DBODanRabbit, http://img198.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img198/5948/screenshotxq.png01:10
LaserJockanybody up this at this hour?01:34
* ScottK waves to LaserJock.01:35
LaserJockhi ScottK 01:35
LaserJockI've got some messaging menu and indicator-applet-session questions01:36
LaserJockit doesn't seem to me like indicator-applet-session works with empathy 01:37
LaserJockonly with Pidgin, which is kinda confusing01:37
LaserJockand secondly, in the messaging menu there is no indication of what apps are currently open01:38
LaserJockthe mix of launcher and status roles is quite confusing01:38
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DBOany zeitgeist folks here?09:37
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SiDiDanRabbit: i got a request about the media-* icons of elementary11:40
SiDiwould it be possible to turn the action ones (ie. next / prev / pause / play / stop and record) to the same color palette as the arrows in the file manager ?11:41
SiDialso, the next / Prev ones look slightly sharper than the pause and stop ones11:41
SiDiand finally, is it possible to have a media-playlist-dynamic icon such as http://imagebin.ca/img/IvSNqJz9.png ?11:43
lamalexHey guys, how can I get UI help from the canonical design team?14:34
DanRabbitSiDi: yes, I can do those icons, I've just been extremely busy lately. Can you file a bug report for the media icons with that screenshot?15:28
SiDiDanRabbit: its done already :) thanks in advance15:41

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