ubottusnuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (mgv1 (spam))00:42
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (scape)03:07
ubottusquircle called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:11
Picitrolls in #kubuntu03:19
Picipossible archlinux ones03:19
elkyzhxk is having fun in #f atm08:14
ikoniaelky: I'm glad you noted that, as he plays "innocent" about his behaviour a lot10:05
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jussi01looks like an interesting morning?10:52
jussi01ikonia: who what? /me doesnt remember valkyrie?10:53
Amaranthjussi01: the one with the bots that kept sending ubottu messages11:04
Amaranthfirey01 or something11:04
jussi01no idea. was it my ban?11:05
Amaranth@bansearch S0106001d7ec03671.cg.shawcable.net11:06
ubottuNo matches found for s0106001d7ec03671.cg.shawcable.net!*@* in any channel11:07
Amaranthwell duh, stupid thing :P11:18
Seeker`@bansearch firey0111:18
Amaranthjussi01: do a search for that in the ban tracker and you'll find it11:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:19
Seeker`@bansearch firey0111:19
ubottuNo matches found for firey01!*@* in any channel11:19
jussi01 ahh yeah, I remember him. if Im not around, and he shows a change in attitude, then feel free to unban.11:24
Amarantharch incoming, offtopic11:30
elkylet me guess what other channels l3lthal is in...11:32
elkywith that nick, sure.11:37
Amaranthuh, he is in another channel with that nick11:38
Amaranth[L3thal] #ubuntu-offtopic #archlinux-offtopic11:38
Amaranthyou have to be there to see it11:38
topylii'd rather not though :)11:38
elkyyeah, i also have dignity.11:38
ikoniajussi01: valkyrie was the guy who tried to take down ubottu11:39
Amaranthyay getting PMs now11:48
ikoniahe's dropped out of channels so he has to continue his attitude $somewhere11:48
Amaranthjussi01: Last time he was here he just insisted he was only running one bot11:49
Amaranthdidn't seem to care that the bot running was the problem, just that he wasn't running as many as we said11:50
ikoniaAmaranth: when I read the logs I was more alarmed at him finding it funny to try to take ubottu down11:51
ubottursk called the ops in #ubuntu (black)13:25
Tm_Tthis "unregistered" guy was apparently just spamming13:30
MenZaHe was in #vim too13:48
MenZaJoining, pasting this, then leaving:13:48
MenZa[2009-09-27 12:19:28 UTC] < Unregistered> http://a0d268a3.linkbucks.com13:48
ubottuIn ubottu, wildnfree said: !Helen is <reply> Helen is the most amazing woman!17:31
* jussi01 raises an eyebrow. 17:34
* Mamarok raises the other eyebrow17:52
Mamarokwildnfree: can we help you?18:01
wildnfreehello Mamarok  -- I'm just exploring at the moment -- learning more about IRC on the Ubuntu Server18:02
Mamarokwildnfree: please read the topic of this channel18:03
wildnfreeOk! But I had to join the channel to read that! ;-)18:03
ubottuprobandoooo called the ops in #ubuntu (a2)19:35
ubottuprobandoooo called the ops in #ubuntu (d)19:35
ubottuprobandoooo called the ops in #ubuntu (y)19:35
ubottuprobandoooo called the ops in #ubuntu (RichiH)19:36
FlannelNinja ops!19:36
PiciHint: if you're going to be a troll, its best not to hilight all the ops in the process.19:41
* MenZa giggles20:13
MenZaman. I'm starting to turn into a bitter old man with all the people asking for support in -ot. ;(20:44
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:58
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:58
jpdsMenZa: I blame the beer.21:29
MenZajpds: Beer?!21:38
MenZaAlas, I haven't had any for a while now. :(21:38
jpdsYeah, that night at the Youngs.... and the Regent.21:38
MenZaAnd whatwasit21:38
jpdsOh, yeah, that place.21:38
jpdsMenZa: OK, we'll agree to blame mc44.21:39
MenZaSounds good.21:39
jpdsHehe. ;)21:40
ikoniawhy didn't czajkowski get voiced ?22:00
jpdsikonia: NETSPLIT!22:03
jpds...or ChanServ blem.22:05
MenZaUmm. Is that link really a good idea to post in -ot?22:13
naliothMenZa: seems well documented (i.e. anyone who clicks hasa "warning")22:38

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