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asabilhi all10:44
wgrantHi asabil.10:46
asabilI wanted to construct a python egg from the launchpad source code11:29
asabilso I did run python setup.py bdist_egg11:30
asabilthe egg is successfully built, but it seems like the dependencies are quite incorrect11:30
asabilor at least they don't include the version (which leads to breakage with zope > 3.5)11:30
asabilare there any plans to make use of the versions.cfg file in setup.py ?11:31
wgrantasabil: Why do you want to do that? It would be quite difficult, as there are lots of non-egg dependencies.11:35
asabilwgrant: actually I want to run a launchpad instance where I work11:51
asabiland the easiest way to deploy it seemed to build an egg11:52
wgrantasabil: You know that running your own is very strongly discouraged, and that you can't do that without replacing all of the images, and that it's deployed using bzr normally?11:52
asabilwgrant: well it is an internal instance within the company I work for11:54
wgrantasabil: Even so, you cannot legally run it without replacing all of the images.11:54
asabilwgrant: that's fine11:54
asabilI will do that11:54
asabilthe question is then, how do I deploy launchpad using bzr ?11:56
maxbasabil: you run a development instance by following the instructions on the wiki12:54
maxbCanonical have not disclosed documentation on deployment per se12:56
Fly-Man-Anyone else having troubles installing the dev version19:06
Fly-Man-With the latest bazaar, i get segmentation fault while it's working on fetching the trunk19:06
* mwhudson doesn't suppose there are going to be many people around today21:21
spmmwhudson: (not in yet, just passing thru): given that sysadmins don't qualify as people, I will have to concede the statement.21:43
* mwhudson wonders how other developers would react to code being landed r=spm21:43
spm"W.T.F. Crack is this P.O.S.!!?!?!?!?" <== suggested response21:44
Fly-Man-What's happening ?21:44
* Fly-Man- tries to grab the latest code for launchpad21:44
Fly-Man-and I keep getting the segmentation fault on it ?21:45
mwhudsonFly-Man-: !!21:45
mwhudsonFly-Man-: what platform/bzr version?21:45
Fly-Man-mwhudson: Ubuntu 9.04, bzr 2.0.121:45
Fly-Man-bzr pulled from the ppa that's described here21:45
mwhudsonFly-Man-: that's certainly unexpected21:46
Fly-Man-mwhudson: Uhm, yes21:46
Fly-Man-tell me about it ...21:46
Fly-Man-the only error log that I get is21:47
Fly-Man-Making local branch of Launchpad trunk, this may take a while... ./rocketfuel-setup: line 372:  9105 Segmentation fault      bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/ $LP_TRUNK_NAME ERROR: Unable to create local copy of Rocketfuel trunk21:47
Fly-Man-And I have had this issue with 1.18 as well21:48
Fly-Man-but then I cleanslated the machine21:48
Fly-Man-installed it again21:48
Fly-Man-and then it worked21:48
mwhudsonFly-Man-: can you try running gdb --args python `which bzr` branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/ ~/launchpad-trunk21:49
mwhudsonFly-Man-: do you know how to use gdb at all?21:51
mwhudsonso type c and press return at the '(gdb)' prompt21:52
mwhudsonthen wait, and see if it crashes21:52
Fly-Man-The program is not being run. ?21:53
mwhudsonFly-Man-: oh, sorry, 'r'21:54
Fly-Man-it's running21:54
mwhudsonof course, it will probably work fine now21:59
Fly-Man-It's still downloading22:00
Fly-Man-usually it fails at about 175 Mb22:00
Fly-Man-it's at 78 now22:00
Fly-Man-there it is:22:45
Fly-Man-[#########\          ] 141001KB   510KB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 0xb7ea66c0 (LWP 3653)] 0x0810ab1a in ?? ()22:46
mwhudsonFly-Man-: can you run 'bt' and pastebin the output?22:47
mwhudsonFly-Man-: argh, that's not so useful :/22:50
Fly-Man-mwhudson: What were you expecting ?22:50
mwhudsonFly-Man-: do you mind installing python-dbg and trying again?22:51
Fly-Man-Nope,the machine is already messed up anyway :p22:51
Fly-Man-same command ?22:52
mwhudsonFly-Man-: yeah22:55
Fly-Man-running now22:56
Fly-Man-got the error now23:02
mwhudsonFly-Man-: bt again?23:03
Fly-Man-Need to jump into bed now23:06
Fly-Man-mwhudson: But if you see anything interesting, I will be back in ± 10 hours23:09
Fly-Man-Nite :)23:10

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