revfis there any way that I can replace the default desktop rendering with something else? (like, the actual stuff on the desktop)01:44
revfor is that intrinsic to xfce?01:44
revfalternately, are there more settings that aren't accessible through the normal settings dialog?01:45
revfbasically the way the grid is set up is just really annoying me01:45
revfand also the rendering seems really glitchy sometimes01:45
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jiohdianyone know how to make 7z show up in the menu as part of extract here?01:51
dthackerhello,   I'm having trouble getting a desktop wireless card to connect.   How can I scan for available networks in xubunt?02:12
ldez1Anyone in here familiar with Xubuntu for PS3? I'm having some issues with my Sixaxis controller connecting.. I've downloaded sixaxis-gui and dependants, followed a HOW TO online, but I'm still not able to do anything with my controller.02:20
ldez1In addition to my Sixasis controller not working, I'm also having some problems installing Flash on my ps3 installation.. It's not available in Synaptic like it normally is, and the .deb from Adobe is telling me I have the wrong architecture.. If anyone has any know-how in PS3 Xubuntu, any help would be appreciated.02:30
dthackerunfortunately, it's pretty quiet02:30
dthackerI found the problem with my setup.  wireless card was not seated properly02:31
ldez1Ah, yeah, that'll always cause a problem... As if wireless cards + linux weren't a pain in the butt enough already.02:32
Cyber_Akuma-LaptAre there any freeware virus scanners that can can for windows viruses on a windows partition that will work on Ubuntu? The Trinity Rescue Kit had 5 of them on that livecd03:30
sake_will xubuntu karmic have the software store?03:31
durtIt found 5 or there were 5 ON the cd?03:32
durtsake_, ask in #ubuntu+103:32
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthere were 5 on the cd03:33
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI am going to reinstall xp on this desktop03:33
Cyber_Akuma-Laptand want to partition off some small space for xubuntu03:33
Cyber_Akuma-Laptto use as an emergency/recovery os03:33
durtCyber_Akuma-Lapt, where did you get the iso?03:33
Cyber_Akuma-Laptdownloaded it, I cna give you the site if you want it03:33
Cyber_Akuma-Laptits a livecd with a bunch of rescue utilities, msotly virus scanners03:33
durtclamAV is in the ubuntu repos, I don't think there is a virus scanner on the livecd or the default install.03:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about clamav03:35
durt!info clamav03:35
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.95.2+dfsg-4ubuntu1.2 (jaunty), package size 265 kB, installed size 492 kB03:35
Cyber_Akuma-Laptdosent need to be on the livecd03:36
Cyber_Akuma-Laptsince im planning to install it03:36
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI heard that clamxv isnt updated much03:36
Cyber_Akuma-Laptand I woudl prefer to have several03:36
durtya, clamav is there for you, not sure if there's a gtk based gui for it though, there is a kde gui.03:37
Cyber_Akuma-Laptdosent need to have a gui either03:37
Cyber_Akuma-Laptnone of the ones on the trinity rescue kit did03:37
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI can manage with a terminal, shouldent be too tricky03:38
ldez1Why would you want to have a windows partition? Just stick with *ubuntu and you won't have virus problems...03:38
Cyber_Akuma-Lapthar har03:38
ldez1Or do what I do and have a windows partition that you dont keep anything important on and just format it every couple months to keep it virus-free03:38
Cyber_Akuma-Lapttoo much of a pain03:38
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI have never really gotten infected, but I prefer to play it safe03:38
Cyber_Akuma-LaptIts main puirpose will be to fix any boot problems with windows if it ever happens, but a virus scan would be useful too03:39
ldez1I never get virii on my windows either.. just use Firefox with No-Script addon and Spybot S&D in the background and you'll stay 100% safe as long as you don't allow any retarded domains.03:39
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI heard that spybot isnt that good anymore, people were recommiding on top fo spybot ot use........ I forgot the name, malbytes or something like that03:40
durtldez1, different people have different needs when it comes to supporting windows, you may be smart and do safe things but my little sister sure ain't :)03:41
Cyber_Akuma-LaptRegardless, I just want an on-hdd rescue os03:41
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthis is why I chose xubuntu instedad of ubuntu03:41
Cyber_Akuma-Laptif its on the hdd I can keep it updated without constantly burning new cds03:42
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthe system is old, it cant boto from usb03:42
durthow is xubuntu and ubuntu different in that way?03:42
Cyber_Akuma-Laptxubuntu is supposed to be a lot more ligthweight, so itll run better on older hardware and take up less hdd space03:43
Cyber_Akuma-Laptat least thats what I was told03:43
Cyber_Akuma-Laptits a pentium 3 - 1.13ghz system with 1 gig of pc-133 sdram, its very old03:44
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI cant even support harddrives over 120gb with a pci ide card03:44
Cyber_Akuma-Laptwithout I mean03:44
durttoo a degree yes, as far as speed is concerned, the default install size I don't think will be that different...xubuntu is perfect for that hardware03:44
Cyber_Akuma-Laptsadly this is my main desktop....03:45
Cyber_Akuma-Laptcpu, ram, everything is at its maximum, cant really upgrade anything on it anymore >.<03:45
ldez1Cyber: I usually keep a CD with DamnSmall Linux burnt on it to load from in case of emergency backup needs.03:46
Cyber_Akuma-Lapt3d card is.......... ok........ though, it outperforms this laptop by a far margin with anything 3d related03:46
durtI have a server that I use graphically thats only a pIII 533 with 450 MB it runs xubuntu just fine.03:46
ldez1durt: That's why I never let my little sister use my computer... Just steer clear from that situation, bro.03:46
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthough my laptop kills my desktop when it comes to anything else, sad, since it was a $400 piece of junk I got two years ago03:47
Cyber_Akuma-LaptAnyway, I got sick of the messed up installof Windows 2000 I have on it constnatly haing problems, got a replacement hdd (because I still want the old one just in case) and im ging to upgrade to xp03:47
Cyber_Akuma-Laptfigured might as well add xuuntu for repair03:48
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthe replacement hdd is 160gb, so I should get a few more extra gigs out of it before it hits the LBA limit03:48
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthey didnt sell anythign smaller for ide03:48
durtldez1, my 'little' sister lives by herself and _I_ am responsible for her sys admin, of course she doesn't get to touch my stuff. we figured out that when we were kids.03:49
ldez1durt: Is your "little" sister hott?03:49
ldez1durt: I mean... err... maybe keep her away from Linux?03:49
Cyber_Akuma-LaptYet another linux user I found that is a pedophile, sigh03:50
ldez1That, or teach her not to be a noob.03:50
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI really expcected this to be from a mac user03:50
Cyber_Akuma-Lapthaving problems iwth my mac too >.<03:51
Cyber_Akuma-Laptjust works my ass03:51
ldez1Well I solved your problem.... You bought a Mac!! BOOM03:51
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI have been using windows for a decade03:51
Cyber_Akuma-Laptstarted using linux to learn it03:51
Cyber_Akuma-Laptsaw a cheap mac mini and figured might as well learn macos too03:52
Cyber_Akuma-Laptsnow leopard seems to hate my keyboard though03:52
Cyber_Akuma-Laptfar more than a decade actually...03:52
Cyber_Akuma-Lapthow much space would a xubuntu install take?03:53
Cyber_Akuma-Laptshould I set aside some space for a swap partition?03:53
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI really want it taking little space03:53
ldez1Oh, if you were to give it 6-7 gigs, that would be MORE than enough03:54
Cyber_Akuma-Laptsince ill just use it for system utilities and antivirus03:54
Cyber_Akuma-Lapthmm.... thats actually kinda a lot, depend show much space I get from the drive XD03:54
Cyber_Akuma-Laptis the limi t128 or 137gb? I forgot03:54
ldez1Right now I'm running off a 10gb partition and I have 5.9gb free space03:54
ldez1So if you really don't intend on installing anything on it.. 5gb should be plenty.03:54
Cyber_Akuma-Laptif the motehrboard dosent support lba48 and I plug in a 160gb harddrive03:55
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI know itll show up as more than 120, but less than 16003:55
ldez1Yeah I've always been kinda fuzzy on that.. It seems like different manufacturers all label their hard drives differently... Any more it seems like 160gb really means 145gb03:56
Cyber_Akuma-Laptoh, thats easy03:56
Cyber_Akuma-Lapt....... to explain03:56
ldez1Right now, im running off my 60gb ps3, which actually only has 52 real gigabytes of hard drive.03:56
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI suck at the math though XD03:56
Cyber_Akuma-Laptmanufacturers use base 1003:57
ldez1Yeah.. thats my problem too, something about 1000 vs 1024.. Why can't people just be truthful...03:57
Cyber_Akuma-Laptto them a megabyte is 1,000,000 bytes03:57
durtCyber_Akuma-Lapt, you can always remove software you do not need. I think I pared xubuntu down to 5 or so gigs.03:57
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthough now they measure by gigabuytes, which makes them lose even MORE space03:57
Cyber_Akuma-Lapt1gb = 1,000 MB03:57
Cyber_Akuma-Laptmany of them list this on the box03:57
Cyber_Akuma-Laptas for the ps3, thats because it installs some stuff on the hdd rgeardless03:58
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI wish they would descrypt the fs used on ps3 hdds....03:58
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI HATE the svae locking, its total bullshit! I want to backup my saves!03:58
ldez1Yeah, its got the firmware, but it loses a few gigs to the base 10/base 2 trim regardless.03:58
Cyber_Akuma-LaptIt refuses to let me copy the save to a usb drive or flash card or anything off the ps303:58
Cyber_Akuma-Lapta full system backup will backup the save..... but itll only restore on the same ps303:59
ldez1Cyber, you know you can go through the XBM to System -> System Settings -> Backup Your System and get the saves that are copy protected, right?03:59
Cyber_Akuma-Laptmeaning if you got yours repaired, there is a high chance itll be a refurb from someone else, and then those saves wont restore03:59
ldez1Yeah, ok, so you do know.. heh03:59
Cyber_Akuma-LaptYou cant remove the hdd either03:59
Cyber_Akuma-Laptits keyed to the ps3 that formatted it03:59
Cyber_Akuma-Laptitll show up as iunformatted to any other ps303:59
Cyber_Akuma-Laptwhat bullshit03:59
ldez1I've had friends upgrade their hdd in their ps3s...04:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptoh, of course04:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptyou can use any 2.5 inch sata hdd in it04:00
ldez1Oh, just another comp can't reformat it?04:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptonce you format it though04:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptyou cant out it into ANOTHER ps304:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptunless ytou reformat it in that other ps304:00
ldez1Gotta love DRM04:00
Cyber_Akuma-Laptpretty much...04:01
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI see NO reason for the svae locking04:01
Cyber_Akuma-Laptits alreadt possible to lick a save to your PSN profile04:01
Cyber_Akuma-Laptlock I mean04:01
Cyber_Akuma-Laptso why lock it to the system?04:01
Cyber_Akuma-Laptat least a psn locked savedcan be backed up and moved to another ps304:01
ldez1So Cyber, you seem kinda knowledgable about PS3... I actually just did my full backup today, reformatted, and installed Xubuntu.. but I'm having some serious issues with the flash player and the Sixaxis bluetooth connection... You know anything about either of these as far as PS3 and linux go?04:01
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI gave up on ubuntu on the ps304:01
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI switched to YDL04:01
Cyber_Akuma-Laptespecially since it can use the ps3's vidoeram as swap04:02
ldez1I heard nasty nasty things about yellow dog04:02
Cyber_Akuma-LaptIT runs far better than ubuntu ever did for me04:02
ldez1I was actually reading a tutorial earlier on psubuntu.com about how to use ps3's vram as swap on ubuntu04:02
Cyber_Akuma-Laptshame you cant use the gpu04:02
Cyber_Akuma-LaptAnd yeah, I know far too much than is healthy about gaming consoles04:02
ldez1I havn't tried doing this tutorial yet, but from what I read is that you can use the GPU vRAM for swap04:03
Cyber_Akuma-LaptToo bad I know ntohing about programming so I rely on pre-compiled homebrew :(04:03
Cyber_Akuma-Laptcoudl be worth a shot, I honstly would recommend ydl though04:03
Cyber_Akuma-Lapttried ubuntu on it since........ I forgot, 7.10 I think04:03
Cyber_Akuma-Laptuntil 9.0404:03
Cyber_Akuma-Laptat that point I gave up04:03
ldez1Well I'm slacking in both arenas.. I know too little about consoles, and less than I'd like to about programming.. :(04:03
Cyber_Akuma-Laptim trying to study for A+04:04
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthough its more like reading what I already know witht he occational standard term I didnt know04:04
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthan studying04:04
ldez1I had some friends, who probably weren't too experienced with linux, do some serious complaining about yellow dog... do you find it pretty tolerable?04:04
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthe ps3 ersion at least04:04
Cyber_Akuma-Laptnever used it on a pc04:04
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthere is a pretty bad ug in the version I have, dunno if its been fixed XD04:05
Cyber_Akuma-Laptbluetooth support is messed up04:05
ldez1Yeah, thats pretty much how I felt last year when i decided to get my A+... lots of learning new ways of explaining the things I already knew.... fun stuff..04:05
Cyber_Akuma-LaptAt first, the chapter on harddrives was confusing the hell out of me04:05
ldez1Yeah, i heard the sixaxis/bluetooth support was a lot better in ubuntu than YDL04:05
Cyber_Akuma-Laptexplaning how physically the platters are connected and all that04:05
Cyber_Akuma-Lapt10 pages in when im thinking "I will never understand this"04:05
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI see the pargrap end with "by the way, you don't need to know any of this, and explaning it in any more detail woudl require knowledge in quantium physics, but its interesting to know this stuff"04:06
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI wanted to punch the author >.<04:06
ldez1Heh, sounds like you're over studying for the test... A+ is too simple.. the study books and what not try to make it too complicated04:06
Cyber_Akuma-LaptWell, I dont just want the cert04:06
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI AM interested in learning what the book says04:07
Cyber_Akuma-Laptplan to do network+ and then MCSE04:07
Cyber_Akuma-Laptthough I should have finishe dA+ long ago, I procostanate WAY too much04:07
ldez1MCSE... grrrrrr04:07
ldez1Yeah, I had thought that was kind of the track for me.. I used to want to get all the certs, CCNA, CCNP, etc... but decided just to work towards a BS in comp sci instead04:09
ldez1Cyber: Mind if I PM you?04:09
Cyber_Akuma-Laptgo ahead04:10
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI got a BS in CET back in 200504:10
Cyber_Akuma-LaptI really should have continued and gotten a masters04:10
Cyber_Akuma-Laptor at least double majored in comp sci too04:10
Cyber_Akuma-Lapttoo bad I can't get any degrees in videogame technology and history04:11
Cyber_Akuma-Laptand I don't mean learning how to tighten up the graphics in level 304:11
Techiehello glorious #xubuntu, how are we tonight?08:59
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blip-hi, anyone know the command issued when you press the little button that minimizes all windows ?14:39
likemindeadI use the panel icon, blip- but don't know the hotkey.14:48
blip-likemindead: ok. thanks14:49
TheSheepyou can see/change the hotkey in the wm settings14:49
TheSheepit's alt+d by default, afair14:49
likemindeadI just loaded Xubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 on my old laptop (PIII & 1GB DDR). It's amazing! :D14:50
TheSheepamazingly slow you mean? :P14:50
likemindeadBlazing fast.14:50
TheSheepin comparison to what?14:50
likemindeadUh... I dunno... running Windoze XP on it?14:50
likemindeadI was running CrunchBang 9.04.01 but this is even better. :)14:51
blip-nowadays I see an xfce enviroment as a middle ground between KDE and Openbox with some addons.... it's certainly not on the lightweight end anymore14:52
likemindeadIt's ~15MB compared to GNOME at ~180MB...14:53
blip-but compare it with say fluxbox... then it's no longer lightweight... it's just "pretty lightweight"14:54
likemindeadI just love the variety. I'm usually running machines with GNOME, Xfce, Openbox, & Fluxbox. :)14:55
TheSheepkids these days14:56
blip-I've spent the last 5 years jumping around every DE and WM out there....   every time I'm convinced I've found the ideal one... I realize I miss the advantages the other one gave me14:56
blip-and that point I decided the middle ground was best and xfce does that best14:56
blip-besides, using openbox and having to add desktop support and panel etc... I ended up running xfce panel :D14:57
* likemindead is away: :::poot:::15:26
harisundWhat happens if I install ubuntu-restricted-extras on a xubuntu machine?15:30
Sysisome stuff start to work15:30
knomeharisund, nothing will break, but i'm not sure if everything will work. there is xubuntu-restricted-extras, though.15:30
geniiharisund: There is xubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-extras and kubuntu-restricted-extras15:30
geniiOne for each15:31
* likemindead is back (gone 01:24:37)16:50
n2diywhat is a good html editor?17:48
genii!info bluefish17:49
ubottubluefish (source: bluefish): advanced Gtk+ HTML editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.7-6ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 1571 kB, installed size 6732 kB17:49
geniiAlso OpenOffice isn't too horrible17:49
genii(but for lower end systems, not)17:50
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