mwhudsonFly-Man-: yeah, you'll need a hosted branch for the translation export to work00:01
Fly-Man-okay, then I set it to the translations branch I made00:02
Fly-Man-that's hosted by Launchpad00:02
Fly-Man-that would work, right ?00:02
mwhudsonripps: you mean a way of reporting a bug on "the package of X in ~Y's ppa" ?00:02
mwhudsonFly-Man-: this branch? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~flyman/fusionforge/translations00:02
mwhudsonFly-Man-: yeah, should work00:02
mwhudson(i guess the push is still running?)00:02
rippsmwhudson: yeah, something like that00:03
mwhudsonripps: i think it's in the "it would be nice but noone has quite figured out precisely what it means yet"00:03
blueyedI have locking problems, and "bzr break-lock lp-46123344:///~blueyed/b2evolution/dev/.bzr/branch/lock" (as suggested) says "Unsupported protocol"00:04
mwhudsonblueyed: yeah, the message is wrong :/00:05
mwhudsonblueyed: say bzr break-lock <url you push to>00:05
mwhudson(bzr break-lock :push will work if you don't usually type a url for push)00:05
blueyedI've used the "saved push location", and it worked. Thanks!00:06
mwhudsonthere's a bug on this, i think it might finally get fixed some time before the heat death of the universe...00:07
Fly-Man-mwhudson: Any idea when the import queue is being processed01:39
Fly-Man-or when the export on translation will be ?01:39
wgrantExports are done once a day.01:39
wgrantI think bzr imports should be done fairly quickly, though.01:40
wgrantFly-Man-: ^^01:41
Fly-Man-wgrant: translation file imports ?01:41
Fly-Man-as I still see them in the iport queue01:41
wgrantAh, once they're in the queue it could take a while. I'm not sure how long, but I would expect only a few hours unless they're in the 'Needs Review' status.01:42
Fly-Man-they're in the Needs Review01:43
wgrantFly-Man-: In that case they need manual approval from a Launchpad Translations developer, which is unlikely to happen before Monday.01:44
wgrant(fortunately they only need manual approval once)01:44
Fly-Man-I had it pull from the bzr trunk that was pulled01:45
jderosehello, is there anyway to delete a pending build if you no longer need it?  i deleting it from my ppa, but it still shows up in my needs building builds.02:48
wgrantjderose: No. It will proceed through the queue as normal, but I believe once it gets to the end it will basically be cancelled because the source has been deleted.02:51
jderosewgrant: okay, thanks02:51
tzicatlHi every body. I want to make some debs and make the public using launchpad's PPA system. But It seems powerpc is not supported.03:11
tzicatlCan I build them by myself and them upload them to PPA?03:11
ScottKtzicatl: No.03:12
tzicatlScottL: OK.. thanks!!03:16
wgranttzicatl: There is a good reason that you can't upload them yourself: if I don't trust you but want to install the packages from your PPA, I just have to verify the diff in your source package. I know that the binaries are built from that, so if I trust the source I can trust the binaries.03:31
wgrantIf you were allowed to upload binaries yourself, you could upload binaries with malicious code that wasn't in the sources, and the path of trust would be broken.03:31
bjsniderwhat's the process as far as creating a private ppa?03:38
wgrantbjsnider: You'd be better off asking during the working week.03:39
bjsniderso i'd have to specifically request it, and it's not something i can set up myself?03:39
wgrantThat's right.03:39
bjsnideri see03:40
bjsniderwhat are the rules for naming ppas now? i can't seem to get it right03:40
wgrantWhat do you mean?03:41
bjsnideri tried to create a new ppa, and it rejected the name03:41
bjsniderall lowercase letters03:41
bjsnidermore than 2 characters03:41
bjsniderbut there must be something else03:42
wgrantHow did it reject it?03:42
bjsniderit just said there was an error in the name03:42
wgrantYou don't have an old disabled PPA by the same name?03:42
wgrantAnd it's not 'ubuntu'?03:42
wgrantIs it complaining about the name, or the display name?03:43
bjsniderppa name "testing ppa" is rejected as invalid03:44
bjsnidernot the displayname. that's fine03:44
wgrantI see a space there.03:44
wgrant=> not all lowercase letters03:45
wgrantIt's used in URLs, so may not have a space.03:45
bjsniderNames must be at least two characters long and start with a letter or number. All letters must be lower-case.03:45
bjsniderthose are the only rules03:45
wgrantIt could have a hyphen, however.03:45
bjsniderit doesn't say anything about spaces03:45
wgrantApparently not.03:45
wgrant"The characters +, - and . are also allowed after the first character."03:46
wgrantWhich suggests that spaces are not.03:46
tzicatlwgrant: Not trusting binary packages seems a good reason why disallow uploading binary packages to PPA ..03:47
RenatoSilvais ti my impression or new LP interface has introduced some bugs ?04:41
RenatoSilvafor example, can't delet milestones, can't propose new reviews in merge proposals, and diffs in these proposals are not being updated as LP 3.0 blog entry stands about04:42
wgrantRenatoSilva: Can't propose new reviews?04:50
wgrantAnd I have seen diffs updated, although some of them are failing.04:51
wgrantMilestone deletion also works fine for me. Have you filed a bug mentioning an OOPS ID?04:52
RenatoSilvawgrant: sorry, actually if I use the option on the right, resubmit review or so, then it works, but if you use the option on the left, right below current reviewer and status, then it won't work and that's what I mean05:11
RenatoSilvawgrant: I've reported the oops id here a few time, with no answer :(05:12
wgrantRenatoSilva: IRC is not a bug tracker.05:16
lifelessRenatoSilva: we gather all the oops automatically, and try to figure out why05:19
lifelessthey can have many causes. If you have an oops on something you want to do, and discussing it here doesn't get a response from a developer, please file a bug.05:19
lamalexCan anyone explain to me how automatic translation exports work? Will it literally make a commit to my branch? When does it do this?06:35
wgrantlamalex: It will literally commit to your branch.06:36
wgrantI think it does it daily, if files have changed.06:36
lamalexwgrant: pretty cool06:37
happyaronhow to mirror a git branch into a launchpad bzr branch?07:06
wgranthappyaron: https://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new07:07
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wgrantlifeless: Sorry. Bug #437535 is not a bug, but sorta my fault.09:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437535 in launchpad "bug mail no longer lists project/package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43753509:53
wgrantlifeless: Can you pastebin or attach the email with headers so I can see which bug yours is a duplicate of?09:54
lifelessnot sure why you say its not a bug :P09:59
wgrantlifeless: There's a per-person flag.10:00
lifeless'include_useful_data' ?10:01
wgrantverbose_bug_notifications, actually.10:01
wgrantThat's interesting.10:01
wgrantIt's not fallout from my change.10:01
lifelesswhat does that mean? It sounds like something I'd want off10:01
wgrantIt just includes the status information in the footer.10:02
lifelessnot the summary & description?10:02
wgrantDescription too, sorry.10:02
wgrantSummary is always present, I believe.10:02
lifelessright, which is terrible10:02
lifelesssumamry is the mail subject10:02
wgrantSo, I think if you check your bug mail, those directed at you should never have had the status information.10:03
lifelessso I think the relevant project should always be included, except for exceptional bugs it should be nore more than 2 or 3 lines10:03
wgrantThose going to ~bzr probably would have, but won't have since 3.0.10:03
wgrantYou can turn it back on if you wish.10:04
lifelessI want the project, not the sometimes pages long description10:04
* lifeless shoves his user hat on firmly10:04
wgrantFile a bug!10:05
lifelessI did!10:05
lifelesswe're discussing it ;)10:05
wgrantEither turn that into the new one, or file a new one.10:05
lifelessI think you'll find that it is the new one10:05
lifelessI only talk about the affected project/package in my bug report10:05
wgrantlifeless: You say it was there, and now is not. That's not the bug you speak of here.10:14
lifelesswgrant: I'm confused10:15
wgrantlifeless: You say in the bug that the information is no longer present. Now you say you want a set of information that was never present.10:19
lifelesswgrant: it used to say, amongst other things, the project the task was on10:20
wgrantright. But you don't want the other things, do you?10:20
lifelessno, but I don't see how thats relevant to my rather specific bug10:21
lifelesswearing a users hat here, remember10:21
wgrantYour bug just says you want the old stuff back.10:21
wgrantWhen you actually want just a subset.10:21
lifelessyou're upcasting my description10:22
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lifelessI describe project/package and request that back.10:22
wgrant(to get it all back, hit the checkbox at the bottom of https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit)10:22
wgrantTrue true.10:22
lifelessI don't request other stuff10:22
* wgrant mutates the description, if Launchpad will today so permit.10:22
lifelessit sounds like 'you can get it back but you will get more back' is something that should be recorded.10:23
lifelessand I can then say 'ah, but I love not getting the descriptions as they are noise except in the first mail of a bug thread'10:23
lifelesswgrant: another useful datum: I don't particular care in the non-first mail of a bug thread.10:24
lifelesswgrant: its the *first mail* where lp doesn't tell me which project the bug is for that this is particularly headache making10:24
wgrantlifeless: I think it's always useful to have, but maybe only if one is dealing with lots of bugs.10:26
lifelessI don't have an opinion about whether 'always on' or 'optional' is appropriate here. *I'd*'d put it always on if coding it myself10:27
mdkeam I right that Launchpad has stopped sending notification emails for commits on branches to the individual that makes the commit?10:32
wgrantmdke: I don't believe so. That would make me very unhappy.10:32
mdkeyeah, me too10:32
wgrantmdke: Not Gmail being stupid?10:33
mdkejust a problem with email delivery then10:33
mdkeI don't think it could be gmail stupidity, because all the emails are from noreply@10:34
wgrantOh, true.10:34
wgrantI don't quite know how Gmail behaves, as I haven't used it for many years.10:34
mdkeI'll file a question10:35
wgrantYou're getting other commits from that branch?10:35
wgrantSimilar sorts of commits?10:35
mdkenot necessarily10:35
mdkethe last 9 commits have all been by me, and I'm missing those only10:36
mdkeI had a previous one by me from a few days ago10:36
mdkewhat's the right project to file a question on?10:36
wgrantLet's see what sort of questions launchpad-code has...10:37
wgrantI'd go with launchpad-code, I think.10:37
mdkeyep, looks ok to me, thanks10:38
Kmosthere is any reason to bzr push get stuck and doesn't finish?10:41
Kmoskmos@kmos:~/packages/apport-debian$ bzr push lp:~gothicx/apport/credentials_broken -v10:42
Kmos[##################- ] Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Walking content 2095/224910:42
Kmosin karmic.. it worked fine two weeks ago10:42
Kmoskmos      1882  0.0  0.2   5700  2516 pts/1    S    10:38   0:00 ssh -oForwardX11=no -oForwardAgent=no -oClearAllForwardings=yes -oProtocol=2 -oNoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost=yes -l gothicx bazaar.launchpad.net bzr serve --inet --directory=/ --allow-writes10:42
Kmosi see this10:42
lifelessKmos: its probably doing a just-in-time update10:43
lifelesswhich means 'show' not 'stuck'10:43
lifelesscompare bzr info nostmart+:push -v10:43
lifelesswith bzr info -v10:43
lifelesss/show/slow and update/upgrade10:44
spivI'm surprised "nostmart" even worked.  lifeless meant "nosmart".10:46
Kmosthe nosmart command doesn't show anything10:47
Kmoswait, it's showiing10:47
wgrantYep, it's converting.10:48
wgrant(the remote branch appears to be format 2a, the local format rich-root-pack)10:49
wgrantKmos: Any idea why your local branch is rich-root-pack?10:50
Kmoswgrant: no.. i didn't execute any command10:52
Kmosonly bzr commit10:52
Kmosso, if I do the push, it will convert it after some time?10:54
Kmosi've done bzr upgrade and pushed, and it works now11:07
Kmosthank you11:07
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geserit might be OT but does somebody know where to file bugs about irclogs.ubuntu.com?11:32
wgrantgeser: I'd poke in #canonical-sysadmin11:34
jpdsgeser: rt@ubuntu.com11:35
MethsCan everyone else see code.launchpad.net?12:40
mdkeMeths: I can12:49
Methsokay, thanks12:53
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vadi2I'm having trouble finding the option to copy a package from another ppa into mine since lp 3.0. Didn't find anything in the help files either. Can anyone assist?14:58
vadi2nm, finally found it :-/14:59
PhurlHi there, did i kill the server http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kosova/+junk/openstreetmapkosova/revision/6515:03
Phurland others are broken15:03
Phurlok it is ok now15:25
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ScurzCan you make private a launchpa mailing list ?19:50
idnarif a merge proposal review is requested from a team I'm a member of, it doesn't show up on my ~user/+activereviews page22:16
idnaris there another page I can look at, or something?22:16
mwhudsonidnar: that's a deliberate decision apparently, and i think it was a bad one22:21
idnarI can understand why you might not want it, but it would be nice to have the choice22:22
idnar"If you simply want to approve the proposal, using merge approved will also implicitly add an equivalent review approve unless you specify a review command separately. "22:37
idnaroh whoops22:37
idnarI forgot to GPG sign22:37
idnarthat always catches me :/22:37
idnarit might be nice if Launchpad threw back an error instead of adding a useless comment to the merge proposal22:37
joaopintotrying to update a bug description I get "Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document.", is this a known bug ?22:41
penguin42I'd like to suggest that the new reportingbugs page has something to make it easier for people to report doesn't-boot/doesn't install type bugs - I can see ubuntu-bug and friends is right for a booting system; but if it's DoA having to piece together URLs for a new user where it just doesn't install on his machine is too hard22:47
joaopintoargh, found it https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/42392422:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423924 in malone "Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document when updating bug description" [High,Triaged]22:48
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mac9416Hello, somehow my Launchpad OpenID knows what my address is and is trying to send it to landscape.canonical.com :-/ How can I edit the info included with my OpenID?23:30
lifelesslog into launchpad23:31
lifelessclick on your name on the top right23:31
mac9416lifeless, yessir, and all my usual info is there to edit, but certainly not my address.23:34
mac9416Let me describe to you what I see at the login page....23:35
mac9416"These details will be sent to Canonical:"23:35
mac9416"* mac9416"23:35
mac9416"* mac9416"23:35
mac9416"* <email address>"23:35
mac9416"<street address>"23:36
mac9416"* <city>"23:36
mac9416And the rest of the address. :-/23:36
lifelessI have no idea how/where launchpad would be storing that23:36
mac9416I never gave it that info either!23:36
mac9416And it's got my phone number.23:37
mac9416Nothing short of creepy.23:37
penguin42mac9416: Have you given it to any other ubuntu.com sites?23:37
wgrantIt knows that because of ShipIt.23:37
mac9416Ah I see.23:37
mac9416ShipIt would know that.23:37
iahello. I'm worrying a bit, that package, which has been successfully uploaded ~3 hours ago, still in pending state - is this normal?23:37
mac9416Any way I can remove it?23:37
wgrantIt will only send it to approved sites, which are probably only Landscape and ShipIt.23:37
wgrantia: No. Link?23:38
iawgrant: https://edge.launchpad.net/~iaz/+archive/gtk/+packages23:38
mac9416wgrant, I frankly don't want it hanging onto any of my personal info unless I tell it that it's a permanent part of my openID.23:38
wgrantia: Oh, the *builds* are pending. That's not normal, but not unheard of. It just means the build farm is a little busy.23:38
wgrantia: If you look at the build pages, it seems that they should start soon.23:39
wgrantmac9416: Maybe file a bug.23:39
mac9416wgrant, so is there no way I can remove that/request it be removed?23:39
RenatoSilvawgrant: Hi. I don't know why but milestone deletion worked for me now :)23:39
mac9416wgrant, OK I'll do that.23:40
wgrantmac9416: I don't know.23:40
wgrantRenatoSilva: Odd. Was it a timeout before?23:40
RenatoSilvaany problem with translation auto export? I have changes imported, but they were not committed to the target branch23:40
wgrantRenatoSilva: For how long have they been there?23:41
RenatoSilvawgrant: several timeouts if it was23:41
RenatoSilvawgrant: a few days23:41
wgrantRenatoSilva: But were they timeout OOPSes, or normal OOPSes?23:41
lifelessmac9416: file a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad23:41
lifelessmac9416: asking for it to be removed23:41
lifelessmac9416: and separately we'll need a bug to write a UI to edit it directly.23:42
mac9416lifeless, OK, thanks much. :-)23:42
iawgrant: hm, i'm asking about this, because before that i've looked at https://edge.launchpad.net/builders and looks like that there is a couple of available machines. However, thanks for clarifying.23:43
RenatoSilvawgrant: can't recall now, do you have logs in this channel? search for RenatoSilva.*oops-id or so...23:43
RenatoSilvawgrant: let me show the translation....23:44
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RenatoSilvahttps://translations.launchpad.net/moin-solenoid/trunk/+pots/moin-solenoid/pt_BR/+translate ---> 14 translations but target branch is still outdated: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/moin-solenoid/translations23:48
RenatoSilvawgrant: ^23:48
RenatoSilvais it possible to require ownsership of an abandoned project?23:50
mwhudsoni think there's some problem with translations export to branch currently23:50
wgrantRenatoSilva: Not sure about the translations issue, and all the people who do know had better be asleep.23:50
RenatoSilvaok thanks anyway23:51
RenatoSilvaI'll wait23:51
RenatoSilvawhat about ownership, I want to use LP to translate Moin, but I suspect the owner of moinmoin project doesn't use LP anymore and the project is abandoned23:52

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