cowbudi.e. you don't have this do you want to install it.00:01
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creative1412guys what happend to the keying00:36
creative141210min ago i did an update and ubuntu almost dead00:37
creative1412i got to a shell to encribe the home dir :S00:37
pwnguincrap happens00:51
DanaGargh, can't tab-complete paths with spaces!00:52
pwnguinhttp://rss.sciam.com/sciam/60secsciencepodcast <-- does this podcast work on anyone else's rhythmbox?00:53
pwnguini had someone on answers.lp.net claim it did, but i think they're smoking something -- they tried to blame it on codecs00:54
Nattgewpwnguin: it adds it but the tracks fail to download00:55
pwnguinokay, that's what i get.00:56
pwnguinNattgew: if you like, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/8387401:01
pwnguin19:09:12) [0x8f0c408] [download_file_info_cb] rb-podcast-manager.c:735: file info query failed: HTTP Client Error: Forbidden01:09
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urthmoverdoes anyone else have strange adobe flash stuff happening ...like being unable to fast forward a youtube video and buttons on the embedded player not functioning?01:23
urthmoverI'm using karmic 64bit  and the libflash*.so  flash 10a I believe01:23
CarlFKis this why my display is 800x600?  (==) No monitor specified for screen "Builtin Default trident Screen 0".;         Using a default monitor configuration.01:24
drs305urthmover: I just went to youtube and all the buttons worked fine for me. Alpha 10, 64-bit01:25
urthmoverhmm odd drs30501:26
urthmoverdrs305: I'm on Alpha 10 64bit as well01:26
urthmoverand just cleaned up and reinstall the flash.so01:26
DanaGweird... Wine now claims to have openal support... but I sure don't see it.01:27
DanaGI Wine rightmark3dsoundbench, and it doesn't list any OpenAL devices at all!01:28
CarlFK(--) TRIDENT(0): TFT Panel 1024x768 found01:37
CarlFKTRIDENT(0): Not using default mode "1024x768" (hsync out of range)01:38
pwnguinalpha 10?01:38
pwnguindid i miss something?01:38
CarlFKtoday's daily01:39
drs305pwnguin: No, we were discussing Flash. hehe01:41
* Twigathy arghs c_c01:42
Twigathyapparently grub2 doesn't like the "nfsroot" option in a kernel line?!01:42
XVampireXCan anyone please help me with this?: http://pastebin.ca/158083501:42
XVampireXI'm trying to upgrade to karmic koala01:43
XVampireXAny chance of help?01:44
tormodCarlFK, the fallback values for the sync ranges are very conservative, that's why you get 800x600. Older defaults were more generous and let 1024x768 through. There is no EDID, I presume? File a bug please.01:45
XVampireXNevermind, Aptitude (shell) helped me01:45
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XVampireXhmm, apt-get install what? :P01:49
DanaGargh, the Ubuntu wine 1.1.30 package doesn't have  openal support.01:59
pwnguinit also doesn't have libstc++ 502:00
pwnguinadios, UT02:00
kklimondalibstdc++ is such a pita.. :/02:07
DBOanyone here running karmic latest wanna help confirm a bug02:23
DBOits relatively easy02:23
wastreli have koala02:24
DBOinstall inotail02:25
DBOand do02:25
DBOinotail -f ~/.gtk-bookmarks02:25
DBOand add a new bookmark in nautilus02:25
DBOdoes inotail see the change02:25
wastrelthe answer is no02:27
wastreland yet when i cat the file, the bookmark is there02:27
wastreland now i have inotail hogging disk space on my computer :]02:28
DanaGhmm, is it appending to the file, or completely rewriting it?02:28
DanaGIt's possible the file itself is replaced, and inotail is referring to the old file that no longer exists.02:28
DBOits probably completely rewriting it02:28
wastrelthat sounds like something nautilus would do02:28
DBOwhich makes it not a bug but hugely annoying02:29
DBOGIO does it02:29
DBODanaG, thanks for pointing that out02:30
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kklimondahuh, anyone else hear a lot of "popping" from speakers lately?02:44
thiebaudekklimonda, not mine02:44
thiebaudejust upgraded 1 hr ago02:45
kklimondadtchen: how can I debug a "pop" sound (I can't describe it in a better way) I get?02:48
kklimondadtchen:  I'm not sure if it's related to power_save=10 in any way but I haven't heard it a week ago so it's a new issue (for me at least)02:49
bjsniderhe appears tobe away from his computer02:49
kklimondaas always lately ;/02:49
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=== apt-get is now known as darthanubis
dkhello people03:28
dki have the bug with agpgart03:28
dkany idea about?03:28
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AmaranthDKcross: You mean the one where you end up with no 2D/3D acceleration in xorg?03:29
oldude67hey, i just did a update and safe-upgrade and it is trying to get rid of all my gnome desktop,now is that normal or what..i aborted the upgrade.03:35
Nattgewoldude67: what do you mean by gettintg rid of the gnome desktop? what exactly is it trying to remove?03:37
oldude67hold on ill paste bin it.03:37
DKcrossAmaranth: yes03:37
DKcrossAmaranth:  any idea?03:38
AmaranthDKcross: I know a workaround but not a fix03:38
DKcrossAmaranth: oh you are of develop team?03:39
AmaranthDKcross: More desktop than kernel though :)03:40
Nattgewoldude67: it looks like you have some KDE installed... that may be why it's trying to remove Gnome stuff. But it's not removing Gnome entirely, just some programs. You can go back and install them after the upgrade if you need them.03:40
DKcrossAmaranth: ok, thanks for your support man03:40
AmaranthDKcross: You don't want the workaround?03:41
Amarantholdude67: I wouldn't03:41
oldude67Nattgew, well i dont actually use the gnome desktop just a lot of programs from gnome so i just installed the whole desktop.03:41
johnroberttcan anyone tell me what kernel karmic is currently running?03:41
oldude67Amaranth, im not going to.03:41
AmaranthOh, I see03:42
Nattgewjohnrobertt: 2.6.13-1103:42
NattgewI mean 3103:42
Amarantholdude67: Those are getting removed because you removed ubuntu-desktop03:42
DKcrossAmaranth: how?03:42
johnroberttthanks Nattgew03:42
oldude67Amaranth, i never removed any desktops.03:42
Amarantholdude67: So aptitude sees that nothing depends on them and wants to remove them for you03:42
johnroberttcool, 31 has the support I need03:42
oldude67the only thing i did is add the lxde desktop cause of low amount of memory.03:43
AmaranthDKcross: edit /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and add intel_agp then another line with i91503:43
Amarantholdude67: If you use lxde but GNOME and KDE programs you don't save any memory03:43
oldude67well actually i only use a couple and not all the time, they dont run constant.03:44
AmaranthDKcross: Then update-initramfs -u03:44
AmaranthDKcross: that one needs sudo03:44
oldude67so when computer is idle it only uses about 60 meg of ram.03:44
Amarantholdude67: Do you use Firefox?03:44
oldude67Amaranth, no i usually use opera.03:45
Amaranthok then03:45
Amarantholdude67: You clearly don't need our help, you seem to know what you're doing :)03:45
Amaranth(plus I only support GNOME users)03:45
oldude67Amaranth, if i had enough ram i would probably use gnome. maybe next week when i get paid again.03:46
Amarantholdude67: Do you use compiz with LXDE?03:46
oldude67Amaranth, nope it would really bog down the system i only have 591 megs of ram installed after video.03:47
Amarantholdude67: Compiz doesn't use RAM, it uses Video RAM03:48
oldude67Amaranth, my video is onboard intel.03:48
AmaranthAnd how much of that it uses depends on your GPU, driver, and how many windows you use03:48
Amarantholdude67: Ok so compiz shouldn't use much video RAM either03:48
DKcrossAmaranth: ok and now?03:49
AmaranthDKcross: reboot03:49
oldude67Amaranth, i havent tried it now that they installed a new driver for me in the updates i got the other day.03:49
DKcrossi cant start gnome.. u know.03:49
DKcrossAmaranth: ok,03:49
DKcrossAmaranth: if i add the module intel-agp gnome start03:50
AmaranthDKcross: heh03:50
DKcrossbut without 2d and 3d03:50
oldude67i turned on compiz and desktop affects...ill see if it makes a difference.03:50
DKcrossAmaranth:  you know?03:50
AmaranthDKcross: Yeah, you need to unload intel_agp and i915 then load them again in the right order03:51
AmaranthDKcross: which is why you need to reboot03:52
DKcrossyes i add th inte-agp to backlist and remove from modules03:52
DKcrossi will restart wait03:52
oldude67Amaranth, so why would it want to delete the gnome settings if i never tried to remove any of the desktops i have installed?03:54
Amarantholdude67: the {u} means nothing depends on them03:55
Amarantholdude67: So an upgrade must have removed ubuntu-desktop03:55
oldude67i see , ok thanks03:55
webbb82_the ubuntu one synch daemon is killing my system preformance , on system monitor it says 99% cpu  and its not doing snything03:57
dk__Amaranth:  sorry but nothing03:58
Amaranthdk__: no idea then03:58
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spirit-sightcan evolotion be removed with out effecting other programs?03:58
DKcrossbut you have this bug?03:58
webbb82_anyo ne els notice that ubuntu one synch daemon is hogging all the resoures03:58
AmaranthDKcross: Apparently I don't have the same bug, no03:59
Nattgewwebbb82_: I had a lot of problems with that03:59
webbb82_Nattgew: what did u do about it03:59
Nattgewwebbb82_: uninstalled it   ;)04:00
DKcrossi cant understand this bug04:00
DKcross:) why agpgart fail..04:00
DKcrossAmaranth:  sorry but, u know what is apparmor?04:00
webbb82_would it be sudo rm ubuntu-one04:00
Nattgewwebbb82_: I did a sudo aptitude purge ubuntuone-client04:01
DKcrossi have other bug, with apparmor and firefox04:01
AmaranthDKcross: Yeah, apparmor is a security framework like selinux04:02
AmaranthDKcross: That's not a bug, it's intentionally not loading the firefox one because it slows down the boot04:02
Nattgewwebbb82_: but you reminded me I've intended to try it out again, so I'm installing now...04:02
DKcrossok i understand i know a bit of SElinux04:02
DKcrossohh ok Amaranth thanks, now i know04:02
webbb82_maybe i have a old version04:02
DKcrossAmaranth: i have acer aspire one, i rember that have intel g94504:05
AmaranthDKcross: gm965 here, that might be it04:06
DKcrossyou have the same?04:06
DKcrossah ok04:07
DKcrossgm 96504:07
oldude67DKcross, i have the same video, what seems to be happening?04:07
DKcrosssorry i cant understand, my english is like baby :\ .. what do you mean?04:08
DKcrossoldude67: ?04:08
DKcrossyou have the same, but the other?04:08
oldude67DKcross, im running the same video card as you, what is the problem?04:08
DKcrossah ok04:08
DKcrosswell... i cant start the video, between  start and gnome is the problem04:09
DKcrosswith the module agpgart04:09
oldude67hold on a sec and let me see if i can find the fix i used that i added to grub.04:10
Amaranthprobably nomodeset04:10
DKcrossthe problem is the grub?04:10
DKcrossi cant update the grub and  one more time write update-initrams04:11
leftyfbso I have karmic installed on a machine at work. Starting on Friday after some updates the grub splash was just a single b&w ubuntu logo in the middle of a black background then it went right to gdm. This looked really nice. This weekend I installed karmic on a desktop and laptop at home but neither show that but do show a bunch of txt on the screen while booting , then to gdm. Any ideas?04:12
oldude67DKcross, take a look at this post. it might help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122165404:13
DKcrossoldude67:  i cant, i dont have server x running04:13
Amaranthleftyfb: usplash is disabled unless you use encrypted disks (because then usplash has to ask for the password)04:14
Amaranthleftyfb: The idea is for X/gdm to start fast enough to not need usplash anymore although this is not really happening04:14
leftyfbAmaranth: I don't have an encrypted disk at work04:14
leftyfbthe usplash is much nicer than the cryptic txt on the screen during boot. Most people would think something was wrong04:15
hifiI did, actually04:15
DKcrossfor me karmic is more slow that jaunty04:15
hifiI was pretty sure something was broken when I saw upstart booting stuff instead of eye candy04:16
DKcrossbut I'm not sure if because i have bugs with intel04:16
hifiso, should upgrade from jaunty to karmic work?04:17
AmaranthDKcross: It's slower in general to boot04:17
webbb82_any luck with ubuntu one  mine still is eating all my cpu04:17
AmaranthDKcross: Unless you have an SSD04:17
arandDoes anyone here know if it's possible to force reinstalltion of libc6 on a seriously broken system using a chroot (seems like dpkg is in a state os mess as well) so could you somehow use the dpkg on the "host" system?04:17
Amaranthwebbb82_: just kill it04:17
mjbrooksAmaranth, it's a nice idea in theory, but recent updates have slowed my boot from ~0:30 to ~!:1004:17
Amaranthleftyfb: I imagine usplash will be back on by RC04:17
leftyfbAmaranth: how do I enable it? It's already installed by default04:17
Amaranthmjbrooks: Don't go by what bootchart says, it is hacked to run 45 seconds after gdm starts04:17
Amaranthleftyfb: I forget04:18
mjbrooksAmaranth, I'm not, I'm counting it04:18
DKcrosswell... but is more slow that jaunty04:18
hifihere goes nothing, from jaunty to karmic04:19
cowbudyou shall DIE04:28
hifiI shall?04:30
cowbudeh probably not04:31
maddhatis there really a significant boot time decreast noticed in karmic?04:32
hifiI hope my desktop wont freeze during upgrade04:32
hifiit has a bad habit to do so with synaptics/update manager04:32
cowbudmaddhat: do you boot constantly?04:33
maddhatcowbud: ya.. on my laptop04:35
spirit-sightI get a error of apparm /disabled: fire-fox 3.5 or something like this when I boot, is this suppose to be there and if not how do I fix the issue04:35
cowbudmaddhat: sleep doesn't work?04:36
spirit-sightsome thing about profile04:36
DKcrossspirit-sight: me too, but Amaranth  say, this is not bug is normal..04:36
spirit-sightmy other question is why does Grub take as long as the system to boot ?04:37
DKcrossme too!:o spirit-sight  what is your computer, i have acer aspire one04:37
spirit-sightfrom the time it says loading grub to the menu it takes as long as from hiting the option to the time it brings the desktop up04:38
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maddhatcowbud: sometimes, but sleep can be annoying because half the time wifi wont kick back on and even doing it manually takes about 20 seconds to work its magic. so sometimes i prefer rebooting. got an answer to the original question?04:38
DKcrossspirit-sight: i think that is more slow that jaunty04:39
Amaranthmaddhat: My boot time doubled in karmic04:40
maddhatAmaranth: darn :-/04:40
AmaranthJaunty would get to X (end of the boot) in 15-17 second while Karmic will get to X in the same amount of time but is still booting at that point so gdm shows up later04:40
DKcrossi think that karmic boot two times04:40
Amaranthand the total boot time is like 30 seconds04:41
webbb82ok i need some advice im useing cairo dock and when i log out and then back in cairo dock will start but it is invisable i can right click onn it to get the menu but i have to close it the reopen to see it04:41
maddhatAmaranth: i see. what hardware is that on?04:41
DKcrossfor me xsplashy is the problem:S04:41
Amaranthmaddhat: Macbook4,104:42
Nattgewcan I install grub to a hard drive I'm running from or do I have to do it from a livecd?04:48
pwnguinit would probably be wise to have a rescue disc around04:49
Nattgewwell I have two installations of karmic on two partitions... and grub looks at the grub.cfg on the wrong partition...04:52
dtchenkklimonda: depends when you hear the pop04:54
kklimondadtchen: few seconds after I stop playing music, then again, again and again when I start playing again.. the pops in between are irregular and may be that something just plays some silent/non-existent sound04:56
Nattgewis there any way to change which partition grub looks to for its config?04:57
kklimondadtchen: yes, yay me and my awesome audio triaging skills ;}04:58
kklimondai seriously feel like an idiot when it comes to audio on linux..04:58
dtchenkklimonda: ok, so it's probably power_save=1005:00
dtchenkklimonda: try: sudo alsa force-unload && sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel power_save=005:01
dtchenkklimonda: which codec? (head -6 /proc/asound/card*/codec*05:01
dtchenCodec: Conexant CX20561 (Hermosa)05:01
dtchenwell, without the stray paste line05:02
kklimondaCodec: Analog Devices AD198405:02
dtchenah, ok. yeah, i have that one queued05:04
kklimondaok, thanks05:04
dtchenunfortunately some codecs have worse documentation...05:04
dtchenare you no 32-bit or 64-bit?05:04
dtchenon*, rather05:04
dtchenok, that's easier to build since i've already got half the kernel built05:05
test34how can I see the error messages generated from empathy? if I start it from the console, it gets automatically started in the background and doesn't show anything05:06
DKcrossAmaranth,  hello05:14
DKcrossthe bug is with other kernel05:14
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cdm10i noticed that the authorizations manager doesn't seem to be listing everything it should... is it just me?05:37
DanaGoh yeah, stupid broken go7007 driver... it'05:37
DanaGit's blocking the vanilla-kernel auto-builds.05:38
DanaGer, technically, "s/loc/rea/ would do it, too.  =P05:38
DanaGblock -> break05:38
pwnguinhuh. apparently liferea supports xslt natively05:46
Dr_WillisHowdy all.05:49
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Dr_WillisI think i might of noticed somthing odd with the 'flash drives not auto mounting issue' ive been having..   I just want to ask you that DONT have an issue.. 'when you remove your flash drive, do you use the Unmount or Eject Menu item?05:50
bullgard4How can I deinstall all games?05:56
Dr_Willisfire up package manager and start looking/removing I guess.05:56
Dr_WillisI wish the package manager system had a bigger/better 'tagging type support feature'05:57
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=== darthanubis is now known as apt-get
test34darthanubis, are you a bot?06:12
hifiwat, karmic tells me my hard drive is failing06:13
test34bullgard4, use synaptic and click "Games and Amusement", sort by install state and uncheck all installed games06:14
cdm10sweet, karmic monitors SMART?06:14
hifiseems so06:14
cdm10hifi: in all seriousness, though, that sucks... how old is your drive?06:14
hifiSMART data tells me my Reallocated Sector Count is *high*06:14
test34hifi, good luck06:14
hifiit's a maxtor, thats perfectly normal ;)06:15
hifithreshold is 63, current count is 636, ouch06:15
hifibut the good thing is the upgrade went well from jaunty to karmic06:17
hifibut I also think my boot time doubled06:17
bullgard4test34: Very good! --  Thank you very much for your help.06:22
bullgard4hifi: My boot time did not double. It rather became less.06:23
cwillu_at_workhifi, um06:23
hififirst boot after upgrade could take longer?06:23
cwillu_at_workhifi, I would strongly suggest leaving your computer turned off until you can buy a new harddrive, and then backing everything up to that drive06:23
cwillu_at_workhifi, it could take longer, or it could just be taking longer because of read retries due to the reallocated sectors06:24
hifino worries, this is not my main desktop06:24
test34good tip cwillu...06:24
hifiI run synergy client and urxvt on it06:24
cwillu_at_workwell, as long as we can trust you to prefix any bug reports with "my drive is known to be failing, but..."06:25
cwillu_at_workhifi, take a look at xpra06:25
cwillu_at_worknot a synergy replacement, but if you do networked applications at all, it'll be interesting06:25
cwillu_at_workit's basically screen for x apps06:25
hifikind of cool06:26
hifibtw. I suppose there are no automagic tool in karmic to "move" your system to a new drive?06:27
cdm10dd :)06:27
hifithat wouldn't work with different drive geometries that well :p06:27
test34cwillu_at_work, does it do the same as ssh -X06:27
cdm10hifi: geometries? come on, we're in the 21st century :)06:28
cdm10hifi: I dd, then use parted to resize the partitions to fill the new drive.06:28
cwillu_at_worktest34, it works with ssh -X, in a better way :)06:28
cwillu_at_worki.e., it survives disconnects06:28
cwillu_at_work... and x restarts06:28
cwillu_at_worki.e., you can start xchat in xpra, and then when the irssi people starting going all 'omg, I can use screen', you can slap them down06:29
hificdm10: what if the target drive is somewhat smaller06:29
bullgard4This is a newly bought computer. Has the procedure to install initramfs changed compared to Hardy?06:29
cdm10hifi: resize the partition before dding06:29
Tronichifi: You should compare normalized value to threshold. If normalized value is lower than threshold, you are in trouble.06:29
test34hehe cwillu06:29
TronicThe last value displayed is the raw value (e.g. sector count).06:30
cwillu_at_workhifi, if the new drive is bigger than the original, a simple dd if=/dev/old of=/dev/new bs=65536 will work fine06:31
cwillu_at_workyou can resize the partition later06:31
cdm10cwillu_at_work: apparently the new one is smaller... so I told him to resize first, then dd it.06:31
cwillu_at_workalternatively, if you keep all your personal data in your home directory, a fresh install + backing up your home directory will suffice to bring your settings across06:31
cdm10cwillu_at_work: will that blow something up?06:32
cwillu_at_workyou just suggest he resize a disk that's known to be faulty!? :p06:32
cdm10shit, good point.06:32
cdm10forgot about that element of the problem.06:32
cwillu_at_workjust make the new filesystem, and then use rsync -vax to backup the whole thing06:32
cwillu_at_workyou'll need to install grub as well, but that's fairly straightforward06:32
hifihttp://hifi.iki.fi/karmic-smart.png thats like, bad06:32
cwillu_at_workand then you'll have the exact same system, with all the hd capacity :)06:32
cdm10hifi: ...ouch. like, a lot.06:33
cwillu_at_workhifi, ^ read the above stuff :p06:33
hifidon't sweat too much, I have no sensitive data on this drive nor do I care too much06:33
Jordan_Uhifi: Partimage is probably what you want06:33
DanaGMy boot time DID seem to increase after the upstart changes.06:33
DanaGA whole lotta' thrashing going on.06:33
Jordan_Uhifi: That way you don't have to resize first06:33
DanaGHigh disk usage, low throughput.06:33
cdm10DanaG: perhaps a fresh install would treat you better?06:34
Dr_WillisThey still havent fixed that 'Disk Failure is innmnent' warning yet?06:34
DanaGI'd have to re-customize all my stuff I've customized.06:34
cdm10DanaG: oh no :)06:34
DanaGactually, read the scrollback... this guy's drive really does seem to be failing.06:34
cdm10DanaG: how much is your system customized byond your home folder?06:34
hifiDr_Willis: fixed?06:34
Dr_Willishifi:  ive had it warn on drives with no errors.06:35
DanaGhmm, some HAL FDI files, some Xorg tweaks, dnsmasq, and stuff.06:35
Dr_Willisbut yours actually might BE a warning toheed.06:35
cdm10does the disk failure warning pop up automatically or do you have to view in palimpsest?06:35
Dr_Willisit tends tobe a little too alarmist06:35
Jordan_Ucdm10: Automatically06:35
hificdm10: the icon is automagic06:35
cdm10although could scare the crap out of people unnecessarily06:35
Dr_Willisi dont even have that icon any more... not sure how it vanished or is restarted06:36
cdm10didn't Google do some big study on drive failure and discover that SMART was pretty much useless?06:36
Dr_Williscdm10:  thats what i got from the google study also06:36
DanaGworst. name. ever.  google for define:palimpsest.06:36
Dr_Willisof coruse when ya got 10000+ drives  you can afford to replace ones that get flagged as  suspect..06:36
Teclyswhat's the quickest way to update from alpha 3 to alpha 6?06:36
cdm10Teclys: run automatic updates?06:37
cdm10i mean... not to say that self-diagnosis is completely useless... but apparently SMART doesn't do it too well.06:37
Jordan_UDanaG: I don't see the problem, it's not apt but it's not GIMP :)06:37
Teclyscdm10 is that just apt-get update?06:37
Dr_WillisI have more issues with cd/dvd/burners then i do with hard drives....06:37
cdm10Teclys: no. it isn't.06:38
Dr_WillisThose things just dont seem to last/work well any more for me06:38
cdm10Teclys: run the Update Manager in System>Administration06:38
DanaGIt's "Erased Parchment".06:38
* DanaG installs gnome-disk-utility06:38
cdm10Teclys: if for some reason you don't have a GUI, I'll tell you the command.06:38
Teclysahh there we go, thank you06:38
* DanaG hits alt-f2 and tries to run...06:38
DanaGWhat?  It doesn't exist?06:38
DanaGDidn't I just install it?06:38
Teclysbe right back06:38
Dr_Willisits not here either DanaG06:39
DanaGthat's because it's not really gnome-disk-utility.  It's an erased parchment.06:39
DanaGI literally had to dpkg --listfiles gnome-disk-utility, to find out the danged executable name.06:39
Dr_Willisand what is the executable name?06:40
draconishas anyone used "getlibs"? there has got to be a way to tack on dependency resolution to that06:41
cwillu_at_workdraconis, what's the context?06:42
draconiswell, I'm trying to install a 32-bit application. one that has "soft" dependencies06:43
cdm10is anyone else experiencing constant indicator-session crashes?06:43
draconisdon't even mention ia32-apt-get. it's so broken it's not funny (even on Jaunty)06:43
DanaGDr_Willis: the exectuable name is "palimpsest".06:45
draconiscwillu_at_work: apparently there was supposed to be some new multilibs support in Karmic. but that would have held the release back06:46
cwillu_at_workdraconis, might find a ppa with the support then06:46
AmaranthThere is no PPA afaik06:46
AmaranthIt requires dpkg and apt changes06:46
cwillu_at_workwhat's the project name?06:46
draconisehhhh? you can't support multilib with a package06:46
Teclyscdm10, there was some problem with update-manager so i reinstalled it and now everything is working. thank you06:47
cdm10Teclys: alright.06:47
draconisAmaranth: it also requires repository changes, which won't happen due to Debian not adding support for half a decade06:47
AmaranthTrying to find the spec now06:47
Amaranthdraconis: no repo changes iirc06:48
draconisoh, then you mean I could tack it on myself?06:48
draconisIIRC, that's dead06:48
Amaranthdraconis: No, just delayed06:49
Amaranthdraconis: It was the one planned for karmic06:49
draconiswell, I have seen delayed support in Debian (it never did happen)06:49
draconisnotice the control fields, and the filesystem layout. that would require changes to ALL packages06:50
Amaranthbut not all at once06:50
draconisAmaranth: any idea if this will get added to Ubuntu+2/+3/+4?06:50
draconisor is there no timeframe06:51
Amaranththe spec was explicitly designed to _not_ require a flag day06:51
draconisoh, good06:51
Amaranthdraconis: The initial plan was to have enough of it implemented to get rid of ia32-libs in time for karmic but didn't make it so I suspect we'll have it in lucid or lucid+106:51
draconisI mean, as the years go by less and less people even need to run 32-bit apps06:52
Amaranthdraconis: someone will probably always need it06:53
draconisthe armel cross-compiling stuff might still be useful, but I'm not aware that's a big Ubuntu priority06:53
Amaranthdraconis: and with this spec as long as we have x86 releases we have amd64 multiarch pretty much for free06:53
draconisyeah, true06:54
Amaranthdraconis: ubuntu is getting big into arm06:54
cdm10is it just me or is the firefox 3.5 icon in karmic somehow uglier than the old firefox 3.0 icon?06:54
cdm10i mean, it's the same design, but there's SOME issue with how it's being drawn that I can't put my finger on.06:54
draconisI haven't seen any popular ARM netbooks, unfortunately06:55
Dr_WillisThey exist ? ie not seen an ARMnetbooks yet06:55
Dr_WillisI did see some web site that had some arm type portables but i lost the URL.06:56
Amaranthcdm10: That's the new upstream icon06:57
cdm10Amaranth: ...why is it uglier?06:57
AmaranthDr_Willis: you can buy the touchbook06:57
Amaranthcdm10: They made it shinier06:57
Amaranthcdm10: and more 3D06:57
cdm10Amaranth: but there's some drawing issue.06:57
Amaranthcdm10: It looks _awesome_ at larger sizes06:57
Amaranthcdm10: screenshot06:57
cdm10one sec06:57
Dr_Willisfor the4 cost/size/battery life  of some of theese new netbooks ive seen..  its almost cheaper to just get a small laptop.06:58
cdm10bug 43641006:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436410 in firefox-3.5 "Icon for Firefox 3.5 is lower quality than for 3.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43641006:58
cdm10Amaranth: there ya go06:58
Amaranthcdm10: pretty sure that's just the design06:58
cdm10Amaranth: you don't think something looks a bit off about it?06:59
Dr_Willisnow what if the reply is ' err... its the same image ' :)06:59
Amaranthcdm10: I think the firefox lost some weight and got a coat of varnish06:59
cdm10:-/ okay. somehow it looks less sharp.07:00
Amaranthcdm10: That's because they took some of the detail out of the tail and made it shiny so the details that are there are hard to see at small sizes07:00
Dr_Willislets see.. yes. My one drive is flagged as  'DIsk has many bad sectors' but how many is many?07:00
Amaranthcdm10: it's optimized for sitting on your desktop or in your dock (windows and OS X)07:00
cdm10aha. yeah, not so great as a tiny panel icon.07:00
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
cdm10Amaranth: what's the procedure for withdrawing my report? mark as invalid?07:05
Amaranthcdm10: yeah07:05
Dr_WillisGrr.. netbook keeps looseing wireless connection.. then when it connects its at 100%07:07
Dr_Willisand its right  above the router. in the uppstairs room07:08
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Directional antenna or interference?07:14
hifisoftware store was renamed to software center?07:15
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Right above the router with a high gain antenna is a bad place to be07:15
Dr_WillisJordan_U:  well above about 8 ft and to the left about 407:17
Dr_Willisthen it shoes 100%   then it stops... then it comes back07:17
Dr_WillisMoved the thing downstairs and it still dident reconnect.. so i got out the wire cable :) heck with wireless07:17
Dr_WillisOne of these days i need tomove the wireless ruter upstairs.. but thats too much hassle for now07:18
DBOdtchen, are you here?07:25
bullgard4In Hardy there was a folder /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.24/Documentation/ . Where is the equivalent folder in Karmic?07:39
tgpraveen!info libtheora07:48
ubottuPackage libtheora does not exist in karmic07:48
tgpraveen!info theora07:48
ubottuPackage theora does not exist in karmic07:48
tgpraveen!info lintheora-107:49
ubottuPackage lintheora-1 does not exist in karmic07:49
bullgard4!info Documentation07:49
ubottuPackage Documentation does not exist in karmic07:49
Adaptermoin catweazle08:03
catweazlemoin Adapter08:04
* Blizzerand__ yawns08:04
Blizzerand__Don't tak me wrong but I feel much comfortable with Add/remove programs that using Ubuntu Store . Ubuntu Store gives an old look lol08:07
Dr_WillisI foumnd the add/remove to be annoying..08:10
Dr_WillisThjeres a Ubuntu Store? where? :) i must have overlooked it08:11
catweazleSoftware Center08:11
Dr_Willis'Ubuntu software store' there it is. :)08:11
Blizzerand__catweazle : But I find it named Ubuntu Software Store in Alpha 608:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436648 in software-store "[UserInterface Freeze Exception]Change name of software-store to software center" [High,In progress]08:13
eagles0513875strangeness prevails in karmic08:13
Blizzerand__Of all my experiences with linux I've tried Add/Remove programs only once . I'm always with the terminal .08:14
rippsBlizzerand__: I spend about 60% of my time in the linux terminal, so I never used those graphical apt tools, but It's nice to have something to show my parents how easy it is to use.08:16
Blizzerand__ripps : those gui's are damn slow ,even Synaptic . I consider myself as a fast typist (lol :D) and decided to use the terminal . In fedora its much more easy as you only have to type yum instead of sudo apt-get08:19
pwnguinit would be nice to have screenshots08:19
Machtinsudo apti<tab> isn't too long i guess.08:20
bullgard4When starting Karmic, in the last (white) line appears a circular light blue symbol (applet) showing a man with outstreched arms. What information is this symbol to convey?08:20
rippsBlizzerand__: y'know, you can add aliases to your .bashrc. I use apt-upate as an alias for `sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade`08:21
pwnguinbullgard4: that you're using kubuntu?08:21
bullgard4pwnguin: No, I am using GNOME.08:21
rippsbullgard4: you talking about the gdm login screen, I think that might be the accessiblilty options08:27
rippslight blue is common color to signify handicap help08:28
bullgard4ripps: What is the associated program or DEB program package?08:28
rippsbullgard4: a number of applications... why?08:28
bullgard4ripps: Because I'd like to learn more about this feature of an Ubuntu Karmic computer.08:29
rippsit's probably related to at-spi, but I'm not really sure08:30
manshoonJust built a new computer and installed alpha 6 but periodically (every few hours or so) the whole system locks up and I have to do a hard reboot.  How can I find out whether its the kernel or the hardware messing up?08:35
manshoonI so far have not found anything in the logs, but I dont dig through the alot so Im not sure what Im looking for08:35
manshoonits an intel i5 quad core. so this would be the 64-bit version, although i do have the 32 libs installed08:36
blueglassesI'm running karmic, and some of the repos failed, like virtualbox, boxee, and .... let me check08:41
Dr_Willis!find virtualbox08:42
ubottuFound: virtualbox-ose, virtualbox-ose-dbg, virtualbox-ose-guest-source, virtualbox-ose-guest-utils, virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 (and 3 others)08:42
Dr_Willis!info virtualbox-ose08:42
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.6-dfsg-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 6268 kB, installed size 24516 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 lpia all)08:42
Dr_Willisbe sure 'universe' repo is enabled08:42
blueglassesI think its enabled, but maybe its wrong, I think I have the ppa for sun or something08:44
blueglassesdropbox repos also dont work08:45
blueglasses!find dropbox08:45
ubottuFile dropbox found in calendarserver, libtemplate-perl, libtemplate-perl-doc, tkgate-data, xapian-omega08:45
Dr_Willisppa's  and other repos may or may not be updated for Karmic08:45
Dr_Willisi would stick with the official ubuntu repos only at this time08:46
blueglassesshoud I upgrade to lynx? lol I just wanted to use Quickly08:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quickly08:46
blueglasses!find  quickly08:46
blueglasses!find quickly08:47
ubottuFound: quickly, quickly-ubuntu-template08:47
blueglassesapparmor tels-me its disabling firefox at boot, is this normal?08:48
Amaranthblueglasses: It's not disabling firefox08:49
Amaranthblueglasses: It's telling you the firefox profile for apparmor is disabled08:49
AmaranthBecause it slows the boot way down08:49
blueglassesbut jaunty also had the apparmor (for 3.0) ...08:50
blueglassesand has a quick boot08:50
AmaranthYes, it was broken08:51
Amaranththe 3.5 one, I mean08:51
AmaranthIt's not something you should file a bug for08:51
blueglasseswill karmic be realeased or witll repos go directly to lucid?08:56
mjbrooksblueglasses, huh?08:59
gosiahi, i have a problem, i updated to karmic yestarday and now i cannot see login box after restart09:00
gosiaim using kubuntu09:00
gosiaso there should be kdm login screen09:00
gosiaand i can only see text mode09:01
gosiai can login and startx09:01
gosiaand everything is ok09:01
gosiabut what do i have o do to make kdm running every time09:01
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what apparmour even does09:01
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor09:01
mjbrooksgosia, log on09:01
gosiamjbrooks i did09:01
mjbrooksgosia, edit /etc/init/kdm.conf09:02
blueglassesapparmor sets permitions to apps09:02
mjbrooksgosia, sudo nano /etc/init/kdm.conf09:02
blueglasseslike chroot?09:02
gosiamjbrooks it is empty09:02
gosiaok it is not09:03
mjbrooksgosia, good09:03
mjbrooksgosia, on line 16... at the end, where it says "/usr/sbin/kdm"09:03
mjbrooksgosia, change that to "/usr/bin/kdm"09:04
mjbrooksgosia, save your changes and reboot09:04
gosiaok should i chceck now?09:04
gosiaok lets give it a try09:04
gosiathanks in advance09:04
mjbrooksgosia, welcome09:04
eagles0513875humm this is strange09:05
mjbrookseagles0513875, you're strange  ;P~09:05
* Dr_Willis reads up on apparmour09:05
eagles0513875no kde is working again but haging on login09:05
eagles0513875nm its working09:05
Dr_Willisits not like 'chroot' its a different way :) it can aparently do similer tasks.09:05
blueglassesyep, but it starts at boot09:06
Dr_Willisit can do a Jailbash it seems -> http://bodhizazen.net/aa-profiles/bodhizazen/ubuntu-9.10/usr.local.bin.jailbash09:06
mjbrookseagles0513875, I hate logon hags.... they're atrocious09:06
eagles0513875ya but normally sometimes when i remove .kde it fixes it09:06
eagles0513875well in this case09:06
Dr_WillisIntro to apparmor http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100890609:06
eagles0513875a simple vm reset ficed it09:06
mjbrookseagles0513875, what are you doing in that thing to cause so much trouble?!09:07
eagles0513875mjbrooks: its the normal updates that cause me the trouble09:07
mjbrookseagles0513875, stop updating!!'09:07
AmaranthDr_Willis: Think SELinux but for mortals09:07
eagles0513875mjbrooks: i use my vm to test updates prior to updating my laptop09:08
mjbrookseagles0513875, find a nice quiet spot in the update cycle and leave well enough alone!!!  lol09:08
eagles0513875mjbrooks: i dont care i like to fix stuff and if necessary file bugs to help fix and improve the next release09:08
Dr_Willisseems like an apparmor rule for wine - may be a good thing. :) but that may be a lttle harder to do09:08
mjbrookseagles0513875, pre-testing for a test system is silly09:08
blueglassesanyone: is it possible to run moblin on virtualbox with a intel E5200? I cant make it work09:09
mjbrookseagles0513875, grab those bugs by the horns blind like a man!09:09
Amaranthblueglasses: You need OpenGL09:09
eagles0513875mjbrooks: i need to get my programming skills up to snuff and fix things meself lol09:09
Dr_WillisI recall there being some info on moblin and vmware on the moblim pages09:09
blueglassesI have openGL, I think,... it complains about processor capabilities09:09
* mjbrooks rebeer... bah, better make that a single malt!09:10
blueglassesI guess E5200 is not a good virtualization processor... :(09:11
eagles0513875blueglasses: check your bios there is a feature in them that enables virtualization support09:12
eagles0513875make sure that is enabled09:12
blueglassesi think its enabled by default09:12
Dr_WillisI would CHECK09:12
Dr_Willisbecause no mater if you think its 'default'or not.. :) you dont KNOW.09:13
blueglassesreboot needed :P brb09:13
gosiamjbrooks - that helped, thx a lot09:15
gosiaon emore issue09:15
bullgard4[IBM-Thinkpad T43, Ubuntu Karmic] If I close the lid and re-open it, the screen will be dark. How to analyze this? I did Alt+SysRq+E, Alt+SysRq+U, (a flickering screen image appeared), Alt+SysRq+I (a centered frozen cursor appears on a black background) and rebooted. I cannot see an error message in dmesg. What09:15
eagles0513875bullgard4: if that is a bug already filed you would need more information09:15
gosiai have no usplash only text on black screen - that while powering up my laptop, when i switch it off, everything is ok - i can see nice kubuntu usplash09:16
bullgard4eagles0513875: Why do you use an if clause?09:16
eagles0513875bullgard4: i dont know if you are linking that from already filed bug or not09:16
bullgard4eagles0513875: I am not linking anything at the moment. My question was: "How to analyze this?"09:17
eagles0513875bullgard4: im not sure how one would ot be honest09:18
bullgard4eagles0513875: What do you mean by "ot"?09:18
bullgard4eagles0513875: Ah, ok. --  Thank you for commenting.09:19
eagles0513875bullgard4: the only thing i have noticed09:19
eagles0513875in regards to a bug like that is there is something odd with x or something as i have some interesting issues with kde sometimes the login screen loads sometimes im dropped down to a tty console09:20
eagles0513875its hard to pinpoint to be honest09:20
eagles0513875ill be back09:20
rippsokay... I removed software-store, but I still have it's icons in Applications and Administration09:24
mjbrooksI find it odd that in KDE, many times when I open a program it's location in the task bar gets inserted before applications that were launched well before it09:32
blueglassesDr_Willis, virtualization technology doesn't show on my bios, I'm using an Asus P5N73AM, maybe I need a bios upgrade?09:33
Dr_Willisi doubt if a bios upgrade would do much. Could be a feature they just decided to not enable.09:34
Dr_Willisto save a fes $09:34
blueglassesI can run win7 on virtualbox thow09:35
blueglassesits one of the cheaper processors09:36
blueglassesbut fast :)09:36
blueglassesmy board manual says the board has that option, but it doesnt show09:37
blueglassesI have C1 disabled on bios, does it has anything to do with virtual capabilities?09:38
blueglassessysteminfo says the processor has this flags supported fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm xsave lahf_lm09:39
mjbrooksI will not be tempted by updates.... I will not be tempted by updates.... I will not be tempted by updates.... I will not be tempted by updates....09:41
* Dr_Willis sneaks into mjbrooks 's machine and does a dist-upgrade09:41
mjbrooksDr_Willis, at the speed and latency comcast has been giving me lately, if it breaks anything I'll be able to upgrade to Lucid Alpha 3 5 minutes after it finishes09:44
mjbrooksthough I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something going on with the network stack09:45
mjbrooksI'm lucky if I'm somewhere in the 100-200kb/s on Karmic, but at the very same time I can pull a download on another device at 2-3Mb/s09:47
mjbrooks3374B/s right now... sigh09:48
blueglassesI have an issue with usb device on boot (karmic) is this normal?09:50
mjbrooksdepends on the "issue"09:51
blueglassesi think its a "cant connect to device" issue09:51
blueglassesI'll check the log09:52
mjbrookseagles0513875, what did you break now?09:53
* mjbrooks pre-emptive stike!09:53
* mjbrooks strike even09:54
eagles0513875nothing its still working09:55
blueglasseswhats rtkit deamon?09:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rtkit09:56
eagles0513875blueglasses: did you find that virtualization feature in ur bios09:56
eagles0513875!info rtkit09:56
ubotturtkit (source: rtkit): Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 29 kB, installed size 188 kB09:56
blueglasses!find rtkit09:56
ubottuFound: rtkit09:56
eagles0513875blueglasses:  see above bro09:56
blueglassesmy board has it, but does not show09:57
eagles0513875it should blueglasses just not sure where cuz i know mine does and on this custom built desktop i enabled it09:57
eagles0513875even had it enabled on my  hp tablet which i know has it09:57
eagles0513875you just have to go section by section09:57
=== ccooke_ is now known as ccooke
blueglasseseagles0513875, i have c1, cpu multiplier...09:58
eagles0513875thats not what you want09:58
blueglasseslimit cpuid09:58
eagles0513875blueglasses: i think its called virtualization or something09:59
blueglasseson the board manual its called virtualization technology09:59
blueglassesbut it doesnt show10:00
blueglassesI have a E5200...10:00
blueglassesboard is P5N73AM (asus)10:00
blueglassesstupid question: when my nick is wrote by someone on this channel text goes red, is this private msg or just highlight (using xchat)10:05
Dr_WillisIts your irc client Highlighting it blueglasses10:05
Dr_Willisa private message normally opens up a new window10:05
blueglassesok thanks, i just dont wanna be offtopic :D10:05
catweazleblueglasses: cat /proc/cpuinfo10:06
Dr_Willisblueglasses:  check the xchat help docs/menu item  and xchat homepage.10:06
* eagles0513875 starts doing some dev work10:07
catweazleyou don't need virtualisation with virtualbox instead you wish to boot a 64bit OS on an installed 32bit OS10:07
eagles0513875catweazle: i believe that enabled helps the cpu better manage proc and memory usage10:07
catweazleno you need virtualisation with XEN for example10:07
blueglassescatweazle, shall i paste it on pastebin?10:07
catweazleno why?10:08
catweazlethe E5200 can't do virtualisation10:08
blueglassesshall i paste it here?10:08
eagles0513875catweazle: can the q955010:08
catweazleyes eagles051387510:08
blueglassesso I should upgrade to a q9550?10:08
blueglassesi want to run moblin on a virtualbox env10:09
blueglassesto test it10:09
blueglassesand check it up10:09
eagles0513875heheh blueglasses you would be fine with or without it10:09
catweazlethe new 6000er from intel can and so the 8000er and all quads10:09
catweazleand also all X2 and X4 from AMD10:10
blueglassesI dont have a netbook, i wonder if it works on a asus A1000, old pc, being monocore and all10:10
blueglassesyes, but the e5200 can be easly oc'ed to 3 ghz...10:11
blueglassesand this one is cheap, it cost me 50 euros10:13
blueglassessorry for my bad english10:13
blueglasseseagles0513875, it wont start... i used a moblin image, and it shows the word moblin, nothing further10:14
blueglasseseagles0513875, it complains about processor capabilities on virtualbox, i cheked the flags for it from virtualbox software10:15
eagles0513875blueglasses: what are you trying to use for virtualization10:15
eagles0513875humm sounds like ur missing some kernel stuff for vbox10:15
blueglassesi can run windows 7 inside virtualbox, easy (i use it for skype lol )10:16
blueglassessince there is no skype version for karmic10:16
eagles0513875Deathvalley122: you sneaky bugger10:19
eagles0513875blueglasses: there is a linux version of skype you get it from the skype website10:19
Dr_Willisand some times it eve4n works!10:19
blueglassesbut it has old files lol10:20
eagles0513875it does work10:20
Dr_Willisif it works.. it works...10:20
blueglassesit does10:20
Dr_Willismany people have issues getting their Mics to work10:20
blueglassesi used it before10:20
eagles0513875my built in laptop mic didnt though but the cam did10:20
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: hehe exactly10:20
Dr_Willisit took me a little twidling to get my mic working.. and i had to plug it into  the Front audio in port. instead of the back.. butit worked10:21
blueglassesmy problem on skype linux is not mic, its breaking dependencies10:22
blueglassesand webcam, but thats because i have an old webcam10:22
eagles0513875!hi | ytco9210:24
ubottuytco92: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:24
ytco92lol :)10:24
ytco92i can't print today... :(10:25
ytco92i have an Epson Stylus DX7400, and it used to work since i installed karmic. With some updates, it doesn't work anymore today10:25
blueglasseseagles0513875, why strange?10:27
eagles0513875normally the older hardware has better support then newer hardware10:27
blueglassesnot on this case, its a creative 1030 model webcam10:28
blueglassesit works on linux using a "wrong" driver10:29
blueglasseswich causes some issues, like no image on skype (black screen)10:30
blueglassesi could only use it using amsn i think (cant remmember if it was that or kopete)10:31
eagles0513875not sure10:32
blueglasseslet me try it on this new processor, i never did, i think..10:32
blueglassesit actually works fine with cheese10:36
eagles0513875patience ytco92 if anyone knows they will answer10:38
zniavredoes gdebi work on your karmic installation ?10:39
zniavredpkg -i * works  but gdebi does not10:40
ytco92same here :)10:40
zniavreha nice to hear (i always believe my installation is wrong)10:43
zniavrethank you10:43
blueglasseshow can i tell if i installed the 32 or 64 bits version of ubuntu, and, can i change from one to another without re-installing?10:46
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
yofelblueglasses: run 'uname -m' in a terminal10:50
yofelbut to change it you'll have to reinstall the system10:51
catfishhey guys10:51
catfishi just tried karmic10:51
blueglassesyofel, i68610:51
blueglassesis it 64?10:51
catfishit worked fine but after an bigger update, it won't boot up anymore10:51
catfishgrup cannot find the root dev since i did the update10:52
yofelblueglasses: i686 is 32-bit10:52
yofelzniavre, ytco92: do you by change have bug 38895310:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388953 in vte "bad file descriptor on .deb install" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38895310:52
blueglassesyofel, is it possible to istall 64 bits on a intel e5200 cpu?10:53
eagles0513875blueglasses: all of todays intel processors are both 64bit and 32bit capable10:54
blueglasses(its a dual core)10:54
blueglassesok so i installed the wrong version :S10:54
eagles0513875what version did u install blueglasses10:56
catfishguys, is the boot problem mentioned by me known to you?10:58
oldude67catfish, which release did you install?10:59
catfishalpha6 x6410:59
eagles0513875catfish: im on x64 alpha 6 on a vm as well as duel boot and havent had any problems like that11:00
catfishmaybe caused by my hw raid11:00
eagles0513875catfish: did you do a clean install or upgrade11:00
eagles0513875catfish: its possible11:00
catfishbut it worked well on at first11:01
eagles0513875catfish: its up and down11:01
oldude67catfish, verp possible.11:01
eagles0513875karmic dont wanna get fixed without a fight :P11:01
catfisheagles0513875, i was able to mount and chroot to my root partition11:06
eagles0513875:) #11:06
catfishso i can't be an problem with the hw-raid, right?11:07
catfishi wil check my grup-conf now11:07
blueglasseseagles0513875, i installed jaunty i366 probably11:08
eagles0513875blueglasses: upgrading is nice but also has issues like your probably using grub instead of grub2 which is now the default as well ask ext4 but im still not sure as to a solution11:09
eagles0513875catfish: also check the logs too11:09
blueglassesLinux quark 2.6.31-10-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 22 17:33:42 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux11:11
blueglasseswhat iso should i use/download with karmic? (whasnt it to be released on the 24 or something?)11:12
blueglassesor should i simply compile quickly? I just upgraded to karmic to be able to use quickly11:13
roffeis it the thought to replace synaptic and add/remove with the software center?11:13
rskblueglasses: i dont get the question really11:13
blueglassesthere is no quickly binaries for jaunty11:13
rskwhat's quickly binaries11:14
blueglasses!info quickly11:14
ubottuquickly (source: quickly): build new apps quickly. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.3 (karmic), package size 39 kB, installed size 364 kB11:14
rskso what's the problem?11:15
blueglassesi wanted to start developing something and i thought it would be nice to use quickly. I was using jaunty, I upgraded to karmic.11:15
blueglassesbut then again, I need to use virtualization: i want moblin in a virtual machine using virtualbox, to test it11:16
rskok getting there, so what's the issue?11:17
Dr_WillisI had issues with Moblin wheni plaed with it yesterday11:17
rskwhat issues11:17
blueglassesso my processor is not a good one for virtualization, but I manage to run windows 7 inside a virtual machine, so i guess just  cant install dual core clients on a 32 bit host11:17
rskdualcore is fine on 32bit11:17
rskyour guess is wrong11:18
blueglassesthe trouble was: system complains about my procesor when installing moblin on a virtual machine (its 64 bits) and I currently have i58611:18
yofelyes, you can't run a x64 virtual machine on a x86 host11:19
yofelbut isn't there a x86 version of moblin?11:19
yofelhi Ubunux11:19
catfisheagles0513875, grup claims that /dev/sde5 doesn't exist but it is there and mountable within busybox11:19
blueglassesnot on the repos yofel11:20
catfishand my root file system is there as well11:20
blueglassesat least i didnt saw one11:20
eagles0513875catfish: not sure as to the issue with grub11:20
blueglassesi'm trying to determine if i should (and if i can) reinstall ubuntu 64 version on a e5200 so i dont have issues11:21
blueglassesand then install virtualbox, moblin iso, and compile quickly instead11:21
rskyou can do that11:22
blueglassesthere should be a package for medibuntu repos autoinstall with all options enabled lol so i didnt had to configure it all again11:23
blueglasses!info virtualbox11:23
ubottuPackage virtualbox does not exist in karmic11:23
blueglassesalso virtualbox should be on karmic repos11:23
yofel!info virtualbox-ose11:24
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.6-dfsg-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 6268 kB, installed size 24516 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 lpia all)11:24
yofelblueglasses: it's there11:24
ytco92yofel, yes i think that is the bug11:24
Amaranthblueglasses: kvm for the win?11:25
yofelytco92: I notified the person in charge 2 days ago, haven't heard from him after that11:25
blueglassesis it better?11:25
yofelI guess it's time to ping him again11:26
ytco92yofel, i don't know, the bug is on launchpad so he knows about it...11:26
Amaranthblueglasses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM11:26
Amaranthblueglasses: I think so, it's built right into the kernel11:26
yofelit should be a quick fix since the patch he applied is missing in the newer version11:27
Amaranthblueglasses: and has better OpenGL support once you setup VMGL11:27
Dr_Willis!info kvm11:27
ubottuPackage kvm does not exist in karmic11:27
Amaranthyofel: what's the problem?11:27
AmaranthDr_Willis: it's a kernel module and a qemu fork11:28
Amaranthalthough the kvm and qemu guys are merging11:28
yofelAmaranth: gdebi-gtk is broken again, I pinged mvo 2 days ago, but haven't heard from him since then11:28
Dr_Willisok - last i played with qemu - it .. err.. dident work too good. :)11:28
Amaranthso qemu will work standalone, with kvm, and with kqemu11:28
Amaranthyofel: He is crazy busy11:28
Amaranthyofel: He handles dpkg, apt, software-center, and uploads compiz stuff for me :)11:29
yofelok, then I'll give him some more time :)11:29
blueglassesAmaranth, ok i will give it a try :-)11:30
blueglassesdoes it have nice wizards like virtualbox?11:31
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
blueglasseswhere can i download latest karmic iso 64 for a intel e5200?11:39
blueglassesor... should i stick with jaunty? will I be able to compile quickly?11:40
om26eri cannot use any application that requires internet unless i open it from terminal using sudo11:40
Dr_Willistheres daily builds at the build site11:40
AlanBelljust tried an update/upgrade and dist-upgrade but ubuntu-desktop is being held back. How do I force it to upgrade?11:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about buidsite11:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about buid11:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about buildsite11:40
Dr_Willisi always just google for 'ubuntu daily build'11:41
blueglassesAlanBell,  sudo apt-get autoclean ?11:41
jonathonfAlanBell: are you doing an update-manager -d to upgrade or just a normal update?11:41
blueglassesAlanBell,  sudo apt-get autoremove (also) ?11:42
om26eri cannot use any application that use internet unless i start it using sudo11:42
AlanBellblueglasses: that deleted a few things, but it is still held11:42
jonathonfif it's a normal update check synaptic to see which packages are being help back after you do a "mark all upgrades"11:42
yofel!daily | blueglasses11:42
ubottublueglasses: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/11:42
yofelthat's the one ;)11:42
AlanBelljonathonf: just a normal update, from the command line11:43
blueglasses:-) thanks yofel11:43
AlanBellom26er: even ping?11:43
eagles0513875i think i need to compile alsa from source :(11:44
eagles0513875have no sound on me duelboot11:44
blueglassesAlanBell, just sudo apt-get update and also check your sources11:44
om26erAlanBell: exactly11:44
AlanBellblueglasses: I did that. What am I checking for in sources. I just have standard repos plus parter repos turned on11:45
om26erAlanBell: do u know what to do?11:45
om26erAlanBell: i cannot ping without sudo11:46
AlanBellom26er: erm, not really11:46
om26erany 1 else11:46
blueglassesAlanBell, try a restart11:46
blueglassesit worked for me11:46
AlanBellblueglasses: now that is just something *other* operating systems do :-(11:47
blueglassesAlanBell, did you apt-get upgrade also?11:47
AlanBellblueglasses: yes, I updated, upgraded, dist-upgraded, update-manager -d and all still hold back ubuntu-desktop11:48
blueglassesAlanBell, kernel and also some of the conf might have changed, so you should restart11:49
AlanBellok, will do in a bit11:49
blueglasseshey guys, help me here with AlanBell, I'm not an expert :P11:49
AlanBelloooh I see an "install font" button on the font viewer!11:50
AmaranthAlanBell: yeah, for like a year now :P11:50
AlanBellAmaranth: so why don't I see it on my fully updated jaunty box?11:51
blueglasseswhats the iBus preferences btw?11:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ibus11:51
blueglasses!info ibus11:51
ubottuibus (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 417 kB, installed size 3600 kB11:51
AmaranthAlanBell: could have sworn that landed in 2.25.1 but maybe it was 2.27.111:51
om26erdo any know that in the live cd of today the 27th both empathy and pidgin were out of the box together11:52
Amaranthom26er: packaging bug11:52
Amaranthgot broken late friday then of course everyone who could fix it is gone for the weekend :P11:52
om26erAmaranth: you sure or just guessing11:52
Amaranthom26er: 100% sure11:53
AmaranthIf I had upload permissions for main it would be fixed already11:53
blueglassestime for a bath and go vote, see you later and thanks for everything11:55
om26erwill anybody like to comment on my problem: cannot use internet withoud sudo11:55
AmaranthRaphi974: try `update-manager -c -d`11:56
dns53what problems you having om26er?11:56
om26erdns53: cannot use any internet app unless run it from terminal using sudo11:57
Amaranthom26er: using network manager to connect?11:57
om26erAmaranth: yes11:58
AlanBellom26er: wired or wireless?11:58
om26erAlanBell: wireless11:58
Amaranthom26er: what happens when you run `ping google.com`?11:58
om26erAmaranth: unknown host without sudo11:59
Dr_Willistry it by ip?11:59
Araneidaedns lookup requires root?  I can't imagine how that can be ... unless /etc/resolv.conf isn't world readable12:00
AlanBellom26er: sounds like a DNS resolution when not root problem  then - very odd12:00
Raphi974Amaranth, it works ^^12:00
AlanBellls -l /etc/resolv.conf12:00
Araneidaeand cat it for good measure12:00
Dr_Willis google.com (
Amaranthshould be 64412:01
Dr_WillisHmm.. works via ip - but not name.12:01
AlanBellrebooted, still can't upgrade ubuntu-desktop.12:01
Dr_Willis-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 131 2009-09-26 08:16 /etc/resolv.conf12:01
om26erDr_Willis: yes ip ping12:01
AraneidaeThere's another dns configure file in /etc, can't remember it offhand12:02
AlanBelltried aptitude, it tells me ubuntu-desktop could be upgraded to 1.171, but it is being held at version 1.17012:02
AraneidaeWhat about /etc/nsswitch.conf ?12:03
AlanBellpress i a few times and it says Unable to find a reason to install ubuntu-desktop12:03
AlanBellI guess it is harmless, just a bit irritating that I don't understand it.12:03
yofelom26er: so, what are your resolv.conf permissions?12:03
AmaranthAlanBell: you most likely need a dist-upgrade as it swaps software-store for software-center12:04
om26eryofel: root12:05
AlanBellAmaranth: dist-upgrade does nothing, still holds it back.12:05
Araneidaeom26er, and the rest?12:05
Araneidaeie: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root12:05
AlanBellom26er: do ls -l /etc/resolv.conf12:05
James147AlanBell: try running aptitude why-not (or why) ubuntu-desktop12:07
om26erAlanBell: did it but did not work12:07
yofelom26er: sudo ls -l /etc/resolv.conf ?12:07
Araneidaeand ls -ld /etc  !12:08
UbunuxAlanBell: deinstall software-store, install software-center, after that you are able to upgrade ubuntu-desktop12:08
om26eryofel: sudo did not work either12:08
AraneidaeWhat does `ls -ld /etc` report ?12:08
Amaranthom26er: ping opens /etc/resolv.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/host.conf and /etc/hosts12:08
Amaranthalso if you strace ping it fails to ping anything :P12:09
scizzo-Amaranth: is there a brainstorm channel for ubuntu on freenode?12:09
vegadoes 9.10 still support old style init scripts, ie. if i have a custom script will it work as usual after upgradeto 9.10 ?12:09
Amaranthscizzo-: Not that I know of12:09
Amaranthvega: Yes, it'll just start after everything that has been converted to upstart12:09
scizzo-Amaranth: ooo ok thanks12:09
vegaAmaranth: ok thanks12:09
scizzo-I really do hope that gnome-commander will get more highlight in the future of ubuntu and linux....its got so much potential....12:10
om26ernothing happeded12:10
Bauldrickhey - can someone help me12:11
yofelom26er: ls -ld /etc ?12:11
AmaranthBauldrick: Not if you don't ask a question :)12:11
dns53Bauldrick you do not need to ask permission here12:11
vegaBauldrick: probably no, as you dno't specify your problem12:11
yofelIt can't be that /nothing/ happens12:11
Bauldrickgot your attention though :)12:11
Araneidaeyofel, om26er, quite12:11
roffeis it the thought to replace synaptic and add/remove with the software center?12:12
Amaranthroffe: Eventually12:12
Amaranthroffe: For this release it only replaces add/remove12:12
* Araneidae is wondering what the record is for the interval between suggesting a command and getting a successful response (on IRC, that is)12:12
dns53roffe i have heard 2/3 releases it will combine add remove, updates, synaptic etc12:12
Amaranthroffe: The plans for lucid and lucid+1 are for it to replace gdebi, update-manager, synaptic, and software-sources12:13
roffeAmaranth, Great, because I don't think it can replace synaptic at this state12:13
Amaranthroffe: Of course not, it can only install GUI apps :)12:13
BauldrickI have never been able to load 2.6.31 kernel in karmic and recently my touchpad broke, that i cant fix. trying to install a fresh alpha6  i get same problem not being able to load 2.6.31 kernel12:13
om26ernothing worked but chown worked here12:13
Bauldrickoff of disk12:13
AmaranthBauldrick: What is the error?12:13
yofelom26er: could you *please* tell us what you're doing? ls -ld /etc should give you the permissions for the /etc folder12:14
om26ersudo chown username /etc/resolv.cong12:14
Amaranthom26er: Unless you don't have read access to / that command will output something12:14
Amaranthom26er: don't do that12:14
Araneidaeomg @om26er12:14
Bauldrickudev error, something like "udevd 873 cant read SYMLINK{unique} in lib/udev/50-defaul-rules12:14
Amaranthom26er: /etc/resolv.conf should be chown root:root and chmod 64412:14
BauldrickAmaranth: ^^12:15
AmaranthBauldrick: That's a warning, not an error12:15
AmaranthBauldrick: Does pressing ctrl-alt-f7 do anything? Some people are booting to a non-active VT12:15
Bauldrickits sits there and wont load the disk any further12:15
AmaranthBauldrick: Also try ctrl-alt-f112:15
AmaranthIt may just be done booting12:15
Bauldricki think that always gave me no initramfs12:16
AmaranthBauldrick: You may also want to try a daily iso as there have been some boot fixes since the last alpha12:17
AraneidaeWow.  I wonder what happened to om26er's machine12:17
i2v8andoes grub 2 safe to install on a semi-production machine yet?12:18
diverse_izzuei2v8an, i would say yes, no problems here12:18
i2v8anthat is if there are other os's involved too12:18
diverse_izzuei2v8an, no clue in that case... only ubuntu here12:19
i2v8andarn.. I really need to get a backup machine12:19
i2v8anwith that much said is there any documentation explaining how the new conf file in grub 2 works that is recommended?12:20
yofel!grub2 | i2v8an12:20
ubottui2v8an: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:20
Dr_Willisthen theres the grub homepage12:27
Dr_Willisbut im not sure how much of ubuntu's grub 2 configs is 'ubuntu specific'12:28
i2v8anwould it be?12:28
i2v8anif any bit ubuntu specific?12:29
Dr_WillisFor example the use of /etc/default/grub  - may be a ubuntu specific config used by the ubuntu tools to configure grub212:29
i2v8anah yes12:29
i2v8anI'll have to defect of a day to fedora to find that out12:30
i2v8anfor a day*12:30
Dr_Willisif they are even using grub212:30
Dr_WillisIve not noticed if any other disrtos are using it yet or not12:31
i2v8anI just looked it up12:31
i2v8anif anything fedora would be using grub 3 yesterday12:31
i2v8anwell the official grub site doesn't have so much as far as docs12:32
i2v8anbut yeah fedora 12 isn't going to have it12:32
i2v8anyou're right12:32
i2v8anthis sure adds a new twist to my linux experience12:33
Spike1506so what exactly is new in grub2? does it has any advantages over grub1?12:34
Dr_Willis'complete rewrite from the ground up'12:34
Dr_WillisGRUB 2 is derived from PUPA which was a research project to investigate the next generation of GRUB. GRUB 2 has been rewritten from scratch to clean up everything for modularity and portability.12:34
Amaranthi2v8an: grub2 config is very debian/ubuntu specific afaik12:35
Dr_WillisGRUB 2 targets at the following goals12:35
Dr_Willissee   http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/grub-2.en.html12:35
Amaranthi2v8an: you don't modify the config file, you modify variables in /etc/default/grub to alter the running of the stock scripts that build the config file and write your own scripts to do anything extra beyond that12:35
Dr_WillisPortability for various architectures.  <-- no more diffrent bootloaders for macs,pc,arm,whatever....12:35
AmaranthThe config file itself is completely autogenerated from these scripts12:36
Dr_Willis* Rescue mode saves unbootable cases. Stage 1.5 was eliminated.                <---- thats handy :)12:36
Dr_Willis'future plans for grub 2' - MUCH improved themeing/config/gfx support.12:36
penguin42Dr_Willis: I'm suspicious if other architectures will pick it up that readily - things like ARM have whole sets of firmware like redboot burned into a lot of flash12:37
robin0800Amaranth: you must run update-grub if you change /etc/default/grub12:37
penguin42Dr_Willis: Although maybe if these new ARM netbooks everyone keeps talking about happen then maybe it will12:37
Amaranthrobin0800: I know...12:37
Dr_Willisso far from what i read.. grub 2 supports  intel, ppc, and EFI12:38
Dr_WillisNot sure how ARM fits in :)12:38
Dr_Williswhen and if the arm netbooks get here12:39
Amarantharm netbooks will probably use something custom12:39
i2v8anso how effective is update-grub2 at finding all operating systems?12:39
Amaranthi2v8an: It recently started finding OS X12:39
Dr_Willisi2v8an:  its worked here for me...12:39
Dr_Willis/etc/grub.d$ cat 30_os-prober12:40
Dr_Willischeck in there. :) it seems like its a fancy script that does the detection.. not actually 'grub'12:40
Dr_WillisUnless im miss-reading12:40
Dr_Willisoh wait - the emay be a os-prober command12:41
i2v8anhas anyone installed today's snapshot on a production (or recently rendered non-production) machine?12:42
Dr_Willis      echo "  ${LONGNAME} is not yet supported by grub-mkconfig." >&212:42
Dr_Willisit seems 'hurd' is not yet supported.. :)12:42
rskhurd is more dead than UT3 on linux12:43
rskor duke nukem forever12:43
Dr_WillisHow about Minix!12:43
dns53hurd does actually exist at least and you can get it12:43
penguin42last time I tried it still needed Linux to install it12:44
Dr_Willisthat GNU/Linux ! :)12:44
virtualdlast time i tried Hurd it didn't boot12:44
AraneidaeI wonder if this works: http://uwhug.org.uk/index.pl?QEmu_Installation_Guide  Going to give it a try12:48
roffeso... when will Linux conquer the world?12:49
i2v8anwell at this rate...  judging by distrowatch.com....12:50
i2v8anwe've been slacking off lately and the numbers all around seem to be falling a little.12:50
AraneidaeOh well, failure at the first hurdle: ftp.gnuab.org doesn't resolve12:51
dns53roffe by conquer the world you mean....12:51
roffethat's a bummer12:51
roffedns53, when we will shoot laser at enemies etc12:51
i2v8anor everyone finally found the distro they want12:52
yofelroffe: if you want to complain, then complain in bug 1 - not here ;)12:52
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)12:52
roffehaha, I'll sure file it as a bug!12:52
i2v8anthat would be an interesting bug12:52
yofelit *is* an interesting bug :P12:53
yofeland why timeout o.O - bug 112:53
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)12:53
i2v8anah that bug12:53
i2v8andidn't look it up12:54
AraneidaeHurd: http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd/status.html -- think I'll pass!12:54
dirkraederHi, I want to change GDM's theme on my Karmic installation but the usual dialog has disappeared. Which file do I have to edit?12:55
roffethere's a distro called Ubuntu Christian edition... odd people12:57
i2v8anwould it be the same as 9.04?12:57
i2v8anthere has to be if there's a muslim edition12:57
roffewhere's the atheist edition?12:57
i2v8anmaybe that's where you come in. here's a start for you - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD12:59
i2v8anyou can actually make your own distro cd this way12:59
i2v8ani've done it myself quite a few times already just for my own uses12:59
Dairoffe: there's a satanic edition!12:59
i2v8anis anyone here familiar with kubuntu netbook remix?13:00
salty-horsehi. during upgrade, I encountered dependency problems with cdargs and and gtk-doc-tools on emacsen-common. under what launchpad package should I report it? log: http://pastebin.com/m2f0b448813:15
salty-horsealso, lots of package use a deprecated dpkg flag: --print-installation-architecture instead of --print-architecture -- should I report that too?13:17
Dr_Willissomedays i feel depercated13:17
Traveler456hi there13:17
Traveler456can smb help a newvie plz13:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:18
jamieleshawHello, there is an update in Karmic Koala but it's lcoked, why is that?13:18
Dr_Willisi am now getting the 'ubuntu-desktop' held back :)13:19
Traveler456ok how do i open files in kubuntu shell as root? i used 'su' but it denied access. 'su root' doesnt work. i am sure i got the right pw13:20
Dr_Willisuse sudo13:20
jamieleshawThat's the exact same one as me ;)13:20
rskTraveler456: use gksudo13:20
rskor sudo13:20
Traveler456ok ill try. cu after reboot. thx13:20
Dr_Willisand if you are such a beginner to ubuntu that you dont know the basics like that.. you MIGHT not be wanting to use 9.10  since it could break and have other issues at any time13:20
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)13:20
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:21
Traveler456i use somthing like version 813:21
Dr_Willisin short - ubuntu rarely uses 'su'13:21
rskTraveler456: then this is the wrong channel, go to #ubuntu13:21
yofelTraveler456: #kubuntu in your case13:22
Dr_Willisrunning the file managers as root.. is a very very bad habbit. :)13:22
jamieleshawDr_Willis: on another note i founf a nice ubuntu look13:22
Dr_Willisitss best tolearn to do root type tasks via the shell. or  a specific file manager  like mc :)13:23
jamieleshawDr_Willis: Take a look at http://jamieleshaw.co.cc/UbuntuLookixS.png13:24
jamieleshawthat's my koala13:24
Dr_WillisI hate docks and the cube. :)13:27
Dr_Willisdont care for 'dark black' themes either. ;p13:27
Dr_Willisyou need xxx cube caps! :)13:27
jamieleshawI like the dock, but what i really like is default look13:28
jamieleshawTo be honest I only like basic compiz13:29
BauldrickI still cant load 2.6.31.x kernel on this laptop from karmic installed on it, I cant even reinstall alpha6 from disk - I'm having to use 2.6.2813:31
jamieleshawi'm off, bye doctor willis13:33
penguin42Bauldrick: What happens if you try the 2.6.31.x kernel?13:39
Bauldrickjust sits there after udev warning - udevd, something like "udevd 873 cant read SYMLINK{unique} in lib/udev/50-defaul-rules13:41
Bauldrickf1 - f7 does nothing13:41
Dr_Willis˙sǝɯıʇ ʇɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝlʇʇıl ɐ sı ɔıɯɹɐʞ13:42
penguin42Bauldrick: I think lots of people saw the SYMLINK{unique} error but didn't stop us booting13:42
Dr_WillisI see that error.. and still boots13:42
ArcticAzureSo is it true that karmic will stop working if I install it?13:43
Bauldrickdoesn't boot for me off hdd fully up-to-date or alpha6 off disk13:43
penguin42Bauldrick: Have you got a bug filed?13:43
Bauldrickpenguin42: not currently, whats causing it13:44
ArcticAzureI love karmic because it has all the graphical issues 9.04 had fixed! I can actually watch flash videos full screen with no lag, and I can run opengl applications with compiz turned on ^_^13:44
penguin42Bauldrick: It would be best to file a bug (probably against linux) and put dmesg and lspci from the boot that does work13:44
Dr_WillisArcticAzure:  and some people cant even boot it. :)13:45
SandGorgonI'm having wine and ia32-libs problems in 2.6.31 kernel - anyone else having the same thing ?13:45
penguin42Bauldrick: Is there anything about your machine that's unusual?13:45
ArcticAzureWill karmic have customizable login window enabled when it's released?13:46
Bauldrickpenguin42: not really to my knowledge (limited ;) ) - my other problem is that when i boot in 2.6.28 all my toolbars are screwed up (whats the command for printscreen? i could show it)13:47
penguin42Bauldrick: I'd try booting the 2.6.31 but at grub edit off the 'quiet' and 'splash' bits of the command and see what the last thing it prints is13:48
BauldrickI think is it to do with HAL, has that taken over everything in xorg.conf13:49
penguin42I think HAL does a lot less if anything now13:49
Bauldrickxorg.conf said hal had taken over my touchpad, thats now broken13:50
penguin42well one thing at a time; I'd get the kernel sorted first13:51
Bauldrickpenguin42: I'm indeed, off to try that13:53
ArcticAzureSo does karmic have a timer that breaks the system once the timer's over? Ubottu said that it WILL break. So I'm guessing that something makes it stop working somehow.13:53
penguin42ArcticAzure: You mean a watchdog?13:55
ali1234ArcticAzure: that statement is just CYA from the developers13:56
SandGorgondoes one need to recompile ia32-libs if one is building a custom kernel ?13:56
anselmHow does it come that in matroska videos embedded pictures are not used any longer to create thumbnails13:56
penguin42SandGorgon: No13:56
spirit-sighthow do I start Gnome-shell13:56
SandGorgonpenguin42, hmm.. because i'm getting random crashes in wine ever since my 2.6.31 kernel13:57
Dr_Willisi get thumbnails in my .mkv videos here in the gnome file manager13:57
penguin42SandGorgon: I doubt it's the ia32 libs13:58
SandGorgonpenguin42, all right13:58
anselmDr_Willis: Yes normal thumbnails but if you have artwork (covers) included it should use that instead (in Jaunty it worked that way)13:59
ArcticAzurethe onlyest only problem I have is.... that applications that run on jack sound don't play sound and that's it13:59
Dr_Williscant say taht ive evver noticed  that feature then13:59
Dr_Willisive never figuredf out how these videos thumbnails are determined13:59
ArcticAzureKarmic also seems to have fixed the horrid tearing in video and games14:00
anselmDr_Willis: you can add covers to mkv files with mkvmerge14:01
Bauldrickpenguin42: it hangs after BEGIN :mounting root filesytem14:01
BauldrickBEGIN: Running /scripts/local-top14:01
Bauldrickwhich is something todo with initramfs?14:03
penguin42erm I think it's in there14:05
penguin42Bauldrick: Normal SATA disc?14:05
spirit-sightdoes anyone know how to start the gnome-shell in the ubuntu 9.1014:05
Bauldrickthis is an older laptop, PATA?14:06
anselmspirit-sight: run in the terminal gnome-shell --replace  to kill the running metacity control+c  in the same terminal brings metacity back14:07
penguin42Bauldrick: Nod, nothing too unusual then14:07
penguin42Bauldrick: Do you have a mix of USB stuff plugged in?14:08
Dr_Williswhat is the 'gnome-shell' anyway?14:08
Bauldrickpenguin42: currently only usb mouse (as update broke touchpad), but have tried it without, no different14:08
tgpraveenDr_Willis: google it. it's a gnome 314:09
tgpraveenUI change . lots of screenshots to be found14:09
penguin42Bauldrick: It's probably best to bug report it - unles speople know it's breaking for people it's even less likely to get fixed14:10
bullgard4I notice that the editor in mc in Karmic is no longer mc's own editor but nano. Can you tell me why Ubuntu has changed this default editor?14:11
Bauldrickpenguin42: alright, cheers - against linux you suggest?14:11
penguin42Bauldrick: If it's a driver problem and it's hanging that would be my guess14:12
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  it seems to be mcedit here.14:12
bullgard4Dr_Willis: Ah!14:12
ArcticAzureIf I were to install karmic, would I be able to update to the release version without having to reinstall ubuntu and everything?14:16
Dr_Willisthats how ubuntu works ArcticAzure14:17
xguruArcticAzure: yes14:17
BluesKajHi folks14:17
ArcticAzureAnd it won't be a dirty update would it?14:17
xguruonly if it is previously dirty....14:18
ArcticAzureLike leaving old stuff behind14:18
ArcticAzureoutdated things14:18
Dr_Willisi figure every update is a dirty onw :)14:18
xguruArcticAzure: no it shouldn't and you can always cleanup manually :)14:18
Dr_WillisI testout the beta.alphas and then do a clean reformat/reinstall about a week or 2 after its released..14:19
Dr_Willisjust seems to work a little better that way14:19
BluesKajyou can use autoclean to get rid of unneeded stuff14:19
ArcticAzurewould it be best to update with upgrade-manager -d or should I just use the iso image?14:20
Dr_Willisany iso at this time is proberly a little out of date anyway :)14:20
Dr_Willisso i doubt if it matters much14:20
xguruupgrade-manager -d14:20
ArcticAzuredoes ext4 work properly? I've been hearing about problems it has.14:21
Dr_Willisive not had any issues with ext414:21
xguruworks fine for me as well14:21
Dr_Willisnot heard of any others in here even MENTION ext4 problems14:22
Dr_WillisLots of other issues.. but no ext4 that i recall14:22
penguin42not for a few months; maybe 2 months ago it was falling on it's arse quite regularly14:22
test34I'll start using ext4 in a few years14:23
penguin42test34: Yeh14:23
ArcticAzureI might update to ext4 then, i think ext3 can be updated to ext414:23
Dr_Willisi dident think you gained much by doint that14:24
ArcticAzureso it doesn't have better performance?14:25
vartArcticAzure: It can be, but only newly created files benefit from ext4 features, old file are not14:25
Dr_Willisso when doing a new install.. use ext414:27
penguin42I think even on ext3 on karmic it can use some of the features to mean that it's a bit faster in a backward compatible form14:27
penguin42now we just have to figure out what that's the password to14:28
test34it already has been changed ;)14:30
CE2hi, are there known problems with networkmanager in 9.10alpha6?14:33
CE2it seems I don't have any "networkmanager" process started on my system14:34
CE2and knetworkmanager doesn't display any available networks :-/14:34
ActionParsnipArcticAzure: you also dont get the full ext4 benefits with a converted fs14:34
ChogyDanCE2: have you tried iwlist scanning?14:34
CE2yes, works perfectly14:35
CE2it seems networkmanager itself isn't running14:35
CE2when I try /etc/init.d/network-manager start it tells me it has been converted to an upstart job14:35
roffeCE2, my wireless didn't work a couple of days ago, but I could update it with my ethernet14:35
ActionParsnipCE2: use bum to check the service is configured to run14:36
ActionParsnipCE2: i had ths yesterday. I had to boot to live cd to update networkmanager tothen copy the debs to the internal disk to reinstall :(14:36
CE2but "start network-manager" says "start: Rejected send message, 1 matched ....."14:36
CE2would it work to update through ethernet?14:37
CE2are the packages in the repos working?14:37
CE2after all, i am quite shocked about the low quality of ubuntu's alpha releases.14:38
CE2Fedora is way more experimental, but I had less troubles14:38
CE2however, I guess Kubuntu is better suited for my girlfriend14:38
ActionParsnipCE2: its alpha, what do you expect14:39
CE2well, I am on fedora-rawhide which isn't even alpha ;)14:39
CE2but it starts superfast, I really enjoy that :)14:39
CE2great work14:40
ActionParsnipthe alpha works 100% here sine alpha214:40
CE2i thought you had to tinker with networkmanager too?14:40
ArcticAzurethe alpha seems to work very nice for me except for lmms/ardour/other jack based sound applications14:41
spirit-sightis there a gnome-shell room IRC14:41
ActionParsnipCE2: no real biggy, i use static IP so i use interfaces file usually. I'm just testing networkmanager14:42
CE2ok ;)14:42
ActionParsnipmakes the system boot faster as you dont have to load the app, start the service or wait for dhcp14:42
penguin42nm is being a pita for me, I'm having to manually select the setting that used to be the default14:42
ArcticAzurei might even get rid of my windows partition if wine gets good enough14:43
ActionParsnipArcticAzure: what do you run in wine?14:45
Dr_Willistruely 'critical' applications14:46
eagles0513875ArcticAzure: what version of wine are you on ?14:46
ali1234wine isn't reliable enough for truely critical applications. i have to run those in virtualbox14:46
eagles0513875i have see the latest dev version of wine actually fix some bugs that the stable version doesnt14:46
ArcticAzurethe latest one14:46
ActionParsnipArcticAzure: from the wine repo?14:46
eagles0513875the latest stable version or dev version ArcticAzure14:46
ArcticAzuredev version14:46
ActionParsnipcould shell ouyt for cedega or crossover office14:46
ArcticAzurei tried running half life 2 and garry's mod and portal but they run really slow and look bad, and braid won't even start14:47
Dr_WillisHmm. Braid works hwere in wine14:48
ActionParsnipArcticAzure: there are tonnes of guide for HL2, seems to run excelently. appdb shows platinumm rating: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=289014:50
* Crashbit ¡ıɥ14:50
ActionParsnipArcticAzure: you have to edit the wine registry a little14:50
ArcticAzureit's probably just my video card14:51
ArcticAzureit ran okay on windows, with some slowdowns in places14:51
ActionParsnipplatinum rating is pretty much perfect14:52
ActionParsnipcould just play quake live :D14:53
* ArcticAzure prys his old video card chip out with a screwdriver and superglues a stolen better video card and cries because it doesn't work14:53
ArcticAzurewell, i bet wine will work better in karmic since everything else seems to14:55
Dr_Willisi can get aobut 80% of the games i try worki8ng in wine15:02
BluesKajinteresting , someone told me most games are written in unix and layered for windows . is this true?15:07
penguin42BluesKaj: I doubt it15:07
SandGorgon_has anyone gotten Broadcom wl.ko working with 2.6.31 kernel ?15:09
BluesKaj<---not a gamer so itreally doesn't matter personally15:10
BluesKajSandGorgon_, laptop ?15:12
SandGorgon_BluesKaj, yup.. i'm getting a problem with "module_layout" in my dmesg while modprobe15:12
diverse_izzueCan somebody try if Totem plays dvd's for them? It used to for me, now i simply get a "Could not read from resource" error.15:13
ActionParsnipdiverse_izzue: do you have libdvdcss2 instaled?15:14
diverse_izzueeek, pretty embarrassing, forgot that after reinstalling. i'll try that15:16
darkhamdo you are on time for the 29 oct. with a working network manager?15:16
ActionParsnipdiverse_izzue: its on the medibuntu rep15:17
BluesKajSandGorgon_, some kernel modules were stripped in the last few updates and replaced overnight , dunno if your broadcom driver is one of them15:17
SandGorgon_BluesKaj, all right..15:17
diverse_izzueI have libdvdcss2 installed now, but Totem still hangs when i try to play a dvd. can someone please try if that happens for them, too?15:23
ActionParsnipdiverse_izzue: does it play in other players?15:24
diverse_izzueActionParsnip, i'll try, but have to restart, right now i cannot even open my cd tray :-(15:24
BluesKajdiverse_izzue, Totem isn't the most reliable player around , dragonplayer or VLC are more up to date and reliable IMO15:25
BluesKajoh well15:25
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: all players use the same common plugins so if one can play it usually the others can15:25
BluesKajyeah, but some player don't handle the plugins as well as some others15:26
Dr_Willisi find totem rather... pathic.. :)15:27
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diverse_izzuevlc fails as well, i have a feeling something could be wrong with libdvdnav?15:33
diverse_izzuein fact if i tick "without menus" in vlc, it starts playing15:33
dns53gnome-shell does not come with a menu entry in gdm, should it ? should i file a bug?15:34
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=== apt-get is now known as darthanubis
ActionParsnipdns53: sure, you can also use alacarte to add one if you wish15:42
dv-Hello. Anyone else experiencing Xorg and evince using lots of ram in the alpha?15:54
Dr_Willisdiverse_izzue:  mount the dvd so you can access the files. then try the play directory feature in vlc/other players15:55
Dr_Willisor just use dvd::rip and rip the thing to avi :)15:56
diverse_izzueDr_Willis, you're not helping :-)15:56
diverse_izzueif somebody could please just check whether their karmic box plays a DVD?15:57
Dr_Willisi pertty mych only pop in a dvd long enough to rip it15:57
Dr_WillisI dont even have any dvd videos handy15:57
diverse_izzuethat's ok, there are 278 people on this channel...15:57
Dr_Willisrun the players from a terminal, see what their error messages say exactly? might be a clue15:58
karbakThe keyboard shortcuts dialog seems to be missing the shortcut for the "run application" dialog .. can't change it from the default Alt-F2 any more.16:01
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gabspeckhello everyone16:03
gabspeckso, I was giving empathy a try, and it suprised me that it cannot even block contacts...16:03
virtualdand people always see me as offline16:07
arandWell, pidgin is returning it seems...16:11
musikgoat*has returned16:12
ActionParsnippidgin rocks16:14
gabspecki can see some potential in empathy, but it isn't mature enough yet...16:14
leftyfbcarrier is better16:14
leftyfbcarrier is the fork of pidgin which puts back features that the arrogant pidgin devs remove16:15
leftyfbmy biggest reason is the protocol icons16:17
leftyfbi prefer to see what service someone is signed onto instead of a useless green orb16:17
leftyfbthat feature is in every multiprotocol im client out there including gaim/pidgin until a certain point16:18
ActionParsnipleftyfb: is that such a crucial thing?16:18
leftyfbfor me, yes16:18
leftyfband just because a feature isn't "crucial" doesn't mean it needs to be removed16:19
ActionParsnipleftyfb: its abstracted away as its not important, you can contact them using a common interface16:19
gabspeckthe pidgin version shipped with karmic has removed this feature?16:19
ActionParsnipi dont see why its a thing but i guess its different tastes16:19
leftyfbActionParsnip: you sound like one of the close-minded pidgin devs16:19
gabspeckcause i still have protocol icons in jaunty..16:19
ActionParsnipleftyfb: i like abstraction, thats all16:19
leftyfbgabspeck: no, you have icons to the right16:19
leftyfbadding them in addition to is a hack work-around and just adds clutter16:20
arandHmm, seems like No pidgin after all: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/43710916:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437109 in pidgin "[karmic] libpurple0 depends on Pidgin" [High,Confirmed]16:20
leftyfbActionParsnip: that's fine, that's called a preference. Which is why this feature should be a preference to turn on and off. I'm even fine with it being off by default. But don't take the choice away from me.16:21
ActionParsnipleftyfb: agreed16:21
dv-huh. GNOME is all about taking choice away from you :p16:21
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leftyfbdv-: which is why i'm seeing it fade slowly away as my preferred dm16:21
leftyfbif I wanted choices taken away from me, i'd use windows16:22
leftyfbor mac16:22
leftyfbDon't know why dumbing things down to no features seems to be the popular choice among devs these daysd16:23
gabspeckI used to be a faithful Kubuntu user until I got fed up with all the bugs and weird crashes16:23
ActionParsnipleftyfb: http://merwin.bespin.org/pidgin/#Download ;)16:23
leftyfbguess it's easier to optimize your code by removing everything under the sun than to actually learn how to code properly16:23
gabspeckmost of the time I don't feel gnome takes choice away16:24
dv-yeah it's fine most of the time16:24
leftyfbActionParsnip: that's not the only feature being put back into pidgin by way of the carrier project .. but thanks. I'm pretty sure that's the code they used to put that one feature back in.16:24
ActionParsnipleftyfb: just showing its poissible, but i see yuor point16:25
leftyfb"here, go make your own" seems to be the answer from those devs a lot of the time as well16:25
leftyfbor "submit a bug report" to which they'll just ignore/close/disagree with based on their own close-minded opinion on what users want16:26
gabspeckwait a minute, these blog posts are from 2007, and right now I'm looking at my contact list with all its pretty protocol icons... how come ?16:27
leftyfbgabspeck: you see protocol icons to the right of your buddies16:27
dv-My problem with ubuntu is that while it works most of the time, when it doesn't I have no idea what to do about it. When I was running OpenBSD everything was pretty clear and simple and well documented, but in Ubuntu there's just layer upon layer upon layer of crap and no one knows how it's all supposed to fit together16:28
leftyfbadded in addition to the pointless green orbs on the left16:28
leftyfbadding clutter and a lame "compromise"16:28
gabspeckwell that's fine for me..16:28
penguin42dv-: Figuring out how all the *kit's and things go to gether is very hard - and it seems to be quite cliquey to find out the details16:29
gabspeckmy main reason to use protocol icons is for e.g., some contacts use the same e-mail address for multiple networks, like a gmail.com account for both MSN and Google Talk16:29
dv-e.g. when I'm copying files to usb disks, it will often stop with "0 seconds remaining" for ten or more minutes. No idea what to do about it16:30
gabspeckdv-: how good is OpenBSD these days? haven't tried it in a while16:30
dv-when I log in, the Xorg resolution is set randomly and I have to correct it every time16:30
wastreli don't care about protocol icons because i only use aim16:30
dv-gabspeck: I stopped using it with 3.4 when I bought a modern computer :/16:31
dv-but I have fond memories of it16:31
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gabspeckI mistook it for FreeBSD, the friendly BSD distro16:31
gabspeck*intended to be friendly16:32
dv-I thought OpenBSD was a bit friendlier, really16:32
gabspeckbut you used it with GNOME ?16:33
dv-nope. I used ion216:33
BWARGim having trouble with mysql16:34
musikgoatBWARG: see, told you :)16:34
BWARGits saying its installed16:34
BWARGbut its saying its not16:34
BWARGgiving this error "ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)16:34
ActionParsnippcbsd is good too16:34
BWARGi tried rolling back16:35
BWARGi tried deleting the .debs in /var/cache/apt/16:35
BWARGits not installing it16:35
joaopintoBWARG, you really don't seem to have the know-how advised for someone using an alpha release16:36
joaopintoBWARG, that error message tells you it was unable to connect, which is not the same as not being installed16:37
joaopintohave you checked that mysql is running ?16:37
ActionParsnipleftyfb: do you have a ppa for carrier. I'll give it a shot16:37
BWARGit fails to start16:37
thiebaudehi everyone16:37
joaopintoBWARG, have you checked the log ?16:37
BWARGmysqld.sock doesnt exist16:38
leftyfbActionParsnip: unfortunately, no. There's only the 2.5.5-1 .deb from the website. I built 2.5.7 from source as it was my only option.16:38
ActionParsnipseems to only be 32bit16:39
ActionParsnipi'll compile16:40
joaopintoBWARG, I am going to update my karmic vm to check if there is an issue with mysqld16:44
eagles0513875joaopinto: fyi im noticing that results vary from a vm to an actual install16:45
eagles0513875joaopinto: bugs in my vm arent the same as those on a physical machine16:45
joaopintoeagles0513875, right, when we are talking about hw related bugs, which is not the case16:46
eagles0513875im just saying even software for me seems to be different as well16:47
joaopintoeagles0513875, there are rare bugs which are hard to reproduce between difference installations regardless of being VM or physical, as for common software bugs, a VM should be as valid as a real physical system, unless there is the VM is buggy16:50
eagles0513875joaopinto: agreed16:51
Komischungaptitude wont reconfigure "rsyslog" correctly, so i tryed to remove the package -> http://nopaste.org/p/aNFE1nsRm16:52
joaopintoKomischung, lang=C command16:52
penguin42vm's normally work OK, they do tend to end up testing a more restricted set of 'hardware' though16:52
joaopintoto get it in english16:52
leftyfbanyone know how to get usplash enabled?16:54
Komischungjoaopinto, the output is still in german16:55
yofelKomischung: LANG=C command16:56
joaopintoah, sudo16:56
joaopintoyou need sudo -E to keep the LANG var16:56
Komischungim root ^^16:56
joaopintook, so, LANG=C command should work16:57
yofelKomischung: you could als try to ask in #ubuntu-de+1 ;)16:57
joaopintoLANG=C apt-get remove package16:57
joaopintoBWARG, when you mean mysql stopped working, was after upgrading from jaunty to karmic ?16:58
yofelKomischung: why did you abort dpkg? Did it take too long?16:59
BWARGdpkg aborted itself16:59
BWARGit worked untill yesterday16:59
BWARGi have no idea why it didnt16:59
Komischungyofel, yes16:59
BWARGi updated yesterday thats the only thing i cn think of16:59
BWARGi just updated again though and it still doesnt work17:00
yofelhm.... lemme check what the scripts do17:00
Komischungwell, i cant remove the rsyslog.deb file from /var/cache/apt/17:00
Komischungno such file...17:00
BWARGi tried to roll back and it didnt want to17:00
joaopintoKomischung, that will not help you, cache is not used during a package removal17:00
Komischungbut thats strange isnt it17:00
darkhamnetwork manager will work the 29 october?17:01
joaopintodarkham, network manager was working the last time I  have checked17:01
Komischungand what about the pre-removal-script and stuff like that?17:01
joaopintoKomischung, if that .de error ir a removal script error, you want to remove from /var/lib/dpkg/info/17:01
darkhamjoaopinto: :) ... it can't save a manual network17:02
joaopintoI mean, just the package you want17:02
joaopintodarkham, have you searched for the bug report about it ?17:02
darkhamjoaopinto: i'm using today's daily build and i can't set a manual in any way17:02
darkhamjoaopinto: i deleted the existing one and i create a new, nt nothing17:03
joaopintoi will check once my vm update finishes :P17:03
darkhamthe only work is dhcp17:03
joaopintowhen you mean it doesn't work, it doesn't save your changes ?17:03
BWARGi didnt use it untill i got updated from jaunty17:04
BWARGhow would i roll back from karmic?17:04
Komischungso how to remove the deb file anyway?17:04
leftyfbBWARG: you don't17:05
Komischung...i try to boot with an live-cd...17:06
yofelKomischung: what happens when you run 'sudo stop rsyslog' ?17:06
Komischungwell its not installed....unkown job...17:07
yofelKomischung: tried to reinstall it?17:09
Komischungyes same problem17:09
Komischungmaybe a damaged deb-file17:10
yofelthen make a backup and then delete /var/lib/dpkg/info/rsyslog.prerm17:10
yofelthen try again17:10
joaopintoBWARG, you can't rollback from a release upgrade, only reinstalling17:11
Komischungi deleted all rsyslog-files there17:11
Komischungbut i cant remove the deb file17:11
Komischungi think there the problem17:11
BWARG*starts migrating all files to backup partition*17:11
joaopintoBWARG, Karmis is for testing, not for productive use17:12
BWARGwell i figured you dont have many people trying to make a home server on it so any problems i have would be interesting to the dev team17:12
joaopintoit is interesting, if you can affford to break the server :)17:13
joaopintoright now instead of rolling back you should be filling a bug report :)17:13
yofelKomischung: then run 'echo \#\!/bin/sh > rsyslog.prerm && chmod +x rsyslog.prerm' in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ as root, then try again17:13
leftyfband then wait around to get it fixed to help them decide if the fix works17:13
BWARGim fairly decent at file carving so im not too afraid of breaking the system unrecoverably17:13
BlizzerandIs there any possible way of installing karmic without any media ( CD , USB drive) and now in as a virtual machine .17:14
BWARGan .iso file?17:14
leftyfbBlizzerand: PXE/network17:14
BWARGwait ... on a virtual machine or THEOUGH a VM?17:14
leftyfbthat's how I install everything17:14
joaopintoBlizzerand, it depends on the VM tecnhology that you use, vbox and vmware allow you to use an iso file17:14
yofelBlizzerand: if you use kvm you could use 'ubuntu-vm-builder'17:16
Blizzerandjoaopinto : I believe  you didn't get my question . I meant not in a virtual environment but in my hard drive17:16
joaopintooh, you mentioned "virtual machine"17:16
penguin42Blizzerand: What's your computer currently running?17:16
BWARGyou use the update17:16
Blizzerandpenguin42 : Lol why do you ask17:17
penguin42Blizzerand: Well it would be very different if it was Windows or if it was Jaunty or Plan/917:18
Blizzerandpenguin42 : I am not running Jsunty but another Linux distro . But its dual booted with jaunty17:18
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM17:19
BWARGboot up jaunty and use the update17:19
Blizzerandyofel : I am not interested in virtualization17:19
penguin42Blizzerand: So just update your jaunty - run sudo update-manager -d   and it should let you do it - now, remember it's still Alhpa and it might break horribly17:21
coz_hey guys...are there any major issues  in karmic so far?  such as  applications not working  ie  compiz  ..cairo dock   easystroke  etc... I bi passed gutzy because it was  not worth the effort at the time... so I guess I am asking if karmic is going to be another gutsy?17:21
penguin42coz_: Mostly it's OK; there are some stuff for some people17:21
AlanBellcoz_: well it is looking pretty good at the moment17:21
coz_ok cool... any major issues with particular applications reported  yet?17:22
AlanBelldepends on your hardware more than applications17:22
amortvigilcoz_:  there was an x problem17:22
Blizzerand_BWARG : Will things break if I update ,even from a pure jaunty install17:22
coz_amortvigil,   has that been solved/17:22
amortvigilthink so17:22
BWARGi dont know...they didnt for me17:23
BWARGat least until i started doing things to it17:23
penguin42apps mostly look ok; there seem to be a random set of network manager bugs (normal), a random set of sound problems (normal), and there isn't much of an interface for configuring gdm at the moment17:23
amortvigilcoz_:  i believe it did17:23
AlanBellcoz_: I have an issue on an intel card with a 2048 wide monitor with compiz17:23
BWARGyeah at the start i had a prob with pulse audiop17:23
coz_AlanBell,   any solutions or workarounds  offered for that?17:23
penguin42AlanBell: Is it a single monitor you have?17:23
BWARGyou just restart the service17:23
AlanBellbut another xorg-server-intel landed today so I need to retest17:23
coz_AlanBell,  ok17:24
AlanBellpenguin42: yup 2048x115217:24
BWARGlol nice17:24
ActionParsnipleftyfb: hey man, compiling carrier is fun. Did you have an error with the generated make file?17:24
penguin42AlanBell: Fun resolution17:24
AlanBellsamsung syncmaster 2343BW17:24
BWARGtiny icons much?17:24
leftyfbActionParsnip: need to run autoconfig first17:24
penguin42AlanBell: Yeh I believe it's getting fairly common on the 23"17:24
ActionParsnipleftyfb: yeah i ran autogen and finally got configure to roll17:25
BWARGsomeone in the area is giving away a 53" tv17:25
leftyfbsorry, autogen :)17:25
leftyfbbeen a while17:25
BWARGcause the psu is broken on it17:25
penguin42AlanBell: There used to be a thing on some Intel's that they could only do 3D on 2048 horizontal accross or less17:25
BWARGim so going to use that as my monitor17:25
ActionParsnipleftyfb: but I'm getting: Makefile:977: *** missing separator. Stop.17:25
penguin42BWARG: Fun17:25
AlanBellpenguin42: yes, that is the max texture size, but it works on Jaunty (although maximised windows have a white title bar)17:25
coz_BWARG,  sounds  big  you will have to sit across the room from the monitor lol17:25
BWARGgames will be so fun to play17:26
ActionParsnipleftyfb: i'm gonna hit autogen again17:26
coz_BWARG, my nephew bought an Aquos  36"  for his system   all I can say is   wow !17:26
penguin42AlanBell: Fun - I run a 1920x1080 as an external17:26
coz_BWARG, my guess is ..however... the resolution is going to suck on that17:27
penguin42AlanBell: And an internal that I logically put underneath it so I don't have >204817:27
ActionParsnipleftyfb: uits going now17:27
ActionParsnipvery strange17:27
BWARGits supposed to be 720p17:27
coz_BWARG,   you are still going to have a  problem with resolution     but it should look cool17:28
BWARGyoud have to be one really lazy person to give away a tv that large because the psu is broken17:28
BWARGyou could ebay the parts for more than the cost of the tv17:29
coz_for sure17:29
ali1234BWARG: great, i'll start my new business buying new TVs and then selling them for scrap on ebay17:33
BWARGbuy cars they sell more17:33
penguin42BWARG: It's amazing how much stuff is scrapped that's trivially repairable17:33
BWARGi sold parts off my old 323 for more than i paid for it17:33
BWARGcause alot of the parts are no longer made17:34
penguin42BWARG: Of course it's entirely possible that what he didn't tell you was that he dropped it and ran over it and then the PSU stopped working17:34
BWARGlol in that case ill take it and retrieve the flyback and scrap the rest17:34
penguin42BWARG: If it's 53" it won't be CRT surely?17:35
ali1234flyback? in a flatscreen? lol17:35
BWARGhmmm he said it was really deep17:35
BWARG*looks at post*17:35
ali1234it's projection though17:35
penguin42oh, if it's a projection then you may as well throw it17:36
BWARGyeah on second thought im not grabbing that it wont fit through the door17:36
ali1234the don't make 53" CRTs... not for TVs anyway17:36
BWARGlol its not worth it17:36
BWARGthers no pic17:36
duffydacksound is still an abortion I see17:44
tgpraveenduffydack: :( many people have had it much better than earlier releases17:46
tgpraveenduffydack: u having this prob since karmic only?17:46
duffydacksound has been perfect with every release17:46
ActionParsnipcarrier installed17:47
duffydackI always wondered how people had so many issues with sound, till now.. I`m one of em.  its completely different that jaunty, the mixer (or lack of) doesnt work properly.17:47
ActionParsnipduffydack: never had a sound issue with linux personally17:48
duffydackneither have I till now17:49
duffydackHave to stick with jaunty if this is how it is now17:49
amortvigilhas anyone come across some 1's after the update?17:51
amortvigillol in the dutch ubuntu channle is this gey asking for help lol "11leuk  na1 upgrade nu iedere kee1r een 1chten"17:52
duffydackits only a laptop (well a inspiron 9100 so more like desktop replacement) but the speakers are pretty decent and it has subwoofer and with a winamp presets in xmms music is really nice, but now with this new sound utility which is very basic to me, depending what output i choose the volume is very loud at a very low setting, and adjusting the volume affects the pcm channel to a point and then the more I raise it another channel star17:52
duffydackts to be adjusted.17:52
amortvigilhis update is generating 1's all the time lol17:53
duffydackI can use alsamixer to get levels ok, but as soon as touch the volume in gnome it blows my head off, and breaks what I set..  really no use at all.17:53
EntropikOneinstalling nvidia drivers in 9.10 with 9800GT results in no screens found17:55
EntropikOnecan anyone help?17:55
ActionParsnipEntropikOne: try these: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-nvidia-190-25-beta-drivers-in-ubuntu-jauntyintrepidhardy.html17:57
zicadaanyone been able to get KMS working with r700 ?17:57
EntropikOneActionParsnip: will do, i'll be back with results17:57
=== darthanubis is now known as apt-get
joaopintocan someone check a bug on software center ?18:02
DanaGhah, dialog box layout fail: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/Screenshot-Applying%20changes-1.png18:02
=== apt-get is now known as darthanubis
DanaGoh, and for some reason, apt-listchanges runs twice every time I upgrade packages.18:02
c_korndoes anyone else have this problem with ubuntu software center in a non-virtual installation of karmic ? http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/25829/screenshot_001_QG22Eu.png you need to scroll down and up the page18:03
yofeljoaopinto: fire away18:03
AlanBellis there a new GDM theme in the pipeline?18:04
wastrelwhat's ubuntu software center18:04
c_kornwalmis: it is currently called ubuntu software store. but I think it will be renamed18:04
bullgard4"The author of gnome-power-manager has removed the "suspend" and "hibernate" actions from clicking on the icon in the tool bar." (See Launchpad bug #385445). How should I now suspend or hibernate my Ubuntu Karmic computer?18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 385445 in gnome-power-manager "Monitor does not turn back on and computer hangs when laptop lid is closed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38544518:04
wastrelwhen i hit my power button i get the pop up with all the choices18:05
joaopintoyofel, look at pidgins info on softwara center, make the window small so that you get a vertical scrollbar18:05
bullgard4wastrel: What is you gnome-power-manager version?18:06
joaopintoscroll down and up, the pidgin icon should be broken18:06
joaopintoyofel, let me know the result18:07
wastreljoaopinto: yes i'm seeing that too18:07
yofeljoaopinto: yup, pixel garbage18:07
joaopintook, reporting it, tks18:07
wastreljoaopinto: if i click inside the window it redraws properly18:07
joaopintoyup, the scroll action is missing a redraw18:08
bullgard4wastrel: Ah, mine too! That is new to me.  --  Thank you for your help.18:08
amortvigilwhat will change for now till beta ?18:09
duffydacksomeone wanna see my desktop recording to show you the sound channels all messed up when adjusting volume?  I want sound like I have in jaunty :(18:10
diverse_izzuebullgard4, system-> shut down... or just close the lid18:12
bullgard4diverse_izzue: GNOME > System does not show a menu item "Shut down". What do you mean?18:13
diverse_izzuebullgard4, mine does... weird18:14
diverse_izzueyou have this status applet thingie on the right end of your panel?18:14
diverse_izzueif tha'ts active, then the system menu doesn't show the shutdown item18:14
diverse_izzuebut maybe this thing on the right does?18:15
yofelthis thing == fast-user-switch-applet18:16
bullgard4diverse_izzue: Yes I do. And clicking on it, I find the menu items 'Suspend' and 'Hibernate'.  --  This is what I was looking for.  --  Thank you.18:16
diverse_izzueyofel, thanks :-)18:17
diverse_izzuebullgard4, sure18:17
duffydackhttp://www.duffydack.karoo.net/out.ogv (10meg)  can someone take a look at my desktop recording regarding sound levels,18:28
duffydackmaybe someone elses is the same..18:28
arvind_khadrihi, how do i copy a file from a ssh-server onto my machine?18:38
penguin42arvind_khadri: scp18:42
penguin42arvind_khadri: scp username@ssh-server:pathtofile filenamehere18:42
AlanBellarvind_khadri: places-connect to server, service type ssh18:43
penguin42yeh that also works18:44
arvind_khadrithanks got it :)18:44
penguin42can someone tell me what /var/run/pm-utils/pm-suspend/storage/parameters says for them?18:47
penguin42hmm mine also has --quirk-vga-mode-3  I wonder where it gets that from18:56
* penguin42 goes to get food18:57
=== darthanubis is now known as apt-get
arvind_khadriwhy doesnt transmission work?its not downloading at all...19:09
arvind_khadrirather its pretty slow in finding peers..19:09
ankurHi, did anyone had any luck booting to 9.10 alpha 6 version using USB?19:10
mauridolphin is not albe to mount ntfs partitions19:10
jbuncherarvind_khadri, do you have the relevant ports forwarded?19:10
arvind_khadrijbuncher, port forwarding is for incoming, right?19:11
CrocoJetnew ubuntu (9.10) came with kernel 2.6.32 ?19:11
jbuncherarvind_khadri, not sure19:11
jbuncherCrocoJet, should be .3119:11
ankurI had a problem booting from USB, I was encountering the error /dev/sr0: no medium found19:12
mauriusing thunderbird is not possibile to send email? is it an already knew bug?19:12
yofelCrocoJet: definitely 2.6.3119:13
jbunchermauri, you're encountering that in karmic19:13
maurijbuncher: yes19:14
jbunchermauri:  I haven't encountered that, are you sure you have your settings correct?  I was able to send mail in thunderbird as of Friday.19:14
maurijbuncher: i'm trying to change outgoing servers19:14
maurijbuncher: but it is still the same19:15
maurijbuncher: two of three server stried were down. Now it works19:16
jbunchermauri:  hang on, I'll reboot to karmic and see if I have the same issue.19:16
jbunchermauri:  ok then.19:17
maurijbuncher: just now im albe to send email, thanks19:17
maurijbuncher: i've have a 2 little problem with dolphin19:17
robin0800I see they have now fixed the ALT F2 problem happy days19:18
maurijbuncher: it is not albe to mount ntfs partitions19:18
virtuelvis the current status still that theyr19:19
jbunchermauri:  sorry, I don't really use kde at all, so I don't know much about troubleshooting dolphin.19:19
virtuelvthat GMA500 is going to be missing?19:19
maurijbuncher: ok thanks19:19
robin0800mauri: why not try #kubuntu or #kde channels19:20
yofelrobin0800: this channel is #kubuntu+1 too19:20
robin0800yofel: But dolphin is a kde application19:21
maurirobin0800: I didn't konw if it could be karmic problems or kde 4.3.119:22
yofelrobin0800: yes, and nautilus is a gnome app and we still help people with nautilus probs in here19:22
robin0800yofel: There's not much choice if you install ubuntu you get gnome19:23
yofelmauri: any error when klicking on the ntfs drive19:23
yofelrobin0800: yes, and you get kde if you install kubuntu19:23
mauriyofel: sorry can you repeat19:24
yofeland kubuntu karmic support is given HERE19:24
yofelmauri: how do you try to open the drive? By clicking on the symbol in PLACES19:25
DanaGhah, dialog box layout fail: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/Screenshot-Applying%20changes-1.png19:27
mauriyofel: I always use dolphin to mount device. Yes simply clikking on the icon. How can I send you a jpg descibed the error appeared19:27
yofelmauri: maybe bug 395079 ?19:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395079 in ntfs-3g "[KDE4][Karmic] Error mounting ntfs volume from dolphin's resources panel" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39507919:28
mauriyofel: thank you very much19:29
robin0800any idea why ubuntu desktop update has been held back whats it waiting for?19:30
jbuncherrobin0800, it wants to remove the ubuntu software store, and replace it with ubuntu software center19:31
jbuncherrobin0800, go ahead and install it through synaptic, it works fine19:31
jbuncherlooks like they just renamed the package19:31
robin0800jbuncher: So software centre not ready?19:31
jbuncherrobin0800:  It's ready, it's just that since it wants to *remove* a package, by default it won't let the upgrade go through in the "update manager" application.  It will work fine in synaptic.19:32
robin0800jbuncher: Not with safe-upgrade19:33
jbuncherrobin0800:  that's because safe-upgrade defaults to not removing any packages, I believe.  Just force it through and it should be fine, I already did.  The "software center" is just the software store renamed, works fine.19:34
Adapterhi catweazle caillean19:38
ryancrhow do you change the gdm login screen?19:40
KnifeySpooneyI upgraded Ubuntu to Karmic and now my desktop effects are disabled (gfx card: Intel 946gz)19:41
amortvigilKnifeySpooney: yes that true, karmic has AI19:42
zniavreryancr, edit this file > gedit /usr/share/gconf/defaults/16_ubuntu-artwork19:42
amortvigilif it thinks your pc is to slow it will disable things19:42
DanaGno, that's not correct.19:42
amortvigilarteficial intellegence19:43
zniavreryancr, and then : sudo update-gconf-defaults19:43
KnifeySpooneyI have 1GB of ram and the desktop effects ran pretty well on Jaunty19:43
DanaGno, don't change the defaults.... that's wrong!19:43
DanaGchange the gdm user's settings.19:43
KnifeySpooneynot stellar speed but it was alright19:43
DanaGLemme' dig up how.19:43
amortvigilKnifeySpooney: i am joking19:43
KnifeySpooneyoh :p19:43
KnifeySpooneyit's hard to tell when ubuntu's bein updated so much19:43
zniavreryancr,  you should point to a gtkrc theme (default is HumanLogin) from usr/share/themes19:43
amortvigilKnifeySpooney: i think its because of the upgrade try reinstall your driver19:44
KnifeySpooneyAh, reinstall19:44
KnifeySpooneyi'll check back19:44
ActionParsnipyo yo yo19:44
DanaGTHAT is the correct way to change the gdm user's settings.19:44
zniavrei hope it will be easier later but at the moment it's the only way i found (from artwork team)19:45
ryancrDanaG: that doesn't give me any options for changing the appearance of gdm19:46
ryancrzniavre: i do see anything about a gtkrc theme in that file19:46
ryancror gdm for that matter19:46
DanaGweird... it works fine for me!19:46
DanaGDoes it not open gnome-appearance-properties?19:46
DanaGweird.  It opens fine for me.19:47
ryancrbut there are no gdm appearance settings for me19:47
DanaGWhat do you mean?19:47
ryancrjust the regular.. background/icons/effects tabs19:47
DanaGThat's exactly what it's supposed to open.19:47
DanaGBut, it's the settings of the GDM user.19:47
DanaGSo, it'll change what applies when at the login screen.19:48
zniavre> /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme      HumanLogin     > you do not see this line ?19:48
ryancrok so that changes the background image of gdm but how do i get the new dark background/multiuser gdm?19:49
DanaGGo to "Customize".19:49
zniavresorry the forum must be right (but it work for me)19:49
DanaGIt's not a listed theme.19:49
DanaGIt has a "controls" part, and a metacity theme.19:49
DanaGIt just doesn't have a metatheme that refers to the two.19:49
DanaGer, top-level theme.19:49
SandGorgonI have a modversions issue - however my module version is the same as kernel modversion (http://paste.ubuntu.com/279818/) - could somebody tell me why I'm having "disagrees about version of symbol" errors19:50
ryancrah ok, is it "humanlogin' i assume?19:50
DanaGYeah, should be.19:50
ryancrgreat thank you19:50
DanaGoh, and to get rid of the accessibility thing that appears and won't go away:19:50
DanaGclick on it to open the dialog, then alt-f2, "xkill", and click the window with accessibility settings.19:51
ryancrheh great thanks was wondering that19:51
DanaGgrr, great, now I have a local copy of it.19:51
DanaGApparently that's for "allow keyboard shortcuts to toggle accessibility"19:51
ryancrnow selecting the controls in the customize window will change the login look but will it change the background too, I only ask because i don't see the gdm background in the background tab19:52
DanaGah, you may have to browse manually to it.19:53
DanaG"add" -- on the backgrounds tab.19:53
ryancrok cool19:53
DanaG /usr/share/images/xsplash/19:53
ryancrperfect thanks.. going to test it out19:54
KnifeySpooneyamort: I completely uninstalled xserver-xorg-video-intel and xserver-xorg-video-all then installed, and still nothing19:57
JamesB192I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and some update in the last week switched of the GUI. Is this something known about that will go away with text-mode update?20:00
ryancrDanaG: thanks that worked great20:00
DanaGIt is rather silly that the xsplash doesn't take the gdm wallpaper, or vice versa, automatically.20:01
CyberZetJamesB192: You have upgraded your kernel to ?20:01
CyberZetJamesB192: If so, that's one of the main problems20:01
kristian42For a long time I had this problem where my postscript printer would only print 8 pages. Then it went away with most of jaunty jackalope. But it seems like it just came back with the most recent packages for karmic. Anyone know if there's a fix or issue for this ?20:02
JamesB192Yes, I have a kernel of that version.20:02
CyberZetJamesB192: I encounter the same problem, with kernel version 2.6.31-11, right now I don't have time to debug it myself so I currently use 2.6.31-10 , which works just fine.20:03
=== KnifeySpoone is now known as KnifeySpooney
KnifeySpooneyI upgraded to 9.10 from Jaunty and now my desktop effects can't be enabled20:04
JamesB192OK. what'd probably be useless would be to set X up to pipe syslog messages to my other box. gotta dig up those man pages.20:04
KnifeySpooneyI'm using an intel 946 gfx card and i have the xserver-xorg-video-intel package installed20:05
KnifeySpooneyreinstalled the package and no dice20:05
KnifeySpooneyanybody know how to fix this?20:06
DanaGActually, I think there's a way to remotely syslog stuff, a proper way.20:06
* JamesB192 goes into nomeclature fascist mode, 'you mean a Intel 945 graphics chip for your northbridge?'20:08
scaineHas anyone got autofs running on their Karmic build?20:08
JamesB192I haven't got a clue actually.20:08
scaineSpecifically, using autofs to mount their smb shares automatically?20:08
BluesKajEntropikOne, JamesB192 , I installed after autofs setting up NFS , but it's not working20:10
KnifeySpooneyJames: Uhh, not sure. I'm not too sure the specifics of my card but it's built into my computer, and it's called by lspci: Intel Corporation 82946GZ/GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)20:10
BluesKajoops sorry wrong name , scaine yes but it's not wqorking'20:11
scaineBluesKaj : apparently there's a fix for smbclient, but I'm still seeing all my shares as read-only when autofs mounts them...20:13
scaineBluesKaj : But if you're using for NFS, it's probably unrelated to your issue.20:13
amortvigilwhat is the real benefit of karmic against jaunty?20:14
Teknoamortvigil: http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/247/10-things-new-about-ubuntu-karmic-koala-worth-taking-note-of20:15
IdleOnekarmic will have Telepathy ( going to read our minds )20:15
BluesKajscaine, yeah , i thought i could use autofs to automount the network shares but no luck there20:15
KnifeySpooneyI upgraded to 9.10 from Jaunty and now my desktop effects can't be enabled20:15
KnifeySpooneyI'm using an intel 946 gfx card and i have reinstalled the xserver-xorg-video-intel package20:16
KnifeySpooneyStill doesn't work, any thoughts on why?20:16
anselmKnifeySpooney: do you have all compiz packages installed20:17
KnifeySpooneyas far as i know, the desktop effects were working before I upgraded from jaunty20:18
KnifeySpooneyit seems like compiz is working.. my keyboard shortcuts that work through compiz are still working20:18
dupondjehow can I request a new upstream version into Karmic ?20:19
dupondjeor is it to late already ?20:19
joshposhWhen Karmic boots, it starts the usual terminal session in the text console, but not GDM. I have to manually ALT+F7 to switch to x-org. Only after that the x-server start normally. Why is that so and how to fix it?20:20
BluesKajjoshposh, have you updated today ?20:22
yofelKnifeySpooney: any errors in Xorg.0.log?20:22
joshposhBluesKaj: no. today the updates seem broken20:22
KnifeySpooneyYeah, a few20:22
JamesB192I blame kernel 2.6.31-11 partially 8-)20:22
KnifeySpooneyhere's my thread with Xorg.0.log and xorg.conf: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=801588020:23
BluesKajjoshposh, the stripped kernel modules that caused the login probs in yesterday's updates have been replaced and fixed in today's updates..well mostly anyway20:25
scaineBlueskaj : Well, I use autofs on my Jaunty laptop and it works a treat.  But on Karmic, that smbclient bug is killing it.20:25
joshposhBluesKaj: ok, thank you20:26
AlanBelldupondje: new version of what?20:26
BluesKajscaine, my karmic laptop is running very slow with NFS , but haven't updated yet20:27
yofelKnifeySpooney: do you really have something like card0 in /dev/dri/ ?20:27
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I ran $ sudo ls /dev/dri and got cannot access /dev/dri: No such file or directory20:28
KnifeySpooneyBut i have /dev/card020:28
yofelnot good...20:28
scaineBlueskaj : Yeah, I think I saw a thread about slow NFS performance on ubuntuforums...20:28
BluesKajscaine, ok , I'm gonna update the laptop now ...20:29
funkyHatHas the user switcher applet just changed completely, or am I loading the wrong applet?20:30
dupondjeAlanBell: SynCE20:30
yofelKnifeySpooney: hm... udev bug maybe? I don't have /dev/card0 here, so maybe it ended up at the wrong place20:31
KnifeySpooneyshould I try copying it or moving it over to /dev/dri?20:31
billybigriggerThe following packages have unmet dependencies:20:31
billybigrigger  erlang-base-hipe: Conflicts: erlang-base but 1:13.b.1-dfsg-2 is installed.20:31
billybigrigger  erlang-base: Conflicts: erlang-base-hipe but 1:13.b.1-dfsg-2 is to be installed20:31
billybigriggeranyone else get that dependancy problem within the last couple of days? or just me?20:32
billybigriggerhaven't been around much in the last couple of weeks so i don't know if this is common20:32
yofelbillybigrigger: just you20:32
billybigriggeryofel, thanks :P20:32
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I dont know much about udev (dunno what it is), is there a way to reinstall it?20:33
billybigriggerDescription: Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications20:33
yofelKnifeySpooney: I don't know too much about udev too, I only know that all files in /dev are generated by udev on boot20:33
billybigriggernever heard of this, has anyone else?20:33
yofelbillybigrigger: I have erlang-base installed here, but not erlang-base-hipe20:34
billybigriggerlooks to be a part of the meta package ubuntu-desktop20:34
billybigriggeri can't aptitude safe-upgrade because of this dependancy problem :(20:35
yofelbillybigrigger: are both actually installed or just one of them?20:35
ryancrSo I was trying out empathy.. but it doesn't seem to work with the message indicator applet or have the adium themes20:35
billybigriggerjust erlang-base is installed, hipe isnt20:35
ryancrAbout says  2.28.020:36
ryancris there something else I need to install?20:36
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I think my issue may be with Ubuntu-X, i'll do some looking around20:36
yofelKnifeySpooney: maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance#Problem:%20/dev/dri/card0%20is%20missing20:37
billybigriggeryofel, should i purge erlang-base?20:37
yofelbillybigrigger: maybe run aptitude in interactive mode and check what tries to install erlang-base-hipe?20:38
billybigriggerinteractive mode?20:40
billybigrigger:P can't see anything about that option20:40
yofelbillybigrigger: how about you just type 'sudo aptitude' and see what you get :P20:41
billybigriggeryofel, learn something new everyday, never seen this before haha20:41
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I think i found it, going to reboot and see if it works - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdrm/+bug/43087620:42
* yofel wonders why everybody thinks that aptitude == apt-get while it's aptitude >> apt-get *sigh*20:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 430876 in libdrm "/dev/dri devices are absent after recent update (intel card)" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:42
guntbertbillybigrigger: I resolved it by removing one of them with aptitude20:42
IdleOnebillybigrigger: aptitude why package I think will do it20:42
billybigriggeri A couchdb        Depend erlang-base (>= 1:13.b.1-dfsg) | erlang-base-hipe (>= 120:43
billybigrigger                   s      :13.b.1-dfsg)20:43
yofelthat should only install one of them...20:44
DanaGhipe?  what's that?20:45
billybigriggerok this is starting to get annoying :P20:47
billybigriggerpurged both, aptitude still won't safe-upgrade20:47
* cwillu pounces BUGabundo 20:47
billybigriggersame error message, so i installed erlang-base-hipe, and erlang-base, and still same error20:48
joshposh_Hi channel, Karmic doesnt boot to x-org, it only boots to an ordinary text console. I have to manually switch to the seventh console by ALT+F7. After that, GDM starts normally. Btw, I have the latest updates installed. Why does Karmic not boot normally?20:57
ActionParsnipjoshposh_: is it a new install?20:58
joshposh_ActionParsnip: I installed 2 weeks ago21:00
ActionParsnipjoshposh_: did you verify the ISO you downloaded? Did you verify the CD once first booted to?21:01
joshposh_at first it worked normally, then after some upgrade it got broken. I use autologin btw.21:01
cwilludoes it work if you turn off autologin?21:02
ActionParsnipjoshposh_: what happened just before it started failing21:02
joshposh_ActionParsnip: I did not verify the CD. I dont think this is necessary since it worked before the updates. I cant remember the date when it started to fail.21:03
joshposh_cwillu: good question. I will try that.21:03
ActionParsnipjoshposh_: true, yuo should always verify the cd though, bad CDs make bad installs21:04
joshposh_yes. I'm off to some reboot now.21:05
JamesB192my Karmic Kubuntu complained of a missing dev node /dev/fb0 or some such when it did that. 'startx' worked though.21:07
ActionParsnip!karmic | JamesB19221:08
ubottuJamesB192: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+121:08
Rods_TigerKarmic Ubuntu Netbook Remix doesn't work according to the instructions for making a usb drive on OS X - it's incapable of booting, and it misses each time, simply going through to the internal SSD on the netbook. The previous 9.04 UNR didn't have this problem with USB drives.21:08
ActionParsnipmy bad21:08
ActionParsnipneed coffee21:08
ActionParsnipJamesB192: if you can get the exact device, i'll see what i can find21:08
joshposh_Still having the same problem. Turning off autologin didnt work21:08
KnifeySpooneyMy upgrade from jaunty to karmic left the /dev/dri folder missing, and card0 (which should be in /dev/dri/card0) is in /dev/21:09
JamesB1921,3,7-trimethylxantine, oh what it does to me...21:09
ActionParsnipKnifeySpooney: does a symlink make it ok?21:10
JamesB192'(EE) open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory' is what I found in the log from a little under 7 hours in the future.'21:11
* JamesB192 blinks, 'my computer is prescient. or I need to set up the clock right.'21:12
cwilluJamesB192, pastebin the entire log21:12
cwilluapt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /var/log/dmesg21:13
KnifeySpooneyActionParsnip: I made one, i'll try checking by restarting X21:13
ActionParsnipJamesB192: seems common21:13
ActionParsnipJamesB192: i'll let yuo know what i find21:14
DanaGJamesB192: looks like time-zone issues.21:14
ActionParsnipJamesB192: someone got it fixed with: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:14
DanaGI've had "last time is in the future" stuff... where it'll be calling UTC, PDT, or vice versa.21:14
JamesB192where is the option to change the local machines hw clock to/from UTC/local?21:15
ActionParsnipJamesB192: are you using a SiS VGA card?21:16
cwilluJamesB192, hwclock has options to do that, and /etc/default/... has the system settings relevant to the task21:16
JamesB192most (all) machine converting from windows will be local timed hwcock.21:17
ActionParsniplol @ hwcocl21:17
JamesB192No, my video chip is an ATI northbridge.21:17
ActionParsnipok cool, theres a bug with the same error but for sis21:17
JamesB192/var/log/kdm.log -> http://pastebin.com/f133459c221:18
dupondjejaiks :(21:19
cwilluActionParsnip, smells like a udev change21:19
dupondjehuge queue on Karmic PPA builders :(21:19
cwilluJamesB192, /var/log/dmesg?21:19
JamesB192dmesg -> http://pastebin.com/f64bee9ad21:19
Rods_Tigerhas anyone anywhere managed to actually make a working USB drive with Karmic UNR on, using OS X?21:20
ActionParsnipcwillu: kinda21:20
DanaGhmm, is it possible to netboot an ubuntu livecd?21:21
DanaGthat is, boot from tftp?21:21
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: mac os has the dd command21:21
cwilluDanaG, not out of the box afaik, that would be quite useful though21:21
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: just dd it over like in ubuntu21:21
DanaGyeah, especially with gigabit ethernet.  =þ21:21
KnifeySpooneyActionParsnip: Thanks! A symbolic link at /dev/dri/card0 worked. Now how do I set udev to do this correctly on boot?21:21
DanaGI can set up a tftp server, but I'd need a compatible disk.21:21
DanaGer, image.21:21
ActionParsnipKnifeySpooney: erm, does the link not stay after reboot?21:22
KnifeySpooneyI don't know21:22
Rods_Tigeryes I know it has the dd command, it had the dd command when I was doing it with 9.04 USB drives, but now, using the same procedure, it doesn't work with 9.10 USB drives.21:22
KnifeySpooneyhaven't used a symlink before :p21:22
cwilluDanaG, the live cd would need to be configured to use nfs, which I think doesn't play well with the rest of the setup or something along those lines21:22
KnifeySpooneyI'll reboot and see21:22
ActionParsnipKnifeySpooney: submit a bug too :D21:22
cwilluDanaG, there was discussion on the mailing list a few years back discussing the issues, I don't have the link handy though21:22
DanaGhmm, no way to just load it all into memory all at once?21:22
DanaGhmm, can you at least tftp-boot the full alternate cd?21:22
cwilluheh, tftp doesn't have error detection afaik :)21:23
vistakilleranyone knows where kmail storage settings expect .kmail?21:23
cwillunot sure I'd want to see what happens tftp'ing 700mb :)21:23
yofelActionParsnip: nothing you change in /dev survives a reboot since it's a tmpfs and it's contents are generated by udev21:24
Rods_TigerI suspect that nobody anywhere in the world has successfully made a working Karmic UNR USB drive - it simply doesn't work anymore, using exactly the same instructions that used to with 9.0421:24
ActionParsnipyofel: i see, i wasnt aware. Learned something new today21:24
Rods_Tigerthe netbook simply whizzes past it, failing to stop and boot from it21:24
cwilluRods_Tiger, do you know for a fact that the netbook will boot from that particular usb stick?  (not every machine will boot from every usb stick)21:25
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: check your bios can boot usb21:25
Rods_Tigerwell, it was doing it perfectly fine from a 9.04 one the other day21:25
cwilluwith the same stick?21:25
Rods_Tigerwhat on earth? did the BIOS suddenly get changed somehow?21:25
Rods_Tigerof course same stick21:26
cwillucould be, just check it :p21:26
Rods_TigerI'm using the boot menu21:26
cwilluand it doesn't show up I'm guessing21:26
Rods_Tigerlook, you can find all sorts of peripheral reasons that this is happening, or you can just accept that the 9.10 UNR doesn't work and the 9.04 did21:26
Rods_Tigernothing else has changed21:26
Rods_Tigersame netbook, same Mac, same USB drive, same process, different file21:27
tsonculRods_Tiger: I have a working karmic UNR USB disk21:27
cwilluRods_Tiger, look, you could make up all sorts of excuses why were shouldn't be thorough this one time, or you could just accept the fact that we don't jump to conclusions, and the faster you give answers with less attitude, the quicker you'll get actual help21:27
Rods_Tigermade on OS X?21:27
tsonculRods_Tiger: Win XP21:27
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: did you verify the file was ok with md5 check?21:27
Rods_Tigerthen that's irrelevant - I'm talking about OS X21:27
cwilluRods_Tiger, here I am looking through bug reports with your symptoms, and I'm really tempted to just go do laundry instead21:27
tsonculcwillu: I'm waiting for the dryer to get emptied.21:28
Rods_Tigerso what do I do?21:28
cwillutsoncul, as am I :p21:28
tsonculRods_Tiger: Anyway, I had a problem at first because I didn't format the flashdrive first21:29
tsonculRods_Tiger: Might be worth a try21:29
Rods_TigerI've done that21:29
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: if the image is bad it may have corruption in the bootable bit of the image21:29
Rods_TigerI've downloaded it many times, just to be sure21:29
tsonculDo an MD5 check21:29
vistakilleranyone else have this bug to kmail? http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16104421:29
ubottuKDE bug 161044 in sending "SMTP SASL: no mechanism available (GMail+SSL)" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme]21:29
ActionParsnipRods_Tiger: it could be corrupt every time. you need to check21:30
Rods_Tigercould be21:30
aliendude5300How come I can't select certain packages for update even though they are listed?21:30
tsonculaliendude: Their dependencies might not have made it to the archives yet21:31
cwillualiendude5300, means they're dependant on other packages that can't be updated for whatever reason;  if it offers to do a 'partial update' when you click update, then let it do it21:31
aliendude5300In particular -- epiphany-browser, mysql-server, mysql-server-5.0, and ubuntu-desktop...21:31
aliendude5300No partial update offered.21:31
tsonculubuntu-desktop is on queue for me too21:31
cwilluokay, just wait a day and do it again21:31
aliendude5300tsoncul, cwillu: how can I check what dependencies the packages have?21:32
tsonculsudo apt-cache --help21:32
aliendude5300They have been like that for several weeks now.21:32
tsonculI can't remember the option now21:32
KnifeySpooneyI think it has to do with /dev/dri not being a directory unless I make it one.. then the directory doesn't appear after reboot21:32
yofelapt-cache depends <package>21:32
aliendude5300dylan@DYLANTAYLOR-PC:~$ sudo apt-cache depends mysql-server21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: mysql-server-5.121:33
tsonculyofel: thanks.21:33
yofelKnifeySpooney: give me a moment to write something up21:33
aliendude5300dylan@DYLANTAYLOR-PC:~$ sudo apt-cache depends mysql-server-5.021:33
aliendude5300  Depends: mysql-client-5.021:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libdbi-perl21:33
KnifeySpooneyyofel: Ok thanks21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: perl21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libc621:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libgcc121:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libmysqlclient15off21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libncurses521:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libreadline521:33
aliendude5300  Depends: libstdc++621:33
aliendude5300  Depends: zlib1g21:33
aliendude5300 |Depends: debconf21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: <debconf-2.0>21:33
aliendude5300    cdebconf21:33
aliendude5300    debconf21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: psmisc21:33
aliendude5300  Depends: passwd21:34
aliendude5300  Depends: lsb-base21:34
aliendude5300  Depends: mysql-server-core-5.021:34
aliendude5300  PreDepends: mysql-common21:34
aliendude5300  PreDepends: adduser21:34
Crashbitaliendude5300: ?¿21:34
aliendude5300  PreDepends: debconf21:34
aliendude5300  Suggests: tinyca21:34
aliendude5300  Suggests: mailx21:34
aliendude5300    bsd-mailx21:34
aliendude5300    heirloom-mailx21:34
aliendude5300    mailutils21:34
aliendude5300  Suggests: mysql-doc-5.021:34
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: use pastebin21:34
aliendude5300  Recommends: libhtml-template-perl21:34
aliendude5300  Conflicts: mysql-server21:34
aliendude5300  Replaces: <mysql-enterprise-server-5.0>21:34
aliendude5300  Replaces: mysql-server21:34
aliendude5300mysql-server-5.0 conflicts with mysql-server.21:34
aliendude5300mysql-server requires mysql-server5.1 not 5.021:34
ActionParsnip!paste | aliendude530021:34
ubottualiendude5300: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!21:34
aliendude5300sorry :/ didnt realize how many lines I was copying until I pasted it...21:34
JamesB192just out of curiousity when was the last change to udev or its accompanying init scripts?21:35
aliendude5300oops sent that to the wrong channel :/21:35
cwilluRods_Tiger, is it only the unr that doesn't work?21:35
tsonculaliendude: There was some chatter a couple of days ago about mysql. As far as I can remember, they're waiting for some updates on dependencies, and there is a problem somewhere21:36
tsonculaliendude: I did'n pay too much attention at the time, sorry.21:36
FlakeparadigmWith the Nvidia drivers I am able to use composting, but I cannot configure multiple displays. The Nvidia control panel requires xorg.conf (Which no longer exists) and the KDE settings manager doesn't recognize a second montor.21:36
Flakeparadigmwhat should I do to get the second monitor to work?21:36
tsonculaliendude: It'll probably update when the dependencies are also updated.21:37
cwilluFlakeparadigm, you need to use an xorg.conf; nvidia-settings can write a useable one21:37
aliendude5300When will the changes that are supposed to make Ubuntu boot in 10 seconds be applied? It takes like 30 seconds now... :/21:37
Jordan_UFlakeparadigm: You can create an xorg.conf, it's still used if it exists21:37
aliendude5300Also, what21:37
aliendude5300What's the progress on xsplash21:37
* aliendude5300 can't type today :(21:37
KnifeySpooneyI thought they wanted 10-second times by Lucid21:38
cwillualiendude5300, 10 seconds is a target, not a known set of updates that merely have to be applied21:38
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: It's not a single group of changes, it's a process. The 10 second goal is for 10.0421:38
KnifeySpooneyand the 10 second goal IIRC is for a netbook running remix?21:38
arandand the 10s is only for a specific model, which sopposedly should be a good average..21:39
FlakeparadigmJordan_U and cwillu Ok,thanks21:39
aliendude5300I've noticed an increase of boot time on my Core i7 machine, and a decrease on my Intel Core2 Quad Machine...21:39
Jordan_UKnifeySpooney: I think it's for a specific netbook running standard Ubuntu, not UNR21:39
aliendude5300The increase on the Core i7 is HUGE. It used to boot in like 15 seconds now it takes 30-4521:39
arandIt's meant for intel atom+SSD Hd21:39
Jordan_UFlakeparadigm: np21:39
cwillualiendude5300, check your /etc/init/ and make sure there's no jobs that you thought you disabled that have appeared there21:40
* cwillu picks a piece of glass out of his foot, and wipes the blood off the floor :(21:40
KnifeySpooneyyofel: i have to run for now, thanks for the help so far21:40
FlakeparadigmJordanI get a "Failure to parse existing X configuration" after "touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf"21:40
arandI don't know if there's anything more planned for xsplash, but I sure hope the is, since atm the switch xsplash-facebrowser-xsplash-desktop is _very_ ugly.21:41
cwilluFlakeparadigm, have you run nvidia-settings yet?21:41
aliendude5300On the Core2 Quad machine, here is my /etc/init folder: http://pastebay.com/5757121:41
aliendude5300I'll have to get on the other machine to check that...21:42
Flakeparadigmcwillu: yes21:42
arandAlso the fact that it has no progress bar makes it look really crude...21:42
cwilluFlakeparadigm, run nvidia-settings, go to "X Server Display Configuration", get things working, and then do "Save to X Configuration File", and save the file somewhere.  Then sudo cp /home/flake/thatFile /etc/X11/xorg.conf and reboot21:42
cwilluFlakeparadigm, get multiple monitors working from inside that tool first though21:43
cwilluFlakeparadigm, you'll need to set "Configuration" to "TwinView"21:43
aliendude5300What file contains messages that appear when a system starts up? I think it was something like dmesg21:45
cwillualiendude5300, /var/log/dmesg contains what "dmesg" spat out during boot21:45
aliendude5300Theres some error on my Core i7 Machine that says something like unsupported bios, please report.21:45
aliendude5300I have my Core i7 machine on now... Im gonna VNC into that and get that file...21:45
Flakeparadigmcwillu: How do I save it in a custom location?21:46
cwillualiendude5300, ugh, vnc? :p  get ssh on there and then just use sftp:// in nautilus :p21:46
* aliendude5300 loves the "Hosts nearby" feature of the default Remote desktop viewer21:46
cwilluFlakeparadigm, why would you want to?21:46
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: why not ssh, you can pastebni the file and copy the url21:46
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: much slicker21:46
* aliendude5300 has no idea how to get SSH working and I'd assume it's harder than VNC21:46
cwilluit's not harder than vnc, and its actually secure21:47
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: sudo apt-get install openssh-server21:47
JamesB192only if you want transperant X forwarding.21:47
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: then to connect: ssh user@server21:47
aliendude5300on host machine or guest?21:47
cwilluwell, make sure you've got good passwords, or use certificates instead (which is one config change to disable password logons, and one command to create the certificate)21:47
guntbertaliendude5300: was that something like : piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr ?21:47
Flakeparadigmcwillu: It doesn't save anywhere when I click "Save to X Configuration File" because it fails to parse the existing file.21:47
JamesB192oh wait, you just have to edit one file.21:48
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: ssh user@server    on the client21:48
ActionParsnipJamesB192: x forwarding is default enabled on openssh-server21:48
aliendude5300installing server using VNC now...21:48
aliendude5300then gonna try to connect21:48
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: you can also forward X apps to systems using ssh -X user@server21:48
JamesB192I guess I'm wrong then.21:48
cwilluFlakeparadigm, save it to a different file21:48
cwilluFlakeparadigm, and don't "merge with existing file"21:49
aliendude5300what do you mean forward X apps? Like firefox windows? 0.o21:49
aliendude5300That's sweet21:49
Flakeparadigmcwillu: So like I asked, how do I save it to a different file then?21:49
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: yes, the app runs on the remote system but s displayed on the client system21:49
cwilluFlakeparadigm, you click "save to x config file", and then pick a different file name in the window that pops up?21:50
aliendude5300holy crap that's awesome!21:50
cwilluFlakeparadigm, you have to be in "X Server Display Configuration"21:50
aliendude5300now how do I access the files on the other machine in Nautilus?21:50
cwillualiendude5300, if you're familiar with screen, then "xpra" will also be useful to you (basically lets you disconnect windows and reconnect them on different machines)21:50
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: you can use filesharing with samba etc21:51
cwillualiendude5300, address bar:  "sftp://user@ip-or-hostname.local/"21:51
JamesB192it works great with putty and xming on windows as the client end too.21:51
cwilluActionParsnip, if he's got ssh, he can just go to an sftp address21:51
Flakeparadigmcwillu: that's where I am. When I click "Save to X Configuration File" it gives me the error, and I don't know how to save anywhere else.21:51
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: you can also run gedit on the remote system and read the files on the system too21:51
aliendude5300Can I use openssh-server to become the user on the other machine through nautilus file browser?21:51
ActionParsnipcwillu: that too21:51
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: sure you can21:51
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: ssh makes vnc look like a useless slow POS21:52
=== ChogyDan1 is now known as ChogyDan
aliendude5300$ gedit /var/log/dmesg21:52
cwilluFlakeparadigm, that's odd; which version of nvidia-settings do you have installed?21:52
aliendude5300(gedit:5741): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:21:52
cwilluFlakeparadigm, dpkg-query --status nvidia-settings|grep Version21:52
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: did yu connect with -X21:53
aliendude5300oh... thats it.21:53
cwillualiendude5300, wait21:53
JamesB192yeah, but some users gots to get their GUI.21:53
aliendude5300omfg is that using my gedit or the the one installed remotely?21:53
Flakeparadigmcwillu: 180.25-0 (The latest I assume?)21:53
cwillualiendude5300, just go to the file in nautilus;  gedit (and pretty much all other gnome apps) can access files over ssh natively via gvfs21:53
cwilluFlakeparadigm, 180.25-0ubuntu1 is what I'm running21:53
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: on the remote, if you launched it from the ssh session21:54
cwillualiendude5300, that'll be faster21:54
[em]matrix why doesn't the wireless network connect app for the alpha 6 kubuntu autodetect the encryption type. I mean, what if i don't know the specific type, wpa-personal, wpa-blah blah, wpa-etc, i mean, it is like a guessing game and it will only work if i set the right one.21:54
ActionParsnipaliendude5300: try opening  a file and analyse the files available21:54
aliendude5300http://pastebay.com/57572 <-- thats my dmesg on the Core i7 Machine.21:54
Flakeparadigmcwillu: I had to remove the xorg.conf I made originally21:54
aliendude5300[   28.418693] acerhdf: Acer Aspire One Fan driver, v.0.5.1621:54
aliendude5300[   28.418696] acerhdf: unknown (unsupported) BIOS version Gateway/FX6800-01e/R01-A1  , please report, aborting!21:54
aliendude5300that's the line that says to report it.21:55
aliendude5300so what should I do?21:55
aliendude5300I have a launchpad account... should I make a new error on the package acerhdf?21:56
JamesB192not auto load drivers for the wrong hardware?21:56
likahi guys, i bought a new sony laptop, installed kubuntu karmic, and skype on it. mic doesn't work on skype. I turned on all the mixer options. can anyone help?21:56
cwillualiendude5300, seems reasonable :)21:56
Flakeparadigmcwillu: It's all up and working now. Thanks21:57
cwilluFlakeparadigm, \o/21:57
cwillualiendude5300, "ubuntu-bug linux" would be a good start (I don't think acerhdf has a separate package, but I could be wrong, in which case it'd be "ubuntu-bug acerhdf-source" or whatever)21:57
cwillualiendude5300, ... in a terminal21:57
aliendude5300What the hell? When I try to report a bug I get taken to a page explaining how to report using apport :/21:58
aliendude5300How do I turn that off?21:58
cwillualiendude5300, ubuntu-bug21:58
Trewasaliendude5300: that bug has been reported several times already, and is apparently harmless21:59
cwilluwe're discouraging the direct use of launchpad for many classes of bugs, because it just results in a back and forth to get all the required logs uploaded, which ubuntu-bug <package> does automatically21:59
wastrelwoo nice one X just crashed22:00
DanaGmmmyeah, slow boot... sucks.22:00
nemoAAAAGH Pulseaudio sucks so very very much22:03
nemoI have to kill it and restart it 2 out of 3 times before starting a DVD22:03
cwilluwell, no, it really doesn't :p22:03
nemootherwise I get stutters22:03
nemothen there is the freezing on closing totem22:03
nemothe lockups in wesnoth and hedgewars22:03
nemothe screwing up of my channels22:03
nemothe lame ass new interface22:03
cwilluhave you customized any of the pulseaudio config files?22:03
nemocwillu: tried22:03
aliendude5300reported that: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/43783622:03
cwillunemo, undo those changes22:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437836 in linux "acerhdf: unknown (unsupported) BIOS version Gateway/FX6800-01e/R01-A1" [Undecided,New]22:03
nemooh well. back to the dvd in the lameass audio system22:03
nemocwillu: those were reverted long ago22:03
nemojust because a few people need bluetooth or something22:04
nemowe have to suffer release after release of something that is so not ready for primetime22:04
nemojust embarassing22:04
nemoand I'm just keeping it to support people who are suffering through pulseaudio that I know22:04
Flakeparadigmcwillu: Ok, now my composting isn't working. It says that the required x extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available.22:04
nemoor for hedgewars dev22:04
* nemo sobs22:04
nemoback to dvd22:04
Flakeparadigmany ideas?22:04
aliendude5300Can anyone tell me how to disable redirection permanently upon clicking Report a bug in launchpad?22:04
cwillunemo, you do realize that you're actually in the minority?  that it actually works flawlessly for the vast majority of people?22:04
cwillualiendude5300, did you read my comment above?22:05
cwillualiendude5300, it's a launchpad change22:05
cwilluFlakeparadigm, one sec, let me check my settings22:05
aliendude5300can it be disabled?22:05
Flakeparadigmcwillu: Thanks22:05
aliendude5300I hate it :/22:06
cwillualiendude5300, can you disable it?  not that I know of; the way the website works has been changed22:06
cwillualiendude5300, is there some reason you can't use ubuntu-bug?22:06
cwilluFlakeparadigm, pastebin your xorg.conf as it is now22:06
aliendude5300how do I use ubuntu-bug?22:06
cwillualiendude5300, ...22:06
cwilluscroll up, read the instructions I told you :p22:06
* aliendude5300 *facepalm*22:07
aliendude5300I still liked the old launchpad SO MUCH better...22:07
cwilluthat's nice22:07
cwilluyou realize how many bugs just stayed at "incomplete" because required logs never got attached?22:08
aliendude5300For example, feature requests can't be submitted without appending unnecessary logs any more...22:08
cwilluthat's also nice :p22:09
* cwillu suggests taking this conversation to #launchpad22:09
ryancris there an app (installed by default) that will play a source from line-in22:09
cwilluin the mean time... :p22:09
penguin42cwillu: Can I ask what do I do in the case of a fail to boot/fail to install bug or where I don't know which package it is?22:09
ryancrsoundrecorder will record line -in but just play it directly22:09
Flakeparadigmcwillu: http://pastebin.ca/158184322:10
DanaGweird... when I rebooted, after xsplash went away, it showed me the contents of my desktop from before the shutdown.22:10
cwilluFlakeparadigm, did you use twinview or xinerama in nvidia-config?22:11
Flakeparadigmcwillu: xinerama22:11
cwilluFlakeparadigm, so you missed the part when I said you need to use "twinview"? :;p22:12
DanaGIT also takes an annoyingly long time to boot.22:12
Flakeparadigmcwillu: I've used twinview and I don't think there is anything more annoying. haha22:12
cwilluFlakeparadigm, eh?22:12
cwilluand so you use xinerama, which is the exact same thing minus support for acceleration? :;p22:13
aliendude5300DanaG: how did you generate that image?22:13
DanaG!info bootchart22:13
ubottubootchart (source: bootchart): boot sequence auditing. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.90.2-3 (karmic), package size 11 kB, installed size 124 kB22:13
Flakeparadigmcwillu: My acceleration was cut when I tried twinview, before going to xinerama. In jaunty it works fine with xinerama :P22:13
FlakeparadigmAnd it's not the exact same thing ;) twinview screws up a bucnh of things like maximizing windows. Maximize something in twinview and it will go across all monitors.22:15
DanaGany tips for speeding up boot?22:15
aliendude5300Parsing /var/log/bootchart22:15
DanaGIt's taking way, way longer than it did in Jaunty.22:15
aliendude5300Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 022:15
aliendude5300at org.bootchart.Main.render(Unknown Source)22:15
aliendude5300at org.bootchart.Main.main(Unknown Source)22:15
aliendude5300not working for me :(22:15
DanaGYou have to reboot with it installed, to get a chart.22:16
cwilluFlakeparadigm, no it won't, unless nvidia's internal xinerama-compatible api isn't loaded, which it isn't unless twinview was enabled when x started via xorg.conf22:16
TwigathyFlakeparadigm: I can maximise windows just fine to one screen using twinview...22:16
Flakeparadigmweird. I've tried before several times. Let me see again22:16
cwilluFlakeparadigm, tip:  when I tell you to do something with out using any weasel words, you'd wise to do what I say :)22:16
DanaGweasel words?22:17
aliendude5300where would that chart be saved?22:17
cwilluDanaG, "I'm not sure, but I think..."22:17
DanaGit's a directory.22:17
Flakeparadigmcwillu: I was going off of issues I've had before.22:17
DanaGAs far as I'm concerned, sreadahead is a miserable failure.22:17
cwilluFlakeparadigm, http://pastebin.com/f5dc2f704 is my xorg.conf here (on jaunty), I can get you the working karmic config file as well if you like22:18
cwilluFlakeparadigm, http://pastebin.com/f2ce14ced is karmic22:18
buckycwillu you mean like the ones in apt-cache show nvidia-180-libvdpau22:18
cwillubucky, I'm sorry?22:18
Flakeparadigmcwillu: everything is ok now. Things have changed since I last set up any configurations. Composting worked in xinerama at one time? oh well22:19
buckycwillu nvidia's internal xinerama-compatible api ?22:19
cwilluFlakeparadigm, it never did, but it might have been silently disabled at one time22:19
cwillubucky, twinview (and mergedfb in the radeon world) contains a compatible implementation of the xinerama api so that maximization onto single screens works properly; always has as far as I can remember22:20
cwillubucky, it's internal to the standard nvidia driver22:20
KnifeySpooneyDoes anybody else get icons under the System menu in Karmic?22:20
aliendude5300too bad you can't turn a computer on remotely :/ That would make SSH/VNC much more practical...22:21
cwilluDanaG, you don't have a bootchart from before the updates do you?22:22
aliendude5300would save so much electricity too22:22
likahow can I install a new theme. for example thnkpnk.tar.gz22:22
DanaGhmm, when were the init updates?22:22
cwilluDanaG, less than a month ago :p22:22
cwillu(not sure)22:22
DanaGI have some from.... argh, what month is 7?  Damn Caesars, coming around and messing up the month numbering.22:23
DanaGAh, July.22:23
DanaG(Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar.)22:23
JamesB192aliendude5300: some of them you can. I forget the details though.22:23
aliendude5300How do I copy a file from a remote machine to my machine over SSH?22:23
DanaGscp host:path localpath22:24
cwilluDanaG, it's 922:24
cwilluDanaG, okay, let me see it :)22:24
=== ian__ is now known as I2v8an
JamesB192I do remember that I has a minimum hardware requirement and involves the sending of a single ethernet packet.22:24
DanaGthat's a while ago.22:25
pwnguinand thats with an fsck22:27
ranslateis ubuntu nicw?22:27
Twigathyhttp://twigathy.com/corona-karmic-20090719-1.png <-- I prefer my disk throughput here ;)22:27
ranslateall sofware works in ubuntu or no22:27
DanaGGranted, that fsck was one of a tiny, nonused boot partition.22:27
ryancrdoes empathy work with adium themes and message-indicator applet?22:27
JamesB192aliendude5300: I think it was WoL --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN22:28
DanaGWhy is my boot so horribly long?22:28
cwillugod you're whiny today22:28
pwnguinbecause your throughput is crap22:28
diverse_izzueryancr, yes and yes22:28
DanaGhmm, but there's a whole lotta' thrashin' going on.22:29
pwnguinthrashing == crap throughput22:29
ryancrdiverse_izzue: hmm, I ask because mine does not ;(22:29
DanaGs/but //22:29
DanaGIs that before, or after?22:30
KnifeySpooneyFor some reason, when I upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic, my /dev/dri/card0 has been moved to /dev/card0, and the /dev/dri/ directory does not exist. Help?22:30
TwigathyDanaG: it's a bit crazy that you get boots twice as long and I don't have a local disk22:30
pwnguinits because you dont have local disk22:30
diverse_izzueryancr, installing adium themes cannot be done via GUI yet, you have to put them ~/.local/share/adium/message-styles22:30
cwilluTwigathy, network disk can be blazingly fast if it's coming from ram22:30
pwnguincrazy ntfs mounts22:30
diverse_izzuethen they become available through the settings dialogue22:30
DanaGoh, and that 9/22 one is with sreadahead and readahead disabled.22:30
cwilluDanaG, have you done any io tuning previously that you recall?22:31
DanaGI don't think so.22:31
ryancrdiverse_izzue: ill try that thanks22:31
pwnguinDanaG: when was the last time you did a profile run?22:31
cwilluDanaG, single drive22:31
penguin42KnifeySpooney: I could swear there was someone else who had that - anything else weird about your /dev ? e.g. do you have /dev/pts ?22:31
DanaGhmm, oddly enough, even on Jaunty, doing a profile made it load too many files -- and actually lengthened the boot.22:31
DanaGAnd now sreadahead ("for ssds") has replaced readahead.22:32
cwilluDanaG, can you pastebin your fstb?22:32
cwillufstab rather22:32
KnifeySpooneypenguin42: Yes, typing 'ls /dev/pts' outputs '0'22:32
aliendude5300http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7559/familykarmic200909271.png <== WAAY too slow22:32
Twigathy2 minutes on an i7! O_O22:33
virtualddanag: are you saying i shouldn't use sreadahead as i don't have an ssd?22:33
pwnguinaliendude5300: fahcore_78.exe?22:33
DanaGYou can't NOT use it... because now ubuntu-desktop depends on it.22:33
Padwtf? Oo22:33
jrgpI just upgraded to karmic from jaunty and on boot it hangs on "starting init crypto disks"22:33
DanaGthat's folding@home, a Mono thingy.22:33
aliendude5300.exe?!? that doesnt sound good?22:33
DanaGyeah, the exe confused me, too.22:33
jrgpaliendude5300: mono apps always end in .exe22:33
aliendude5300... thats annoying22:34
pwnguinwell that will do it22:34
DanaGoh yeah, I do have data=journal.  I forgot about that.22:34
aliendude5300reminds me of windblows22:34
DanaGBut all the old ones were the same, with data=journal.22:34
cwilluDanaG, but is that a recent change?22:34
pwnguinaliendude5300: you realize that folding@home is starving the rest of boot?22:34
aliendude5300Anyways, I don't get why my system took 125 seconds to boot on a Core i7 when it takes 10 sec on a freakin Intel Atom Netbook CPU22:35
ryancrdiverse_izzue: great that works.. any thoughts on why empathy doesn't seem to register with message-initicator applet22:35
pwnguinaliendude5300: you might replace it with a startup script to make folding@home wait 60 second before starting22:35
penguin42aliendude5300: That's a bit of a difference!22:35
virtualdaliendude5300: .exe is a nail in the eye reminding you who owns .NET22:35
* aliendude5300 hates .NET22:35
cwilluDanaG, can you set your root drive to ordered rather than full journalling just for a test?22:35
aliendude5300mono shouldnt be installed by defauly22:36
penguin42aliendude5300: Now, to be fair are you running exactly the same thing on your i7 machine and your atom?22:36
cwilluDanaG, wondering if it might be more extensive syncing22:36
DanaGsure.  I just need to dig up the tune2fs flags.  =P22:36
cwilluDanaG, -o journal_data_ordered22:36
pwnguinDanaG: it's probably poor layout of your files, internally and together. readahead should do better than that.22:36
aliendude5300Not my Atom machine... someone said something about Ubuntu meeting a 10 sec goal on an Intel Atom.22:36
aliendude5300Not sure what the Atom was running.22:37
keldincopyed my ubuntu 904 into another folder and started the upgrade to 910 failed the alt-f2 upgrade process didnt work, go message that the copy wouldn't be stable so I just deleted, I thought this was releaseing in a week shouldn't this be more stable for upgrade to work?22:37
ubottuBug 904 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/904 is private22:37
aliendude5300Although I do have an Intel Atom Eee Machine running Windows XP... sorry guys :/22:37
penguin42aliendude5300: I suspect the atom number was for the moblin/ubuntu remix but I don't honestly know22:37
pwnguinDanaG: there's shell scripts that will parse the readashead list and rewrite the files to hint ext4 to lay them out together22:37
cwilluDanaG, you may also gain some benefits by tweaking or changing the default io scheduler22:37
jrgpI just upgraded to karmic from jaunty and on boot it hangs on "starting init crypto disks". does anyone know a work around?22:37
DanaGI think the significant increase came mostly from the new boot.22:37
aliendude5300I just think 2 min to boot is way too long for 200922:37
penguin42jrgp: What did you have crypted?22:38
pwnguinDanaG: one check is to try filefrag on the files in /etc/readahead or whatever the file is now22:38
Nattgewkeldin: beta is in a week... final is in a month22:38
penguin42aliendude5300: Agreed, especially for an i722:38
DanaGThere is no more /etc/readahead.22:38
keldinnattgew: thanks for the timeline22:38
pwnguinaliendude5300: keep in mind that the ten second goal is for the LTS, not karmic22:38
jrgppenguin42: knowingly nothing. just the ~/.Private folder22:38
aliendude5300i7 is supposed to be the best right? The PC that I'm talking about was the VERY best PC available at BestBuy when I bought it... it should not take 2 min to boot22:39
jrgpand my home is on a separate drive; could that be why?22:39
pwnguinaliendude5300: and you're basically done by 85s22:39
DanaGoh, and /etc/init.d/rc has concurrency=none22:39
aliendude5300Especially with i7 and an ATI Radeon 4850HD card22:39
pwnguinthe bootchart waits for the system to idle, and folding@home intentionally doesn't idle22:39
penguin42jrgp: Curious - I don't know, but if you could boot it off a live CD I'd go and check /etc/crypttab on your filesystem22:39
cwillusomebody should inform DanaG that concurrency=none is irrelevant under upstart;  it's not an upstart setting22:40
aliendude5300How do I change F@H to wait 3 min after power on to start so I can get accurate results?22:41
pwnguinaliendude5300: you know bash?22:41
aliendude5300a bit...22:41
pwnguinfind the start script that's starting f@h22:41
cwillujust put a "sleep 3m" at the start of its launcher22:41
aliendude5300I know a LOT of commands though22:41
aliendude5300would that be in /etc/init.d?22:41
pwnguinim guessing its a user thing22:42
aliendude5300or is it a cron job or something?22:42
KnifeySpooneypenguin42: Do you know much about the /dev/card0 issue?22:42
pwnguinis f@h even an ubuntu package?22:42
penguin42KnifeySpooney: No, it works for me22:43
aliendude5300Is xsplash enabled by default on the newest Karmic Builds?22:43
jrgppenguin42: there is nothing in my /etc/crypttab file22:44
aliendude5300I was wondering why I still see dmesg info instead of a graphical loader...22:44
SandGorgonanyone have a broadcom wireless working on a 2.6.31 kernel ?22:44
cwillualiendude5300, the first message you see is probably an error or a warning of some sort?22:44
aliendude5300I have the splash option enabled in GRUB...22:44
aliendude5300I posted my dmesg earlier, I'll get you the link.22:44
NattgewSandGorgon: yes...22:45
Nattgew0b:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)22:46
SandGorgonNattgew, which card? are u using b43-fwcutter?  my driver loads but doesnt work22:46
yofelKnifeySpooney: hey, didn't notice when you got back ^^, could try the following as a Workaround (!): add lines 18 and 19 in your /etc/init/gdm.conf . (If you're using Gnome/XFCE)22:46
yofelKnifeySpooney: http://yofel.pastebin.com/f11b4756522:46
KnifeySpooneyawesome, I'll try that. Thanks22:46
NattgewSandGorgon: I think it depends on your card... I'm using bcmwl-kernel-source and bcmwl-modaliases22:46
SandGorgonNattgew, which is ur card ?22:47
NattgewSandGorgon: 0b:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)22:47
pwnguinaliendude5300: also, the 10sec boot goal doesn't include media tomb or samba. or virtualbox, or dkms.22:48
penguin42pwnguin: dkms should only happen on upgrade so shouldn't be too big an issue22:48
pwnguinyou might bitch about landscape though22:49
SandGorgonNattgew, same as mine.. whew... i have a custom kernel and have not been able to get it working22:49
DanaGnope, not much difference.22:49
cwilluDanaG, note that concurrency=none is irrelevant under upstart;  it's not an upstart setting, and so will only affect rc.d jobs22:50
NattgewSandGorgon: for some reason it was pretty smooth to get working on my Ubuntu install (at alpha 4) but I installed Kubuntu from alpha 6 and I haven't gotten to see any networks...22:50
cwilluDanaG, okay22:50
DanaGoddly enough, in this one, sreadahead didn't appear at all!22:50
SandGorgonNattgew, u didnt build ur own kernel , did u?22:51
pwnguinif you ran profile, it won't22:51
NattgewSandGorgon: nope22:51
aliendude5300Hmm... I just wish it was possible to get more boot performance without sacrificing those services...22:51
aliendude5300I want to get into the GUI faster.22:51
aliendude5300But then I can wait for the services to load...22:51
pwnguinyou can use the same sleep trick22:51
nemocwillu: lol22:52
nemocwillu: hilarious22:52
nemovast majority of people22:52
nemoexcept for those w/ intel cards22:52
nemoor nvidia22:52
nemoor those bugs on bugzilla22:52
nemoor rants on facebook22:52
pwnguinreplace the script with a "sleep 3m+ some random value, then call the original script"22:52
cwillunemo, people who have things working don't rant or post bugs22:52
nemocwillu: fact is, ubuntu took something that works, and replaced it with something that works less well22:52
aliendude5300What does the new xsplash that will be used in the beta look like? Any pics available?22:52
nemocwillu: of the 5 people I support, on 6 computers22:52
nemocwillu: 4 of them have had pulseaudio issues22:52
nemobut I guess we're just unlucky22:52
cwillunemo, or there's a common fault22:53
nemocwillu: completely different hardware22:53
nemoclean installs22:53
DanaGoh yeah, and my bootchart is all jumbled, too.22:53
nemocwillu: but sure. blame the users/HW22:53
cwillu(same tech support)22:53
nemocwillu: I saw were you were going with that dude22:53
nemocwillu: that's why I said blame the users/HW22:53
nemocwillu: fact is I barely touch their configurations.  and fact is ubuntu took things that worked22:53
nemoand replaced them with something that worked less well22:53
DanaGyeah, such as sreadahead.22:54
nemocwillu: yes it added new features, but those new features are useless for the majority of people22:54
cwilluI'm not blaming the users/hw, I'm blaming you.  As it happens, I spend a couple hours on a regular basis fixing people's sound who got bad advice to remove pulseaudio22:54
nemocwillu: pulseaudio should have been only recommended for some cases22:54
nemocwillu: I'm a user dude22:54
nemocwillu: and I haven't removed pulseaudio off anyone's system22:54
nemocwillu: and do tell me what I could have done to screw up their system. I'm just commiserating when things crash22:54
nemoor stutter22:54
nemoor freeze up22:54
nemoor suck up 100% of CPU22:54
penguin42DanaG: I'm curious about the very lengthy mount.ntfs at 16..32s and the firmware.sh which seems to take 4-5s22:54
Nattgewnemo: I agree... there are some nice things (finally in Karmic), but it's caused a lot of issues22:54
nemoand the pulseaudio guys blame it on bugs w/ HW and drivers and this and that22:54
nemoand it may be completely true, but the fact is they have to deal with it22:55
nemopulseaudio simply isn't as reliable yet22:55
nemoand the rest of us have to put up with it22:55
nemoits just depressing22:55
cwillunemo, and the drivers have been getting fixed, because the people maintaining the drivers have agreed that stuff was broken22:55
nemopulseaudio should only have been recommended for people with specific use cases22:55
nemosuch as bluetooth or network sound22:55
nemoand ONCE that stuff was fixed22:55
DanaGhmm, that partition is ~150GB, about 99% full right now.22:55
nemorolled out to general public22:55
cwilluas it happens, one of the really useful features that people tend to like is the ability to set application volumes22:55
nemocwillu: blaming the HW/drivers/users as pulseaudio folks do is just sad22:55
DanaGOh, flat volumes are the only thing I really, really really hate in PulseAudio.22:56
nemocwillu: and in exchange I get virtually nonexistent volume control;22:56
cwillunemo, when the driver is at fault, what are they supposed to do?22:56
nemocwillu: fix it in a non-mainstream branch22:56
nemocwillu: like I said, it may be the most awesome sound architecutre ever22:56
nemoit simply was not ready to be ubuntu default22:56
penguin42cwillu: For a lot of people pulse has been a nightmare; it's a hell of a lot better than it was say 6 months ago - but frankly for many it's been a disaster, and I realise some of it is driver problems but pulse has pushed the drivers further than anything previously and perhaps they weren't ready for that22:56
nemoit isn't like you can explain to everyone and their grandmother that the fault isn't pulseaudio, it is them or the HW or interaction w/ SDL or nvidia or whatever22:57
nemoonce this stuff stabilises, then it should have been rolled out22:57
pwnguinyou know, its not like audio wasn't a disaster before pulse22:57
cwillupenguin42, I'm well aware of that.  But saying it's 90% of users is simply ignorant of statistics:  the only people you hear from are the people with troubles, and the only tech support people you hear from are the folks who got a bad run22:57
pwnguin"did you check alsaconf for muted channels?"22:57
penguin42nemo: To also be fair the other way I know people on machines without pulse where audio is sucking - probably due to drivers22:57
nemofine. we all just have rotten luck22:57
nemopenguin42: I've run into that too, to be sure22:57
cwilluyay for anthropics22:57
nemopenguin42: is just less frequent. and many times there's something easy I can solve22:58
nemopenguin42: like HW locking22:58
* cwillu recommends quantum suicide :)22:58
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I just used lines 18 and 19 of your workaround and it still doesn't seem to work22:58
nemopenguin42: pulseaudio issues I can't even really touch. so I don't. no matter what cwillu suggests about my fixes22:58
KnifeySpooneyit created the /dev/dri directory correctly, but it didn't link card022:58
nemopenguin42: only reason I'm still on pulseaudio on this computer is so I can catalog the ways it fails for users of hedgewars22:58
penguin42cwillu: The pulse guys seem rather ambivilant about helping ubuntu users, and users do end up just feeling like they're getting tossed between pulse/driver/distro hell22:58
nemopenguin42: hell. the only reason I hacked in an option to not initialise sound system in 0.9.10 of hedgewars was for ubuntu users with pulseaudio22:59
cwillupenguin42, the initial rollout was horrid, I have lots of sympathy for maintainers when packagers go against their recommended practices22:59
nemothat way they may not have sound but at least the game doesn't crash/lock up/suck up 100% of CPU22:59
judgenHowdy, where can i find a package of xdialog for karmic?22:59
nemoanyway. ranting made me feel better, but it still shouldn'tve been default. that was just a major fail on Ubuntu's part - I suspect some pulseaudio advocates pushed it23:00
cwillupenguin42, but this with me saying that most people don't actually have problems (which is true)23:00
nemoeven if only 10% of users are having problems that's about 9.5% too many23:00
cwillufair enough23:00
penguin42cwillu: I hear what you are saying about most people being OK but that's not my experience of talking to friends and colleagues, and there seem to be problems on intel hardware rather than anything obscure23:00
DanaGhmm, I can't figure out what to do next about my boot.23:01
pwnguincalling intel hda "hardware" is obscuring the problem23:01
nemopwnguin: well. yes23:01
penguin42pwnguin: Please expand?23:01
nemosoftware audio drivers23:01
nemolike winmodems23:01
pwnguinmost of hda is software23:01
nemoor the hardware "raid" my new computer came with23:01
nemothat only works in windows23:01
cwilluDanaG, I was going to suggest a different io elevator as a boot option, but more as another datapoint, I don't expect it to actually fix anythign :/23:01
nemobut still. those audio cards are in huge numbers of computers23:02
penguin42pwnguin: What is there to do in software for audio at the lowest level?23:02
nemointel is a big platform23:02
DanaGYeah, the thing that changed were mostly init script behavior.23:02
cwilluDanaG, elevator=deadline or elevator=noop23:02
pwnguinpenguin42: decode compressed signals23:02
pwnguinroute signal to outputs23:02
cwilluDanaG, yes, but I strongly suspect that it's exposing issues rather than being directly to blame23:02
KnifeySpooneysince I upgraded to Karmic, the old logout button at the top has disappeared, and so did the thing that said my username next to it23:02
KnifeySpooneyI tried adding it back to panel but I can't find it23:02
pwnguinif you were insane, you could output sound on the mic jack of my laptop23:03
cwillupwnguin, surround sound :p23:03
penguin42pwnguin: I'm used to old style sound cards where everything was software - I don't know that any more has moved that way - I know with the Intel stuff there are issues to do with what is wired to what output/input is very much down to the whim of the board designer23:03
djdarkmanHello, I have a built in USB webcam, that seems to only work ocasionally, is there a way I could disconnect it from the kernel and reconnect it like I was physically doing that?23:03
pwnguinpenguin42: hda "solves" that by letting software configure it23:03
pwnguinexcept, now you need to know how the hardware is hooked up, and determine what the hardware is23:04
penguin42KnifeySpooney: indicator-applet-session may be what you want23:04
cwilluwell, userspace is a better place for that sort of thing, makes figuring things out easier than requiring a kernel recompile :p23:04
penguin42pwnguin: Sure23:04
penguin42my sound problems have mostly been pops and clicks that came in around intrepid time and I've never been fully able to get rid of23:04
nemomaybe pulseaudio could have been an option prompt after install. esp if bluetooth snd was detected.23:05
nemos/could have been/should be as soon as possible/23:05
pwnguinactually, i had to fix a resume bug23:05
penguin42nemo: Pulse does solve some things - I mean with karmic possibly for the first time ever I've had sound played from Flash AND my music player at the same time23:05
cwillunah, it's more important to have a good way forward than to avoid making improvements and fixing long-standing issues in the name of maintaining existing support23:05
pwnguinthe main tric here was to rewrite the boot set with tar23:05
Jordan_Unemo: I don't think Ubuntu is ever going to prompt users about things like the audio subsystem during a default install.23:05
Ian_anyone else with ubuntu-desktop kept back?23:06
cwilluIan_, yep, give it another day23:06
pwnguinit'd be kinda neat to visualize the disk layout of a boot profile23:06
pwnguinbut i think canonical's assuming SSD with a constant seek23:07
penguin42DanaG: I'd love to know why dkms appears to have taken about 5s on there - you'd hope it really shouldn't if it was already build23:07
joaopintopenguin42, I can do that with jaunty23:07
penguin42joaopinto: Yeh well you're lucky! Still, that's pulse letting you do that23:07
cwillupenguin42, so they finally got asound.conf configured right by default :)23:08
nemopenguin42: I've had that before, even w/ intel cards23:08
KnifeySpooneypenguin42: Thanks, I guess Karmic uninstalled it or something odd happened.. either way I reinstalled and looks great.23:08
penguin42cwillu: Maybe, it might be the 32bit stuff that got fixed23:08
nemopenguin42: flash improved their integration, and, well. depends on what packages you installed too23:08
aliendude5300Anyone know how to adjust the volume for JUST the rear audio channels?23:08
andresmhdoes gnumeric have a channel?23:08
nemoJordan_U: I was thinking more after default install23:08
nemoJordan_U: they do leave the install thin and light, but there are prompts after. for graphic cards for example.23:09
Jordan_Unemo: Same likelyhood of ever happening23:09
nemoJordan_U: could put it in some sound dialog23:09
pwnguini need to install grub2 / bootchart my laptop23:09
nemoin that case, let folks find out about things that support their bluetooth on their own I guess23:09
Jordan_Unemo: If the graphics card drivers were distributable they wouldn't prompt you to enable them. It's a choice out of neccessity23:10
nemoahh well. this is all to make me feel better, is obvious the only way this will be solved is pulseaudio slowly getting more reliable.23:10
nemono point in my going on about it.23:10
nemohm. I think I'll update, and test SDL/openal in hedgewars again23:10
nemomaybe it doesn't lock up anymore :)23:10
nemowith one of the two23:11
penguin42On those boot charts is it the thing slightly above the bar that's the name?23:11
aliendude5300My USB drive keeps unmounting itself :/ I think it's because Ubuntu is having errors reading it... what should I do?23:11
penguin42aliendude5300: I'd dmesg and see if you can see the errors23:11
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: Look in dmesg for any errors23:11
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: You can also use errors=remount-ro ( don't remember the exact syntax ) so it just remounts read only instead of unmounting completely on errors23:13
DanaGhmm, that's with just rebooting (no elevator=)23:14
aliendude5300Jordan_U: I wanted to fix the problem though... must be a problem with my devices file system (FAT32)23:14
aliendude5300I tried fsck with automatic repairing on the whole thing but it didn't improve much23:14
aliendude5300I even tried enabling checking for bad sectors23:14
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: It's probably a bad flash drive, I've had a lot of cheap flash drives die on me23:14
arand...There flies dear pidgin again.23:15
aliendude5300It's not a flash drive. It's a 250GB USB Mechanical Hard Disk23:15
KnifeySpooneyHow do I set the time to update with an NTP server? I could have sworn it was by using the time panel applet but I can't find it23:15
aliendude5300Not sure if SATA or PSATA...23:15
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: And one that was silently corrupting untill I started testing btrfs on it and saw csum errors23:15
DanaGhmm, so now my slow boot has me so boggled.23:16
aliendude5300It has 46GB free space... shouldn't be unmounting due to the disk being full.23:16
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: running out of space isn't considered an "error" that would force an unmount23:17
penguin42DanaG: Your NTFS mount has taken like a 3rd of the time23:17
penguin42DanaG: Oh hang on - there's another chunk later on23:17
aliendude5300http://pastebay.com/57587 <== dmesg after plugging in the USB drive to it unmounting forcefully23:17
DanaGhmm, usb errors... perhaps the enclosure is the thing that's failing?23:18
penguin42aliendude5300: Well the good thing is it doesn't actually say medium errors; as DanaG says USB errors - is it a powered drive?23:18
aliendude5300Whats Error -71? Seeing that one a lot...23:19
aliendude5300Yeah... it's powered by an AC adaptor.23:19
aliendude5300not VIA usb.23:19
DanaGhmm, could it be a dodgy cable?23:19
cwilluDanaG, are you booting off a usb hd enclosure?23:19
penguin42aliendude5300: Hmm so it has it's own AC adapter - not the normal problem of not enough power then23:19
DanaGNope, my drive is SATA.23:19
cwilluoh, misunderstood that :p23:19
DanaGargh, what happened to the SMART attributes graph?23:20
aliendude5300I think its a corrupted filesystem or something.. but all my files are still there.23:20
cwilluDanaG, I wonder what gnome-panel is doing for ~17 seconds23:21
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: It's not (just) a file system problem23:21
aliendude5300I can't remount it once it's unmounted... I have to turn it off on the back, unplug it from the PC, wait 10 seconds or so, and plug it back in, then turn the switch back on...23:21
aliendude5300All the files seem to be there.23:21
cwilluDanaG, coincides with mount.ntfs23:22
cwilluoops, nvm, it doesn't23:22
aliendude5300The drive is made by a company called Fantom.23:22
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: There are errors reading from the device, at a lower layer than the file system ( which is also causing file system errors )23:22
aliendude5300What should I do to fix this?23:22
aliendude5300Was working fine a week or 2 ago23:23
KnifeySpooneyyofel: You there?23:23
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: See what it's smart diagnostics say ( in palimpsest )23:23
cwillualiendude5300, if you can use the drive directly (esata, or internally), you'll be able to check smart disk23:23
cwillumost usb enclosures don't expose smart though23:23
aliendude5300Doesn't show up in palimpsest23:24
cwilluusb drives won't23:24
aliendude5300Sec... gonna try powering off again23:24
cwillualiendude5300, ^^^23:24
aliendude5300I saw that.... but it wasnt mounted anyways...23:24
Jordan_Ucwillu: I could have sworn I had checked smart diagnostics on an external USB enclosure23:24
aliendude5300So worth a try23:25
cwilluJordan_U, I'm not saying they don't exist, but very very few bother implementing it23:25
cwilluthey just act as a dumb mass storage device23:25
aliendude5300I'd open the thing up but it uses those annoying chinese screws or whatever :/23:25
cwilludoes it have an esata port on the enclosure?23:25
cwilluthat would work (being a mostly direct connection to the drive)23:25
Jordan_Ucwillu: It also couldn't be done before devicekit disks, and so before karmic23:25
penguin42dumb being about the right description of most USB<->ata bridges23:26
aliendude5300It shows up but SMART isn't available.23:26
yofelKnifeySpooney: yes23:26
KnifeySpooneyyofel: I tried lines 18/19 of your workaround and it worked fine up to linking the file23:27
KnifeySpooneyIt created the directory but the link wasn't created23:27
aliendude5300No eSATA port.23:27
aliendude5300Just USB.23:27
DanaGironic thing on my usb/fw400/esata drive:23:27
DanaGit won't do SMART over eSATA; only over USB.23:27
DaiDanaG: as long as it's not LaCie *grumbles*23:28
aliendude5300Don't ever buy a drive from Fantom, this thing works terribly :/23:29
aliendude5300It was made in 2004 though...23:30
aliendude5300might be better now23:30
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: Do you have another enclosure?23:30
Jordan_Ualiendude5300: Another USB cable?23:31
aliendude5300These problems started occuring after I deleted old files from the drive.23:31
aliendude5300I have MANY usb cables... I could try that...23:31
penguin42aliendude5300: Another appropriate PSU might also be worth a go23:32
aliendude5300It uses a kind of PSU I've never seen on another type of device... dont have another one :/23:32
yofelKnifeySpooney: ok, if you run   [ -e /dev/card0 ] && sudo ln -s /dev/card0 /dev/dri/card0    right now in a terminal, is the link created?23:32
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cwilluDanaG, have you noticed that udevd is waiting a good 10 seconds before any of its subprocesses kick in?23:33
KnifeySpooneyyofel: Yes23:33
cwilluDanaG, as opposed to 20090801-1, where the subprocesses start immediately23:34
Jordan_UIs there any way that you could let the udev from the initramfs persist through the switch to the real root?23:36
cwilluDanaG, try elevator=deadline, I'm interested in seeing if it shortens the udev hangup there at all23:36
cwillu(you'll have to do it on kernel boot line)23:37
DanaGwill do in a bit.23:37
cwilluDanaG, k, pm me if you don't mind, I tend to miss in-channel comments, and I'm heading off for lunch and work right away23:38
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yofelKnifeySpooney: next try: http://yofel.pastebin.com/f7844d7c23:43
test34anyone got the microsoft vx-1000 webcam working?23:44
test34I get lots of error like this: "libv4lconvert: Error decompressing JPEG: fill_nbits error: need 3 more bits" and a green output23:48
DanaGokay, gonna' try reboot now.23:50
penguin42test34: 001 do ?23:50
test34penguin42: 001 do?23:51
penguin42test34: Well you said you needed 3 more bits23:51
billybigriggertest34, i have one23:52
billybigriggerhasn't worked at all during the 2.6.31 kernel development23:52
billybigriggertest34, good luck getting it going though, if you do, you should ping me :P23:52
test34billybigrigger, ok.. I've read that some people got it to work by recompiling the kernel but they dont say what option they changed23:53
billybigriggeri have compiled in all v4l/v4l2 devices and gspca modules, still nothing23:53
penguin42can anyone tell me what they have in /etc/pm/sleep.d please?23:53
test34they used http://kcheck.sourceforge.net/23:54
test34penguin: 10_unattended-upgrades-hibernate  99laptop-mode  action_wpa23:54
test34billybigrigger, is your videocard a nvidia?23:55
test34some said it worked by disabling the proprietary driver, I will try that23:55
DanaGcwillu: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/bootcharts/EliteBook-karmic-20090927-7.png  -- not really siginficantly different.23:56
XDevHaldbillybigrigger: What type of NVidia are you running?23:56
DanaG5 seconds.23:57

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