bad we can't return the favor only send 115 VAC through their keyboard.01:05
BWARGi love the karmic updates01:05
rizwanis this normal01:05
sebsebseb!karmic |  biczd01:05
ubottubiczd: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:05
RegressLessWow, I just got the following message through Pidgin: "somebody wants to send you startkeylogger (Unknown.)"01:05
sebsebsebbiczd: wrong one01:05
sebsebseb!karmic |  BWARG01:05
ubottuBWARG: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:05
LjLRegressLess: yes, disregard that01:05
MagicSpellerubottu: Thanks very much. I'll check there and return if I need more help. Bye!01:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:06
jamiewan_rizwan: no not normal01:06
RegressLessLjL: you mean I don't want that? ;)01:06
rizwanwhat can i do then01:06
LjLRegressLess: it doesn't really matter, they weren't really sending anything01:06
rizwanjamiewan can i chat with you only01:06
LjL!exploit > RegressLess    (RegressLess, see the private message from ubottu)01:06
comicinkerAlan502: well, the smaller one is that your home directory will be completely crowded with hidden files, which are not hidden in windows. a bigger problems, that the file permissions are lost in windows, which can cause serious privacy and security problems01:06
jamiewan_rizwan: is it duel boot system01:06
damion_dark8i installed ubuntu so i could use aircrack-ng01:06
jamiewan_rizwan: so just ubuntu then01:07
RegressLessLjL: groovy01:07
rizwanonly Ubuntu01:07
rizwanJanuty something01:07
comicinkerAlan502: if you want to share the same firefox profile, just modify your profile.ini in .mozilla01:07
FloodBot2rizwan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
sebsebseb!9.04 |  rizwan01:07
ubotturizwan: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904 - Please use !torrents01:07
rizwani have it on CD01:07
RegressLessAnywho, how do I get permission to edit a file in /etc/?01:08
odderRegressLess: use sudo01:08
sivelRegressLess: using sudo01:08
comicinkerRegressLess: sudo gedit /etc/file01:08
ScottNYCwho is "somebody"?01:08
Alan502comicinker: well... what i basically want to do is to be able to have the same music when i go to the music folder in windows or ubuntu or documents or images.. do you recommend something else then?01:08
damion_dark8i keep seeing that word,...sudo01:08
ScottNYCa guy names "somebody" tryied sending me a keylogger just now01:08
RegressLessScottNYC: cancel that01:08
sivelsudo = super user do01:08
LjLScottNYC: we know. disregard.01:08
ScottNYCya i did01:09
ThomasG33KScottNYC: Same here01:09
phixWhen abouts in October does the next release come out?01:09
LjL!karmic | phix01:09
ubottuphix: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:09
ctmjr!sudo | damion_dark801:09
ubottudamion_dark8: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)01:09
comicinkerAlan502: you can use softlinks to your music folder on the windows partition. drag and drop with <alt> pressed to get that option01:09
Cpudan80LjL: Karmic Will break?01:09
phixit will break?01:09
damion_dark8super user = administrator ?01:09
rizwanit ran faster when i used it first on a usb flash drive01:09
jamiewan_rizwan: i'd reinstall it if you can. that seems a long time to boot for some reason, mine takes about 2 mins01:09
rizwanyou are lucky01:09
phixdamion_dark8: super user?01:09
LjLCpudan80, phix: the bot means that using it NOW it will break.01:09
Boffoi need some help with partitioning my hard drive01:10
Cpudan80makes sense01:10
phixLjL: ah ok, thank you buddy01:10
comicinkerAlan502: 1. drag and drop; 2. press alt; 3. release mouse button01:10
lstarnesdamion_dark8: it also means root01:10
Alan502softlinks? like.. shortcuts?01:10
damion_dark8is a super user the same thing as an administrator?01:10
jamiewan_rizwan: and thats from pressing the power button01:10
sebsebsebrizwan: Ext4  will speed boot up by a lot, but  it can be a bit dodgy in 9.04 still, for example a lock up issue maybe when deleting big files,  it is the default file system for the next one though :)01:10
rizwanjamiewan, isn't there anything i can do other than a reinstall01:10
comicinkerAlan502: similar, but better01:10
Alan502huh? ok will try it01:10
Alan502thanks :D01:10
damion_dark8so sudo is a command to run programs from the root directory.01:10
rizwani think i have Ext301:10
LjLdamion_dark8: no01:10
sebsebsebrizwan: you will have by default01:10
Templar_Xion1So I have a wireless PCMCIA card but it's appearing as an eth1 dev not a wlan1 dev. (Cisco aironet 340)01:11
n-iCehi, to install ext4 what should I create?01:11
n-iCejust a ext4 called / and swap?01:11
LjLdamion_dark8: it's a matter of privileges, not the directory things are run from.01:11
jamiewan_rizwan: see sebsebseb comment up a few lines01:11
sebsebsebn-iCe: uhmm see what I just said to rizwan regarding Ext401:11
damion_dark8o00. i am going to go read the help file you sent me.01:11
rizwanhow can i have Ext401:11
Alan502Boffo, may i help?01:11
Templar_Xion1How can I get the system to recognize the PCMCIA wireless card a a wireless device?01:11
BWARGdownload the package01:11
sebsebsebrizwan: manually partitioning that's how01:12
Boffowhen i try to partition my hard drive, i get this error01:12
lakotajamesmy friend has a problem where firefox won't refresh pages.  I told her to clear the cache, and that worked once, but after refreshing once it stopped working again.  help?01:12
n-iCesorry just get to irc01:12
rizwanand that'll fix my problem for sure01:12
n-iCeyou use ext4 sebsebseb?01:12
sebsebsebn-iCe: yes01:12
rizwanone more question. how long the installation procedure normally takes01:12
comicinkerBoffo: you should run fsck on windows on that drive01:12
lluadlakotajames: Check the date and time on the box.01:12
mrwesrizwan, hrm...20-30 minutes01:12
jamiewan_rizwan: 15-20 mins01:13
n-iCesebsebseb what are the partitions i should create01:13
lstarnesrizwan: no more than one hour01:13
Boffookay thanks, i assume thats ran from cmd?01:13
rizwanok guys01:13
rizwanlet me do that again then01:13
rizwanthank u v.v. much01:13
comicinkerBoffo: better that way01:13
lakotajameslluad: it's correct.01:13
Boffookay, im going to switch back to windows, ill get back on if i have anymore problems. thanks!01:13
sebsebsebn-iCe rizwan: used to run 9.04 with Ext4 on here, then  put  Karmic alpha 4 on.   and the other computer when I re installed and put 9.04 on yep Ext4,  but, because of the kernel that's in 9.04  and stuff like that, it  can be a little dodgy,  so any important data should be backed up,  if going to do it, but should be doing that anyway since hard disks can just fail01:14
comicinkerBoffo: happy to see you soon01:14
n-iCesebsebseb well im going to format, so no files to back up01:14
n-iCeI just need to know the partitions, I think a / mounted as ext4 and the swap partition would be ok, no?01:14
sebsebsebn-iCe: /   a swap maybe,  and  a seperate /home maybe01:15
n-iCeaaa /home01:15
monostoneI'm having difficulties setting up djbdns,dnscache and tinydns. First problem is I moved the ./main log dir to /var/log, changed permissions accordingly but tail -f /var/log/dnscache/current doesn't show any activity anymore, same goes for the tinydns log dir. I made the change to the /log/run file feeding multilog the new location, and restarted the service, am i missing anything?01:15
damion_dark8so whenever i start graphical applications i use gksudo?01:19
n8tusermonostone-> you have an entry in your syslog.conf ? which is what?01:19
sebsebsebdamion_dark8: whenever you want a graphical  app to have sudo you use gksudo yes01:19
monostonen8tuser, no new entries in syslog01:21
damion_dark8whenever i want a graphical application to have superuser privileges (ie root), i use gksudo instead of sudo.01:21
sebsebsebdamion_dark8: yes01:21
Boffohello it's boffo again, im back on windows, although i cant seem to run the "fsck" command01:21
n8tusermonostone-> if no entry within syslog.conf , how do you expect the syslogd to insert log entries?01:21
tomas_There are of this type of chat in Spanish01:22
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:22
n8tuserBoffo-> fsck is unix/linux command not a windows01:22
Alan502n8tuser: just wanted to tell you i was the one with the partition problems yesterday. The only solution i found was complete partitioning01:22
Boffoso i should run chksdk?01:22
monostonen8tuser, first the dnscache log is owned by user: dnslog, and logging is redirected as I specified to /var/log/dnscache/. Why should syslog be recording anything?01:22
tomas_ubottu Thanks!!!01:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Thanks!!!01:22
n8tuserAlan502-> oh okay, a new install resolved it?01:22
n8tusermonostone-> whats the perms on /var/log ? can anyone write to that dir?01:23
comicinkerBoffo: oh, I forgot. it is call chkdsk01:23
monostonen8tuser, logging was working correctly in its original location /etc/dnscache/log/main/ I just moved the folder, maintaining permissions, and edited the /log/run file accordingly01:23
Boffookay thank you, i was running it earlier, but i stopped in the middle cuz... i forgot. but ill give it another try01:24
comicinkerBoffo: maybe you will have to type in something like chkdsk -f c:01:24
n8tusermonostone-> look at the perms on /var/log/ dir  and is your user dnslog  able to write or not?01:24
comicinkerBoffo: no. chkdsk c: /f01:24
monostonen8tuser,  the log folder is owned by root01:25
n8tusermonostone-> correct, and does user dnslog  have same priviledge?01:25
damion_dark8i saved aircrack-ng-1.0.tar.gz01:25
booleancatBah, so I've pretty much solved all of my other problems with PXE, but now I'm running into a weird problem with mounting an nfs share. No matter what I try, I get the error "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting" is this likely a problem with /etc/exports, or /etc/hosts.deny?01:25
BoffoChkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another01:25
Boffoprocess.  Would you like to schedule this volume to be01:25
Boffochecked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)01:25
damion_dark8what do i do with tar.gz files?01:25
matthew1so...I can't grab and move my panels. is there a key I need to be pressing?01:26
comicinkerBoffo: guess01:26
monostonen8tuser, no, dnslog is a specific user for logging dnscache, it does not have root privileges01:26
Boffoshould i run it in safe mode with cmd?01:26
comicinkerBoffo: no. check on next boot. type in Y01:26
n8tusermonostone-> correct, so either a root user or a user with root priviledge are the only ones allowed to write in that dir.. following me?01:27
Boffooh sry lol im being stupid at the moment01:27
comicinkerBoffo: yes. ;;)01:27
Boffobrb :)01:27
monostonen8tuser, but the /var/log/dnscache folder is owned by dnslog. And i see log files written by syslog user which is part of adm group, and these don't have root privileges either01:28
damion_dark8does ubuntu use GNOME or KDE?01:28
damion_dark8im guessing GMONE right?01:28
comicinkerdamion_dark8: ubuntu uses gnome01:28
damion_dark8ok thanks01:29
Out_Colddamion_dark8, ubuntu= gnome kubuntu=kde01:29
comicinkerdamion_dark8: kubuntu kde01:29
n8tusermonostone-> you're the one that told me, owner of /var/log is root, so am just following the logic,01:29
booleancatSo, I take it nobody can help with the nfs problem? It's a real bugger...01:29
monostonen8tuser, yes true, but the folder dnscache inside /var/log isn't owned by root. isn't this like the /home folder being owned by root, but then the users folder under /home being owned by him?01:30
woodyjlwI know on windows when you erase a thumb drive you right click and format but on ubuntu I dont see that as an option so what do I do to erase a drive on ubuntu?01:30
n8tusermonostone-> whats the perms on /var/log/dnscache/  ?01:30
kermitfor some reason my built in web cam stopped working.. it was.. why would it stop?  it says no such device now.01:31
comicinkerwoodyjlw: <ctrl> a delete01:31
woodyjlwill try that01:32
monostonen8tuser, 0755 for the dnscache/ folder and 0644 for the logfiles within01:32
n8tusermonostone can you paste the owner:group ?01:32
monostonen8tuser, dnslog:djbdns01:33
damion_dark8gcc compiler is for noobies like me?01:33
woodyjlwok that erased all the folders and stuff so I guess there would be no reason to format it then right?01:33
comicinkerwoodyjlw: delete will move files to the trash. to completeley remove them use <shift> delete.01:34
m_lawso does anyone have an android phone and does it work well with ubuntu01:34
Out_Colddamion_dark8, gcc is fairly easy to use01:34
damion_dark8damn im so lost01:34
n8tusermonostone-> and the owner:group of  /var/log   ?01:34
comicinkerwoodyjlw: to remove files from the trash of your thumbdrive, go to .Trash-1000 of your thumb drive01:35
woodyjlwcool that worked :) thanks01:35
monostonen8tuser, root:root,  i also believe something with permissions, since in its original /etc/dnscache location it logged fine, but same as /var/log /etc is also owned by root, and also /var/log/dnscache is owned by dnslog:djbdns same as /etc/dnscache (the original location)01:35
woodyjlwit now shows no used space on drive :)01:35
damion_dark8damn i dont know what to do.01:36
Out_Colddamion_dark8, what are you trying to compile?01:36
damion_dark8well, im tyring to learn how to use this operating system.01:36
damion_dark8but i installed it simply to use aircrack-ng01:36
n8tusermonostone-> if you were to su as dnslog  can you write to that directory of /var/log/ ?01:36
Out_Coldfair enough so have you installed ubuntu 9.04 then?01:36
damion_dark8i installed aircrack-ng from synaptics package manager...01:37
damion_dark8i just don't know how to open it.01:37
ewpwhat is up with people and aircrack-ng lately. knowing almost zilch about linux infrastructure they wanna hack wifi networks with aircrack suite :-\01:37
Out_Coldoh lol.. well it's a CLI tool01:37
damion_dark8well i'd do it in windows but windows doesn't support it.01:37
monostonen8tuser, that isn't possible to do, since dnslog, has no login01:37
damion_dark8windows doesn't support a lot of stuff01:37
Out_Coldyou have to open a terminal and try airmon-ng <wlan0>01:37
corpteddyHey all, i downloaded skype and instaled it, but when i logg on all my contacts are gone,, somone ho know how and whay? hehe (sorry my spelling are from norway)01:38
Out_Colduse your interface instead of wlan001:38
ewpdamion_dark8, join #aircrack-ng01:38
ctmjrewp: same person new nick me thinks01:38
n8tusermonostone-> you can give it ability to login, am curious to as why it would not allow you to write though...am perplexed01:38
monostonen8tuser,  what does a 't' bit at the end of the permissions string indicate? drwxr-sr-t01:38
Out_Coldonce you have mon0 activated then you can try airodum-ng mon001:38
ewpctmjr may be onto something :p01:38
damion_dark8my interface, as in, my ssid?01:38
Out_Colddamion_dark8, no.. check out ifconfig or iwconfig or airmon-ng01:39
SEJeffHas anyone seen karmic hard lock with only '^@^@^@^@^' aka binary goo in /var/log/messages when it happens? I'm not sure if this needs to be reported or how to troubleshoot it.01:39
n8tusermonostone-> sticky bits and you have two, the s and the t there.. i have to refer back to old notes.. hehe01:39
SEJeffThe only unusual thing is an ati video card using fglrx01:39
ewpdump collects the ivs, aireplay does the packet injection and aircrack does the cracking... it's not that difficult once you're familiar with cli :-\01:39
SEJeffKarmic has caused these hard locks very frequently01:39
comicinkerSEJeff: #ubuntu+101:39
SEJeffcomicinker, Thanks01:40
ewphasn't someone made a gui for aircrack yet?01:40
Out_Colddamion_dark8, it will show up as something like wlan0 or eth1 or similar01:40
damion_dark8oh wow i actuallly got somehting done...i had to run airmon-ng as a superuser....so i did sudo airmon-ng and put in my password01:40
damion_dark8yeah i see it now01:40
lluadmonostone: Sticky bit. means you can't delete a file unless you own it. Usually used on /tmp and friends. Check man chmod.01:40
damion_dark8cool. i getting somewhere.01:40
monostonen8tuser, aha!! i think you just enlightened me!!! the multilog binary which handles the logging issues the setuidgid command01:40
Out_Colddamion_dark8, i know the basics or aircrack utils so if you need more help let me know01:41
monostonen8tuser, could that be part of the problem?01:41
akatsukihi everyone01:41
n8tusermonostone-> i forget things myself, so i have to refer back to some tutorial again myself01:41
woodyjlwI have a fujitsu laptop hard drive and wondering if there is a utility under ubuntu that can write it to zero to completely blank the drive01:41
corpteddy Hey all, i downloaded skype and instaled it, but when i logg on all my contacts are gone,, somone ho know how and whay? hehe (sorry my spelling are from norway)01:41
akatsukiis it possible to determine the internet speed through some linux command?01:41
ech0s7why fonts in java applications haven't hinting ?01:41
n8tusermonostone-> i think with the s and the t being set, yes, those could be the source of the problem if not set correctly01:41
Out_Coldakatsuki, you could always go to speedtest.com01:42
damion_dark8thank you outcold01:42
booleancatWell, a reboot didn't work... and now my video is all messed up. Any ideas why nvidia isn't listed under my "restricted drivers" section?01:42
woodyjlwi would need to run it from live cd to blank the drive to zero if I can01:42
akatsukiOut_Cold: i am thinking i can include it on conky01:42
comicinkerwoodyjlw: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/you_fujitsu01:42
damion_dark8what does CLI acronym stand for?01:42
Flanneldamion_dark8: Command line interface01:42
lluadmonostone: daemontools overloads the sticky bit to control logging, IIRC01:42
booleancatdamion_dark8: Command Line Interface01:42
damion_dark8oh ok01:42
damion_dark8idelly i jsut wanna play around with aircrack now....i know i have to download a special driver for my internal wireless device on my laptop.01:43
damion_dark8i have the RTL8185 wireles device.01:43
damion_dark8i just can't find the driver for it.01:43
SEJefflluad, setuidgid is a command01:43
Out_Colddamion_dark8, what's your device?01:43
DeathMetalDeanDoes anyone know where I can find a video editor that can turn the video 90 degrees?01:43
matthew1where is the start menu button located in nautilus/01:44
monostonen8tuser, lluad :let me check into this01:44
SEJeffmatthew1, This isn't windows. There isn't a start menu. Take a look at the "Applications" menu with an Ubuntu logo in the top left01:44
Out_Colddamion_dark8, try lspci | grep 802.1101:44
damion_dark8well if I run airmon-ng as superuser, it says RTL8180/RTL818501:44
damion_dark8the driver installed is rtl818001:45
booleancatNobody? I can boot into the older kernel and get the nvidia stuff to load perfectly, anybody know how I can fix my current kernel to include the nvidia stuff?01:45
ewphaha classic01:45
matthew1SEJeff...that's not what I'm asking...i'm trying to change the menu button to something else I just called it a "start" button...I want to find where the image is in nautilus01:45
ewp"where's the start button?"01:45
SEJeffmatthew1, It isn't an image, it is text01:45
woodyjlwcomicinker  will that comand work from live cd?01:45
ewpmatthew1, you can use ubuntu-tweak to change it01:45
comicinkerwoodyjlw: yes. but be careful with that command!01:45
mnainesHow do I connect to a network share in Ubuntu?01:46
burntresistorwhats a good program for ubuntu to play hd movies i have a hd dvd player  for the 36001:46
burntresistorwill vlc work?01:46
matthew1SEJeff...the ubuntu logo that gives me the menu is an image...I changed it to something by editing the png files for, but I forgot where it was and I can't find it online01:46
matthew1and I want to change it to something else01:46
woodyjlwI wrote it down. anything bad can happen if I dont do it write?01:46
damion_dark8what does that command do?01:46
Out_Colddamion_dark8, lets try with your current driver....01:46
booleancatSo, nobody can help with either my nfs problem OR my nvidia problem? please?01:47
Out_Coldthat lists your network device01:47
ewpmatthew1, you can use ubuntu-tweak to change it01:47
comicinkerwoodyjlw: dd erases unrecoverable. even the FBI will try hard to recover that data01:47
Out_Coldbooleancat, you can check out #nvidia01:47
damion_dark8o000....tr aircrack with my current driver to see if I can fetch a good number of IVs....I will try it.01:47
mnainesHow do I connect to a network share on Ubuntu?01:47
DeathMetalDeanDoes anyone know where I can find a video editor that can turn the video 90 degrees?01:47
matthew1ewp...I'd rather just find the location. i always use shortcuts and that's why I don't know anything01:47
booleancatOut_Cold: Thanks, all I wanted was *some* form of response01:47
jiohdi3anyone know how to make 7z show up in the menus as extract here?01:47
Out_Colddamion_dark8, turn your card into monitor with airmon-ng start <wlan0>  <--insert your device01:48
Out_Coldbooleancat, what's the nvidia issue?01:48
comicinkerwoodyjlw: so make sure you have the reight /dev/drive. and/or partition. after a reboot, the letters might change01:48
corpteddyhow can i get bigger text inn here?01:48
damion_dark8well my wireless device is built into my laptop.01:48
SEJeffjiohdi3, Install nautilus-actions and create a menu entry for it01:48
damion_dark8no card.01:48
misteralexanderI forgot, how do I load new fonts onto my system?  I recall there being a terminal thing, stuff to type to update the cache.  Any ideas?  I've already searched Ubuntu Help.01:48
damion_dark8im thinking of buying one though.01:48
Out_Colddamion_dark8, it's still considered a card :p01:48
=== jiohdi3 is now known as jiohdi
akatsukii have 6 virtual workspaces, is there a shortcut key to just go from workspace 1 to workspace 4?01:48
jiohdiSEJeff, I know there is some way to do it through bash... but I cant remember how01:49
damion_dark8oh ok01:49
woodyjlwok well I am useing a 40 gig now but will be installing my 100 gig witch has had several OS systems installed and I would like to do a full clean format on it before I install again01:49
Out_Coldakatsuki, try ctrl + alt + left, left. left01:49
comicinkerakatsuki: ctrl alt up,down,left,right01:49
booleancatWell, I'm setting up some PXE boot stuff, and set up a new kernel image to boot off of nfs. Long story short, I accidentally trashed the most recent kernel under ubuntu, so I rebuilt it with an mkinitramfs command. Ever since, I can't get the nvidia card to even show up under the new kernel. Booting an older kernel works fine01:49
damion_dark8Ohh ok i see what you mean01:49
jiohdiSEJeff, I use Thunar01:49
mnainesCan anyone read what I'm typing?01:50
booleancatmnaines: yes01:50
Out_Coldyes mnaines01:50
comicinkermnaines: no. I cant't read what your typing01:50
mnainesok...Just wondering why nobody is answering my question01:50
akatsukiOut_Cold: comicinker: Yeah but with that I have to pass through other workspaces first before getting to workspace 4... A direct switch to ws 4 from ws 1... is it possible?01:50
booleancatmnaines: What type of network share? nfs, samba, etc01:50
Out_Coldbooleancat, as far as i'm thinking you need to load in the nvidia modules to the kernel..01:50
SEJeffjiohdi, So ask on #xubuntu or #xfce01:50
mnainesbooleancat, I'm trying to connect to a shared folder on a Windows box01:51
comicinkermnaines: what network share?01:51
booleancatOut_Cold: Is that why it won't show up under the System->Hardware Drivers menu?01:51
Out_Coldakatsuki, you can click on the window on your task panel?01:51
comicinkermnaines: a virtual one?01:51
mnainesIts a shared folder on a Windows box, comicinker...That's all I can say01:51
ewpmnaines, sometimes ubuntu wont show samba clients in "network" but you can just access by smb://<ip or hostname>/01:51
Out_Coldbooleancat, that seems to look like the reason..01:51
woodyjlwmaybe I should install irc in live cd and see if some one can help make sure I dont screw up lol :)01:51
jiohdiSEJeff because those channels are usually ghost towns01:51
Out_Coldbooleancat, i would do more googling on loading nvidia modules01:52
comicinkermnaines: did you had a look in places->network?01:52
mnainescomicinker: When I click that, it pops up with an error:  "Cannot Mount Network:  Unable to retrieve share list from server"01:52
misteralexanderI forgot, how do I load new fonts onto my system?  I recall there being a terminal thing, stuff to type to update the cache.  Any ideas?  I've already searched Ubuntu Help.01:52
elvtarsakatsuki: you can set a keyboard shortcut for it in system preferences...01:53
DeathMetalDeanDoes anyone know where I can find a video editor that can flip the video 90 degrees?01:53
Rooftopsanyone know how to change the capture key for VirtualBox OSE?01:53
Out_Coldmisteralexander, go into synaptics package manager and search for new fonts01:53
monostonen8tuser, lluad: yeah, i found the error, the logging is still being done to the old log file, EVEN though i renamed the folder and modified the run script which specifies the mulitlog location, as well as trying both svc -d /service/dnscache svc -u /service/dnscache as well as trying svc -h /service/dnscache01:53
_Trinity_hi all01:53
comicinkerDeathMetalDean: avidemux?01:53
akatsukiOut_Cold: I am using a laptop, and as much as possible I practice myself not to rely on touchpad for access.. but if there's no way to do that then I have to settle with ctrl + arrow keys.. :(01:53
Out_Cold!hi | _Trinity_01:53
ubottu_Trinity_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:53
_Trinity_say what does glxgears install with?01:53
comicinkermnaines: try ewp's tip01:54
damion_dark8hmmm...apparantly I dont need to install that "special" driver being as I have ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jackalope01:54
Out_Coldakatsuki, or the kb shortcut idea offered above..01:54
_Trinity_thanks ubottu, lol!01:54
booleancatAlright, thanks Out_Cold01:54
misteralexanderOut_Cold: I've got the fonts, about 10,000 ttf's . . . I know I can just put them in "/home/username/.fonts . . . but wasn't there something about updating the cache?01:54
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: I tried it, I don't think you can on it01:54
Out_Colddamion_dark8, sometimes the defaults are good ;)01:54
damion_dark8according to this website http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=3833.001:54
booleancatNow, has anyone else ran into the problem of being unable to mount an nfs share with the error "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting"01:54
damion_dark8yeah thats awesome.01:55
damion_dark8i was sure the driver part would set me back a ways.01:55
Out_Coldmisteralexander, the only thing i can think of is "updatedb"01:55
_Trinity_I just figured out whow to get X with the r128 driver working after daysss01:55
misteralexanderk. thanks!01:55
akatsukiOut_Cold: Oh yeah I overlooked that reply.. will look into that one now..01:55
ewp_Trinity_, congrats :)01:55
comicinkerDeathMetalDean: load the video in avidemux, go to video->filter->rotate01:56
Out_Cold*** For every single linux problem, there exists 30 solutions ;)01:56
damion_dark8is there a way to get the terminal background black and text to be white?01:56
damion_dark8easier on the eyes.01:56
_Trinity_but I realized that I don't have glxgears01:56
Out_Colddamion_dark8, in the menu settings at the top01:56
ewplet me add, arch linux is DEFINITELY not a distro for linux beginners :-P (just installed a vbox vm today)01:56
_Trinity_I must have uninstalled them with I uninstalled the ubuntu-desktop01:56
Rooftopsno one knows? :(01:57
Out_Coldyea no arch for noobs lmao01:57
tornI almost always disable my swap, because it's never needed with the things I do on my computer. However, is Linux like Windows where it will force using page/swap memory when your physical memory is running low?01:57
Kingsy101can someone tell me why, everytime I start ubuntu /var/run/screen gets reset from 777 back to its default setting? It means I need to chmod evertime I boot ubuntu.. anyone seen something like that before?01:57
akatsukielvtars: Hmmm. I am assuming it's the keyboard shortcut under the System Preference.. I can only set shortcut keys for 2 workspaces.....01:57
ctmjr_Trinity_: to get glxgears install mesa-utils01:57
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: Thanks very much :D01:57
ewparch is better than gentoo at least, gentoo is like compile hell01:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:57
monostonen8tuser, lluad: is it possible that a complete reboot is necessary to enable these changes??01:57
_Trinity_ctmjr: thanks01:58
Out_ColdRooftops, why not ask in #virtualbox01:58
damion_dark8oh thats a lot better. i can read easier now.01:58
^robertjcan anyone recommend an 802.11 printer/scanner combo that behaves nicely in Ubuntu?01:58
Rooftopsi guess that would help... lol01:58
Xodiac13i have a problem i need help i have installed the drivers from ati and when i load up playonlinux it says it doesnt detect 3d on my video card01:58
comicinkerDeathMetalDean: next time, remember not to turn your mobile ;)01:58
damion_dark8ha, i can change it xchat too. woot01:58
n8tusermonostone-> dont have to be a complete reboot01:58
Rooftopsthanks, i was trying to find that before01:58
ewpXodiac13, glxinfo | grep direct  <-- does that say yes?01:58
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: ahahaha xD! yeah thanks lmfao xD awesome guess :P01:58
n8tusermonostone-> perhaps a change of level to single user and then back01:58
Out_Coldewp, #virtualbox forwards you to #vbox lol01:59
tornDoes anyone know about the swap/memory question?01:59
ewpoh okay haha01:59
Xodiac13ewp: X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)01:59
Xodiac13  Major opcode of failed request:  135 (GLX)01:59
Xodiac13  Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)01:59
Xodiac13  Serial number of failed request:  1401:59
Xodiac13  Current serial number in output stream:  1401:59
FloodBot2Xodiac13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:59
elvtarsakatsuki: hmm I have alt-1, alt-2 etc set for all four of mine01:59
LemurianIf I'm using apt, downloading A, can I remove the /var/dpkg/lock and download B whilst A is ongoing?01:59
LjLLemurian: no!01:59
n8tuserLemurian-> it may corrupt your system01:59
LemurianLjL: why?01:59
Kingsy101can someone tell me why, everytime I start ubuntu /var/run/screen gets reset from 777 back to its default setting? It means I need to chmod evertime I boot ubuntu.. anyone seen something like that before?01:59
akatsukielvtars: how did you set that up?01:59
Lemuriann8tuser: why?01:59
corpteddysomone who know whay my cam dont work at aMSN? its just white inn the other side..01:59
LjLLemurian: there's a *reason* the lock is there.02:00
LemurianLjL: what's that reason?02:00
grafixbadnowhi room... mind-numbingly stupid question. I just used synaptics package manager to get googleearth-package. How do I get the program up & running?02:00
Out_ColdLemurian, system corruption02:00
Xodiac13ewp: uhm i seem to have a problem i just installed the drivers from ati thinking they where going to be better and now its not02:00
elvtarsakatsuki: you can add more shortcut, right click or something...02:00
n8tuserLemurian-> they put locks so no other process/users have access to same files02:00
feNNec_torn: swap = at least 2 times the memory size02:00
FlannelLemurian: Specifically, apt database corruption02:00
comicinkerLemurian: only one package manager is allowed to run at the same time02:00
Xodiac13ewp: lol i just had 3d and now catalyst doesnt want to load all of a sudden02:00
LemurianI wonder why portage allows multiple downloads02:00
LjLLemurian: the reason is that APT isn't in the least engineered to support multiple concurrent operations.02:00
tornfeNNec_, but what about this:02:00
Lemurianare there alternate package management systems for ubuntu other than apt02:00
tornfeNNec_, I almost always disable my swap, because it's never needed with the things I do on my computer. However, is Linux like Windows where it will force using page/swap memory when your physical memory is running low?02:01
Xodiac13ewp: it was working like a minute a ago02:01
LemurianLjL: right :)02:01
=== mike is now known as KpNemo
ewpXodiac13, well do you get direct rendering or no?02:01
Flanneltorn: No, if you have no swap, it won't swap, it'll just have problems02:01
jalbneyi have a question... been asking it in all the other rooms and no one has an answer. hopefully someone here can help me02:01
Xodiac13ewp: no02:01
Xodiac13ewp: i get an error02:01
tornOkay, thank you, Flannel.02:01
Kingsy101anyone got an idea about my problem?02:01
Xodiac13ewp: how do i uninstall the ati drivers now so i can go to hardware drivers and install that on02:01
_Trinity_well it doesnt look lliek I have much accel but it feels smoother02:02
ewpXodiac13, lsmod to see if fglrx is loaded02:02
Xodiac13ewp: how do i uninstall the ati drivers now so i can go to hardware drivers and install that one*02:02
Out_Coldsorry Kingsy10102:02
tornFlannel, the reason I asked is because Windows, against the user's choice, will force virtual memory when RAM runs low.02:02
Xodiac13ewp: k02:02
grafixbadnowdoes anyone know how to get google earth running on 9.04? I downloaded googleearth-package from synaptics, but I don't know what to do now?02:02
_Trinity_fps peak at 2402:02
Flanneltorn: That said, for sufficient RAM, you don't need 2x, and for some values, 1x is too much (unless you're doing special things, or wanting to hibernate)02:02
MagicSpellerBack for more help: I know now how to reinstall GRUB. First, though, I need to remove it completely so that for now, my system will automatically run Windows Vista. How can I do this?02:02
tornFlannel, I found on 2 GB, I never need swap.02:02
_Trinity_anyone have a Rage 128 card? What fps rate do you get?02:02
feNNec_torn: if you have a lot (> 2Go) mem, then you can disable swap, or set it to 2 Go only. But don't forget hibernation need02:02
Xodiac13ewp: no i just did a clean install and i installed the video card driver wtf02:02
tornFlannel, even when running a virtual machine that gets dedicated 512mb, I'm still hovering around 1 GB of RAM usage....02:02
vegaterain101 weird02:03
Xodiac13ewp: is there a way to fix it02:03
jalbneylooking for someone who is good with kubuntu 8.04 ( i know this is ubuntu, but nowhere else has helped) with kde 3.5.10 and would like just kdecore-without upgrading my kubuntu or my kde02:03
Xodiac13ewp: cause its irritating me to no end02:03
tornfeNNec_, yup. And I don't use hibernation, anyways.02:03
ewpXodiac13, well were debugging the source of the problem02:03
vegaterain101 wuts this thing for02:03
Kingsy101Out_Cold - sorry about what?02:03
Xodiac13ewp: o okay02:03
tornThanks for clearing it up, guys!02:03
Flannelgrafixbadnow: Looks like googleearth-package isn't what you want.  It doesn't install google earth.  Instead, you can enable medibuntu and then install google earth, or just download google earth from medibuntu, and then install it.02:03
Out_Coldno help  for your problem02:03
Xodiac13ewp: i love ati DRIVERS woot02:03
ewpXodiac13, check if the driver is even loaded (lsmod | grep fglrx)02:03
LjLvegaterain101: do you have an Ubuntu question?02:03
Kingsy101ahhh not a problem, I am sure someone in here will know02:03
Flannelgrafixbadnow: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu for instructions for either method02:03
ewpXodiac13, yea they're awesome arent they lol02:04
Kingsy101eventually :P02:04
comicinkerMagicSpeller: on a windows rescue/install cd, boot the error console and type in fixsmb.exe .but I'm not sure02:04
jalbney<< waiting in line for help :) Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron with KDE 3.5.1002:04
grafixbadnowFlannel: thanks a bunch! will do that now02:04
Xodiac13ewp: it doesnt say anything02:04
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: how do I do this? :o I go into video > Filters then I click rotate, flip it 270 degrees and then Idk what to do, it won't flip :o02:04
ewpXodiac13, then it didn't load02:04
Out_Coldjalbney, what's wrong with installing just the one package?02:04
Xodiac13ewp: do you know how to fix it by any change PLEASE02:04
Flanneljalbney: Have you tried #kubuntu?  I'm not familiar with what kde-core provides exactly, but depending on how it's linked (and what you're upgrading to) it might not be possible02:04
Xodiac13ewp: :)02:05
jalbneyi only have a live cd, and no blanks02:05
Kingsy101anyone else have any ideas about my issue?02:05
ewpXodiac13, modprobe fglrx02:05
jalbneyyes i have tried that channel flannel, no one is there02:05
Xodiac13ewp: k02:05
sikilpaakecan i get some openoffice help, here? the openoffice channel is dead02:05
ewpif i am even correct on the driver name atm, i havent dealt with fglrx in like 2 years02:05
Xodiac13ewp: FATAL: Module fglrx not found.02:05
MagicSpellercomicinker: I should have said: I'm having multiple problems, one of which is that my CD-ROM drive seems to be dying. I can boot a Linux Live CD (I think), but Vista installer won't boot. :-(02:05
Xodiac13ewp: you mean ati02:06
ewpXodiac13, you failed to install it then02:06
Xodiac13ewp: what lol02:06
Xodiac13ewp: i followed the instructions someone gave me02:06
ewpwell which driver are you using? ati, radeon, radeon-hd, or fglrx?02:06
tornsikilpaake, is it an advanced problem?02:06
Out_Coldsikilpaake, ask your question and someone might know the answer02:06
ewpso many people today with issues on ati cards i get a  little lost02:06
sikilpaakeOut_Cold: ok02:07
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: how do I do this? :o I go into video > Filters then I click rotate, flip it 270 degrees and then Idk what to do, it won't flip :o02:07
=== fulvio is now known as Super-Matozoide
Xodiac13ewp: i pressed crtl+alt+f1 then /etc/init.d/gdm stop then sudo sh./runfile.run then aticonfig --initial02:07
woodyjlwok think i need help here. I am running live cd and want to write a 100 gig fujitsu drive to zero on my hp laptop and im new to linux. I have a terminal up and ready if some one can help me here :)02:07
mdghi Alan50202:07
Xodiac13ewp: i am using ati radeon hd 435002:07
zadmalckhello all02:08
ewpaticonfig just writes data to your xorg.conf from what i remember02:08
sikilpaakeOut_Cold: i'm editing a writer template i downloaded from the web, but i can't seem to be able to select a line drawing and change its color02:08
sikilpaakei mean, i can't even select it02:08
sikilpaakei can upload the file, if that helps02:08
sikilpaakezadmalck: heys02:08
Xodiac13ewp: im about to go to the company and through the card back at them for doing a SH!tty job02:08
FloodBot2sikilpaake: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
damion_dark8what should I put for <interface> outcold?02:08
Kingsy101when is the next version of ubuntu due out?02:08
LjL!karmic > Kingsy101    (Kingsy101, see the private message from ubottu)02:08
booleancatWoohoo! I figured out my nfs problem, and now the client boots! Now, is there any way to suppress gdm/kdm from starting up upon boot?02:08
damion_dark8i know my channel02:08
Out_Colddamion_dark8, see pvt02:08
ewpXodiac13, the installer is not compiling it correctly, perhaps there's an error on compilation, a required dependency?02:08
comicinkerDeathMetalDean: make sure on the left column a video codec is selected. not "copy"02:09
Out_Coldprivate msg... over there <----------------02:09
booleancatI'd like these diskless clients to just boot to a console02:09
Xodiac13ewp: dang ati obviously doesnt know what there doing why dont they just put everything it needs in the god dang file02:09
adriyelprotip: Ubuntu 9.04 python implementation is broken, you have to recompile from svn to get corepy to build.02:09
adriyeljust thought I'd let you know.02:09
Xodiac13ewp: screw it how do i uninstall the driver i will use the ones from hardware drivers02:09
comicinkerDeathMetalDean: then just save the file to a new video02:09
zadmalck“Tis the times' plague, when madmen lead the blind. “King Lear, Act IV, scene 1, William Shakespear02:09
ewpXodiac13, run: lsmod | grep radeon02:09
woodyjlwok think i need help here. I am running live cd and want to write a 100 gig fujitsu drive to zero on my hp laptop and im new to linux. I have a terminal up and ready if some one can help me here :)02:10
ewpXodiac13, my apologies for thinking fglrx before02:10
Xodiac13ewp: np it says nothing02:10
ewpXodiac13, okay so the problem still remains02:10
darkhamhow can i set my dvd playback with xine, to have something like powerdvd?02:10
Xodiac13ewp: yay woot woot (sorry im kind of pissed that even ati creates the driver and it doesnt evern work correctly)02:11
OerHeksdarkham: i use VLC mediaplayer to play dvd, includes codecs and stuff02:11
DeathMetalDeancomicinker: Thanks!! it worked xD02:12
Xodiac13ewp: funny thing to for a while the new video card i got which is this one even on windows when you go to the ati site the drivers dont work they had the drivers mixed and i had to go find them some where else02:12
darkhamOerHeks: yes, but i've a "dirty" playback with vlc too02:12
darkhamwhat can i set to have it more clear?02:12
ewpXodiac13, people prefer nvidia on linux02:13
ewpXodiac13, have you tried the fglrx driver method?02:13
Xodiac13ewp: yeah i was going to go with nvidia but ati was cheaper so stupid me couldnt spend a little extra02:13
txzlegendtake it from me, nvidia is def better than ATI on linux.... well, im stuck with ati02:13
xiktenywoodyjlw: simplistically 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/YOURDRIVE'02:13
Xodiac13ewp: can you help me do it step by step i dont want to mess it up02:13
westmi_anyone know the command to start system monitor?02:14
Xodiac13txzlegend: even ati is cheaper i guess i found out why cause they dont give a crap if they even work or not its not like im a gamer or anything :)02:14
ewpXodiac13, i'll try02:14
Xodiac13ewp: thank you where do we start02:14
ewpXodiac13, well you're going to want start with a clean slate02:16
Xodiac13ewp: uh ho how do i do that02:17
Xodiac13ewp: clean install02:17
ewpXodiac13, are there instructions on how to uninstall radeonhd?02:17
woodyjlwubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero/you_fujitsu02:17
woodyjlwdd: opening `/dev/zero/you_fujitsu': Not a directory02:17
woodyjlwubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/fujitsu02:17
woodyjlwdd: opening `/dev/fujitsu': Permission denied02:17
woodyjlwubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/fujitsu02:17
FloodBot2woodyjlw: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:17
woodyjlwdd: writing to `/dev/fujitsu': No space left on device02:17
Xodiac13ewp: uhm idk02:17
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
ewpXodiac13, lol okay well let's start by saying xorg.conf tells X which video driver to use02:18
Xodiac13ewp: yeah i found something on it i will uninstall it this is the website http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_8.24.8.html#17931002:18
ewpXodiac13, being you dont even have the driver loaded, we'll start from there anyway02:18
Cerrdorhow can I connect remotely to my desktop (Ubuntu) from my PC (Windoze)?02:18
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
Pirate_Hunterhow does one keep track of ips connecting to a webserver or those trying to establish unauthorised connections?02:18
Xodiac13ewp: but the driver is there lol02:18
Guest76569Hey Guys. I've just installed the Kubuntu 9.10, but my windows (to play games only) ins't in the GRUB Menu02:18
Xodiac13ewp: do you want me to uninstall it02:18
id10tCerrdor, what kind of connection do you want? command only, x windows, file share?02:18
Jeruvy!vnc | Cerrdor02:19
ubottuCerrdor: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:19
ewpXodiac13, can you 'modprobe radeonhd' ?02:19
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:19
Xodiac13ewp: no02:19
xiktenywoodyjlw: see my pm02:19
Cerrdordoesnt windows natively have a remote desktop viewer?02:19
ewpXodiac13, errors with that?02:19
Xodiac13ewp: well it says FATAL: Module radeonhd not found.02:19
gwopim trying to install ext4 file system ubuntu 9.04 im at the advanced specify partition screen. do i check free space then click new partition table?02:19
akatsuki8.04 does not include the add option for keyboard short cut... is there other way to add short cuts in hardy?02:19
JeruvyCerrdor: its called rdp02:19
Xodiac13ewp: yeah lol02:20
ewpXodiac13, ah okay then it didn't install the driver as a kernel module02:20
Xodiac13ewp: so lol02:20
Out_Coldgwop, is this a fresh install??02:20
gwopOut_Cold: yes02:20
torngwop, is this a brand new hard drive?02:20
ewpXodiac13, at most you may have some config files in /etc but that's most likely ineffective at this point to messing with fglrx02:20
gwoptorn, no02:20
=== floopsie is now known as Floops
torngwop, is there data that you need currently stored on the drive?02:21
Xodiac13ewp: okay well im ready to get this video card working02:21
Out_Coldgwop, if you switch it to ext4 it will overwrite all the other data02:21
ewpXodiac13, okay so we're going to try the fglrx module, since i read that a guy had success with your same exact card02:21
Guest76569Hey Guys. I've just installed the Kubuntu 9.10, but my windows partition (to play games only) ins't in the GRUB Menu02:21
damion_dark8Out_Cold: hi again02:21
gwopthere is nothing on it02:21
Xodiac13ewp: one thing i have the catalyst control center installed though and i dont know how to uninstall it should i worry about02:21
Out_Coldgwop, and it should ask you right before it writes. so if you are doing it right, you'll be given praise02:21
Out_Coldsup damion_dark802:21
ewpXodiac13, ah you may want to remove it02:22
JeruvyGuest36417: can you pastebin the output from 'mount'?02:22
gwopwhich should be type for new parition, primary or logical?02:22
Xodiac13ewp: uhm how do i do that02:22
ewpXodiac13, open synaptic and search ati02:22
=== GuilhermeCunha_ is now known as GuilhermeCunha
Xodiac13ewp: okay02:23
Pirate_Hunterhow does one keep track of ips connecting to a webserver or those trying to establish unauthorised connections?02:23
torngwop, Extended02:23
Guest76569how to put a windows partition on GRUB2 menu?02:23
ewpXodiac13, i remember it being something like ati****ccc  (ccc= catalyst control center)02:23
Pirate_Hunteris there an app to help manage webserver?02:23
Xodiac13epw: shocking its not there nothing of ccc and i know what you mean02:24
torngwop, what I do is create an extended partition, and then make the swap, root, and home partitions as logical partitions within the extended.02:24
ewpXodiac13, you've must have installed it through a .run/.bin file or something similar02:24
Xodiac13epw: i searched up ati and a got like five files02:24
ewpXodiac13, what are they?02:25
Xodiac13epw: yup it was a .run file02:25
Steili want to run ubuntu remix but it does not work with my wireless and wired network02:25
Steilcan someone fix for me?02:25
torngwop, it will look like this: sda1 (extended), sda2 (unused), sda3 (unused), sda4 (unused), sda5 (swap), sda6 (root), sda7 (home)02:25
Xodiac13epw: xserver-xorg-video-ati02:25
ewpXodiac13, remove that02:25
Xodiac13epw: k02:25
matthew1ewp: sorry to bother you again, but I found it... usr/share/icons/"themename"/"size"/places/start-here.png02:25
tornLogical partitions, 5 through 7 will be within the first extended partition, which is 1.02:25
ewpXodiac13,  select completely remove tho02:25
Xodiac13epw: i did and then theres02:26
gwoptorn, http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/5569/screenshotia.png02:26
ewpmatthew1, cool man nice find02:26
gwopis that right?02:26
Xodiac13epw: xserver-xorg-video-radeon02:26
monostonen8tuser, excellent, it required a drop to single user and back again, it seems the set sticky bit needed more then just a service restart :) Thank you for your time, I initially dismissed perms as being the issue due to the ownerships being correct, your persistence helped point me in the right direction02:26
akatsuki8.04 does not include the add option for keyboard short cut unlike 9.04... is there other way to add short cuts in hardy?02:26
matthew1ewp what was that program you suggested?02:26
ewpXodiac13, remove that too haha02:26
Xodiac13epw: xserver-xorg-video-mach64-dl02:26
ewpmatthew1, www.ubuntu-tweak.org02:26
Boffoi tried "chkdsk C: /f" twice, and still no luck, i still can't partition my drive02:26
Xodiac13epw: k02:27
matthew1thanks ewp.02:27
ewpXodiac13, remove all xserver-xorg-video*02:27
darkhamhow can i have a clear dvd playback?02:27
ewpXodiac13, completely remove****02:27
Xodiac13epw: xserver-xorg-video-r128-dbg02:27
torngwop, I'll check.02:27
n8tusermonostone-> sometimes we all need that extra eye thats all.. wish you luck02:27
Xodiac13epw: so pretty much remove everything02:27
torngwop, I can't see.02:27
gwoptorn, and should i have a swap area?02:27
txzlegendcan some1 help me out with jackd server, how do i configure it to run without dropping?02:27
torngwop, the partitions are covered.02:27
JeruvyBoffo: chkdsk isn't for partitioning, try gparted.02:28
ewpXodiac13, well only important ones are radeon and ati and fglrx02:28
Xodiac13epw: okay nm there where only two02:28
gwopoops lol02:28
gwopone sec02:28
Xodiac13epw: the ones i told you02:28
monostonen8tuser, thanks, now on to my final issue02:28
ewpXodiac13, remove any packages for xserver pertaining to ati video cards02:28
Xodiac13epw: its done i just did that02:28
Pirate_Hunteranyone care to answer my question? ivw got it setup, I think it is secure at least to the ebst of my ability it is secure now I want to know how I go about managing it without having to go to the logs all the time02:28
ewpXodiac13, okay now exit synaptic02:28
Xodiac13epw: okay02:29
gwoptorn, http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/3667/screenshot1tj.png02:29
n8tusermonostone you're welcome02:29
s0u1tPirate_hunter what are you trying to manage on it?02:29
Boffoi get an error when i try to partition, im taking a screenshot and uploading it to imageshack to show you02:29
torngwop, did you make the first partition primary and tell it to use up the entire drive?02:29
ewpXodiac13, here's a guide we'll be following: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide02:29
Boffoi get this error:02:29
ewpXodiac13, should install ccc too, i believe02:30
ewpXodiac13, yea it will02:30
Xodiac13epw: I NEED HELP PLEASE02:30
gwoptorn, yeah im pretty sure i just went to the advanced options and when i seen free space i clicked new partition and made that, so yeah it should use the entire parition02:30
torngwop, the traditional setup would be: swap, /, /home02:31
torngwop, how much RAM does you have?02:31
torn*do you02:31
gwoptorn 3gb02:31
monostoneI have correctly installed and configured dnscache + tinydns. I have tested dnscache via a tail -f logfile, and it is correctly cacheing content. Now, I am setting up a development/test environment, so I am using internal IP's, but i can NOT manage, to get tinydns to resolve the domains on my local network. I am forced to add the entry to the hosts file, but i want to avoid this, any ideas?02:31
torngwop, you don't need swap, then.02:31
Xodiac13epw: dont leave me alone i need step by step help incase something goes wrong02:31
torngwop, but you should still create a swap partition, just in case.02:31
gwoptorn, i made the ext4 logical02:32
torngwop, delete the partition you just made and right-click to create a new one (starting from scratch).02:32
gwoptorn, ok02:32
torngwop, make the first partition an Extended type.02:32
monostoneI need my local nameserver to be the first authority, before it checks the global servers02:32
ewpXodiac13, i sent you a PM02:32
m0voj I thought I had the r128 working02:32
Pirate_Hunters0u1t: yes, like you said trying to, just need to make sure it is secure and someway to be able to keep track of ips/connections02:32
JeruvyBoffo: if you have ntfs-3g installed, you can try this:  ntfsfix /dev/sda402:32
Xodiac13epw: how do i check it02:32
m0vthought wrong02:32
torngwop, extended partitions will not be formatted. Think of them as "containers" for other logical partitions.02:33
JeruvyBoffo: replace sda4 with sda1, or your appropriate disk, sorry.02:33
s0u1tyes but what applications etc are you trying to "manage"02:33
ewpXodiac13, call me "ewp" so my xchat highlights your messages02:33
gwoptorn, what do you make it an Extended type?02:33
Boffojeruvy, sorry i don't know how to do that02:33
Xodiac13epw: how do i do that02:33
gwoptorn, i click free space and hit new partition correct02:34
RoastedQuestion - I just now realized during the last 4 years, I've always used rsync, but only from 1 hard drive internally to another. How can I rsync an Ubuntu computer's home directory to another Ubuntu computer?02:34
torngwop, correct.02:34
torngwop, and then choose Extended.02:34
Xodiac13call ewp02:34
Pirate_Hunters0u1t: any ideas?02:34
Xodiac13call "ewp"02:34
ewpXodiac13, how do you do what02:34
kevin|demarestmonostone: I was working on that awhile ago.  I couldn't figure out how to assign the dns server to my client.  Are you using a static ip on your system?  Did you already set up your local nameserver?02:34
s0u1tkinda need more details on what your trying to manage02:35
epaphushello, where is the X config located? my ubuntu has detcted an "unknown" monitor that is really causing conflicts and i need to remove it...02:35
Xodiac13ewp: you said call you lol how do i do that in here02:35
gwoptorn, there is no extended you mean ext3 or ext402:35
epaphusiam unable to remove it through the GUI panel02:35
torngwop, not for filesystem type. For partition type.02:35
ewpXodiac13, i meant type 'ewp', not 'epw'02:35
torngwop, there are 3 types of partition types: Primary, Extended, and Logical02:35
s0u1tPirate_Hunter you mentioned you didn02:36
gwoptorn, i only see primary and logical02:36
s0u1t't want to look at log files... what do you want to look at exactly02:36
torngwop, maybe the installer automatically creates an extended when you choose logical.02:37
gwoptorn, http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/5344/screenshotmr.png02:37
gwoptorn, ok02:37
monostonekevin|demarest, yes, i am using a static IP, i have setup my local nameserver as well. running dnsq ns server-name IP gives a correct answer02:37
kejavaepaphus: sounds like you want /etc/X11/xorg.conf but yours is most likely empty02:37
torngwop, okay, then select logical, and make the size 3072 MB.02:37
torngwop, and for filesystem type, choose swap.02:38
monostonekevin|demarest, now, when i try a dnsqr ns server-name it jumps directly to the global providers, and totally ignores my local nameserver02:38
Pirate_Hunters0u1t: huh?02:38
kevin|demarestmonostone: I think you've gotten farther than I have.  Bind9 runs on my local server, but I don't think it's set up properly02:38
gwoptorn, ok done02:38
torngwop, screenshot, just to double check?02:38
s0u1tPirate_Hunter, perhaps I don02:38
Pirate_Hunters0u1t: webserver asking on how to manage it or at least an easier way to do it02:38
darkhamhow can i have a clear dvd playback?02:39
darkhamplease help me02:39
s0u1tPirate_Hunter, perhaps I don't understand the question, from what it sounds like your asking I02:39
akatsuki8.04 does not include the add option for keyboard short cut... is there other way to add short cuts in hardy?02:39
n-iCeI'm back!02:39
gwoptorn, i noticed it02:39
epaphuskejava, why would mine be empty?02:39
n-iCesebsebseb: there?02:39
s0u1t'd have to refer you to the web server software documentation for specific procedures to secure it02:39
s0u1tit will be different for each webserver platform02:39
sebsebsebn-iCe: yes02:40
gwoptorn, nothing for mount point correct02:40
torngwop, before we continue, look at the partition number. It says sda5, not sda1.02:40
gwoptorn, ok02:40
epaphuskejava, its not empty.. but it is very simple...  how can I remove that screen that it dected..02:41
kejavaepaphus: with the newer versions of X,  they're "bullet proof" and no longer need configuration.  it should be empty now.  you still have the option to force some parameters in there.  btw, mine is empty.02:41
torngwop, just a quick note: The four Primary/Extended partitions that can exist on an msdos partition table are partitions 1 through 4. However, partitions 5 through whatever are logical partitions that can reside within an extended one.02:41
kejavaepaphus: got any "screen" sections in your config?  may need to remove or edit them.02:42
epaphuskejava, i only have one...02:42
gwoptorn, how do i make it sda102:42
epaphusthe problem is i need to start my laptop with a HDMI cable because if not the screen will show distorted02:42
kejavaepaphus: paste bin the file so we can see it02:42
epaphusany change i do in the screen resolution panel doesnt take effect02:42
torngwop, so in your case, you have Partition #1 as an Extended. Partition #2, #3, and #4 are not used yet (might never be, in fact.) Partition #5 is your swap (within #1 extended), and #6 will be root, and #7 will be home. (All 3 within #1 extended).02:43
torngwop, you can't. sda1 is the extended partition (which was automatically created when you made the logical one.)02:43
gwoptorn, ah ok02:43
torngwop, makes more sense now?02:43
gwoptorn, yeah02:43
epaphuskejava, http://pastebin.com/d41d2e94702:43
gwoptorn, so what next02:44
torngwop, it's easier to think about it visually. 1 through 4 are the primary/extended partitions. 5 through infinity are the logical partitions, which live inside 1, 2, 3, or 4 (in your case, only #1 is ever being used, and 2, 3, 4 are unused.)02:44
torngwop, create another partition in the free space, and make the size what you want the system (root) partition to be.02:45
nyRednekany clue on when amsynth is going to be brought to speed?02:45
movelawhat app can i use as a webcam or camera on my laptop? thnks!02:45
torngwop, I'd recommend 10 GB (10240 MB), which is enough breathing room for Ubuntu, plus extra software. You can make it bigger if you want.02:45
nyRednekmovela, cheese02:45
torngwop, in this case, you'd format it as ext402:45
movelanyRednek: thanks.. any others beside cheese?02:45
kejavaepaphus: try commenting out "Virtual 2304 800".  that part may cause issues.  other than that, you have nothing else in there that can do much.  is this a crt or lcd monitor?02:46
gwoptorn, can i use the rest of the free space as ext4?02:46
nyRednekmovela, that one seems to work best02:46
movelaok thanks02:46
epaphuskejava, its a laptop.. ill try renaming the file02:46
epaphusso it creates one02:46
torngwop, I wouldn't do that.02:46
torngwop, read my above message.02:46
gwopok 10gb02:46
kejavaepaphus: you can also try completely deleting the contents of the file02:47
torngwop, it's best to keep the / and /home partitions seperate, and not to simply include EVERYTHING (such as user home directories) within the / partition.02:47
torngwop, did you choose / as the mount point?02:47
gwoptorn, i see02:47
torngwop, edit it, if you did not.02:47
nyRedneki've found that sometimes, with a heavy dose of audio apps, 10gb just isn't enough, but i've never taken up 20gb02:47
gwoptorn, yea02:47
epaphusthanks ill try02:47
gwoptorn, make that one logical as well?02:48
tornnyRednek, even on openSUSE (DVD installation), my / never went above 5 GB.02:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about regex02:48
nyRednekwhile we're asking about programs, does anyone know of a relatively easy video editor?02:48
torngwop, correct.02:48
Out_Coldtorn, i have installed up to 8 GB02:48
Out_Coldunder / without counting /home/02:48
torngwop, logical, format, filesystem ext4, mount point /02:48
tornOut_Cold, with Ubuntu, fresh install?02:49
Out_Coldtorn, no not fresh install lol...02:49
tornOut_Cold, or after installing extra apps?02:49
nyRedneki'm pushing 5gb now02:49
tornOut_Cold, I was about to say, lol.02:49
comicinkernyRednek: kdenlive02:49
gwoptorn, ok that one is sda6 etx4 / 10240 mb02:49
nyRednekcomicinker, ok, i tried to do some stuff with kino, but i like to put audio on still frames that transition02:49
gwoptorn, what will come of the rest of the free space?02:50
torngwop, it's up to you if you want it to be 10gb or 20gb, whichever you prefer. If you want to play it safe, go with 20gb. But keep in mind, that means 10gb less will be available for your files, pictures, music, videos, etc.02:50
nyRednekcomicinker, i'm NOT a pro with video02:50
nyRednekcomicinker, but i'll try that02:50
torngwop, final partition: logical, format, ext4, mount point /home02:50
torngwop, you can use up the rest of your free space for this last partition.02:50
comicinkernyRednek: DVD slideshows? tried devede?02:50
Out_Coldgwop, if you take the time to learn LVMs you can make dynamic disks that you can change according to your needs02:51
histoAnyone know how I can blow out a users settings taking them back to default?02:51
histoJust delete .gconf?02:51
epaphusIt worked kejava thanks :)02:51
histoDefault gnome I should specify sory02:51
nyRednekcomicinker, i'm slowly working into doing some stuff that is going to involve some more advanced processing02:51
epaphusI messed up trying to configure my external HDMI screen02:51
kejavaepaphus: great!  glad i could help :)02:51
tornOut_Cold, I think he just wants a traditional Ubuntu installation.02:51
nyRednekcomicinker, putting different video sources in boxes within the final video02:51
nyRednekcomicinker, will that do it?02:51
Out_Coldtorn, yea.. but throwing the idea out there02:52
histonvm i'll remove .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity02:52
Out_Coldlike i said earlier... 1 problem has 30 solutions ;)02:52
tornOut_Cold, it's cool.02:52
gwoptorn, http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/6835/screenshotin.png02:52
comicinkernyRednek: just try them all out. for advanced video editing, use jashaka or blender02:52
tornOut_Cold, with Windows, 1 solution generates 30 problems.02:52
Out_Coldso true02:52
nyRednekcomicinker, i thought blender was more solid modeling?02:53
torngwop, you're ready to roll.02:53
gwoptorn, thanks02:53
comicinkerblender is everything. it will make your live better.02:53
epaphusSo now.. I have a laptop.. and Id like to mirror my screen to the HDMI connected LCD panel...  by defualt it should always do that.. whats the bets way to do it?02:53
nyRednekcomicinker, a good tutorial for blender?(don't say rtfm)02:53
torngwop, anytime.02:54
comicinkernyRednek: rtfm. google? blender.org?02:54
torngwop, I'm not even a knowledgeable Linux user. I had used Windows for so long, but made the switch.02:54
torngwop, I'm still learning a lot of things as I go along. I doubt I'll ever figure out the super-elite advanced stuff, hehe.02:54
monostoneis it possible to run a nameserver on a local network, without the nameserver being officially registered?02:55
Xodiac13ewp: im back02:55
comicinkernyRednek: the best source is often the original home page. gimp is a good example02:55
Xodiac13ewp: how do i test to see it it worked02:55
ewpXodiac13, glxinfo | grep direct02:55
torncomicinker, jashaka has been ported to Linux? (I know, I'm slow.)02:55
blue-frogmonostone: yes02:55
Xodiac13ewp: k02:55
ewpXodiac13, does it say 'yes' ?02:55
Xodiac13ewp: it said yes02:55
ewpXodiac13, congrats you have 3d02:56
Xodiac13ewp: how do i check to see if my 3d is working02:56
Xodiac13ewp: thank you but is there something like fglxgears02:56
movelahow do i setup cheese? the app is working but the taking a pic/vid does not02:56
ewpXodiac13, well glxgears is what people like to look at for testing 3d02:56
gwoptorn, im still trying to understand the mount points part what is difference in / and /home?02:56
akatsukihow to determine gnome version?02:56
movelai know it worked the first time i did a clean install02:56
ewpXodiac13, fglrxgears02:56
Xodiac13ewp: dang lol it runs even better02:56
blue-froggwop: / is c:\  /home is d:\02:56
comicinkertorn: has it ever been windows only?02:57
ewpXodiac13, lol i was beginning to worry if i broke your xorg02:57
=== a1g is now known as alex4
Xodiac13ewp: it said command not found02:57
torngwop, / is the root partition. /home is where use home folders are located. This is the partition where each user saves their files, music, pictures, videos, etc. It is also where program settings are saved (in hidden folders that start with a period ".")02:57
Xodiac13ewp: how do i get to use fglrxgears02:57
blue-froggwop: if you ever separated your stuff in windows02:57
ewpXodiac13, it must just be glxgears then my bad02:57
nyRednekwasn't sure there was a blender.org02:57
torncomicinker, I'm not sure. I remember my cousin was using it on Windows a while back.02:57
nyRednekcomicinker, so...02:57
Xodiac13ewp: okay nice02:57
gwopahhh ok i see02:57
ewpXodiac13, whatever command gives you taht cool box with 3d gears02:57
Xodiac13ewp: it runs better than the drivers in hardware drivers02:57
gwopand what did the swap partition do?02:57
gwopor for02:57
Xodiac13ewp: lol02:57
blue-froggwop: pagefile02:57
ewpXodiac13, now go enable visual effect and compiz ;-)02:58
Xodiac13ewp: o yeah i love compiz woot woot02:58
torngwop, if you don't create a /home partition, then /home will simply act as a folder on the / partition. This is bad practice, since if you need to reinstall/reformat, all your personal files will vanish.02:58
=== alex4 is now known as alex1
nmatrix9Hey guys I'm encountering a fsck.ext3 e2fsck_read_bitmaps illegal bitmap blockv for /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol02 preventing from booting any tips on how to repair it?02:58
soreauXodiac13: glxinfo|grep renderer02:58
monostoneblue-frog, I've setup and configured tinydns on a server on my local network, dnsq or dig @ commands answer correctly, but when i try dnsqr or dig, it skips my nameserver and goes to global servers. How can I avoid this? My goal is to setup a complex dev environment which mimics a production setup.02:58
ewpsoreau, he's got a yes02:58
gwopahh ok i see now02:59
ewpsoreau, using fglrx driver now, not radeonhd02:59
soreauewp: That means nothing. YOu can have direct rendering while using software rasterizer02:59
Xodiac13ewp: soreau: OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 435002:59
comicinkernmatrix9: fsck -fy ?02:59
soreauXodiac13: fglrxinfo should talk about ati. And the program you're looking for is fgl_glxgears02:59
nmatrix9comicinker yeah already tried that and did a reboot still get that same error03:00
Xodiac13soreau: nice03:00
ewpsoreau, ah so there is a glxgears for fglrx03:00
Xodiac13soreau: where do i get it03:00
torngwop, but keeping / and /home as seperate partitions (mounted in these two locations, respectively) then you could literally format/install another distro on the / partition (sda6), and leave the /home partition (sda7) unformatted (but mount sda7 to /home during the installation). Then, you can continue with all of your personal files and settings still in tact, while on a new Linux installation.03:00
soreauewp: Sort of.. it's glxgears rendered on sides of a rotating cube03:00
=== alex1 is now known as a1g
Xodiac13soreau: o sweet03:00
ewpyou know, i may replace this radeon driver with fglrx now :-P03:01
Xodiac13soreau: it runs like heaven on earth03:01
soreauXodiac13: Where do you get what? Just type fgl and press tab a couple times03:01
kejavamovela: are you sure you video device is being created as /dev/video0.  on my system, cheese defaults to use that device, at least that's what gconf-editor shows.03:01
=== zenmij_ is now known as GreyBeard
Xodiac13ewp: dang man thank you so much its like heaven with the graphics like this want a screen shot03:01
seyfarthis there something in bash similar to windows' ipconfig?03:01
monostoneblue-frog, i don't want to use the hosts file to force my private domain names (e.g. web1.server.internal, mail.server.internal, ns.server.internal) I need my local nameserver to resolve these names03:01
genii-aroundseyfarth: ifconfig03:01
Xodiac13ewp: really good frame rate to man03:01
gwoptorn, nice03:01
seyfarthgenii-around: thanks03:02
genii-aroundseyfarth: Welcome03:02
ewpXodiac13, im good man on the ss haha, any time03:02
nmatrix9comicinker I'm running it again it's more verbose this time03:02
Xodiac13ewp: ss?03:02
ewpXodiac13, screenshot03:02
movelathats what mine shows too dev/video0 kejava03:02
ewpXodiac13, i believe you offered one or w/e03:02
comicinkernmatrix9: I'm afraid I cant help you03:02
Xodiac13ewp: yeah03:02
nmatrix9comicinker, any idea what causes it?03:02
ewpseyfarth, did you see my correction to your xorg.conf last night?03:02
obiwan__hi 1 question please, why stopping a job, then type jobs -l to get the pid, i do kill (pid) and doesn't work? even with sudo, i need to kill it with -903:03
blue-frogmonostone: set up dynameic updates03:03
ewpseyfarth, on pastebin03:03
comicinkerobiwan__ kill -9 pid03:03
Xodiac13ewp: well have a good one and keep up the good work and us windows people switching over to ubuntu linux i switched to linux for good i dont like Windoz03:03
=== a1g is now known as alex3
seyfarthewp: I don't think so.03:03
Xodiac13ewp: have a good one and take care03:03
ewpXodiac13, aight man come back whenever03:03
movelakejava: when i did a clean install cheese worked. i installed some appz and it couldn't now03:03
Xodiac13ewp: cool peace03:03
obiwan__yeah comicinker , but -9 is when a process is considered important by the system, so it regrets to kill it. A  simple ls, isn't important. I shouldn't need the -903:04
ewpseyfarth, have you gotten the dual monitors working?03:04
seyfarthewp: think you got the wrong guy :)03:04
ewpseyfarth, ah sorry haha03:04
=== alex3 is now known as alex1
comicinkerobiwan__ -9 means SIGKILL. I don't think it is has something to do what the system considers to be important03:05
=== alex1 is now known as a1g
kejavamovela: does the /dev/video0 device actually exist?  check to make sure.  you may also want to try some other video apps too: gqcam and camorama03:07
comicinkerobiwan__ and kill needs you to specify a signal. kill pid won't work. maybe use  kill -15 pid.03:07
monostoneblue-frog, is that the correct solution to my issue? I would like to understand why my setup is failing, the same setup on a production environment with registered nameservers works flawlessly. isn't it possible to setup my local nameserver as the initial authority?03:07
movelathnaks kejava03:08
blue-frogmonostone: I am not in your local setup. I do not know what you wrote to achive what. Just saying that having dns locally automatically updated when local clients connect to the network works fine03:09
obiwan__ahh ok comicinker  i was mistaken then, thanks :)03:09
kejavamovela: both of those apps offer some nice command line parameters that could be useful03:09
monostoneblue-frog, yes i understand03:10
blue-frogmonostone: then if a client is looking straight for the root servers, tell him to search your domain first03:10
blue-frogmonostone: resolv.conf       search my-domain03:10
monostoneblue-frog, you're right! I forgot about that completely03:11
blue-frogmonostone: not to speak about the nameserver IP there's in it03:11
monostoneblue-frog, yes , obviously i have my local nameserver defined in resolv.conf. like i mentioned, local dig or dnsq commands return correct responses03:13
lang2000why the first step update kernel to 2.6.3103:14
movelathanks kejava... also it says there is no such device or could not connect (dev/video0)03:15
qe2eqeIs there a way to look at a process called python and see what it's doing?03:15
qe2eqenvm, answer is ps -A -f03:15
kejavamovela: do you get anything when you type "ls /dev/video0" at the command line?03:16
damion_dark8is anyone in here?03:17
damion_dark8ok m.03:17
damion_dark8i jsut found out i can sucessfully inject packets. woo hoo@03:17
musikgoatdamion_dark8: do you have a support question?  thats kind of offtopic03:18
movelakejava ----> ls: cannot access dev/video0: No such file or directory03:18
damion_dark8no. sorry. i will control my outbursts03:18
kejavamovela: is this a usb cam or integrated cam?03:18
movelaoops.. my mistake it says /dev/video003:18
movelakejava: its a built in webcam03:19
movela~ $ ls /dev/video003:19
kejavamovela: hold on, i'm testing out my cam.  it's usb but should behave in a similar way.03:20
erikk71MY PC NEEDS MORE RAM03:20
erikk71ONLY HAVE 256MB03:21
genii-arounderikk71: If you have less than about 256Mb, perhaps consider an Xubuntu install03:21
e3coerikk71:  too much03:21
=== adante_ is now known as adante
e3coerikk71:  you could try opengeu03:21
movelathanks kejava03:21
=== Cocoabean_ is now known as Cocoabean
zebastianok, here's the deal,  I am this NGO i frequent, I have a wireless card on my laptop, I know this because i have sysco N router at home and I can easily connect to  wireless networks at places, but when I come here it won't work, wicd won't connect, even if i put  in the IP in what happens is  that it says connecting then it says obtaining ip and then it says it failed to obtain ip, which makes no sense as it's just we03:22
erikk71IM RUNNING LXDE03:22
erikk71INSTEAD OF GNOME03:22
kenthey guys whats up03:22
e3coerikk71:  sounds good to me03:22
genii-arounderikk71: Also perhaps consider un-locking the capslock :)03:22
e3cokent:  whats up03:22
ctmjrerikk71: loss the caps03:22
nic_seltzer1WPA2support in Ubuntu. Supported?03:22
CocoabeanI have a bridged interface consisting of eth0 and tap0. Whenever I enable the bridge I add the interfaces to br0, give br0 eth0's old settings, and set a default gateway. I can get to the outside internet but I can no longer get into the box as I could when eth0 was not bridged. Any idea where i should look?03:22
* danielsh *finally* finds the list of official sources.list mirrors... 03:23
e3conic_seltzer1:  yes03:23
erikk71whats opengeu\03:23
nic_seltzer1e3co: how?03:23
musikgoatThe installer is in what package?03:23
kenti am running ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition on a computer that only has 191 MB RAM and a 900MHz processor and it runs great03:23
nic_seltzer1 I am trying to connect to WPA2-TKIP via the NM Applet. The AP is hidden. When attempting to connect to the AP, I am prompted for the password then immediately told that the connection failed.03:23
musikgoatspecifically the installer on a live cd?03:23
Cocoabeandanielsh: google 'ubuntu sources.list generator'03:23
kentyes i got a requested cd from ubuntu03:24
zebastianok, here's the deal,  I am this NGO i frequent, I have a wireless card on my laptop, I know this because i have sysco N router at home and I can easily connect to  wireless networks at places, but when I come here it won't work, wicd won't connect, even if i put  in the IP in what happens is  that it says connecting then it says obtaining ip and then it says it failed to obtain ip, which makes no sense as it's just  a wep passphrase, right now i am con03:24
zebastiannected to the wired cable modem that is connected to the wireless.03:24
movelaerikk71: opengeu is an operating system.. ubuntu based with enlightenment desktop... still in developmental stages i might think... very eyecandyish03:24
ctmjr!info wpasupplicant | nic_seltzer103:24
ubottunic_seltzer1: wpasupplicant (source: wpasupplicant): client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i). In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.6-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 308 kB, installed size 816 kB03:24
zebastianit's an old linksys g router with hte antenae and all03:24
zebastianso somethign is not set up but i don't know what03:24
erikk71good wrong ram on ebay darm03:25
movelaerikk71: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZBGkuhiZCo03:25
nic_seltzer1ctmjr: Confirmed that I have the most up-to-date version of wpasupplicant03:25
erikk71throw the 256 ddr 3200 in garbage03:25
adantehow do i broadcast ping?03:26
=== yuanxin is now known as uman
=== zenmij is now known as GreyBeard
erikk71saw it03:26
genii-aroundadante: with the -b switch03:26
erikk71can lxde be install03:26
erikk71on it03:27
e3cozebastian:  if you only have wep you should just unsecure it. wep is so damn weak03:27
zebastiane3co, this is the way it goes: this is not my network, nor my router, it's the NGOs03:27
erikk71lxde is better than xfce03:27
zebastianit's set up on a windows computer03:28
zebastianand they're running a hostel too03:28
ctmjrnic_seltzer1: i do not use network-manager i do not know how to configure it to use wpa but you should have a .conf file for wpa03:28
zebastianso they have a web config with a passphrase required03:28
DreamsofanEagleHey, question03:28
zebastianthe goal here is, for me to connect like every other person03:29
zebastianas everyone else seems to be able to connect to this router but i03:29
e3cozebastian:  sorry you got me .. sounds like they don't like you03:29
movelaerikk71: i guess it can too. but it will be a lxde envronment.. log into lxde or log into enlightment03:29
zebastianbecause i have the password03:29
zebastiani have the password and i have access03:29
zebastianbut my computer won't connect03:30
DreamsofanEagleHow do I get DVDs to play? I know its dumb, but I seem to have issues03:30
e3cowell did you ever deny this web interface in your browser?03:30
zebastiannotice i am also the only person here using a linux system that i know of03:30
zebastianand this shitty old linksys routers are known to be hard to work iwth03:30
System-7Hello ubuntians, I require some small assistance... I use to know this one, unfortunately I've forgotten... how does one connect to a wireless network via command line? I've followed some "standard" tutorials online, using iwconfig, which seems to work okay, but when I get to getting the IP stuff from dhclient or dhcpcd, it never seems to work... I just get errors/time outs.03:30
erikk71my pc uses ddr 210003:31
koganeiokay, so I tried installing the adobe_flash_plugin_10 deb file, now when I open anything with Flash in Firefox, it crashes03:31
erikk71p4 dell got it 75 bucks shipped03:31
zebastianother people seem to be able to connect to it03:31
koganeisame if I try and go on the Firefox plugin page03:31
epaphusSo now.. I have a laptop.. and Id like to mirror my screen to the HDMI connected LCD panel...  by defualt it should always do that.. whats the bets way to do it?03:31
koganeiI tried uninstalling ff and reinstalling, same effect03:31
koganeinow sure how to remove the deb installation03:31
kejavamovela: sorry for the long delay.  looks like neither camorama or gqcam work with my camera anymore.  only cheese and ekiga.  so you may want to test with ekiga too.  have you tried tweaking some of the settings for cheese in gconf-editor?03:32
ctmjrSystem-7: what kind of security wep wpa or none03:32
kejavaDreamsofanEagle: are you having trouble playing encrypted DVDs or all DVDs?03:33
zebastiane3co: what's airtrack?03:33
erikk71i should have more ram in a week03:33
System-7I can start up X and Gnome and connect with knetworkmanager or the gnome network manager, and it works just fine, but I suspect I'm just doing something wrong in the command line (or like other things, Ubuntu handles this differently than most *nix)03:34
kejavaDreamsofanEagle: start by installing this package from the repositories: "ubuntu-restricted-extras"03:34
koganeiso how do I remove a deb install? (I can't look it up, because Firefox ain't working03:34
System-7I'd rather not have to have X running just for wireless03:34
e3cozebastian:  you are connected through a hard line now? yes03:35
stealth-System-7: it should be as easy then as setting the ssid and dhclient. What errors are you getting?03:35
DreamsofanEagleMovie Player gives me the error, "Cannot open location, you might not have permission to open the file"03:35
stealth-System-7: if theres no security, it should be a breeze03:35
erikk71now find home for ddr 3200 ram03:35
movelakejava: thanks alot03:35
kejavaDreamsofanEagle: heh, i believe i've seen that message for encrypted dvds, i just recall it was very misleading03:36
System-7I do an [i]iwconfig wlan0 essid "linksys" [/i] then [/i]dhclient wlan0[/i] but dhclient just keeps returning something about intervals and dhcpcd times out.03:36
DreamsofanEagleits not encrypted03:36
System-7"linksys" being the name of my wireless network03:36
DreamsofanEagleits an SG-1 disk, I can read it under windows03:37
e3cooh sg-1 !03:37
DreamsofanEagleUbuntu just refuses to see it03:37
DreamsofanEaglewell, it sees it, just won't play it03:37
DreamsofanEaglebefore I did the updates it gave me the error about needing a plugin03:37
e3cohave you install the restricted packages? DreamsofanEagle03:37
* DreamsofanEagle is a complete noob03:38
kejavae3co: that's what i just suggested.  he may need a walk through with synaptic03:38
rugWhy is the permissions on /home/ allow any user to access any other account? and/or what chmod should I use to deny users the abilty to read/list other accounts files?03:38
e3cokejava:  I got this one03:38
kejavaDreamsofanEagle: have you used Synaptic Package Manager before?03:38
System-7woops igonore those tags in my commands lol03:38
kejavae3co: ok :)03:38
stealth-System-7: have you tried running dhclient without specifying the interface?03:39
n8tuserrug are you sure allowed? allowed to do what?03:39
zebastiane3co: yes03:39
zebastiani am connected to the router through a wire now03:39
stealth-rug: chmod -R 750 /home/user03:40
rugI have created 3 users on my box.  usera userb and userc.    all 3 users can read/list any/all files in any home folder03:40
System-7oh wtf that worked stealth...03:40
rugstealth-: thanks03:40
stealth-System-7: ubuntu has "virtual devices", sometimes these can conflict with just selecting one interface03:40
System-7lol I feel like I tried that b4 and it didn't work... apparently not :) thankies03:41
n8tuserzebastian-> you're trying to have two interfaces on same subnet still?03:41
zebastiani am trying to figure out03:41
zebastianwhy i can't conect to hte wireless03:41
stealth-rug: keep in mind that the 5 will allow people in the users groups to read and execute the files, still.03:41
zebastianwhen everyone can03:41
FloodBot2zebastian: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:41
zebastianusing the same apssword03:41
koganeiso when I try "sudo dpkg -p /home/koganei/Desktop/install_flash_player_10_linux.deb" it tells me the package is unavailable =/03:41
stealth-rug:  and np ;)03:41
zebastianwhen usually in other places i can03:41
rugstealth, yeah I am not worried about the groups, just the various users03:41
zebastiani don't like to have to operate in the office only03:41
stealth-System-7: anytime :)03:41
stealth-rug: yeah, you should be good then.03:42
zebastiann8tuser: i am trying to connect to the wireless network03:42
zebastiannow clearly i don't know how to do that myself or i wouldnt be here03:42
n8tuserzebastian-> your AP?03:42
zebastianand i can't be here but  by connecting wired03:42
n8tuser!who | zebastian03:42
ubottuzebastian: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:42
zebastiann8tuser: AP?03:42
nomasteryodazebastian, what kind of card do you have in your laptop?03:42
n8tuserzebastian-> access point03:42
zebastiannomasteryoda: that's a great question, how do i check that on the terminal?03:43
quantumst8hey.. wondering if someone can point me to somewhere with a guide on how to get flash working in Ubuntu 8.0403:43
zebastiann8tuser: what do i have to do to figure out the AP?03:43
leaf-sheep!flash | quantumst803:43
ubottuquantumst8: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:43
leaf-sheep!flash64 | quantumst803:43
ubottuquantumst8: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:43
n8tuserzebastian-> if i recall last night, i advise that you dont do a dual interface into same subnet.. dont have both ethernet and wifi on same subnet03:43
zebastiannomasteryoda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/275007/03:43
stealth-n8tuser: out of curiosity, why would that be a bad idea?03:44
n8tuserzebastian-> your AP?  or neighboors?03:44
nomasteryodaoh joy zebastian ... broadcom BCM431203:44
n8tuserstealth--> unless he knows how to get the route table correctly , the packet will get confused on which nic to come out of03:44
=== bullgard is now known as bullgard4
nomasteryoda!broadcom | zebastian03:44
ubottuzebastian: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:44
stealth-n8tuser: ah, I see. Thanks ;)03:45
zebastiann8tuser: i am not trying to have my cake and eat here will ya? i am not trying to double connect, i am trying to connect wireless but i need to talk to you all and for that i have to connect wired03:45
jhouseMy wireless icon starts out greyed out and sometimes does not realize it can connect to anything for quite a while.  Any ideas why that would be?03:45
zebastiannomasteryoda: much appreciated but the card is not hte issue., the card works wonders, it does at home, it does and my gf's home it works at mcdonalds03:45
zebastianit just doesnt' work here for some reason03:45
n8tuserzebastian-> i understand your delimna, anyhow, you have the infamous broadcom chip that cause many men to loss hair..  :P03:46
zebastiann8tuser: my AP is called cap03:46
nomasteryodaI replaced my broadcom cards in all my laptops ... cost me about 25$ per system03:46
n8tuserzebastian-> its yours right? the AP with essid cap ?03:46
zebastianTHE CHIP WORKS FINE! in my house i have a wireless N router03:47
zebastianthat's the NGO i work for03:47
stealth-!caps | zebastian03:47
ubottuzebastian: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:47
zebastianI was shouting for emphasis03:47
zebastiani don't have 25 bucks, this is a compaq cq-40 so i doubt there's much i can replace as most of it is integrated03:47
nomasteryodazebastian, encryption can cause issues on those chipsets, unless you are not using encryption on your home network03:47
stealth-But it could be considered rude, and we are volunteers so respect is probably a good idea, zebastian03:47
krishmishi dont have sound in ubuntu 9.0403:48
n8tuserzebastian-> our experience has been, broadcom chips 43xx family is difficult to make work on linux systems03:48
zebastianmy home has encryption03:48
n8tuserzebastian-> to prove it, you'd find lots of threads on this03:48
nomasteryodazebastian, almost all laptops come with mini-pci or similar port for either bluetooth or wifi cards ...03:48
zebastianmatter of fact i'll give you my password at home03:48
stealth-jhouse: its just the way network manager is programmed, I believe. It doesn't do the check until a certain interval comes up, If I remember correctly.03:49
n8tuserzebastian-> it wont do me any good knowingyour password.. lol03:49
nomasteryodazebastian, ok. if its aes & tkip, then you should change to just aes or just tkip and see if you can connect... do that on the AP03:49
krishmishi dont have sound in ubuntu 9.0403:49
jhousestealth: any way to adjust that interval?03:49
zebastiannomasteryoda: you're saying there's something like a usb plugabble deattachable gadget i can get to plug onto my laptop that will solve this issue?03:49
nomasteryodaoh no actual chip ... give me a minute to look up your model03:49
stealth-jhouse: without recompiling from source, I dont believe so. How long are you talking about, here?03:49
n8tusernomasteryoda-> i let you take the lead, but perhaps you start him off without the wep or wpa, just in hte clear til he can connect03:50
jhousestealth, it varies up to about a minute or two03:50
stealth-jhouse: hmmmm, I dont think that would be the interval check then. Unfortunately, past that I dont have much of an idea how to diagnose the problem03:51
zebastiannomasteryoda: ^03:51
ewpkrishmish, have you maxed all bars in 'alsamixer'?03:51
=== mano_ is now known as zoopie
krishmishewp: lemme check03:51
nomasteryodazebastian, yes can you turn off encryption and see if it will connect then?03:52
krishmishewp: yeah03:52
igsenstart with the basics check all cables03:52
igsenThat was for krishmis03:53
krishmishewp: but still i cant play sound03:53
krishmishewp: hmm yeah...im on a dual boot machine03:53
zebastiannomasteryoda: no, it's not my network, it's configured by others and i am not allowed to it03:53
tux9778do blackberrys work with this os?03:53
ewptry the tests in system > prefs > sound03:53
krishmishewp: i can play the sound in windows03:53
zebastiani only have access to connect but not to reconfigure03:54
zoopie> fish03:54
krishmishewp: just did an update...lemme restart and see.03:54
krishmishewp: will be back in a minute please!!!03:54
sykanyone have a guide or anything for a "quicker" ubuntu startup, like disabling non needed things from starting  up?03:54
nomasteryodazebastian,  see page 49 of this guide for your laptop... its a mini-pci express card it seems. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=6&url=http%3A%2F%2Fh10032.www1.hp.com%2Fctg%2FManual%2Fc01531211.pdf&ei=Huq2SuS7H4X0Mfza3doO&usg=AFQjCNFUcxJbTiCtmYwjKkjhNvy4RXPu6w&sig2=r5hpsMFNdQn4vgOVrb4eYA03:54
nomasteryodasorry for the long url03:55
genii-aroundsyk: Put at the end of the grub kernel loading line for one boot:  profile            boot it up and it will try to streamline stuff a bit. Takes sometimes 20-30 seconds off subsequent boots03:56
nomasteryodalooks like that system also shipped with the intel card, which works perfectly on aes&tkip both as well as on open networks  with all Linux distros03:56
CocoabeanI'm looking for someone who knows bridges well. I made a bridge of my server's interface and now I cannot access it unless I am on the switch03:56
=== hlfshell is now known as newbie_elec
krishmishewp: u there?03:56
krishmishewp: :-)03:57
nomasteryodazebastian, 480985-001 is the HP spare part number03:57
dsreddyHello ChanServ. While I was installing OALD7, it shows a windows without text on it. Please help me installing Oxford Dictionary 703:57
krishmishafter the restart, i still cant hear the sound03:57
RukusXhello everyone. I have an issue with usb 2.0 and my external hard drive. I connect the drive and it tells me using dmesg | grep usb that i havea connected a high speed device but its only running at full speed and to connect to a high speed hub. I have tested usb 2.0 with my thumb drive and it works at full usb 2.0 speeds. What do you figre the issue is?03:57
zoopieis there anyway i can stop ubuntu for user/pass on boot up?03:57
krishmishewp:  i did a linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` linux-generic03:58
ewpyou know what kind of audio card you have?03:58
zebastiannomasteryoda: one sec please, but again, is there some device i can get03:58
zebastianthat i can usb plug03:58
zebastianto connect03:58
zebastianfor cheap03:58
FloodBot2zebastian: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:58
krishmishewp: i gotta check03:58
krishmishewp: how do i find it?03:58
ewpkrishmish, lspci | grep Audio03:58
zebastiannomasteryoda: downloading that file to view it03:59
krishmishewp: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)03:59
babyGreeveWith/Without - and who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about?03:59
babyGreeve    -- Pink Floyd03:59
zebastiannomasteryoda: is there a universal wireless device i can externally use to connect by pluging it usb though? is that what you meant by changing your laptops for less than 25 bucks04:00
RukusXanyone have any input on the usb 2.0 issues? and also i try ti unload ehci_hdc module to try to unload and reload to see if there is a difference and it comes back with an error saying FATAL" ehci_hdc modules not found"04:00
babyGreevehubub, hubub, HUBUB, hubub, hubub, hubub, HUBUB, hubub, hubub, hubub.04:00
babyGreeve"For the man who has everything... Penicillin."04:00
babyGreeve -- F. Borquin04:00
babyGreeve  "For I perceive that behind this seemingly unrelated sequence04:00
babyGreeveof events, there lurks a singular, sinister attitude of mind."04:00
FloodBot2babyGreeve: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:00
babyGreeve  "Whose?"04:00
saruHello guys04:00
saruNew install of Ubuntu :)04:00
babyGreeveIncorrectly configured static routes on the corerouters.04:00
nomasteryodazebastian, nope I meant the best way, by replacing what you have inside... not an integrated part, but a clip in that fits much like a ram chip04:01
ewpkrishmish, go to System > Prefs > Sound and set playback to HDA Intel (ALSA)04:01
babyGreeveLearning without thought is labor lost;04:01
scatterpis there an application gui that will allow me to access windows shares and copy files to them ?04:01
babyGreevethought without learning is perilous.04:01
babyGreeve    -- Confucius04:01
saruI was wondering if anyone knew if Ubuntu 9.04 comes with Beryl?04:01
nomasteryodathen you won't have to keep up with a usb wifi thing...04:01
babyGreeveYou know you're using the computer too much when:04:01
babyGreeverun emerge -C brother when your brother takes over your PC to play a game.04:01
babyGreeve  -- C J Pro04:01
babyGreeveFor good, return good.04:01
babyGreeveFor evil, return justice.04:01
FloodBot2babyGreeve: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:01
genii-around!ot | babyGreeve04:02
ubottubabyGreeve: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:02
babyGreeveThere is no distinction between any AI program and some existent game.04:02
bastid_raZorsaru: no, compiz instead.. i believe beryl is dead now.04:02
krishmishewp: ok04:02
ewpkrishmish, hit Test next to it04:02
zebastiannomasteryoda: ok,  why am i looking at a manual for my laptop?  i mean sure thank you i hadn't seen that before but what am i suposed to do that04:02
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz04:02
krishmishewp: testing in progress04:02
sarubastid_raZor, how do i activate compiz or do i have to install it via add/remove programs?04:02
ewpkrishmish, if that shows an error box, try ALSA - Advanced...04:02
ewpkrishmish, must be a volume problem then04:03
zebastiannomasteryoda: unless waht you're trying to tell me is that i do have the option to change waht's on the inside for less than 25 bucks too?04:03
nomasteryodazebastian, its my best-case solution for putting in a new card... of which I posted the link ^04:03
ewpkrishmish, right click the sound applet on the gnome panel and open prefs04:03
krishmishewp: still testing04:03
zebastiannomasteryoda: which particular card do you recomend considering my OS and laptop?04:03
nomasteryodazebastian, http://www.getpartsonline.com/480985-001.html?source=googlebase&code=480985-00104:03
bastid_raZorsaru: system>preferences>appearances then the visual tab .04:03
ewpkrishmish, close the testing box04:03
scatterpis there an application gui that will allow me to access windows shares and copy files to them ?04:03
krishmishewp: ok04:03
nomasteryodawill work for all your Linux need since intel has the firmware shipping with current Linux distros04:04
ewpkrishmish, open the volume control04:04
dsnydersscatterp, places->network?04:04
ewpkrishmish, then open preferences and check everything and close it, then move all the levels to the top04:04
sarubastid_raZor, just says None / Normal / Extra04:04
krishmishewp: i had set all the playback options to HDA Intel ALC888 Digital04:04
nomasteryodazebastian, and notice the line on the page for that card which states Linux is supported04:05
bastid_raZorsaru: correct, choose nomral or extra.. also you should install this.04:05
scatterpdsnyders, sorry i dont see that i am using backtrack 4 its ubuntu based04:05
bastid_raZor!ccsm | saru04:05
ubottusaru: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:05
nomasteryodazebastian, as well as its an "n" card04:05
zebastiannomasteryoda: so you're saying, that if(in costa rica) go and get this card, which will probably have to be shipped here for 20 bucks and then get it installed which will probably cost like 10 bucks04:05
zebastianit will fix this here problem i have connecting to the peace centre's wifi?04:05
saruwhat is better, ccsm or compizconfig-settings-manager?04:05
scatterpdsnyders, is there some app i could apt-get from the ubuntu repositorys or some command line way to get to places -> networking04:05
nomasteryodazebastian, you can install it yourself... following that manual04:05
zebastiannomasteryoda: N card?04:06
nomasteryodaa/b/g/n it is04:06
=== usser_ is now known as usser
dsnydersscatterp, try nautilus04:06
bastid_raZorsaru: compizconfig-settings-manager04:06
zebastiannomasteryoda: English04:06
nomasteryodazebastian, its a, b, g, and draft-n04:06
scatterpdsnyders, one sec let me grab that brb04:06
krishmishewp: ok done04:06
dsnydersscatterp, hang on.04:06
ewptest the sound krishmish04:07
nomasteryodawireless network standards 802.11a, b, g and n04:07
scatterpdsnyders, ok im in kde btw04:07
zebastiannomasteryoda: what does that mean?04:07
nomasteryodajust that it fully supports all wifi networks you would come across for the next several years04:07
dsnydersscatterp, what do you use to browse files?04:07
sarubastid_raZor, i only see Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm) and Compiz Fusion Icon under add/remove applications04:07
bastid_raZorsaru: use apt-get or synaptic04:08
soreausaru: Sys>prefs>appearance>visual effects tab>Extra04:08
ewpkrishmish, i must go for now. may be on later. good luck04:08
krishmishewp: im getting sound...but very low04:09
LucidGuyAnyone know anything about USB drives.  I powered on my external USB drive which once was a large 500gb dos partition.  Today according to gparted there are no partions AHHH!  I even tried it on a Vista box and same thing.  Anyone know how to restore this.. Im assuming I need my partition info repaired or something.04:09
nomasteryodazebastian, also you can check this page - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported04:09
zebastiannomasteryoda: so you say , buy it and problem solved?04:10
krishmishewp: thanx04:10
krishmishewp: for so far04:10
rwwI have a couple of Ubuntu CDs that I forgot to label when I burned them. How can I tell whether one is a Desktop or Alternate CD without booting up from it?04:10
RukusXhello everyone. I have an issue with usb 2.0 and my external hard drive. I connect the drive and it tells me using dmesg | grep usb that i havea connected a high speed device but its only running at full speed and to connect to a high speed hub. I have tested usb 2.0 with my thumb drive and it works at full usb 2.0 speeds. What do you figre the issue is?04:10
RukusXanyone have any input on the usb 2.0 issues? and also i try ti unload ehci_hdc module to try to unload and reload to see if there is a difference and it comes back with an error saying FATAL" ehci_hdc modules not found"04:10
zebastiannomasteryoda: you never explained to me the value of the N04:10
zebastianwhat does that mean?04:11
zebastianis it good? bad?04:11
nomasteryodavery fast wifi04:11
zebastiannomasteryoda: so buy this and problem solved?04:11
nomasteryodaI would recommend that for your zebastian04:12
sarubastid_raZor, do i need to restart my windows manager after installing compizconfig-manager-settings?04:12
sykhow come in my sound it only works half way and up? its like there is no levels of volume from half way down04:12
scatterpor erm04:12
scatterpin windows i would just do \\\d and it would take me right to it04:12
mojohello everyone, I would like to ask can I use Recovery Mode to convert ext3 to ext4?04:12
zebastiannomasteryoda: well yes but you know 20-30$ vs a couple of hours fiddling, couple of hours fiddling always wins04:13
mojohello everyone, I would like to ask can I use Recovery Mode to convert ext3 to ext4? I do not have CD-ROM, I got an installed system04:13
scatterpdsnyders, sorry i got disconnected how ever your tips before i did got me to figureing it out thanks for all the help04:13
zebastianbut if you say that it will solve it nomasteryoda04:13
bastid_raZorsaru: no, you need to have selected normal or extra.. if no errors then compiz is enabled and running04:13
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
dsnydersscatterp, You're welcome.  Backtrack 4 looks interesting.04:13
scatterpits pretty good fun04:14
dsnydersscatterp, I may try loading it onto a USB04:14
saruok i keep trying to figure out how to do the 3D desktop etc and im not seeing options or shortcuts for the keys to push04:14
scatterpdsnyders,  its based around usb best to try it in a vm first04:14
soreausaru: What do you have selected in Visual Effects tab of gnome-appearance=properties?04:14
nomasteryodaif you want the best solution, that is my solution. I would not hesitate to purchase that card. All, I repeat "all" of the Intel cards I've purchased have worked even as far back as Ubuntu Warty04:14
scatterpdsnyders,  if you have a nvidia card check cuda04:14
sarubastid_raZor, i've got it set to extra right now, and when i move windows and such the effects do work04:14
nomasteryodaall internal cards.04:15
cesar_hola mundo04:15
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest35511
Guest35511hello world04:15
monostoneI have correctly installed and configured dnscache + tinydns. I have tested dnscache via a tail -f logfile, and it is correctly cacheing content. Now, I am setting up a development/test environment, so I am using internal IP's, but i can NOT manage, to get tinydns to resolve the domains on my local network (commands dnsq a host IP and dig @IP host return correct responses, but dnsqr host, dig host and dig @IP -x IP all fail). My resolv.04:15
monostoneconf has defined as nameserver, i even added a search domain.internal, but nothing. I am forced to add the entry to the hosts file, but i want to avoid this, any ideas?04:15
nomasteryodaand with that help, i must bid you good day zebastian ... time for some shut-eye.04:15
Guest35511I have a question04:16
soreausaru: That means compiz is working. What else do you want to do?04:16
sarubastid_raZor, lol im stupid i forgot to open the compiz manager and set the settings there :)04:16
damioni was messing around with the aircrack suite, and somehow i've disabled my wireless.04:16
damionits greyed out04:16
bastid_raZorsaru: i don't know all the little tweaks of compiz. there is a #compiz channel. soreau knows much more than I.04:16
Guest35511My ethernet wire RJ 45 does not work in ubuntu 9.404:16
genii-aroundmonostone: You may find more enlightening answers in #ubuntu-server04:16
Guest35511How can I make it work?04:16
saruI just wanted the configuration window for rotating the desktop etc and its under the manager :)04:16
webb82fok im trying to install a new driver for my 945 integrated intel card  how can i tell what driver i have  or how can i install the 2.4.3 driver04:16
monostonegenii-around, ok, ill try there04:16
webb82fplease help04:16
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
dsnydersscatterp, no real need for parallel processing just yet.  I think I'd be better off dumping my 800MHz machine for something faster.04:17
saruwould it still work under the KDE environment as well soreau04:17
soreausaru: Yes, but you have to enable it differently04:18
sarusoreau, well Ubuntu just comes with gnome desktop correct?04:18
musikgoatsaru: by default04:18
sarumeaning from the default install of the live cd04:19
* danielsh was about to say 'thanks' to Cocoabean, but he just left... :(04:19
dsnyderssaru, there is also KUbuntu which comes with kde04:19
soreausaru: ubuntu, yes but you can install kde desktop04:19
soreausaru: kubuntu comes with kde by default04:19
genii-around!info kubuntu-desktop04:19
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.122 (jaunty), package size 21 kB, installed size 48 kB04:19
linxehor you can install kde, or just the bits you need04:19
* danielsh had connection problems04:19
saruwell what is the biggest difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu, just KDE vs Gnome?04:19
linxehheh that package size is deceiving :)04:19
linxehsaru: yes04:19
soreausaru: yes04:19
linxehsaru: and muchos clutter04:19
saruwhich one has more clutter?04:20
soreaukde =bloat04:20
linxehKDE = visual clutter04:20
genii-aroundlinxeh: Hehe yes it's definitely not any 21K thats for sure04:20
linxehits ugly as hell04:20
soreausaru: kde has the most klutter of them all ;)04:20
linxehGnome is nicer to look at, but functionally crap04:20
sarui'll probably end up sticking to Gnome then...04:20
scatterpdsnyders,  anyway thanks for the pointers erm so i am accessing it via smb:// i am trying to copy a file to it but im geting a could not write to smb://
saruim looking to maybe run Cedega on the laptop here.04:20
sarui don't need KDE taking up all my resources.04:21
dsnydersscatterp, You'd be subject to the network restrictions on the target machine.04:21
SnakDocthere a command to compare text files ?04:21
Guest35511I cannot configure my internet card in order to use a RJ45 wire in ubuntu 9.404:22
genii-aroundSnakDoc: "diff"04:22
SnakDocgenii-around thanks04:22
zebastiangood enough brbr04:23
damioncan smoene help me fix the wireless on ubuntu04:23
damioni was messing with aircrack....i restarted my computer.04:23
damionbut now i can't access the wireless network.04:23
damioni think i wrote something like, iwconfig wlan0 down or something like that.04:24
dsnydersdamion, iwconfig wlan0 up might fix it.04:24
damiondoesn't fix it04:25
damionI have wireless networks enabled....04:25
ctmjrnever fails they ask how to run aircrack then a couple hours later ask how to fix their wireless04:25
damionbut when I click on the icon WIRED NETWORK AND WIRELESS NETWORKS is greyed out04:26
damionhey its part of the learning process04:26
dsnydersctmjr, the signal is probably falling through the cracks in the air :-)04:26
ctmjrdsnyders: :)04:27
damionwireless networks are enables....just the option is greyed out.04:27
dsnydersdamion, sorry, I don't know enough about wireless config on linux to help.04:27
damionoh alright04:27
damionhow would i go about disabling and enabling my wireless card though.04:27
damionjust like in windows?04:27
RukusXdsynders: I have an issue with usb 2.0 and my external hard drive. I connect the drive and it tells me using dmesg | grep usb that i havea connected a high speed device but its only running at full speed and to connect to a high speed hub. I have tested usb 2.0 with my thumb drive and it works at full usb 2.0 speeds. What do you figre the issue is?04:28
saruOMG speaking of wireless cards....04:28
RukusXdsnyders rather04:28
saruwith Windows Vista, i plug in my AT&T Air Card, and it takes 20 minutes to setup04:28
sarui plugged it into Ubuntu and BAM up and running in 10 seconds!!04:28
sarui was sooo impressed04:28
RukusXyah vista = strange and annoying (at least to me)04:29
sarui've kind of wanted to try Windows 704:29
RukusXme too04:29
RukusXbut i could never leave ubuntu now04:29
RukusXits getting too good04:29
dsnydersRukusX, I suspect that it might be a "misprint".  The USB is probably working at full speed despite the message.04:30
RukusXbefore when i tried 7.04 for the first time i was like mehhh ubuntu is ok but man its a lot of messing around just to use a computer.. right? but into 9.04 HUGE improvement!  other than my usb 2.0 devices not  working!04:30
RukusXanyone wanna help with that?04:30
RukusXdsnyder a speedtest does not reflect that04:30
RukusXdsnyders timing was 1000kb/sec roughly04:31
sarumy only concern with linux is game support :(04:31
a_stray_shotmaybe just a cheap enclosure?04:31
dpuppis there a way to use ubuntu to check a windows partition for errors?04:31
RukusXi am sure it is not the best one. But it used  to run faster04:31
dsnyderssaru, Pysol seems to work fine.04:32
saruwhat is Pysol?04:32
dsnyderssaru, a Python based collection of solitare card games.04:32
mike45094 hey guys, so here's what I'm used to doing, see if you can change my life,  whenever I have a dev envionrment , I open up 5 consoles,  I usually name them php/mysql/html/css etc,  whenver I go to edit a php file I suspend a file ( via contorl + z ) and then use jobs to check my open jobs,  then I resume using %x,  is there a better way I could be doing this with screen or something else...?04:32
RukusXTiming cached reads:     2 MB in  2.09 seconds = 981.18 kB/sec  Timing buffered disk reads:    4 MB in  4.06 seconds = 1007.92 kB/sec04:33
RukusXdsnyders rather04:33
RukusXdsnyders: but when i connect my usb 2.0 thumb drive i get usb 2.0 speeds!04:33
sarui meant computer games like World of Warcraft, or Call of Duty, Tomb Raider : Underworld04:34
RukusXsaru wine now has directx support and virtualbox now supports hardware accelleration. to what extend performance and compatability are i am not sure.04:35
kapilmike45094: you can certainly have 1 screen session with different activities in each screen window.04:35
mike45094kapil: could you explain to me how to do this04:35
damionlspci | grep -i -E wireless\|ethernet04:36
saruyeah i installed Wine last night and ran WoW from my windows partition and it ran but really slow...04:36
damionwhat is the vertical line and where is it on the keyboard?04:36
damionlspci | grep -i -E wireless\|ethernet04:36
saruso im guessing my settings for wine configuration are wrong.04:37
damionis that an i or an l?04:37
kapilstart screen with "screen". You will get a command prompt (after the splash message). there you type something like "screen vi first_file.txt". This will open first_file.txt in a new screen window and so on. you switch between screen windows with "Ctrl+a"04:37
dsnydersRukusX, I'm not sure then.04:37
damionlspci | grep -i -E wireless\|ethernet04:37
RukusXdsnyders:  ur not the only one04:37
damionis this an i or an l in that command? i can't tell?04:37
kapilsee "info screen" for the documentation (or "man screen"). Also remember "Ctrl-a ?" for help.04:37
damionbetween lspci and grep04:37
ctmjrmike45094: see if this helps you http://www.ubuntugeek.com/screen-manages-multiple-sessions-on-one-terminal.html04:38
Omlettedamion: It's the letter between h and j.04:38
a_stray_shotdamion: its a pipe, and it is shift+backslash usually04:38
mike45094kapil I'm going to give this a shot, actually the reason I asked this is because I used to use Ctyl-a a lot04:38
mike45094like a year ago04:38
mike45094and I forgot how to go about doing this methodology etc04:38
bastid_raZordamion: that is a pipe. above enter key on most keyboards04:38
damionthat...hmm ive never even noticed that.04:39
damionits called a pipe?04:39
kapilmike45094: you can define the command key to be something other than Ctrl-a.04:39
a_stray_shotyeah, and it works just like a real one, damion04:39
eTiger13how can i tell what apt upgraded on the last upgrade i ran?04:40
damionim trying to figure out how the omputer would interpret it....like a switch or something?04:40
mike45094how do you name a session?04:40
damionat least i know what it is now04:40
mike45094I thought you could name a screen session with -S ?04:40
mike45094not child sessions though?04:40
Solaris444I have a very strange issue. I have an NEC laptop, and when I press the key (US Keyboard) that has | and \ on it, it instead shows me < and >04:41
Solaris444Any idea how to fix this, anyone?04:41
mike45094for example I want to do `screen vi README.txt` and have the session be called either... ReadMe.txt or TXT while I'm flipping through my screen sessions04:41
kapilmike45094: you can name screen windows with "Ctrl-a A"04:41
mike45094that seems like a bit much04:42
mike45094is there any other way to do that like on execute04:42
mike45094I would like to write a script, that's why I'm asking04:42
dsnydersdamion, linux commands take input from something called standard input, and send their output to standard output.  The pipe routes the output of one program into the input of another.04:43
kapilor you can invoke new commands on the screen command line (C-a :). there you can give a command like "screen -t Readme.txt vi README.txt".04:44
mike45094-t eh?04:44
kapilscreen -t test sh04:45
webb82fanyone know of a good alternative to the gnome start menu04:45
kapilmike45094: the above seems to work in my current screen session.04:45
damionso in the example i put04:46
damionlspci | grep -i -E wireless\|ethernet04:46
damionwhere would that "output' end up?04:46
genii-arounddamion: On the screen04:46
samdhow do i run a program (command line) in the background?04:47
dsnydersdamion, Unless otherwise specified the keyboard is the input, and the screen is output04:47
linxehsamd: & or screen04:47
samdlinxeh-> & didnt worked as the program keeps sending output, ill try screen04:48
linxehsamd: its still in the background04:48
pete_whats the safest way to have the option to choose between xfce and fluxbux, fluxbox installed second04:48
damioncna anyone help me get wireless networks ungreyed.04:48
dsnydersdamion, you can also send the output to a file using >04:48
damion> then filename?04:48
dsnydersdamion, exactly.04:48
samdlinxeh-> if i did ./prog &,,, and i contrl-C it, is it still runing?04:49
linxehsamd: yes, because you ctrl-c the shell, not your program04:49
bastid_raZorsamd: program & disown04:49
damioni typed > example.txt04:49
linxehsamd: check ps -ef etc04:49
damionnothing happened04:49
samdlinxeh-> ahhhh nice , didnt knew that, thanks04:49
samdbastid_raZor-> ight, tanks04:49
dsnydersdamion, you can do stuff like ls | sort >example.txt and it will create a file called example.txt consisting of a sorted list of your directory.04:50
castillevHey, will my installation work fine if I remove the Ubuntu-desktop? I just want to uninstall the Open office stuff.04:50
samdlinxeh-> i see it under ps -ef, thanks04:51
castillevWithout removing gnome.04:51
samdlinxeh->  what happens if i logout?04:51
damionand where would that file end up? on my desktop?04:51
scatterpdsnyders, sorry ran in to some problems every time i try to copy my 4.3gb file it says its stalled so i tried pinging google while i did as a sort of keep alive and it gives a error on the ping "no buffer space available" im guessing its copying to fast is there some way i can fix that ?04:51
dsnydersdamion, cat wordlist|sort|uniq|wc would print a count of the unique words in the file.04:52
GLGok as a preface i have an nvidia card installed on my LP running the xorg config driver and i want to use two screens both as seperate x screens however when the driver tries to save to the xorg.config.backup to enable two x screens it cannot i tried rm on the old file and now it says i can't make a new one any ideas?04:52
samdbastid_raZor-> what does disown do?? makes it run even if i logout?04:52
damionmy wireless is working again04:52
linxehsamd: with a & process it will likely die; with screen it will carry on04:52
=== s is now known as Guest20509
linxehsamd: generally screen is a better solution04:52
dsnydersdamion, it would place the file in the directory that you ran the command from.04:52
samdlinxeh-> i see, ill go for screen then, thanks04:52
dsnydersscatterp, either that or the destination is out of space.04:53
bastid_raZorsamd: no, disowns it from the terminal window04:53
legend2440GLG: in terminal type  gksudo nvidia-settings.  then you can save settings04:53
scatterpdestination has tons of space remember i cant ping google when i stall...04:53
samdbastid_raZor-> alright thanks04:53
_Trinity_hey all04:53
scatterpdsnyders,  destination has tons of space remember i cant ping google when i stall...04:53
nanotube!hi | _Trinity_04:53
ubottu_Trinity_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:53
_Trinity_say what does ubuntu list pendrives under /dev/ as? I don't see a sd* listing04:54
hossamhello i am trying to backup my 1.5TB drive, i just dragged and dropped the directories into the new drive, will this copy over my files marked as hidden as well?04:54
nanotube_Trinity_: if they are mounted, you can see them easily with command "mount" - it will show the device names in /dev for you04:54
scatterpdsnyders, is there a way to dramaticly increase the buffer space or to make it go slower ?04:54
dsnyders_Trinity_, removable disks are usually mounted under /media automatically.04:54
saruUbuntu uses Xorg correct?04:55
dsnydersscatterp, If it's not that, I don't know what to suggest.04:55
nanotubesaru: if you're running the gui, then yes04:55
_Trinity_dsnyders: not mine04:56
scatterpdsnyders, how can i convert my file.tgz in to a split archive that windows could recombine ?04:56
saruok thanks, I need to look to make sure its running in OpenGL or not.04:56
solarisBoyanyway to change my intro music on 8.10 ?04:57
=== ecanto is now known as ecanto-afk
_Trinity_ls /media --> cdrom cdrom0 non of which are my pendrive04:57
nanotubesaru: run "glxinfo | grep rendering" if it shows "yes" then you're good04:57
GLGlegend2440: ok i saved it now i still can't apply the crt x screen04:57
nanotube_Trinity_: is the pen drive formatted?04:57
nanotube_Trinity_: does it show up in the output of 'mount' command?04:57
venky80does anyone else have this issue http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=622057#p62205704:57
_Trinity_sure is04:58
saruit says yes04:58
nanotubesaru: so that means you have 3d accel enabled...04:59
sarudo you need opengl to run Compiz?04:59
genii-aroundNo, composite04:59
sarui noticed when i ran Wine yesterday with World of Warcraft it ran really slow framerate wise and im trying to figure out why.04:59
nanotubesaru: well, you should look up what the optimal settings are for your video card and driver...04:59
ceacrohi folks05:00
ceacroI have a problem05:00
saruthis is a generic laptop =o)05:00
nanotube!ask | ceacro05:00
ubottuceacro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:00
_Trinity_nanotube: what am I looking for there?05:00
ceacrowith my wire RJ 4505:00
nanotube_Trinity_: looking for where? :)05:00
saruruns WoW under Windows XP Pro "okay"05:00
ceacroubuntu does not recognize it05:00
_Trinity_nanotube: wunder the output of "mount"?05:00
mn3m0n1cmad wifi05:01
_Trinity_I see my partitions and a few otehr things I can't make out05:01
ceacroit recognizes my 3GSM usb modem and wireless05:01
nanotube_Trinity_: pastebin your mount output05:01
nanotube_Trinity_: also, pastebin your output of "sudo fdisk -l" (will list all disks, even if they're not mounted)05:01
ceacrobut does not identify the wire ethernet conection05:01
ceacrowhy is wrong with the conection?05:02
dsnydersceacro, what is it connected to?05:02
GLGdoes any1 know why i can't apply my x screen settings i saved them to /etc/X11/ and toggled some other stuff and i can't add my second screen as another x screen05:03
ceacroI have a wire connection that ubuntu does not recognize.05:03
ceacroit is a atheros wire card05:03
wrapsterI have a 17'' syncmaster crt monitor.. and soon after I installed ubuntu on my machine..  i've noticed that the monitor has begun to flicker insanely... what could be the problem and how can i resolve it? its almost impossible to look at the screen05:03
ctmjrsolarisBoy: yes in system > preferences > sound > sounds you can change it but it has to be in .wav format and not to long maybe 10 seconds or so to work05:04
dsnydersceacro, does it show up if you issue an ifconfig command.05:04
thiebaudeGLC, you tried gksudo gedet /etc/X11/xorg.conf?05:04
mo0nykitI'm trying to resurrect an old PC (Celeron 733 MHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB HDD). But I cannot format my HDD with the ext3 filesystem. What could possibly be wrong?05:04
solarisBoycool .. i was there but it appears i dont get the option to change,, was wondering do i need like sudo privs?05:04
soreausaru: You need opengl.. specifically you need drivers supporting the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension enabled and working with hardware rendering05:04
ceacrobut I see a lot of codes05:04
Nemesis1911hey guys05:04
GLGwhat should i add to the xorg.conf?05:04
ceacroI tried with fconfig05:05
dsnydersmo0nykit, have you partitioned the disk as ext3?05:05
dsnydersceacro, ifconfig05:05
dr3mrohi where i can suggest an idea for ubuntu 10.405:05
ceacroit shows a lot of codes I am not able to understand05:05
ctmjrsolarisBoy: on the login sound you should be able to click it and edit it without sudo05:06
Nemesis1911I gotta problem I installed Windows 7 and now I lost my Ubuntu its still there.. but how do I get multi boot screen up ???? Help please05:06
mo0nykitdsnyders, yup, i had it partitioned already. My first attempt was with the Minimal CD. When I got to the "write partition changes to disk", partitioning crashes at around 33%05:06
solarisBoyok let me try again05:06
^mNotIntelligenthello everyone !05:06
thiebaude!grub | Nemesis191105:06
ubottuNemesis1911: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:06
yinlongNemesis1911,you can recovery it05:06
GLGi would not know where to begin with a text file of my display config the most i've ever done is conky's config05:06
dr3mrohi where i can suggest an idea for ubuntu 10.405:06
ceacroit shows this:05:06
ceacroLink encap:Ethernet  direcciónHW 00:25:56:7b:ce:9805:07
ceacro          ARRIBA DIFUSIÓN MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Métrica:105:07
ceacro          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:005:07
ceacro          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:005:07
ceacro          colisiones:0 txqueuelen:100005:07
ceacro          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)05:07
FloodBot2ceacro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:07
_Trinity_nanotube: wrong pastebin but it'll do http://pastebin.com/m22f3113d05:07
durt!brainstorm | dr3mro05:07
ubottudr3mro: Post your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!05:07
^mNotIntelligent!pb | ceacro05:07
ubottuceacro: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:07
lightnesshi one question:how can i unistall virtualbox 3(from the website) from my ubuntu-gnome system?05:07
dsnydersmo0nykit, The drive may be kaput, maybe?05:07
Nemesis1911kewl kelw.. I'm gonna check the link guys.. thx 100000000000000000005:07
^mNotIntelligentlightness, add virtual box repo and use apt-get05:07
solarisBoy_Trinity_: does 'sudo fdisk -l' show the drive?05:07
yinlongNemesis1911,do you have a live cd?05:08
mo0nykitdsnyders, yup, that's my main suspicion :( I even tried DamnSmallLinux, crashing at random points, throwing segmentation fault errors05:08
^mNotIntelligentlightness, can't you use apt-get05:08
nanotube_Trinity_: ok, so the mount output only shows your / and /home partitions (everything else is system cruft that's irrelevant to the present discussion). how about fdisk -l ?05:08
Nemesis1911yinlong.. have a gparted usb flash05:08
lightness^mNotIntelligent tried apt-get but didnt work: couldnt find it05:09
=== c is now known as Guest42982
^mNotIntelligentlightness, coool, then do it manually using dpkg05:09
ceacrowhat Can I do, my ethernet driver does not work05:09
Nemesis1911yinlong: I have a live cd..05:09
^mNotIntelligentlightness, seems you installed it manually, right?05:09
lightness^mNotIntelligent ok what is that?05:09
yinlongNemesis1911,so you can use the command "grub" as root05:09
solarisBoyceacro: whats your ethernet interface?05:09
lightness^mNotIntelligent right05:09
Nemesis1911i'm in WINDOWS05:09
solarisBoyceacro: can you try 'sudo ethtool <interface>' and see what it says05:10
^mNotIntelligentlightness, dpkg -r virtualbox-3 ...something like this prefix sudo if required05:10
ceacroit is a RJ45 wire with an Atheros fast Ethernet05:10
yinlongNemesis1911,you are in windows?well,so you have to reboot into your live cd05:10
solarisBoyright.. i meant the label..05:10
^mNotIntelligentlightness, does that make sense?05:10
scatterpcan any one help me i am using konqueror to try to copy some files 3gb/12gb/20gb and each time i get an error stalled and i become offline i have tried to ping google mean while to monitor the situation and i have seen an error from ping that says out of buffer space can any one help ?05:11
solarisBoyis it eth0? if so try running ethtool on it05:11
lightness^mNotIntelligent what this command exacly does?05:11
Nemesis1911what do you mean by live CD yinlong?05:11
solarisBoysudo ethtool eth005:11
^mNotIntelligentlightness, it erases/removes the packages manually...05:11
ceacrook, I will try, wait05:11
yinlongyou can connect to me in your live CD.05:11
wrapsterdid anyone have such issues with ubuntu?05:12
wrapstercan any one look at the issue?05:12
_Trinity_nanotube: fdisk -l is here http://pastebin.com/m1817ab5305:12
^mNotIntelligentlightness, keep in mind its not going to remove other dependencies...so avoid using this manual technique as far as possible..use apt-get05:12
Nemesis1911live cd?05:12
^mNotIntelligentwrapster, whats the issue05:12
sebsebseb!livecd |  Nemesis191105:12
ubottuNemesis1911: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.05:12
lightness^mNotIntelligent ill give it try and then get back to you thnx05:12
solarisBoy_Trinity_: its not there05:12
solarisBoyonly one drive i see05:12
Nemesis1911ohh ok and when I boot up with the UBUNRU cd what do I do05:12
wrapster^mNotIntelligent: I have a 17'' syncmaster crt monitor.. and soon after I installed ubuntu on my machine..  i've noticed that the monitor has begun to flicker insanely... what could be the problem and how can i resolve it? its almost impossible to look at the screen05:12
ceacroit says there is not such a device05:12
yinlongNemesis1911,do you really have a live CD?05:12
Nemesis1911UBUNTU 9.04 cd05:13
_Trinity_nanotube: fdisk -l is here http://pastebin.com/m1817ab5305:13
^mNotIntelligentlightness, i used the same methond to remove my vbox2.2 2 days back...so rest assured you dont need any dependencies to be taken care of...so its fine. just go ahead and remove it manually05:13
solarisBoywhats the name of ur eth0 int05:13
_Trinity_I'm here05:13
ceacrothe only distro it makes it work is KUKI linux05:13
^mNotIntelligentlightness, no probs05:13
solarisBoy_Trinity_: its not there05:13
solarisBoy_Trinity_: there is one drive there05:13
ceacrono problem to recognize my ethernet connection05:13
yinlongNemesis1911,that's it05:13
Nemesis1911yinlong: ok and then?05:13
solarisBoy_Trinity_: when you plug in the drive,, what output do you get in dmesg?05:13
nanotube_Trinity_: well, there's only one disk showing in fdisk -l - so your usb stick is not being seen by the system at all...05:13
^mNotIntelligentwrapster, its flickering too much...okey....wait a min05:13
lightness^mNotIntelligent probs?05:13
yinlonguse the command "grub" as root05:13
_Trinity_nanotube: yes I thought so05:14
ctmjrwrapster: try to change the refresh rate you should have a display settings in your menu05:14
wrapster^mNotIntelligent: too much as in the case of a drunken maniac!!!! trying to drive a car05:14
wrapsterits that bad05:14
nanotube_Trinity_: is the usb stick plugged in? are you plugging it in directly, or through a usb hub? also, as solarisBoy says, check your system log for any interesting messages when you plug in your stick.05:14
solarisBoy_Trinity_: unplug the drive run "tail -f /var/log/messages &" and plug it back in05:14
_Trinity_but there is a command I can't think of right now where something shows up a Kisngston and it's not ram05:14
^mNotIntelligentwrapster, must be monitor refresh rate issue...change thta05:14
yinlongNemesis1911,do you know which partition your boot partition is?05:14
solarisBoyceacro: has the card ever worked?05:14
dsnyders_Trinity_, are you thinking of lsusb?05:15
ceacroyeah, with kuki linux05:15
ceacrowith windows xp05:15
_Trinity_the usb stick is plugged into my keyboard05:15
wrapsterctmjr: i did open it up but it says "it appears your graphics drivers are not supported"05:15
solarisBoy_Trinity_: is that usb drive recognized?05:15
wrapsterctmjr: im have a nvdia 8series05:15
solarisBoyslot rather05:15
wrapsterthat is not supported>?05:15
^mNotIntelligentwrapster, put your h/w details...05:15
_Trinity_dsnyders: yes05:15
yinlongNemesis1911,i mean how many partitions are there in your HD?05:15
thiebaudewrapster, which graphics card do you have?05:15
Nemesis1911yinlong : sorry 205:16
_Trinity_dsnyders:  Bus 001 Device 005: ID 13fe:1a20 Kingston Technology Company Inc.05:16
nanotube_Trinity_: try "lsusb" command, too.05:16
dsnyders_Trinity_, Try plugging the usb into the machine directly.  I've had problems in the past with keyboard usb slots not having enough power05:16
solarisBoyi agree with dsnyders05:16
Nemesis1911yinlong: 1 ntfs .. and one for ubuntu05:16
nanotubedsnyders: heh, you beat me on the lsusb, then.05:16
yinlongNemesis1911,only two?oh,ok05:16
wrapsterthiebaude: nvidia geforce 8 series05:17
ctmjrwrapster: what does system > administration > hardware drivers show?05:17
nanotube_Trinity_: as they say, try plugging it in directly - that was the reason i asked you earlier if it's plugged in directly or through a hub. :)05:17
thiebaudewrapster, my bad, i seen that earlier05:17
Nemesis1911yinlong: so how do I get back into Ubuntu cuz windows is killig me05:17
_Trinity_nanotube: I got something05:17
* thiebaude time to get coffee05:17
solarisBoyceacro: whats the exact name of your card?05:17
_Trinity_nanotube: Sep 21 00:17:08 MaiNethuerc kernel: [44780.324366] usb 1-1.3: USB disconnect, address 505:17
=== c is now known as Guest41066
wrapsterit says i need to activate a few accelerated graphics drivers, Nvidia version 180...05:18
ceacroatheros AR8132 PCI-E fast ethernet C05:18
wrapsterwill activate it and get back to you05:18
ctmjrwrapster: ok05:18
nanotube_Trinity_: is that when you plug in through the keyboard? or when directly?05:19
ceacroit is a netbook05:19
yinlongNemesis1911,frist,as i told you ,use the command "grub" int ubuntu as root.05:19
GLGshouldn't the x screen stay as configured if i save the settings and reset?05:19
_Trinity_nanotube: I'm stil pluggin it into the keyboard05:19
Nemesis1911yinlong : ok grup05:19
ceacroubuntu remix 9.4 special for the acer one netbook05:20
solarisBoyhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=9 <-- ceacro05:20
_Trinity_nanotube: tail -f /var/log/messages &  http://pastebin.com/m2c5bff3905:20
yinlongNemesis1911,secondly,use the command "roo (hd0,X)"05:20
lightness^mNotIntelligent tried it and gave this message: "dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove virtualbox which isn't installed"05:20
nanotube_Trinity_: well, try it directly - if ubuntu doesn't like it when plugged through the keyboard, there's little you can do to convince it otherwise. (unless google turns up something interesting)05:20
ceacroI am working now in my 3GSM usb modem05:20
solarisBoyi see05:21
ADmiralHello #ubuntu, please help me get my microphone to work! I already tried the "alsamixer→unmute everything" solution.05:21
nanotube_Trinity_: ah, insufficient available bus power - well, there's your couse.05:21
nanotube_Trinity_: cause, that is.05:21
^mNotIntelligentlightness, first get the complete pkg name useing this: dpkg -l | grep -i virtualbox05:21
^mNotIntelligentlightness, seems you put wrong/incomplete name hence that message05:21
solarisBoyi figured the device wasn't receiving proper power05:21
_Trinity_hey guys, when I unplug the endrive lsusb doesn't list Bus 001 Device 006: ID 13fe:1a20 Kingston Technology Company Inc.05:21
yinlongNemesis1911,the "X" in "root (hd0,X)" refers to the number of your ext3 partiton05:21
Nemesis1911yinlong: thats it?05:21
solarisBoythats usually the culprit for usb weirdness05:22
_Trinity_nanotube: Oohhh there it is. Thanks nano.05:22
_Trinity_I'm going to try it directly05:22
nanotube_Trinity_: so, if you have any usb ports on the machine itself, plug directly05:22
nanotube_Trinity_: yea :)05:23
ceacroit recognizes everything but ethernet05:23
ceacromy wireless works like charm05:23
yinlongNemesis1911,thridly,use "setup (hd0)"05:23
_Trinity_lsusb lists it as a Kinston device again05:23
_Trinity_now that it's plugged straight into the mac05:24
* ^mNotIntelligent lemme have some coffee 05:24
scatterpcan any one help me i am using konqueror to try to copy some files 3gb/12gb/20gb and each time i get an error stalled and i become offline i have tried to ping google mean while to monitor the situation and i have seen an error from ping that says out of buffer space can any one help ? or is there a way i can split my file up and recombine it in windows with out damaging it ?05:24
yinlongNemesis1911,lastly,use "quit".and it's over05:24
Nemesis1911yinlong: ok kew thx dude.. .. yer awsome05:24
^mNotIntelligentlightness, did you try that?05:24
* dsnyders holds his cup towards ^mNotIntelligent hopefully05:25
saruhow do I figure out what graphics drivers Ubuntu installed from the Live CD?05:25
scatterpdsnyders, is there a way to split the file and recombine it in windows with out damaging it (its important data)05:25
Nemesis1911yup grub,,, root (hd0,x) and then setup (hd0) and all done right..05:25
ctmjrsaru it's vesa05:26
dsnydersscatterp, you could try zipping it.05:26
lightness^mNotIntelligent yes and then tried it apt-get remove with the correct name and worked many thanks05:26
scatterpdsnyders, how do i make it a split zip ?05:26
^mNotIntelligentlightness, cool....you're welcome05:26
saruis Vesa just some standard graphics driver?05:26
scatterpdsnyders,  like 500mb a piece05:26
solarisBoyha . i make my login theme the Xfile intro music05:26
yinlongNemesis1911,do you know what X in "root (hd0,X)" means?it's the key.05:26
ADmiralHi, [repeating] please help me with my microphone! /dev/audio does give output, but recording via ALSA doesn't work.05:26
ctmjrsaru: the graphics driver is vesa by default on the live cd05:27
Nemesis1911yinlong: what key?05:27
dsnydersscatterp, there's a program called zipsplit which might help.05:27
solarisBoyis it muted?05:27
yinlongNemesis1911,i mean it's IMPORTANT.05:27
saructmjr, i've already installed Ubuntu onto the system though and wanna figure out what driver my graphics card is using.05:27
ADmiralno, sadly not :( I did the alsamixer - unmute everything thing05:27
scatterphrm dont see it on the repos05:27
yinlongNemesis1911,do you know the number of your ext3 partition is?05:28
ADmiralI get either a faint noise or a loud screeching one, but can't record properly.05:28
dsnydersscatterp, or you might try scp/putty and pull it from the windows end instead of pushing it from the linux end.05:28
scatterpdsnyders, i thought of that not sure how to do that....05:29
ctmjrsaru: that is not what you asked but try this egrep "Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers" /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:29
Nemesis1911yinlong: i'm not sure05:29
_Trinity_nanotube: hey fdisk -l again doesn't show any pendrive disk but the tail -f /var/log/messages & made mention of a sd*05:30
stringshi, i downloaded and installed google gadgets (.deb) in my ubuntu 9.04 ...but it is having only few gadgets. How can i add more gadgets to it?05:30
_Trinity_nanotube: so I tried sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/pendrive05:30
_Trinity_nanotube: and that didn't work but sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/pendrive05:30
saructmjr, it came back with (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//intel_drv.so05:30
chezhow do i partition my /home folder ?05:30
legend2440ADmiral: i can't remember where i got these instructions but they worked for me   http://paste.ubuntu.com/275044/05:30
Nemesis1911i'm gonna go give it a try brb yinlong!!!05:31
chezhow do i partition my /home folder without formatting ?05:31
Berzerkeranyone having a problem installing add-ons for firefox right now?05:31
yinlongNemesis1911,if you are not sure,you can try the "X" from 0 to 1 now that there are only two partitons in all.05:31
_Trinity_sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/pendrive05:31
_Trinity_did work05:31
_Trinity_thanks guys05:31
ADmirallegend2440: thanks, I'll try that05:31
ctmjrsaru: it is loading the intel driver05:31
nanotube_Trinity_: glad it worked out :)05:31
surgywhen i try to install amarok im getting the error05:31
surgyFailed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_05:31
saructmjr, i guess so, after i typed that in it spit me back into the command prompt05:31
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.05:32
nanotubeBerzerker: err.. no?05:32
_Trinity_nanotube: thanks to you and other that pitched in05:32
nanotube_Trinity_: yw :)05:32
scatterpdo i need to start some kinda scp server here in linux i found a client in windows ?05:32
solarisBoyscp server is sshd05:33
m0r0nHow can I get my pictures from my blackberry onto Ubuntu05:33
stringshi, i downloaded and installed google gadgets (.deb) in my ubuntu 9.04 ...but it is having only few gadgets. How can i add more gadgets to it?05:33
ctmjrsaru: that is what it should do it just finds the driver line in the log and prints it to the screen05:33
solarisBoyif thats running ur windows client should only need to connect to ssh05:33
Berzerkernanotube: mine is just stuck on connecting for all add-ons I try to download05:34
ctmjrsaru: are you having problems with it or just wanting to know what the driver was?05:35
saruwell im having frame rate issues with World of Warcraft while using Wine05:35
nanotubeBerzerker: hrm, just tried, works for me... try going to the website addons.mozilla.org, and installing through there, instead of using the panel - maybe that will work for you05:35
saruthe settings in the game are turned all day to really low.05:35
Berzerkernanotube: wasn't working for me either.05:35
=== jesse_ is now known as Guest21814
sarui ran grep rendering and it came back as "yes" so i know OpenGL is working05:36
nanotubeBerzerker: the website wasn't working?05:36
sarubut im thinking maybe im missing some sort of extra driver to make things run better05:36
Berzerkernanotube: no the website worked, but I still couldn't install anything, btw do you know how to fix the "choose an application" when clicking on "open containing folder" in firefox05:36
saructmjr, i just checked the package manager and it says im running xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.6.3-0ubuntu9.305:37
ctmjrsaru: are you on jaunty?05:37
nanotubeBerzerker: when you say "couldn't install anything" - what happened? did you get some error message, or what?05:37
sarudon't know what Jaunty is...05:38
Berzerkernanotube: nope, just sits at Connecting to releases.mozilla.org....05:38
nanotubeBerzerker: also, no, never ran into that problem... for open containing folder.05:38
ctmjrsaru: what ubuntu distro are you using05:38
thiebaudesaru, which graphics card do you have?05:38
nanotubeBerzerker: that's weird, it shouldn't be connecting to 'releases.mozilla.org', but to 'addons.mozilla.org'05:38
saruthiebaude, i am trying to figure that out to make sure i have or need to get the correct drivers for it05:39
nanotubeBerzerker: or are you trying to upgrade the browser itself?05:39
BerzerkerI'm trying to install addons05:39
saruim running Ubuntu 9.04 i believe05:39
BerzerkerI go to addons.mozilla.org, search for adblock plus05:39
genii-aroundsaru: "Jaunty" is a prticular Ubuntu version (9.04)    command: lsb_release -a               tells what version you have05:39
Berzerkerclick add to firefox, and sits at connecting05:39
GLGok this is becoming irritating i can't apply the xorg.conf settings unless i save and reset the server but when i reset it resets to before i saved grrrrrrrr05:39
saruim running what ever version came from ubuntu.org05:39
sarui just hit download and got the iso =o)05:39
ctmjr!intel | saru see if this helps05:40
ubottusaru see if this helps: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.05:40
=== torroella is now known as n-iCe
nanotubeBerzerker: ah yes i see it does connect to releases.moz in the process... but it works just fine for me. don't know what could be causing your problem...05:40
Berzerkernanotube: everything else internet related is working fine05:40
thiebaudesaru, if you have intel 810 or 815 you will def have problems05:40
saruthiebaude, why do you say that?05:41
nanotubeBerzerker: strange... as a workaround, you could try going to adblockplus.org directly, downloading the latest .xpi from there to your hd, then installing it by opening it from firefox.05:41
saruthiebaude, the sticker says X310005:41
thiebaude!intel | saru05:41
ubottusaru: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.05:41
thiebaudesaru, how old is your computer?05:41
Berzerkernanotube: yeah, I also realized I'm on 3.0.14, and should be on 3.505:42
saruthiebaude, maybe a few years old... its one of those from like Office Max etc.  Was given to me as a gift05:42
Berzerkernanotube: well I believe I should be using 3.5, because I like it better.05:42
servoquestion for yall: how do i connect to a server (via an ip address) on linux (xubuntu)05:42
thiebaudesaru, is it a dell?05:42
=== |chrisrio| is now known as chrisrio
saruits a Aspire 5720z model05:42
saru"crappy laptop" in my opinion05:42
Neil3good moaning :)05:42
ctmjrsaru: try this lspci | grep -i vga05:42
saruits giving me Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller05:43
servoquestion for yall: how do i connect to a server (via an ip address) on linux (xubuntu05:43
kevin|demarestsaru: I have the graphics chip05:43
sarukevin|demarest, do you use Wine and run WoW with it?05:44
kevin|demarestsaru: no05:44
sarui am having frame rate issues with this card or setup for some reason i just installed this OS yesterday05:44
kevin|demarestsaru:  compiz doesn't even run, I don't have any hope for WoW working very well on this card05:45
servoHelp plz?05:45
ADmiralThanks to legend2440, my mic now works, yay! But there's a loud background noise and I can't get rid of it by playing with the volume controls. Is there any sort of filter I could apply to sound recording, like the "Noise Removal" Effect in Audacious?05:45
kevin|demarestsaru: correction, it runs, but it locks up05:45
sarucompiz seems to run fine for me...05:45
kevin|demarestsaru: maybe we don't have the exact same chip05:46
servocan some one help meee?05:46
nanotubeBerzerker: well, you could try using ubuntuzilla to get the official mozilla build of ff 3.505:46
kevin|demarestsaru: I have a toshiba u305-s744805:46
nanotubeservo: what protocol? ssh?05:46
Berzerkernanotube: ubuntuzilla?05:46
ctmjrservo: i do not know much about it but i believe it is ssh -C name@ip address05:46
sarui've got the Acer Aspire 5720z05:46
thiebaudekevin | demarest , does your X freeze up05:46
servothx ctmjr ill try it05:46
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:46
kevin|demarestthiebaude: yeah05:46
sarubut on their website it does not specify what chip is really inside the laptop05:46
Berzerkernanotube: but firefox won't update 3.0* to 3.5*05:47
kevin|demarestthiebaude: I have the ppa for new intel drivers, which actually got compiz to work at all.  I'm running Jaunty05:47
saruthats why im curious to know if Ubuntu just installed some default driver verse the correct driver.05:47
Berzerkernanotube: you need to install firefox-3.5 for that05:47
thiebaudekevin | demarest, samething for me but i found a fix05:47
kevin|demarestsaru: there is only one driver for intel integrated graphics05:47
kevin|demarestsaru: different version, but one driver for all chips, from what I understand05:48
saruis mine the latest one?05:48
drhelskthey guy. easy question here. i put in a brand new hard drive. 1.5tb i formatted it to ext3. i had to mount it. and now it seems it is read only. i want to have the drive part of ubuntu. i dont want to have to mount it. and of course i was to be able to write to it aswell. any suggestions?05:48
nanotubeBerzerker: indeed, hence my suggestion for ubuntuzilla...05:48
servoctmjr, i guess my question would be. can i connect to the files on the server im running on....aka: im sitting on the server05:48
kevin|demarestsaru: couldn't say.  I'm not sure how the intel video driver works.  If I do an lshw there isn't a file that seems to be used for the intel driver.05:49
DesertEaglehello all!05:49
Berzerkernanotube: well I still can't install any add-ons, even after installing 3.505:50
kevin|demarest!hello | DesertEagle05:50
ubottuDesertEagle: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!05:50
kevin|demarestGod, I shouldn't use that greeting.  Hello DesertEagle05:50
DesertEaglecould someone explain to me why when i open several youtube videos in separate tabs in firefox, my mouse acts up stupid05:50
nanotubeBerzerker: try the direct route by getting the xpi05:50
Berzerkernanotube: yeah but there are other add-ons I'd like to install as well05:50
DesertEaglekevin: your greeting makes sense! :)05:50
kevin|demarestDesertEagle: I can make an educated guess:  Too much cpu usage in firefox?05:51
=== evil is now known as Guest36735
drhelsktcan anyone help me out? i asked my question 5 mins ago. should i of formatted the drive to ext2?05:51
nanotubeBerzerker: same workaround applies - every addon generally has its own website, and puts up the latest xpi on it.05:51
DesertEaglekevin: not really, only three tabs, but my mouse will start having right click issues and window focus issues05:52
DesertEagle(using openbox)05:52
Krux0 anyone know any good stock ticker software?05:52
nanotubedrhelskt: no, ext3 is just fine. just need to mount it read/write, instead of readonly.05:52
athlon_anyone have issues with the 64 bit versions?05:52
Berzerkernanotube: restarting fixed it lol.l05:52
nanotubeBerzerker: heh nice05:52
Berzerkernanotube: the computer that is05:52
drhelsktnanotube. what software package i need to have that done.05:52
kevin|demarestDesertEagle: not familiar with openbox05:53
ctmjrservo: your connected to the server and you want to access certain files?05:53
nanotubedrhelskt: is that an internal disk, or usb?05:53
saruhmm with WoW im getting like 1.4 FPS05:54
sarui even turned off compiz05:54
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php05:54
drhelsktinternal. sata. brand new. freashly formatted to ext3. (can i format to ext4)05:54
nanotubedrhelskt: well, then you just need to edit your fstab and add an entry for that disk and where you want it mounted.05:55
thiebaude!unreal tournament05:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:55
nanotube!fstab | drhelskt05:55
ubottudrhelskt: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:55
legend2440saru: in terminal type  glxgears  what framerate you get?05:55
nemesis1911yinlong: ya in here still..05:56
nemesis1911yinlong: I'm back in Ubuntu05:56
sarui know the graphics card can play wow, it works fine under windows..05:56
drhelsktnanoany reason to format to ext4? is it better?05:57
ADmiralDoes anyone know how I can set up a new virtual ALSA capture device that will output/mix-together both my mic and also what comes through the speakers?05:57
saruthere is just some setting that is not right with either Wine, Xorg... or something.05:57
ADmiral(or whatever it takes to do the same thing)05:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beer05:57
nanotubedrhelskt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext405:57
thiebaudedrhelskt, ext4 is faster05:57
nanotubedrhelskt: in short: up to you, but there's a slightly increased chance of data loss in case of crash.05:59
sarulegend2440, im getting around 500 FPS05:59
legend2440ADmiral: are you able to record what the soundcard is playing?05:59
ADmiralnope, not even in Windows05:59
nanotubedrhelskt: but it has some speed advantages. so... if you're going to just use it as a data dump drive, go for data integrity, i'd say, and stick with ext305:59
ADmiralI need a software way around the fact I don't have such a device set up by default06:00
nemesis1911OMG I just got may ubuntu to work again.. after loosing it to a windows 7 install.. how do I multi boot between win7 thats already installed?06:01
Biovoreneed to add a chainloader line to grub configuration06:01
legend2440ADmiral: here are instructions that worked for me   http://paste.ubuntu.com/275051/06:01
chezhow do i partition my /home folder without formatting ?06:01
legend2440saru: what graphics card?06:02
nemesis1911how do I add Windows 7 in the GRUB ??????06:02
ADmirallegend2440: I remember following similar instructions before, but I'll try them anyways, thanks!06:02
genii-aroundom26er: Anyhow, the basic idea is.. when it says something like: Depends packagename (>=1.2.3whatever)   then the result of: apt-cache policy packagename gives you the candidate's version numbers to use as a specific version to ask it to install, as we did just earlier06:03
zalincognitoI'm pretty new to Linux, and I'm needing some help getting sound to work. I guess I can't find the correct driver and Ubuntu doesn't recognize that it needs to get one.06:03
genii-aroundApologies, wrong channel06:03
sarulegend2440, lspci tells me Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated graphics controller06:03
nemesis1911can anyone help me with my multi boot06:04
legend2440!intel | saru06:04
ubottusaru: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.06:04
Dave0101nemesis1911: I've never done it with Win7 but this might help... http://blog.lokonopa.com/grub-up-windows-7/06:05
nemesis1911Dave0101: thx I'll check out the link .. ;-)06:05
preetamplease let me know is it advisable to upgrade my ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 and then to 9.04 i am using a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop with nvidia driver06:06
preetami am bit sceptical06:06
mezquitaleADmiral, you want to basically first record yourself sing and then you want to record yourself again singing to what you first recorded??? something like that?06:07
ADmiralmezquitale: I want to play games and comment on them, then stream the whole thing to someone else. By the way, I also could use a hint on a good live video streaming application ;)06:09
ADmiralAnd I don't want to lose the in-game sounds.06:09
Dave0101Anyone who knows... I've recently disabled root over ssh in Ubuntu LTS.  I do need an ssh account with permissions to /var/www/.  I was told to change ownership on everything to www-data.www-data, despite default owner being root.  Should I make a new account, and will adding it to the www-data group give me standard +rw on everything?06:09
mezquitalepreetam, if it aint broken, dont fix it, i've had BIG issues every since I upgraded and going back to 8.04 didnt help much either so dont upgrade unless you have a good reason06:09
chezhow do i partition my /home folder without formatting ?06:09
wrapsterctmjr: i did activate the drivers but now once its done.. Do i need to reboot? coz there is no activity in that window.. And when i try to close it... its not responding?06:10
preetamthat is why I am waiting for the 10.04 LTS so that I can directly upgrade to the 10.04 LTS06:10
legend2440chez: you mean move /home to its own partition?06:10
ADmiralmezquitale and legend2440: I have now tried the record-from-Mix guide, and I have none of the 3 devices in my alsamixer that the guide claims I "must" have. Setting the Input Source to "Mix" also does nothing.06:10
ctmjrwrapster: yes a reboot is needed06:10
wrapsterok will comply and revert06:11
chezlegend2440: i have a 160Gb drive with 6 Gb free space left06:11
ADmiralMaybe there's another way to capture the output, let ALSA do it instead of the sound card? there has to be!06:11
DesertEagleOMG please help :(06:11
nanotubeDave0101: well, the stuff in /var/www better be readable by the user under whose name your webserver is running.06:11
DesertEaglestupid mosue won't work right06:11
nanotubeDave0101: if you have any dynamic content, writable too.06:12
mezquitaleADmiral, if youre going to be commenting on a video format then I don't know how to do that.  Audacity does let you record over an existing recording but I never tried doing it over video06:12
nanotubeDave0101: once you have those constraints satisfield - you can do whatever you want.06:12
Dave0101nanotube: I just did a ps list and it looks like apache has one proc as root, rest as www-data06:12
chezlegend2440: i want to make a partition on the drive and then move my home folder their wihtout deleting anything06:12
Dave0101nanotube: since doing the chown www-data.www-data, all still serves up properly.06:12
saruwhere is the xorg config located in Ubuntu?06:13
ADmirallegend2440, ok thanks, right now I'm trying to mix together mic input and soundcard output, I'll look for a streaming application later.06:13
Dave0101nanotube: I guess I'm looking for best practice.  Is it to give g+rw on everything and make a new user that's a member of www-data?06:13
nanotubeDave0101: yea, in ubuntu apache runs as www-data user...06:13
ctmjrsaru: /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:13
ADmiralmezquitale: I meant to write that to you, not legend2440 ;)06:13
legend2440chez: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome06:13
=== [A]KangB is now known as [A]Way
saructmjr, thank you06:14
nanotubeDave0101: yea, that would be the 'usual' way to do it. nothing wrong with it.06:14
BobrobynDoes anyone know how to uninstall cij for java, and install the real one?06:14
Dave0101nanotube: Good deal.  I'll make those changes.  Appreciate the help!06:14
mezquitaleADmiral, maybe someone in #alsa can help you out, you have to go there earlier though when the gurus are around06:15
linuxguy2009Anyone have experience with a Dell mini 10v and Jaunty or even Hardy for that matter? I'm trying to get the webcam mic to work. I go to /proc/asound/ I have the phone/mic jacks on the side show up as device "Intel" and within that folder there is pcm0c and pcm0p, c meaning capture device and p meaning playback device. Doesnt seem to list a second device for the webcam mic. This probably a kernel support issue?06:15
wrapsterctmjr: excellent it worked.. but i have a slight issue with the screen resolution.. now i have a resolution of 1027x768 earlier i was able to see a much higher resolution.. how may i get the same06:15
nanotubeDave0101: no prob :)06:16
nanotubeBobrobyn: the "real" java is package "sun-java6-jre" (or -jdk), so just install that one.06:16
ADmiralmezquitale, and they won't be angry with me for asking an Ubuntu related question, where Ubuntu uses PulseAudio? :) I don't even know how ALSA relates to PulseAudio, but I hope they won't turn me down for off-topic'ing or anything.06:16
mezquitalelinuxguy2009, ever since pulseaudio made its debut in jaunty configuring a mic is a pain.  I was never able to do it that's why Im trying karmic alpha release06:16
linuxguy2009mezquitale: You have a Mini or something simaler you have a mic issue with too?06:17
mezquitaleADmiral, the answer is simple.  Tell them youre using jaunty and are having serious issues.  You dont want to use pulseaudio, you want to use ALSA.  Tell them what you want to do and if someone is around they will guide you through the process06:17
guru_HI ALL06:17
ctmjrwrapster: you should have a program in the menu called nvidia xserver settings look in system > preferences06:18
Bobrobynnanotube, thanks.06:18
ADmiralmezquitale: Thank you very much, I'll try it either way, right now, even if the gurus might not be around.06:18
mezquitalelinuxguy2009, no, I have a Dell Laptop and the mic used to work fine with 8.10.  I wanted to try jaunty and now I realize the mistake I made, it's too late to fix it so I just move on06:18
sarudoes ubuntu set a default root passwod?06:18
nanotubeBobrobyn: np :)06:18
nanotube!root | saru06:18
ubottusaru: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:18
linuxguy2009mezquitale: Right. Im downloading 9.10 Alpha 6 to see if it works in that. Crossing my fingers. Plus I can help report bugs so thats a good thing too.06:19
Dave0101ubottu: Ha!06:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Ha!06:19
nanotubeDave0101: ubottu is a bot :P06:20
Dave0101I see that now. :)06:20
wrapsterctmjr: yes i've opened it up06:20
legend2440saru: no if you want  root terminal type   sudo -i in  terminal.  if you are editing xorg.conf then type   gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:20
Dave0101I should have guess, that's clearly too witty for off-the-cuff!06:20
mezquitalelinuxguy2009, if youre going to download Alpha6 then you  might as well try ubuntustudio, that's what it's for and it's got plenty of already configured applications06:20
Casper1hey im trying to get my wifi to work with ubuntu.linux 9.04 but having trouble. help some1?06:20
ctmjrwrapster: you can change the settings in there06:20
nanotubeDave0101: hehe so i should try to avoid being too witty, or else people will think i'm a bot? i'm not sure i'm liking the sound of that. :)06:21
mezquitaleCasper1, what error are you getting??  are you using the network applet?06:21
Dave0101Right.  What do they call it... a turing test?06:21
Casper1yes im using the network applet06:22
Casper1i tried to get it to work06:22
sarulegend2440, thank you it helped me :)06:22
Casper1i could connect but i couldnt get on the internet, and today i cant even detect the connection06:22
nanotubeDave0101: indeed.06:22
saruhow do i go about restarting my X without logging off just Ctrl Alt Backspace?06:23
legend2440saru: you may want to backup old  xorg.conf first in case anything goes wrong06:23
wrapsterctmjr: yes i changed that.. but i noticed that if i go any higher than 1024x768 it starts to flicker again.06:23
wrapsterbut at that resolution its perfect06:23
ramkumar_hi budd06:23
sarulegend2440, i did :)06:23
saruis it the same as other distro's to restart it, ctrl alt backspace?06:23
ctmjrwrapster: can you change the refresh rate make it higher?06:23
legend2440!dontzap | saru06:24
ubottusaru: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.06:24
mezquitaleCasper1, you might want to check if the wireless is actually on.  Type "iwconfig" and you should see a little more detail on the configuration06:24
nanotubesaru: i recall there being some talk about disabling ctl-alt-bksp... try it, if it doesn't work, just ctl-alt-f2 to a vty, and run "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart"06:24
ramkumar_how i lock the folders in ubuntu?06:24
legend2440saru: in jaunty  ctrl alt backspace has been disabled06:24
Casper1says no wireless conections06:24
mezquitaleCasper1, are you on the wireless router now and with your laptop in front of you?06:24
sarulegend2440, so how do you normally restart your X manager?06:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zap06:25
Casper1no im using my modem right now06:25
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.06:25
nanotubelegend2440: alt-sysrq-k ? wtf? in what way is that better than ctl-alt-bs ?06:25
mamooliis there anybody there?06:25
nanotubemamooli: where?06:25
ramkumar_saru :  how i lock the folders in ubuntu?06:25
n8tusernanotube-> thats been around since forever, people are just no aware of it06:26
om26ermamooli: ur soo mamooli06:26
wrapsterctmjr: ok did it.. thanks06:26
legend2440nanotube: its not better. i dont think they should have disabled  ctrl alt backspace06:26
mamooliheloo, look i have installed and uninstalled several times apche but when i reinstall it again it says not found when i type localhost06:26
zoopiedoes anyone know how i can turn off asking for user/pass on boot up screen06:26
om26erzoopie: automatic login?06:27
glicksexcuse me, im trying to compile a vanilla kernel in ubuntu, whats the command to make a .config file from the current running kernel?06:27
ramkumar_nano tube:  how i lock the files and folders in ubuntu?06:27
mamooliis there anyone who can help?06:27
guru_Hi Roomies DOES ANYONE TESTED KARMIC KOALA alpha 5 beta06:27
n8tuserglicks-> just look under /boot for the config files06:28
Flannelguru_: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic questions, thanks.06:28
zoopieom26er: yep thats it, i cannot find it in the options06:28
legend2440zoopie: open system>admin>login window  Security tab  Enable auto login06:28
loki_well this is cool06:28
zoopiethanks legend2440!!! appreciate that06:28
guru_Yes MAMOOLI i can help u plz06:28
mamooliwhy after sudo apt-get install apache2 when i type localhost i encounter not found page?06:28
mezquitaleCasper1, it's going to be a little difficult diagnosing the problem when you dont have the actual devices in front of you.  This is what I suggest you do.  1.  Configure your router temporarily with  no security.  2. configure your wireless NIC in your laptop to use the wireless conection from your router. 3.  If it works then add encryption to your router and configure your nic in your laptop and see if youre able to connect06:29
nanotubelegend2440: hm, i don't think so either...06:29
n8tusermamooli-> i dont think localhost is a command06:29
nanotuben8tuser: hmm interesting. well... at least they didn't disable both of them. :)06:29
guru_sorry mamoli am not got at that06:29
nanotubemamooli: you mean, you open a browser and navigate to "localhost", right?06:29
om26erzoopie: u there06:29
mamoolin8tuser: i mean i type it in browser's address bar06:29
Casper1oh i missunderstood. I have all the stuff in front of me im just hooked up to the modem right now. and i tried that already. doesnt work06:29
mamoolinanotube: yes06:30
genii-aroundmamooli: Does:    work?06:30
n8tusermamooli-> look in your /etc/hosts  file if that is defined06:30
ramkumar_Can anybody tell how i work with md5 crypt.. for asking password while i am try to edit my grub lines before booting?06:30
mamoolilook i dont have /etc/hosts06:30
n8tusermamooli-> you need one06:30
ubottuAu revoir!06:30
om26erzoopie: sudo gedit /etc/gdm/custom.conf06:30
n8tusermamooli-> if you dont have one, sudo or other system tools may not even work06:31
SilentJonathancan i setup ubuntu at home as a web proxy? international internet charges are way too expensive here at work06:32
SilentJonathanusing xp with putty (ssh)06:32
ThomasG33Km0RrE: Squid06:33
ThomasG33Km0RrE: havent used it personally but its proxy software06:33
nemesis1911dave0101: thx GRUB works fine now with Win706:35
eNons3nseHi.  I just installed the glipper clipboard manager, but i can't find it in any of my menus to run it.  typing "glipper" in shell doesn't work.06:35
mamoolin8tuser: i have that file it was hidden06:35
mamoolin8tuser: what should i check inside?06:35
n8tusermamooli-> pastebin the results06:36
nemesis1911Hey guys how would I make a lets say download folder that both ubuntu and windows 7 could see and use?06:36
Ben64nemesis1911: windows can read/write ext3 if you install a driver06:37
booleancatHello, I'm back again. I'm having trouble with my ~/.bashrc file not loading upon login, but if I type "bash" at the command prompt, everything loads as expected. Any ideas?06:37
nemesis1911Ben6: how06:37
nemesis1911how to im someone?06:37
nemesis1911how do i06:37
mamoolin8tuser: i dont know what these rats have done with pastebin, it doesnt load06:37
mamoolican send them to you in private?06:38
solarisBoy=@ rats !!!06:38
administrator_can i install .exe on ubuntu 906:38
solarisBoywith wine yes06:38
Ben64nemesis1911: http://www.fs-driver.org/06:38
n8tusermamooli-> okay just this time06:38
Ben64administrator_: depends what exe06:38
solarisBoythat too06:38
nemesis1911Ben64: thx dude ;-) I love this ROOM!!!06:38
booleancatSpecifically, I have some custom software installed that needs $PATH to be updated, but it won't make the changes06:39
SilentJonathanI think i know now, make a sock tunnel06:39
administrator_programm which runs on xp06:39
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.06:39
Ben64administrator_: like i said, depends on what, not everything works06:40
solarisBoywine has an xp mode still depends which exe it is and if supported by wine06:40
sebsebsebnemesis1911: see my pm, also that driver might not work with Windows 706:40
Ben64if it works on vista, it works on 706:40
LucidGuyLooking for the most polished eye Candy Linux distro out there.  From the looks of it Im obviuntously looking for a distro packaged with KDE.  Currently its a tie between LinuxMint KDE and Kubuntu.  Any suggestions?06:42
administrator_A + tranining program it has come with .exe so how i install it on ubuntu06:42
booleancatLucidGuy: It's a bit offtopic for #ubuntu, but I've heard that opensuse is where most of the KDE4 development occurs. Try that06:43
mamoolin8tuser: u think i have to reinstall ubuntu?06:43
n8tusermamooli go ahead, so you can learn06:43
trakcyiahow can I make Ubuntu load to System RAM, and boot from its system RAM copy at boot?06:44
n8tusertrakcyia-> where did you learn about that?06:45
trakcyiawell, some liveCD's do it to give the user cdrom use06:45
trakcyiai want it for different reasons06:45
Ben64trakcyia: do you realize that system ram gets erased every time you turn the computer off?06:45
trakcyiayes thats why i want it06:45
booleancattrakcyia: What you're doing is pretty complicated, but it would probably be possible with ramfs06:45
trakcyiai restore my backup three times a week06:45
trakcyiai would do it more times per week if i wasnt so lazy to boot the rescue cd06:46
trakcyiaif it could happen automagically, that would be heaven06:46
trakcyianot to mention, fast06:46
n8tusertrakcyia-> reread the tutorial where you learned it from, im sure it has more details06:46
trakcyian8tuser there was no howto, i just know the rescue cd i use, it loads itself to system RAM, then boots06:46
Ben64trakcyia: having memory erased won't help, the feds can still get you06:46
trakcyiaben64, its about speed, and clutter06:47
n8tusertrakcyia-> your clue would be ramfs, so look for a tutorial on this06:47
trakcyian8tuser will do06:47
legend2440trakcyia: do you use partimage or something else?06:48
trakcyiaclonezilla, because partimage does not work with my ACHI drive06:48
trakcyiaand clonezilla crashes grub if i dont use it in 'expert mode' and disable mbr related stuff06:48
mark92691Any support for middle button of three-button mouse?06:49
Ben64mark92691: should "just work"06:50
mark92691Mouse middle button doesn't work at all on my system.  Pressing it has no effect.06:50
genii-aroundFor whoever was asking about how to dial-in to their ubuntu box and then use it's internet connection, may want to look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150339  but instead of the modifications to /etc/inittab, make the changes suggested for that file into one of the tty# entries in /etc/event.d06:50
Ben64well what situation are you using it in06:50
Ben64in firefox, should open a link in a new tab06:50
Ben64in terminal, should paste06:51
mark92691With Firefox, trying to scroll (as it does in Windoze).06:51
Ben64middle button scroll? or is it a wheel?06:51
legend2440trakcyia: ok i asked because i have a script that runs partimage by selecting it from the grub menu list at boot. no need to load rescue cd06:51
mark92691It's a button; an old three-button mouse.06:51
Ben64mark92691: try clicking a link in firefox with it06:51
JesseWWhat does the "Upstream version" column mean in launchpad, e.g. on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt ?06:52
JesseW(let me know if there is somewhere else I should ask this)06:52
travellermark92691, make sure you have autoscrolling enabled in firefox, you can find it in Edit > Preferences > Advanced06:52
trakcyialegend2440 it should be modifiable, the entire clonezilla operation can be run in a single line06:52
Ben64so... the middle button works, you just want it to bring up that scrolly thing06:52
trakcyialegend2440 i plan on doing something with puppy similar to that06:52
mark92691Fixed.  Thank you.06:53
mark92691I was looking for an Ubuntu setting; didn't realize I needed a Firefox setting.  :)06:53
mark92691Thanks to both of you.06:53
trakcyiahere someone already had the idea im looking at, but even better06:54
trakcyiainstead of waiting for files to be loaded, it loads them to ram, but not stuff in your /home directory.06:54
trakcyiaSo using the ram to cache entire programs, and the entire OS, and only using the harddisk to save stuff back onto when they change. Its a good idea.06:54
trakcyiabest of both worlds it seems, assuming there is available ram space06:54
servohow do i disable the "linux firewall?06:55
qdbjust was update and it says linux image file is not fount on the repo06:55
trakcyiawhats the command to display space available in pwd06:57
U8untuhey.. pls somebody tell me.. how to forward my ip ports from my router to my irc ports? my modem is Surecom 960006:58
servoU8untu, why would you want them pointed at ur irc ports?06:58
U8untuservo  i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections06:59
servodo you know the irc ports?07:00
konzapls help07:00
U8untuwell.. 6667 and 4400 (for services)07:00
konzaHow to find the hostname of any system connected in LAN07:01
iolionI'm having a difficulte time getting sound to work. The volume is set correctly and the card works in winxp?07:01
servoif router preferences (usually in "internet browser" type that MIGHT get u into ur router. the go to "virtual servers"07:02
=== jw is now known as Guest59342
U8untui tried it..and its not workin`..it says connectiuon timed out07:03
administrator_how to install .exe files on ubuntu07:04
U8untuadministrator_  i heard something about.. Wine ..07:04
administrator_wine how can i use it07:05
Morphu1hello u8untu07:05
U8untuhi Morphu107:05
Morphu1what did you hear about wine07:05
mdgrechhello ubuntu room07:05
U8untuwell ..i heard that Wine allows you to run many Windows programs on Linux07:05
evildead0617y msngr wont work with wine07:05
Morphu1yep yep thats true07:05
U8untuevildead0617  you have Pidgin as messenger07:06
Morphu1its not bad app07:06
* iolion is having sound playback problems07:06
evildead0617yes but not all contacts will show07:06
U8untuevildead0617  ..you mean offline contacts? and all?07:06
trakcyiahow can i put /usr/bin in /dev/shm and still have the utilities work?07:07
evildead0617yeah or even mobile #s i have programmed07:07
U8untuwell...simple evildead0617  .. click on Pidgin at Buddies.. then at Show.. and.. OFFLINE Buddies07:07
evildead0617so i have been using a flash verson07:08
trakcyiapidgin never works for me07:08
trakcyiathere's always something wrong with it07:08
trakcyiai haven't been able to send any text to a yahoo chat room for years07:08
trakcyiaand now it freezes when logging in07:08
Morphu1i use pidgin a little07:08
trakcyiaand this is with multiple computers07:08
U8untutrackyia  open a terminal... and write in it: mv /us/bin   /dev/shm07:09
U8untuor somethin` like that07:09
ManDayAny idea why I always have to click twice in order to drag&drop. When I just click and drag something, it doesn't work. I'll mostly have to try it twice (especially in Thunderbird, FIrefox)07:09
trakcyiau8untu that'll work? what about the aliases?07:09
qdbjust was update and it says linux image file (2 6 27 14 41) is not found (404) on the repo (server in .pl domain)07:09
trakcyianot to mention, what about when i reboot???! lol07:09
trakcyiamv becomes rm07:09
=== adam is now known as euphorian
euphoriancan somebody help me get file sync working with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Jaunty 9.0407:10
U8untuhey... i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections07:11
trakcyiahaha its doing it07:11
BloodstarApparently, I finally got wireless working... but it LOVES to disconnect at random intervals.07:11
rejohnHow do I use a package tool (KPackageKit, Adept) to install one application from Karmic on my 9.04 KUbuntu system? Is there an easy way? Thx. :)07:11
BloodstarIt doesn't seem to do this on Windows, and it doesn't report the disconnect. Any idea what's up? :/07:11
saruwhat dvd source plugin can i get to play movies?07:12
saruthe default movie player doesn't play my DVDs :(07:12
timhi ubuntu! is there anyway I can have one computer with "bridge" a wireless connection in to another computer via wire?07:13
qdbW: Не удалось получить http://ftp.wcss.pl/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tzdata/tzdata_2009m-0ubuntu0.8.10_all.deb07:14
qdb  404 Not found07:14
arooni_____can someone help me get alsa working on ubuntu jaunty?  i have a nvidia mobo with onboard sound (enabled) and i cant for the life of me get it working;  http://pastie.org/62425307:15
=== iolion is now known as iolion-need-soun
ThomasG33Kaway -all zzzzzzzzz07:16
U8untuhey... i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections07:17
Xodiac13ewp: i need help07:17
Morphu1i just finished geting dual boot working in grub07:19
AciidHey my X seem's upgraded, how do I reconfigure xorg.conf , im running like 800x600 atm :S07:19
timU8untu: are you behind a router?07:20
samferryanyone up for a general question?07:21
codemonit appears that the gnome 'right click > share' feature doesn't use smb.conf. Is there any other config file where i can find a list of shares ?07:21
Casper1need help getting wireless working for 9.04 help some1?07:22
SpacePigeoncodemon, download a samba app at the add/remove07:22
iolion-need-sounCould anyone help me get sound working with ubuntu 9.04 Desktop?07:22
Morphu1that samba works for me07:23
willcaiolion-need-soun | does alsamixer give anything?07:23
U8untutim ..yes.. wireless07:23
willcaCasper1 | what wifi card do you have?07:23
iolion-need-sounwillca nope.. in xp it works fine.. I tried all the options07:23
Casper1intell 510007:24
willcaCasper1 | do this please, sudo lspci -vnn | grep wireless07:24
willcaiolion-need-soun | sudo alsaconf07:24
samferryanyone know where Audacious' stream-to SHOUTcast settings are?  I know Audacious can play out to an IceCast or ShoutCast server, but I'm not totally sure on where the settings are. Anyone?07:24
iolion-need-sounwillca okey07:24
gnubieiolion-need-soun; http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html07:24
Casper1k hold on07:25
iolion-need-souncommand not found07:25
Casper1nothing hapened07:25
codemonSpacePigeon, it just appears to be a front end to smb.conf07:25
willcaiolion-need-soun | what desktop you using? kde / gnome?07:26
willcaCasper1 | sudo lspci -vnn | grep controller07:26
willcaCasper1 | sudo lspci -vnn | grep controller | this gave nothing?07:27
Casper1ok that did something07:27
iolion-need-sounwillca what directory do I run alsaconf?07:27
willcaany directory07:27
iolion-need-sounit said command not found07:27
willcaiolion-need-soun | what desktop are you using07:28
saruhow do i fix my brightness it keeps changing when i insert a movie or something07:28
=== syntax is now known as Guest37700
U8untuhey... i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections07:28
willcaya...know that...gnome or kde or something else?07:28
iolion-need-sounwillca the default07:28
willcaiolion-need-soun | well that should have installed that for you.07:29
Casper1willca: what next?07:29
iolion-need-sounhow can I search for it?07:29
willcaiolion-need-soun | so how is this not working, does it complain the hardware notfound or just no sound coming out?07:29
willcaCasper1 | what is the output07:29
iolion-need-sounwillca just no sound.. the h/w volume is up and so is the s/w07:30
iolion-need-sounthe card works07:30
iolion-need-sounin xp07:30
willcaiolion-need-soun | so in a terminal, alsamixer07:30
willcadoes it bring up the meters?07:30
willcaiolion-need-soun | the Master meter, do you see MM at the bottom?07:31
Casper1willca: it lists a bunch of things such as the VGA compatible controller, ethernet controller, network controller, and a few other things07:31
Casper1willca: which is of interest07:31
willcaCasper1 | network controller please07:31
Casper1willca: Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Wireless WiFi Link 5100 [8086:4232]07:31
iolion-need-sounit's red07:31
willcaiolion-need-soun | k you see the meter right, then there is a small square at the base of that meter before the numbers and then word Master07:32
willcado you see MM anywhere?07:32
willcaCasper1 | sudo ifconfig07:33
willcaplease give output07:33
timhi ubuntu! is there anyway I can have one computer "bridge" a wireless connection in to another computer via wire?07:33
willcaiolion-need-soun | press < and >07:33
Casper1willca:eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1e:33:b6:eb:0807:33
Casper1          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Casper1          inet6 addr: fe80::21e:33ff:feb6:eb08/64 Scope:Link07:33
Casper1          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:107:33
Casper1          RX packets:16184 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:007:33
FloodBot2Casper1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
Casper1          TX packets:7429 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:007:33
willcaooopss sorry...should have told you pastebin07:34
iolion-need-sounwillca all three master volume controls are red07:34
willcaiolion-need-sound | so pressing <  > does nothing for you?07:34
OutputHey guys, I need help. How do I restrict users to not be able to change any desktop settings? (panels, wallpapers, themes etc) I've checked in the restrictions settings in System > Administration but I havn't found anything. Can anyone help me?07:35
iolion-need-sounthose are 0007:35
willcaok good07:35
willcaiolion-need-soun | does Card and Chip show the kind of soundcard you have?07:35
jimbeam12hey wsup all07:35
iolion-need-sounwhere would I find that?07:36
willcaionlion-need-soun | alsamixer shows that at the top07:36
iolion-need-sounIntel ICH5 Analog Devices AD198007:37
iolion-need-sounand chip07:37
willcaiolion-need-soun | if you keep pressing the right arrow key, do you see PCM and Speaker?07:37
iolion-need-sounyep those are maxed too07:37
iolion-need-sounand not muted07:38
iolion-need-souncenter is muted07:38
iolion-need-sounhold on07:38
U8untuhey... i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections07:38
willcaiolion-need-soun | seems your card is recognized by ubuntu, just play around with alsamixer and test it with audacious or something to get some sound07:38
iolion-need-sounhow do I get back to the sound test?07:39
willcaiolion-need-soun | alsamixer ?07:40
jimbeam12anyone running utorrent in ubuntu07:40
jimbeam12yeah ok..07:40
jimbeam12i cant get it to work..07:40
iolion-need-sounin sound prefs when I try to test with the card and chip from the alsamixer is errors07:40
jimbeam12i tried wine..07:41
timjimbeam12: why not use a torrent client written for linux?07:41
jimbeam12which one..07:42
jimbeam12i mean which one is good..07:42
timjimbeam12: azureus is very good. very configurable07:42
jimbeam12nah to heavy on resources..07:42
timyea, i was just gonna say...the java =(07:42
willcaiolion-need-soun | just install alsaconf if its not there.. sudo apt-get install alsaconf07:42
iolion-need-soun[sudo] password for administrator:07:44
iolion-need-sounReading package lists... Done07:44
iolion-need-sounBuilding dependency tree07:44
iolion-need-sounReading state information... Done07:44
iolion-need-sounE: Couldn't find package alsaconf07:44
FloodBot2iolion-need-soun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:44
iolion-need-sounI'm confused07:45
jimbeam12what does it mean when it say could find keys...07:45
jimbeam12tried to apt-get update07:45
NounI'm trying to find HTML CODE within all my linux files.07:45
jimbeam12couldnt fine key07:45
willcaiolion-need-soun | try reading up here...maybe it will help07:45
jimbeam12what does this mean??07:46
iolion-need-sounis juanty the default window manager? why can't I d/l or install alsaconf?07:46
jimbeam12PG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available:07:46
willcaiolion-need-soun | Casper1 suggests you do this .... killall pulseaudio ; alsamixer -Dhw07:46
Moon_Doggydint have perl need perl what pkg do i need to install or can i apt get perl07:47
* rxd karmic usb is nice :)07:47
iolion-need-souner jaunty07:48
jimbeam12any know what that means...07:48
jimbeam12PG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available:07:48
genii-aroundjimbeam12: It will tell you some code like 778978B00F7992B0  or so. You need a command like this: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv ###### && gpg --export --armor ###### | sudo apt-key add -                  but put the code where in there I have #####07:48
mamooliis there a way to restore ubuntu to the the first day?07:49
linuxguy2009Is there any way to accurately time an app loading? I just installed "preload" package and wanted to see if I could benchmark my quad core performance increase. Is there a command line tool for timing command executions etc.07:49
mamooliis there a way to restore ubuntu to the the first day?07:50
genii-aroundmamooli: Ubuntu doesn't have something like "System Restore" to some previous snapshot07:51
administrator_any one know how to install .exe files on  ubuntu07:53
w00kadministrator :hav u tried wine?07:53
psycho_oreos!wine | administrator_07:53
ubottuadministrator_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:53
prodigelanyone familiar with grub error 21?07:53
U8untuhey... i made a irc server..it works only for the LAN.. it doesnt work on the outcomming connections07:54
ReAnhey, does 9.04 have the minimal install cd? i.e. the one that just sets up partitions and installs the kernel + apt?07:54
indusReAn: i believe it does07:55
indusReAn: did you check on the website? under downloads?07:55
ReAni can't find a link tho07:55
n8tuserU8untu-> what is an outcomming connection?07:55
ReAnsmallest image i can find is 500mb07:56
David-TReAn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:56
U8untun8tuser  the rest of connections..i mean..only the people form my LAN can connect.. for example you can`t connect to the server..it says.. connection refused.. i heard something about open port..i dont know how to07:56
w00khi guys is it safe to disconnect my phone even if it has a entry present in the 'lsusb' command, i did unmount it , but i got no notification in my phone saying that the usb can be pulled out07:56
n8tuserU8untu-> why are you even running an irc server if you dont understand networking?07:57
U8untun8tuser  i want to.. explore..to m ake new friends..thats why.. :| but i want ..event the outside users to join..not just the LAN07:58
jimbeam12hey genii thx ..it worked.......07:59
ReAnThanks David-T07:59
n8tuserU8untu-> i suggest you learn about networking first and include firewalling or iptables after. these are complicated features that requires more know how, you need to spend time learning networking first07:59
genii-aroundjimbeam12: np07:59
prodigelU8untu, just join an existing irc server, it's much easier, and surely much popular to make new friends07:59
jimbeam12genii u know any good torrent program like utorrent07:59
Morphu1category5 :)07:59
U8untuprodigel  i want to set up my own irc.. :|08:00
n8tuserU8untu-> also you need to understand as minimum what a server is and what a client is..08:00
genii-aroundjimbeam12: I'm using a dedicated server with web based torrent system called torrentflux08:00
U8untun8tuser  i know about servers ..i was admin.. ircop..i know..08:01
=== iolion-need-soun is now known as iolion-needsound
U8untubut i dont figure out how to open a port08:01
n8tuserU8untu-> then let me narrow it down to firewalling and iptables, that should clue you in what ports are to allow and blocked08:01
jimbeam12are u happy with it genii..08:02
n8tuserbtw outcomming is not a network terminology, you'll confuse people08:02
iolion-needsoundShould I download the newest alsa from the alsa-project website if I can't get sound to work?08:02
w00khi guys is it safe to disconnect my phone even if it has a entry present in the 'lsusb' command, i did unmount it , but i got no notification in my phone saying that the usb can be pulled out08:02
U8untun8tuser  ..ok..08:03
jimbeam12anyone in here use torretflux08:03
U8untun8tuser  i tried with iptables..08:03
U8untuand it wont work08:03
indusiolion-needsound: what is the soundcard08:03
iolion-needsoundhold on08:03
n8tuserU8untu-> then you need to learn more about it, you need to learn how the route table works too,08:03
iolion-needsoundindus Intel ICH5 chip AD198008:04
iolion-needsoundindus that's what alsamixer says08:04
iolion-needsoundindus I don't have alsaconf for some weird reason08:04
indusiolion-needsound: ad1980 hmm what motherboard is it,also alsaconf is old and not used now08:05
indusiolion-needsound: was used in debian before08:05
iolion-needsoundindus how do I find the board info?08:05
indusiolion-needsound: is this a new motherboard?08:05
iolion-needsoundindus no08:05
indusiolion-needsound: lscpi command in terminal08:05
iolion-needsoundindus a dell running at 2.8 ghz08:05
indus!paste | iolion-needsound08:06
ubottuiolion-needsound: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!08:06
iolion-needsoundadministrator@ubuntu:~$ lscpi08:06
iolion-needsoundbash: lscpi: command not found08:06
mneptokU8untu: are you running a firewall in Ubuntu?08:06
iolion-needsoundIntel Corporation 82865G/PE/P DRAM Controller/Host-Hub Interface (rev 02)08:07
U8untumneptok  i dont think so..i didnt configured any firewall in ubuntu.. i just installed it..didnt touched it..08:07
mneptokU8untu: then no ports are blocked.08:07
U8untumneptok  then why isnt working to connect to my server? only on LAN?08:08
indusiolion-needsound: use paste.ubuntu.com and copy the output there then write your name and press send08:08
w00kiolion-needsound : type alsamixer in terminal and increase the PCM if it is down08:08
mneptokU8untu: do you have a router?08:08
U8untumneptok  i have a wireless08:08
indusiolion-needsound: ya try what w00k says. make sure all sliders are up08:09
mneptokU8untu: that device plugs into the cable/DSL?08:09
mneptokU8untu: then you need to forward ports through that device.08:09
U8untuand how to forward it mneptok  ?08:09
mneptokU8untu: depends on the manufacturer of your WAP08:10
mneptokU8untu: read the documentation for your WAP device.08:10
U8untuwhere to find that one? :d08:10
mneptokU8untu: 'the Internet'08:10
HIJACKERciao a tutti08:11
mneptokU8untu: and stop licking your eybeball on the channel. it's kinky.08:11
indusHIJACKER: hi08:11
iolion-needsoundindus: what should I do with the paste?08:12
indusiolion-needsound: i want the url of th e paste08:12
indusiolion-needsound: please paste the link here08:12
U8untumneptok  but what is that wap? :D08:12
mneptokU8untu: Wireless Access Point. your wireless router.08:13
indusiolion-needsound: do you have a soundblaster live separate card?08:13
SDCARD2GB i downloaded the unr iso image  and want ot write it to a 2 gig SD card. can anyone recommend me an X-Window  app that does it like https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/+download  BUT that works on GNU/Linux???08:13
iolion-needsoundindus I think I have a pci because it's connected near the pci slots to my receiver now that I think of it08:14
indusiolion-needsound: right click on the volume icon on taskbar/panel and open volume control08:14
indusiolion-needsound: select your sound device from here08:14
iolion-needsoundholy shit that scared the living shit outta me08:15
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mneptok!language | iolion-needsound08:15
ubottuiolion-needsound: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:15
jimbeam12anyone know of a good torrent downloader08:15
iolion-needsoundthat could have woke up the whole neighborhood08:15
popeyjimbeam12: rtorrent08:16
mneptokjimbeam12: Transmission?08:16
indusiolion-needsound: got sound?08:16
iolion-needsoundindus I had the wrong card selected08:16
iolion-needsoundmessed up sound08:16
indusiolion-needsound:  i know :)08:16
w00kjimbeam12: deluge08:16
mneptokpopey: don't scare the converts with CLI stuff ;)08:16
w00kjimbeam12: ktorrent08:16
iolion-needsoundindus you rock!!!08:16
popeymneptok: need more specific criteria :p08:16
industhanks :D08:16
mneptokpopey: i just type raw torrent syntax into a terminal08:17
popeymneptok: you type? interesting08:17
iolion-needsoundhey indux08:17
iolion-needsoundhey indus08:17
iolion-needsoundhey indus is it supposed to sound like a horn08:17
indusiolion-needsound: yes08:17
indusiolion-needsound: what horn08:17
iolion-needsoundthe test08:18
indusiolion-needsound: just adjust sound as you wish08:18
jimbeam12is ktorrent like utorrent...08:18
indusiolion-needsound: ya that is true ,08:18
indusiolion-needsound: like peeeeeee08:18
iolion-needsoundscared the crap outta me08:18
indusiolion-needsound: ok if you have any other questions, please ask here08:18
Casper1need help with my wireless some1 help please08:18
U8untumneptok  so..i have a wireless.. SURECOM  EP-9600-gp (A1) ...so...it is a LAN connection..it has 3 light that blink: POWER, LAN, WLAN ... how do i forward ports through that device? :)))08:18
iolion-needsoundthanks again man (if you are a man) a whole lot08:18
mneptokU8untu: you go to the Surecom web site and download the owner's manual08:19
iolion-needsoundoss is what I'm gonna use08:19
indusiolion-needsound: why oss08:19
mneptokjimbeam12: Transmission is more like uTorrent. and it's installed by default in Ubuntu08:20
indusiolion-needsound: isnt there alsa too?08:20
indusiolion-needsound: hmm no problem, whatever works with the card08:20
Casper1some1 please help me to get my wifi working08:20
njsafter an upgrade to karmic, I'm getting "these packages cannot be authenticated!" errors from apt-get upgrade -- I guess ubuntu switched signing keys or something? Anyone know how to fix this?08:21
mneptoknjs: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic questions, if ye please08:21
njsah, thanks08:21
iolion-needsoundindus it's the only one working08:22
iolion-needsoundindus alsa isn't working08:22
AALinuxWhat's the command to know the size of a package such as vim?08:22
mneptokAALinux: apt-cache show vim08:22
iolion-needsoundls -Fla08:22
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iolion-needsoundmneptok why can't I d/l alsaconf?08:23
AALinuxmneptok: Installed-Size: 1516, Size: 776664, Confusing.08:23
mneptokiolion-needsound: Decreasing electron flux?08:24
mneptokiolion-needsound: sunspots?08:24
iolion-needsoundI thought it was lack of photons08:24
mneptokiolion-needsound: no, that's why sound is keeping you in the dark.08:24
iolion-needsoundI have sound now08:25
=== iolion-needsound is now known as iolion
mneptok!info alsaconf08:25
ubottuPackage alsaconf does not exist in jaunty08:25
mneptokthat would be why08:25
iolionI used that way back08:25
iolionlast kernel I can remember back in slack was 2.0.2608:25
commander_hey i can't watch no vids on Youtube they said the javascript08:26
iolioncommander no way08:26
iolioncommander I can't live without youtube08:26
IledenHi! I need to change my the device name (/dev/mmcblk0) of my SD card, as a workaround to a bug to get it recognized by LVM. I was instructed to use "udev" or "types = ["mmc",16]". I did some research on udev, but I'm beyond my depth there. The second one I have no idea about, and "types" is a bit hard to do a google search on. Could someone here give any pointers?08:26
ioliondo you have flash installed or a media player?08:27
mneptokcommander_: what browser?08:27
Casper1need help with my wireless please help08:27
commander_firefox 3.508:27
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mneptokcommander_: is Javascript enabled?08:27
ckccan anyone help me with some codes here? for making torrentflux-b4rt work on ubuntu 8.04?08:28
commander_how do i get to it on FF08:28
psycho_oreosCasper1, which chipset?08:28
Casper1im not sure what you mean by that08:28
mneptokcommander_: Edit > Prefs > Content08:28
solarisBoyi tried to rip a cd i purchased and didn't get the filenames or titles using serpentine.. is this normal? or is their a way around it..08:28
psycho_oreosCasper1, what sort of a device is it? usb/pcmcia/pci, etc?08:28
mneptokckc: is this on a server?08:28
psycho_oreosCasper1, hmm, pastebin your lspci -k output08:29
commander_ok it's checked enables08:29
ckchome server08:29
Casper1k hold on08:29
mneptokckc: and you run Apache and PHP already?08:29
maxagazwhat's the difference between ubuntu desktop and alternate ?08:29
ckci tried to use the codes on the website08:29
ckcand sometimes i get stuck cause nothing happens08:29
iolionindus I can't play an mp308:29
ckci am running apache and php already08:30
mneptokckc: are you installing a webserver and PHP just for Torrentflux?08:30
iolionindus it's all choppy and no music sound08:30
mneptokckc: ah, OK08:30
commander_m nothing happened08:30
mneptokcommander_: how did you install Flash?08:30
commander_via synaptic08:31
psycho_oreosCasper1, you tried using networkmanager?08:31
mneptokckc: please keep the discussion on-channel. my /query time is being used for work. sorry.08:31
Casper1it doesnt detect the conection08:31
mneptokcommander_: what is the exact error message?08:31
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal08:31
Casper1but yesterday i was conected08:32
Casper1only couldnt load anything on the internet08:32
Casper1the router was bought yesterday08:32
commander_you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of Flash player08:32
ckci tried this as well08:32
ckcbut some of the codes is stuck08:32
mneptokckc: do you want a torrent client or NAS or both?08:33
CodeWaris there a way to use gvfs-mount with authenticaion from a file?08:33
ckci actually have some codes written down08:33
mneptokckc: and you're also going to run websites?08:33
ckccan i send it to you to see?08:33
ckcno wbesites?08:33
ckcno websites08:33
iolionanyone want to help me get sound working correctly?08:33
xrfanghello there, could anyone recommend a tool to create html image map?08:34
TxHawksHello, I'm wondering if anyone could help with a probably stupid problem. I've just installed UNR on an eeepc 1005ha. From some reason the I can't get the internal mic to work even though I enabled it in the volume control prefs. Any ideas? Thanks08:34
ckconly download torrent and also connecting to the internet as a squid server08:34
ckcand if possible samba and also ftp08:34
mneptokckc: then why run a webserver just for a torrent client? why not run rtorrent or Transmission in CLI mode with a web interface?08:34
ckccli mode?08:34
commander_m where r u?08:35
mneptokckc: http://forum.transmissionbt.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8361#p3945508:35
ckcthanks made08:36
ckcthanks mate08:36
Casper1can some1 help me get my wifi working please08:36
aftertafCasper1: what card, version of buntu ?08:36
Casper1intell 5100, 9.0408:36
aftertafubuntu or kubuntu ?08:37
aftertafok. lspci finds the card? whats your issue exactly?08:37
mneptokCasper1: lsmod | grep agn08:38
Casper1ok so yesterday i bought the router and conected right away08:38
Casper1there was no loading of the pages on the internet08:38
AdolaAnyone here use Fluxbox?08:38
Casper1i tried today to fix it and now i cant even detect the conection08:38
AdolaThe window Manger08:39
piccoloah ...08:39
aftertafCasper1: what did you do to try to fix? what router is it? adsl modem/router?08:39
piccoloi used it a long time ago08:39
iolionIs sound difficult to set up in Ubuntu?08:39
mneptokCasper1: ?08:39
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piccolo@adola what do you wanna know?08:40
Adolapiccolo: How do you start Network manager in Fluxbox?08:40
mneptokCasper1: please use pastebin instead f flooding my client08:40
Casper1last night i tried loggin screen and updating drivers08:41
mneptokCasper1: the card is on, detected, and the correct module is loaded.08:41
Casper1sorry mneptok08:41
iolionmneptok do you know how to get sound working correctly with 9.04?08:41
piccolowhich network manager do you mean?08:41
mneptokiolion: yes, buy the same laptop i have :P08:41
Casper1iolion: killal pulseaudio; alsomixer -Dhw   then bring the volumes all the way up08:41
geirhaAdola: Assuming network manager is already installed, then running 'nm-applet' should give you the applet.08:41
mneptokCasper1: does your wireless SSID show up in NetworkManager?08:41
Gnea!sound | iolion (this is a good place to start)08:42
ubottuiolion (this is a good place to start): If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:42
Casper1whats the ssid?08:42
ManDayWhy does output such as THIS: http://pastebin.com/d696025c  --- Not go to STDERR but instead to the terminal directly!?! It's hell of annoying if you can't pipe the error to less and stuff? Is that a nasty ubuntu thing??08:42
mneptokCasper1: your WAP's name08:42
iolionkillal pulseaudio; alsomixer -Dhw  are those commands Casper1?08:42
Casper1oh no it doesnt08:42
Casper1the ; seperates commands08:42
mneptokiolion: "alsamixer"08:43
Casper1alsamixer tho make sure you get that part right08:43
mneptokCasper1: do any SSIDs appear?08:43
GneaManDay: command > file.log 2>&108:43
iolionstill not working08:43
Casper1usually there are 2 not including my router08:43
ManDayGnea, it's NOT working!08:44
ManDaybecause the error is NOT send to stderr!08:44
Casper1iolion: i had the same problem, but that worked for me. just search the forums for hours like i did. GL!08:44
ManDayI tried every possible variation08:44
GneaManDay: what's the command?08:44
=== loki_ is now known as loki_666
geirhaManDay: The order is important. If 2>&1 is before >file.log, then stderr will be sent to the terminal08:44
mneptokCasper1: pastebin the output of "ifconfig"08:44
Casper1ok hold on08:44
mn3m0n1csup b0t08:44
ManDayok, geirha what would be the syntax for piping it into less instead of redirecting into file then?08:45
GneaManDay: well, the way I just showed you should put it all to the logfile08:45
DaraelDoes anyone know why compiz would be segfaulting?  It seems to be something to do with having firefox open.08:45
GneaManDay: then you can less the file.log08:45
iolioncasper: hmm08:45
ManDayi want to pipe it to less Gnea08:45
geirhaManDay: ./a.out 2>&1 | less08:45
ManDaygeirha, i tried that, it does NOT redirect the error!08:45
geirhaManDay: Try this then: { ./a.out; } 2>&1 | less08:46
mneptokCasper1: is this a laptop or desktop?08:46
Casper1iolion: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115450208:46
=== [NikO] is now known as niko
Casper1mneptok: laptop08:46
ManDaygeirha, that doesn't work either08:46
mneptokCasper1: is the a function-key combo to enable or disable wireless? or a hardware switch?08:46
geirhaManDay: Hm. Then glibc is writing directly to the terminal, not via the shell.08:47
ManDaygeirha, I'm telling you, the error is send to the tty directly - there is no way of redirecting it08:47
GneaManDay: can you get the output to the logfile using the way I showed you initially?08:47
ManDayThat's what I've been saying08:47
ManDayno Gnea i cannot08:47
Casper1mneptok: please explain, im not sure i understand what your asking08:47
Gneathat's weird, because that method ought to do it08:47
ManDayIs that a ubuntu annoyance of std-linux?08:47
znhIs it possible to increase the DPI of my screen?08:47
ManDayGnea, as geirha said - the error is not send to stderr08:47
mneptokCasper1: look at the keyboard. is there a way to turn wireless on and off using the keyboard?08:48
ManDay*Whether that is ubuntu specific or the same on most distros08:48
Casper1oh haha i checked that already yes it is on08:48
iolionhow do I check my my ram?08:48
GneaManDay: well, you should be using /bin/bash, so that's not ubuntu-specific08:48
tulsi1Hi there. Could someone please help me get the inbuilt mic working? I'm trying to use sound recorder.. and can't get any audio recorded. THe inbuilt mic does work as I have used it in windows. I'm a bit confused by the volume control as there seems to be 5 devices in the drop down.. and I'm not sure where to start.08:48
znhiolion: System. Administration and then System Monitor08:49
ManDaySo, Gnea geirha any idea how to fix it?08:49
=== kaikai is now known as Ulrika`
Casper1tulsi1: alsamixer -Dhw      in the terminal and turn mic volume up08:49
iolionis there a network bandwidth monitor?08:49
geirhaManDay: Well, when you get a message from glibc, your program is doing something terribly wrong. The best would be to fix the program.08:49
DaraelCan anyone think of a reason for compiz to segfault repeatedly?  It only seems to happen with Firefox open.08:50
mneptokCasper1: try "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up"08:50
ManDaygeirha, that's not my problem.08:50
GneaManDay: not really, 2>&1 outputs stderr to stdout, which in turn is outputted to the logfile. if it's not working that way, then something is wrong with your shell.08:50
Casper1mneptok: no output08:50
mneptokCasper1: see if you can see the SSID now08:50
znhhow can I configure my desktop effects?08:50
indusiolion: hello08:50
geirhaGnea: glibc is apparently writing directly to the terminal08:51
ManDayGnea, why would you blame the shell? Does it work for you?08:51
GneaManDay: or, something is wrong with your program. perhaps it's not including the correct header files.08:51
Casper1mneptok: still not visible08:51
indusiolion: network bandwidth monitor is also available from system monitor like znh said08:51
mneptokCasper1: pastebin the output of "ifconfig"08:51
ManDayGnea, my program? My program is a one-liner. THe problem is always the same. glibc always does that - for numerous programs08:51
GneaManDay: did you include stdio.h?08:51
ManDayGnea, seriously, why would I ?08:52
GneaManDay: http://www.cs.bu.edu/teaching/c/file-io/intro/08:52
ManDayIt's not in the scope of my program to make glibc work properly08:52
GneaManDay: but it's in the scope of your program to work correctly.08:52
ManDayIt's a c++ program08:52
GneaI don't care08:52
ManDayGnea, my program is meant to throw this error08:52
Gnea#include <stdio.h>08:52
ManDayas you say08:52
geirhaGnea, ManDay: http://pastebin.com/f2ef2b33f this reproduces it08:52
Casper1mneptok: http://pastebin.com/d71de786708:53
Gneait doesn't include stdio.h08:53
ManDayGnea, should including <iostream> cut it?08:53
indusisnt this programming talk ?08:53
ManDayindus, not really08:53
mneptokCasper1: you're wireless card is now active08:53
geirhaManDay: The only way I know to handle output going directly to terminal, is expect08:54
mneptokCasper1: look again in NetworkManager08:54
geirhaManDay: I'm not proficient enough with expect to help you though, so you'll have to google or try #expect or #tcl (if they exist)08:54
ManDaygeirha, Gnea i included <stdio.h> but still the error is send to the terminal08:54
Casper1menptok: nothing still, some1 else sugested i conect directly to the router? should i do so08:54
ManDayi dont see why my program would be responsible for that08:55
ManDayGnea, have you tried reproducing it? geirha what is your result?08:55
Casper1mneptok: im curently conected via modem08:55
mneptokCasper1: well, that will rule out wireless problems08:55
geirhaManDay: The easy fix is to set the variable to NULL right after doing a free. free(NULL) is safe.08:55
tasslehoffI have mounted a share using smbfs. Windows users mounting the same share can see the folders I create, but not the files. Que???08:55
ManDaygeirha, it's not about my program. I wrote this program to throw the error in order to fix the issue with glibc.08:55
GneaManDay: I stand corrected - that's really weird. oh well, yeah, you'll need to ask in a programming channel, like #c++08:55
Casper1mneptok: so its my card then?08:56
mneptokCasper1: no08:56
ManDayGnea, I've already discussed this there. They agree that it's a linux issue08:56
Casper1mneptok: then what is the problem08:56
mneptokCasper1: look at the 2 pastebin outputs you sent. after you manually ran "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up" the card started working.08:56
GneaManDay: k, well we just support Ubuntu in a rather user-friendly, non-lowlevel environment here. perhaps #ubuntu-devel08:56
ManDayOk I'll try thanks08:57
Gneagood luck08:57
mneptokCasper1: i suspect your router is either not broadcasting the SSID, is doing MAC filtering, or somesuch.08:57
Casper1mneptok: What would i need to do to fix that?08:57
qwe_hello. What can I do with a package I can't remove? In my case selinux. Google doesn't offer any solution.08:57
mneptokCasper1: examine the WAP's configuration so you know for sure what it is doing, and what you might expect from it08:58
Casper1mneptok: where would i examine that?08:58
mneptokCasper1: uhhhhh .... in the WAP's adfmin interface?08:59
tulsi1Casper1: turning up the mic volume didn't help. Turning it too high gave that feedback sound.. so it's sort of halfway. But I still don't hear anything when trying to record in sound recorder08:59
Casper1tulsi1: Mine is about halfway and records what program are you using to record with?09:00
Casper1mneptok: Im sorry I dont know where that is I'm new to linux09:01
tulsi1Casper1: sound recorder. default app in ubuntu09:01
Casper1tulsi1: try audacity09:01
sandmanIs Ubuntu profitable yet? Or rather, is Ubuntu slowly dying?09:02
sandmanHonest question, not looking to flame. Just considering using it at a particular client location, and this is a major issue for them.09:02
jimbeam12what a good firewall..09:03
sandmanThey don't want to "convert" over to Ubuntu GNU/Linux if it's going to end up like Mandrake.09:03
Casper1could some1 please tell me where the WAP admin interface is please?09:03
GneaCasper1: WAP admin?09:03
Techiesandman- i wouldnt think so, as long as there are people using it there will be support09:04
Casper1mneptok told me to check my WAP admin interface. i have now clue where that is and he stopped talking to me09:04
SDCARD2GB i downloaded the unr iso image  and want ot write it to a 2 gig SD card. can anyone recommend me an X-Window  app that does it like https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/+download  BUT that works on GNU/Linux???09:04
GneaCasper1: mneptok has been saying a lot of misleading things lately09:05
Casper1Gnea: Well thats interesting. You wouldnt be able to help me with my wireless conection would you?09:05
GneaCasper1: but I think he means your Wireless Access Point configuration website, which you should already know how to configure09:05
cheaterCasper1: what's wrong with your wireless connection?09:05
Casper1I'm not sure, thats what im trying to figure out lol09:06
cheaterwhat are you trying to connect with what?09:06
Casper1Gnea: Is that the http://ip address loggin screen?09:06
GneaCasper1: uh, yeah - whatever your local ip is on the wireless router device that you used to login to to set it up09:07
Casper1cheater: i just bought a router and yesterday i conected but no pages would load, and now it doesnt detect it09:07
mneptokGnea: excuse me?09:07
Casper1Gnea: I can't connect to that, My browser tells me the connection failed09:07
cheaterdid you try connecting it through utp?09:07
digiforFrom an xp guest in virtualbox I can ping the ip address of an ubuntu guest but not by hostname?09:07
Casper1cheater: utp?09:07
cheateran ethernet cable09:08
cheatertry that first09:08
Casper1cheater: yes i did try that09:08
Rods_TigerThere's something wrong with adding something to 'startup applications' - if I click 'add a startup program' and 'browse' it doesn't show any programs at all - instead it incorrectly displays a file selector dialogue box with all my documents in it. This is wrong.09:08
cheaterdid it work Casper1?09:08
mneptokCasper1: your wireless router. check and make sure that it is broadcasting the SSID. your wireless card is active, based upon the output of ifconfig.09:08
Casper1cheater: nope, which is why I'm still on the modem lol09:08
cheaterCasper1: connect it via the wire and call customer support.09:09
Casper1mneptok: i can't connect to the router. my browser says the connection failed09:09
cheaterCasper1: if it won't work, then it's broken.09:09
mneptokCasper1: connect via Ethernet cable, as cheater suggested09:09
Casper1cheater: i called customer support and they want to charge me $70 to talk to them09:09
Casper1I will try again though.09:09
cheaterreturn it to the shop and get a different one09:09
Casper1cheater: that i might do09:10
GneaCasper1: odd, what access point make/model do you have?09:10
DaraelCould someone take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/275111/ and tell me why compiz is crashing?09:10
Casper1Gnea: netgear09:10
cheaterthat's fairly crap09:10
mneptokGnea: care to explain the "misleading things" comment?09:10
cheateris it dell or something09:10
cheaterCasper1: do they do that with all their products?09:10
Casper1cheater: idk first netgear product I've owned09:11
Gneamneptok: I was being sarcasting about the "02:45 < mneptok> iolion: yes, buy the same laptop i have :P" comment, best just to let it flow under the bridge.09:11
Armageddonis there any package to customize a distribution based on Ubuntu or wtvr ?09:11
GneaCasper1: yes, but a netgear what? it should have a sticker on it that shows the model #09:12
mneptokGnea: when i'm trying to help someone, please do not cast apsersions on my advice.09:12
cheaterCasper1: just for that, i'd bring it back and get a different brand.09:13
Gneamneptok: then please, don't say things to people who are looking for serious help like that.09:13
cheaterCasper1: that's unacceptable..09:13
mneptokGnea: both of us were joking. it was clear i was not being serious. it was NOT clear you were being sarcastic.09:13
cheaterCasper1: have you tried calling your ISP? they might be able to help you with different routers09:13
mneptokCasper1: look at the ouput you sent to pastebin - http://pastebin.com/d71de786709:14
Gneamneptok: fair enough, as long as we understand each other, i doubt it'll happen again.09:14
mneptokCasper1: it's clear that your wireless card is active09:14
Casper1still nothing09:14
Casper1failed conection09:14
GneaCasper1: no model # then? just some no-label netgear?09:15
mneptokCasper1: you *cannot* connect to that Netgear while using your modem09:15
=== Jay|Lost_ is now known as Jay|Lost
d_Anyone know how I set up a static ip for my computer to my router.09:15
mneptokCasper1: you have to switch to an Ethernet cable plugged into the Netgear09:15
Casper1 09:15
mneptokd_: wired connection?09:16
aaron11helo does anyone know how to get the network passwords because i have a windows computer that i want to connect to but its asking for a password09:16
Casper1didnt work09:16
d_mneptok: yes wired.  I am trying to set up a vpn to another network, so i need to do port forwrding and that requers a static ip from the computer to the router.  I think09:16
mneptokd_: edit /etc/network/interfaces09:17
mneptokd_: lemme get you a template09:17
znhaaron11: that is a windows related question.09:17
Daraelaaron11: use a username and password from that machine.  The user that set up the share is best09:17
d_nice!  thanks mneptok09:17
mneptokd_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/272226/09:17
GneaCasper1: what didn't work, exactly?09:18
mneptokd_: obviously, replace the addresses with what matches your network09:18
d_mneptok: checking now.  ok, will replace the address.09:18
Casper1Gnea: I connected the router directly to the computer via ethernet cable and still could not connect/navigate to loggin screen09:19
GneaCasper1: did you allow your computer to obtain an IP from it first?09:19
d_mneptok: I'm kinda new.  what do i do with that?09:19
mneptokCasper1: you were gone for ~30 seconds. that's not long wnough to get a DHCP lease and test.09:19
Casper1Gnea: The computer imidiately tried but failed09:19
aaron111it got cut09:20
d_I recongnize what it is, but how do I use it.09:20
Casper1mneptok: do you think I'm lying?09:20
GneaCasper1: how many ports does the netgear have?09:20
mneptokd_: pastebin the output of /etc/network/interfaces and the command "ifconfig" from the machine in question09:20
Casper15 all together09:20
GneaCasper1: and can you not find a model number on it?09:20
Casper1Gnea: WGR61409:20
mneptokCasper1: no, i think you just expected the connecton to work too quickly.09:21
Gneathank you.09:21
Casper1mneptok: i waited for the conection and it failed so i tried a different port and neither worked09:21
GneaCasper1: okay, did it come with a manual?09:21
mneptokCasper1: sounds like your router has issues.09:22
Casper1Gnea: No only a disk09:22
GneaCasper1: you got it used?09:22
aaron111helo does anyone know how to get the network passwords because i have a windows computer that i want to connect to but its asking for a password09:22
Casper1Gnea: Brand new yesterday from radio shack09:22
Casper1mneptok: I think your right lol09:22
GneaCasper1: there HAS to be a manual. all brand-new routers have one.09:22
Casper1Gnea: Like I said theres just a disk09:23
mneptokCasper1: did you go through an initial process of configuring that router via the admin web interface?09:23
Gneayou can NOT buy a brand new router at radio shack and NOT have a manual with it. simply impossible.09:23
GneaCasper1: then re-check the box, maybe it slid behind a piece of something09:23
Casper1Gnea: I thought it was wierd too but i even checked the "package contents" and it says nothing of a manual09:23
GneaCasper1: in the meantime, find a pen or pencil09:23
System-7this thing saying something about reloading samba keeps popping up and its annoying me, how do i stop it?09:23
Casper1Gnea: Also double checked the box, and I have both09:24
d_mneptok: do you know why some articles about port forwarding say that you should turn off port forwarding when you are not using it?  I am trying to do a permanent connection to anther net work.09:24
Casper1mneptok: yes i did09:24
GneaCasper1: ok good. on the back, there should be a very small 'reset' button somewhere09:24
Casper1Gnea: Hold for 10 seconds09:24
GneaCasper1: k09:24
System-7it just came up again09:24
mneptokd_: security. forward a port high enough and disabling it becomes less of a security concern.09:25
=== ChaosD^66 is now known as ChaosDrei
Armageddonis there any application close to this for Ubuntu ? http://susestudio.com/09:25
System-7dang it it got covered up i cant see it09:25
Casper1Gnea: I tried that already but its worth a shot, Waiting for it to start again09:25
GneaCasper1: also, is there a version of your model? http://kbserver.netgear.com/products/WGR614.asp  seems to alude that there are many versions of your router.09:25
aaron111helo does anyone know how to get the network passwords because i have a windows computer that i want to connect to but its asking for a password09:25
System-7is there any way to silence these messages that pop-up in the middle of the command line?09:26
Casper1Gnea: V9 is mine09:26
Armageddonaaron111: windows vista ?09:26
znhaaron111: that is a windows related question. please ask elsewhere.09:26
Gneaaaron111: ask the owner of the windows computer09:26
aaron111Armageddon: yes09:26
Casper1Gnea: The router isnt starting back up09:26
Armageddonznh, Gnea wait a sec09:26
Casper1Gnea: Nvm lol09:26
GneaCasper1: it takes a minute :)09:26
aaron111Gnea: he doesnt know ethier09:26
OriWBCan somebody help me play Eternal lands without it freezing my computer and forcing me to restart?09:26
Armageddonaaron111: go to the computer with vista and change the sharing settings, there is an option to ask a password even if there is no password09:26
Gneaaaron111: ask in ##windows09:27
d_mneptok: what would you suggest?  I don't even know the limits.09:27
Armageddonis there any application close to this for Ubuntu ? http://susestudio.com/09:27
mneptokd_: what is it you are trying to do?09:27
System-7is there any way to silence these messages that pop-up in the middle of the command line?09:27
Casper1Gnea: :( still no conection09:27
OriWBCan somebody help me play Eternal lands without it freezing my computer and forcing me to restart?09:28
System-7it came agaun "Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smb only"09:28
GneaCasper1: geez... can you plug it into your dsl/cable WAN and then plug your computer into the 1-4 ports?09:28
ArmageddonCasper1: then configure, then try wireless09:29
System-7"Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smb only"  << how can i shut this up?09:29
GneaSystem-7: middle of what commandline?09:29
System-7THE command line09:29
=== [NikO] is now known as niko
Gneano, there are 2 command lines: console and X-terminals09:30
System-7the actual command line, not a term emulator09:30
Gneaso, you mean the console, that you press ctrl-alt-f1 to get to?09:30
d_mneptok: my business partner has a network set up at his house.  we need to connect both networks.  I have three computers on my network, he has several also.  I think we need to do a vpn with ssh.  that is from what I have read, but I don't really know what I am doing.   just reading a lot.09:31
System-7basically yes, in my case that i start in09:31
GneaSystem-7: I see. are you running server?09:31
comicinkermneptok: you don't  need ssh and vpn at the same time. ssh is a secure connection, vpn is also a secure connection09:32
OriWBCan somebody help me play Eternal lands without it freezing my computer and forcing me to restart?09:32
System-7is there any way to stop ubuntu from displaying these messages?09:32
Nounis there any better, good feauturing, good graphic, opetaor access chat software like parachat?09:33
mneptokcomicinker: i think you meant to address that to d_09:33
SharpRainI can not un move any window09:33
SharpRainmaximize or minimize09:33
comicinkerd_: you don't  need ssh and vpn at the same time. ssh is a secure connection, vpn is also a secure connection09:33
SharpRainHow do I change this?!09:33
GneaSystem-7: if you refuse to answer the question, then no, there is no way.09:33
System-7what question?09:33
d_ok, thanks09:33
Gnea03:35 < Gnea> System-7: I see. are you running server?09:34
GneaSystem-7: that question^^^09:34
d_anyone want to help me set that up?09:34
OriWBSharpRain: your more likely to get help if you put it all together09:34
System-7whoops soz didn't see that it got cut off by the messages09:34
comicinkerSharpRain: <alt>F2 compiz --replace or <alt> F2 metacity --replace09:34
keakulanihi all09:34
SharpRainI can move a window, there is no maximize/minimize/close buttons on any window..09:34
GneaSystem-7: np09:34
mneptokd_: if what you want is to connect your home network to another home network over a secure connection, you'll want to research IPSec. is your colleague also running Ubuntu or Linux?09:34
SharpRaink thanks09:34
System-7Yes, its a server, but it was a normal ubuntu install originally09:35
SharpRainWait what09:35
SharpRainI did that, it fixed it09:35
SharpRainnow my cube is gone09:35
System-7I killed off the graphical stuff and left just the command line09:35
GneaSystem-7: is there a program running in the background?09:35
d_mneptok: he uses linux.  a couple of different ones.09:35
mneptokd_: IPSec is the way to go, then (Windows tends to use PPPtP for VPNs)09:36
SharpRainHelp, desktop cube and rotate cube are checked but there is nothing there09:36
SharpRainthe cube doesn't work..09:36
comicinkerSharpRain: <alt>F2 compiz --replace09:36
SharpRainI did it.09:36
System-7theres plenty of stuff in the background, top shows that, not sure whats generating these messages though09:36
SharpRainIt fixed my other problem.09:36
SharpRainNow I have a new one.09:36
mneptokd_: IPSec is not for the faint-of-heart, though. spend some time doing some research.09:36
d_ok, i'll check out ipsec.  What is that?  software?  addin?09:36
GneaSystem-7: no, i mean in the background of the running shell09:37
comicinkerSharpRain: do it again. if no success, reboot09:37
mneptokd_: standard protocol suite09:37
mneptokd_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPsec09:37
SharpRainshould I tick "run in terminal" >09:37
Gnead_: openvpn might be a viable solution as well09:37
comicinkerSharpRain: no09:37
System-7I have two logged in, and im just running ircII in one09:37
GneaSystem-7: do the messages show up in both?09:38
SharpRainYeah, works now. Thanks :)09:38
SharpRainHmm, now my old problem is back09:38
SharpRainMy old problem is back now that ones fixed...09:38
d_gnea:  I looked at openvpn but I could not see a benefit to using it.  it seems to geared toward windows users.09:39
OriWBIs there anything I can do to play Eternal Lands and have it freeze less?09:39
GneaSystem-7: ah ha - check your /etc/syslog.conf file at the bottom, where it's outputting to /dev/xconsole09:39
mneptokd_: the easiest way to get this set up and running quickly is to buy a router with IPSec functinality built-in09:39
Gnead_: disagreed. openvpn is cross-platform, it will work with linux, mac or windows.. and in between. it was developed on linux/bsd systems, initially.09:40
System-7yes it shows up in both... checking that now09:40
mneptokd_: e.g. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683312409209:40
d_will openvpn eliminate the need for port forwarding in the router?09:40
comicinkerSharpRain: go to system->settings->look09:40
keakulaniany web designer here?09:40
d_mneptok: checking it out right now09:40
SharpRainthere is no "settings"09:41
U8untuhey..how do i forward my ip ports from my router to my irc server? ..i have an irc server..but it works only on LAN.. i want it to work to everyone09:41
Gnead_: doubt it, vpn's usually don't do that09:41
SharpRainPreferences or administration?09:41
d_my cicco router has ddns services built in.09:41
comicinkerSharpRain: preferences09:41
SharpRainthere's no "look"09:41
SharpRaincompiz config setting's manager?09:41
SharpRainAll my old stuff there is ticked for some reason..09:42
mneptokd_: i have absolutely no experience with that product. caveat emptor.09:42
TechieU8untu- http://portforward.com/09:42
Gnea!openvpn | d_09:42
ubottud_: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!09:42
IledenHi! I need to change my the device name (/dev/mmcblk0) of my SD card, as a workaround to a bug to get it recognized by LVM. I was instructed on a forum to use "udev" or "types = ["mmc",16]". I did some research on udev, and it seems I'm beyond my depth there. The second possibility I have no idea about, and "types" is quite hard to do a google search on. Could someone here give any pointers?09:42
mneptokd_: but such devices are much easier for new IPSec users to get up and running than are Linux boxen09:42
comicinkerSharpRain: I don't know the english word. maybe you should ccsm, too. I meant the theme selector.09:42
U8untuTechie  i was on that site..i dont understand nothin` :d09:42
TechieU8untu- do i have permission to PM you?09:43
mneptokd_: and Gnea does not recommend openvpn lightly. it is also a good solution.09:43
RajecGuys I am looking for some files filter. I have several files with could belongs to two categories. What I want to do is be able to see only files from one category and then swith to view with files from second category. I could do it for example by put same files to two different folders(folder = category). It something like gmail and labels for mails09:43
U8untuyes Techie09:43
comicinkerSharpRain: as soon as you tick enable or disable desktop effects your settings are lost09:43
mneptokd_: examine all your options, and really have an undersyanding of how VPNs work before you buy or build out anything.09:43
Gnead_: I agree with mneptok, if you don't understand how VPNs work, then you should do some serious research beforehand.09:44
d_mneptok: gnea, I am trying to do the research but I am only finding partial or incomplete articles... or out of date.09:45
System-7i commented out the last few lines about outputting info to xconsole, hopefully that will shut it up09:45
Casper1Gnea: Still there?09:45
GneaCasper1: barely09:46
System-7although i like the idea it suggests with sending it to an idle tty... might use that :)09:46
Casper1Gnea: I hear ya. Your sugestion of conecting to the modem through the router worked09:46
Casper1Gnea: But I believe there is something wrong with the router09:46
GneaCasper1: well, if you have an IP now, then you know the gateway IP that belongs to the router, so you can login to examine and fix it09:47
SharpRainHmm, I've still got that annoying fading window thing09:47
Casper1Gnea: I think I'm going to take it to radio shack 2marrow09:47
GneaCasper1: ok09:48
Casper1Everyone that helped me tonight thank you very much09:48
Casper1I appreciate it09:48
Casper1damn router...09:48
d_ubottu you a bot?09:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you a bot?09:48
GutZuWiSSeNim looking for a good FTP Client, any ideas?09:49
System-7there's always ftp :)09:50
mneptokGutZuWiSSeN: Places > Connect to server09:52
System-7ubuntu seems to have finally been silenced... thnx Gnea09:52
mneptokhrm ... i just found a VPN plugin for Tomato and OpenWRT.09:52
mneptoktoo bad i have a job and am moving this week.09:53
eXtXNoSIR¶Ô ËùÓÐÈË Ëµ: ÄÜ¿´¶®ÖÐÎÄÂð09:53
System-7GutZuwiSSen : /usr/bin/ftp09:53
ChousukeeXtXNoSIR: English, please09:53
System-7lol all i see are a bunch of diamonds09:54
eXtXNoSIR¶Ô Chousuke ˵: Is there any channel where I can speak Chinese?09:54
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:54
digiforin virtualbox What would be the most appropriate networking to connect my winxp guest to connect to my ubuntu guest on an ubuntu host?09:55
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
System-7ubottu you are so helpful09:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:55
digiforEssentially I am trying to do this: http://www.browniesblog.com/A55CBC/blog.nsf/dx/19032009035548PMMBR7SZ.htm09:55
System-7still ubottu you do your job well09:55
eXtXNoSIR¶Ô Chousuke ˵: hello09:55
digiforAny ubuntu/ lotus guru's welcome09:55
eXtXNoSIR¶Ô Chousuke ˵: Is there any Channel where I can type Chinese09:56
Myrtti!cn | eXtXNoSIR09:56
ubottueXtXNoSIR: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:56
System-7ubottu barada nikto09:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about barada nikto09:56
=== cyzie_ is now known as cyzie
Steilis there anywhere i can type esperanto?09:57
Chousukehm :/09:57
Myrtti!msgthebot > System-709:57
ubottuSystem-7, please see my private message09:57
indusSystem-7: from the movie the earth stood still?09:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about esperanto09:57
mneptokSteil: try #failed_ideas_geeks_will_not_let_die09:57
brjagbrCan anyone help me with cron and maven?09:57
brjagbrI need to run a script which has a mvn command,  in crontab09:58
brjagbrbut it didn't show up on the display09:58
System-7i think they got a few native esperanto speakers, thats pretty much a win, for conlanging anyway09:58
Myrttiplease keep offtopic elsewhere09:59
brjagbrI have already added the "export DISPLAY=:0" string, but that only works with firefox09:59
gpannwitzI installed wubi on a windows2000 host, activating swap takes an hour10:00
GrimmVarghey guys, anybody tried booting ubuntu from grub2 (EFI) on a macbook?10:00
System-7Linux is not recommended on macbooks due to lack of heat control drivers10:00
System-7i leave my ubuntu in a virtual machine on my macbook10:01
zanticusaww, here i was about to install it on mine10:01
MyrttiSystem-7: url?10:01
GrimmVargSystem-7: well thats why I want to use grub to. Since this will allowe me to use the low-end graphics card which will keep my macbook nice and cool10:01
brjagbranyone please? :'(10:01
System-7I hang around the #mac and such channels and pick this stuff up lol :)10:02
MyrttiSystem-7: {{citation needed}} ;-)10:02
GrimmVargMyrtti: i do agree ;) my macbook never tops 70 degrees as it is now, running #!10:03
System-7a lot of people come in asking about ubuntu on macs, seems pretty popular these days i guess10:03
GrimmVargyeah, the hardware is awesome on macs, I only which Apple didnt rape us som much all the time10:03
GneaSystem-7: if you don't have the data to back your claim up, it would be wise not to make the claim in the first place.10:03
strangehardwrae great?10:04
strangeits just intel cored2duo with nvidia no?10:04
System-7well then i direct you to #mac, ask them and I'm sure someone their has some actual data on it10:04
GrimmVargSystem-7: yupp10:04
GrimmVargSystem-7: yeah, ty ill see if they can help :)10:04
GneaSystem-7: negatory, a webpage is required, otherwise it is word-of-mouth, which is opinion, not fact.10:05
tulsi1Can someone please help me get skype going? When I try and call anyone, I get the message "Problem with Audio Playback". I can play audio fine though and record audio using audacity.10:05
Gnea!skype | tulsi110:05
ubottutulsi1: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga10:05
GrimmVargGnea: well, a webpage is pretty much just words as well, but i see your point ;)10:05
System-7oh because the internet is always truthful10:05
GneaSystem-7: if you don't have a real reference, just admit it and move on.10:06
System-7lol :) at any rate, i've no personal experience with it, liek i said Grimm, the guys at #mac are sure to know10:07
dwatkinswhat are heat control drivers?10:07
GrimmVargSystem-7:  yeah, Im trying there right now, but seem to ble idling ;)10:07
System-7i _think_ it was the fans... but not sure10:08
GrimmVargbut it was fixed in 9.1010:08
GrimmVargSystem-7: nad you could just set the fan speed manually10:08
sphenxeswhy this command doesn't work: wget  http://www.nytimes.com/ -O /home/newYorkTimes_$(date + %Y%m%d). i get the output but without any date.10:09
haroelcabohi, how can I install realplayer for ubuntu jaunty ?10:10
GrimmVargin repos10:10
GrimmVargor haroelcabo or you can get it here https://player.helixcommunity.org/10:11
haroelcaboGrimmVarg: thanks !10:11
GrimmVargnp :)10:11
haroelcaboGrimmVarg: which repo can I use ?10:12
System-7i think real has its own linux player...  but helix is the same so it doesn10:12
System-7t matter10:12
unk2kHello Herubuntovci10:12
munmy firefox 64b is using the npviewer for playing flash, how do i uninstall it so that i can upgrade to v10?10:12
indusmun: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree10:14
munindus, i hvaen't got nonfree installed10:14
comicinkersphenxes: you don't have writing permissions on /home10:15
indusmun: then how are you viewing flash?10:15
haroelcaboGrimmVarg: will firefox recognize HeliPlayer once it's installed ?10:15
munindus, i think i installed it separately, so maybe that's why synaptic can't detect it.10:15
sphenxescomicinker, thanks, i will check the permission10:15
unk2kindus /\OX10:15
indusmun: installed 32 bit flash? how?10:15
RajecGuys I am looking for some files filter. I have several files with could belongs to two categories. What I want to do is be able to see only files from one category and then swith to view with files from second category. I could do it for example by put same files to two different folders(folder = category). It something like gmail and labels for mails10:15
munindus, no, 64bit10:16
D3vil_hi @ all10:16
munindus, i installed a very early version of 10 separately10:16
comicinkersphenxes: change to ~/nytimes instead of /home/10:16
indusmun: then search for npviewer in synaptic and remove it10:16
unk2khow can i install apache2 ?10:16
munindus, i thought so, but there isn't such an entry10:16
indusmun: you move the 64 bit flash to .mozilla/plugins10:16
unk2kindus how can install apache 2 ????10:17
indusmun: how exactly did u install previous flash10:17
Epoxyunk2k: sudo apt-get install apache210:17
Pricey!lamp | unk2k10:17
ubottuunk2k: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:17
GrimmVargharoelcabo: no you need to restart firefox10:17
munindus, i think i read the installer Adobe provided10:17
indusunk2k: sudo apt-get install apache210:17
haroelcabohow do I tell firefox that a .rmm extension must be read with HelixPlayer ?10:17
munindus, *ran10:17
indusmun: so that has an uninstall script maybe, read it'10:18
unk2kbash: apt-get: command not found10:18
indusmun: please dont install anything from outside sources unless you really need to10:18
munindus, i guess i'll need to find it somehow.10:18
munindus, ok10:18
haroelcaboGrimmVarg: I did, but clicking on a .rmm link doesn't do anything special. Should it ?10:18
comicinkerunk2k: please post echo $PATH10:18
indusmun: the adobe installer dir you need to locate10:18
GrimmVargharoelcabo: i think this will help you out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2508410:19
munindus, in my /usr/lib/firefox/plugins i got a link to /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so is that the npviewer?10:19
unk2kcomicinker what we do ?10:20
unk2kcomicinker help me please10:20
indusmun: ya i believe so10:20
ManateeLazyCatHi guys, i have two linux machine, one is AMD-64, another is Intel-64, all install Ubuntu 9.04, AMD machine works well, but i got "display server has been shut down 6 times ...." in my Intel-64 machine, it make me crazy, any idea how it happend?10:20
indusmun: unless i know how to installed this thing, i cant advice on how to remove it10:20
unk2kManateeLazyCat yeas10:21
unk2kinstall Debian or OpenBSD10:21
ManateeLazyCatI want to fix this problem, but i don't what's case can got this error, oh bug?10:21
unk2kand не еби себе мозг10:21
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: I haven't time switch system.10:21
anli_hm, wonder how nano can look _wasted_ if it opens a utf-8 encoded file10:21
anli_it just looks like shit10:21
ManateeLazyCatDebian's source is too old, i need new version library in Ubuntu for test my program.10:21
comicinkerunk2k: do this: PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games10:21
munindus, ok thanks10:21
unk2kcomicinker what it is ?10:22
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: That's why i switch to Ubuntu from Debain.10:22
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: Debian source is too old....10:22
unk2kManateeLazyCat ubuntu it's only X.org emulator ;) it's not server10:22
unk2kManateeLazyCat download10:22
comicinkerthis will correct your path. apt-get is locate in /usr/bin/apt-get. somehow your $PATH environment variable is messed up10:22
unk2kManateeLazyCat 1. sudo su 2. rm -rf /10:23
haroelcaboGrimmVarg: thanks !10:23
unk2kcomicinker i can not find /usr10:23
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: You're bad buy.10:23
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!10:23
ManateeLazyCatOkay, any idea that case "display server has been shut down 6 times in last 90 seconds..."?10:24
PinchiukasHow do I disable USB drive autorun in Jackalope?10:24
ManateeLazyCatI haven't found any problem that case this error.10:24
indusPinchiukas: in nautilus preferences/media10:24
unk2kWTF ?????????????????10:24
comicinkerunk2k: don't so that10:24
ManateeLazyCatSame configuration files in two machines, just Intel-64 machine failed.10:24
eviljussi01unk2k: giving out that command is not acceptable here. its not funny.10:24
unk2k-eviljussi01- WHAT YOU DO >\10:24
d_gnea, can you answer a few question about open vpn?10:25
unk2keviljussi01 it answer!!!!10:25
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: You're boring, don't put BORING command to others.10:25
eviljussi01unk2k: Its not helpful.10:25
unk2kbefore install debian need remove ubuntu! it's vere fast way!10:25
Myrttiunk2k: you're not funny10:26
unk2ki right ?10:26
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: Wrong.10:26
unk2kMyrtti i now10:26
Myrttiunk2k: please join #ubuntu-ops if you want to discuss this further10:26
unk2kManateeLazyCat why ?10:26
d_mneptok: are you still in the room?10:26
Myrttimoving on10:26
unk2kMyrtti please join #ubuntu-ops if you want to discuss this further10:26
Myrttiunk2k: I'm there already.10:27
Myrttiyou're not10:27
ManateeLazyCatunk2k: You like Debian, okay, you go, don't force your mind to others.10:27
Pinchiukasindus: it still complains to me about "no files in /dev/sr0" I don't know what kind of device it is supposed to be, but it's really a wimax USB modem.10:27
unk2kManateeLazyCat i like ubuntu. i work in ubuntu.10:27
d_has anyone used openVPN?10:27
unk2kbut server Edition not be the OS10:28
unk2kMyrtti where are you from ?10:28
unk2kManateeLazyCat where are you from ?10:28
ManateeLazyCatUncle|Sam: China.10:28
indusPinchiukas: 1 min10:29
Pinchiukasindus: or is it "cannot mount"...10:29
ManateeLazyCatAnother question, have anyone have test Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 ? Stable? Maybe be i need skip 9.04....10:30
timwhat would you do for a klondike bar?10:30
indusPinchiukas: what type of media does it show right now?10:30
eviljussi01ManateeLazyCat: karmic chat is in #ubuntu+1 :)10:30
Pinchiukasindus: what do you mean?10:30
ManateeLazyCateviljussi01: Thanks.10:31
ManateeLazyCateviljussi01: That's chat for 9.04?10:31
Pinchiukasindus: I think it's "audio CD".10:31
indusPinchiukas: it shows cd , dvd etc, i dont see any usb10:31
eviljussi01ManateeLazyCat: no, for 9.1010:31
d_anyone know how to set up a vpn?10:31
Pinchiukasindus: I think the problem is mounting. How do I disable it?10:31
indusPinchiukas: i think when you insert usb , it will show in that tab10:32
indusPinchiukas: then maybe stop autorun10:32
Pinchiukasindus: what tab?10:32
indusPinchiukas: in nautilus/media tab10:32
d_anyone know how to set up remote access to another network?10:32
comicinkerPinchiukas: check the nautilus options. edit->preferences10:33
indusPinchiukas: nautilus is the file browser10:33
indusPinchiukas: in edit>preferences>media10:33
PinchiukasI think I unchecked the last checkbox and that worked.10:33
indusPinchiukas: worked?10:33
indusPinchiukas: hmm10:33
industhe software tab i believe10:34
PinchiukasYep, but I don't think that's a good idea.10:34
nikolajanyone got any experience with audacity on ubuntu?10:34
Pinchiukasindus: which tab is that? I have this stupid native language localization.10:34
indusPinchiukas: in media ,u unchecked last option that one10:34
indusPinchiukas: after cd,dvd etc10:35
PinchiukasIt's something like "open media after plugging it in".10:35
indusPinchiukas: ok10:35
ManateeLazyCateviljussi01: #ubuntu+1 no response, have you test 9.10 ?10:35
PinchiukasI want USB drives to be mounted, but not this one.10:35
maxagazhow to access a smb:// directory using a terminal ?10:35
indusPinchiukas: you cannot specify automount for only 1 device, either no or yes for all10:35
d_anyone know of a good networking primer?10:36
indusManateeLazyCat: i have,try it if you have the guts10:36
eviljussi01ManateeLazyCat: it can be a little slow in there, just be patient10:36
Pinchiukasindus: I just want it to stop complaining after each time I plug it in.10:36
comicinkermaxagaz: if it is already mounted with nautiuls, check ~/.gvfs10:36
indusPinchiukas: complain what?10:36
nikolajaudacity anyone?10:37
Pinchiukasindus: about being unable to mount it.10:37
Pinchiukasindus: it's read-only.10:37
indusPinchiukas: ok thats a different problem10:37
comicinkermaxagaz: otherwise try smbmount10:37
d_does anyone know how to set a static ip address between a router and an ubuntu system?10:37
indusPinchiukas: its a system message, cant disable it that easy iam sure10:37
PinchiukasThat blows.10:37
indusPinchiukas: why cant this device be mounted?10:37
Pinchiukasindus: it's read only, I can mount it by hand.10:38
d_can ubunutu do networking?10:38
Pinchiukasd_: no, offline only.10:38
indusd_: what do you mean10:38
jimbeam12hey all10:38
PinchiukasYou want ubuntu AND internet?! Sheesh!10:39
jimbeam12anyone know the to write scritps10:39
Epoxy"networking" is a little vague10:39
indus!patience > d_10:39
ubottud_, please see my private message10:39
comicinkerjimbeam12: http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide10:39
TechiePinchiukas- ubuntu and internet... god this guy doesnt ask for much does he?10:39
jimbeam12need to run nvclock on startup10:39
d_I need to set up a vpn between two networks.  I need to set up my system so someone else can connect to me.10:39
PinchiukasTechie: yeah.10:40
indus!vpn | d_10:40
ubottud_: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD10:40
nikolajcan anyone help with audacity and it's setup?10:40
D3vil_does anyone get adobe air works under ubuntu 64?10:40
indusnikolaj: have you installed audacity?10:40
d_thanks indus10:40
indusd_: welcome10:40
jimbeam12hey thanks comicinker10:40
nikolajI am trying to get it to record the monitor output10:40
comfnumbHow do I gain root access to put a downloaded theme for GDM, in the respective folder?10:41
nikolaji used to use it a lot in windows10:41
indusnikolaj: so whats the problem now10:41
Pinchiukasindus: su basically, I have to either disable automount or live with the whining?10:41
nikolaji don't know how to record the output of the speakers10:41
indusPinchiukas: yeah10:41
nikolaji have about 6 soundcards to choose from10:41
nikolajand i only have one inside the laptop10:42
Techie!sudo comfnumb10:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sudo comfnumb10:42
PinchiukasThat means ubuntu blows. :)10:42
indusnikolaj: then what are the diff cards u see10:42
indusPinchiukas: maybe someone else has a better answer for your problem10:42
indusPinchiukas: why is this usb not mounting?10:43
Pinchiukasindus: don't know, maybe cause of being read-only.10:43
indusPinchiukas: does it say its being mounted read only10:43
comfnumbI dont know the commands to move a folder to a new dest.... i realize sudo gets me privileges, but i dont know where to go from there10:43
Pinchiukasindus: when I mount in console by hand it does.10:43
=== c is now known as Guest30451
eviljussi01comfnumb: this command should give you the help you need:  man mv10:44
Techiecomfnumb- mv from to10:45
indusPinchiukas:can i see the error?10:46
indusPinchiukas: screenshot10:46
=== magicben_ is now known as MagicBen
indus!paste | Pinchiukas10:46
ubottuPinchiukas: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!10:46
solarisBoymv <srv> <dst>10:46
eminorhello :)10:47
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:47
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:48
nikolajok so these are the different input options: ALSA: Intel ICH6: Intel ICH6 (hw:0,0), ALSA: Intel ICH6: Intel ICH6 - MIC ADC (hw:0,1), ALSA: Intel ICH6: Intel ICH6 - MIC2 ADC (hw:0,2), ALSA: Intel ICH6: Intel ICH6 - ADC2 (hw:0,3), ALSA: pulse, ALSA: default, OSS: /dev/dsp.10:48
ActionParsnipquiet today10:48
MyrttiActionParsnip: lull before the storm10:49
indusnikolaj: wow10:49
tulsi1Hi. I would like to setup my USB to install ubuntu. I have the ISO/CD from when it was first released. Since then there have of course been loads of updates. Can I create a USB install that includes those updates?10:49
nikolajbut, if i open the ubuntu volume control i have all these sound cards10:49
ActionParsnipMyrtti: tell me about it. I have that now with work.10:49
indusnikolaj: what sound card do you use10:49
ActionParsnipindus: bet its some creative thing10:50
induslol yeah10:50
comfnumbevil, techie: awesome, thanks!10:50
ActionParsnipnikolaj: sudo lshw -C sound | grep product      will tell you10:51
nikolajIntel ICH6 (Alsa Mixer), SigmaTel STAC9750,51 (OSS Mixer), Playback: Intel ICH6 - Intel ICH6 (PulseAudio Mixer), Capture: Monitor of Intel ICH6 - Intel ICH6 (PulseAudio Mixer), Capture: Intel ICH6 - Intel ICH6 (PulseAudio Mixer)10:52
nikolajsorry on sec10:52
nikolajopens terminal10:52
maxagazcomicinker, there's nothing in .gvfs10:52
nikolaj product: 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller10:52
nikolajalthough when i had windows install on this laptop, SigmaTel rings a bell10:53
nikolajbasically all i want to do is record whatever would be coming out of my speakers10:54
nikolajbut without using a mic10:54
indusnikolaj: its the same soundcard only diff outputs or some strange way of sound channel identification by the system10:54
indusnikolaj: if u see the options, it lists playback and record both, use the ones which say mic10:55
nikolajso if i found a sample on youtube of someone talking i could just open audacity in windows and setup it up to record what was playing at the time10:55
indusnikolaj: its clearly called capture10:55
nikolajsorry ok one sec10:55
indusnikolaj: the last 2 devices10:55
indusnikolaj: try second last 1 then the last10:55
nikolajright the last 2 devices of the last list i gave you are from the volume control menu in ubuntu10:56
nikolajnot in audacity10:56
nikolajthey don't show up as capture in audacity10:56
nikolajalthough there is another menu once you select playback and input options which appears based on what you chose there, and "Capture:0" is an option10:57
nikolajis it easier if i open a new window to chat in10:57
nikolajthis is a little hard to explain at points10:57
munif i want to upgrade from hardy to 9.04, what is the best way to do it without reinstalling everything at the end?10:58
erUSULmun: 8.04 --> 8.10 --> 9.0410:59
erUSUL!upgrade | mun10:59
ubottumun: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:59
nikolajindus ?10:59
munerUSUL, but is upgrading reliable?10:59
indusnikolaj: stay in here,its better11:00
erUSULmun: it should be never had mayor problems myself11:00
indusnikolaj: so what does audacity show you as devices?11:00
munerUSUL, good to know. thanks11:00
erUSULmun: i've only installed ubuntu twice in 5 years11:00
nikolajwell the recording devices were the very first list i gave you11:00
induserUSUL: hmm interesting, i have never installed windows even once :)11:00
indusnikolaj: did you actually try recording with them?11:01
erUSULindus: touchè :)11:01
nikolajthe second list where the soundcards i could choose from in the volume control menu which you can open from the volume icon in the system tray area11:01
nikolajyes i have11:01
induserUSUL: i am sure its more difficult than ubuntu11:01
nikolajit just either is really crackly even after setting the levels; doesn't record at all as if something is preventing it, or doesn't even play back11:02
nikolajbut it has never been able to record for more than 1-6 seconds11:02
indusnikolaj:which vresion of ubuntu?11:02
nikolajand usually when it does that it's nearly like white noise11:02
maxagazis there a command line to know the codec and the container of an audio file ?11:03
induscan u believe it, i recorded an entire song from online when it played , using sound recorder and it sounds super, like in stereo :)11:03
erUSULmaxagaz: use «file» the command11:03
nikolajsound recorder?11:03
nikolajis that already installed?11:03
indusfor the first time ever, this was on karmic , till now it was nothing but crackling11:03
indusnikolaj: of course, its installed default and you can record sounds11:04
nikolajare you using karmic?11:04
indusnikolaj: i just pointed the  mic at the speakers and recorded a song11:04
indusnikolaj: yeah11:04
nikolajor sorry i see where it is11:04
indusnikolaj: try that, audacity is more for editing sounds etc11:04
nikolajyea i need to edit as well11:04
nikolajeventually i will use these sounds in ableton11:05
indusnikolaj: ok check for device from sound recorder maybe, then use in audacity?11:05
nikolajso if i can just do the loose editing at source before i export it as an mp3 that's soemtiems easier11:05
nikolaji just tried to record with soun d recorder11:05
nikolajcrackly as hell11:05
TxHawksI was wondering if anyone could help me with an ssh problem11:05
indusnikolaj: i know, but with karmic iam getting crystal clear audio11:06
indusi have no idea why11:06
TxHawksI ssh to a debian server11:06
indusi thought sound recorder was useless until now11:06
nikolaji can't use a mic because it picks up other sounds as well which is bad11:06
TxHawksand unicode char show up as gibberish11:06
nikolajwhen i am using it in songs n stuff11:06
indusit didnt actually in my case11:06
TxHawkslocale is set up correctly on both my machine and the server11:06
indusstrange, i stay by the road side too11:06
indusnikolaj: just keep mic near speakers11:07
nikolajlol i know what you mean, but when you come to edit it, and put it through a spectrum analyzer it picks up to many high end peaks11:07
nikolajand there is sometimes an brush of white sound in the back ground11:07
IpSe_DiXiTstupid question, how do i change the background of the inside view of a folder? I explain myself: u no it comes with light blue and white stripes one for each file if u put the view on "list"? how do i make it all white instead? tried "edit > background and emblems" here it says "drag a pattern tile to an object to change it" but after doing it, even after pressing the "reload" button, nothing changes! where am I wrong? thanks11:08
nikolajand i need to keep the frequency ranges balanced and when you record through mics you fill up frequency areas you usually wouldn't if you recorded directly from the source11:08
nikolajwhen was karmic released then?11:08
Myrttiwas? it isn't11:09
Myrtti!karmic | nikolaj11:09
ubottunikolaj: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:09
nikolajlol, what was that all about!11:09
indusnikolaj: ya its alpha11:09
indusnikolaj: can u try to join #audacity11:10
indusmaybe better help there11:10
induspulseaudio has come a long way really11:11
nikolajyou know what's funny11:11
nikolajnow i tried recording with sound recorder11:12
indusnikolaj: move to karmic october 24 when its out, sound output has got really great11:12
nikolajand it's working11:12
indusnikolaj: hmm good then11:12
nikolajmuch change in karmic?11:12
nikolajright will do11:12
nikolajthis is another problem i have though11:12
indusnikolaj: so try with audacity and see if you can record11:12
nikolaji only moved to ubuntu about a month and a bit a go11:13
nikolajmaybe 211:13
IpSe_DiXiTstupid question, how do i change the background of the inside view of a folder? I explain myself: u no it comes with light blue and white stripes one for each file if u put the view on "list"? how do i make it all white instead? tried "edit > background and emblems" here it says "drag a pattern tile to an object to change it" but after doing it, even after pressing the "reload" button, nothing changes! where am I wrong? thanks11:13
nikolajand so i did a bad install11:13
indusnikolaj: bad install?11:13
nikolaji have a 90gb hdd11:13
nikolaji used 80 for the install11:13
nikolajso wasted 10gb11:13
nikolajwell 7 actually becase 3gb was a partition of something from dell i wanted to keep11:13
indusnikolaj: hmm you could resize the partitions11:14
nikolajand also i didn't partition properly for the install11:14
nikolajso there is only one partition i think11:14
nikolajand a "swap area"11:14
nikolajno idea11:14
nikolaji am on a steep learning curve11:14
nikolajwhat a good partition prog in linux?11:14
indusnikolaj: its inbuilt called gparted11:14
indusnikolaj: when you install from live cd its there11:15
nikolajhmm how do i find/ start that11:15
nikolajyea i know that one11:15
nikolajthat's what iw as about to ask for11:15
nikolajgparted then11:15
indusnikolaj: ya so boot from live cd and under system>admin>partition editor11:15
nikolajdo i just type that in terminal and it starts?11:15
* indus wonders what a terminal is :)11:16
indusnikolaj: ya can be run from terminal too sure11:16
indusnikolaj: make sure you have backups before you resize, its scary if gone wrong11:16
indusbrb i go for some tea11:17
nikolajhad to apt-get gparted11:17
nikolajooh good idea11:17
nikolajme too11:17
nikolajday light with you?11:17
nikolajin europe then?11:18
nikolajcuppa tea?11:18
Wo1FI need some help please, i try to mount an .iso but i cant succeed. here is responce http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m63a3c8dc11:18
indusnikolaj: please ask personal or random chit chat in pm :) thanks11:18
nikolajah sorry11:18
=== adante_ is now known as adante
ct529hi everybody. How do I add -march=native to the compilation flags in my computer compilation configuration?11:19
erUSULWo1F: and "dmesg|  tail" what says ?11:19
ubottuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops11:21
hiendHow to disable pulseaudio it freezes my system11:22
maxagazalthough I can open smb:// in nautilus and see my network files, my ~/.gvfs is empty, why ?11:22
=== |Koen| is now known as Tokyosplash
hiendhere is the log file: pulseaudio[3284]: module-alsa-sink.c: Error opening PCM device front:0: Invalid argument11:22
Wo1FerUSUL: sorry but i didn't understand the question quite well, i am still learning ubuntu :(11:23
erUSULWo1F: just after trying the mount that fails run « dmesg | tail » and paste the output of that too11:23
Wo1FerUSUL: ok :)11:24
ActionParsniphiend: try: killall pulseaudio; rm -rf ~/.puleaudio; rm ~/.pulse-cookie11:24
ActionParsniphiend: then press alt+f2 and trype     pulseaudio11:24
pepso!ubuntuitaliano | IpSe_DiXiT11:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuitaliano11:24
ActionParsniphiend: the folder will be recreated with stock settings which may help11:24
Wo1FerUSUL: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m6b39cadb11:25
hiendActionParsnip:Thanks, but I want to remove it completely as server and switch to ALSA11:26
erUSULWo1F: are you sure it is a iso filesystem ? can the file be corrupted ?11:26
ActionParsnip!sound | hiend11:26
ubottuhiend: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:26
ActionParsniphiend: this should help11:26
Wo1FerUSUL:  well i was using it in windows quiet well :(11:26
hiendActionParsnip: Thanks!11:26
erUSULWo1F: try "-t auto" instead of "-t iso9660"11:27
Epoxydoes the -o loop go right after the filesystem type?11:27
bernardlychanhey, guyz. anyone know how to ddos on ubuntu? (or on any win i don't mind) pm me...11:27
erUSULEpoxy: it does not matter11:28
Wo1FerUSUL: i did it says: "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"11:28
Epoxyaah ok11:28
erUSULWo1F: and "-t udf" ?11:28
IpSe_DiXiTpepso: why? o_O11:29
Wo1FerUSUL:  i got same responce like with iso9660 :(11:29
IpSe_DiXiTpepso: this does not solve my prob...11:29
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: stupid question, how do i change the background of the inside view of a folder? I explain myself: u no it comes with light blue and white stripes one for each file if u put the view on "list"? how do i make it all white instead? tried "edit > background and emblems" here it says "drag a pattern tile to an object to change it" but after doing it, even after pressing the "reload" button, nothing changes! where am I wrong? thanks11:29
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: not sure, never done that before11:30
erUSULWo1F: what does « file TinyXP-Rev09.iso » says ?11:30
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: i'm guesing nautilus?11:30
pepsoscusa ipse cercavo di capire se potevo aiutarti11:30
Wo1FerUSUL: TinyXP-Rev09.iso: data11:30
IpSe_DiXiTpepso: io sono bilingue, cmq se ne sai si, il tuo aiuto è più che ben accetto :D11:31
erUSULWo1F: ¡¿?! ? how you created that iso. what program you used in windows to "mount" it ?11:31
luiX_n i'm having a problem with Xen, if anyone can help...11:31
luiX_my problem: i have 3 virtual machines running on xen, the problem is that i changed something on the net configuration and now i don't which IPs are using those machines o if they are even in the same subnet... is there any command to run on dom0 that gives me the network configuration of the domUs?11:31
pepsono di ubuntu nn ne so una mazza scusami ma cercavo di capire il bot XD11:32
pepsopoi dipende ke devi fare11:32
IpSe_DiXiTpepso: ah -_-11:32
IpSe_DiXiTpepso: guarda l'ho chiesto anche di là, se nn ti dispiace rileggerlo :D11:32
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: not sure dude, i use thunar. Maybe the channel knows11:32
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: u mean #nautilus ?11:33
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: try it, or maye someone in here knows11:33
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: i thought u new, u always no everything11:33
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: hahahahh :D11:33
pepsoil background di una cartella?11:33
Myrtti!it | pepso11:33
ubottupepso: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:33
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: i know some. i far from know everything11:33
d0wnWhat /dev/ file would it be to capture my computer's audio?11:34
Wo1FerUSUL: i could burn it with nero 7 and deamon was mounting it11:34
indusActionParsnip: there is a way to choose alsa over pulseaudio11:34
indusi search wait11:34
erUSULWo1F: i suspect that it is not an iso image but maybe *.nrg or *.bin or something like that... look into converting it with bchunk or similar software11:35
erUSUL!iso | Wo1F11:36
ubottuWo1F: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.11:36
erUSULWo1F: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion11:36
IpSe_DiXiTActionParsnip: nobody on ǹautilus though... it's totally empty o_O11:36
ActionParsnipindus: there is. I just never used it as whatever is default always works with my cards11:36
ActionParsnipIpSe_DiXiT: then youmost likely spawned the room11:36
nmvictor! grub11:37
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:37
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages11:38
pepso!compile kernel11:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about compile kernel11:38