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EruditeHermithas anyone packaged gnash 0.8.6 for karmic?05:57
eagles0513875asac: managed to get passed them07:58
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eagles0513875hey guys  i know yall are probably outa the office as its sunday but what is the bzr link to firefox 3.5 as i woudl like to test bindwood with the latest version that is in bzr as the one in the repos on my duelboot bindwood doesnt seem to work with devscripts 0.1610:09
micahgbzr link to 3.5?10:10
eagles0513875when i do sudo apt-get source it tells me this10:11
micahgisn't bindwood an extension?10:11
eagles0513875it gives me notice of where that ff 3.5 is maintained in the bzr revision control system and gives me a link and how to get it but when i use bzr get and the link it throws an error10:12
eagles0513875micahg: ya im in the process of testing it as i am helping asac and gnomefreak and andv with them10:12
micahgI still don't get why you need the source10:12
eagles0513875micahg: would like to see if there were any fixes or enhancements to it that will allow bindwood to work with devscripts version 0.1610:13
eagles0513875with 0.15 it works fine but asac wants all extensions to use 0.16 now10:13
micahgbut what does that have to do with ff35 source/10:13
eagles0513875micahg: im wondering if there were any changed that have been made to 3.5 since it was added to the karmic repos10:14
eagles0513875that might allow for bindwood to work with version 0.16 of devscripts10:14
micahgdo you just want the changelog?10:15
micahgsource is lp:firefox/3.510:15
micahgbut i don't see why you would need it10:15
micahgyou can either try the dailies if you want to test the extension in the latest 3.510:15
micahgor use the karmic version which is the latest release version10:16
eagles0513875ok strange then :(10:16
micahgI thought devscripts was just for building the package10:16
eagles0513875cuz i am using latest ff version on a duel boot i have on my laptop and it doesnt work with 0.16 but with 0.1510:16
eagles0513875micahg: im new to this so i dunno10:16
eagles0513875will talk to asac tomorrow about it10:17
eagles0513875whois deathvalley10:17
micahgyeah, I think the packaging for the extension would need to be modified to work with the later devscripts library10:18
micahgbut yeah, check with asac10:18
eagles0513875will do im guessing hes outa the office since its sunday10:18
asaceagles0513875: why do you think it doesnt work with 0.16?11:16
eagles0513875on my laptop it doesnt pop up asking me for a password like 0.15 devscripts being used did11:16
asacffox has nothing to do with it11:17
asaceagles0513875: i dont understand that question.11:17
asaceagles0513875: i mozilla-devscripts doesnt ask for any password11:17
eagles0513875im saying bindwood itself11:17
asacyou probably get asked when building or when pushing11:17
asacbut thats not m-devscripty11:17
asacits just a) signing the package with your gpg key11:17
eagles0513875ur not understanding me11:17
asacthats obvious11:17
eagles0513875i installed bindwood with 0.15 first time it worked when i loaded ff after installing it  bindwood with ff running asked me for a password, for which im guessing is to access the couchdb11:18
eagles0513875once i upgraded it to use 0.16 which i got from the upstream repo and installed and after packaging it and installing it it didnt seem to work11:18
asaceagles0513875: what did you do to upgrade to 0.16?11:19
eagles0513875asac: upgraded it in the control file11:19
asacwhat changes did you do to the packaging11:19
asaceagles0513875: ok. so do you have mozilla-devscripts 0.16 installed at all?11:19
eagles0513875yes i do11:19
eagles0513875asac: nothing no changes to the packaging what was the command again to package11:20
eagles0513875bzr md or something11:20
asaceagles0513875: ok. so you have mozilla-devscipts 0.16 installed11:20
asacand how did you build?11:20
eagles0513875yes i do11:20
eagles0513875i am drawing a blank on the command at the moment11:20
asaceagles0513875: have you pushed you bindwood branch somewhere?11:20
asacso i can take a look?11:20
eagles0513875ya i have its to bzr to eagles05138711:21
eagles0513875asac: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~eagles051387/firefox-extensions/bindwood.ubuntu.lp42563111:21
eagles0513875asac: the only logical thing i can think of is something has changed in the devscripts from 0.15 to 0.1611:22
asaceagles0513875: please run bzr bd --dont-purge11:22
asacthat builds your extension11:22
asacthen go to the ../build-area/bindwood*/11:22
eagles0513875when i built it i ran a simple bzr bd11:22
asacyes. use --dont-purge11:23
asacso the build tree is not removed11:23
asacafter building and we can check whats going on there11:23
eagles0513875ok let me grab me laptop11:23
eagles0513875thought u were outa the office today asac11:26
asaci am out11:26
asacjust checking11:26
eagles0513875ahhh ok11:26
asaceagles0513875: mozilla-devscripts is not in ubuntu yet. so please double check with dpkg -l mozilla-devscripts11:26
asacthat you have that version installed11:26
asac0.16 that is11:26
eagles0513875apt-cache policy showed i had 0.16 and the candidate was 0.1611:26
asacare you on debian?11:27
asac -> https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-devscripts11:27
asacthere is no 0.16 in the official repos11:27
eagles0513875was give the link ot the upstream page of 0.16 so i could download the deb from upstream11:27
asacso you must have gotten itsomewhere else11:27
eagles05138750.16 is installed11:28
asacso do what i said above11:28
asacwith --dont-purge11:28
eagles0513875running it now11:28
asacso after it finishes11:28
asacthe build tree should be in ../build-area11:28
asacconfirm that you have that dir11:28
eagles0513875in the bindwood-0.2..... folder11:29
asacis there a .build file next to that bindwood-0.2 folder?11:29
asacand a .deb?11:29
eagles0513875ya a deb is in my home folder11:30
asacplease go to the build-area11:30
asacand run ls11:30
asacwhat do you have there?11:30
eagles0513875ahhh ya i do have a deb in there sry11:30
asacanything else?11:31
asaca .build file?11:31
eagles0513875a ya there is a build file11:31
asacso install the .deb that is there11:32
asacsudo dpkg -i bindwood*.deb11:32
asaceagles0513875: ok11:33
asaceagles0513875: so after that also install the pastebinit package through apt-get11:33
eagles0513875will give it another try11:33
asacthat helps11:33
asacbut install pastebinit11:33
asacwe will need it often if we want to check things out11:33
eagles0513875got it already11:34
asacif you have it installed11:34
asacdpkg -L bindwood | pastebinit11:34
asacand give me the past11:34
asaclooks good11:35
asacso should work imo11:36
asaci assume you didnt figure that the .deb is in build-area ;)11:36
eagles0513875still didnt ask me for a password to access the couchdb11:36
asaceagles0513875: why would it?11:36
asaceagles0513875: you can easily test ...11:36
asaceagles0513875: start firefox with a fresh profile11:36
eagles0513875ahhh ok11:36
asacif you have your old bookmarks11:36
asacthen all is ok11:36
eagles0513875which folder do i remove .mozilla11:37
asaceagles0513875: do you have anything important? like bookmarks/cookies/passwords you dont want to loose?11:37
asacif you dont then just remove it11:37
eagles0513875nothing important11:37
asaceagles0513875: did you have chnaged the bookmarks at all?11:37
eagles0513875bookmarks aare gone which were of launchpad and the edge11:37
asaceagles0513875: do you see bindwood in tools -> addons -> extensions?11:38
eagles0513875yes and its enabled11:38
asaceagles0513875: is "unisntall" available?11:38
asacor just greyed out=11:38
eagles0513875greyed out atm11:38
asacyes. all if fine then11:38
asaceagles0513875: a few comments what is missing in your 0.16 transition11:39
asacadd "Provides: ${xpi:Provides}" and "Enhances: ${xpi:Enhances}"11:39
asaccheck that11:39
asacbdrung_ updated the checklist11:39
eagles0513875i know i havent gotten to that part of the check list11:39
asacah ok11:39
asacso far all looks fine imo11:39
eagles0513875ok :)11:40
eagles0513875thought it was related to something else11:40
eagles0513875do provides and enhances go after recommends11:40
asacthere is no rule, but in general they are after recommends/suggests11:40
asacbut you can put them anywhere (except the first line needs to be Package: ...)11:40
asacbesides that the order doesnt really matter ... besides from best practices.11:41
eagles0513875ahhh ok asac also do i need a new change log11:41
eagles0513875or just add to the one i have11:41
asaceagles0513875: i hope you are still at UNRELEASED11:42
asacthat means just add to the current topmost11:42
eagles0513875ya i am11:42
bdrung_asac: http://qa.debian.org/debcheck.php?dist=unstable&package=mozilla-devscripts11:42
eagles0513875so just add to that part of the changelog11:42
bdrung_asac: Package is optional and has a Depends on lsb-release which is extra11:42
eagles0513875asac: thats the link i was give for the 0.16 of devscripts11:42
asacbdrung_: yeah. is that RC?11:43
eagles0513875bdrung_: are you here if i have any questions or u outa the office today11:43
asaceagles0513875: thx. i know11:43
bdrung_asac: dunno, but i want to fix it.11:43
* eagles0513875 lunchtime will be back11:43
asacbdrung_: sure go ahead. but i think its enough to stage it until next regular release ;)11:44
bdrung_eagles0513875: i am here, but i have to study11:44
asaceagles0513875: the checklist on the Review page is quite detailed11:44
asaceagles0513875: just try to do it and when done we can review everything11:44
asacthats better for the learning curve and makes it easier to help you11:44
asaceagles0513875: now that you know where to find the .deb you are ready for go i think11:44
bdrung_asac: i want to put the data for XPI_RECOMMENDS/CHECK_VERSION magic (which is distro specific) into a separate package11:45
bdrung_asac: what do you think?11:46
bdrung_asac: do you have a good name for this package?11:47
asacbdrung_: i dont know. i would prefer to maintain everything in one source package and use build-time magic to figure11:47
asacis there anything that speaks against that?11:47
asacactually i had scheduled a call with mvo to talk about what we can/cannot do on the builderes11:47
asacbut that got pushed back because of beta rush11:47
bdrung_yes, if you want to backport11:48
asacah you say that you have to backport just data parts if that changes11:49
bdrung_if the data is in a separate package we can simply backport m-d. the data package would differ for sid, karmic, and lucid11:49
asacso here is the idea:11:49
asacits basically something like what i do for extensions11:49
asacerr plugins11:50
asacadding custom headers to the extension hosts11:50
asaclike: Xb-Moz-AppId: ....11:50
asacso for firefox11:50
asacin the firefox-3.5 package: Xb-Moz-AppId: ....11:50
asacand Xb-Moz-Version: ...11:51
asacor something11:51
asacthe main question is whether we get that info while preparing the sources for -devscripts11:51
bdrung_can we access this data on building?11:51
asac_or_ do it on the fly when the package is built11:51
asaci mean the extension package11:51
asacthe latter is preferably if that works on builders11:51
asacoetherwise the former is a safe bet11:51
asacand would probably match what we have with a separate data package11:52
bdrung_yes, that's the ideal solution11:52
asacjust that it does not need to be maintained because the extension host apps just sign up for being listed there11:52
asacbdrung_: but during buildtime of extensions is really the best solution11:52
asacbut for that i have to check whats possible on the builders with mvo ;)11:52
asachence the call11:52
asacof course we have to agree on the headers needed ... but i thin that should more or less match what we currently maintain in the xpi.mk11:53
asacbdrung_: in ubufox there is some code in the pfs/ db directory that parses those special headers for plugins from arbitrary sources.lists11:59
asace.g.in lp:ubufox12:00
asacits a bit different because i put stuff in a sqlite db12:00
* bdrung_ clones it.12:00
asacas the plugin finder service runs as a webservice12:00
asacbut it has the hacks required to run arbitrary sources.lists12:02
asacalso check this:12:06
asacflashplugin-nonfree-$ grep Xb- debian/control12:06
asacXb-Npp-Description: Adobe Flash SWF Player (http://www.adobe.com)12:06
asacXb-Npp-File: libflashplayer.so12:06
asacXb-Npp-Applications: ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384, 92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a, aa5ca914-c309-495d-91cf-3141bbb0411512:06
asacXb-Npp-MimeType: application/x-shockwave-flash12:06
asacXb-Npp-Name: Adobe Flash Player (installer)12:07
asacbdrung_: ^^12:07
asacthats how its done in the plugins control files12:07
bdrung_asac: should the extensions have such meta data, too?12:07
asaci dont think - so far12:08
asacbut could be at some point ... especially if we want to improve ubufox12:08
asacto display packaged extensions in the "Get Extensions" ...12:08
asacbut for the current stuff we seem to be able to figure everything we need during build from install.rdf etc.12:08
bdrung_asac: or we use the package name as indicator (all starting with xul-ext-)12:09
asacbdrung_: you mean to get a db of extensions?12:09
asacwould work.12:09
asacbut we probably need more or different data12:09
asaclike in the plugin finder case12:10
asacwe cannot just use package description etc. because of the different UI constraints12:10
bdrung_asac: we can generate the required data with m-d12:10
asacbdrung_: if you click in the addons Get Extension dialog on the "Get Ubuntu extensions" link12:10
asacthere is a special app-install dialog12:10
asacwe maintain that info manually atm. could be improved like the plugin db at some point12:11
asacbut we also need images etc. which makes it a bit hard12:11
asachmmm that "Get Ubuntu Extensions" link seems to not work in karmic anymore12:12
asacmaybe because of the software store thign12:12
asachave to check with mvo12:12
asachmm. i dont even have that software store insatlled as it seems12:13
asacnot in the menu anywhere12:13
asachmm gnome-app-install --xul-extensions=firefox still works12:14
asacthats basically what i mean12:14
asacnot sure why its broken in ubufox atm12:14
bdrung_asac: it is under anwendungen12:15
asacyes... but not for me ;)12:15
bdrung_asac: and it is now called software center ;)12:15
asaci have it direcetly in applications top level menu on my laptop12:15
asacbut its not here ;)12:15
asacbut i can run software-store12:15
asacon command line12:15
asacsomething fishy12:15
asaclet me killall gnome-panel12:15
asacnope ... not there :/12:16
asacnot even avail in edit menus12:17
bdrung_asac: is the pbuilder environment identical to the official builders12:19
bdrung_asac: it is gone im my kvm, too. some days ago it was there12:19
asacunlikely to be a reliable source for comparison12:20
asacoki so probably syntax issues in the .desktop file or something12:20
bdrung_asac: it is now under system -> systemverwaltung12:20
asacbug 43582812:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 435828 in software-store "Software Store not in System Menu after restart" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43582812:21
asaci would think nobody will find it there12:22
asacany nromal users stops reading after the first two entries i am sure12:22
asacoh i think it was added to panel too ;)12:27
asacand i removed it12:27
bdrung_asac: would this work? http://pastebin.com/f6f28a01512:31
asacmight work12:32
asaci think parsing the stuff using the apt api would be more flexible12:32
bdrung_in pbuilder environment it works12:32
asacproblem is that you will not see stuff from universe in main packages etc.12:33
asaci would think12:33
asaci really have to talk to mvo ;)12:33
asacbuilders are black box for me12:33
bdrung_asac: k, let me know, if you have news12:34
asaci currently lean towards doing that on source production like in the pfs/db case12:34
asacbut lets hope that we can do something during build12:34
av`bdrung_, the hack didnt work for the patches12:38
av`it applied them *after* install12:38
av`we've fixed it another way12:39
bdrung_av`: is there a difference before and after install?12:39
av`what's the point applying a patch after install?12:40
av`it gets applied then get removed automatically by the clean target12:40
av`without affecting the files effectively12:41
bdrung_av`: k, you have to go into debian/$package/usr/share/$extname/ and run patch there12:42
av`we did another way12:42
av`but it worked in the end12:42
bdrung_av`: and how?12:42
av`bdrung_, in the build rule we adapted the tree to be m-d compatible12:43
av`then in clean we repacked the orig12:43
av`to not differ from the one in the archive12:43
av`so that dak wouldnt refuse it12:43
av`and it seems to work12:44
av`anyway I saw your email about mozgest12:44
av`want needs to be done?12:44
bdrung_me or you?12:45
bdrung_i should study, but yes12:46
av`did you push mozgest to git already?12:46
av`bdrung_, I guess removing config dialogue won't be done12:54
bdrung_then at least in ubuntu :p12:55
bdrung_av`: it will not removed, it will only not beeing pop uped.12:55
av`yeah, that's what I meant12:55
bdrung_let's see if someone complains12:56
av`any news for the uploaders thing?12:59
bdrung_not yet. asac do not like it very much (the control.in part)13:03
bdrung_av`: i have looked how the gnome-devs did it13:03
bdrung_av`: i could implement it13:03
av`why he don't like the control.in thing?13:03
av`control.in gets the control autogenerated at clean / debuild run13:04
av`so what's wrong with it13:04
bdrung_because you have two control files?13:04
bdrung_av`: ask him directly13:04
bdrung_av`: gnome-devs only add the persons who are in debian/changelog _and_ are in the list to the uploaders13:05
av`bdrung_, yes13:06
av`bdrung_, can you fix the possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration thing and maybe write something more to debian.source?13:06
av`and then upload mozgest13:06
bdrung_dunno how to fix possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration13:07
bdrung_what should i write to debian.source?13:08
av`we should create two scripts, one for adding other for removing13:08
av`but I don't think it's necessary13:09
av`readme.debian sorry13:09
av`you said it needs a face lifting, don't know what you meant ther13:09
av`* there13:09
av`want me to do it or ...?13:11
bdrung_yes, you13:11
av`then should be ready13:12
bdrung_av`: you should upload it (i would need a sponsor)13:12
av`bdrung_, what's wrong with readme.debian?13:17
av`looks formatted correctly13:17
bdrung_av`: the header and the sharps and max. 80 chars/line13:30
av`I don't it's a problem since you parse them using a terminal13:31
av`is ok to rename the binary to xul-ext-mozgest?13:31
av`bdrung_, ^^13:32
bdrung_av`: yes, we agreed that we use xul-ext-, didn't we?13:33
bdrung_av`: it think this looks better: http://paste.ubuntu.com/279553/13:35
bdrung_av`: or better http://paste.ubuntu.com/279556/13:37
av`bdrung_, yes13:39
av`bdrung_, gonna commit now13:39
ftakenvandine, http://paste.ubuntu.com/279755/17:29
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micahghi BUGabundo19:31
BUGabundohey micahg19:31
micahgjust switched to Firefox 3.6 and apparently, it's more stable than 3.519:31
micahgespecially with flash19:31
BUGabundo3.7 seem betterish19:33
BUGabundoand finally I fixed my crashs19:33
BUGabundostupid xmarks19:33
micahgwell, I prefer fairly stable :)19:34
micahg3.6 branch is only accepting tested patches :)19:34
BUGabundoI have no probs with 3.719:37
BUGabundoright now, I can't file ANY bug on it19:37
BUGabundothat's HOW stable it looks to me19:37
BUGabundook, maybe one, but its addon related19:38
micahgDo you get white menus?19:38
* BUGabundo tests19:38
micahgwhen you click on a menu, the menu title isn't white?19:39
BUGabundothey all refresh as expected19:39
micahgmozilla bug 316780?19:40
ubottuMozilla bug 316780 in Menus "opening modal dialog from menu leaves menu name white" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31678019:40
BUGabundoyou better isntall 3.7 and test for you self19:43
BUGabundoI don't seem to be able to reproduce it19:43
micahgI have the same issue on firefox 3.719:44
BUGabundomaybe I have an addon too much :)19:45
micahgyou're using the mozilla dailies?19:45
micahgit's in safe mode as well19:46
BUGabundoeither I'm not reading it right19:46
BUGabundoor I don't see it19:46
micahgI'm waiting for Mozilla to kick out the beta so we can get it into karmic19:50
av`fta, do you work on some ffox extensions as well?20:46
bdrung_asac: go to #debian-mozext on oftc!23:32
bdrung_av`: ^ :)23:32
av`bdrung_, when you have a minute please commit something23:32
av`wanna see if the hooks for git works23:33
av`and we get the logs23:33
av`on the channel23:33
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ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/23:33
av`mac_v, ?23:33
mac_vav`: oh! you were talking about logs too...didnt notice :) i wanted the link for the log..23:34
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