Wolteri guess marketers are pretty idle03:07
rbergeronanyone around? :)03:21
rbergeronhi :) i was wondering if anyone knows who the key person is for doing the ubuntu surveys you guys have done in the past...03:27
* rbergeron is from the fedora-mktg team and handing mkt research and wondering about maybe doing a joint survey with some of the other distros03:27
TakyojiWell, the primary contact of the Ubuntu marketing team is DPic03:28
Takyojiotherwise I don't know of other people in specific03:29
TakyojiYou could also ask on #ubuntu-locoteams, which is more active, and should have someone that should know03:29
rbergeroncool. thank you :)03:30
TakyojiOtherwise this is just a community team I believe.03:31
TakyojiIn other words, this team isn't operated by Canonical03:33
MarkDudeHow often is this channel used?21:37
TakyojiIn regards of?21:40
Takyojiotherwise it's fairly quiet since nobody else seems to be willing to actually discuss much at all..21:40
MarkDudebrainstorming on marketing ubuntu21:40
MarkDudeare there scheduled meetings? Or is this done with mailing lists?21:41
TakyojiI don't think there's any scheduled meetings currently21:41
TakyojiThis channel just needs more regulars rather than just idlers21:42
MarkDudePeople call me an Ubuntu evangelist. I have read lots on the how to do it. 21:42
Takyojiand also things to discuss21:43
Takyojihave you looked at the Spread Ubuntu effort at all?21:43
MarkDude1 of my goals is to try to help make the community more diverse21:43
MarkDudeyes it has great content. IMHO it is terribly organized & clunky21:44
TakyojiWhat would be some suggestions of yours for improvement?21:45
MarkDudeMy #1 solution always involves meeting in person- if at all possible21:46
MarkDudeor i like to say - all problems can be solved with beer & BBQ21:46
TakyojiIn regards of the marketing team, or just in general? :P21:47
MarkDudemid-east crisis, the crusades, & marketing.21:47
MarkDudehere in Norther california we are trying to organize a big party with music & more for the karmic release21:48
TakyojiThe Minnesota area is pretty much inactive currently; there is one individual that coordinates an installfest for each release, but that's about it. I'm hoping to make my LoCo team more active21:49
MarkDudemore specifically - that being a geek is not a requirement. I'm a geek but, not all of of us in the area are21:50
MarkDudeUbuntu is user friendly. We use coffee shops for promoting hands on use of open-source in general21:51
MarkDudeI realize not everywhere has as many coffee shops as we do21:51
TakyojiLinutop, or?21:52
Takyojior a typical desktop with an Ubuntu installation?21:52
MarkDudeIt's a little less OS specific but wikipedia's beer project has helped get some interested21:52
Takyoji(just curious)21:52
MarkDudeUbuntu mostly. We also use some fedora & I also like puppy linux21:53
TakyojiPuppy Linux just needs a little modification to be more user friendly, like to the level of Ubuntu. But yes, it is very light and versatile21:54
MarkDudewe practice 'humanity towards other operating systems.21:54
MarkDudepuppys developer is working on WOOF. by next year it should be compatible with ubuntus repositories21:55
MarkDudehave you talked to free geek21:56
MarkDudethey started in portland & have at least 12 other grouos in north america21:57
TakyojiHaven't heard of them previously if I remember correctly21:57
MarkDudewe are also trying to do the same here in norcal.21:57
MarkDudefreegeek portland rocks - they are a great resource. I met someone from twincities there last year21:58
MarkDudeI know they would be good to at least partner with21:58
TakyojiApparently a few parts of their website are undermaintained it seems21:59
Takyojibut yea21:59
TakyojiI'm about an hour away from the Twin Cities21:59
MarkDudefreegeek.org has been around since 200021:59
MarkDudemight be worth an email though22:00
MarkDudeI am part of some local lugs22:00
MarkDude& a forming non-profit  called gidgetkitchen.org22:00
MarkDudeI like diversity & many users groups are mostly white dudes (like me)22:02
MarkDudeHopefully some of the idlers have some ideas on creating big events. email mark [at] gidgetkitchen.org22:03
MarkDudedo you always carry some CDs with you?22:03
Takyojiotherwise you're also free to talk to me via Jabber/Google Talk22:03
TakyojiYes, I always carry CDs in fact.22:04
TakyojiI don't the official ones though; just ones I've burned on my own22:04
MarkDudeGrantbow does the same - he thinks it represents the grassroots nature of ubnut maybe better22:07
Takyojiinteresting Wordpress theme by the way22:07
Takyojiand content as well22:08
TakyojiRight now I'm trying to think of how to structure an afterschool group I'll be starting in about 9 days; working on the slideshow for it right now22:08
MarkDudethank you. 22:09
MarkDudefind allies & use a logo. 22:10
TakyojiPeople interested were surveyed on what topic they'd be interested in for the group, the primary aspect was web design. I intend to additionally do a little FOSS advocacy through it as well22:10
MarkDudeat one point i was using a picture of tux. & had the caption who the heck is tux the penguin & what the $%@# does he have to do with me?22:11
MarkDudeit worked to create some interest22:11
Takyojiheh ahh22:11
MarkDudegood luck on the slideshow. contact freegeek they can really help even if you just have reciprocal links22:13
Takyojiotherwise be sure to be on this channel regularly; so hopefully there can be more activity/discussion possible in this channel22:33
MarkDudetakyoji: thanx I will try to do that. good luck on your ventures22:59

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