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zookoScottK: Hi there, I just checked IRC and saw your messages.  Investigating that file.04:05
zookoScottK: I'm the copyright holder, and the original licence was a simple permissive licence, and I gave allmydata.com full rights to re-license, and they re-licensed it under the Tahoe-LAFS terms (GPL2+|TGPPL1+).04:07
zooko... And I'm not updating the upstream Tahoe-LAFS trunk to reflect this...04:07
zookoOh, wait, it was true of an earlier version of mathutil.py that it was under a simple permissive licence.  A more recent version -- http://allmydata.org/trac/pyutil/browser/pyutil/README.txt -- is under GPL2+|TGPPL1+ .  I don't know which version was copied into Tahoe-LAFS, but I guess it doesn't matter for various reasons. :-)04:10
zookoScottK: s/I'm not updating/I'm now updating/04:16
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zookooff to sleep..06:02
sharmswgrant: When will you run the ftbfs report again?06:05
wgrantsharms: The rebuild FTBFS report should be running every two hours.06:05
sharmswgrant: if it says superceeded then that means it can be safely ignored?06:06
wgrantsharms: Not necessarily. You would have to check if the newer version built properly in the primary archive.06:06
wgrant'(superseded)' just means that there is a newer version of the source in the primary archive.06:07
wgrantNot necessarily that the new one built OK.06:07
sharmsthat is a rather large list so soon to release06:12
wgrantIt's not too much worse than normal.06:13
sharmsI am taking a look at procmail now, and I just got minicom fixed the other day, but I could imagine if those were broken at release the internet would cry06:13
sharmsthis getline transition seems to be biting06:14
wgrantFew would notice unless an SRU or security update was required.06:14
sharmsso we just ship the package as built before the ftbfs?06:17
sharmsany idea how hard it would be to revert ncpfs to pre-jaunty for karmic?06:19
sharmsgcc changed its behavior of how it handles the packed attribute, so for all i386 users the only way to use it is to install the pre jaunty package06:19
sharmsI fixed it for amd64 but I cant figure out how to fix it for i38606:20
wgrantFix the struct definitions.06:20
wgrantUpstream has no fix?06:20
sharmsI dont believe there is an upstream anymore06:20
sharmslast updates were years ago06:20
wgrantRestoring the pre-Jaunty binaries is pretty much impossible. You'd have to rebuild it, in which case the benefit is probably lost.06:21
sharmsoh well, maybe I will get lucky and figure out the i386 issue06:22
wgrantIf not, ask around.06:22
wgrantDebian hasn't fixed it?06:22
sharmsI think I am the only person who touched it in the last while06:22
sharmsthe code is a mess06:23
sharmsI actually forked it and tried to fix all the compiler warnings06:23
sharmsthen removed that fork after it was basically impossible06:23
sharmsanyway, thanks for all the info, very helpful06:24
wrapsterwhile trying to build i get an error saying that GNU m4 is missing.. but even after apt-get install m4 i still get the same issue.. i'm getting this issue while building flex?06:37
wrapsteris there a work around?06:37
jmarsdenwrapster: What are you doing exactly?  I can do  mkdir -p ~/packages/flex && cd ~/packages/flex && apt-get source flex && sudo apt-get build-dep flex && cd flex-2.5.35 && debuild06:42
jmarsdenJust works, here.06:43
wrapsteri did a apt-satisfydepends06:44
wrapsterwell it says 0 upgraded and 0 installed06:46
jmarsdenAll I know is that entire command set executed and build flex in under two minutes here :)  It "just works"06:47
wrapsterjmarsden: http://pastie.org/63216206:47
jmarsdenSo, what does dpkg -l m4 |tail -1   output on your system?06:49
jmarsden(In other words, what version of m4 do you have installed?)06:49
wrapsteri opened up the configure file .. and i can see that m4, gm4 and gnum4 are all different06:50
jmarsdenAre you doing this in Karmic?  I see:06:51
jmarsdenii  m4                                         1.4.11-1                                  a macro processing language06:51
jmarsdenIn Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 amd64.06:52
lifelesswhat does /usr/bin/m4 --version06:52
wrapsterusr/bin/m4 --version --> bad option06:53
jmarsdenwrapster: How exactly did you install m4 ?  And what version of Ubuntu are you running?06:54
wrapster9.04 and apt-get install m406:54
jmarsden... does not compute :)  Show me the full line of output from   dpkg -l m4 |tail -106:55
wrapsterm4 is the only one under dpkg -l |grep m406:57
jmarsdenwrapster: The initial r in your line means it is not actually installed...06:57
wrapsteroh hold on06:57
wrapsterbut an apt-get install says its already installed?06:57
jmarsdenAnd where on earth did you get 1.4.13-3 from, even Karmic only has 1.4.13-106:57
wrapsterhee hee!!06:58
wrapsterthis is a nexenta machine06:58
jmarsdenThen go ask in a nexenta forum, this is #ubuntu-motu06:59
wrapsteri know06:59
wrapsterforget that...06:59
wrapsteri think i can guess what the issue could be...07:00
jmarsdenYou are just wasting your time and mine asking questions in the wrong place.07:00
lifelesswrapster: it looks to me like m4 isn't GNU m4 ;)07:13
lifelesswrapster: you should file a bug on nexenta07:13
wrapsterok... But thats exactly what my question was...07:14
wrapstercoz you open up the configure file you will see that there is a for $var in gnum4 m4 gm407:14
wrapsterwhich obviously means it cannot be the same07:14
lifelessgnu m4 can be installed under many different names07:19
lifelessthats all that code is for07:19
wrapsterbut i can only find m4 at packages.ubuntu.com07:36
wrapsterso could i just do by creating symlinks to m4 under these names?07:37
lifelesswrapster: the nexenta m4 package is broken from the look of it07:42
lifelesswrapster: you should get that package fixed.07:42
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sistpotyhi folks11:12
geserHi sistpoty11:12
sistpotyhi geser11:12
iulianHey sistpoty, geser.11:28
sistpotyhi iulian11:28
geserHi iulian11:28
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sebnerhuhu iulian sistpoty geser :D11:33
sistpotyhi sebner11:33
geserHi sebner11:33
sebnerAnother sunday with not that many people online but us *cough* :)11:33
iulianHello sebner.11:37
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wrapsteri was playing around with binutils and changed a few things to create symlinks.. now after dpkg-buildpackage i am able to see the symlink created in the debian/<pkg>/usr/sfw/bin/ but upon installation /usr/sfw/bin does not reflect it?12:40
wrapsterhow is it possible?12:40
lifelesscheck debc12:42
wrapsterlifeless: ?12:42
wrapsterone moment12:44
wrapsterlifeless: what should i be looking for in debc?12:44
lifelessyour symlinks?12:45
lifelessdebian/$pkg has very litt;e to do with what will be installed12:46
wrapsterlifeless: no its not there12:46
lifelessthen you're not packaing the symlinks12:47
wrapsterthe symlinks are not there12:47
lifelessI thought nexenta was Ubuntu with Solaris kernel ?12:47
wrapsteryes you are right12:48
lifelessso why are you changing the binutils package to install stuff in a nonstandard location?12:49
wrapsterlifeless: there are a few modules that directly search for executables from these locations(solaris stuff) so instead of changing them it would be advisable to get them into a pkg so that all these essentials can be just an apt-get install away12:51
lifelessif you were to fix those modules, they would be more portable ;)12:51
lifelessjust a thought12:51
wrapsteri'll give you an eg... gcc actual path is /usr/sfw/bin/gcc(on solaris) but on ubuntu its in /usr/bin right!!!12:53
lifelessyes. It should be in /usr/bin12:53
wrapsterso there are millions of pkg that search for gcc in /usr/sfw/bin/ and will fail how many can  you change?12:53
wrapsterso instead if you can change the underlying issue..it will always serve the purpose in a better way..12:54
lifelessubuntu has 20K packages that look in /usr/bin12:54
wrapsterso be it..12:54
wrapstera symlink wont harm either ubuntu or solaris right!!112:54
lifelessif you fork such low level packages, you'll have more pain tracking Ubuntu12:55
lifelessand more bug reports.12:55
wrapsterhmm.. let see when we encounter one.. coz till now there are no reports... no guarantees as yet though ..so hoping it wont turn out the way we dont want it to...12:56
wrapsterlet wait and see before ppl start complaing12:56
lifeless shrug, its your time12:59
lifelessI suggest adding a compatibility package though rather than changing toolchain packages thenselves12:59
sebnersistpoty: du we have any agenda points regarding a MOTU meeting?13:01
sistpotysebner: not yet, I guess13:02
sistpotysebner: but maybe I'll add some during the week ;)13:02
sebnersistpoty: sounds mysterious :D13:04
joaopintowrapster, waiting for complains about something you know you are doing wrong is a bad pratice13:11
joaopintolike lifeless explains it makes much more sense to leave the base packages untouched, and introduce a -compat package as a dependency for the opensolaris specific modules13:11
wrapsterlifeless: good idea. will look into that as well.13:11
wrapsterjoaopinto: well lets see about that but i liked lifeless's idea13:12
wrapsterwill try talking to my seniors regarding that13:12
joaopintowrapster, also please note that you can use debian/links and just call dh_link on the rules13:18
wrapsteroh.. i didnt know that..13:19
wrapsterlet me try.13:19
wrapsterjoaopinto: so should i create a separate file called debian/link or how is it?13:23
wrapsterwent through the man but it shows me the usage of the command13:24
joaopintowrapster, you should create a file debian/links13:24
joaopintoyup, the manual is not clear about using a file13:24
wrapsterthen specify the links destination and just call dh_link from rulens?13:25
joaopintoIf i am not mistaken on each line you do:source destination13:25
joaopintoyes, if is not beeing called already, it is called if you use cdbs13:26
wrapsterok will test it out13:29
wrapsterso its like this... in the debian/links file --> <abs/path/to/source /abs/path/to/dest ;;;;; then in the rules file dh_link thats all13:35
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zookoMorning, folks! (UTC-6)14:57
Quintasanzooko: hiho15:00
sebnersistpoty: what do you think about a FFe for xmoto (0.5.1 -> 0.5.2), some small bugfixes, polished graphics, improved camera, new levelpack15:00
sistpotysebner: I'll take a look at it later... just about to leave and go voting ;)15:03
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c_kornhow can I find out why dh7 decides to run automake ?15:33
c_kornthe Makefile.in files already exist15:33
ChogyDan1I am following this guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate     but instead of downloading new source code, I am editing the source myself.  The problem is, after I do the pbuild, I don't get new .deb files in /result.  Do I have to repack the source code? or do I need to run a different debuild command?15:46
c_kornChogyDan1: what is the output ?15:49
ChogyDan1c_korn: here is some of the end of the pbuilder output: http://pastebin.com/d6125746f15:50
ChogyDan1I thought maybe the comments about not including source are important15:51
c_kornChogyDan1: no, looks fine15:52
ChogyDan1hm, ok.15:52
c_kornChogyDan1: are you sure the deb is not created ?15:53
c_korndh_builddeb only prints a warning but does not fail15:53
ChogyDan1c_korn: yeah, no debs are in pbuilder/result, and there isn't any gnome-session.deb s anywhere on my machine15:54
c_kornChogyDan1: you are sure this file does not exist anywhere ? gnome-session_2.26.0svn20090408-0ubuntu3_i386.deb15:55
c_kornfind / -name gnome-session_2.26.0svn20090408-0ubuntu3_i386.deb15:55
ChogyDan1ah! that's it15:56
ChogyDan1it's in /var/cache/pbuilder/jaunty-i386/result15:57
sebnerChogyDan1: sure? run "locate gnome-session_2.26.0svn20090408-0ubuntu3_i386.deb"16:00
sebnerc_korn: regarding your problem, Have you tried to build the sources the old way (configure and make)? Doesn't it happen there too?16:00
sebnerdamn wifi16:01
c_kornsebner: no, I "fixed" the problem by removing the "missing" file and creating an empty one16:02
sebnerc_korn: bad solution, why not running autoreconf?16:02
c_kornsebner: hm, would be better. I will do so and then add a autoreconf.patch to the build system16:04
c_kornsebner: thanks16:04
lamalexHey guys. I still can't figure out why intltool is crashing, is there anyone around who can help me out?17:01
ScottKzooko: Then document it in debian/copyright.17:12
zookoScottK: okay17:44
zookoScottK: please see the end of this file and tell me if that's all right: http://testgrid.allmydata.org:3567/file/URI%3ACHK%3Agsecbsotjbtzn5uvn6p5de5qeq%3Arg263f6omsfus3pbn6lexes7d6mpcx6nkynzvoalbi6ta7fwloxa%3A3%3A10%3A15318/@@named=/copyright17:47
ScottKzooko: That's OK, but I'd add something about "The original author has stated that ..."17:48
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zookoScottK: how about this: http://testgrid.allmydata.org:3567/file/URI%3ACHK%3Aj4av74jsuf5jayz6w4ptwxnxxm%3Actcz62gfoia4rt24fdx76st7fhukscuehz7usyopscfe56fdryqa%3A3%3A10%3A15437/@@named=/copyright18:07
zookoScottK: okay I uploaded a package with that addendum to the copyright file: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/tahoe-lafs18:24
ChogyDanhow do I get my ppa to build a package for more than one release?  ie, it builds for karmic but I would like it to build for jaunty too18:30
geserChogyDan: reupload with a different version targeting the other release (e.g. by appending the release name)18:51
ChogyDangeser: ok18:52
ChogyDangeser: ok, I don't think I understood that.  I thought maybe by changing the changelog?  but that didn't work.  How do I append the release name?19:03
ChogyDangeser: oh!, nvm, I get it19:03
zookojdong: I fixed a licensing omission in Tahoe-LAFS and re-uploaded to REVU.  Could you please re-upload into the Karmic Queue?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/tahoe-lafs19:08
zookoHello iulian.  I read the interview with you in Full Circle Magazine.  :-)19:08
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jdongheh I wonder if it's worth trying to feature-freeze-except the new weechat20:44
zookojdong: did you see my request about Tahoe-LAFS?20:49
jdongzooko: just saw it :)20:50
jdongzooko: uploaded20:52
zookojdong: great!  Thanks!20:53
zookoSo what happened to the tahoe-lafs that had been sitting in the Karmic Queue until a minute ago, I wonder...20:54
jdongI hope it gets overridden?20:54
zookoMe too.  Unfortunately they had the exact same name and version number...20:55
jdongwell let's see what happens, if it gets rejected then we'll have to poke an archive admin to nuke the existing one20:56
zookoOkay, thanks.20:57
jdongzooko: got confirmation that it was accepted into the New queue; we should be good21:02
zookojdong: great!  Thanks!21:02
jdongsure thing21:02
dupondjei386  5   1742 jobs (34 hours)21:22
dupondjemmm :P21:22
ryanakcaCan anybody think of a source package that builds two binary package, one patched and the other unpatched, using CDBS?21:33
azeemthat's pretty tricky I think21:34
ryanakcaazeem: *nod*21:36
geserI now only of mutt building a patched and a non-patched variant but it doesn't use cdbs, only debhelper21:48
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zookoScottK: please reconsider Tahoe-LAFS now.22:36
andolNo xdialog in Karmic? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdialog23:06
andol(Recieved the question in the Swedish LoCo channel)23:06
LaneyDeleted in karmic-release (Reason: (From Debian) ROM; old gtk1.2 application; alternative exist)23:07
zookoLaney: are you an Archive Admin?  Would you please consider moving Tahoe-LAFS from the Karmic Queue into Karmic?  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+queue23:08
zookoOkay, time for me to take my children for a walk/bike-ride/something.23:09
LaneyI'm not23:09
Laneyjust wait, it will happen23:09
andolLaney: Thanks. Where would I have been able to find that information myself?23:10
Laneyandol: yes, it's on launchpad23:10
Laneyview full changelog on the right23:10
andolLaney: Now I see, thanks23:10

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