eekfonkyhow do I sync my files from the web to my desktop, the folders are there but they're empty08:24
philsfWhen I click on 'add this computer' button in the webpage, after starting the applet for the first time on a new computer, I am greeted with a keyring prompt that never verifies. To which keyring am I authenticating against? I only have a 'login' keyring13:36
joshuahooverphilsf: is it possible you've changed your login password since you initially set it up?14:02
philsfjoshua: I did14:12
philsfthat was it. thanks14:17
dobeyjblount: i'm surprised you're not dancing or anything yet15:09
urbanape__we're sprinting.15:12
urbanape__DONE: Traveled to London15:12
urbanape__TODO: Sprint15:12
urbanape__BLOCK: None15:12
=== urbanape__ is now known as urbanape
dobeyoh, right15:13
jblountdobey: ?15:15
dobeyjblount: it's stand-up time, but i forgot you were sprinting15:15
dobeydesktop+ hackers: say me, you know the drill.15:28
dobeyteknico, thisfred: ?15:31
dobeyrodrigo_: you're sprinting this week?15:31
teknicodid the standup change time?15:31
dobeyjust slow15:31
* thisfred is foundations++ :)15:31
dobeyrigh right15:31
* thisfred sometimes forgets that too ;)15:32
rodrigo_dobey: no15:32
rodrigo_dobey: on a call now, bbiab15:32
rodrigo_but me, yeah15:32
dobey☺ DONE: Reviews, #38101215:32
dobey☹ TODO: #374890 (may be fixed already)15:32
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:32
dobeyaquarius: hit it15:32
aquarius⚀ DONE: review duty; much discussion about couch/DC breakage on server with lucio, thisfred15:32
aquarius⚁ TODO: fix UnknownLoginError and make it be known (#376087); make starting up filesharing also add desktopcouch pairing (#430782)15:32
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:32
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 215:32
aquariusvds: you're up15:32
vdsDONE:still investigating quota and replication on couchdb, drafted a possible solution15:32
vdsTODO: conference call on couchdb quota15:32
vdsteknico all yours15:32
teknicoDONE: spent friday fighting karmic breakage with the help of cjwatson, fixed more bugs and added more tests and docs for adding/editing contacts (#406315), sprint in London15:33
teknicoTODO: more sprinting in London15:33
teknicoBLOCK: none15:33
tekniconext: noone15:33
dobeyrodrigo is next, but he's on a call :)15:33
rodrigo_• DONE: GNOME 2.28.0 release tarballs. Started upstream discussion for adding social services accounts config to about-me. Fixed tomboy-love branch as per thisfred's suggestions. Discussed contacts fields with John and Nicola15:33
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Propose couchdb-glib/evo-couchdb for GNOME 2.29. Store UUIDs for postal addresses. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. Notes web UI.15:33
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:33
rodrigo_I can paste though :)15:33
rodrigo_nobody next15:33
dobeyMEETING ENDS15:33
FNDwhat's the canonical info (as in intro portal) page for DesktopCouch?15:51
FNDI'm trying to convince a few colleagues (developers, some of them Apple cultists) that it might be worth exploring15:51
rodrigo_FND: https://edge.launchpad.net/desktopcouch15:53
greg-gdobey: sorry about that nautilus crash bug (bug 429126), the duplicate's attachments were deleted by LP after it was marked a duplicate by apport. :(15:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429126 in nautilus "nautilus assert failure: ERROR:dbus-gproxy.c:1051:dbus_g_proxy_manager_unregister: assertion failed: (link != NULL)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42912615:53
FNDthanks rodrigo_15:53
rodrigo_FND: well, https://launchpad.net/desktopcouch would be more correct15:53
FNDhmm I'd seen those pages before15:53
FNDis there a conceptual overview somewhere (other than aquarius's blog)15:53
dobeygreg-g: oh lovely15:54
greg-gdobey: yeah, its a 'feature'15:54
rodrigo_FND: aquarius should know better15:55
FNDalright, I'll wait for him to notice the ping then...15:55
aquariusFND, at the moment there isn't a conceptual overview in any detail; it's a combination of http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch, https://launchpad.net/desktopcouch, the posts I've written, and http://groups.google.com/group/desktop-couchdb15:56
dobeygreg-g: EPIC FAIL15:56
aquariusFND, if someone were to write such an overview that would be a marvellous thing, though :)15:56
FNDaquarius: I know the feeling - documentation is a PitA...15:57
FNDI guess I'll point them to your blog15:57
FND(note: I'm not a wholesale evangelist, as I still like my dotfiles... )15:58
FNDaquarius: will Karmic be packaged with any kind of documentation, or are you expecting organic growth16:29
FNDof DC16:29
aquariusFND, hang on, on the phone16:30
FNDno rush16:30
aquariusFND, I am hoping to write some docs, certainly!17:01
aquarius(more than the simple API doc we have at the moment)17:01
aquariusI want examples and API docs and screencasts and all sorts17:02
popey\o/ screencasts17:02
FNDI personally don't like video (sequential information uptake at pre-defined speed), but I can see that it would probably help adoption17:05
FNDI guess my main interest right now is accessing data from other sources (using TiddlyWeb, thus trivial to get into a TiddlyWiki)17:05
FNDmight also look into making todo.sh (todotxt) write to DC17:08
aquariusFND, yeah, at the moment there are 4 APIs -- you can talk HTTP, there's desktopcouch.records (Python), there's the JavaScript library inside Bindwood (not yet broken out into its own thing), and there's couchdb-glib (C).17:13
aquariustodo.sh would probably be best using desktopcouch.records17:13
FNDmy main impediment right now is that upgrading my VM to Karmic failed twice; X wouldn't start up anymore after the upgrade (a glorious waste of ~3 hours per session)17:14
FNDso I'll be installing Karmic alpha 6 from scratch17:14
J_Litewskiis there a problem with ubuntuone? I keep getting auth errors17:29
Spike1506the ubuntu one website has a screenshot with the wrong info on it18:44
Spike1506its says ubuntuone-client while it is ubuntuone-client-gnome18:45
dobeyah, so it does18:45
dobeySpike1506: would you care to file a bug at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers for that?18:45
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Spike1506for anyone who is interested: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/434169 :-)18:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 434169 in ubuntuone-servers "Screenshot with wrong information on Ubuntu One website" [Undecided,New]18:56
dobeySpike1506: thanks much. we'll fix it very soon :)18:57
Spike1506ohw and another one for the menu, it doesnt show the icon in the menulist while it does after installation.. (will do a bug report for that later)18:59
dobeyhow do you mean? i didn't quite understand that one :)19:00
dobeyah, oh, yes19:01
* Spike1506 knows some people who call me when they try to do something and something doesnt like familiar to the screenshot like a missing icon :( :P19:03
dobeyi know what you mean :)19:04
Spike1506is ubuntu one able to deal with symlinks? since i dont wanna duplicate my data19:17
dobeywe don't handle symlinks currently, no.19:19
ChipacaSpike1506: you can move it to the ubuntuone folder and then symlink back to it19:20
ChipacaSpike1506: however, the beta label means we try hard not to lose data for you, but it might happen19:21
Spike1506well better be safe then sorry, ill just duplicate the data :)19:22
raff0zhi all!20:17
dobeyhi raff0z20:18
raff0zdid you remember that i had a problem with "add this computer" ??? so it is solved by itself!!! now all works well!!! :P20:18
dobeywell, we fixed it, yes :)20:18
raff0zso...what was ?20:18
dobeyi don't remember which problem you were having exactly20:19
raff0zwith the token20:19
dobeybut i'm guessing you installed the update which had several fixes for issues relating to getting the OAuth token20:19
raff0zwhen i have installed it.... there wasn't any "add this computer"20:19
dobeyraff0z: right, but there were a few bugs related to it, that we fixed20:19
raff0za ok :P20:20
dobeymost likely the failure due to domain name change20:20
raff0zi haven't downloaded other software i just ran the ubuntuone daemon and it worked fine!20:20
raff0z*not software but update20:20
dobeyyou didn't update?20:21
raff0zi don't know if there is an auto-update20:21
dobeythere is an option in ubuntu for automatically updating, yes. but it's not enabled by default afaik20:21
dobeyand i don't know if it automatically installs all updates20:21
dobeybut i don't remember what problem you were having exactly, though i'm glad it's working for you now :)20:22
raff0zi have connect on start but is the same thing after all it  works ! :P20:22
raff0zi must "share" my email with an other ubuntu 9.04+ user to start sharing the files?20:22
dobeyif you want to share your files with someone, they just need a subscription to the file sharing service20:23
raff0za ok20:23
dobeythey don't have to use ubuntu (or the desktop ubuntuone-client)20:23
dobeythey can access via the web20:23
raff0zif i want to download one of your files?20:24
raff0z(for example xD)20:24
dobeybut yeah, just pick a folder to share, and enter their e-mail address, and they can accept the share20:24
dobeyi would have to share a folder with you, and you'd accept it20:24
raff0zvia mail20:24
raff0zwith mail20:25
raff0zunderstood :P20:25
raff0za "wonderfull" servce ;P20:26
dobeythanks :)20:28
* jdo is happy his U1 service started syncing again today20:35
CardinalFangjblount, did you see my meeting notes in time, this morning?21:40
sysdocHi guys my UbuntuOne fails to connect since I believe an update that installed a while back. Where exactly do you change/alter the settings regarding the user/pass, etc?21:40
CardinalFangsysdoc, the user/pass in stored in the Gnome Keyring.  Running "seahorse" will get you to them.  That's the local copy, though,21:42
sysdocThat is the one I need thanks21:42
CardinalFangsysdoc, If you delete it there and run the applet again, I think it will behave like it did the first time.21:42
sysdocCardinalFang, I have no entry in Seahorse for the UbuntuOne connection, no wonder it doesn't connect... So I'm wondering how to get it to store the user/pass correctly?21:56
sysdochmm post before that last on was supposed to read: CardinalFang the user/pass is not in Seahorse. Sorry dunno know what happened there21:58
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dobeysysdoc: what version of ubuntuone-client-gnome do you have?23:13

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