kwwiitroy_s: there are several, one for interactions and one for visual design...but there is also one for branding/marketing, etc00:00
mac_vMDC1: the problem with that is , it wont use the space provided :(00:00
jonian_gMCD1: not bad00:00
kwwiianyway...time for sleep00:00
kwwiisee you tomorrow00:00
troy_skwwii: SIL licenses work for typefaces in Debian correct? (Regarding the 2nd and less inflammatory email I shipped you ;) )00:00
troy_skwwii: G'nite.00:00
kwwiitroy_s: that font *is* sweet00:01
MDC1mac_v, a large plug then?00:01
kwwiinot sure about debian and licensing00:01
kwwiibut I really liked that font00:01
mac_vMDC1: that would look ugly :p00:01
troy_skwwii: The others are darn impressive as well - although some are only provided in a proprietary application format.00:01
troy_skwwii: The Goudy?00:01
kwwiithe c is lovely00:01
kwwiitroy_s: yes00:01
MDC1mac_v, the current icon is really strange as the plug doesn't seem to connect because of the space between them..00:01
kwwiivery nice00:01
troy_skwwii: The Goudy is humanist axis and it _would_ be the best serif on our platform.00:01
kwwiithe perfect document font00:02
troy_skwwii: Probably missing plenty of i10n bits, but those would follow.00:02
troy_skwwii: It's actually a pretty slick looking display face too at larger sizes.00:02
troy_skwwii: Especially for a product that likes to speak 'human' a lot.00:02
kwwiitroy_s: hehe, I actually thought about setting is as my desktop font when I saw it00:03
kwwiiit is very classy00:03
troy_skwwii: The two sans are quite nice - but the first is again - stuck in FontLab I believe.00:03
troy_skwwii: Bingo.00:03
troy_skwwii: Humanist Serifs are rather close to the pinnacle of elegance I find.  Probably a hand-me-down from the axis of script.00:03
kwwiiI wish we could just pay for a decent font00:03
troy_skwwii: Well that one is SIL licensed.  I've been working Jos for god knows how long00:03
troy_skwwii: I believe he is _darn_ close to cracking, but I suspect Ubuntu might have more clout.00:04
troy_skwwii: Ubuntu proper as a franchise that is.00:04
troy_skwwii: All of his work is simply incredible.00:04
kwwiimaybe one day ubuntu will be important enough to capture an artists eye ;)00:05
kwwiiany kind of artist :p00:05
kwwiifor now, I am heading to bed...my head is thumping00:05
troy_skwwii: Aight.  Morrow.00:05
MDC1mac_v, http://imagebin.ca/view/8YfpKW6I.html like this.. (but i'm no artist so it looks like shit, but i think you get the point :) )00:05
kwwiime != experienced mountain biker00:05
kwwiinight all00:06
mac_vMDC1: already there are people complaining that icons are not uniform! > http://launchpadlibrarian.net/32494565/illustration.jpg00:07
* SiDi_ wonders what font this was about00:08
SiDi_night kww00:08
mac_vMDC1: so doing it horizontal will make it worse :(00:08
troy_sSiDi_: It's a face actually, but only a font at this point.00:09
troy_sSiDi_: Goudy.00:09
mac_vMDC1: if it was an individual icon its not a problem... but when its in a menu , we need to make icons uniform... hence i did it diagonally00:10
troy_sSiDi_: In particular - http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/fonts/6-sorts-mill-goudy00:10
troy_sSiDi_: A very beautiful and elegant humanist axis serif.00:10
SiDi_i see00:11
SiDi_its quite nice indeed00:11
SiDi_i personally fell in love with droid ttf ! :P00:12
troy_sSiDi_: Droid is the most clunky and absolutely rubbishy looking typeface selection for a desktop font that I could think of, but alas, that is another story.00:12
troy_sSiDi_: It is extremely vertical and stiflingly rigid.  That has everything to do with destination context of course, however.00:12
MDC1mac_v, i see. thanks for explaining :-)00:12
SiDi_troy_s: i use it because the screen is tiny :)00:13
SiDi_i have no problems reading that font, and i gain quite a lot of space with it00:13
troy_sSiDi_: At which point, it works extremely well.  I have seen it on several handsets.  That said, I suspect the density of displays will allow for superior faces.00:13
troy_sSiDi_: It's sad that display density cripples serif work.  Serifs are designed for reading consumption.00:14
SiDi_i never got used to them in a screen00:17
SiDi_but yeah, for reading documents its more agreable00:17
troy_sSiDi_: For a western LTR culture (and probably RTL) most certainly.  Probably not the case for up to down text etc.00:20
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d6gmac_v: the adhoc icon is fixed. btw the new "key" icon overlay looks a bit blurred for me, not as sharp as the "lock"00:59
d6gand not sure if "key" is a good metaphor01:00
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yharrowhey, does anyone know if there will be an update to the last uploaded theme to Karmic Koala ( the theme reminiscent of Breezy) ?03:37
darkmatterubuntu should switch to lua and mono as primary developmental languages and kill the filth python crap xD03:43
jonian_gso mono is less crap than python?03:44
darkmattermono is more fun. plus it'll make the paranoid-delusional quake in their booties :P03:45
jonian_gif I want fun I'll go to a luna park03:45
darkmatterbut lua... ahhh... my sweet sweet lightning fast lover *has geek sex with his source code*03:46
mac_vd6g|away: lol... the lock was blurry too , ;)  i could notice it. anyways, the app should mention what sizes they will use in the display... *sigh* ... adding an icon to fix the blurriness06:17
FLOZzHello all  _o/08:40
FLOZz_Hello all  _o/09:14
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FLOZzHello all  _o/11:35
kwwiiknome: hey11:47
SiDiknome's sleeping11:49
kwwiiI'Ve got to finish cooking my beef roast...be back after lunch (or maybe after formula1)11:50
knomeSiDi, not really ;P11:51
SiDisomeone pinged me in #xubuntu-devel11:51
* ckontros waves13:22
knomeoh, that was an hour ago... oops14:21
tgpraveenmac_v: in totem with humanity, it looks really good16:28
tgpraveenbut in fullscree.16:28
tgpraveenin the bar which appears at the bottom with all the controls the volume one is of very small size16:29
tgpraveenshould I bug this16:29
zniavrei still insist on HumanLogin looks much better (at least modern) with clearlooks engine than industrial >http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/4791/capture1s.png18:49
zniavre(i can't take screenshot of gdm "in action" sorry)18:51
ckontroszniavre: As much as I dig the panel app that grabs the menu, I constantly wrestle with the fact that we seem to just copy Apple more often than I like. :(18:52
ckontrosJust wish we could hit upon a UI a little more unique to GNOME.18:54
ckontros(or KDE)18:54
zniavreglobalmenu is only for me i can take same screenshot without18:56
ckontrosAnd the dock.launcher18:56
zniavreit's personnal taste  but the gtkrc still "regular" one and universal18:58
ckontrosSure. I'm just generally commenting on UI/layout.18:58
zniavrenote for later > only submit window screenshot18:59
* ckontros has about the same one here. I think the appeal of a dock is it's interactivity.18:59
ckontroszniavre: :P18:59
* ckontros 's desktop: http://i34.tinypic.com/dz74ea.jpg19:06
ckontros(resized from 1920x1200)19:07
zniavreo but you get globalmenu and dock also ?!!19:07
ckontrosYes. I said that already.19:08
ckontrosYou told me about globalmenu remember? :)19:08
zniavresorry i misunderstand what "dig" means (harraps helped me)19:09
ckontrosdig=like, enjoy19:09
ckontrosGuess that was lost in translation.19:09
thorwilckontros: wow does that breathe folder ever jump out19:10
ckontrosthorwil: Yeah. I scaled it to rememnd me I have work to do. :)19:10
thorwilso on friday, newz told at one point there would be a decision regarding the countdown banner in half an hour ...19:16
thorwilhi troy_s19:16
troy_sGreetings thorwil.19:16
* ckontros waves as well19:16
troy_sGreetings ckontros.19:16
thorwiltroy_s: ckontros used to be kown as _MMA_, but he's _way_ more serious now! ;)19:17
troy_sthorwil: Well that's a step in the positive direction for ckontros.  _MMA_ was a jerk.19:17
* ckontros buttons his coller up all the way.19:18
troy_sChatty as always in here eh ckontros?19:30
ckontrostroy_s: Well, I'm in here in case. But My focus need to be elsewhere. ;)19:31
* thorwil doesn't even have a focus, currently19:31
troy_sthorwil: Atta' boy.  How's the new gig going?19:33
thorwiltroy_s: my invoice went into junk ... hoping for payment early upcoming week. another new client suddenly decided that i'm too expensive and that he actually needs to _start_ his business first :)19:36
thorwili love it!19:36
troy_sthorwil: Woop.  Sounds terrific.19:36
thorwilupcoming week i have to disassemble a kitchen with my brother. first time ever. that will be fun19:37
troy_sthorwil: So you bummed about the gig?19:40
* tgpraveen wonders if he is in the wrong channel for ubuntu artwork :)19:41
thorwiltroy_s: no, it went quite well for having to adapt to a chaotic just-in-time and just-whats-needed to have something to show at all approach of my client19:42
ckontrostgpraveen: Depends. We're mostly a bunch of slack-asses that don't work on anything that actually goes /in/ Ubuntu. Just around it. :P And some folks who have nothing better to do on a Sunday. :)19:43
thorwiltroy_s: but it all stands or falls with my payment. on one side, i trust those guys, on the other ... i belive it when i see it :)19:44
tgpraveenckontros: hehe it seemed as much19:44
tgpraveenguess then i am in the right place19:44
tgpraveenas i too would fall into that category19:44
thorwilckontros: we work on stuff that goes around ubuntu? :)19:44
ckontrosthorwil: I like to think of us as a fringe group of, um, "artists". Not quite working directly on the product we all love. We're like a company that makes after-market parts for cars. :)19:46
thorwiltroy_s: would be good to have another client soon now, but i could fill weeks with things i want to do. a new contender for my time and attention would be de-uglyfying lmms19:48
troy_sthorwil: Uggh.  Toolbars and colourful interfaces - the bane of my existence.19:49
thorwiltroy_s: seeing how i pretty much wasted my effort on the backgrounds wiki section, i guess i should invest more time elsewhere ...19:50
troy_sthorwil: I never knew.19:50
ckontrosthorwil: Speaking of audio apps, anything else going on w/Ardour UI-wise?19:51
thorwiltroy_s: i managed to get almost all contributors to submit their walppaers with a thumbnail of a fixed width, with the exact same wiki markup and explicit licensing. now it seems everything there was ignored to go all flickr instead19:52
troy_sckontros: It would be nice to see a vast push in Free Software toward nodal based applications.  The layers crap is completely nothing compared to nodal apps.  Audio, imaging, etc., would all be serious gain.19:52
thorwilckontros: Paul is busy with getting midi editing to work19:52
ckontrosthorwil: Ahh.. Yeah. I had heard but not following too closely.19:53
thorwilckontros: he has help from a guy who does orchestral stuff and is thus a heavy-duty midi user19:53
troy_sckontros: It would be especially cool if there were a way to connect actual _windows_ via nodal styled interfaces.  Run an output from an imaging app into an input in another application.19:53
ckontrosthorwil: Oh nice. I'll have to drop him a msg.19:53
ckontrostroy_s: Sounds slick. :)19:54
thorwilckontros: so far ardour-3.0 is considered to be not ready for testing from anyone not hanging in the channel and dealing with the inncer circle directly19:54
troy_sckontros: So you settled back into home?19:54
ckontrostroy_s: Si SeƱor19:55
thorwiltroy_s: i'm a huge fan of blender noodles (allthough i never did much with them) and the modular audio environment ingen (that has seen many refactorings and never a state where all basics worked, though)19:58
ckontrostroy_s: That's why I'm only trying to steal a few mins here and there to chat. I'm takin' care of things around the house. Gettin' ready for the new job and spending time with the fam.19:58
troy_sthorwil: It's a defacto standard in many industry grade apps.19:58
thorwilckontros: what's the new job about?19:58
troy_sthorwil: What would be _very_ cool is to be able to actually create app window nodes - imagine piping output from Inkscape directly into another app.  Rather interesting possibilities.19:59
thorwiltroy_s: funny how gimp will have the infrastructure, but is not meant to expose nodes as such, for all i know19:59
ckontrosthorwil: Same old stuff. Sheet metal fabrication. (making signs) Cool shop. Lots of tools to make anything in my head. I can machine just about anything. ;)19:59
troy_sthorwil: Yes... the typical lame GIMP development pattern. Rather like FINALLY getting to 16bpc in 2013 and everyone will have clearly been shown why 16bpc is purely limiting.20:00
troy_sthorwil: I ranted about the amateuritus crap that goes on with our applications.  It is infuriating.20:00
thorwilckontros: sheet metal in you hands and heavy metal in your ears, eh?20:01
ckontrosthorwil: \m/20:01
troy_sthorwil: There should be _zero_ bit depth caps.  Hell... I'll be shocked if GIMP ever gets anything over 8bpc before the turn of the decade.20:01
thorwiltroy_s: it's a drastic example of the "proper" solution being at the doorstep, nobody wanting to do a "hack" to have the functionality now20:02
troy_sthorwil: At this point though, just give the ability to process.  Interface woes are another matter.  GIMP has been stuck in the 90s for technological ability for god knows too long.  Compare with Blender - an extremely powerful application that has developers that listen _and_ create work in a production environment to _test_ the bloody app.20:04
thorwiltroy_s: we need more Tons20:05
troy_sthorwil: Vicious cycle:20:06
troy_sthorwil: We have tools that are lacking production environment ability so they never get used in a production environment and as such, they are lacking production environment ability.20:06
troy_sthorwil: More projects need to adopt the 'open movie' approach and generate a body of work that drives development and taxes the myopic vision that is often placed on the application.20:07
troy_sthorwil: It would greatly speed up the weak areas.  Group source a commissioned work from an esteemed artist such as Craig Mullins - someone the developers might have a hope of listening to - and get his workflow / comments / needs actually coded into the application.20:08
SiDidid anyone succeed so far in theming gdm ?20:13
thorwiltroy_s: yeah. a bit of that is happening with ardour these days.20:14
* thorwil remembers the time when he used gentoo and used to log in on the cli to only then have X started20:15
zniavreSiDi,  yes20:15
SiDizniavre: how ? :P20:15
zniavreat least i changed HumanLogin fron industrial to clearlooks and make different entry colors20:16
zniavregedit /usr/share/gconf/defaults/16_ubuntu-artwork     > then modify gtk theme20:16
zniavrethen > sudo update-gconf-defaults20:17
zniavrei see this in #ubuntu+1 it's seems to work too but never tried20:17
SiDiok thanks gonna look at this20:18
SiDizniavre: can you please send me your /usr/share/gconf/defaults/ artwork files ?20:19
zniavre2 sec .20:20
thorwilgood night!20:24
zniavresorry i pasted it in other room20:24
zniavreSiDi,  it's not the default one20:29
SiDii just wanted to see the gconf keys20:30
FLOZzHello all  _o/21:30
kwwiizniavre: what did you work on gdm-wise?21:30
kwwiijust reading back a bit21:30
zniavrechanged industrial engine to clearlooks i find it more "modern" (for menu and buttons / roundness*)21:33
zniavreim installing virtualbox trying to make a screenshot21:34
kwwiizniavre: killer, i would love to see it...I am going to upload changes to the packages tomorrow21:37
kwwiizniavre: so if you can get something done by then there is a good chance it could make it into the the release21:37
zniavrei hope im not to presumptuous to submit this one (only personal felling) but im trying anyway : http://dl.free.fr/oP9xhEgPu    here gtkrc HumanLoginCL21:46
zniavreand it will take sometimes before karmic installing on vbox sorry21:47
kwwiizniavre: lol, I *love* that you offer your ideas and go so far to help ubuntu21:52
kwwiijust downloaded it, let me test it21:53
zniavre:o)  thank you21:53
zniavrethis one follows original color theme , mine a bit clearest #363636 instead of #000000 which is not good on my crappy crt21:54
kwwiizniavre: the problem with clearlooks (and murrine) is that they do not have a lighter outline around the widgets, like industral can21:55
kwwiithat was essentially why I made it with industrial21:55
zniavreho ok21:56
zniavrecan we mix the engine inside the gtkrc ?21:56
kwwiiyes, but that takes longer to start, so no :p21:57
ckontros+1 if the engines are already shipped.21:57
zniavreho ok21:57
kwwiickontros: industrial comes with gnome21:57
kwwiickontros: so it is already shipped21:57
ckontrosWhat .0005 milliseconds longer?21:57
ckontrosSo is Murrine/Clearlooks.21:57
kwwiiit also makes bug fixing a pain21:58
zniavreMurrine does not want to work here i do not know why21:58
ckontroskwwii: meh.21:58
kwwiiI worked with the guy who made industrial, you should understand how it was made21:58
kwwiiit was designed to be minimalistic and simple21:59
ckontrosMy "meh" was more a "In the end, I don't care to push the subject because I really have no strong feelings about it." :)21:59
zniavreit is for sure   ^^22:00
kwwiihe was a big fan of the intrepid wallpaper22:00
kwwiibut now I sound like richard nixon talking about the old days22:01
ckontroskwwii: hahaha. Who did the new default?22:02
kwwiiit was made by a photographer22:05
kwwiiwe did a photo shoot for the new CD covers22:05
kwwiiand this photo was among them22:05
kwwiivery nice work22:05
ckontrosAnd man. There Usplash->GDM->Xsplash->Desktop transition is, um, a bit much.22:06
kwwiiwe hired marcus haslam to work on branding stuff, marketing material, etc...he is amazing22:06
ckontrosIt makes 4 transitions using 2 images.22:06
kwwiiat least it all has the same bg :p22:06
* ckontros shrugs.22:07
ckontrosI still have no clue what the guys did w/Studio. I'm scared to look.22:08
zniavrekwwii,  in fact the industrial engine use it's to create the small outside clear line around the loginwindow right ?22:08
kwwiiwe hired marcus haslam to work on branding stuff, marketing material, etc...he is amazing22:09
MadsRHkwwii -> In the forum there seems to be a lot of "it's too bright" compared to the splash background. I mean they both look really good, but it's kind of a valid point, the contrast is kind of huge.22:09
kwwiinice ken22:09
kwwiizniavre: among other things, yes22:09
kwwiithe buttons are also important22:09
kwwiiand the outside border of the tab windows, list/tree views22:10
kwwiiMadsRH: good input, what exactly does that mean22:10
kwwiiMadsRH: that the white is too bright on the gdm screen?22:10
ckontrosMadsRH: I'm normally a fan of contrast, but I think I would agree that's kinda what bugs me. The sharp contrast between transitions.22:10
kwwiiI haven't checked the forums since friday22:10
MadsRHckontros -> spot on ;-)22:11
kwwiior are you saying things should fade to black everytime the pieces switch?22:11
FLOZzbye !22:11
FLOZzgood night22:11
MadsRHexactly, the contrast you experience when going from a very dark (but beautiful may I add) background to the new yellow/orange wallpaper22:12
kwwiinight FLOZz22:12
kwwiiMadsRH: the background in gdm is not set yet?22:12
kwwiior do you mean the final switch between xsplash and desktop?22:12
kwwiiwhatever it is, that you exactly mean, should be filed as a bug22:12
ckontroskwwii: The Usplash->GDM->Xsplash->Desktop transition.22:13
ckontrosDark, light, dark, light22:13
kwwiickontros: there should not be a transition between usplash and gdm22:18
kwwiiit should be xsplash-gdm-xplash-desktop22:18
kwwiiusplash is only used if there is an fsck error, et22:19
ckontrosThan that's it then.22:19
kwwiiand anyway, it uses the same bg as the xsplash22:19
kwwiiwith the same logo, etc22:19
ckontrosThe 2nd xplash feels visually redundant.22:19
kwwiithe fact that so much text is still shown and that we still haven't switched to grub2 is disturbing22:20
kwwiickontros: yeah, I agree22:20
kwwiifile a bug22:20
ckontrosWhat is it hiding? Why do we have it now where we didn't before?22:20
kwwiiI am sure that there already is one22:20
kwwiiadd your voice22:20
* ckontros takes a peek.22:20
mac_vkwwii: i thought we are using grub222:26
kwwiiso far as I can tell from the latest stuff, we are still on 1.97~whatever22:27
mac_vkwwii: thats grub2 ;)22:27
mac_vthey have dumb numbering thats all22:27
kwwiino, the resolution and stuff is different22:27
kwwiiI disagree22:27
mac_vgrub was 0.9622:28
kwwiiit is missing something22:28
kwwiiit looks different than when I installed grub222:28
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub222:28
kwwiiit might have a lot of the code in common but I think it is different22:28
kwwiimaybe I am wrong22:28
kwwiiI'd have to talk to the platform team22:29
mac_vkwwii: do you want the panel logo also to be greyscale?22:31
mac_vdistributor logo*22:31
kwwiino, I do not think it will work well, but if you think so, suggest something ;)22:32
mac_vhehe.. i dont want to do it either22:32
mac_vi thought you said something of the sort yesterday22:32
mac_vkwwii: BTW ,the default wallpaper is really nice , very cheerful feel :)22:33
kwwiimac_v: thanks, I will pass it on.22:34
=== d6g|away is now known as d6g
mac_vd6g: hei , does the bluetooth icon work?22:35
d6gmac_v: no, updated to r338, and it is still the blue one22:36
mac_vd6g: hm... could you change to gnome theme and check what color the icon is22:37
d6gthe gnome icon theme uses the blue one, tango-ish22:37
d6gand the one humanity is using looks slightly different22:38
mac_vargh! my hicolor is having black icons22:38
mac_vd6g: screenshot pls22:38
d6gcurrent humanity: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/32533516/screenshot1.png22:39
mac_vd6g: awesome ... i'll fix it in a min :)22:39
jonian_gmac_v: hi. Why that happens with the bluetooth icon?22:44
mac_vjonian_g: switching ;)22:44
mac_vjonian_g: my hicolor folder got deleted recently and i'm not able to check icons correctly :/22:45
d6gmac_v: i think what currently used is apps/24/bluetooth.svg22:47
mac_vd6g: could you pull from the rev again and see if that solves the panel icon22:47
mac_vd6g: yeah ;) ... my hicolor has black bluetooth icons and it mislead me :(22:48
jonian_gd6g: if we change the 24px icon, then it is going to change in the menu entry too22:48
mac_vd6g: yeah also check the menu entry22:49
d6gmac_v: the menu entry now is monochrom too :(22:51
mac_vhrm.... then its only possible to do a bluetooth icon in black22:51
mac_vd6g: did you connect to any device?22:52
mac_vwhat icon does it display then22:52
d6gnot really, let me try22:52
d6gi've connected to my cell phone and i don't see any changes on the bluetooth icon22:54
ckontrosmac_v: Just pokin' ya 'bout that email.22:57
mac_vckontros: oh.. you wanted it immediately... what am i supposed to explain again? the only main issue is the network manager.. and asac still hasnt confirmed the final label names... he said he would remind me once he has discussed upstream22:59
d6gmac_v: i noticed nautilus' icon is changed, but when copying files etc, it looks confusing on the system tray: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/7758/screenshot2io.png23:00
mac_vd6g: there is already a bug about that :) .. but for this cycle we are only sticking to greyscale system icons...23:00
mac_vfor those stuff to work , it would mess up the apps :(23:01
d6gand why is nautilus a folder icon with a mouse cursor?23:03
mac_vd6g: i didnt do all the icons ;)23:04
jonian_gthat icon is done by DanRabbit23:08
jonian_gyou can file abug about it if you want23:08
mac_vbut i think it can mean the pointer pointing over the folder and operating ;)23:09
mac_vd6g: i'v pushed another version , this is the best we can do for now :(23:10
mac_vwithout doing anything to the code...23:10
mac_vI dont think if this icon shows up in the menu it would be too grave23:11
jonian_ga blacktooth :)23:12
d6gmac_v: can you make the size a bit smaller? it is the biggest guy in the system tray now :)23:13
mac_vd6g: oh! screenshot pls :) ..23:13
mac_vbut if we make it smaller it will be small in the menu too :(23:13
d6gyeah, but the tango one looks fine23:14
d6gis the current one bigger than the tango/hicolor version?23:14
jonian_gI made it bigger to fit the rest of the icons23:15
d6g... the bluetooth applet really should use an icon from status folder for the system tray23:16
mac_vd6g: could you add the bluetooth to the also affects for that bug?23:17
d6gsure, is the pakcage name "bluetooth"?23:17
mac_vd6g: i think so... i wasnt sure thats why i told you to do it ;p23:18
d6gnot sure which one: bluez, bluez-gnome or gnome-bluetooth23:21
ckontrosmac_v: I just wanted some notes on any new icon names to support. Panel and whatnot.23:21
d6gi will go for gnome-bluetooth23:21
mac_vckontros: the new names will be know only after asac clears things up... but he said expect more icons ;) especially for wwan23:23
mac_vnothing else is new23:23
ckontrosmac_v: I'll still take anything tentative and details on where they're used. (if there's anything) Seems like there's a bunch going on outside of FreeDesktop. (which I still have to look over latest changes)23:25
mac_voh... ok23:26
ckontrosmac_v: I wanna plan out Breathe's next steps after the mime work Daniel and Sebastian are doin'.23:27
mac_vckontros: hehe ...well... we have been planning for quite a long time ;p23:28
mac_vwriting the mail now :)23:28
ckontrosmac_v: "we"?23:29
mac_vckontros: as in you ;p23:29
ckontrosmac_v: Ahh... No. It might appear that way but lately I've taken chat off-list since people aren't replying.23:30
ckontrosSo if you're subscribed to the branch changes you'll see what's going on.23:31
mac_vckontros: well you dont reply to mails even ... so i thought you were *very* busy23:31
mac_vyeah i get the branch changes23:31
ckontrosIf it was one right to me, I mighta missed it. But we pushed a major color revision with no outside feedback. So, we've been talkin' off-list since.23:32
ckontrosmac_v: I'll make the mime chat public soon. Currently, I'm dealing with movin' back home after 6months away and starting a new job.23:34
d6gmac_v: i think maybe not so urgent, but there should be a monochrome icon for input method -- a common icon staying in the tray for CJK users23:35
mac_vd6g: that would be for lucid ;)23:36
d6gya, and the current version of ibus uses its own icon for that, you can actually do nothing23:36
d6gbut the ppa version seems uses an icon from status/23:37
mac_vckontros: these new changes will land in time for Karmic, right?23:38
MadsRHknome -> Ping!23:45
ckontrosmac_v: I hadden't planned on it. I'd have to get an exception. (i think)23:51
ckontrosmac_v: Plan is/was to keep the .50 release in Karmic and anyone who wants to stay current can use the PPA.23:53

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