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ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cable06:24
Balsaq!road runner06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about road runner06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about broadband06:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dos06:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 10/100/100006:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lan06:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ethernet06:27
HedgeMageBalsaq: Is there something I can help you with?06:27
* HedgeMage gives the teacher look06:27
Balsaqwell i am trying to learn06:27
HedgeMageWhy don't you try asking a question, instead of abusing the bot?06:28
Balsaqseems like you all remain silent and prefer that newbies try to figure it ouy if possible06:28
HedgeMageWe're a small room, there isn't always someone active.  You just have to be patient.06:29
HedgeMageNow, preferably sans sarcasm, what are you trying to find out?06:29
Balsaqi came in here to try the bot thing because no one ever talks here from what i've seen06:29
Balsaqjust trying too see what the bot can do for me06:29
HedgeMagedid you know that you can play with the bot in pm so it doesn't flood the channel if that's all you're doing?06:30
Balsaqno but yeah that mekes sence i guess i am done with it06:30
HedgeMageif you need a human, I'll be around a few more minutes before I go work out.06:31
Balsaqyou are the 1st person who ever spoke when i passed thru here06:31
Balsaqi am on my 3rd day with ubuntu and ordered xubuntu and puppy also06:32
HedgeMageKeep in mind that there are 23 of us, not counting you and the two bots.  We're all volunteers, we all have jobs/school/families/etc to worry about, and we all live in different time zones.06:32
HedgeMageactually, 22 of us if you also eliminate duplicates06:33
Balsaqyes we woboth work full time also our time zone is eastern usa06:33
Balsaqi work 4-mid my wife is the teacher06:34
* HedgeMage ndos06:34
HedgeMageWe are happy to help, it's just not very motivating when people are so impatient and snarky.06:34
Balsaqi hope i can help soon somehow06:34
HedgeMageThere are plenty of places this project could use more volunteers. :)06:35
Balsaqlike where...you mean tech support on here?06:36
HedgeMageSure.  IRC support (where we are now), documentation, packaging, development, testing, etc.06:36
HedgeMageLaserjock, ogra, and some of the others here can give you a better run-down than I.  I mostly lurk these days due to a profound lack of free time.06:37
Balsaqif i am qualified to do any of that this early in the game i will start right away06:37
HedgeMageYay :)06:38
HedgeMageUsually folks here are more active on weekdays.  Like you, I'm in the US so it is very late here.  The only reason I'm still online is insomnia.06:38
HedgeMageSpeaking of which, I'm heading off to work out in the hope that it will help me sleep06:38
HedgeMageSee you later. :)06:38
Balsaqi'm hooked i do this after work now all the time until it knocks me out....see you!06:39
Balsaqteach me all of it...06:40
Balsaq: ^ )06:41
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alkisgFor debugging purposes, I need to run an xterm *while still on gdm* and before the user logs in. Where would I put the run-xterm.sh file?11:25
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* alkisg just found out about clusterssh, and fell in love with it :)15:06
alkisgLaserJock: why are ltsp bugs part of edubuntu bugs?15:36
LaserJockbecause Edubuntu cares15:36
LaserJockwe could not include them, but I think it'd be sort of a disservice to our users15:37
alkisgWell... do we include e.g. bind9 bugs?15:37
LaserJockbecause bind9 is taken care of by other people I believe15:38
alkisgHmmm ok you know better15:38
alkisgIn any case I think I can help with those bugs15:38
LaserJockalkisg: for LTSP there is 1 developer who takes care of it, stgraber15:39
LaserJockalkisg: if there was an Ubuntu LTSP team, etc. I'd probably not include it15:39
alkisgYeah I know, and ogra helps sometimes even though it's not part of his job now15:39
alkisgAlso sbalneav has helped in some of them15:39
LaserJockso for now I think Edubuntu is still the entry point for a lot of LTSP work15:40
alkisgOK. I'll read up a little on how to handle the bug reports15:40
LaserJockand since LTSP is a major portion of our user base I think it's in our interest to make sure it's in good shape ;-)15:40
LaserJockalkisg: awesome, thanks15:40
alkisg...cause I know my way around ltsp, but sometimes I don't know how to respond properly ...15:40
LaserJockalkisg: yeah, learning the policies and "culture" around bug triage helps and isn't too big of a hassle usually15:43
stgraberI'm pretty sure we have tons of fixed bug on LP for LTSP and probably even more with the next upload15:43
alkisgI'll first start marking the "fix commited/released" ones.15:44
LaserJockstgraber: yeah15:46
LaserJockI think there are a lot of such bugs15:46
LaserJockI want to get all the clutter cleared out15:46
LaserJockso then the bug list will be more meaningful15:46
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dgroosHi All16:32
dgroosI just restarted my server (remotely), then accessed it via NXclient16:33
dgroosand then started firefox and can't get anywhere--'server not found'.16:33
dgroosso went to terminal, typed 'ping google.com'16:34
dgroosand got reply, 'unknown host google.com'16:34
dgroosobviously there is some internet connection happening as I'm connecting to the server via the internet.16:35
dgroosI'm at a loss--can anyone give me kind of a high-level approach to troubleshooting this?16:36
dgroosFor all I know there may be some issue at the school or district IT infrastructure that's blocking things so don't want to spend too much time on this at the moment if it is *their* problem.16:38
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dgroosI used zenmap (gui for nmap) and it talks about an issue with dns.  Is dns part of my local server w/ltsp or is it just part of the server running the network to which my server is a part?17:05
dgroosstill trying to see if this is a problem I need to deal with or if someone might be working on the school network at this time (I hope)17:06
alkisgdgroos: try cat /etc/resolv.conf to see if your dns is ok17:23
dgroosalkisg: thanks, I'll try...17:24
dgroosit replied: "# Generated by NtworkManager"17:25
alkisgYou should have a "nameserver" entry there17:25
alkisgSo that's your problem. What's your dns server address?17:26
dgroossorry--that would be a computer outside of mine, somewhere on the wan?17:26
alkisgYes, e.g. the router, or a server somewhere17:27
dgroosran ifconfig and ... helpful info?17:27
dgroosOK can I get that how?17:27
alkisgDoes your server have 2 ethernet cards?17:28
dgroosI'm sure I put that on a page when I got NAT working17:28
alkisgAnd the second nat, does it use dhcp?17:28
alkisgOr does it have a static ip?17:28
alkisg*the second ONE17:28
dgroosah... someone just set up a squid server and also just gave me a static ip--I'd had a dynamic one.17:29
alkisgRight. Tell him to also give you the dns server17:29
dgroosthe second one--the one connected to wan or my lan17:29
alkisg(or, you could try a command to find it out, if the *external* dhcp server is still enabled...)17:29
dgroosI just looked at /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf and it tells me the DNS_SERVER is that what I need?17:32
alkisgNo. Try this: sudo /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/lib/klibc/bin/ipconfig -n eth017:33
alkisg(or eth1)17:33
alkisg(whatever your external nic is named)17:33
dgroosOK!  it has good info AND it also lists the old, dynamic address from before the switch to static.17:35
alkisgYou need to get the dns0 from there and put it to /etc/resolv.conf17:36
alkisg# Generated by NetworkManager17:36
alkisgSomething like that ^^^17:36
dgrooswill do :)17:36
dgroosthen reboot server?17:38
alkisgIt should work right away..17:39
dgroosand indeed it does :D17:40
dgroosand you indeed, are awesome!17:40
alkisgYw :)17:41
dgroosNow I can continue my lesson plan with students using the internet for tomorrow.17:41
dgroosoh yeah, and breath, too.17:41
alkisgHeh :D17:41
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ccc1how would I, from the commandline, change a user so that they can administer the system. I cannot login graphically to any of my admin accounts, only my user accounts are working19:56
LaserJockccc1: I think they need to be in the admin group, I believe you can use usermod to change the groups a user belongs to19:57
alkisgYup, usermod -a -G admin username19:57
ccc1"unable to lock password file". I guess I have to log out of the user to change them19:59
alkisgsudo usermod -a -G admin username20:00
* ccc1 thinks comments have been helpful but must logout to implement them20:01
ccc1hmm, didn't work20:04
alkisgccc1: with `id username` you can see the groups of a user20:05
alkisgThe user needs to logoff for the new groups to take effect20:05
ccc1yes, I logged off, added the user to admin, logged in. it still won't let me admin. I'm going to try creating a new user with admin20:08
alkisgccc1: is that with some kind of remote connection, e.g. with ltsp?20:10
ccc1no its local. Its running under virtualbox, but that should be a proplem right?20:12
alkisgWhat are you trying to admin?20:13
ccc1my admin accounts crash back to the gdm login. my user accounts to not. so i'm logging into my admin account to create or modify a user that has admin, so I have a graphical administrator account20:15
ccc1I'm loging in to admin account via terminal20:16
ccc1anywho, I've created a new admin user and am going to attempt to login to desktop there now20:16
alkisgccc1: login with your user account and try ssh -X20:17
alkisgThis way you'll be able to run programs as the admin user, even if you login as the normal user20:17
ccc1oh nice, so anybody can ssh into my system and do that? I don't think so, this is linux not OS X20:19
alkisgccc1: they'd need an account to use ssh20:19
alkisgI'm just saying that if you: (1) login as user1, (2) run: ssh -X -l admin localhost, (3) run e.g. users-admin from inside that ssh, you'll be able to add users because you ran it as an admin20:20
ccc1tried ssh -X, "Could not resolve hostname". I'm not familiar with ssh, I have not setup ssh on my system. is it there by defult in ubuntu/edu20:20
ccc1"Connection refused"20:21
alkisgAh, sorry, I thought you had that installed. It's easy to install if you want to, just a single line. Anyway, try what you were trying before.20:21
* ccc1 logs out20:22
ccc1didn't work. in fact mu user account now just leaded by desktop/pinboard and *nothing* else. no panels, alt+F2 doesn't work. I can't even copy+paste from the keyboard. I don't know how but Windows is even messing up virtual systems because no flavor of ubuntu has ever given me these problems under virtualization using OS X or linux. I'm just gonna tell my boss to ditch windows for linux or I quit20:44
ccc1thank you for your help in this room. every is alot nicer and helpful here than in #ubuntu20:45
* ccc1 goes to talks to his boss20:46
ccc1whoo! i'm fired! thank God! well, I won't be visiting from this computer again. see y'all later20:59
ace_suaresthat was funny!22:08

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