RenatoSilvais it usual to use bzr commit --fixes=id more than one time for the same bug?00:05
* jelmer sleep00:24
dashI'm trying to upgrade Twisted's bzr mirror to 2a00:47
dashit seems to be stuck halfway. would I be better off just creating a new repo and branching into it and/or using svn-import than to do bzr upgrade?00:48
mzzI found upgrade to not be all that fast00:57
mzzI haven't noticed stuck though.00:57
dashthis is on our dinky little VM00:58
mzzI think it took several minutes or so on a 20M repo with about 5000 revisions00:58
mzz(on a basic linux system, not a vm)00:58
mwhudsondash: doing the import again with bzr-svn will probably be just as fast00:58
dashmwhudson: yeah ok00:59
jderosedoes anyone know how to toggle bzr-builddeb between behaving like debuild -S -sd and debuild -S -sa?01:10
naoki_I want to upgrade lp:tortoisebzr to 2a format01:19
naoki_I read upgrade guide. http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/upgrade-guide/index.html#migrating-branches-on-launchpad01:19
naoki_The guide says "On Launchpad, unset the current trunk from being the development focus."01:20
naoki_I don't know how to unset "development focus"01:20
wgrantClear the Branch text box at https://launchpad.net/PROJECT/DEVFOCUSSERIES/+edi01:21
wgrant+edit, that is.01:21
naoki_lp:tortoisebzr is now 2a!01:23
naoki_Thank you!01:23
dashok so i've got a 2a edition of trunk now01:26
dashif i had permissions i'd put it on launchpad01:27
jfroywhoever here is Ian: I'm almost done with the 10.6 package. It's a "core" package (no frills, basic set of plug-ins).01:32
Peng_jfroy: Which Ian are you looking for?01:33
jfroyIan Clatworthy01:33
Peng_jfroy: That's igc, unless I'm making some horrible mistake.01:33
hmanI've got a unshelving question.01:37
hman$ bzr unshelve 101:37
hmanbzr: ERROR: No such file: None01:37
hmanI've read that it was a known bug, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to manually recover my shelved files.01:38
hmanDoes anyone know about how to manually recover shelved files?01:47
hmanI guess I could read the shelving source code.01:48
itistodayhow do I display the contents of a single file from a past revision?01:57
itistodayI don't actually want to bring that old file back, just want to see what was there01:58
dash'bzr cat -r'01:58
itistodaydamn, how did i not see that01:58
itistodaythanks dash01:58
itistodayalso, i have a branch i'm currently working in that was branched off from the trunk, i haven't done anything in the trunk since, what should I do to essentially make the current branch the trunk?02:01
itistodayshould I push? or should I merge?02:01
itistodayor perhaps switch and pull?02:01
itistoday(my working dir is a lightweight checkout)02:02
itistodayit points to the experimental branch that i'd like to merge/pull/push back into the trunk branch02:02
itistodayand apologies if this is a stupid quetsion02:03
dashitistoday: i'd just merge it into the trunk02:04
dashif you merge, 'bzr log' for trunk will show a single revision where you merged your branch, with the changes in the branch as subrevisions02:05
dashif you just push it to trunk, bzr log will show all your commits to the branch just as if you'd made them to trunk.02:05
itistodaydash: thanks, i guess that is useful to see02:06
hmanDoes anyone have an idea about how to manually unshelve?02:19
hmanI have lost some important changes to code in a shelve that I need to recover. Ideas?02:22
mzzI don't think I've seen the issue you describe02:23
mzzhave you searched the bug tracker for it?02:23
hmanYes, I found this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/31979002:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319790 in bzr "bzr unshelve crashes losing all changes" [High,Fix released]02:24
hmanIt mentions manually recovering the changes, but not how to do it.02:25
mzzhman: what version of bzr are you on?02:25
hmanWhen was the fix applied?02:26
mzzhman: hmm, looks like the bug report doesn't say. Are you sure you're actually hitting the same bug (did you delete any files recently)?02:27
hmanThere was a deleted file in the changeset.02:28
hmanI shelved on 1.3.1 and just upgraded to 1.13.1 but I get the same error.02:28
hmanI see the shelve-1 file but I don't know how to manually get to my changes.02:29
mzzI don't know what format that file is actually in, but last time I peeked at it it wasn't very human-readable.02:32
hmanYeah. I'll keep digging around.02:35
rsvpare the C extensions necessary -- in other words, is bzr written so that it can be run solely on python code? and if so how much slower is the performance typically?02:46
mwhudsonrsvp: the c extensions are not necessary02:48
mwhudsoni'm not sure what the performance impact is these days02:48
bob2the packages in the ppa have the extensions built, though02:48
=== fenris__ is now known as ejat
mzzrsvp: they are sufficiently unnecessary that there have been a few releases accidentally omitting their source from the source tarball, but it's not like they're hard to build either.02:52
mzz("a few" being "at least two" but I forgot the actual number)02:52
rsvpso going the source code route (not ppa packaging) one should make those C extensions, else there is some (significant?) performance hit.02:54
Peng_Compiling the C extensions is as simple as a "make", so why not do it?02:55
Peng_But you certainly can get by without them. It just won't be as fun.02:55
mzzalso, why were you not using the ppa again?02:55
Peng_BTW, with the 2a disk format, the C extensions will use less disk space.02:55
Peng_(Line-based vs. byte-based deltas.)02:55
mzzohh, I forgot about that.02:55
Peng_Still totally compatible, of course.02:56
* mzz is now mostly done cleaning up and upgrading all the branches randomly spread over his hds02:56
Peng_I hope I never decide to do that.02:57
mzzwell, it was not just the format upgrade that made this something I wanted to do.02:57
mzzalso, there weren't *that* many. Although there was some embarassing ancient code in there.02:57
project2501ahey guys: i'm finding the instructions on how to publish a repo over http, a bit confusing: 0) there is no bzr-smart.py script readily available 1) it doesn't look that bzr likes multiple repos from the same root, and 2) it doesn't look that there's a landing page02:58
mzzwhat instructions?02:58
project2501athese instructions: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html02:59
rsvpmzz, thanks for your response yesterday by the way... I wanted to understand the comparison with hg (without C extensions) ...02:59
mzzproject2501a: what section?03:00
project2501amzz: under 'mod_pythong'03:00
project2501ad-oh. freudian slip03:00
project2501amzz: under 'mod_python'03:00
project2501athat tong tong tong03:00
mzzrsvp: mercurial has c extensions, although I don't know if they're also optional03:00
Peng_mzz: They are, but unless something changed while i was away, it's a bit of a pain to use the Python versions.03:01
mzzproject2501a: afaik mod_python isn't the best choice for serving stuff. Is the manual recommending it over other options?03:01
Peng_project2501a: The smart server script is given in the docs.03:02
project2501ano, it's not. but the manual is not offering much guidance or solutions03:02
Peng_project2501a: What do you mean about "multiple repos from the same root"?03:02
project2501alike hg or git does: gives you a root dir, ie, http://marsel.is/repos/git and you can have multiple repos under that url03:02
project2501aeach independant of the other. plus it serves as a landing page03:03
rsvpmzz, I think the early hg versions required c extensions.03:03
mzzproject2501a: the script is given below (under "configuring bazaar", subsection "mod_python")03:03
Peng_rsvp: That's correct.03:03
mzzproject2501a: but I'd use fcgi. and afaik you can just expose more than one smartserver instance that way (although I don't think it automatically creates a landing page)03:03
project2501ayes, i saw it. that's why i said "there is no readily available script"03:04
mzzproject2501a: there are plugins (loggerhead mainly) that serve html to humans.03:04
Peng_project2501a: You can have as many branches and repos as you want...03:04
Peng_Aside from bug 348308, which broke bzr+http with shared repos.... But that's not the same thing. And it can be worked around anyway.03:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 348308 in bzr "Smart server jail breaks bzr+http with shared repos" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34830803:05
project2501amaybe i should go back and read some more03:05
project2501amaybe i should take it with the bzr maintainer in debian, cuz apparently neither the bzr nor the bzrtools package includes bzr-smart.fcgi03:07
rsvpI'm thinking of switching over to mercurial because I get the impression the python(.org) community is going that direction (under Guido's nudge wink wink say no more) -- any good counter-arguments?03:08
SamB_XP_don't be a sheep03:08
project2501arsvp: get a brain03:08
mzzproject2501a: notice that script is also included in the manual, and mostly consists of configuration03:08
mzzproject2501a: I don't think including it makes sense03:08
SamB_XP_sheeple are annoying03:08
mzzrsvp: do you hack on python itself?03:08
project2501aSamB_irssi: reddit rules03:08
dashrsvp: i've used hg, main reason i stick with bzr is that I think the way it handles branches and merges is better03:09
project2501amzz: i'm a sysadmin mate; i code, but my bread and butter is sysadmin. inclusion would make my life easier. happy sysadmin == happy office03:09
project2501aunhappy sysadmin == wrath of root.03:09
mzzproject2501a: I guess it could live under /usr/share/doc/bzr/examples or something03:09
project2501ait could. it doesn't03:10
mzzthat's what I meant03:10
mzzmy point is that just running it doesn't make any sense, you have to edit roughly half of the roughly a dozen lines in there. So sticking it in /usr/bin or the like would just be weird.03:11
Peng_Mine is 130 lines long. How did that happen? >.>03:12
mzzrsvp: neither mercurial nor bzr is likely to go away anytime soon, so what projects you don't hack on use isn't important03:12
mzzPeng_: serves too many repos?03:12
project2501afrom my humble BOFH point of view is that svn, hg and git took me 40 minutes each to set up, and that's because i was lazy. and bzr is currently taking the piss03:12
project2501ai understand what you are saying, by the way03:13
mzzproject2501a: iiuc it's just a wsgi app, and there are multiple ways to actually expose those to the net. I guess the manual doesn't go into as much detail as it could about how to do that.03:13
project2501ai'm not trying to argue against you, i'm just mounting a retort03:14
Peng_mzz: There isn't per-repo stuff. It's just customizations: mostly logging, working around that bug, and something else.03:14
project2501amzz: that is correct mate.03:14
mzz(and I'm assuming just plain "bzr serve" doesn't suit your needs)03:14
project2501athat would mean more ports open03:14
project2501abad karma, sysadmin gets less sleep03:14
mzzso there's a bit of a documentation hole there.03:14
Peng_What's wrong with opening a couple ports?03:15
project2501athe size of a small moon.03:15
Peng_You have the exact same exposure either way.03:15
Peng_Well, I suppose it would take some bot attacker longer to find a bzr+http server.03:15
Peng_But they both do the same thing.03:15
Peng_Anyway, what were we talking about?03:16
project2501ano you don't. much much easier to use Simple Event Correlation with one port and tell SEC to ban an ip for 40 minutes when the IP is takign the piss03:16
project2501aPeng: reddit03:16
project2501athat's what we're taking about03:16
project2501aspecifically /r/jailbait/03:16
rsvpmzz, an important factor is the format of the (most popular/useful/institutional) repositories -- if hg or bzr had plugins which makes the interchange convenient then there's no question, however, that might be incompatibilities which could be annoying down the road.03:18
mzzrsvp: fastimport is supposed to help with that03:18
bob2it's 200903:19
mzzrsvp: although I once actually used that and hit some bug on removal of files, so I know what you mean03:19
bob2you're going to have to use more than one revision control system, anyway03:19
project2501awhat bob said03:19
project2501athese days SCMs tend to be a trend anyway03:19
mzzbut yeah, just make sure you at least pick a dvcs that isn't totally obscure and you'll usually be ok.03:19
bob2no monotone03:20
project2501afactors include which way is guido pissing, if joel got laid last night, and if paul graham wrote another essay portraying hackers as painters03:21
SamB_XP_project2501a: but ... nobody would read it03:21
project2501aoh and if the stock for va linux is still plummeting or not. ESR gets frisky about that03:21
project2501aSamB_irssi: lol :)03:21
SamB_XP_they would not realize it was new03:21
SamB_XP_and believe that they had already read it03:21
project2501ai tell you there are people who are total fan boys of graham03:22
project2501athey would re-read it and suck his dick in the process03:22
SamB_XP_... okay03:22
project2501aand then declare that he's a genious can we have more funding from y-combinator?03:22
* SamB_XP_ amuses himself by following his own newly-minted blog03:23
project2501ayou have a blag?03:23
SamB_XP_http://naesten.blogspot.com/ -- just one post, started the thing because I'm sick and tired of having to fish for lambdacats when I want them ...03:24
project2501aSamB_irssi: yo dog, i'm gonna let you finish, but i just want you to know that blogspot sucks03:24
SamB_XP_project2501a: yeah, sure03:24
SamB_XP_I guess I knew that03:25
SamB_XP_but if I used something else, I would have to decide what!03:25
project2501ayou can use a blog inside a blog so you can blog while you blog03:25
Peng_Use WordPress! Constant security problems make life fun!03:25
project2501ayeah, php! it's not a language, it's a brand new estate for it's creators!03:25
SamB_XP_project2501a: wouldn't putting a toilet in the blog make more sense?03:26
project2501athat's putting a toilet in the blog so you can defecate while you blog03:26
project2501aSamB_XP_: i take it you're not up to date with your memes03:26
SamB_XP_I was thinking of words more like "shit" and "crap"03:26
project2501athat's slashdot mate03:26
SamB_XP_project2501a: I can't remember all the ones I've even heard of03:26
SamB_XP_I accidentally the memes03:27
project2501aall of them?03:27
SamB_XP_and I don't read slashdot very often03:27
project2501ayou're not missing anything03:27
SamB_XP_project2501a: I them all03:27
project2501ataco is vested, cowboy neal likes young boys03:27
SamB_XP_chuck norris doesn't like where this is headed03:28
project2501atalk to jack cuz the hand aint hearing it03:28
rsvpbob2, it a real hassle with multiple version controls -- I'd go with the one that can read the others the most without hassle.03:28
SamB_XP_wow, big surprise, rsvp is recommending bzr in #bzr ;-)03:29
project2501aor hg03:29
SamB_XP_hg can read other VCS branches?03:29
project2501arsvp: do you use vi or emacs?03:29
SamB_XP_what other VCS's branches can it read ?03:29
project2501aSamB_XP_: svn afaik, but i'm just taking the piss here03:30
project2501ayeah, ok, time for sleep03:30
project2501ano landing page03:30
project2501ano easy way to publish repos over http03:30
SamB_XP_project2501a: okay, that's about what I thought I might have read03:30
project2501ano multiple repos under a single root03:31
SamB_XP_no easy way to publish repos over http ... what ???03:31
SamB_XP_it's not harder than with darcs!03:31
project2501asorry, it's kinda late here and my brain is slowing down03:31
project2501aSamB_XP_: no easy way to publish multiple repos under a single root over http03:32
project2501a^-- better?03:32
SamB_XP_project2501a: sure there is ... you just push them into subdirectories of a directory in your www tree ...03:32
wgrantThere's even a plugin to push a whole directory of branches, I think.03:33
lifelessproject2501a: bzr push bzr+ssh://webhost/srv/www.site/b103:33
project2501aSamB_XP_: that doesn't make them independent repos03:33
rsvpproject2501a, (but you see text is text, to both vi and emacs -- and one chooses the unix newlines in vim because ms can handle that but NOT vice versa -- so always go with the set that encompasses the other)03:33
SamB_XP_project2501a: what do you mean?03:33
lifelessproject2501a: what do you mean 'independent'03:33
project2501aanyway, i apologize. as i said it's late over here. i'm gonna go take a nap and i'll be back in the morning03:33
SamB_XP_I mean, you just stick the directories in a directory03:33
project2501abrain no worky worky03:33
SamB_XP_oh, you feel like I felt this morning maybe ?03:34
project2501ahave you been feeling like you should stop being a sysadmin doing admin spotting03:34
SamB_XP_well, no, but there's a reason I posted that lambdacat today03:34
project2501apissing your last in a miserable newsgroup, nothing more than an embarrassment to the f*cked up lusers gates spawned to replace the computer literate?03:35
project2501aimport import_beer; import more_women;03:35
lifelessproject2501a: could you tone down the language please, we like a friendly channel03:36
* SamB_XP_ generally tries to do his pissing into the toilet03:36
project2501aoh, the p****g part03:36
project2501athat's just brittish idiom03:36
project2501acould mean wasting03:37
project2501aanyway, long live the GPL, see you tomorrow morning where i will have had more sleep03:37
SamB_XP_no, down with the GPL and up with SPLs!03:40
rsvpthe other interesting thing between mercurial and bzr... if one uses Ubuntu, bzr shows up in updates in the week of the release, whereas for hg you can probably hang on to your stale version for a longtime.03:45
lifelessrsvp: thats because we push updates to Ubuntu; the hg community could do that if they wanted03:45
SamB_XP_how often does hg get a new release ?03:46
lifelessits not time based03:47
rsvplifeless, I understand, that's the "institutional" aspect of releases.03:47
SamB_XP_I meant approximately03:47
SamB_XP_I wasn't meaning to imply time-based-ness03:48
lifelessSamB_XP_: couple of times a year, more or less03:48
rsvpand Ubuntu of course uses bzr, not hg, internally.03:48
lifelesshttp://arcanux.org/lambdacats/tail-recursion.jpg nice03:49
lifelessthere is that03:49
lifelessbut its not why releases get to ubuntu :P03:49
SamB_XP_lifeless: well, it might be if you didn't push them so hard03:50
* rsvp is LOL allowed in here?03:50
lifelessSamB_XP_: in the past, they've trickled down from Debian03:50
SamB_XP_rsvp: after looking at a specialized type of lolcat ? yes!03:50
SamB_XP_lifeless: ah, sure03:50
lifelessSamB_XP_: and thats still the process, just we get in and own it03:50
SamB_XP_... so you're blaming this on jelmer then ?03:51
lifelessblaming ?03:51
Peng_Isn't hg trying to release more frequently now?03:51
SamB_XP_whatever word you want to use03:51
lifelesssure thing Christopher Robin :)03:52
zsquarepluscbah, i have a problem. pushing ends with the message ConnectionReset, unexpected end of message. in bzrlib\smart\message.pyo:28604:20
zsquarepluscthe remote branch then has the lock set and loggerhead fails to display it04:20
SamB_XP_darn it04:34
SamB_XP_zsquare should know to wait longer than that at 11:30 EST!04:34
meoblast001is what i'm told true? you can make a checkout of the last x amount of revisions of a project and work with that?05:13
Peng_SamB_XP_: 'specially on a weekend.05:21
lifelessmeoblast001: kindof, who is saying that06:11
meoblast001some people in #gamedev06:11
lifelesswell, did they give an example command line?06:12
meoblast001i saw you in there06:12
lifelessjust popped in for a sec06:12
lifelesssee if I recognised folk06:12
meoblast001so i suppose you know it's raining over here now :P06:12
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johnf1say I have a a local branch with rich-root support and an upstream shared-repo which doesn't. How can I push my branch to that repo?10:31
johnf1The branch was originally a branch of an svn tree which I'm not going to use any longer10:32
=== johnf1 is now known as johnf
lifelessupgrade the the shared repo10:32
johnflifeless: :) Yeah trying to avoid that. I'd have to bug everyone else using it. Which I suppose I could do10:33
lifelessmake a a new repo at the subdir you want to push to then10:34
lifelessbzr init-repo URL; bzr push URL10:34
johnfA repo can exist within a repo?11:08
project2501agood morning12:47
project2501ai'm trying to start loggerhead manually so i can test it. i get this error: bzrlib.errors.NotBranchError: Not a branch: "/repos/bzr/.bzr/branch/". any clues please?12:48
johnfproject2501a: can you put your loggerhead.conf on a pastie somewhere?12:52
project2501asure mate12:53
project2501agive me 2 clicks12:53
project2501ajohnf: http://pastebin.com/m7f0dd30b12:54
johnfwhat do you have in /srv/repos?12:56
project2501athere's no such path in my machine mate12:57
project2501athere's /repos/bzr12:57
johnfahh sorry that's what I means12:57
project2501ajibber:/repos/bzr# ls -la12:57
project2501atotal 1212:57
project2501adrwxrwxr-x 3 bzr  www-data 4096 2009-09-27 10:18 .12:57
project2501adrwxr-xr-x 6 root root     4096 2009-09-22 01:01 ..12:57
project2501adrwxrwxr-x 4 bzr  www-data 4096 2009-09-27 10:18 .bzr12:57
project2501adid i init the  repo wrong?12:58
johnfhmm does the repo have anything in it yet?12:58
project2501ano, it's blank12:59
project2501ai'll import code later12:59
LarstiQso there are no branches then12:59
project2501ai'm setting up the infrastructure right now so i will be spanky-comfy later and not sweat about it13:00
LarstiQproject2501a: which is what loggerhead was complaining about13:00
project2501ayeah, no branches.13:00
project2501aLarstiQ: yup.13:00
lifelessits rather unsurprising to get 'not branch error' with no branches.13:00
project2501awell, shouldn't loggerhead account for a brand-new repo?13:00
project2501aand say "hey, there's nothing to serve here"13:01
project2501a"empty page"13:01
project2501aor something like that13:01
lifelessif you run bzr serve --http, I think thats what it will do13:01
project2501aLarstiQ: so,  you're saying, just check in something?13:01
lifelessloggerhead.conf is a different beast13:01
project2501alifeless: well yeah, i'm trying to make it all pretty :)13:01
project2501aso, just check in something?13:02
project2501acan i make just a silly branch without committing anything?13:02
lifeless'bzr init'13:03
project2501ai used bzr-initrepo something13:04
project2501amy bad :)13:04
project2501athank you :)13:04
lifelessinit-repo makes a repository13:04
lifelessrepositories are an optional container for branches13:04
project2501ait looks like i'll have to read up13:05
lifelessmy general advice for folk getting started with bzr [and contemplating large deployments etc] is13:06
lifeless'play with it'. put something small in, fresh import, no history, and fiddle round13:06
project2501avery true mate13:06
lifelessget used to the UI and how to push pull and merge with other branches.13:06
project2501ai has ideas :)13:06
project2501ayay, loggerhead now seems to work13:07
project2501anow if i can just solve that damn [client] client denied by server configuration: proxy:, referer: http://marsel.is/13:08
project2501anow, we're getting along :)13:11
project2501alifeless: thanks mate13:11
project2501athanks everybody13:11
project2501ai love you guys :)13:18
project2501aif you ever come by sheffield, UK, i'll buy you a pint13:18
lifelessI'm glad you're up and running13:19
lifelessgnight everyone13:19
mdkeany ideas about the cause of this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/279609/ and whether a bug already exists? I can't understand python tracebacks14:28
mdkethis occurs when I'm trying to branch into a shared repository14:29
mdkeI'll be afk for a bit but picking up any hilights14:33
spivmdke: known bug; launchpad needs to upgrade its bzr; fix is to upgrade your local repo format to match the remote format, probably 2a15:12
spivmdke: oh, hmm, LP is running 2.0.0 now.15:13
spivmdke: best bet is to file a bug report on bzr15:13
spivmdke: workaround will probably still be making your local format match the remote one15:14
spivmdke: but off the top of my head now that LP is running 2.0 on the server this shouldn't happen anymore.15:15
meoblast001does "bzr log" always return a local log if i have a heavyweight checkout?16:45
meoblast001just need to do a sanity check16:46
mdkespiv: thanks, so just a bzr upgrade?16:46
meoblast001i was doing my final cleanup on my branch, and got this http://codepad.org/bUF52JMr16:54
meoblast001it looks like my original branch had 73 commits too, so i'm confused16:54
mdkespiv:I wonder if it is a downgrade I need, my local repo is already using 2a16:57
mdkespiv: bzr upgrade --1.9-rich-root has done the trick17:10
mdkespiv: thanks!17:10
DGMurdockIIIis there a easy to use bzr client for windows like tortoisesvn?18:44
squespiv: ping are you here?20:01
squeThis bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/109143 is fixed in 2.0.0 ? or in later version?20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 109143 in bzr "hpss does not support ~ (tilde) for home dir access on bzr:// or bzr+ssh://" [High,Fix committed]20:04
squeI have installed 2.0 on client and server pc and does not seem to work20:05
LarstiQreading the comments, I don't think it's in bzr.dev yet20:06
squeLarstiQ: It seems that this branched is merged to 2.0 https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/bzr-ssh-homedir-take-320:08
LarstiQsque: ah, you are right20:13
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squeLarstiQ: I downloaded the source of 2.0 and the patches are not in there. I checked the lp:bzr/2.0 branch and no patches are there too. The patches are merged at the lp:bzr (the dev branch). So this bug will be fixed in 2.1 probably20:41
Fly-Man-When I try to download the latest version of launchpad, the bzr gives me this error21:06
Fly-Man-./rocketfuel-setup: line 372: 19633 Segmentation fault      bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/ $LP_TRUNK_NAME21:06
Fly-Man-Is there a way to install bzr 1.18 instead of 2.0 ?21:07
awilkinsFly-Man-: Branch 1.18, compile the extensions, and bung the folder on your PATH21:13
Fly-Man-awilkins: No other way ?21:14
Fly-Man-because for some reason, it's stuck with either 1.16 or 2.021:14
awilkinsYou could use a source tarball, I suppose21:15
Fly-Man-uhm, i'm more a apt-get person ;)21:16
Fly-Man-not a source tarball eater21:16
awilkinsWell, I bet you a cookie on a stick it's quicker than the fiddling with apt configuration to make it stick to a particular version21:17
lamalexHey guys, i'm getting a wierd bzr-buildpackage error. bzr: ERROR: Could not find changelog at "debian/changelog".21:17
* awilkins downloads tarball21:17
lamalexdoes anyone know what the deal with that is?21:17
lamalexthere's definitely a changelog..21:18
Fly-Man-awilkins: Already found a ppa package that has 1.1621:19
Fly-Man-thanks :)21:19
* awilkins deletes tarball21:19
jfroyverterok: ping23:09
johnflifeless: Do you know the process to get a package pulled into ubuntu during freeze. Namely bzrtools23:19
lifelessrequestsync --lp -e bzrtools23:20
johnfhmm is that the right process?  -e          Use this after FeatureFreeze for non-bug fix syncs23:25
johnfthis is technically a bug fix right?23:25
lifelessjohnf: then no -e23:27
johnfwill that give it the right priority to make sure it happens for kamic though?23:27
lifelessorthogonal concerns23:29
lifeless1) get the bug filed, 2) NAG AN RM23:29
johnfhmm. Does someone else have time to do it. I have to run out the door and requestsync is core dumping on me right now23:31
lifelessbug 43786923:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437869 in bzrtools "Sync bzrtools 2.0.1-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43786923:49
lifelessjames_w has said he'll walk it through23:50

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