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rugby471mac_v: do you want me to swap the ipod icon out in the branding?06:50
mac_vrugby471: BTW where is that icon? i dont think it is there in the theme06:56
mac_vrugby471: or are you confusing with elementary?06:57
rugby471mac_v: nope, devices/24/multimedia-player-icon.svg06:57
mac_vrugby471: didnt notice that before... hm.. i'l be replacing that shortly ;)06:58
rugby471mac_v: why is that?06:59
mac_valso there are more colorful icons06:59
mac_vrugby471: we surely can be having the multimedia player using an ipod06:59
mac_vcon not*06:59
rugby471mac_v: I have replaced the ipod with a floppy disk, can you upload?07:00
mac_vrugby471: atm , branding is low priority, we are adding more icons  , so maybe not before RC07:01
rugby471mac_v: just for launchpad :-)07:01
mac_vhehe ;)07:01
mac_vrugby471: also since we are adding more icons , there might be things to change.. so branding can be done only after that :)07:02
rugby471mac_v: atm I am working on the execute actio icon for 24x24 the reason being my text editor needs it otherwise the tollbar goes all jumpy :-)07:02
rugby471mac_v: ok07:02
mac_vrugby471: which icon is that?07:03
rugby471the one with the three gears07:03
mac_vrugby471: already i'v done it ;)07:04
rugby471mac_v: for 24x24?07:04
mac_vrugby471: yup07:04
rugby471mac_v: damn you :-)07:04
rugby471mac_v: when did you do it? what rev?07:05
mac_vrugby471: not pushed yet07:06
rugby471mac_v: ah :-)07:06
rugby471mac_v: is it ready, if so could you push, the toolbar thing is really annoying :-)07:06
mac_vrugby471: doing some more icons to push at the same time... usually i push the fixes immediately07:06
mac_vrugby471: there is scalable icon , does that not work?07:07
mac_vi think it needs symlinks07:07
rugby471mac_v: for some reason no, geany (the application) uses a larger icon07:07
mac_vi'll have to check symlinks07:07
mac_vrugby471: isnt the label gnome-run07:08
rugby471mac_v: aren't you using the icon-naming-utils?07:08
rugby471mac_v: yep07:08
rugby471mac_v: here is a video of the behaviour http://videobin.org/v/j/jg.ogg07:09
mac_vrugby471: oh , thats bad :/ will be pushing by today , with a couple of other icons ;)07:11
rugby471mac_v: cool07:11
mac_vrugby471: you are on karmic right?07:15
rugby471mac_v: nope still jaunty :-)07:15
rugby471mac_v: I have a karmic VM07:15
mac_vaw :(07:15
* Amaranth does a little dance07:16
Amaranthcompiz down to 390 bugs07:16
mac_vhehe , i lost my high color folder... so was wondering if i could copy from you ;)07:16
AmaranthI've look at at least half of them this week07:16
Amaranth(that's 100 less than a week ago)07:16
rugby471hehe, whats in it for me ...07:16
rugby471mac_v: ^07:17
mac_vrugby471: nothing ;p07:17
mac_vAmaranth: hei, you are on Karmic ?07:17
Amaranthmac_v: tar running already07:17
rugby471mac_v: .. you drive a hard bargain..07:17
Amaranthwow 30M07:18
mac_vargh! , i tried reisntallin some of the apps to recover the icons and every time the settings get over written :/ or keeps prompting07:18
Amaranthuploading, going to take some time07:19
mac_v30M for hicolor.. o.007:19
mac_vAmaranth: sure no probs... thanks :)07:19
AmaranthI'm pretty sure scp means 50 seconds and not 50 minutes07:19
Amaranthoops, 2 minutes and rising07:19
mac_vrugby471: lol! even human uses ipod!07:24
rugby471mac_v: no, it is a generic music player :-)07:25
mac_vrugby471: check out the gnome one.. that is generic ;)07:25
mac_vrugby471: the human is a symlink to the icon labeled ipod ... so it is an ipod07:26
rugby471mac_v: hehe I was only joking07:26
Amaranthmac_v: sorry, forgot I was uploading07:36
Amaranthmac_v: http://www.realistanew.com/random/hicolor.tar.bz207:36
mac_vAmaranth: thanks :)07:37
Amaranthomg, expire_bugs.py07:44
AmaranthI was about to do that manually :/07:44
Amaranthwow, we had a bug in there Incomplete for a year07:46
Amaranthwhoa, this thing is closing a lot of bugs...07:47
Amaranthhaha, just hit my goal for compiz bugs07:53
AmaranthEven after I changed the goal to make it harder07:53
AmaranthI passed the original goal and the new goal in the same day even07:53
* rugby471 thinks whatever Amaranth just said sounded really awesome07:55
Amaranthrugby471: I ran a script that automatically closed bugs people haven't answered on in 30 days07:56
Amaranthrugby471: It closed 40 bugs07:56
rugby471Amaranth: wow, I though incomplete bugs were meant to expire anyway07:57
Amaranthrugby471: Apparently it doesn't work07:57
AmaranthAnyway, I have a new goal for compiz bugs for karmic: 25007:58
rugby471Amaranth: hmmm, when were they filed?07:58
rugby471Amaranth: cool07:58
Amaranthrugby471: anywhere from 2 months ago to 2 years ago07:58
rugby471Amaranth: wow, maybe launchpad pre 2.0 didn't expire them ?07:59
mac_vAmaranth: isnt the time limit for unanswered bugs 2 months ;)07:59
Amaranthmac_v: apparently the bug squad uses 30 days instead07:59
mac_vrugby471: ah! the execute is missing a symlink08:00
rugby471mac_v: ah there we go08:00
mac_vrugby471: try this , add a symlink from gnome-run to gtk-execute08:00
rugby471mac_v: why is it you aren't using icon naming-utils?08:00
* Amaranth thinks this script is broken08:00
rugby471mac_v: k08:00
AmaranthIt closed bugs there were old but not based on how long they were Incomplete but how long they were open08:00
* mac_v never figured out how to use icon-naming-utils :(08:00
Amaranthoh well, if people answer the question they can open them again :P08:01
Amarantherr, wait, no, it did the right thing08:01
rugby471mac_v: it is really simple (well pretty much) I can set you up with a script I created for breathe icon set08:01
Amaranthduh, we're in september now08:01
mac_vrugby471: its more ,  i never tried it yet ;)08:02
rugby471mac_v: sorry?08:02
mac_vrugby471: also another symlink to system-run08:02
rugby471mac_v: ok08:02
mac_vi have tried the utils08:02
mac_vhave not*08:02
rugby471mac_v: you should, basically there is a database of all the icon names and you can get it to symlink your files for you08:03
mac_vrugby471: i'm at present using the icon-library08:03
rugby471mac_v: ah maybe that is better08:03
mac_vrugby471: hm.. let me try the utils.. how do i use it?08:05
rugby471mac_v: well I ahve been using it with a script I made, wait a min and I shall find it for you08:05
rugby471mac_v: here we go http://pastebin.com/d7607c4f908:09
rugby471mac_v: bear in mind this was a while back and so the script itself is quite dirty08:09
rugby471mac_v: however it should work, just run it in the directory above the humanity directory08:09
mac_vrugby471: ah... thanks. will have a go at it some time ;)08:10
mac_vrugby471: did you try the execute symlinks? do they work now?08:10
rugby471mac_v: it takes two seconds :-) and then all the symlinks are done08:10
rugby471mac_v: yep they do now, however the icon is pretty blurry (understandably)08:10
mac_vyeah ;)08:10
mac_vrugby471: does the SS display the find icon with humanity?08:19
mac_vit has all the symlinks ...*i think*08:19
rugby471mac_v: I don't know but I don't think so, mpt was talking about it I think08:19
rugby471mac_v: tell you what08:20
mac_vthe problem seems to be SS is using a wrong label :?08:20
rugby471mac_v: I shall find you your missing symlinks, wait a min08:20
mac_vstock find08:20
mac_vmvo said it uses > stock find08:20
mac_vbut that is not a gnome label ,08:20
mac_vrugby471: stock search is the correct label08:21
mac_vrugby471: or maybe SS is not able to handle svg :(08:23
rugby471mac_v: yeah maybe give me a min, there is a rpblem with my script08:23
mac_valready the accessories icon in the main window looks black  , when it is actually white :/08:24
rugby471mac_v: damn it, becuase the humanity icons are set out differently, the script won't work08:24
mac_vhehe ;)08:24
rugby471mac_v: I don't have time to work on a new script now, however this evening I might be able to08:25
mac_vrugby471: no need script , just try one thing , edit the SS store to use the stcok search label08:25
mac_vinstead of stock find08:25
mac_vsee if that works08:25
rugby471mac_v: it seems that humanity is missing a lot of symlinks though, so there are other programs which are affected08:26
mac_vi wouldnt say lot ;) , but yeah some are still missing08:27
rugby471mac_v: the search entry in software store uses gtk.STOCK_FIND08:27
rugby471mac_v: it is a symlink problem or an svg problem i think08:28
mac_vrugby471: yeah , thats what mvo said... try with stock search08:28
mac_vif that works then its symlink prob08:28
rugby471mac_v: I cannot use stock search it doesn't exist http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/gtk-stock-items.html08:29
mac_vrugby471: gnome icons have it ;)08:29
rugby471mac_v: trust me, by tonite I can write a new script and solve our problems :-)08:29
rugby471mac_v: I am using gtk :-)08:30
rugby471mac_v: however first I have to do some work08:30
rugby471see ya08:30
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tgpraveenany chance of getting libtheora1.1 in karmic? it will improve  video chat quality and videol playback09:53
tgpraveenright now we have about the same version as we had in jaunty so its really old09:54
Amaranthmac_v: btw, launchpad doesn't autoclose bugs it just tells you they expired10:05
AmaranthI guess it's probably some flag in launchpadlib you can access10:05
mac_vAmaranth: yeah , i noticed that10:06
mac_vAmaranth: hmm , for some reason compiz is still missing an icon... which package in compiz reinstalls the icon?10:09
mac_vthe notification area icon*10:09
Amaranthcompiz has an icon?10:09
Amaranthoh, just uninstall that stupid thing10:09
mac_vhehe ;)10:10
mac_vAmaranth: well i find it easy to reload compiz when it crashes... i use it only rarely10:10
Amaranthcompiz doesn't crash :)10:10
AmaranthI haven't only had compiz crash once since jaunty's release except when I'm messing with the code10:11
mac_vwell , my crappy ATI drivers crash and wm switches to matacity , compiz needs to be restarted ;)10:11
AmaranthI don't think I've ever seen a crash in libGL from an ATI user10:12
AmaranthOnly started seeing them from intel users in karmic and those are all fixed10:12
mac_vhm , then i must debug it sometime... it occurs rarely.. probably once or twice a month10:13
Amaranthmac_v: Is it when you press alt-tab? :)10:13
AmaranthAnd does apport pop up?10:13
Amaranthman the group plugin is so awesome10:13
mac_vnope , i dont use alt tab ;) and apport doesnt recongize it :(10:13
mac_vAmaranth: BTW,  the X crash during compiz cube plugin , tseliot helped me get a gdb for that :)10:15
mac_vsomething was messed up very recently in ATI drivers :/10:15
Amaranthgdb compiz is hard10:15
Amaranthwell, X and compiz10:16
Amaranththat's why apport is so awesome10:16
AmaranthAlthough sometimes I wish it would leave the CoreDump files10:16
mac_vonce i got a core dump of 160MB for a nautilus crash ;)10:17
mac_vi just didnt report it ;p10:17
rugby471mac_v: hi10:44
rugby471mac_v: I have the script :-)10:44
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rugby471mac_v: http://pastebin.com/m64113b5d10:47
rugby471mac_v: place this in the humanity icons directory and run:10:48
rugby471python manage_links.py -c10:48
rugby471to create the symlinks10:48
rugby471python manage_links.py -r10:48
rugby471to remove them10:48
rugby471mac_v: please try it, it only takes two seconds10:48
mac_vrugby471: just a sec... i'm on the verge of solving the panel icons ;)10:49
rugby471mac_v: solving them?10:49
rugby471mac_v: sure once you have finished them (what are you doing to them exactly?)10:49
mac_vrugby471: yeah , UX wants greyscale icons on panel but not in apps :/10:49
rugby471mac_v: ah yes I remeber that bug now10:50
rugby471mac_v: like the ubuntu one icon?10:50
mac_vrugby471: so i'v now figured it out for almost all apps ...10:50
rugby471mac_v: cool10:50
AmaranthX freezes when you enable the reflection plugin on intel gm965 :/10:51
mac_vrugby471: not sure about the Ubuntu icon. in greyscale you mean?10:51
rugby471mac_v: I thought on the bug report, they were speaking about how the ubuntu one icon is colourful in the panel when the other (ie. network-manager) are not10:51
mac_vrugby471: that is a wont fix for now ;)10:52
mac_vthat's only for lucid10:52
rugby471mac_v: hehe10:52
mac_vrugby471: there is no way we can do all the apps under the sun in greyscale!10:52
rugby471mac_v: very true :-)10:53
rugby471mac_v: here is a new version http://pastebin.com/m4534e09511:09
rugby471mac_v: it includes a -v option#11:10
rugby471mac_v: in humanity at the moment, there are a few icons that shouldn't exist11:10
rugby471mac_v: ie. gnome-run.svg11:10
rugby471mac_v: the freedesktop name for it is system-run.svg11:10
mac_vrugby471: why?11:10
mac_vboo freedesktop11:11
rugby471mac_v: it should be called system-run.svg and then the symlink to it should be gnome-run.svg11:11
rugby471running with -v shows you the files that should not exist (with a cross next to them) and the file that should (with a tick next to it)11:12
mac_vrugby471: the rev is still in development ;) so the system run symlink will land soon11:12
rugby471mac_v: that was just an example :-)11:12
rugby471mac_v: ofcourse there are situations where you need to interpret the output of -v11:12
mac_vrugby471: what does the script actually do? does it add the links on its own :/11:13
rugby471/home/rugby471/.icons/humanity/devices/48/gnome-dev-media-ms.svg  ☒11:13
rugby471/home/rugby471/.icons/humanity/devices/48/media-flash.svg  ☑11:13
rugby471in this case we do want seperate icons (as they are different with logos etc.) so these we would leave11:13
rugby471mac_v: yes the script creates the symlinks when you run it with -c11:14
rugby471mac_v: and deletes *only* the symlinks with -r11:14
rugby471mac_v: another good example is the network manager icons11:15
rugby471mac_v: atm we have status/22/nm-signal-00.svg11:15
rugby471mac_v: which should be status/22/network-wireless-low.svg11:15
mac_vrugby471: wrong... check hicolor ;p11:16
mac_vthe icons will be in the apps folder ;)11:16
mac_vthe symlinks are just so that it would work in all types of systems :)11:16
rugby471mac_v: sorry I don't see what you mean?11:17
mac_vrugby471: if you check the usr/share/hicolor folder , thats where nm adds its icons11:17
mac_vthe icons will be in the apps folder11:17
rugby471mac_v: yup11:17
mac_vnot in status11:17
mac_vand the labels are /nm-signal-*.svg11:18
rugby471mac_v: those are different icons, they are for the connecting animation11:19
mac_vrugby471:  check again ;) all the icons are there11:19
mac_vfor nm11:19
mac_vwireless atleast11:19
rugby471mac_v: that is strange...11:19
rugby471mac_v: anyway that is not the problem, they only work in status anyway11:20
rugby471nm-applet picks them up from status11:20
mac_vrugby471: nope! worng again11:20
mac_vthey work even when in apps11:20
rugby471mac_v: in any case they work in both places11:20
mac_vthats how i use them in my system :)11:20
mac_vrugby471: yeah11:20
rugby471mac_v: that is not what I am saying though11:20
rugby471mac_v: if you know what is below then please don't think that I am patronizing you11:21
rugby471mac_v: once there was a time where icons where just put wherever the were wanted with different names etc.11:21
rugby471mac_v: then freedesktop decided to consolidate them into a standard icon naming scheme11:22
rugby471mac_v: this is what the tango project did11:22
mac_v*tried* to do ;p11:22
rugby471mac_v: now the icon-naming-utils (the symlinks) are provided so that those old scattered locations are still there for programs which don't use the new naming scheme yet11:23
rugby471mac_v: so we should use the standard icon scheme for the base icons (ie. the actaul files)11:23
rugby471mac_v: and then for the old locations these should be symlinks11:23
mac_vrugby471: hehe , i already fixed the system run it will apply in the rev i push today :)11:24
rugby471mac_v: therefore the -v option finds the files which are using the old location as the base icon instead of the new icon naming scheme as the base11:24
mac_vand in the way you are describing11:24
Amaranthcan someone who doesn't have intel graphics test https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra/+bug/387370 for me? :)11:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387370 in compiz-fusion-plugins-extra "compiz reflection plugin has some visual error" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:24
rugby471mac_v: yep and there are other like the network manager ones11:24
rugby471mac_v: the base icons (ie. svg originals) should be named status/22/network-wireless-low.svg11:25
rugby471mac_v: the symlink should then be status/22/nm-signal-00.svg11:25
mac_vrugby471: that i wont do for now :) ... untill nm fixes it first ;)11:25
rugby471mac_v: sorry?11:26
mac_vrugby471: when network manager places the icons in the status folder and uses the labels described in free... then i'll change this also11:26
rugby471mac_v: that's not the point11:27
mac_vrugby471: pls i dont want to mess things up.. now11:27
rugby471mac_v: the base icon should be network-wireless-11:28
rugby471mac_v: the symlink should be nm-signal-11:28
rugby471it won't break anything11:28
mac_vrugby471: anyways ...11:28
mac_vnot now ;p11:28
rugby471mac_v: just putting the symlink on the correct icon11:28
rugby471mac_v: otherwise there are other programs like wicd who can't use the icons11:28
rugby471the icon script I gave you only works on the icons that are using the standar naming spec for the base svg icon11:29
rugby471mac_v: why are you reluctant to do this?11:29
mac_vrugby471: there is bit of a shuffle going on the the nm labels... pls dont confuse me now ;)  asac is fixing the naming ... he said he will inform the new names also11:29
asacis fixing == is trying to get that untangled upstream ;)11:30
rugby471asac: what exactly is it that needs untangling :-)11:30
asacrugby471: no time11:30
rugby471asac: is there a bug open?11:31
asacrugby471: but its basically splitting up icons that are used to indidicate status from the ones that solely refer to devices11:31
rugby471asac: will it be in karmic or lucid?11:31
asacno commitment given. goal is karmic, but not 100% certain11:32
rugby471asac: ok11:32
asacif you want file a bug and assign me11:32
rugby471mac_v: I shall create a branch later with the names corrected and the correct symlinks created so nothing is broken and I shall propose for merge11:33
rugby471mac_v: ^ for humanity11:33
mac_vrugby471: what is the hurry?11:33
mac_vsorry... but kindly wait for asac11:33
rugby471mac_v: there is none, however at the moment in karmic, there are symlinks that don't exist and so some things will be broken11:34
rugby471mac_v: if asac manages to get the nm thing finished then we can always update the icon names, however if he doesn't manage to, then we leave it11:34
rugby471mac_v: don't worry, I will make it a priority that nothing breaks at all11:35
rugby471mac_v: plus I need to start doing revision in a few days and so I won't be able to do much work on it further down the line11:36
mac_vrugby471: atm , this issue is low priority for humanity... since stuff with nm works... but sure , as asac said , file the bug and assign it to both nm > asac and humanity> to me :)11:39
rugby471mac_v: I don't know the bug to file though, the issue is unknown to me11:39
rugby471mac_v: just becuase it is low priority doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed :-)11:40
mac_vrugby471: i dint say wont fix11:40
mac_vwill fix but not now11:40
rugby471mac_v: I will make a branch and fix it, all you need to do is merge :-)11:40
rugby471mac_v: but cool11:41
mac_vrugby471: basically i dont want to do the work twice! once the problem is resolved11:41
rugby471mac_v: okay I see your point11:41
rugby471mac_v: however I shall do the work11:41
rugby471mac_v: time to go11:48
rugby471mac_v: see ya :-)11:48
rugby471(you can relax now)11:49
tgpraveenmac_v: in the humanity theme12:37
tgpraveenin the nautilius side panel of places, I can't differentiate between usb hdd and local hdd12:38
tgpraveenin human theme for eg the usb symbol was prominently visible. But right now if I am in computer:/// then I can see it is a usb and make out the difference12:39
tgpraveenbut not in the side pane12:39
tgpraveenfiled bug                                       Bug #43760612:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437606 in humanity-icon-theme "usb hdds can't be spotted in nautilus side pane" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43760612:49
AmaranthI just asked keybuk to test a 2 year old crash bug in karmic :P14:09
AmaranthSomeone else commented it was still happening for them in jaunty, thought that was the same as the reporter14:10
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rugby471mac_v: hello18:36
mac_vrugby471: hey18:49
rugby471mac_v: I ignored doing the network manager stuff as some of the icon names are messed up (ie. nm-applet has an icon for 75% but the standard icon names don't)18:58
rugby471mac_v: however I recursively vacuumed defs, created all symlinks, renamed one file that wasn't correct and created all symlinks :-)18:59
rugby471mac_v: https://code.launchpad.net/~rugby471/humanity/humanity-andrews-changes18:59
Zdrakenvandine, is it a bug or feature that notify bubbles are not on top of screen19:43
dobeyZdra: "not on top"?20:00
Zdrait is not at the same position than before, it a bit below20:02
tgpraveen Zdra are the sync notifications like volume etc on top20:02
tgpraveenie their original posn20:03
Zdratgpraveen, yep20:03
Zdrabut not all empathy notify20:03
tgpraveenyeah that was a design change which was suggested to separate sync/async notifications20:04
tgpraveendont know if it went in right now or not20:04
Zdrathat looks like a bug...20:09
Zdraasac, any chance to get epiphany-extentions packaged for webkit version?20:19

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